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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 13, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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late word h this morning that the san francisco mayoral race may be coming to an end today. there are reports one candidate is ready to concede a week after election day. abc 7 has confirmed mark leno is holding a news conference in two hours to make an announcement. this comes after the board of supervisors p president agreed over the weepd in what's been an extremely tight race. we're live in the news room with the lathe. >> extremely dramatic with mark leno, switching back and forth. and the first and second place positions ever since election night. it appears faz that back and forth is now coming to an end.
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the chronicle reporting he will concede the election during news conference at 1:00 p.m. quick reminder of how close the election is. lo that is with 8,000 votes left to count, so yes, it's still very close. but the trend over the past few days has been in favor of london breed with every batch of votes counted. remember rank choice voting is what got us here. a system where voters select their top three picks. leno will make a phone call soon to london to concede the election before officially lemming his supporters know during the news conference at a sign business downtown. should this happen as we expect, london breed makes history as the first african-american woman to be mayor of san francisco. she was briefly acting mayor after the sudden death of mayor ed lee almost exactly six months ago. now the new mayor won't have very long before running again.
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this election was to serve out the remainder of mayor lee's term. that means voters will be choosing again in november of 2019. >> all right, reggie, thank you so much. as soon as we get word, we'll send out a push alert with the a abc 7 news app. download it now. we'll also p p face book. the u.s. reached its goal. the world cup is is coming to america. it was a landslide vote to bring the tournament to the u.s., mexico and canada. as matt tells us, bay area fans could have a front row seat to the action. >> levy satadium one of 17 in te u.s. in contention to host some of the world cup matches in 2026. a decision isn't expected for
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two years. an evaluation from fifa during the review process. as teams arrive to kick off this year's world cup, today, all eyes are back on the u.s. and the year 2026. >> canada, mexico and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to host the 2026 fifa world cup. >> fifa announced today north america will host the world cup in eight years. >> quite sunk in yet we're going to host the world cup in '26. >> the joint bid from canada, the u.s. and mexico was years in the making. >> six or seven years ago, it was fantastic emotion. >> even president trump is chiming in tweeting the u.s. together with mexico and canada just got world cup. congratulations. the field expected to expand to 48 teams with 60 of the 80 games being held here in the u.s. america is hoping 26202620262026
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dreaming now. >> eight years from now, this great tournament will be on shows. >> if they get to host the game, it will bring back mem ris of 1994, the last time the u.s. hosted the world cup. back then, stanford stadium hosted several gamed. it's going to be another scorcher today. heading to the beach like you see here in santa cruz. may be a great action if you're looking for lerelief from the n triple digit temperatures. mike nico has a look. >> we're talking about temperatures at the coast. start there first. the reason why you would go there is the mid-60s to nearly 67 in monterey where sunshine is breaking out. santa cruz, the warm spot at 80. the reason you'd want to go here is because of the temperatures that will be anywhere from 5 degrees warmer than average to nearly 11 to 13 degrees warmer than average in santa rosa and livermore. that's why we have a moderate heat risk today.
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let's look at what's going on as far as if we'you're going to bet and about, don't need to dodon' today. it's too hot. if you're ton ocean or the bay,s it's going to be breezy this afternoon. one last day to deal with heat, so drink pletty of watewater. wear that light colored clothing and don't leave kids or pets inside the cars at any time. always look before you lock and leave the car. >> thank you so much. new this morning, a man in his 70s died in a fire in walnut creek overnight. it broke out around 12:45 this morning at a home on mandarin lane. a man who was killed was upstarupstai upstairs and could not get out. his wife and adult son managed to escape. firefighters are still investigating how the fire started. >> it appeared there were working smoke detectors inside the structure, but again as to the exact cause, it's way early on in that stage.
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>> we do know the house is a total loss. now to developing news in san jose where a hit and run crash left a woman injuried y i. a witness says the woman was walking in the crosswalk when she was hit by an suv around 2:30 this morning. she was thrown about 25 to 30 feet t. suv, possibly a chevy suburban, didn't stay and took off. the woman was conscious and was talking when first responders arrived. she was taken away in an ambulance and is is being treated at the hospital. the man accused of throwing a homeless man's belongings into lake merit will be arraigned on robbery charges today. 30-year-old henry sintay is accused of snatching the cell phone out of the hands of a man. it happened on saturday. on friday, the same man was caught on camera throwing a homeless man's belongings into the lake as others protested.
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the video went viral earning him the nickname, jogger joe online. he is being held on 100,0$100,0 bail in dublin. the police citizen review board is demanding answers on a report on use of force. they used force on incidents involving 340 people raasch year. about half of the people involved were black men. 50 were black women. statistics from 2015 show only 12% of b.a.r.t. riders are african-american. board members urged police to comment on the racial disparity there. police officials refused, saying they don't want to draw collusions from data without context. a twist follow iing the historic north korea summit. the reason president trump is being accused of giving up too much to kim jong-un. and the mother of an 8-month-old baby accused of holding a u
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president trump is back in washington now after meeting with kim jong-un. some lawmakers were cautiously optimistic about yesterday's summit while others are questioning whether the president gave up too much for too little in return. >> riding high after his historic summit that could define his presidency. president trump tweeting, the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear
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catastrophe. no more rocket launch, nuclear testing or research. the hostages are back home with their families. chauthank you to chairman kim. our day together was historic. north korea ben need area celebrating, seeing kim jong-un face-to-face with the u.s. president. writing the five-hour meeting put an end to extreme hostile relations with the u.s. and north korea. in a joint agreement with the president promising unspecified security agreements for kim who declared his commitment to denuclearize the cory rkorean peninsula. >> i read statement and it's difficult for me to see if something was agreed to or not. >> no specifics about how and when that will be accomplished and whether it will be verified. >> obviously there has to be complete verifiable and irreversible. >> the president's concessions to end joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea.
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those exercises set to be essential for military readiness. end iing them has long been a demand for north korea and comes as surprise to the south. >> we're not going to play the war games. i wanted to stop the war games. i thought they were provocative, burr also very expensive. >> the president says the details of the deal need to be worked out and there are still serious questions about north korea's human rights record. the president once call iing noh korea the most brutally oppressive regime on earth. abc new, washington. new this morning, president trump's former attorney michael cohen is likely to cooperate with federal investigators. cohen has been under criminal investigation for months for business dealings and his payment to adult film star, stormy daniels. sources say his current lawyers are expected to lead the case leaving him with no counsel. there are reports cohen is telling friends he expects to be arrested soon. the morning, a concerned mother e sharing her bad eck
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appearance on a recent flight. listen to thchlt she was traveling with her 8-month-old daughter whom she strapped in a car seat facing the rear the way experts suggest for children under 2 years old. but a gate agent told her the plane would not take off unless she turned it facing forward. she says that put her child at risk. a flight attendant checked faa policy and realized the mom was right. >> i think that every organization needs to take accountability know what their policies are and make sure everyone is aware. >> united says it made a mistake. say iing we have been in touch with the customer and have apologized for her experience. coming up, the reason you're seeing fewer children running around san francisco and the video authorities want you to see before you get back behind the wheel of your car. >> i thought we'd open the weather window on walnut creek. already 85 degrees this morning. one of those areas that will hit the mid-90s today.
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good morning. i thought we'd start with some graduations and we'll go first to washington high school. the huskeies graduate at 3:00 today. there will be a breeze coming off the bay that will drop you down to the low 70s and make it feel more comfortable. then to san lorenzo. notice the breeze dropping you into the mid-60s and our last one we'll head up the east bay
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shore to richmond. kennedy high school. about 72. 65 by the time the festivities or celebrations or ceremony however you want to say it. congratulations, everybody. have a great time and be safe you can see a little choppyness on the bay and the going to get more so into today but it's till going to be warm to hot away fr the coa th's marine layer starting the cooling trend. right now, you can see the coast, 59, half moon bay, but nearly 70 in san francisco. mid-60s in oakland. brentwood, 75. santa rosa ability 82 degrees. now we're going to end up mid to upper 60s. mid 60s at the coast to 71 in san francisco. upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay and a lot of 90s in the north bay. especially our east bay. valleys. that's where the warmest weather is going to be for this one. let's see how the daybreaks out. if you're heading out at noon,
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60s a t the coast. then we jump into the 90s. at 4:00 inland. we're on the bay, 80, still 60 at the coast, but the sea breeze is going to reach most neighborhoods by the ooemevenin hours. 50s and 60s by 8:00 then mid-50s and 60s with the marine layer coming back. the sea breeze, it takes over all the areas in yellow and starts at 3:00 and goes to 9:00. now we've got a bigger cool air coming in belong islhi. notice a few clouds along the coast and east bay shore showing you the marine layer is back and the it's going to take the 90s out of the forecast. now let's take a look at bud. 4 yesterday, a major hurricane. now down to a tropical tomorrow night with winds around 40 miles per hour and wave heights around 12 to 15 feet. then it moves up into the almost the four corners region bringing
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them much needed rain. going to the fair today? 73 when it opens at noon. it will be that way at 3:00, but that's when the breezes kick in and by 10:00, might need a jacket if you're still around when it closes. 59 degrees. my seven -day forecast, 90s jus b about gone starting tomorrow. 50s and 60s at coast. 70s and 0is for thursday. but look at saturday. 50s, 60s and barely 80 and that will be the temperature for father's day. really comfortable 70. >> so pleasant. i was at the fair last night. the best jumbo corn dog. i highly recommend it. yeah. >> jumbo corn dog. really? holy cow. that is jumbo. thanks, mike. >> the trump administration has long blamed the oakland mayor for warning the public about an immigration sweep, but internal e-mails obtained bay media partner show i.c.e. considers the sweep in february success. weeks before the warning, officials said they were surprised they picked up 200
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suspects. they ended up taking 232 people into custody. but the trump administration still says schaaf was responsible for more than 800 people evading arrest. the white house has call ed for her to be criminally investigated for on b instruction of justice. it's no secret. raising a child is expensive and with the high cost of. >> howard: housing in the bay area, fewer millennials are having kids. birthrates dropped most in places where home values grew the most. birth records in san francisco county show the number of babies were r born to mothers in their late 20s fell 21%. during that time, home values rose 61%. experts say many young people move to coastal cities to start their careers and leave if they choose to raise a family. summer travel season is here and there's a new warning about the dangers of trooifing --
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drowsy driving, sort of trying to combine those two words, but it's a serious issue. >> watch as this car barrels down the florida turnpike at full speed before slamming into a toll plaza and look closer. the passenger ejected. watch as he flies through the windshield and lands 30 feet away. near the toll booth.>> we talke. he doesn't remember the crash. >> according to the crash report, the driver was asleep or fatigued at the wheel. >> i think a lot of people think that they can get through it. either by drink g coffee or shaking themselves awake, but a sleepneines is a problem. >> these accidents are dangerously a problem. we've seen it happen like this woman falling asleep behind the wheel and watch this accident. a man thrown from the driver's seat. even professionals doze off. this truck driver drifting, k causing a huge pile up.
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back in florida, the highway patrol tweeting out the dramatic video with a clear warning. pull over in a safe place to rest before continuing to rest. >> the passenger that was thrown from the car suffered only minor injuries. the national sleep foundation says heavy eyelids or frequent blinking that you are just too tired to drive. checking to see if your lottery ticket is is a winner is now as easy as picking up your phone t. the california lottery officials app now features a check a ticket feature. just open the the app and use your phone's camera to scan the bar code. the app will who the results on your screen. the celebration continues today. the
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(vo) the new unlimited 55+ from sprint. two lines for only $35 per month per line. for people with hearing loss, switch to sprint. visit we're waiting the hear the warriors will accept an invite to the u.s. capitol. nancy pelosi and barbara lee sent this letter to coach steve kerr yesterday. pelosi and lee said the warriors have made the bay area proud. as you know, president trump last week said he wouldn't be inviting the team, either team, the r warriors or kavts to the white house. chances are, some players and fans have a parade hangover this morning. we kickoffeded it covered it for
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you and caught some unforgettable moments such as mcghee hijacking deon's microphone. >> you have no shirt on. we're seeing a different side of you. >> i lost my shirt, man. i don't need shirts for parades. shout out to the warriors! >> okay. that moment was exclusively on abc 7. he's a pretty good reporter. like his energy. they spent most of the time out on the bus. out of the bus just high fiving fans and that was great interaction. that was just one of the memorable moments. be sure to check out abc7news com because we put together all the highlights including the champagne celebration. spent about half million dollars on alcohol alone. >> that's all. >> you can thank the warriors as you munch down on free tacos tuesday. actually make that today. taco bell promised a free taco
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to customers if a road team beat a home team during the finals. warriors won game three in cleveland. you can nab a free taco from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. today. >> let's go. >> from all of thanks so much for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. have a great day.
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