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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 13, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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i just want that to never happen to another girl again. >> upset and angry, a community taking aim at the principal after a student's microphone was cut during her graduation speech. tonight they say the problem isn't just censorship, it's the school turning a blind eye to sex assaults. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. the community voicing its criticism at a school board meeting in petaluma tonight, and speaking in suprt of censored valedictorian. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larsen is live at petaluma high school. kate. >> reporter: well-a ma, dan, that valedictorian went here, petaluma high sxoolt story has made national news, but tonight's school board meeting was not just about her it was about the parents, students, teachers and alumni speaking up about sexual harassment and the perceived lack of consequences. >> my sophomore year i was sexually assaulted at petaluma
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high school in the band room. >> reporter: in front of microphones in the school board you and i aroom full of people bailey walston spoke through tears about a deeply personal trauma she wishes would have inspired more change within the school district. >> and he assaulted another girl because he got away with it. and i just want that to never happen to another girl again. >> reporter: walston and others with painted purple let her speak signs lined up for comment after valedictorian lula van sights had her mike cut short. she said she hwas assaulted by another student.and the school was concerned she would name that student. >> i would say if he doesn't change his policies and behaviors and if he he doesn't take what happened as a wake-up call, then he either needs to be retrained or removed. >> i'm here because i c more ee>> r feporter: clolin caldwela history teacher at petalua
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junior high and has two daughters in the district one o school. he spoke in the meeting and says schools need to more openly support victims. >> girls are harassed. sometimes they're touched when they don't want to be touched. and while as educators we can't control all that stuff we can control how we respond. >> reporter: after the meeting i asked the school board president and the assistant superintendent to respond to the criticism and calls for the principal here to be removed and both of them declined to comment. live in petaluma i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kate, thank you. a jogger filmed throwing a homeless man's belongings into oakland's lake merit has been arrested for an 30-year-old henry cente faces a robbery charge for stealing a man's cell phone saturday evening. a bystander filmed the previous -- filmed him the previous day throwing the belongings into the lake. when that bystander confronted him again, officers say sintay stole his cell phone.
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tomorrow morning at 9:00. champagne and curry. as in steph. it is a recipe for an incredible celebration, and it was smurly that. warriors fans took over the streets of oakland to celebrate the second straight nba championship. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is there live tonight. lisa, it was just a perfect celebration. >> reporter: it really was. and there were no problems at all. i'm here in city hall and you can see the banner is still up. look up top it is still a saef blue celebrating the golden state warriors' win. it took a lot to put this party together today and a lot to clean up aft it. the barricades that only hours ago held back a million excited fans are coming down. it's time to put the city of oakland back together again. celebration are everywhere. >> it was nice. it was a good parade. we h a good turnout. >> this member of the city's cleanup crew was too busy to
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talk. the rush was on just about everywhere. take a look at this from sky 7. you can see the long lines to catch bart at lake merit. then there was the mad dash to get here to the steph curry under armour pop-up store at 15th and broadway. it opened once the parade wrapped up. >> this is unreleased footwear, colors you can't get anywhere else, online, nowhere else in the world. so for 48 hours this is where it is. >> for these curry 5s in bronze and white this super fan got in line at 7:00 a.m. >> steph curry is such a big inspiration to me. he's worked through so many injuries and all these doubts and now he's on top. >> pop-up shop featured limited edition adult sized shoes, but that didn't stop kids from coming in to check out theig oda ed t parade. i liked to see steph curry and stuff. he looked hecka cool.
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>> reporter: and the city of oakland sent out this tweet today celebrating everyone and congratulating everyone for a very good time. they reported no arrests and no citations for vandalism today during the parade. we're live in oakland tonight. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> that kid was right. steph did look hecka cool today. the city of oakland really shined today as the warriors and their fans celebrated on the streets. there were so many remarkable and special moments both fans and players will long remember. here are some of the highlights. klay thompson and zaza pachulia kicked off the parade. fans were not the only ones who went wild. >> come on! >> reporter: rookie jordan bell soaked in every moment. >> this is crazy. thirst year in the nba and to be able to experience this. >> reporter: for coach steve kerr winning moments like these never get old. >> i don't really know how to answer that question. speak louder than anything i
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could say. >> some fans say they arrived t at-p in the morning ing3:00 ine a good spot along the parade route. for abc anchor dion lim it was an assignment just out of reach. >> we're seeing a different side of you. >> i lost my shirt, man pi don't need shirts for parades. shout out to the warriors! >> the dub nation showered the team with love. klay thompson did a little showering of his own with champagne. certainly a golden age for the team and their devoted fans. >> two more years! two more years! >> just great fun. we have much more parade celebration online. such as riley curry's precious moment and e-40 partying with fans. do check that out. for more news to cover brush
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fires hit several bay area communities today. in pan ol sky 4 shows where this fire damaged a home's roof. nearly 20-mile-per-hour winds. firefighters kept it from eaching any other homes. in oakland smoke billowed along the roadway. spread to fences. firefighters were able to control it before it did any serious damage, however. in lafayette a fire started in a shed then spread to the vegetation around it. the fire burned 2 1/2 acres before it was put out. meteorologist sandhya patel has more about today's heat. sandhya. >> take a look. it was a hot one inland in the mid to upper 90s. even places like the peninsula, the north bay santa rosa redwood city low 90s. 71 in san francisco. comfortable in half moon bay. 62 degrees san jose 88. we're still hanging on to some of the warmth. nibs inland in the 60s and the 70s. as you take a look. the fog is down toward san luis obispo on live doppler 7. it will come back. i'll let you know when it's going to bring us the cooler air
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coming right up. dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. hard to believe, but it's been two years since the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando, florida. tonight members of the lgbtq community in san francisco paid their respects. abc 7 news was in the castro district, where they sang hymns and offered support to the victims' loved ones. speakers from march for our lives, gays against guns, and the brady campaign honored the 49 people killed and 53 wounded. they called for an end to gun violence. >> i'd rather stand up and advocate on a day when no one's been harmed than to continuously be mourning and to have candlelight vigils. >> organizers handed out petitions to encourage federal gun reform that will be sent to senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris. the president is expected to arrive back in washington tomorrow morning after a historic face-to-face meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. but it's still unclear what he gave up to get a promise of
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denuclearization. >> okay. but a historic handshake. the two leaders moved past insults and struck a new relationship. >> i do trust him, yeah. now, will i come back to you in a year and you'll be interviewing and i'll say gee, i made a mistake? that's always possible. >> reporter: north korea said it's committed to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. in exchange the president guaranteed security. and while the president maintains -- >> we haven't given up anything. >> reporter: -- there is no verification process outlined in the deal at all. the u.s., however, will be ending joint u.s.-south korea military preparedness drills. >> the question is whether or not he views this as a move for managing the united states to try to deescalate tensions with the americans while he continues to make progress on enhancing the capability of his nuclear arsen arsenal. >> reporter: alan wiener is co-chair of the stanford center on international conflict and
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negotiations. he speculates some missile and nuclear facilities might be destroyed but not all manufacturing. and there was disappointment for veterans of the korean war. when the fighting ended in 1953, both sides signed only an armistice and not a peace treaty. >> i was surprised at that. i thought that that was one of the things they were going to do. >> reporter: richard friedman was an army sergeant. he's for peace but isn't sure it's going to happen. >> i just don't trust both of them. that's my sentiments, and that's my feelings. >> both democrats and republicans in congress remain skeptical and are demanding congressional approval of any deal. it's something secretary of state pompeo said last week they would do. well, coming up here tonight, we may be hours away from finding out who is san francisco's next mayor. where we stand tonight. plus -- >> what we're seeing more and more is a lot of middle-class people being moved into their
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vehicles. >> the struggle to survive gets worse in silicon valley. what one city is doing to help. and this is not what you'd expect to see out of a window 21 stories up. just ahead, how did this raccoon get up there? and more importantly, h h
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this november voters will get to decide on an idea to split california into three separate states. the controversial plan qualified today for the november 6th ballot. it's backed by silicon valley venture capitalist tim draper, who believes smaller states will be more accountable to its citizens. here's what three californias would look like. there would be a northern half, a southern half, and a coastal state with monterey to the north and los angeles to the south. london breed is widening her lead in the san francisco mayor's race. here's a look at the latest numbers out late this afternoon. with nearly 10,000 more votes counted today, breed's lead increased to 1861 votes over mark leno. that's 200 more votes than yesterday. there are still about 8,000 votes left to count. but we could get a final count tomorrow. the housing crisis in silicon valley is spilling into the streets. in mountain view people living in their vehicles has become such a problem the city is
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taking steps to kick them out. thanks to a new pilot program, many will still have a place to stay. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: dozens of rvs and cars line cresanto avenue in mountain view. >> what we're seeing more and more is a lot of middle-class people being moved into their vehicles and a lot of first-time homeless. a lot of people who have been homeless for less than a year. >> reporter: pastor brian leung is the founder and president of move mountain view a non-profit aimed at reducing homelessness. in 2015 he met with santa clara county supervisor joe semiiddian. >> he asked me, do you think the churches would be willing to have people living in their cars park in the church in the evenings? >> reporter: from there lots of love was born. two churches including saint timothy's episcopal church have o'fishlgly signed on to the pilot program that kicks off in july. >> one of the things that's key is by getting these folks off the street we also have an opportunity to give them the help they need, to find a path oust homelessness. >> reporter: the program is
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being modeled off one in santa barbara. the churches have liability insurance and a lot monitor will be on call from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. individuals who take part in the program will have to follow a set of rules. their space in the lot will be reviewed and possibly renewed on a monthly basis. >> it's not a total solution. i know that. but this is one of those times when it's really better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. >> reporter: organizers are hoping to expand the program after two years. in mountain view melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. well, today was a great day for the parade. >> perfect in every respect. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with what's in store for the rest of the week. >> night-looking weather. just generally temperatures will be sliding. cooler weather is coming up. but not immediately, dan and othe ama. the fog we had this afternoon
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near the beaches really just completely evaporated. but tonight i can tell you this much. there's one little lonely patch of fog that's showing up around half moon bay. i think you're going to be seeing more of that fog as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. now, with the heat continuing in our inland valleys the air quality will not be so great. some parts of the bay area, moderate air quality like the coast central bay, inland east bay, and also for the santa clara valley, but the air quality will improve as we head toward thursday and a stronger sea breeze sets in. right now a live look from our east bay hills camera as we look at a little best a breeze looking back toward san francisco. there's that one little patch of fog along the coast. otherwise, skies are clear which is why we have visibility like this looking from our emeryville camera. hot again inland. it is going to be mild at the coast tomorrow. cooler days at end of the workweek, and fine weather is expected for father's day. i do want to turn your attention to the fire danger as we head toward tomorrow morning. most areas will be low, but tomorrow afternoon we will be looking at morning to afternoon
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looking at high to very high temperatures. cloverfield, mendocino county areas. keep that in mind. vegetation is dry and with a little bit of a breeze if a fire does begin it can spread rapidly. first thing in the morning most areas in the 50s, 60s with clear conditions except around half moon bay in the 40s in santa cruz where some patches of fog might appear. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay 86 in sanity jose, 94 in gilroy, 84 for new santa clara on the peninsula and mountain view redwood city 62 in pacifica we'll hang on to some of the fog right around half moon bay. downtown san francisco. 71 degrees. it's going to be a bit breezy in daly city. 63. and in the north bay 60s coast side. 70s to 90s elsewhere. 88 napa, 92 in santa rosa. in the east bay it's going to be a warm one. 78 in oakland. 82 castro valley. head inland and it will be hot but not quite as hot as today. 93 in livermore and concord, 91 san ramon. it's been heating up in the tropics. i want to turn your attention to
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hurricane bud. it is a category 1 now. has weakened. it was a 3 earlier this afternoon. southwest mexico will continue to see some heavy rain. the rain and the swells along with wds wilhi towardab s lucas by thursday evening and then eventually southwestern u.s. will be getting some downpours. just keep that in mind if you have travel plans to the southwest or to baja. accuweather seven-day forecast hot inland again but mild at the coast. the heat eases on thursday, and as our cooling marine influence kicks in we'll drop those temperatures down into the mid 80s by friday inland. partly cloudy upper 50s to low 80s saturday. look at father's day. it's looking so nice. low 60s to low 80s. a little warmer early next week. but we wouldn't have it any other way. dads need to have nice weather. it's going to be exactly that. >> what she said. >> that's it. >> thanks, sandhya. tomorrow on "good morning america" jon hamm and ed helms talk about their new comedy "tag." >> and vance joy performs his new hit
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well, chances are at some point you have encountered a raccoon but probably never like this. this one no, fear of heights. it scaled more than 20 stories of a skyscraper in st. paul,
1:32 am
minnesota this morning. people tweeted just a half hour ago that the raccoon is still on the building. there is a trap on the roof with some aromatic cat food that animal control officers hope will lure that raccoon to safety. i think it's kind of like a cat in a tree. it will come down when it gets hungry. >> or go up i guess. that's where the food is. time to turn to sports. >> anthony flores is here. what a great day we had. >> certainy was for the warriors. speaking of going up, the price for kevin durant's about to go up. kevin dufrnt took less money to join the warriors but that's probably not going to happen again when general manager bob myers says about the dubs t
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. kevin durant heard a lot of criticism for joining the warriors. even today when the dubs were celebrating back-to-back titles, k.d. took a little ribbing from his boss. the dubs holding their third victory parade in the last four years. the warriors captured the the title by sweeping the cavaliers. yesterday gm bob myers was ready to offer durant anything he wanted to re-sign. now he says on second thought maybe he was just having a little fun with the two-time
1:36 am
finals mv >> that was just for the media. he can't have anything. mid-level. mid-level. >> when players want to play for a team, usually you work those things out. and they want to play together. they're happy. i know the fans -- we'll figure it out. okay? we'll figure it out. the a's and the astros. did these guys do a double, go to the parade, then the game? that would be a cool day. top two, evan gaddis crushes a three-run homer off daniel megden. that makes it 4-1. the beard beats the mustache. check out stephen piscotty sprinting, sprinting, sprinting, then laying out to make the nice catch. says that's one for me. gaddis again in the fifth. he's the last batter migden faces. a two-run double to the gap. and the astros go on to beat the your final score 6-3. if t. was no day at the beach for the giants, who have lost seven of eight to miami. tied at 1 in the third j.t. rid
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well a two-run chris stratton. t 3-1 fish. next man up, rojas with the comebacker. how did he catch that? that is app inning-ending double play. nice reflexes there. wow. marlins starter richards had an e.r.a. of over 5.00 coming in, went six innings and gave up they went on to beat the giants final score 2-1. the raiders' best defensive player was a no-show for mandatory mini camp. khalil mack is holding out. he's entering the final year of his rookie contract that pays him nearly $14 million but he wants a long-term deal. mack hasn't taken part in any of the raiders' off-season workout programs under first-year head coach jon gruden. >> you know, it's one of the big reasons i came here, is to coach that man. but i don't want to speculate. there's a lot of guys in the league, several players that are in a similar situation. we're just trying to resolve it as soon as possible and in the
1:38 am
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go ♪ ♪ have to go crazy have to go crazy how am i gonna change "the view" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ world gone crazy well, hello, hello, llo and welcome to "the view," y'all! welcome to "the view welcome to "the view." welcome to "the ew." welcome to "the view." welcome "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." ll, as you can see, joy behar is back -- [ cheers and applause ] -- athe table, but she has a warning. and think youhould all listen up, because it's important. >> well, why i was out -- >> why were you out? >> because saturday night on my way to the event at the retreat i stabbed myself in the hand with a knife. i was trying to desperately eat something, so i s trying to open up an avocado. and i stuck the knife into the pit to get


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