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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 14, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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80s boutiq hotel hosting free >> some people were coughing. >> some pool chemical mentioned. they're going to have a big screen up in the courtyard and created a gas. >> they're making us go t i pan this week the big matchup with are portugal versus spain, >> an amp at the pool turns into germany versus mexico and brazil a nightmare. dozens of people sent to the versus switzerland. hospital after a hazmat scare. don't forget dad. we have a lot of father's day ideas on the website. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. check out the hood line section. >> i'm kristen sze in for ama jessica castro, abc 7 news. daetz. one more idea to throw at it happened at the shadow brook you. get ready to kick up heels at sewilo club. david louie has been following the alameda county fair. the story and joins us live with beginning tomorrow morning at 10:30 with the annual cattle the latest. david. >> reporter: kristen and larry drive through the downtown it's happening here at an pleasanton. the fair opens tomorrow at 11:00 outdoor community pool in the and runs through july 8th. valley section of south san you know a lot of baseball jose. 35 people in all were exposed to teams have bark at the park where people with o can bring color even gas after someone fury friends. this is hilarious at a double-a mistakenly mixed two chemical game in oklahoma out of hand agents used to sand advertise things get her pool water. kids were in the water while shepherd got away from the owner parents were on the deck when a chis chasing down balls be, the yellow cloud tormd and caused immediate distress. arkansas naturals using a warm irritated eyes and difficulty up. the dog got the ball and then breathg. two others began vomiting.
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a fire department spokesman said the shortstop held the dog. it's believed one in the pump but fido new what he was room accidentally mixed color even in the muriatic acid. supposed to do. get that. >> the bi product of that can be hang on, boy. >> it's what they do. color even gas. and again, the symptoms people >> exactly. he was into it. >> did he get the out? >> absolutely. reported were inconsistent o >> all right. consistent with that type of bay area fans scoring big we exposure. based on the potential for that it comes to soccer. exposure to the color even it >> you know, good way to spend was recommended anybody the summer i think. reporting a symptom associated >> how can you catch world cup with transported >> sky7 was overhead as the soccer right here. >> you can catch dan right now hazardous material response was with a look at news at 5:00. initiated. swimmer and bystanders were new at 5:00 millions in evacuated and sprayed down with fresh cannabis.t wiped away be, water before placed in ambulances. that's done to prevent reduce being transported by ambulance to the hospital where others could be exposed. and who doesn't will you have the burger on the bash can you. michelle's 19-year-old son a life guard at the club. the burger on the bash can you. "7 on your side" michael finney, she explained that symptoms of exposure don't always surface. so it was important for everyone passes thrgher to be checked by medical personnel. >> there could be a delayed and is bottled rhtouce. response in your lungs where, naturally.
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you know, suddenly the lungs get crystal geyser is the inflamed and fill up with fluid. only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. that's what i want to watch them naturally. for. >> are kids more susceptible. >> probably. >> response units said there was no risk the cloud spread to neighbors houses. so no order to shelter in place was issued. firefighters are kinning to monitor the air before allowing anyone to re-enter the club. ten ambulances were used to transport the victims. in order of urgent need. most of the injuries were only considered minor. however there are some they're watching closely. the kids and adults were taken to a total of nine hospitals. in order not to overtax any how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water facility they were sent to hospitals across san jose and as travel from its source to the bottle? far north as stanford. live in san jose, lafd do youy, less than a mile and a half. abc 7 news. crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. >> thank you. a hometown girl made good. naturally. today sfres's next mayor london breed returns to her elementary school in the neighborhood where she grew up amid challenging zblierks scherr supporters young
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and more experienced if you will came out to hear her message and lyanne melendez is live at city hall with the details. lyanne. >> reporter: well, you know apart from leaving to go to college at uc davis, london breed breed hasn't really left san francisco. still today it was like a homecoming for breed. >> you're our mayor. >> yes, i'm your mayor. >> it was what this crowd came to here, a validation of sorts. 43-year-old lonen breed came to deliver her official victory speech at rosa parks elementary. back then it was called rafael will. >> it reminded me of when i had my first fight. yes, i won. >> those who know her say she left here with a fighting spirit. even though breed admits she didn't always belief in herself. she grew up ithe western addition neighborhood where drugs and shootings were not uncommon. >> all the challenges that exist here, i wondered why me?
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why my community? and i never thought -- i never thought the opportunity to be mayor of the city and county of san francisco was ever possible. >> reporter: today her closest allies on the board of supervisors came to support her. so do some of san francisco's old guard like former supervisors ann marie conroy and carol migden. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 >> she will bring a citywide celebrity family feud. vision. the district election process in then at 9:00 you can watch the . many whiches minimized and at 10:00o tell thetruth. diminished the role of board and 7 n 11:00. members, each concerned with et ceter fans who packed avaya little natty. >> her message of relevant sil stadium who watched the world yens renated with those looking cup from russia. up to her. matt keller joined them from san >> it made me think i could be jose. >> if it was one goal today for mayor. >> bred addressed homelessness the san jose earthquakes. it was for fans to have a good wab o, responding affordable time for the world cups opening housing and working for all game. why wouldn't they? sfriskens.
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>> so much hopelessness but i north america's longest bar was feel strongly it will abnew date open. the russia versus saudi arabia for san francisco. game was on the big- okay very . a new day for san francisco. big screen and the mascot was >> you had to know that today it passing out free doughnuts. the world cup only happens every was a diverse crowd. you saw african-americans, white four years. the santa fe earthquakes decided to hold a watch party for every people, hispanic people, younger single game. people, older people. even the ones that start at 3:00 also people from different in the morning. neighborhoods. >> we hope to have kruds like and this is a personal today with a couple hundred observation. it reminded me of when president people coming out or even this weekend forhe obama won for the first time. mexiatd tgootc and here there was also a call i for unity. ut not. >> lyanne everybody presumes good way to spend the summer. >> the best part admission and london breed will be the winner parking are free. but president department of if you stand out you may win a elections hasn't declared her the winner or certified this prize. race. >> doing a costume contest at when will that happen? >> well, you know, larry, all -- every one of these. >> he has the best hair. >> obviously. like you said all of the >> patrick muamba drove from contenders have acknowledged that she won. hayward and won a quake shirt. when you look at the numbers it he is a true soccer fan he made is math matically impossible not to say that she is the winner. me wait until halftime before the interview. >> i've always watched the world cup i think because of my dad
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but, we'll find out at about since i was a kid. 4:00 or so, a little bit after i'm glad there are a few places what the latest numbers are. like here that's actually showing up a the games even as but the department of elections has clearly said we don't early as 3:00 a.m. declare a winner until after we >> of course they have a lot for the kids. activities here. here is where you can kick the have counted all of the votes. ball through the hole. even though everybody else knows my friend mascot from the that london breed has won. earthquakes demonstrates how you >> all right. lyanne melendez, thank you just do that. a matter of time at this point. thank you lyanne. >> nicethne wch par i a another key bay area race was died following more than a week of counting ballots with it's free of course. contra costa voters pick agnew but the quakes would like to you district attorney. appointed incumbent diana rsvp before you arrive. beckwithen leads with more than reporting in san jose, matt 50% of the vote in last week's keller, abc 7 news. vote. the challenger paul graves q needs more practice. captured more than 42% of the vote. graves called beckwith ton 1-3 no goalie. concede today. come on. beckwithen was appointed at d.a. thanks for joining us. last year when mark peterson abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. resigned because of a >> the process was forced on me. spending. a driver was rescued from a car this morning after crashing >> they turnedway should be an into a home in lafayette. american dream into a nightmare. happening at 850 on glennside >> relief for thousands of bay drive. area students, the students
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there is a gaping hole now in loans are forgiven. the home. why officials say there is a it's being checked for structural damages. long way to go. police say the driver was >> dozens are sickened in san jose. how a day at the pool turned speeding and ran uphill 20 feet into a trip to the hospital. into the house. >> a home is seriously damaged neighbors say speed something a big problem there. after a mustang plows into it. >> people drive very fast going the driver may have been speeding. around the corner in opposite fire in santa rosa. thousands lost power. directions. you have to be careful. one woman ready to evacuate. >> the driver had to be pulled from the car and was taken to and the case grows against the private school teacher rich the hospital with unpefd investigators from back east are injuries. a san francisco motorcycle now involved. police officer is improving >> announcer: live, where you after being hit by a car. police say the officers live. this is abc 7 news. we begin with a hunl victory clydewood a car yesterday morning. for thousands of students well today the officers condition was upgraded from allegedly defrauded by the now critical to serious. the driver of the car did remain defunct corinthian colleges. at scene and is cooperating. good evening i'm dan ashley. a walnut creek man is under >> i'm kristen sze. california's attorney general is arrest on charges he molested children he was caring for as a forgiving millions in student loans. >> coronell bernhard in the baby-sitter. numerous with news. brandon jennis also worked as a >> 7,000 students in the bay teacher in a private high school area alone benefit from the in lafayette. investigators from the east settlement. the attorney general not mincing coast are getting involved. words today. abc 7 news reporter laura he called the now defunct corinthian a spreader to
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institution which used illegal practices to harm students. anthony life at the jail. >> today is a good day to give >> yes he is still in jail at justice to those people who have the jail. he made his second court appearance this morning. gone through so much. >> melissa daughtery says her authorities in virginia are now looking into his activities krer in medi-cal assisting was before he moved out here to california. in the meantime here in the bay derailed after the college in san francisco and the parent area prosecutors anticipate there may be more victims. company corinthian colleges suddenly closed down bay area >> obviously it's grown campuses and dozens of campuses exponentially from when we lkd stayedwide in 2015. >> what corinthians have done to at the case. >> contra costa county students is uncalled for, prosecutors expect the case to grow against a walnut creek man despicable. >> 35,000 students were forced accused of molesting young to repay student loans even children he was baby sitting. though there was no school to go >> we anticipate there may be to. >> in 2015 the federal court the potential for other victims. he has a tie to the east coast ruled that corinthian broke the law by pressuring the students as well as the bay area. we are actively investigating to take out loans several cases right now. and i anticipate that there is a possibility there will be additional charges coming soon. >> reporter: 27-year-old brandon jeness is current involved counts voofg ajts six and seven. indecent exposure child
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molesting and possession of child or yth pornography. according to walnut creek police the incidents occurred while he was baby sitting three young children at the family home. two of the children told investigators he exposed himself while sitting on the couch with them and encouraged the children to touch him. he worked as a first-year chemistry teacher at the bentley high school in lafayette where a spokesperson told us he has been terminated. police searched his apartment and seized computers, hard drives and video equipment. >> when you have cases like this where it's an individual that you trust and you're bringing in your home and entrusting your children with them, they need to live up to that trust. >> reporter: now, prosecutors say at this point there is no indication that any of the illegal activity happened to students at bentley. jeness is currently being held on $1.2 million bail. his next court hearing is set for later this month. in martinez, raur ray anthony
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abc 7 news. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with spencer christian let's talk about the spectacular thursday weather. a look the at live doppler 7. sunny across the beau. fog forming near the golden gate and parts of the coastline there. breezy right now. we have gusts to 16-mile-per-hour here at san francisco. it's not very strong. and 10 to 15-mile-per-hour generally across the bay area. and temperatures have dropped in most locations since yesterday at this hour. it's 15 degrees cooler in santa rosa. 13 degrees cooler in napa. 10 treeings cool ner fairfield. 11 in concord. but in san francisco it's 4 degrees warmer than this hour yesterday. blue skies over the bay right now from the roof top camera. i'll show you current temperatures and forecast in a few minnesota. kristen. thank you spencer. new developments in the kicking death of a dog in san francisco. a suspect now in custody. 24-year-old niklas michael cornious is charged with felony incid cruelty for the jun
4:11 pm
police s corne t surveilee a ma small dog and seconds later he kicks it again. the 3-year-old terrier mix named puppet died from injured. >> sburpg police cited 19 drivers and pedestrians in a crackdown. police tweeted the operation lasted from 40 to 8 in the morning. failure to stop at a red light. jay walking and speeding. pittsburgh police say one of the drivers was going 62-mile-per-hour on railroad avenue while pedestrians were trying to walk through the crosswalk. a warning for parents. a childhood decease is now soaring across the bay area. who is most at risk for whooping cough. rents going up all over the ructiobrg do plus -- are you ready for a ride? the new coaster at great
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. entresto, (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) alameda county health officials say cases of whooping cough are soaring. they report 180 cases between january and may of this year. compared with only 40 cases during this time last year. more than 60% of this year's
4:15 pm
cases have been in teenagers. but infants under six months are most vul noble nerable. it's spread by wet droplet when an infected person coughs sfeezs or talks. the center for disease control recommends vaccinations more babies teenagers and pregnant women. >> it's expense toef live in the bay area and getting more expensive. there is a new survey showing residents here pay among the nation's highest rents. >> what do you think? is the cost of bay area housing worth it? you can weigh in at abc 7 can you folks are about to start voting. >> abc 7 news reporter eric thomas has a closer look at rising rents. eric. >> reporter: larry be kristen, the bay area has three out of the top five most expensive rent cities. san jose, oklahoma, san francisco. right one boston and new york on a list you really don't wants to make? oakland is adding multiple new
4:16 pm
apartment building on the bay front and downtown and still rents rise. >> i think it's a bit of a barrier for people. and excludes people. i know a lot of people who won't move here because of the rent. >> reporter: numbers from the national low income housing coalition tell the depressing tale. their report says fair market aren't is now more than $2,300 a month and you need to make more than $93,000 a year to affair it it's worse in san francisco where rent tops $131 a mpt and you need close to $125,000 a year to afraid process tp and san jose, $2,500 a month in rent and more than $100,000 in salary to pay it. rents in the san francisco bay area have been high for decades. >> zafd are david starr with the bay east association of realtors says this is an incredibly desirable place to live with a shortage of housing. the problem is basic supply and demand. >> homes for sale they're not sitting on the market.
4:17 pm
apartments aren't sitting vacant there are other people more than happy to move in and purchase the homes. >> this man sees it from the other side. as the owner of a san francisco duplex who rents out one unit. >> you know, as a new landlord twab, it was interesting because i was researching market rent. and i was quite frankly very surprised. zblrp the low income housing coalition use as different methodology. you should know that the numbers that they are quoting for an apartment here in the bay area is for a 2 bedroom. you tell me where can you find a 2 bedroom for $3,100 a month. i think you'll have a lot of takers. live in oklahoma, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> that sound like a tough feat. thanks so much. what do you think is the cost of bay area housing worth it if. >> based on the results, the angry no way, the red face seems to be dominating this poll. we >> yes.
4:18 pm
there is something about this area. >> there is a lot of good things but the cost of living is not one of them. we want to get your opinions weigh in at 7 and we'll keep the voting open through the 6:00 news up until 7:00 p.m. san jose and sacramento, they're among the most popular american cities for millennials to move to. this is according to financial technology company smart assets. ranking san jose as number 7 on a list of 17 cities atrkting more people between the age of 30 on 34. while more than 15,000 moved to san jose more than 14,000 moved out. sacramento was number three on the list. the top destination for millennials was seattle. >> um-hum clean air advocating hoping to put electric bus on the fast track in california. supporters gathered in front of a next generation electric bus parked at san francisco city hall. they pointed to a new report released by the u.s. public interest research group, besides cutting millions of tons of greenhouse gases the report
4:19 pm
found electric buses are now increasingly cost effective. >> despite the higher purchase costs, we found in our report that electric buses can be more affordable than fossil fuel buses since they have 30% fewer parts, no exhaust systems. the braking systems last longer and don't require oil changes or fossil fuels. >> the california air resources board is also supporting a push to have california transit agencies my grate to zero emission buses by the year 2040. spencer christian rejoining us and breezy outside. >> a breezy week all week. and today still breezy conditions around the region not just near the coast but inland. a low back at live doppler 7, sunny skies. a milder pleasen day cooler than yesterday, which is good for many of us who are just getting a little bit tired of the heat. a live view of blue skies over the bay and the embarcadero from the roof top camera at abc 7. 62 in the city.
4:20 pm
68 across the bay. 73 at mountain view. 78 in the bill roy. 57 at half moon bay. looking toward the golden gate you see a little bit of enclose cloudiness in the distance there north and west of the golden gate. it's 79 right now in soont rosa. 75 at noft an. 811 fairfield. still warm inland but not hot as the last couple days. looking toward mount diablo toward of the east bay hills. we see patchy fog and high clouds overnight. gradual cooling continues into the week. and it's looking mild for father's day. here the forecast animation or our clouds mix as we call it showing the movement of low clouds and fog locally across the bay and legally inland during the recall morning and overnight. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the compute begins there may be some areas of reduce the visibility but for the widespread. and then the fog and low clouds will kind of clear on out back to the coastline gichg us mainly sunny day tomorrow away from the coastline. now, overnight lows generally in
4:21 pm
the mid-to sup are 50s, the same range we have seen all we can. mild overnight conditions. and tomorrow will be mild but not very wrm. remaining brezy especially near the coast and highs range from low 60s at the coast to mainly upper 60s and low 70s around the bay shoreline. and see we'll see up are 70s to low 80s inland. it's a steady range of mild temperatures there. for father's day, the day planner early in the morning. bright skies but a few lingering thin high clouds. morning fog. morning fog goes away by noon. if it were here it would be noon fog. and through amp look for sun were skies for father's day. with highs in the low aids. mid-70s around the bay and sixth on the coast. down to the tropics we go. what was hurricane bud is now tropical storm bud. continuing to weaken. but producing a lot of rainfall as it makes landfall near cabos andfo to weak ton a tropical lo
4:22 pm
weaken further as it approaches the desert southwest of the u.s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, i will point out father's day is lovely mainly sunny, mid-70s around the by. low 80s inland upper 50s on the coast milder on monday. and mild to warm weather on tuesday. and temperatures settle back into a sort of a steady seasonal pattern mid-we can in next week. >> looking good. >> thank you. >> the weather is too. >> right. >> yes we meant the weatherman first of course. >> thank you. >> another big day for soccer fans. the world cup is now under way. how you can watch some of the action here in the bay area. one thing about spencer he is amazingly consistent. on tour with the queen,
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for efls pressley for most of his career died. d.j. rose from playing in strip joints in louisiana to the heights of musical history as pressley ace first and long time drum are. he played with elvis. he accompanied him on blue suede shoes and jail house rock. he died in his sleep last night at 7 years old. >> queen elizabeth and her new granddaughter in law aren't a royal road trip. meghan markle and the queen traveled on the queen's private
4:26 pm
train. it's markle's sfirs solo event with the queen. paula farris has the details. >> meghan markle stepping out for the most important royal engagement yet. a sol of trip with the queen. the duchess of sussex accompanying her majesty on the royal train. >> it's not used by younger members of the royal family. charles. the queen uses it from time to time. this is kind of a real treat for meghan. >> markle stunning in a cream dress by british designer claire wait kjell, the same designer for hers wedding dress. kweeting well wishers in the town 200 miles north of london. the duchess and queen have a day packed with events and cheering fans. sharing this light hearted moment on stage while opening up a new bridge in chess shire before visiting a cultural rformancesy childr.
4:27 pm
>> thevent had been designed to think that the queen is interested and things that meghan is interested in. >> markle has been fullyembrace queen taking her on this engagement less than a month after being. >> she is embraced by the royal family and she is by her side. >> ten months after her we hadding that the kate the duchess of cambridge went on a solo. but meghan has jumped into royal life since her wedding. >> great pictures there. new details about the long awaited report from the department of justice. >> if anyone else shows up in this report to have done something that requires termination, we will do so. >> and the explosive new text messages revealed in that report. >> plus more protests tonight over the trump administration so-called
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
4:30 pm
>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. 35 kid and adults were hazmat a swim club in south san jose. the fire department says pool chemicals mixture cause people to get sick. police say a driver was likely
4:31 pm
speeding when a car flu into a house in this morning. the driver was extra rate indicated the consider and taken to the hospital. california attorney general xavier becerra announce the a settlement agreement for college students. 8 million in debt forgiveness. more on this as news at 5:00. the long awaited justice department inspector general report on the handling of the hillary clinton emails investigation is now out. the report found no evidence that the investigation was impacted by politics. but it does fault some agents for their actions. here is abc news reporter meghan hughes. >> reporter: president trump celebrating his 72nd birthday thursday with an inspector fernl report giving him and his allies new ammunition to attack the fbi. >> it refirmed the president's suspicion about come's conduct and some of the members of the
4:32 pm
fbi. >> chris rey in his first press conference acknowledging less than appropriate behaviorndmang improvement. >> let's also be clear on the scope of this report. nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or the fbi as an institution. >> the report included new explosive text messages between fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page. page wrop to strzok trump is not going to become president, right, right. >> strzok responded no, no he is not we will stop it. the report did not find the views were connected to investigative decisions but it cast a cloud over the credibility. strzok at the time was leading the probe into clinton. in a statement strkds's attorney called the ig report critically flawed. also looking at comey's axe that is made both parties furious. the fact that comey didn't cult with the justice department before announcing that hillary
4:33 pm
clinton would not be charged was inpassword knit. democrats including clinton hav informing congress of a reopened investigation for costing her the election. >> at the end of the day, the actions reviewed in this report helped donald trump win the election not the other way around. >> members of both parties will get a chance to weigh in on this report next week. congressional panels in both the house and the senate will be holding hearings on the findings. meghan hughes, abc news, washington. the state of new york filed suit today against the trump foundation. that lawsuit filed by attorney general barbara underwood accuse attention the o-of serving as mr. trump's personal piggy bank for businesses legal bills and presidential campaign. the president's three children are also named in the lawsuit which seeks to dissolve the foundation and collect nearly $3 miion inrestitution.aying he wo settle the case. protests are planned in the bay area tonight over the trump
4:34 pm
administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. that separates children from their parents at the u.s. mekts coborder. the protests are part of a national day of action against what activists call cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants and sigh lump seekers. nancy pelosi blasted the policy while the white house says it's merely enforcing existing raw. >> i know it was something not lie on the priority list in the previous administration but it is on ours we're a country of law and order and we're enforcing the law sfl i'm sure any parapet here mother or father knows that this is baier baker, not what america is. >> opposition to the policy is beginning to grow even among member of the president's party and his supporter advantage evangelist franklin graham called it terrible house speaker paul ryan announced a immigration bill drafted will include a prohibiting kirn from parents tea border. the annual congressional
4:35 pm
baseball game is under way at national park in washington, d.c. one year after he was shot at practice, house majority whip steve sclees was on the field as the starting second baseman. he was one of four people shot by a gunman laerpt killed by police. scalise has undergone nine surgeries and still in middle of rehab appear therapy. the police department in mesa, assess, is facing more scrutiny accused yet again of using excessive force during an arrest. in the latest case officers are caught on camera seem to mock the suspect. here is abc news reporter marshalsy gonzalez. >> the mesa police department facing another accusation of excessive force. >> let goe of the foot now. >> officers captured on body camera video struggling with jose during a traffic stop. >> i'll taze him. >> i was tasted, purged over and over by multiple cops. i was gouged in the eye. >> investigators say conde had cocaine in his sock but no
4:36 pm
weapon. epor and tried to hit the officers injuring two and later tried to escape in the hospital. >> yeah, screw him. >> they're officers were hurt on camera mocking the injured 23-year-old. >> awww! >> the mesa police department already under investigation for several other incidents accused of using excessive force in the arrest of robert johnson in may. >> and in the takedown of this 15-year-old suspect. the police chief reacting to those incidents last week. >> i'm angry. and i'm deeply disappointed by what i saw in those videos. it's unacceptable. and it needs to stop immediately. >> 7 officers are on administrative leave following those incidents. the mesa police department tells our affiliate in phoenix they are now researching conde's case. marshals yes gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. today the berry of the
4:37 pm
parkland school gunman announced a new anti-bullying campaign. stackry cruz is starting his own non-profit organization and hotline. he says his brother nikolas's social isolation stood out before the mass shooting on valentine's day. >> people would make fun of what he was wearing, how he talked, who he was. >> do you still love him. >> i love him with all my heart. because you know we went through the same stuff together. and we grew up together. and we had the same type of struggles. >> the anti-bullying campaign called win distance for we isolate no one it aims to educate students across the country. >> the presidenteltishout out ay in the press room zbloom i would like to wish the president a very, very happy birthday. if i do say so i don't think he looks a day over 35. with that i'll take your questions.
4:38 pm
>> happy birthday. >> we're all sucking up. >> the president is now 72 years old. a new insurance policy on the road. the ride share companies wanting you to pay up before you jump in. and elon musk's boring company, has a new gig. they're going to remake transportation at a major airport. and let's go to the beach. some people have. this is the view from santa cruz. a sunny day but cooler. i'll have the accuweather forecasts coming up. take a look at your drive time. yeah kmrpgt you are maize through oakland, through emeryville, trying to get to the bay brink, not easy. it's a thursday afternoon which seems to be the most impacted
4:39 pm
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m the city of chicago's reached a deal with elon musk'sn siss known as the boring company to build a high-speed o airport. officials say the system will transport passengers between o'hare and downtown chicago
4:42 pm
using battery powered vehicles. the vehicles carry up to 16 people and travel get this, between 125 and 150 miles an hour. no time table has been set for the completion of that project. space station astronaut will have a better view of what's going on outside. today americans drew rickey ricy installed high dechgs cameras. she will improve the views. the ships are slated to do the first test flights to the i.s.s. in august. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with spencer christian. we will start with live doppler 7 showing sunny skies across the bay area. breezy and cooler than yesterday. few patches of low clouds forming. will pass overhead. overnight lows ins mitd ifts 50s. tomorrow sunny and slightly cooler with highs ranging from 60 along the coastline to supper 60s and 70s around the bay shoreline. the inland valleys highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.
4:43 pm
now let's look at north beach. here in san francisco over the weekend the north beach festival looks like the weather is lovely. morning fog both days but sunny most the day saturday and sunday in north beach. and highs will be pretty much right in the mid-60s and overnight lows in the low to mid-50s. beautiful weather. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. that's my italian for the day. we're having mainly sunny skies for the 7-day period. a few coastal clouds form on sunday, father's day pl early in the morning there might be a spot or two of coastal spotty drizzle. but during most of the day on sunday it's sunny and bright and pleasant with high temperatures ranging from mid-70s around the bay to low 80s inland. lovely. >> that's fair because i recall mother's day was nice. >> it was. >> now you father's getti >> about il work out. thank you spencer. look at this. a little boy found a new friend
4:44 pm
at the nashville zoo. 5-year-old ian started jumping in front of the glass when the bear jumped in. and the bear joined in on the fun. ian's dad both jumped up and down down for about 10 minutes until the boy and the bear both got a little tired. >> that's hilarious. fantastic. >> bearing each other. >> long lines today at great america in santa clara. >> whoa. >> it's popular. not just about having fun over the mere. it's about making money. i'm "7 on your side" michaen microsoft set to make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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hold on. the new rail blazer roller coaster is open at great america. the first single rail steel roller coaster on the west coast. great america draws big crowds and hiring hundreds of new workers this summer. the general manager says the park draws a lot of politics because of the competitive pay rates. they're adding 200 workers each week. >> i remember come here when i was little. i used to always have so much fun. i thought it was cool to have work at a theme park. >> i like being around like people in here. like because last year i would come to great america all the time. i was -- like legit i told myself i'm cominger xtea >> and there she is. it's not just teenagers. there are a lot of retire ees and want to stay busy. >> spendingn might reach
4:49 pm
record levels this father's day. >> michael finney here to talk about this along the way to buy yourself peace of mind the next time you ride with uber or lyft. >> this is interesting. now you can buy an insurance policy with the phone to cover accident insurance for the next time you ride with either uber or litt. a start upcalled sure is starting with cub to let passengers buy insurance that covers injury ors death caused by accidents. the ride share program connects the uber or lyft account with the sure app every time they become a ride. ride hailing drivers, now they typically have insurance but sure fills any gaps in coverage. microsoft is working on technology that could help existing retailers compete against amazon's new cashierless stories, no cashier. one of microsoft's partners confirmed today that it's developing automated check out technology for brick and mortar
4:50 pm
stores. this follows amazon opening the first cashierless story in seattle. another planned for san francisco. overhead technologies and other technology track skpers and what they buy. consumer confidence rises. and americans may reach near record levels on father's day spending. last year people sent $15.5 billion on special outings, gifts, deathing, electronic, neckties for dad. that marked the highest spending spend on average $133 on frags. father's day. that's a little bit less than last year. we're looking at $15.3 billion. >> less. >> this much less i guess. >> love is not measured in dollars, right. >> well sometimes it can be. thank you, michael. >> thanks, michael it's all about dad this
4:51 pm
weekend, as larry know. >> announcer: if you are looking for something family friendly we have you covered. >> jessica castro from abc 7 morning has ideas from our partners at hood line. >> grab a kohl brew and put on the soccer jersey. it's the perfect we could for a f check out the botanical and brews event at the park. the craft brew masters will be there friday night. starting at 6:30 p.m. go inside the vikt yan agreehouse and learn about botanical brewing. then grb a taste. >> people love coming to the conserver to at night where it's like dark and mysterious and intimate and romantic. and then people of course because it's san francisco love a ber in their hand. >> tickets cost $27. this weekend two beers from alameda will be featured 30see beer and fact shup brewing. cheers. the 64th annual north beast are beach festival this we can. one of the country as original
4:52 pm
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