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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 13, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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crazy how am i gonna change "the view" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ world gone crazy well, hello, hello, llo and welcome to "the view," y'all! welcome to "the view welcome to "the view." welcome to "the ew." welcome to "the view." welcome "the view." welcome to "the view." welcome to "the view." ll, as you can see, joy behar is back -- [ cheers and applause ] -- athe table, but she has a warning. and think youhould all listen up, because it's important. >> well, why i was out -- >> why were you out? >> because saturday night on my way to the event at the retreat i stabbed myself in the hand with a knife. i was trying to desperately eat something, so i s trying to open up an avocado. and i stuck the knife into the pit to get it out. steve ss why don't you use a
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spoon? and i stabbed myself. well, i never had pain quite so intense. it was awful. the reason i'm telling this -- first of alli fall. i'mery accident-prone. steve says i'm aauto terroris i do it to myself. but apparently there is a >> yes. called avocado nd yes. it's real. >> i know it sounds funn it's real. the doctor sai oh, we get this all the time. bagels also. so any time you're holding the item and you try to cut it, you can get this. >> you can risk bagel hand. >> so what happened was, i guess there mushave been an infection. they put me in the hospital overnight. every six hours i'm on a drip, anbiotic drip, et cetera, and now i'm better. my finger was -- i said, doctor, i need this finger. >> joy, whenever you find yourself cutting -- >> cause you could lose it, by the way. >> whenever you find yourself cutting where this is the something and this is the knife, it's probably just a dangerous approach, but we do have -- we thought th might help you, too. i goyou a safety glove because, girl, i would not --
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and a little avocado. [ applause ] >> that's very nice of you. i was thking instead of this i'm going to leave the dicing to rachael ray. and'm only going to buy ready-made guacamole. that's it. thank you. >> i was shocked when i teed you and you were in the hospital. i was shocked. >> and meryl streep apparently hathis, too. i'm in good company. >> lisn, people always make this mistake because people think, oh, i can open things like this and i'll hold it. or i can take the top off and then'm going tget there. no. >> this ment is never good. >> this movement with a knife -- >> a pointy knife. >> and it's your hand underneath, you know, just assume you know what can happen. >> yeah. >> poop can ppen if you don't take that -- scoop it out with a spoon. nobody is going to know you're using a spoon. >> fous last words, said steve, use a spoon. spking of history being made, last night, or yesterday, history was made in singapore when north korean leer kim jong-un and the guy in the white house signed a very
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broad pledge to denuclearize the korean peninsula. it's a little bit short on details. but is this a step in the right direction? can we take kim jong-un at his word? and can we take the g in e white house at his wor because both words, sometimes, are, fluid. >> there's two schools o thought on this. a few months ago we were all sort of living in fear of nuclear wabetwn the united states and north korea. d i was a proponent of taking a meeting,ause i'm always a proponent of going and meeting with your adversaries. the deal, as you said -- touche, joy. i lost my train of thought. so what i was going to sayas, when the deal came out, it's very nebulous. it's all about denuclearization which happened in 19851992, 1994, 2005, and 2012. i was also -- i had a really big problem. you guys know how i feel about the flag with the american flag and the north korean flag next to each other
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the back drop. we are not the same. and we were talking about this yesterday with russia. this is a totalitarian communist dictator in the same vein as hitler who, by the way, among all th-- murder, enslavement, torture, religious persecution. forced abortions. it is completely and utterly the closest thing to hitler's rmany that exists in modern times. so my problem was with how far it went with the sort of buddy-buddy. and there was no talk whatsoever of the hum rights vlations going on in t that country. >> that was a big problem. [ applause ] i agree with meghan in the sense that i thought a meeting is appropriate. although a meeting without any preconditions and much preparation i thought was inappropriate. what bothered me the most was that earlier last week trump said he didn't have to prepare ry much for the meeting because it was all about attitu. well, it not all about attitude. we're talking about nuclear diplacy.'s very
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d i thinkt requires a tremendous amount of preparaon for it the. and we know that kim jong-un has been in power since 2011. and he's very prepared. so i felt th our country wasn't as prepared as it should be. >> isn't this really just a first date? i mean, they're just -- you know, they're just meeting and then they'll do more and do more and hopefully it will get there. >> when the president shows up it's supposed to be more of like the big kahuna. >> you would think. >> this was like the beginning of maybe some rollout? i'm cautiously optimistic. >> we n't undersell how storic it is though, even getting him to the table. i mean, i never thout i would see this in my lifetime whatsoever -- so i give trump credit for this. it's just that it was the -- we can put real estate in north kore people are being starved and rtured and raped and killed by machine gun outletsnd being eaten by wild dogs. fron>> he waadvised not to taken the human rights issues and the denuclearization because they said you might be pushing kim jong-un too far to aee to anything.
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but i do think they went too far with the symbolism. because it did look buddy-budd >> the movie was a little much. i found to it be a little too much. >> it was a trailer. >> it was a trailer for the world it could be. i think that was how they sort of put it together. but yoknow, take look. >> destiny pictures presents, a story of opportunity, a new story, a new beginning, one of peace, wo men, two leaders, one destiny. a story about a special moment in timwhen a man is presented with one chance that m never be repeated. what will he choe? to show vision and leadership? or not. >> it's just -- >> i mean -- >> and so the other thing was, you know, as you read the list
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of times that this conversion has come up, so it's not that people haven't been trying. because en i listened -- and i actually listened to a lot of it when he was saying no one's done this. i can't just say obama, nobody's had it. it's like, no, dude, everybody's tried to do this. and everyone has said, listen, we tried to do this. they stepped away from the table. they said we're not going do it. >> no follow-through. >> that's why i asked the question, you ow. >> nobody had a meeting though. that is the historic difference. >> donald trump said if i'm wrong, i will admit it. yeah, right, when pigs fly. >> madeleine albright came on our sh and talked about her meeting with kim jong-un's father. she said a lot of promises were made. and while she was there, they were enriching their uranium at the same time. so to believe that kim jong-un nuclear arsenal, whi really gives him the power? i think we went too farnd perhaps giving him validity.
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>> we haven't gone tooar because nothing's happened yet. now we went too faby even meeting with him? you just said -- >> i think the president meeti with him without any preconditions certainly ve him the credibility that he wanted. >> but it could haveone worse. it could have been more clear d could ha gone better. the fear was that it would go worse, like, it would end in defiance, even though therwas symbolism and handshaking. meghan, wh you're saying -- sorr yeah, yeah, yeah. >> thank you. we'll be right back. >> announcer: later, kill the comedy? former "daily show" host jon stewart saidis anger over politics made him leave the anchor chair. does america need a little comic relief right now? come on! >> come on >> announcer: you kno this is the only place in daytime dishing out the hotst topics. >> we try to let'all know what's happening as we're seeing it. >> it's oblg to be strong and
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>> announcer: later, a single mom shares her emotional journey from homeless to hero and how she's changing the lives of her community's children.
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. tmz caught up withhe former showunner ofroanne," whitney mmings, and asked what she thought about rebooting the sitcom without roseanne barr. take a look. >> my heart's broken about it so i don't really have words at the moment but maybe they can salve the legacy in some way. but if it benets her financially -- >> it's a bad move, right? >> yeah, is a bad move. >> abc execs say they'll only proceed if roseanne has no creative or financial involvement in the reboot. wouldn't they know though? >> well, it's probably in r contracthether she -- because she created the character. i don't know, if the character's not there, maybe she doesn't get any money. that's all right, she can go back to her nut farm in hawaii. [ applause ] >> i've always been -- i've been
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tover this. because what she said was so horrible and crass, what she tweeted out. but so many people lost their so many people lost their livelihoods and i just remember when "the cosby show" was pulled from everything and i had a long talk with raven and it's like, when it was pulled.- everyone so now raven doesn't get the royalties that she would get for the work that she did. so if there is a way for this reboot to ppen or for the old -- what about the old "roseanne," the reruns? >> i believe the reruns were snatched off the air. >> the were. and so i don't kw how i feel about that. should they be snatched off? >> what punishment fits the crime? ea >> th.hey should put another like rosie'donnell, e could playhat. oraluld see that. 'tnoo e i>> d i don't think yocan pull her -- >> she creat the character. >> she created t character. >> actually, matt williams, a friend of mine, he was involved in the creation. he got a big payout, but she threw him off. she axes --
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>> could you do a spinoff without roseanne, like write the story in a dti, ifecre dntir like she goes on a long vacation to hawaii. >>o >> it was an eponymous sh >> it was their show, it was their show. it washe family show.ah. >> i so i mean, you know, that do it all the time. somebodys crossing the street and maybe they get hit by a car or sometng and then, you know, the characteis no longer there or something happens. >> do yoremember when they did that, whoopi, with "bewitched "? and there suddenly was a >>ffent rren. h.ea y >> iidn't like that. >> there are ways to do it but, you know, we'll see what happens. it would be nice to reboot it and maybe call it something else. >> yeah. there are so many characters. >> also like, i would love to see the esnce of the show which i said i like the show, i watched it, being like a middle america red state family being portrayedtvs which
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is why i think it was so popular in the middle of the country. whitney inmmcuam cgs te show when you re on maternity leave and guest -hosted. she really stuck o to me. in ts video she's coming from the airport coming off a pla and she's clearly upset. i mean, when you see the whole thing, i think tmz's caption was it looksike she has ptsd from the experience. think when you work on tv alis or anything where it's ly campaigns. when something goes so bad and it's forever reflected, it's o d he page. she's going to have to answer this for the rest of her life. and it's not right. ldou i>>e l towhovo likerump, who voted for trump, a aually what his policies are doing to the family. that's a show i would watch. >> i thought tt's what that ot roseanne was a trump supporter and that was not going to happen in this series. >> laurie metcalf was a hillary, jill stein reporter. that's what i lik about it, sh
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happened in so many families and relationships. and basically so many people having their lives broken apart. >> there's a lot of precedence for this, you know. loves raymond."know, "everybody there's been lot of great families. "the wing of queens." >> an th"teyhr'see swapped out -- >> "all in the famil" >> they swapped out chrissy in "all in the family." no. "three's company." >> different conversation. it's all right. we'll be right back. >> i'm tre with you. ♪ that, do i? o worry about actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line, and if you're not taking care of your gums, you're not taking care of your mouth. so now use this. crest gum detoxify. introducing necrest gum detoxify... it works below the gum line and li cisllcaniovy to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new gum deto crest.omxi, fyfr gums a good. so is my check up!
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"view your deal" is still feing the oph effect. get to "view your deal".com now. beuse we have partned with vendors for at least half off everything. don't miss out. [ cheers and applause ] hey, welcome back. journalist charles krauthammer, i guess i have to say consertive journalist. he's a joualist to me. wrota moving letter revealing that his cancer has returned. doctors have given him weeks to live, and, quote, this is the final verdict. my fight is over. meghan, yocalled him an inspiration. >> yeah. i grew up watching him. he is the greate political commentator of my generation easily. he'sn icon. he's a pulitzer prize-winner. his voice has been so important right now because he's always
2:07 am
supporrs and tthee trump never trumpers and everythinin between. he was always measured, never overly emotional and he really understands e pulse of conservatism. i'm sorry. i feel like d giving everybody i love in politics cancer. and i just am going to miss him a lot. d he as weeks to live and, um -- >> he's not ne yet. >> he's not gone yet. he just -- he had been oufor awhile. he was on bret baier's show almost every night. and his voice is really missing. d at this moment in time, it's going to be really, really difficult. i wish him and his familthe best. you are right, he is not gone thank god, but it's rough news. >> the good ones, your father is sick and this guy is sick. >> it's so -- feels for me because i so need people like charles krauthammer. >> he said that trump suffers from derangement syndrome. >> yes. he was very fair, very faiand calledhots and strik like he saw it with trump. it's hard for those of us who are speaking on both sides and trying to still keep the pulse
2:08 am
of rational conservatism. and to understand and be empathet toward the trump voter, which he did masterfully. >> mcconnell is radio silent on all of this. the guy attacks canada and embraces russia and nothinfrom mitch mcconnell. you're a disgrace. you' a disgrace, mitch mcconnell, and the rest of them keeping silent. >> here's the rest of the news. white house chief economic adviser, larry kudlow, is also recovering from a heart attack that he suffered yesterday. and weish him well. >> yeah. >> yeah. >>"daily show" host trevor noah said he spoke to jon stewart right after he announced asked him why.aving the show and stewart told h it's because he's too pisd off to laugh. so what's happening in america? cause you can't make jokes about it or anything. >> well, you can. >> is it getting harder to make jokes with no consequences? is it that the consequences don't fit the joke?
2:09 am
i mean, what's hning? >> maybe it's hard to find humor in what's going on. >> there's plenty of humor in trump. he makes himself a laughing stock every day. it's just that it'exhausti. it's exhausting. he was there -- jon stewart was there for 16 years. that's longer than my first marriage, okay? so he was burnt out, i think, and tired of the whole thing and he only talked politics. luckily we have other subjects here. >> yeah. >> "the bachelorette." >> the kardashians. >> the kardashians. >> there's always a time to go. and i think when you stop seeing the joy in your job or you're letting yourself get cynical orbiter, that spills down from the top. and when the show i you, and all the people around you are still hopefully loving their jobs, i think it was a good call to say, i kecan't do this right now. >> what do you think, whoopi? >> you know, look, i go out, i'm geing ready to do detroit, i think, over the weekend and i talk less about politics because of what we do every day. and so i talk about the fact that, you know, sometimes when you're walking down the street
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