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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 14, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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a freak accident leaves a san francisco city worker dead. tonight learning more about this beloved employee and devoted mother. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. a car broke loose from the bed of a tow truck killing lynn yawn that preciado. >> lilian kim is live. >> reporter: this area is now patched up, where she was working at the time of the accident. she was a single mom, by all accounts great at her job. >> she knew her job, amazing plumber. >> reporter: those who worked alongside her are devastated to lose a friend, colleague and mentor. repairing a leak when struck and killed by car that rolled off bed of a tow truck. one of a few female plumbers for the city, started as apprentice in 2012, promoted. took
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care of business. doing most of the work. guys on top feeding her making connections. >> reporter: san francisco police are investigating the accident, unclear how the car broke loose. operator casey martinez was called in after the crash. said j hooks were used to secure the vehicles. >> if j hooks in place and slid off, hit a place. never seen a car fall off the back. >> reporter: leaves a two-year-old daughter, single mom in process of renovating a home. >> always wanted to share this is going to happen, this room for my daughter, play room, stuff like this. great heart, really great person. >> reporter: as for the tow truck driver involved in the crash, unclear if he will face any charges. live in san francisco, lilian
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kim, abc7 news. >> such a shame. thanks. local politics, supervisor london breed about to become the first black woman to lead san francisco after state senator mark leno conceded afternoon. still 6,600 ballots to count but leno's campaign didn't see likely win. breed responded >> work together, bring the board of supervisors together, bring everyone together for the purposes of solving our most challenging problems. >> remarkable young woman, going to do a fine job. wish her the best because her success is san francisco's success. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee with reaction from city hall. >> it's time to shake hands, part friends, get back
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>> reporter: supervisor peskins supported mark leno, not breed. no hard feelings. >> always election happening. >> reporter: says it's time to move forward. >> we're all adults and need to act like adults. >> reporter: in january the board of supervisors rejected her nomination for interim mayor, appointing supervisor mark farrell, so-called progressive bloc lined up solidly against her. tempers flared against supporters who filled the chambers, argued there was undercurrent of racism, denied the position as black woman. supervisor cohen was vocal in support of breed. >> we'll still feel reverberations in january.
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yet to be >> reporter: hisupervisor ronin voted against breed. time to heal the wounds of that night. >> we're mature enough to realize divided mayor and board of supervisors is not helpful to anyone. >> reporter: will be five new supervisors on the 11 member board, perhaps good nuts for the mayor. >> london breed makes history in san francisco and nationally. when she takes office only female mayor among 15 largest cities in america. all are men, right now, all but three white. new york, philadelphia, los angeles never had a woman mayor. warning residents after several new mountain lion sightings. melanie woodrow with the story.
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>> reporter: this video of a mountain lion. 200 block of darrow, 900 block of macadamia, and where mark lives. >> came home, buck sitting there, startled about 8:00 and cat came bounding through after him. jr. generally solitary, elusive and avoid human contact. >> they've been here loaninger than we have. >> reporter: warn people to keep pets inside at dawn, dusk and night. >> used to have a dog, used to tell mom after dusk rs before you open the door, bang on it a couple of times so kitty takes off. >> reporter: hillsboro police department says first sighting two sundays ago, most recent last sunday. abc7 news. santa clara supervisors have approved $600,000 to process a
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back log of rape kits. 200 sexual assault kits need to be processed. takes roughly 94 days to process one. two more criminalists will be hired to help. also want rape kits tested within 30 days time. victims of the golden state killer could receive compensation through a bill in legislature. charged with 12 counts of murder. suspected of being a serial rapist in the '70s and '80s. bill allows victims to be compensated, ignoring the normal three-year window. if you can't make a voice call to 911 because of circumstances, you can get help texting the numbers to dispatch center. equipped to handle 911 texts. enter the numbers in the to
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field, cover contra costa county, always faster to call but this is at least an option. new at 11:00, streaming services making media all but obsolete and tough times for bay area rental businesses. kate larson went to the last rental shop in berkeley which is now calling it quits. >> would import films to show at art house theaters. >> reporter: andy katz demonstrated the difference between video store and online streaming. unlikely to get this personal service and options with netflix. >> customer base is aging. younger people not adopting this transition. >> reporter: transition to streaming which he can't sell proved to be too much. >> it is very convenient, no
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question about it. few key-strikes or clicks away but you lose the adventure. >> reporter: after 30 years of ownership closing. last day to rent a movie is sunday. in oakland we found rico behind the counter at video room, only one in oakland we could find. knew every customer who comes into the store. enjoys job but not delusional about the fate of video rental stores. >> not doing terrible but not great. barely breaking even. video stores endangered species. >> reporter: need customers willing to pay extra for customer service. east bay, abc7 news. >> used to be everywhere. honoring a hero, big thank you after dramatic rescue. man trapped between two
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waterfalls after river float gone wrong. forecast won't go wrong in coming days. you'll be happy with what you're about to experience. changes coming up. entire california town you can buy for less than the price of san francisco condo. >> did you catch jordan bell hugging this kid at championship rally today? great moment, we found him and found out what bell whispered in his ear. >> "jimmy kimmel live." >> tonight i dare you to watch the show. i know you played basketball as a young man. heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast
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one of the most picturesque places in california can also be one of the most dangerous. look at this video, chp helicopter and fire crew received award for this rescue of a swimmer stranded on rock in middle of two massive waterfalls on the yuba river. treacherous. posted this video on facebook, swimmer was not seriously hurt. >> one california town up for
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sale less than typical bay town. >> ghost town near death valley. posted on youtube. >> could be yours for $925,000. bill silver mine until a fire and falling silver prices all but shut down the town in late 1870s. >> kind of a fixerupper. maybe hollywood buy it and use as movie set. jordan bell having time of his life at victory parade yesterday. cameras captured him saying something encouraging to young fan. eric thomas tracked down the fairfield middle schooler at center of it all. >> reporter: jordan bell was thinking about how far he's come when he said this to lyanne melendez at the parade. >> want to take a risk onic fmr who just started playing
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basketball at ninth grade, amazing. >> reporter: only clue to moments in the future. young face in the crowd and decided to share a hug and a message. that youngster -- >> good shot. >> reporter: 11-year-old from fairfield. guard on middle secondary school team who had no idea. >> thought would just be walking down. >> reporter: dad took the family to parade just as he has in the past. >> expected to see guys excited but not jordan hug my son. >> reporter: hug was one thing but message bell shared was special. >> told me to keep doing what i'm doing, young king, and someday you'll be like me. >> reporter: confirmed almost word for word by this tweet bell put out afterward. would like to play in nba said
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he was excited. could never tell from poker face. >> someone who didn't know him know he was excited? >> they wouldn't know at all. >> reporter: just as important as hoop dreams, he's a straight a student. in the long run that may be what really counts. in fairfield, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> great story. >> really fantastic. you can check out highlights from the parade online, swaggy p to steph curry and more on >> a great day for parade. noerng nice one today, will the heat continue? >> meteorologist sandhya patel. >> it's time for a break from the heat. people are complaining about it. take a break, bring the warmth back up. east bay hills camera, here's what will start the cooling trend. temperatures fell a few degrees in san jose, livermore, concord.
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here the fog from east bay hills camera, pushing in along with sea breeze to set the stage for cooler weather. live doppler 7 is showing the fog, visibility down to about five mills in half moon bay. 63 there to 96 in concord. santa rosa, 75 in san francisco. winds right now out of the west at sfo to 33 miles an hour, westerly breeze will continue tomorrow out of the west-southwest. that's the breeze off the cool ocean water with wind kicking up, will knock temperatures down. if you didn't like hot weather, tomorrow will be more comfortable. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s.
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brentwood still has warmth at 74 degrees. visibility is fine at this point but fog in the morning may cause delays. patchy fog along the coast. cooling for weekend and mild for father's day. fog along the east bay and coast. temperatures begin in the 50s, cool enough to grab a second layer if you haven't been. for the afternoon breezy and cooler for all parts of the bay area. few 90s out there. warmest is 90 in antioch, 60s along the coast, 70s along the bay. nice looking thursday for you. for all the dads out there, father's day planner, 7:00 a.m., fog, temperatures 40s and 50s, mainly sunny at noontime, mild afternoon for dads. 60s to mid-80s. perfect to spend time outside.
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tropical storm bud, tracking system once a category four hurricane. bringing rain to southwest mexico, setting eye on cabo san lucas, rain, life threatening rip currents and swells continue. weakens to depression friday night before dumping much needed rain for desert southwest. temperatures are going down on accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling continues up through saturday, father's day a little bit of a change. low 60s to mid-eighties, temperatures up to the 90s inland. 60s along the coast. this is one of the beauties of living in bay area, around this time of year, all the microclimates, pick and choose
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accordingly. >> smorgasbord. >> i like that. this raccoon turned social media sensation is spending night today after capturing the attention of
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you got to see this. climbing raccoon, social media superstar with dare devil skills on solid ground tonight. >> entire day scaling skyscraper in st. paul, minnesota, wantered into cage with cat food. >> got down the easy way. take the elevator. >> easy way to do it. >> i had no idea a raccoon could do that on concrete building. >> bizarre. >> that's nature, dan. >> see what you learn here, larry? >> they should have a channel about that. 18 runs scored in oakland, one big problem, a's gave up most of them.
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defending champs
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good evening.
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marlins are in last place. had about 6,000 fans in their park but giants are on the verge of being swept in miami. drop third straight in south beach. derek jeter wants to get rid of homer but county won't let him. incoming, mccutchen. 2-2 in fifth. pops it up. justin bour, long arm of the bohr right there. great hustle. staying with that play. to the seventh, two down in tie game. evan longoria singles home buster posey, couldn't hold the lead. fish load the bases. tied 4-4. fly to center. deep enough? miguel rojas,af sac fly wins it.
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lose to the fish. a's hosting the astros. evan gattis, crushed, three-run jack. 10-3-0 in the davis, crushed. gattis strikes again. another blast to same spot. astros are rolling. win seventh straight. beaten the a's seven straight times as well. rangers/dodgers, base hit to right. nomar mazara, firing, matt kemp just destroys robinson chooer benches clear. rumble. few seconds of men being men,
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then mostly jawing. dodgers win 3-2 in 11. 49ers, expectations high helm. ended on five-game win streak. had a full off-season to get acclimated and learn the offense. coach kyle shanahan likes what he sees. >> happy with looking at players and coaches, we're better, deeper, faster. we move together. 11 guys are better together. that should happen. done it longer. >> i hope to improve. always hope to improve as offense and team. in football you can never stop improving. once you do you're in trouble. always trying to improve, doing everything we can to get better, see what happens in the season. >> abc7 sports.
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feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. and every day you promise toor protect off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company you act intruder... boo so do we. raid kills roaches 7 times faster than the next leading ant and roach spray. 7 times faster? [gasps] raid! get raid and get tough on roaches fast. sc johnson that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for you wil
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a man's recovering from surgery. >> he is going far little walk. >> why it's a very good thing we can run. >> keep your eye on that sneaky -- >> see if the owner can ever chase it down. this two-year-old is crying because -- >> kids have their quirks, why clothes tops the dislike list. >> i want to be naked. >> tell me about it. >> and that hunt. >> what is it? what is it? i can tell you,
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su. that walk wil turn intohim. and then -- >> oh. >> it was flying. >> it went into the street. >> he ends up crashing against that parked they managed to move out of the way quickly enough. >> he ended up having minor injuries. he is going to be just fine. >> so what was going on with the truck? >> the driver says he was trying to avoid an ambulance and cones around the area off screen. >> at 150 miles per hour? >> he says he pushed on the brake and the brakes failed. the driver was treated at the hospital but was released. >> good news, that hip works well. >> yeah. surgeon did well


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