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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 15, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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and that breaking news in the east bay, a funeral home on
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lockdown tonight. grieving families stuck inside after someone shot five people in the parking lot. i'm dan ashley, ama daetz is off. get to lisa amin outside, union city line. >> reporter: still a very active scene at this hour. police lieutenant confirms that five people have been shot, taken to the hospital, all conscious at the time. now this is still a very confusing scene as lieutenant called it. what i can tell you, there was at least one service taking place inside the chapel when the shooting started outside. woman whose deceased mother's viewing was taking place inside heard the shots. also said had she arrived, there was a pop-up tent in the parking lot and people seemed to be partying underneath it,
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drinking, some with guns. >> right outside my mom's viewing. so -- they told us we were on lockdown for an hour and we were there, whole time told us not to get out. >> officers arrived to chaotic scene. didn't know who was involved with the situation. weren't sure if we were contacting suspects or victims or witnesses. so officers detained several people at the scene, fleeing from the scene or that people were pointing out to us. >> reporter: investigators are not ruling anything out. they have no motive for the shootings at all. also tell me the gang unit has not been called out because again they don't know why any of this happened. there was a car surrounded by crime scene tape and towed away. but even that the lieutenant said, still unclear at this hour who the car even belongs to. back live now, police are still
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here. will be out here several more hours. as for the victims, three were found in the parking lot across the street, one person was found at a nearby 7-eleven, and a fifth person got him or herself out to the hospital by themselves. abc7 news. >> thanks very much. other top story, san francisco police released shocking body cam video showing a man shot in the back by officer in confrontation that escalated quickly last weekend. before we go on, warn you, it's really intense. >> in pursuit. adam 13 david. get down, get down! >> police say officered stopped a group of men with open containers in north beach. one of the men, oliver
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ran and tossed a loaded glock before the officer shot him in the back. >> we have limited facts right now. difficult because people want answers. that is the purpose of the investigations. our purpose is to be transparent. >> members of the community were concerned how quickly it escalated on a street known for night life and questined the independence of the investigation. >> always groups out there talking and drink. why this particular group of four? >> i hope that the independent investigations in this matter are truly independent. >> police have yet to release the name of the officer involved in the shooting. no officers or bystanders were hurt. >> barcenas is still in the hospital, second time in six years he's been shot by the san francisco police department. posted the videos on the
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website, immigration is on the front burner as political debate intensifies and protests flare up across the country. republicans have drafted a plan for visas for dreamers and other immigrants and $25 billion for the controversial border wall. debate about separating children from families however turned fiery with white house briefing with sara sanders. >> you're a parent. don't you have any empathy for what these people are going through? they have less than you do. >> i'm trying to be serious, but not have you yell out. >> these people have nothing. >> i know you want more tv time. this is not what this is about. go ahead jill. >> honestly answer the question. serious question. people come to the border with nothing and throw children in cages. you're a parent of young children, don't you have any
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empathy for what they go through? >> jill, go ahead. >> debate has led to large protests. melanie woodrow in san jose with a big crowd. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered at san jose city hall to protest the separation of children from their parents along the u.s. border. people joined rallies across the country today for the same purpose. >> i work with children, adolescents, with kids in the foster care system, i know what this kind of trauma can do to people and is doing to people. >> reporter: organizer heather valentine said when she learned there wasn't a rally planned locally, knew it was up to her. >> if i don't do it, who is going to do it? >> reporter: arranged for speakers to share stories. 19-year-old felt empowered. >> came from family undocumented. i remember the fears when i was
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younger if i spoke up risking deportation, if not parents, could be uncles. >> truly biblical proportions of destruction of families. >> reporter: father said the crowd was full of allies. >> lot are fearful. afraid to come out of their homes. getting others to walk their children home from school. >> reporter: posted virtual event to sign petitions and contact elected officials if they couldn't attend today. abc7 news. bay area stooi steyer is giving money. founder and president of next gen america, already contributed nearly $2.5 million to legal groups. also outspoken critic of
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president trump, insists immigrants are in desperate need of support right now. >> need is as great or more than every to protect the people in threat of deportation and positive work of daca and citizenship applications. >> critics say he's out of touch and trying to use money to influence the midterm elections. in forest hill, someone vandalized a speech therapy practice that helps children. employee discovered massive damage when they arrived for work. window smashed, desks overturned. appears nothing was taken, just torn up. remains closed for the time being. investigators suspect a dispute between rancher and landowner might have led to death of nine cows. flew over the scene in gilroy when sheriffs deputies searched
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for evidence. finding head of one of his cows sticking up from the ground. found more, some above ground, others buried. >> don't know how the cows died. suspect foul play but until we recover more evidence, we won't know. >> veterinarians will determine how the cows died. used heavy equipment to dig up the buried cattle. toxic fumes made people sick after two chemicals were mixed in swim club in san jose. injured included several children. firefighters hosed people down with water to wash off chemical recent due. will remain closed until safe to use the pool again. fire in the oakland hills tonight, one structure burned in backyard of a home on
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wood drive. had it under control quickly, kept it from spreading. woman accused of attempting to set at least one east bay preschool on fire is under arrest tonight. tip from the public led them to the suspect, 39-year-old kristina romo, these surveillance images were released, we shared them with you on abc7 news. suspect attempting to start a fire. investigators say they got anonymous tip that led them to romo, the woman under arrest. she's also a suspect in preschool fire in newark. it is a busy thursday night as you can tell. more in a moment. new urgency to find whoever brutally attacked a woman carrying her baby in san francisco before the new surveillance video of this disturbing incident is released. we'll show it to you.
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doctors with important warning for you and your children. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, summer is a week away, let you know if there's heat in the father's day forecast. and flag day, team effort to get this flying high in san jose. "jimmy kimmel live." >> thank you dan. this is going to be best flag day yet. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your new american citizens!
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new at 11:00, a san francisco mom is recovering tonight from life-threatening brain injuries after someone attacked her while she was walking with her baby. kate larson is live in noe valley with new developments. >> reporter: the attack happened right here. 28th and sanchez, a quiet family neighborhood. doctors asked the victim not to get over stimulated while brain heals so spoke to her best friend with her right before the
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attack. shared surveillance video. take a look. mother's screams and baby's cries caught on camera. attacked after crossed the street walking home carrying 16-month-old after got a call from witness. >> heard her say he hit me. >> reporter: playing with daughters before the attack. based on the ct scan believe hit her on the head with blunt object like a hammer. >> she had severe skull fractures and pieces of her skull entered her brain. that night had to have emergency brain surgery. >> reporter: after crossed the street, person in dark clothing carrying something moving quickly down 28th, around the call. ten seconds later you hear th
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mother scream, see another person running up 28th street. friends from all over the bay area spent the evening canvassing the neighborhood with fliers looking for evidence. motive is unclear but hopes that people in the neighborhood will remain vigilant. >> had to be someone out of their mind to commit a crime like this. >> reporter: this is still active investigation, sfpd looking for witnesses. husband says wife is healing and grateful for the support. would like to catch whoever did this. abc7 news. there is a spike in whooping cough cases in california tonight, particularly in alameda county. health officialed reported 180 cases between january and may of this year, more than four times
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the same period last year. asked a doctor if it has anything to do with the antivaccination movement. >> not necessarily that people are refusing to be vaccinated which is part of definitely an issue. i do think this is a combination of the fact that you might lose some immunity even after you've been infected. >> marin county has also seen a surge, only two counties this year so far. salmonella outbreak with melons spread to california. ten more states to the recall. cut water melon, honeydew and cant aloupe. at least 60 people have gotten sick nationwide. on to the weather forecast. weekend.
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sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> sharpest drop in temperatures today. inland 10 to 15 degrees lower than yesterday. many people felt it, reported on social media. live doppler 7, see the fog, petaluma, visibility down to six miles. half moon bay, four miles due to fog. be careful in morning commute. there is a reason for all of this. tracking a trough moving southward, deepened marine layer about 2,000 feet. temperatures in 50s and 60s for most of you. brentwood is 72 degrees but many areas are cooler tonight. emeryville, visibility is good here. breezier and cooler through saturday and mild weather through father's day, don't have to worry about extremes taking the dads out. but if you suffer from
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allergies, tree pollen is running moderate. with the wind blowing pollen around, not easy for many of us. moderate pollen again tomorrow. keep that in mind with wind blowing. hour by hour morning commute. 5:00 a.m., fog around the coast and bay, marine layer deepened, 2,000 feet deep, it's able to get over the coast hills and head to the east bay. tomorrow afternoon some will linger, rest you, sunshine. visibility will be poor near the beaches and coast. upper 40s to 50s and cool enough for sweater or jacket. afternoon, breezy at beaches, 60s. inland areas 70s and 80s. mildest spots fairfield and antioch and santa rosa in low 80s.
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oakland 69. a's take on the angels tomorrow night. 61 degrees at 6:35, it's fireworks night by the way. visibility should be good. temperature dropping down, good idea to grab a jacket or sweatshirt. father's planner, sunny noon, mild afternoon to spend time with dad outdoors. accuweather seven-day forecast features fog and cooler afternoon for friday. temperatures come down bay and inland, father's day beautiful, milder. summer warmth back in the picture. wide range of temperatures. we expect to see this but father's day coming up, had to plan it just right. >> we appreciate it.
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almaden golf and country club. old pole removed in construction project. presented flag to owner, all is right at the
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good evening. took the giants 4 hours and 49 minutes to finally win 1 game in miami on this road trip but came at price, evan longoria. drilled on the hand by dan metacarpal, might need surgery, out indefinitely. pop, joe panik, i got it, i got it, ain't got it. castro at second. scores a tying run on a sac fly. 16th inning, two hours. ov breaks the tie. giants in l.a. without
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matt chapman could use sunglasses right now. khris davis homered in three at-bats, three straight homers. on justin verlander, best in the game. astros has a lineup loaded with power. gave up 7 runs. a's swept 7-3. eight straight wins now for the astros. sad news from the 49ers, longtime offensive tackle keith fanhorst. won two super bowls. teammate of dwight clark who died recently. 66 years old. go, round one of the u.s. open in shinnecock hills in new york and wind blew tiger woods away, first shot on the par 4 gets to top of the hill. gravity takes over.
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tiger triple bogeys number one. rough day, 8 over. dustin johnson, number one in the world, this is why. only five players even par or better. many of us are going through warriors withdrawal, have no fear. swaggy p is here. nick young, swag champ, autograph session at macy's in union square, wearing a shirt because they made him. plans to enjoy the warriors title all summer long. >> everybody needs to experience that feeling. not that fortunate, becoming swap champ is best thing about it, reached ultimate level. >> swag champ is the ultimate. >> having fun. >> macy's wanted him to wear a i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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all right. that is your report. appreciate your time as always. for sandhya patel, larry beil, maybe take the shirt off tomorrow, we don't know, i'm dan ashley. >> maybe right now. >> on jimmy, jon
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a sailor makes a surprise trip home to see her mother. >> she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. >> she is back in momma's arms. a fire breather seems to know exactly what she is doing. >> how everything change ns a flash. >> shoot. a lion crosses a stream with ease. >> the moment they have to sink or swim. he is whipping up something for his brother. >> see if it works or if the joke is on him. what kind of idiot puts their hand in the blender? >> it is always nice when the family gets together for some lunch. that's what's happening in this video. one of their daughters set it all up. this lady right here was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.
1:42 am
she has already had a partial massectomy. she had a port put in that same week. her daughter is in the navy. she has been there for a year. what they don't know is that walk sboog that lunch is their daughter who just showed up. they come around the corner through the restaurant to where the family is sitting down. >> oh. >> and the second mom sees her daughter walking in she just looses it. >> stop crying. >> you can see her daughter hands over flowers. the hug that matters is this one right here. >>. >> it is so much better than saying i'll see you at launch. >> now to huntsville, alabama. first sergeant is walking in. his sister is s


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