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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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conviction. >> that's right. car dash kbran and johnson got a >> you'll get some relief if chance to meet face-to-face. you've been bothered by the heat she went to johnson's how many the last couple days. in southaven, mississippi. >> 6:00 straight up. look at the winds especially in two weeks ago johnson was in concord and fairfield. prison. she had already served 22 years. 30 to 32 degrees. kardashian saw johnson's story that's a stout sea breeze. on twitter and kept pes it's dragging cloud cover. that gray you see along the centering the white house to get a meeting with president trump coast, the east bayshore line and into the east bay valleys to commut the sentence. right now. this is the way it looks over spectators who gathered outside the golden gate bridge. the home say they hope the story it's high enough in the air that leads to criminal justice it's not really reducing visibilities. reform. about three miles at half moon meghan markle is carrying bay. it's not really thick fog, if out her first official visit fog at all. with the queen. in the 12-hour planner, you you can't miss the queen in green there. won't see a difference today. in the mid to upper 50s at the meghan wearing a nude dress by coast for the better part of the givenchi, the same designer as day. at noon, 72 to 76. her wedding dress. prince william has only been 4:00, 77 to 84. what happened to the 90s? invited one time on the train. there's a few of them left. prince harry and kate middleton i'll show you that in the microclimate forecast. have never traveled on this i'll show you the 7:00 train. temperatures, very comfortable, >> we learned a fun fact from low to mid 70s.
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let's talk about the commute our producer noah, that the queen takes a bath on the train with alexis. good morning, mike. we have a crash in the south bay at acting 7:30 in the morning. apparently with injuries. but they have to slow down the we have an ambulance on scene, train so the water doesn't slosh on the lighter side of 101. out. >> anything to give the queen what she wants. you can see that emergency >> yeah. activity here. >> wow. mostly off on the shoulder. 7:30 on the dot. >> she likes her schedule. i'd say folks coming from 880 to >> it's working well for her. southbound 101 seeing a slight she looks great, aging well. delay on the ramp. >> still at it. >> how about that? the mainlines are looking okay let's talk about what's going on in the northbound side. the heavier side is not for us. impacted. we've got temperatures outside drive times looking great so that are going to be on the way far, check this out, westbound down. so maybe the pool not the best 80 highway 4 to the maze. place to be for people today. ten minutes across the bay inland i still think you can get out there with the mid 80s to bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to near 90 degrees. here is a look at san jose, 87. sfo, league like the summertime valiums are starting to arrive this morning. we'll take a look at another near ayaya stadium, in problem in the south bay next. london breed poised to become the first african-american woman to lead to about 81 for a high if you're going to watch the soccer match. the city of san francisco as sunny today, cooling sea breeze. mayor after her closest more clouds, cool the next opponent, mark leno concedes. several nights. we'll keep an eye on the drizzle. right now it looks like a >> there are still 6600 ballots non-go. left to count but leno's campaign did not see a likely warming next week. here we are in san francisco.
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win. 50s and 60s on your 12-hour today breed is set to give a planner. highs today mainly 60 in eagle side, bayshore the warm spot at victory speech at rosa parks elementary. that's where she went to school as a child. about 70. along the east bay, 50s, 60s and officials say the earliest day she could assume office as mayor 70s. so a little warmer than san is july 10th. francisco. mid to upper 70s for our afternoon highs. alameda police released this surveillance video showing four your 12-hour planner for the suspects burglarizing a chevron peninsula, 50s and mainly 60s. gas station at park street and we even top out in the 70s in buena vista avenue. some areas as we head into the the surveillance video is very clear. they appear to take cigarettes, afternoon hours. significantly warmer, 78. whatever was in the cash in the south bay, there's your register and other items behind the counter. 12-hour planner. if you recognize any of them, mid 70s to mid 80s. please call alameda police 81 in san jose. in the north bay, we've got 50s. department. this morning san francisco is mourning the loss of one of we jump into the 70s and 80s the few female plumbers in the during the afternoon hours. cloverdale, 92 will be the warm city. 34-year-old lilianna preciado eo spot. san rafael 79, the cool spot. the east bay valleys, look at died yesterday when she was the absence of 90s in most struck and killed by a car that neighborhoods until you get rolled off a tow truck. around antioch and brentwood. her colleagues say she began as mid to upper 80s. enjoy the refreshing change. an apprentice in 2012 and got promoted to utility plumber. my accuweather seven-day >> lilly didn't want no help.
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forecast, slower sunshine she knew how to do it all on her own. tomorrow means even cooler. same thing will happen on she took care of her business. saturday. the slow warming trend will she was the one doing most of the work. bring the 90s back to our inland the guys were on top feeding her valleys on tuesday and tools and she's in there making the connections. wednesday. >> good morning. we're really looking nice and >> police are still investigating how the car broke light this morning. i think everyone making it maybe a four-day weekend. loose from the tow truck. i'm not sure what's going on. she leaves behind a 2-year-old we're looking at one slow spot in the north bay, southbound 101 daughter. meanwhile, today marks one year since a gunman killed three through the petaluma stretch co-workers at a ups facility in down to 21 miles an hour. san francisco. this morning the facility the rest of the way into san francisco wide open today. located at 17th and utah will also looking pretty good in the hold a private memorial to honor south bay. that's where we've had the the victims. majority of our trouble spots. if you look on the right side of wayne chan, mike lefiti and your screen, this is 101 at the 880 interchange. we have emergency crews off on benson louie were killed. the shoulder. a two-car crash with some injuries. that's not slowing down the victims of the golden state mainline, just a little heavier traffic on the ramp. killer could receive westbound 580 tracy to dublin, one hour and two minutes, westbound 4 antioch to concord, compensation. joseph deangelo is suss sperked of being a serial rapist in the 23. and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, 18 minutes. 1970s and '80s. the bill would allow victims who "good morning america"
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coming up on abc 7. >> ginger zee is live in new come forward before the end of 2019 to be compensated. york city with a look at what's normally victims only e have ahead. good morning. >> good morning. three years to seek restitution. nice to be with both of you on a thursday morning. coming up on gma, a it froo 25 people have applied so far. victims could get up to $ ening story out of seattle, a gunman opening fire on the highway right near the airport. 70,000. it is still early in the he hit at least four cars. fire season. the heat and the high winds this we're live on the scene as week are already causing police search for that suspect. concern. fire officials in contra costa also ahead, as i've got my county are asking the public to do their part to pre veent glasses on here. new concerns about lasik, the eye surgery millions of another disaster like the north bay wildfires. americans have to avoid glasses >> everybody should be doing other things to make sure an contacts. they're safe as well, which is this man says he's facing serious side effects. making sure you've got the tree abc news has learned the fda limbs trimmed up around your will issue knew guidance when it home, make sure you don't have anything touching your home, comes to lasik. make sure your gutters are i heard you talking about it, a cleaned out. >> contra costa county has royal road trip, duchess meghan already put out at least two fires this week. and the queen traveling on her a fire in lafayette destroyed a small home on tuesday. private train. it's meghan's first solo event another in pinole prompted onata with the kwen. you taught me something. who knew? she takes a bath every morning places i cala cls be one of the most dangerous. at 7:30 a.m. here is proof. big savings for your summer a chp helicopter and truck key
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on the go. it's all coming up on gma. firefighter crew received a >> the queen is on a tight swift water rescue award for rescuing this swimmer stranded schedule. >> all of the british things. on a rock between two massive >> before we leave you, ginger, water falls along the yuba river. the swimmer was not seriously congratulations to colleaue rob hurt. marciano on his new baby boy. north america had one goal, >> yes, baby boy, we're adding and that was to bring fifa 2026 to the weather team. keep on coming. to the region. >> thanks, ginger, we'll see you mission accomplished. later. a local brewery keeps its >> it is eight years from now. promise to helm north bay fire let's focus on today, shall we? abc 7 news reporter matt keller survivors rebuild their lives. plus the east bay county where you can now text your emergency. live at levi's stadium. a live look outside at 6:21 hosting watch parties for every in the morning. in the morning. you can see the ♪ single match. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. soccer fans are certainly dedicated. if you want to watch on a big screen tv, this is the south l.a. is very medically underserved. stadium, big screen where when the old hospital closed people in the community lived they'll show all the games today. the gates open at 7:45 this with untreated health problems for years. morning. it's world cup time.
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what better way than to watch it so, with the county's help at your favorite soccer stadium. we built a new hospital today saudi arabia takes on the from the ground up and having citi as an early investor host russia. the game starts at 8:00 a.m. worked as a signal to others to invest. the quakes will show every match of the world cup, even those with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. that start at 3:00 a.m. for the big games there will be special food and drink packages. we've made it possible for the people who live here you also have access to the to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. longest outdoor bar in north america. for the early birds, free coffee and doughnuts. admission is free, parking is free but you do have to rsvp. ♪ you can go to we set up a link there. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. fixing the bay area housing shortage got a boost from one local county. >> the brother of the parkland shooter speaking for the first time. what he's revealing about his brother and his new campaign to help kids across the country. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. you're a couple hours away from graduating, the senior hawks at tamalpais high school in mill
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valley. at 5:00, taking pictures, 77 and ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. check out the june gloom as we look at the golden gate bridge. the risk from heat fading today as temperatures fall back closer to average, and even cooler weather coming up in my accuweather seven-day forecast. a north bay brewery is keeping its promise to help those affected by the october sf gate reports russian river brewing company has raised more than a million bucks. some of it will pay for five new homes for senior citizens who were displaced after the fires. the brewery donated 300 bikes to kids and worked with local non-profits to help families. if you're in an emergency in contra costa county and can't make a voice call to 911, you
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can now text the numbers to the dispatch center. the center is equipped now to handle 911 text. this is video from the alameda county dispatch center. the text will cover the en trier jurisdiction of the contra costa sheriff's area. do remember, though, it is always faster to call 911 rather than text. apple today saying it is closing a loophole in iphones that allow law enforcement officials to break into the devices. according to reuters, apple will shut out investigators by changing default settings in the phone's operating system. the tech giant says the change will protect customers, especially those in countries where laws restricting law enforcement from cracking into devices aren't as restrictive as they are in the u.s. sprint's offer to offer unlimited talk, text and data for $15 ended up being so popular, they've ended the promotion. sprint has not said just how many people have signed up. next at 6:30, why a
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let's talk temperatures. something that's been pretty controversial statue in san francisco may not be removed homogenous and steady throughout after all. plus the bay area's next big the entire week, even though our green space begins to take afternoon temperatures have been climbing. we start off at 49 in santa shape. when you can expect to en rosa, mill valley at 48. the rest of the highway 101 unique new park on top of tunnels. a live look outside, corridor, low to mid 50s, over napa in the napa valley, mid to upper 50s there. we've pretty got mid 50s along the bayshore until you get to cupertino at 51. your activity planner today, exercising, no extreme heat, ocean and bay not as breezy as it was with sunshine in the afternoon hours. that's what our school day forecast starts with. look at the temperatures at noon. 57 at the coast, 56 to 71. cooler in the afternoon hours. hey, want thedone.est internet? upper 50s at the coast. and now, xfinity mobile's included. you could get up to five lines. you could save 400 bucks or more a year, let's take a look at the which you could spend on a funk-tastic music video. accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. a couple of spots in the ♪ dance party boom.
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south bay. not a terrible backup. ♪ southbound 87 before almaden simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet, with three times the speed of at&t and directv, expressway. and tv for $35 each a month for a year solo vehicle crash in the far right lane. emergency crews are there including a tow truck. when you buy both. that should clear soon. and ask how you can save with xfinity mobile. we have another crash southbound click, call or visit us today. 101 before state route 87. sounds like that vehicle left the roadway and went into the ditch. bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty typical here. metering lights on at 5:21 this morning. normal delays, but no problems into san francisco. sonoma county getting aggressive about fixing the housing shortage in the north bay. the board of supervisors is creating a new government agency to fuel construction projects. it will be a joint venture between the county and santa rosa. they'll focus on creating housing near public transit. it could be expanded to other cities as well. funding is still being worked out and the santa rosa city council has to approve the plant. sprint is ending its $15 unlimited plan a week after it
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try eucerin advanced repair. for dry, itchy rough skin. making. london breed expected to become for immediate relief and 48-hour moisture. stran's next mayor. she's already got an event planned for this morning. now try eucerin advanced cleanser in the shower. mountain lions sighted on the peninsula. for immediate relief and 48-hour moisture. a warning to residents this ♪ ♪ morning. stunning devastation. severe weather causing issues on the east coast. jordan bell was part of this hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. memorable moment during the warriors championship parade. now we know what he was a personalized financial strategy whispering in that young can give you confidence to take the next step. basketball player's ear. it was not do you know where my hi guys! shirt is. aw yeah! >> it was wonderful. might be my favorite story of see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. the morning. welcome to thursday, june chase. make more of what's yours. 14th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco. >> the big story, the heat breaking today. here is a look at the gray on live doppler 7. i've overlaid the clouds. you can see them taking over the peninsula coast, up to the marin county coast and even along the east bayshore line. that's going to slow the
6:14 am
sunshine down today and bring temperatures a little closer in line to where they should be in my accuweather 12-hour planner. temperatures about the same as they have been all week this morning. we'll stay in the mid 50s at the coast. at noon, 72 to 76. 77 to 84 in some areas temperatures up to ten degrees cooler. enjoy a comfortable evening, in the low to mid 70s. how about the morning commute? here is alexis. >> a lot of students getting out of school, the summertime volumes starting to appear here, checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. already thinning out on that left-hand side. that doesn't usually happen until much later in the morning. not a terrible commute. the metering lights are on and you are still backed up into the maze. b.a.r.t., 56 trains in service, no issues there. should be a nice day on san francisco bay ferry. we have no issues and vta, normal service no delays. we'll take a look at a couple of problems in the south bay next. still following this
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breaking news in lafayette. a fire at a home near widows supervisors have approved funding to process rape kits. avenue and taylor boulevard, that's right near brookwood park right now it takes the crime lab if you're familiar with the area. 94 days to process just one. this is video from earlier. two more criminalists will be you can see flames coming out of the attic part of the home when hired to help. firefighters first got to the supervisors want kits to be tested within 30 days. scene. the fire marshal from contra happening today, the brother costa county was at the scene of the parkland shooter is saying the fire possibly started expected to announce another with an electrical wire that ran anti bullying campaign. >> zachary cruz is starting his from some of the power poles nearby to the house. own non-profit organization and trees that surround the wires may have actually been pulling 24/7 hotline. he said his brother's social down on that wire. the good news here, guys, no one isolation stood out before the was hurt. shooting on valentine's day. we'll pass along information as although he says he doesn't we get it. 6:31 now. understand how his brother london breed will likely be the killed 17 people, he did say he first african-american woman to be mayor of san francisco. was bullied. >> once those results are >> people would make fun of how certified, the earliest day she can assume office will be july he talked and how he was. >> do you still love him? 10th. >> i love him with all moye we'll hear from her this heart. we went through the same stuff morning. abc 7's amy hollyfield live at together, grew up toge struggle san francisco city hall. >> reporter: good morning, >> the anti bullying campaign reggie. she has a celebration press called w.i.n. stands for we conference planned for this
6:16 am
morning. her closest opponent, mark leno, isolate no one. aims at creatingintug a life seg says he's done the math and even though there are ballots left to be counted, it doesn't look like he can win. he has conceded and congratulated her. yesterday she called herself the soon-to-be mayor of san francisco. she will become the first african-american woman to become mayor of san francisco. >> we know that there is so much work to do, and we have to make the hard decisions to get the job don't so my focus will not necessarily be about what happened on the campaign trail. it will be about what san francisco needs. >> reporter: both leno and san francisco supervisor jane kim formed an alliance asking the supporters to vote for them as their first and second choices. that strategy has worked in other races as part of the ranked-choice voting, but it didn't work this time. kim has also congratulated
6:17 am
breed. the press conference today will be at rosa marks elementary where she went to school. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. breed will not only make history here in san francisco but nationally as well. when she takes office next month, she'll become the only female marp among the 15 largest cities in the u.s. right now all mayors in those cities are men, all but three are white. los angeles, new york city and philadelphia have never had a female mayor. now to contra costa county and the race for district attorney. interim d.a. diana becton is widening her lead. she received about 94,000 votes and stands at 50.49%. she needs a majority of those to secure a win or else there will be a runoff. the closest contender paul graves has 42% of the vote. becton was appointed to the position last year after the resignation of former d.a. mark peterson. san francisco police have opened up a murder investigation after a cal fire firefighter passed away.
6:18 am
albert bartal died two months ago. the examiner reports he passed away as a result of blunt force injuries he suffered on thanksgiving day in 2011 district attorney's office has not said whether the suspect will now face a murder charge. a san francisco police officer is recovering from serious injuries after a motorcycle crash. it happened near mariposa street and pennsylvania avenue yesterday. sky 7 aboveofficeras rushed to zuckerberg general hospital and was reported to be talking with family and colleagues. on to new developments this morning with a controversial 124-year-old statue in san francisco civic center. some call it racist and demeaning. it may not be going anywhere after all. the board of appeals approved a rehearing request yesterday on whether to remove the early days
6:19 am
statue. it shows a native american man at the feet of a conquering spanish cowboy and catholic missionary. in april the board voted to overturn previous decisions to move the statue to storage. the board of appeals plans to hold a rehearing sometime this summer rjts new mountain lion sightings in hillsborough. this morning police are warning neighbors to stay away from the animals and keep your pets indoors. trail cameras capture video in the 200 block of dill, 900 block of macadamia and 2800 block of churchill. that's where tom rubin lives. >> there was a buck sitting there. the buck got bounding through and went up after him. >> police say the first sighting was reported two sundays ago. the most rec past sunday. here at the live desk.
6:20 am
i'm tracking this story. secretary of state mike pompeo says there will be no sanction relief for north korea until kim jong-un completely denuclearizes the peninsula. this morning pompeo met with south korea and japan's foreign ministers in seoul. he pushed back on reports from north korea state media saying kim jong-un and president trump agreed to a step by step process of denuclearization in exchange for any sanction relief. meanwhile, here in the u.s., president trump speaking with fox news and appeared to soften his stance with regards to kim's record on human rights. take a listen. >> still done some really bad things. >> yeah. but so have a lot of other people, done some really bad things. i could go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done. >> just to clarify for our viewers, the agreement signed this week by the two countries hasn't really detailed exactly when or how north korea will denuclearize. in fact, there's still
6:21 am
information that we need to clarify. still unclear this morning how the u.s. will go about verifying north korea has complied with the agreement. so a lot of details still being worked out. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. new details this morning on the next phase of renovations at the presidio parkway. according to the cron castro valley, construction for the new green space is expected to open in early 2021. the presidio trust says it will consist of three play meadows with beautiful views of the golden gate bridge. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's start with temperatures down in the south bay. a lot of low to mid 50s here with santa clara, alum rock, saratoga at 52. san jose and mountain view the exceptions at 59 and 58 respectively. a lot of mid 50s out there. you can see the temperatures getting more homogenized as the cloud cover starts to spread
6:22 am
across the neighborhoods. where it's not cloudy, where we have the 40s near bodega bay. let's look at the bay bridge, the western span, you can see the deck of clouds moving towards the east. and the sea breeze that's going to bring our temperatures down today. if you're driving, you'll need the air conditioner from time to time. ferry ride, no small craft advisory today, and mass transit is cool this morning, but warm this afternoon. here is a look at san francisco. we're at 55 with cloudiness, and mostly sunny at noon. mid 60s for the better part of the afternoon hours. dropping to 58 by 8:00. the peninsula warm this morning, 59, we'll jump to the mid 70s in the afternoon hours. 67 at 8:00. we'll barely get to 80 in the south bay today. hopefully a lot of people are happy, especially if you were hot the last couple days. we'll show you the weekend forecast. father's day coming up sunday.
6:23 am
really light volumes on the roads. i hope i'm not jinxing things this morning. we haven't had any major backups. weave had a few problems in the south bay. they're startig to clear up. here is 101 at 880 where we had a crash on the southbound side of the road at the 880 interchange. that is totally gone now. we had part of the rah blocked. we did have injuries. they had to tow the vehicle away. we never saw much of the backup with that being the lighter side of things and not taking any lanes away on the mainline. southbound 101 just before state route 87, another solo vehicle crash. that is off on the shoulder. same thing goes for one on state route 87 on the southbound side before almaden expressway. vehicle has facing the wrong way. that has been pushed off to the shoulder, too. overall looking really good. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. starting next month overdue fees will be suspended.
6:24 am
library officials say this will give low income people more access to the library. patrons are still expected to return what they check out. the library will still be sending you a bill to replace items if they're not returned within 30 days. could california's drought have caused the 2014 napa earthquake? some scientists say yes. video killed the radio store. now streaming has killed the video storm. we're saying good-bye to one of the last movie rental spots in the east bay. >> right now we're saying hello to the big board at the new york city. up 77 points. another check on the markets in just a couplebu>> did yous eturning to san francisco's botanical garden. the pianos will be placed around the 55-acre property
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
this is abc 7 mornings. >> coming up on 6:44 on this thursday. let's see what bud did overnight. hopefully kept its weakening trend, now it's a storm of
6:28 am
45-mile-per-hour winds as it bares down on cabo san lucas. the rain will pick up two to three inches, maybe four in isolated areas as it moves over the city and brings much-needed rain to the four corners region. 101 in fresno. the bae breeze makes it all the way to sacramento. 91 today. 79 in tahoe with thunderstorms starting sunday through next week. be careful if you're heading that way. a lot of reports of severe weather. here is jessica. >> that's right, mike. let me show everyone what we got overnight. video of a possible tornado touching down in northeast pennsylvania. look at this. a lot of destruction there. this morning national weather service officials are assessing the damage. police in wilkes-barre township say multiple buildings collapsed last night. we see downed power lines and overturned cars there. emergency officials say at least six people were hurt. this video from the west coast,
6:29 am
43 while fires burning in 12 different states including california. the largest fire is this one on your screen. this is in colorado where more than 26,000 acres have burned. right now more than 3,000 people have been evacuated because of these wildfires. a new study suggests the napa earthquake may have been caused by a stretching of the earth's crust due to receding groundwater. the 6.2 magnitude quake in august of 2014 killed a person and injured several more and caused more than $500 million in damage. according to the report, land between napa and sonoma valleys is stretched each summer as groundwater levels fall. that causes the ground to sink and contract. that, in turn, increased stress on the west napa fault system which finally reached the breaking point. new developments involving president trump's long-time personal attorney. >> abc news has learned michael cohen is likely to cooperate with federal investigators. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york is
6:30 am
investigating cohen's nall business dealings including facilitating a hush payment to stormy daniels. former new jersey governor chris christy is talking about it on "good morning america." >> what's much more likely to have happened is he can't pay them anymore. lawyers usually take off when the check doesn't come in. if i were the president right now, i would just take a deep breath, not worry about that, a. >> cohen has not been charged with any crime. it's 6:46 now. one of the biggest sporting events in the world kicks off in just about an hour. >> the fifa world cup is in russia, but you don't have to go all the way there to watch a game at a stadium. abc 7's matt keller live at avaya stadium where they're having a watch party. >> reporter: hey, reggie, can you see me? i'm at the end of north ameri
6:31 am
america's longest bar. let me show you how long it is. i'm going to run all the way to the end. we're here at avaya stadium where they'll have coffee and doughnuts when they open the gates at 7:45 for the watch party. i know you think you have a big television screen in your home. how about the sell vision screen that all the fans will be watching for the watch party. check that out. that's something else. i've got to watch game of thrones on there as well. saudi arabia takes on russia at 8:00. the quakes will show all the games of the world cup. for the big games like portugal versus spain or sunday's germany versus mexico, special food and drink packages. for the early doors, you have free coffee and doughnuts. today because it's russia, they'll have russian pancakes, serving them up here at the bar. and then for all those people they'll be able to come in at
6:32 am
7:45. and i'm told -- a lot of physical activity during this live report here. then i'm told that there's going to be some russian pancakes, they'll serve them up. admission is free. parking is free. all you have to do is rsvp. if you do that, you can go to our website, i know you're jealous i'm hanging out at a bar here at 6:45 in the morning, guys. >> and standing on top of it. this was like a physical challenge. >> like "american flynn gentleman warrior." >> thi would say this is the fit time i've ever been on top of a bar, but that may not be true. >> "coyote ugly." >> i'm all right with that. >> thanks, matt. speaking of earning your repo. vhs tapes, blu-rays, streaming services, they're making them obsolete. >> it's making for tough times for bay area rental businesses.
6:33 am
in fact, the last rental shop in berkeley is ulg ka it quits now. after 30 years of ownership andy katz is closing five star video on solano avenue. >> our customer base is aging. younger people are not adopting this method. they would rather look for streaming items. it is very convenient. no question about it. you could be a few key strokes or clicks away. but you lose the adventure of coming to a video store. >> the last day to rent a video from five star video is on sunday. a liquidation sale will begin on july 13th. microsoft is reportedly working on a rival to amazon's cashierless stores. it will work much like amazon with a high tech network of sensors and an app to identify what you take off the shelves. am sn's technology is specific to their got store in seattle
6:34 am
and coming soon to stores in chicago and san francisco. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange right now. trading under way. you can see we're up about 65 points right now, 25,266. today investors are digesting a new commerce department report on retail sales for may. freddie mac will release its weekly mortgage rates as well. such a cool story. warriors rookie jordan bell was having the time of his life at the championship parade. our camera captured him saying something encouraging to a young fan. we tweeted the video. got a lot of love about it, even love from bell himself whong is 11-year-old micah johnson of fairfield. >> he stopped at me, looked at me and reached over, basically gave me a hug and then told me to keep doing what i'm doing, young king and some day you'll be like me. i was trying to keep my emotions
6:35 am
in. in my head i was going crazy. >> i like the fact that bell tweeted it out so everyone could see what he said, like you just heard, you're a young king, anything is possible, just look at me. micah said he would like to play in the nba one day. we should also say his parents say he's earning straight as right now. a scholar and an athlete. >> wonderful, that's great. >> sounds like cal material or stanford material. keep it going. that's nice. mentorship like that. let's talk about what's going on. you saw them without their shirts on. will you want to run around without your shirt on today? who knows. depends on where you live. mission san jose high school, the warriors at 10:00 will graduate. 61 at 9:00, 65 at 10:00, noon at 72 degrees. tamalpais dropping down to 69. not quite as breezy as the last couple days.
6:36 am
here is a look at the marine layer and the cool sea breeze. that is making its way over the east bay hills and into our east bay valleys. becoming sunny with the cooling sea breeze. that's the number one highlight. that's the big game changer today. more clouds, but it will still be about the same temperaturewise the next couple nights and warming next week. your 12-hour planner, downtown about 68 degrees. for the east bay temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. as we head towards the peninsula, a little milder here with a lot of mid to upper 70s compared to yesterday when we were in the mid to upper 80s. along the coast low to mid 60s. in the south bay, mid 70s to mid 80s with san jose at 81. as we head to the north bay, we'll have temperatures from 79 at san rafael to about 92 in cloverdale. a few 90s on highway 4 r 4 in our east bay valleys.
6:37 am
my accuweather seven-day forecast, the cooling trend continues today through saturday. a slow warming trend, back in the 90s, through wednesday. it's been a quiet day so far for the morning commute. looking live at one of our heavier spots. westbound 92 across san mateo bridge, nothing blocking. we have not had anything major all morning. i want to zoom in on our traffic maps. we can check out the speeds, down to about 22 miles an hour on westbound 92 for folks leaving the toll plaza area. southbound 880 through hayward into the union city area, also stop and go. down to about 21 miles an hour. honestly, that's about it. some of our heavier volumes in our usual spots. tracy into castro valley, northbound 101, highway 85 to the san jose airport. in the yellow at 20. northbound 280, highway 1 into san francisco, looking great in the green at nine minutes. overft ortunately nasa lost a giant flight storm. >> flight control has tried to
6:38 am
contact opportunity, but the rover didn't respond. the dust storm has covered a fourth of the planet. they expect it will be several more days before there's enough sunlight to recharge opportunity's battery. nasa launched two in 2003. spirit hasn't worked for years. a whole california town is for sale for less than a typical bay area home. >> bishop real estate posted video of the town on youtube. according to the property's listing, it could be all yours for $925,000. the place was a big silver mine until a fire and falling silver prices all but shut it down in the late 1870s. i have an idea, this could be a real life west world theme park. the people would travel to and give you all the money. >> we need that to come to life. no problems there.
6:39 am
coming up the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> first our instagram photo of the day. if you haven't yet, please follow us on abc 7 news bay area. i love this view of san francisco, the bay bridge peeking through the videos. here is a live look outside at 6:55. alexis has been saying it's
6:40 am
6:41 am
♪ ♪ a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you.
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chase. make more of what's yours. it's 6:58, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, london breed is set to give a speech at 10:00 this morning to declare victory in the san francisco ice mayor's race. mark leno conceded yesterday. she's poised to be the first african-american woman to serve as mayor of san francisco. number two, fights contained a fire at a home in lafayette, believed it started on electrical wires outside and spread to the attic of the home. no one was hurt. number three, secretary of state mike pompeo says there will be no sanction relief for north korea until kim jong-un completely denuclearizes. pompeo met with south korea and japan's foreign ministers in seoul. number four, tesla ceo elon musk will announce plans to operate a high speed express
6:43 am
train to o'hare international airport. number five, like my hair, the sky has hints of gray in it today. you can see the june gloom out there. temperatures about the same today, mid to upper 50s. this afternoon near 60 at the coast with only 70s and 80s for most of us. number six, a quiet morning on the roads. b.a.r.t. with a minor delay on the antioch line, about ten minutes in the antioch and sfo directions. that's due to a equipment problem on the track near concord. number seven, a live look inside avaya stadium where the san jose earthquakes are hosting world cup watch parties for every match of the tournament. the first game is today between russia and saudi arabia. kickoff at 8:00 a.m. >> so excited for the world cup. my favorite event. >> is it? >> yeah, go brazil. >> you and the rest of the world i think. >> "good morning america" starts right no good morning, america.
6:44 am
violent storms tearing through the northeast. a possible tornado destroying this shopping center, flipping cars. >> multiple buildings with gas leaks. >> while out west, more than 40 fast-moving wildfires scorch tens of thousands of acres. now more heat and dry wind on the way. also this morning, the major development. sources telling abc news the president's former lawyer, michael cohen, is now likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors. what it could mean for the white house, and also the major new report coming just hours from now about fired fbi director, james comey, and the clinton e-mail investigation. happening now. search for a highway shooter. a dangerous gunman on the loose
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