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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 12, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, history made in singapore. the first time ever a sitting u.s. president meeting face-to-face with the leader of north korea. tonight inside the summit. the president shaking hands with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. the american and north korean flags right behind them. the moment you can hear kim jong-un say it was like a scene from a science fiction movie. once fierce enemies, now signing an agreement. the president now heaping praise on the north korean leader. kim jong-un tonight promising "complete denuclearization," and what president trump offered in return. how it will affect u.s. troops in the region. the concession that caught some, including south korea, by surprise. also tonight, the abc news exclusive -- the first interview with president trump immediately after the summit.
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george stephanopoulos asking the president, do you trust kim jong-un? how the president answers. back in the u.s., hurricane bud closing in. now a category three storm with winds up to 115 miles per hour. the track as it moves toward the u.s. the pool tragedy for u.s. olympic skier bode miller. his 19-month-old daughter drowning. what the skier and father is saying tonight. and the family of six trapped on a sinking boat off the american coastline. you will hear their desperate 911 call for help. good evening tonight from singapore. it was a remarkable moment to witness here. the historic summit seen all over the world. after decades as enemies and a growing threat of nuclear war, the two leaders who called each other names and warned of dire consequences instead shaking hands with the world watching. president trump and kim jong-un
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walking toward one another. then that hand shake, both looking serious before smiling moments later. the first time ever a sitting u.s. president would meet with the leader of north korea. first sitting down one on one before meeting with a larger group. then walking together. the president saying after the first meeting the two already had an excellent relationship. at one point president trump showing kim the presidential limousine called the beast. it was the most unlikely of all. both men sitting down and signing an agreement. president trump promising kim jong-un security and kim jong-un promising complete denuclearization. we take you inside those moments and abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl here in singapore leading us off. >> reporter: with a wave and a fist pump president trump headed home today, confident the biggest gamble of his presidency has paid off. it was a moment impossible to imagine until it actually happened. >> nice to meet you, mr. president.
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>> reporter: kim jong-un said himself it was like a scene from a science fiction movie. the stern faces didn't last long, dissolving into smiles, even laughs, before they went in the for their first meeting. >> we will have a terrific relationship. i have no doubt. >> reporter: kim proclaimed an historic turning point. old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on our way forward, he said. but we overcame them all. watching it unfold, it was easy to forget for a moment these two men not long ago had been ominously threatening nuclear war. >> mr. president, how is it going so far, sir? >> very good. >> what do you think? >> very, very good. excellent relationship, thank you. >> reporter: he even showed the north korean dictator his car, the armored limousine known as the beast. >> mr. president, did he agree to denuclearize? >> we're starting that process very quickly, very, very quickly. absolutely. >> reporter: how quickly is unclear.
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the two leaders signed a joint agreement big on goals but short on specifics. president trump promising "security guarantees" for kim and kim declaring his quote, "unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula." >> thank you very much. that's fantastic. >> reporter: but no mention of timing, or how the promise of getting rid of north korea's nuclear weapons will be done and how it will be verified. but the president said the two would be meeting many times. >> great personality, very smart. >> reporter: the president later told reporters he had played kim this slickly produced video depicting a stark choice for the north korean dictator -- prosperity and glory -- >> a new world can begin today. >> reporter: or nuclear annihilation. later, the president spoke of the opportunities for the north. >> they have great beaches. you see that whenever they're exploding their cannons into the
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ocean, right? i said, "boy, look at that. wouldn't that make a great condo?" >> reporter: he also offered kim a controversial concession. the united states will cease all military exercises with south korea. >> i think it's inappropriate to be having war games. >> reporter: but what about human rights? earlier this year the president called north korea the most brutally repressive regime on earth. >> do you still believe that is the case, having sat down with kim jong-un and does he need to change that? >> jon, i believe it's a rough situation over there. there's no question about it, and we did discuss it today. pretty strongly, it's rough. it's rough in a lot of places, by the way, not just there. but it's rough. >> jon karl questioning the president in a news conference. it lasted more than an hour with reporters from all over the world. it was really something to witness here. jon, history made in singapore. the white house acknowledges there's still plenty of details to work out, including how the
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u.s. would verify total denuclearization and how soon economic sanctions might be lifted. >> the president said they would be lifted when nukes are no longer a factor. that would be hopefully soon. but david, virtually all the details are still to be worked out starting with getting north korea to give a full accounting of how many nuclear weapons they have and their entire nuclear program. the president said that he has a very special bond with kim jong-un. that bond is about to be tested in a big way as they begin to work out the details. david? >> jonathan karl leading us off in singapore. jon, thank you. we watched as the president said of kim jong-un he wants to do this as much or more than the president himself. but the world tonight must reconcile the man who has agreed to denuclearize with the brutal dictator who killed his own uncle, his half brother and it's believed countless others to old on to power. after unleashing more missile tests than his father and grandfather combined, can the president trust kim jong-un? that's what george
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stephanopoulos asked him when he sat down with the president after they signed the historic agreement. >> so we saw you sign the agreement right in this room. you also said you developed a special bond with kim. describe that bond. >> well, it's been a very intense day, and as you know, we discussed things over the last few months. >> you did? you've spoken with him before? >> yeah, i have spoken, yes, i have spoken to him. i have spoken to a lot of his people, and so we've developed a pretty good relationship in terms of getting something done. it got done. i think it's a terrific document. it's a starter, but it's a terrific document. >> what other kinds of security guarantees did you offer, did you put on the table? >> well, we've given him -- i don't wanna talk about it specifically, but we've given him -- he's going to be happy. his country does love him. his people, you see the fervor. they have a great fervor. >> you say his people love him. just a few months ago you accused him of starving his people. and listen, here's the rub. kim is a brutal dictator. he runs a police state, forced starvation, labor camps.
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he's assassinated members of his own family. how do you trust a killer like that? >> george, i'm given what i'm given, okay? i mean, this is what we have, and this is where we are, and i can only tell you from my experience -- and i met him, i've spoken with him, and i've met him. and this was, as you know, started very early and it's been very intense. i think that he really wants to do a great job for north korea. i think he wants to denuke. it's very important. without that, there's nothing to discuss. we're starting from scratch. we're starting right now, and we have to get rid of those nuclear weapons. >> how do you trust him, though? is he willing to change? do you believe he's changed? >> well, you know, over my lifetime i've done a lot of deals with a lot of people. and sometimes the people that you most distrust turn out to be the most honorable ones, and the people that you do trust they are not the honorable ones. we are starting from a very high plain. we're starting from a very good relationship. this has been a very big day in terms of the world.
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i think it's been, maybe i -- a lot of people have been saying it's historic. >> we're all calling it historic. >> yeah, even my enemies are calling it historic. >> but a lot of people look at kim jong-un and say, there is no way he is ever giving up those nuclear weapons. that's why he survives, that's why he was in this room today. >> well, i think we have to disagree. otherwise i wouldn't be here or i would have respectfully, you know, i would have shaken his hand. i would have said, listen, i'll see you sometime, but i wouldn't have had any interest. no, this was very important, it's in the first paragraph and it says complete total denuclearization. >> you trust him? >> i do trust him, yeah. now, will i come back to you in a year and you'll be interviewing and i'll say, gee, i made a mistake? that's always possible. you know, we're dealing at a very high level. a lot of things can change, a lot of things are possible. he trusts me, i believe, i really do. he said no other president could have done this. i think he trusts me, and i trust him. >> george stephanopoulos with the president. george asking the president how will they verify that kim is getting rid of his nukes?
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the president telling george they'll be working very closely with the north on that. the president saying they will allow inspectors in. americans included. there was something else the president revealed today. a military concession. the u.s. will halt joint military exercises with south korea. that came as a surprise to the south. the president describing those exercises the way north korea does, as a quote provocation. bob woodruff reporting from seoul where they were not expecting this. >> reporter: shortly after saying good-bye to kim jong-un, president trump phoning the leader of south korea, president moon jae-in playing a major role in the summit. for his people tonight, so much at stake. moon saying the talks set a solid foundation for peace. south korea was surprised by president trump's announcement the u.s. will be ceasing the joint military drills. >> we will be stopping the war games. which will save us a tremendous amount of money, plus i think it's have provocative.
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>> in august 17,000 troops are set to practice warding off a north korean attack. is the south korean defense minute city seemed caught off guard today, say ing there was a need to discern the exact meaning and intent of the president's comments. >> the president is taking a bit of a risk by halting the u.s./south korea military exercises. these exercises can be turned on very quickly if the north doesn't continue to show progress. >> as for the military drills, a spokesman for secretary of defense james mattis says he was consulted ahead of time. so far u.s. commanders in south korea received no orders to cancel them. david? >> bob woodruff with us from seoul again tonight. bob, thanks to you. from president trump's praise for the north korean dictator calling him very talented, a very good negotiator, there was also a new attack today on a key u.s. ally, the canadian prime minster.
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after justin trudeau criticized u.s. tariffs, president trump said his remarks will cost the canadian people, quote, a lot of money. tonight trudeau is reacting. here's martha raddatz, also in singapore. >> reporter: just hours after heaping praise on north korea's dictator, president trump escalated his war of words with canada's prime minister justin trudeau, declaring canadians would pay a price. >> he had a news conference that he had because he assumed i was in an airplane and i wasn't watching. he learned. that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. >> reporter: the president infuriated by trudeau's comments after the g-7 summit. trudeau vowing to retaliate with tariffs on american goods after trump refused to budge from his plans to hit american allies, including canada, with stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum. >> canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> i see the television, and he's giving a news conference
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about how he will not be pushed around by the united states. i say, push him around? we just shook hands. >> reporter: in a tweet, the president called trudeau "very dishonest and weak." his advisors took it even further. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump >> reporter: but today, trudeau insisted the president's tariffs will only end up hurting americans. >> this is not in the interest of two countries that have the closest and best trading relationship and alliance in the history of the world. we're gonna continue to stand for that. >> martha raddatz back with us in singapore. you've been with us every step of the way. president trump is not backing away from this fight. one of his advisers is apologizing for the harsh words against trudeau. >> peter navarro who said there's a special place in hell, today said i used language that was inappropriate and basically lost the power of that message. david, he apologized to justin trudeau. >> martha raddatz with us tonight. what a 24 hours we witnessed together here. >> indeed.
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>> thank you, martha. back at home the severe weather this evening. the outer bands of hurricane bud causing flooding. in mexico. the major category three storm with 115 mile an hour winds closing in on cabo san lucas. powerful storms in the heartland moving east in iowa. damaging winds blew semi trucks off i-29. ginger zee is tracking this for us. >> we start with hurricane bud ripping through the pacific ocean. encountering cold water though. as it goes north towards cabo, it will die out a bit. then monsoon moisture it brings to the southwest. that will cut temperatures. as far as severe storms, on wednesday watch out from rochester, new york, down to pittsburgh. david? >> ginger, thank you. a federal judge gave the green light to the merger of at&t and time warner. the $85 billion deal combines time warner's programming resources including hbo and cnn
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to compete with amazon and netflix. the decision is a defeat for the white house. they opposed the deal. it could unleash a new wave of takeovers, especially in media. there is much more ahead this tuesday. the pool tragedy for u.s. olympic skier bode miller. his 19-month-old daughter drowning. what the skier and father is saying tonight. the new headline this evening about the off-duty fbi agent doing a back flip and shooting a man in the leg. what authorities have just announced. the family of six trapped on a sinking boat off the american coast. you'll hear their desperate 911 call for help. a lot more news ahead. call for help. a lot more news ahead. we're going to turn to the urn to the are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract
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>> no. a little girl. >> reporter: bode miller's 19-month-old daughter emeline, drowning at a neighbor's pool in orange county over the weekend. >> yes. hurry! hurry! >> reporter: you can hear the effort to revive her in the 911 call. >> how long was she in the pool? >> we don't know. we don't know. >> a couple minutes. >> no, we don't know. >> come on baby girl, you got this. >> okay, is she breathing yet? >> no! >> when our firefighters arrived she was in full cardiac arrest. again, they tried to do everything they could. our hearts break for the family, for the neighbors, the whole community. >> reporter: miller, who with six olympic medals is the most decorated american male skier of all time, posting photos and video of the blond haired blue eyed toddler with her mother, morgan, writing -- "her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten." the cdc saying drowning is the number one cause of death for children under 4. bode miller writing today that he's thankful for the outpouring of support.
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david? >> kayna, thanks so much. when we come back, news this evening of the off-duty fbi agent dropping his gun while dancing, accidentally shooting a man trying to pick up the gun. and the family of six trapped on their sinking boat several miles from land. you'll hear their 911 call for help. then the images coming in -- two major cities, two huge celebrations well earned. the index is next. the emotions that bring us together shouldn't drive us apart. but when you experience sudden, frequent, uncontrollable episodes of laughing or crying that are exaggerated or simply don't match how you feel, it can often lead to feeling misunderstood. this is called pseudobulbar affect, or pba. a condition that can occur from brain injury or certain neurologic conditions like stroke or dementia. nuedexta can make a difference by significantly reducing pseudobulbar affect episodes. tell you doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta. nuedexta is not for people with certain heart conditions. serious side effects may occur. don't take with maois or if you are allergic to
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5:53 pm
bishop dancing in a nightclub, doing a back flip, dropping his gun to the floor. as he reached for it, it fired shooting a man. he's due in court. >> celebrating in the streets. hundreds of thousands of fans turning out in oakland honoring the golden state warriors. a sea of red in d.c. cheering the capitals. nhl champs win ing their first stanley cup. congrats to them too. when we come back here in singapore, some of what you didn't see. that moment when kim jong-un recognize the whole thing was surreal. surprise people with how much they can get in a small suv. it's the big upgrade in a small package. see what you can get for under 20 grand... with the all-new ecosport from ford. essential for the cactus, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options.
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finally, it was an extraordinary sight. the north korean leader on the same stage as the president. as they walked side by side even kim jong-un realizing how surreal this all seemed. >> reporter: president trump and kim jong-un meeting face-to-face. the extraordinary scene being watched all over the world. their body language being studied. the first handshake. president trump reaching out, squeezing kim's arm. the two then facing cameras. their expressions at first serious. moments later, they were already smiling. kim jong-un noting how surreal this was making the comparison to a science fiction movie. >> sitting down before cameras and reporters, a smile from kim, a thumbs up from president trump. a nine-course lunch, a working lunch they called it -- beef short ribs and haagen dazs ice cream on the menu. president trump offering a joke before they sat down.
5:58 pm
>> getting a good picture, everybody, so we look nice and handsome and thin? >> beautiful. young. >> perfect. >> reporter: the images watched all over the world from los angeles to manchester, new hampshire. there was cheering in south korea. today, the world's newspapers, like this one in beijing, all with the same images on the front page. in tokyo this newspaper's headline reads, "north korea promises to denuclearize." president trump's signature on the left. kim's on the right. the two men walking away, kim's hand on the president's back. thank you for witnessing history with us. i hope to see you right here tomorrow. good night. golden hills turned black. this is one of several fires
5:59 pm
sparked today and we are at a higher risk for more. right back at you. >> the third titles in four years and about a million fans. but the number oakland is most proud of is zero. two popular suvs flunked the test. which rides are safest to smoke across the east bay today -- >> smoke across the east bay, several fires broke out in just the last couple of hours, including this one in pinnole. the fire broke out just before
6:00 pm
4:30 this morning. the pinole fire department evacuated some homes. >> a second fire around contra costa. rancho del hambre. a shed was destroyed by the flames. >> around the same time, crews responded to a grass fire burning along 580 in oakland. as you can see from sky 7, the smoke did not significantly impact traffic in that area. good evening, >> and


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