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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. she was once billed as the next steve jobs. the medical technology was supposed to be the future of medicine. instead, tonight, elizabeth holmes is facing 20 years in prison. tonight, hear from those that saw the warning signs. >> elizabeth homes walked out of court charged with defrauding investors, doctors and patients. we have team coverage. amanda. >> we know that holmes was touted at silicone valley's sweet heart. she and others had to face serious charge s of wire fraud. we were there when she walked
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out of the federal courthouse. >> anything at all that you want to say? >> reporter: before walking out of the federal courthouse in silence, she plead not guilty to inquire fraud. >> he plead not guilty because he is not guilty. >> reporter: jeff cooler smith representing bawani, they say he and holmes were behind a multi-million scheme to defraud investors and another to duplicate doctors and patients. the pair is accused of knowingly lying about the accuracy and the reliability of their products. technology that was supposed to be a better way of doing blood tests. a busy lab that joe biden visited in 2015. that shows homes and biden touring the facility.
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the only proof that it exists is this note giving contact information. after calling the listed numbers one man identified as a employee, he said that he was not shocked at today's courtroom development. in fact, i complimented homlmes on her passion for her work. the two are expected back had court in august. if convicted the two can each spend up to 20 years behind bars. reporting live in san jose tonight. abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you. now, holmes dropped out of stanford and started theranos in 2013. she was featured in national publications and one called her the next steve jobs. >> as investors flocked to theranos, her company was valued at $9 million.
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>> right to protect the health and well-being of every person of those we love, is a basic human right. >> thing hads started to unravel in october of 2015 when a "wall street journal" article questioned the accuracy of the testing. >> the "wall street journal" story was the work of one reporter who had spent three years look hg in to the company. we -- looking in to the company. we are joined with the insight in what was going on in theranos. >> it's quite a story that the reporter said, many tried to stop the story from going public. the scandal put patient's lives in danger. >> she refused to stop over promising to investors.
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>> he is not surprised theranos founder now facing federal fraud charges. >> it's a fraud that defrauded investors of nearly billion dollars, and put patients in harm's way. >> the book about, bad blood, secrets and lies, details the rise and fall of the blood testing company. he said that while doing research, he was threatened with lawsuits. holmes asked the owner and investor rupert mourdock to intervene. >> she met with him several times to try to persuade him to kill the story. >> i tried to tell had her, her ideas would not work. she just did not listen. >> stanford university medical school physician was an early critic of holmes. >> for me, it's a vindication. i was right. >> unfortunately, it turned out the to be too good to be true.
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>> they was sort of a cutting edge pioneering woman in the area. and it was a big fizzle. >> now, reporter john carius said that many silicone valley start ups made claims early on, but this is different, this is about medicine and real results that cannot be faked. thank you. and you can watch our whole interview with the writer, by heading to other website, abc 7 >> terminally ill california ans have the right to end their lives again, following a decision by a state appeals court. >> they are audible to obtainbtn it was called unconstitutional for legal reasons. you may not see warning labels about cancer when you buy
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coffee after all. companies are buck ago ruling. it was to require them to note something about coffee causing cancer. the state made the decision after a world healthcare organization review showed there's not evidence to prove coffee causes cancer. new at 11:00. not give engine to fear. bay area -- not giving in to fear. bay area roonts that survived the harvest shooting festival turned out for the country music festival tonight. melanie has their story. ♪ >> kim schubert and her friends say they are country strong. >> it was iffy, but we decided that we needed to continue doing what we were passionate about. >> their passion brought them to the country summer music festival in sanity row is a. she was at root 91 in vegas.
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>> we got separated and i was under the bleachers. and he started shooting the bleachers and i made phone calls and said my goodbyes. i thought i was going to die. >> the friends felt some anxiety but being together is helping. >> the country music scene is all family. >> she has stayed tough. >> i we-- >> jennifer mcgrath is wearing thing the same jeans, still stained she wore that night. >> it makes me feel like i made it through something big. >> they have matching tattoo. >> country strong. >> in santa rosa. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. tomorrow marks a major milestone for the new sales force transit center in san francisco. a bus plaza will open for certain bus lines. it replaces the old bay
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terminal. it will begin service tomorrow morning. the bus plaza is at the ground level between second and beal street. it's slated to happen in august for full service. >> police will look for clues after two dozen cars had their windows shot out. people began their day seeing this. the police believe a beebee gun did the damage. nobody saw anything. it's a quiet neighborhood. we don't know, have no clue. >> the graveyard guys, when they were looking and trying to piend the vandals, did find an item that we are going to process for fingerprints. we have much more aheader for you, take you a look, this man was thrown in jail by the u.s. government.hy, a local ska
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be named after him. >> i'm sandy, your father's day weekend is looking interesting. i will explain, coming up. also, the clarinet player -- >> how stormy the first a look at what is coming up, after abc news at 11. >> thanks dan, and amp ma, this is from us to you. >> me no, who no in we know? baby!
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abc 7 news was in san francisco pacific heights when hillary clinton arrived in hamlin school. clinton spoke to eighth graders and families at the all girl s private school. >> congratulations, i cannot wait to see the mark you made on the world. thank you. >> i really loved her comments about pushing through and bravery. and that we will definitely challenge through the decisions in the future. >> hamlin school kept the event private and the school denied at one point that the former secretary of state and first lady with would be on campus. >> meantime, an elementary school in mountain view will be named after an undocumented immigrant and active visit. jose antonio vargas shared his story of how he came to america and grew up in mountain view. he would shed for the san
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francisco chronicle and won pull l -- won the pulitzer prize. >> a canadian college student won a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend who successfully plots to derail his career. that's erica playing the clarinet. he was sent an e-mail offering him a full scholarship and he never got it. he said that his life-in girlfriend at the time, deleted it without his knowledge and set up a fake e-mail address and refused the offer. it was all in a bid to force him to stay closer to her. the judge called her conduct despicable. >> a young bald eagle at big bear lake has taken the internet by storm. the bird is so popular that
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people are flocking to the store to buy pictures. we have the story. >> trish has captured images of bald eagles soaring around bundn bear lake for years. the images of the two bald eagles is stunning. but it's their baby, known as stormy, that is stealing the show. >> i think it's incredible that a eagle is truly a rockstar. >> and somewhat of a youtube star, because this year, there's a live camera in the nest. and people all around the world have their eyes glued to the live video steam, watching stormy's every move. people were on pins and needles when little stormy fell out of the nest. >> they stayed home. they didn't go to work. they were traumatized with stormy falling out of the in fact. >> when stormy returned you could almost here the collective sigh of relief on line.
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>> the most special thing about the bird, it has brought a lot of people together. >> and stormy has brought a lot of people to big bear too. >> it's cool to have all the people showing up here every day from all over the world really saying oh, i am here to sea stormy. >> captain john saunders runs a business across the bay. >> it's the first thing that i have seen on social media lately that people dote get argumentive about. >> i have people coming in the door, and look side to side, i know what they are looking for. >> they are going to buy the photos. >> we get some from england and people from germany that people made comments about them. >> big bear lake, abc 7 news. >> stormy had a high fall. did you see how high up the tree was? at least he survived. >> we have the details of the weekend. >> fathers day, an all important
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forecast. let me show you live doppler 7. the cloud cover from the coast to the east bay, we have fog, which is dropping the visibility around the bay area. down to five miles in half moon bay. petalmua 6 miles, watch out if you have early morning plans. santa rosa seven miles visibility. temperatures in the 50s. we have a few spots are holding on to mild weather. 64 degrees. first things, sunday morning 7:00 a.m. there will be clouds and drizzle. don't worry. it will not dampen dad's day. sun will start to peek through and it lab cool to mild afternoon with upper 50s to the low 80s. no matter what you are doing with dad, we are not expecting weather extremes. a live look right now from our abc 7 news camera showing you the overcast skies over san
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francisco, here is another perspective, from emory ville cam. showing you the marine layer that drove down the temperatures. morning sprinkles on father's day and we are looking at the summer heat rushing next week. hour by hour we go. overnight tonight, to tomorrow morning, clouds around the bay area. it will be misty and we hang on to the clouds near the coast. we will fast forward to sunday morning. that's when an area of low pressure will slide down, and it will have drizzle. yes, the ground will be slippery, by 10:30, 11:00 a.m., things will change and you will see the sun coming through and mixing in with the clouds. like i said, it should be a nice day. temperatures upper 40s to the low 50s first thing in the morning. cool enough when you need a sweater and jacket. look out for the mist and drizzle. you will need wiper.
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breezy tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the 50s and all the way to the 70s and 80s inland. not where you should be this type of year. it should be a nice looking saturday afternoon. there's so much happening this weekend. if you are going to the north beach festival. partly cloudy both days. temperatures in the low 60s. we have fairs going on.on. a mild afternoon, and by evening, it will cool off. low clouds and sunshine, mixing in together. take a sweatshirt with you. temperatures will fall bay night time from upper sq -- from uppeo lower 50s. below average saturday. father's day, looking nice, drizzle in the morning and mild in the afternoon. except near the coast. next week, we will warm it up and you will feel the heat as summer starts on thursday. we will bring in mid 90s by
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okay, this should be good, texas senator ted cruz will face late night comedy host jimmy kimmel in a basketball game. >> it called the blob fish basketball classic. because kimmel said cruz looked like a blob fish after the western conference finals. >> cruz would have none of it. responding by challenging kimmel to a game. >> smack down. >> blob fish. blob fish classic. >> wow. >> yeah. >> that could get ugly. >> yeah. >> in real sports. the road weary giants open up a
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♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. abc 7 sports. >> good evening, the giants crosses country ten-game road trip concludes this weekend. the dodgers are starting to heat up and the giants remain luke warm. especially on the road. giantss played 16 innings yesterday in miami and flew 2400 miles. a little tired, bottom of the first. derek holland gives up a solo homer. and bruce bochy. i am going to need starting pitching. key play in the game. grandal flies deep to center field and jackson is there, and drops it.
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three-base area. and grandal ends up scoring. 3-0 l.a. to the seventh and ross stripling was dealing until the panda strikes. the giants are down 3-2. playing for the injured kevin longoria. and andrew mccutchen, strike three. and the giants fall by a score of 3-2 of. a's and angels, it's jurassic world at the coliseum. mark jackson, air mails the come back. bassett cannot believe he did that. 2-0 in the fourth. a view from left field. 6-0 halos. 8-0 in the fifth. and a
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before the game. the a's introduced tyler murray. he is a great athlete. in fact, he was compared with rickey henderson. he is so talented he is the starting quarterback for the oklahoma sooners and will play college football this fall. obviously i worked hard to be the quarterback at the university of oklahoma, for merks that's a huge deal. obviously. the organization let me do that and be able to come back to play baseball is a big deal. i will make it easy. it was a deal braeaker for us i he didn't go back and play for the university of oklahoma. >> a bombshell today that could directly impact the nba warriors. espn reporting that kawhi leonard wants to be traded from the spurs and wants to go to the l.a. lakers. leonard missed all but nine games with a quad injury. he had a falling out with the spurs over questions concerning
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his medical care. there's a lack of trust there. imagine if leonard teams up with lebron james in l.a. the warriors will have to deal with another super team down south. >> abc 7 sports. this gets to be intriguing. especially if they team up and decide oh, chris paul joins them or paul george, suddenly the ladies and gentlemeners are the real deal, and a challenge.
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all right, that is our report, we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us, right now
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on jimmy kimmel live. -- >> have a good weekend. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tiffany haddish, dj khaled, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from ella mai. and now, hold it right there. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. very nice. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i wanted you to come. how about that, you did. oh, we have a lot to get to tonight. starting with of course the president of the united states,
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