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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 16, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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it is saturday. >> june 16. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the forecast. hi, frances. although we're starting off with gray clouds and low stratus, we'll see plenty of sunshine in afternoon. clouds are already starting to break up especially in the south bay and east bay. limited visibility in parts of the north bay. starting to clear in half moon bay. so dealing with patchy fog and low clouds during the morning will ad80t by noonecomg avegesoi gr aro the mid-7 keengt where the clouds will stick around most of the day. upper 50s to near 60.
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increasing clouds overnight with even some drizzle for father's day. i'll have all the details coming up. developing news out of the east bay, crews will be out today repairing two separate water main breaks in walnut creek. the first happened at 1:15 this morning at the intersection of knoll avenue and lilac. the second break happened about two miles away about an hour and a half later. officials say dozens of customers are impacted. it is unclear what caused the breaks or if they are related to each other. no word yet on when the repairs will be complete. she was once considered a rising star and her company's medical technology was supposed to be the future of medicine. instead theranos founder elizabeth holmes is facing 20 years in prison after being charged with defrauding investors, doctors and patients. according to the indictment, holmes and ramesh balwani used advertisements and solicitations to encourage doctors and
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patients to use theranos' blood testing laboratory services even though they knew theranos was not capable of consistently producing accurate and reliable results for certain blood tests. amanda dell comica castillo has details. >> anything you want to say? >> reporter: before walking out of the federal courthouse in silence, holmes and balwani pleaded not guilty. out side of the courtroom, jeff cooper smith speaking on behalf balwani. prosecutors say they were behind a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud investors and another to dupe doctors and patients. they say they knowingly lied about the accuracy of their products.
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technology that was said to be a cheaper and more efficient be way of doing blood tests. >> put his heart and soul into this, he had his own family tested. >> reporter: and a lab joe biden visited back in 2015. this video shows biden and holmes touring the facility. only sign theranos even exists in the building was this one posted on its front door giving contact information for theranos. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. holmes dropped out of stanford and started theranos in 2003. in 2014 holmes, she was featured in several national publications. its value soared to $9 billion that year. holmes was one of the main speakers at a ted talk in san francisco back in 2014. >> the right to protect the health and well-being of every person of those we love is a
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basic human right. >> but things started to unravel in october of 2015 when a "wall street journal" investigation questioned the accuracy of the testing devices. by early 2016, theranos was laying off employees, holmes was banned from the labs and the company had its license revoked. the "wall street journal" story was the work of one reporter who had spent three years looking into the company. we spoke to him about his investigation. cornell barnard has some of the insight into what was really going on at theranos. >> she refused to stop overpromising to investors. >> reporter: this prize winning reporter isn't surprised theranos founder elizabeth holmes now facing federal fraud charges. >> it not only defrauded investors, but also put patients in harm's way. >> reporter: his new book bad blood details the rise and fall
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of the blood testing company. he says while doing research, he was treatened with lawsuits, holmes allegedly asked the "wall street journal" owner and invest tore rupert murdoch to intervene. >> she tried to persuade him to kill the story. >> reporter: murdoch refused. stanford university medical school professor was an early critic of holmes and her idea. >> for me it is a vindication because i was right. >> unfortunately, it turned out it was too good to be true. >> reporter: professor rosen had high hopes for theranos. >> she was a cutting edge pioneering woman in this area. and it was a big fizzle. >> reporter: the reporter says many silicon valley startups make bold claims early on, but he says this is different because it is about medicine and
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real results which could not be faked. cornell barnard, abc 7. >> you can watch the whole interview by going to our website terminally ill californians now have the right to end their lives again following a decision by a state appeals court in riverside. the law lets patients obtain life ending drugs if a doctor determines that they have fewer than six months to live. last month a lower court judge declared the so-called right to die law unconstitutional for procedural reasons. opponents of the end of life option now have until july 2 to file any objections. it turns out you may not see warning labels about cancer when you buy coffee after all. state health officials are bucking a recent court ruling that required retailers to warn customers about a cancer risk associated with coffee roasting. starbucks and 90 other he companies fought a lawsuit about
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the policy for eight years before losing. the state made its decision after a world health care organization review showed that there isn't enough evidence to prove coffee causes cancer. not giving in to fear, bay area residents who survived the route 91 harvest festival shooting in las vegas last fall turned out for the santa rosa country music festival. melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: kim and her friends are country strong. >> we decided that we needed to continue doing what we were passionate about. >> reporter: their passion brought them to the summer music festival. she was at route 91 with her now fiance. >> we got separated at one point and i was under the bleachers and he started shooting the bleachers. i actually thought for sure that i was going to die. >> reporter: these friends say theymeie being here, but being here together is helping. >> the country music scene is
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all family. >> concerts are my happy place and they always have been. and love always wins. >> reporter: jennifer is wearing the same jeans still stained she wore that night. >> it makes me feel like i made it through something really big. >> reporter: these friends also got matching tattoos. >> strength is what we gain from the madness we survive. >> reporter: country strong, in santiago rosa, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. today marks a major milestone for the new sales force transit center in san francisco. the new complex replaces the old trans bay terminal. routes 5, 7 and 38 will begin service later this morning. the bus plaza is at the ground level of the sales force transit center. the full opening for muni bus service is slated for august. police plan to spend part of this weekend looking for more clues after vandals shot out the windows of more than two dozen
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cars in napa county. american canyon residents began their day yesterday seeing this, shattered glass. investigators believe a bee bee gun did the damage. most of the victims heard nothing and did not see anyone targeting their vehicles yesterday morning. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. we don't know, have no clue. >> graveyard guys when trying to find the vandals did find an item that we'll process for >> home surveillance cameras might help police identify a suspect or their vehicle. time is 8:on 09. >> and we're starting to seat clouds break up, some sunshine pouring through. shear a live shot of the beautiful bay bridge. it will be sny butll on the cool s and we're eve some drizzle for father's day. i'll have all the details coming up. and also ahead, this man was
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thrown in jail by the u.s. government. we'll explain why a local school will now be named in his honor. plus how a rock star eaglet is drawing a lot of attention for a southern california park.
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from our golden gate bridge camera. we're off to a cool start throughout much of the bay area. you can see the cloud cover out there. temperatures currently in the 50s in san francisco. for five consecutive days an earthquake 5.0 or bigger mass hit kilauea sumg mimit. as you can see, lava continues to pour into the bay. this video was provided by the usgs. lava fountains reached heights up to 130 feet as many as 700 homes have been destroyed. the department of health recommends residents with breathing issues should limit outside activities and stay indoors. abc 7 news was in pacific heights when hillary clinton arrived at hamlin school. clinton spoke to 8th graders and their families during the graduation at the all girls private school. >> so congratulations.
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i can't wait to see the mark you make on the world. >> i really lover comments about perseverance and bravery and that will definitely channel through my decisions in the future. >> hamlin school kept the event private. the school even denied at one point that the former presidential candidate and first lady would be on campus. 8:14. an elementary school in mountain view is going to be named after an undocumented immigrant and activist. jose antonio vargas made headlines when he shared his story in 2011 of how he came to america from the philippines and grew up in mountain view. he worked for the chronicle and won a pulitzer prize with the "post." he got detained by border control in 2014, but was later released. the school is set to open in the fall of 2019. a canadian college student has won a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend who plotted to derail his career.
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♪ that is eric playing the clarinet. he was offered a full scholarship, but he never got it. he says his live-in girlfriend at the time deleted it without his knowledge. she then set up a fake e-mail address and refused the offer. it was all an apparent bid to force him to stay close to her. the judge called her conduct despicable and awarded him $350,000. a young bald eagle has taken the internet by storm. the bird is so popular people are flocking to a store to buy pictures. our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: trish has captured images of bald eagles soaring around big bear lake for years. the images of these two bald eagles are stunning, but it is their baby known as stormy that is stealing the show.
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>> i think it is just absolutely incredible that an eagle is truly a rock star. >> reporter: and somewhat of a youtube star because this year there is a live camera in the nest. and people all around the world have their eyes glued to the live video stream watching stormy's every move. and people were on pins and needles when a couple months ago little stormy fell out of the nest. >> they stayed home, they didn't go to work, they were traumatized. >> reporter: when stormy returned, you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief online. >> the most special thing about the bird is that it has brought a lot of people together. >> reporter: and stormy has brought a lot of people to big bear, too. >> pretty cool to have all these people showing up here every single day from all every on the world really saying, oh, i'm here to see stormy. >> reporter: captain saunders
8:17 am
runs a marina right across the bay from the nest. >> it is wonderful. it is the first thing that i've seen on social media lastly that people don't get argumentative about. >> reporter: but it is not just folks coming to look at stormy and his parents -- >> i have people come in the door and they are looking from side to side and i know what they are looking for. >> reporter: they want to buy the photos. >> we even get some from england that people are watching, we get from germany that people have made comments about they said. >> reporter: in big bear lake, rob mcmillan, abc 7 news. sky 7 flew over pleasanton while people enjoyed the rides at the fair. it runs until july 7 news when cowboys and cowgirls drove about 150 cows along main street. it marks the second year in a row that the fair has sponsored the cattle drive. happening today, nathans will host a qualifying event.
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the top finishers will compete in coney island. they have to eat as many as they can in ten minutes. the event is at 1:30 this morning at six flags. you can catch the contest on july 4 on espn 2. good morning. i'm showing you you live doppler 7 and the satellite cloud cover as well. so we're starting to see the clouds break up, it is already clearing in east bay, valleys and part ts of the south bay. broken clouds are over san jose. temperatures are mainly in the 50s. san francisco is 56. oakland 58. san jose 59. and cooler in gilroy at 53. at the golden gate bridge, the clouds also starting to pull back as well. and in santa rosa, temperatures have climbed up from 50 to 55 in
8:19 am
just the past hour. napa is 58. fairfield already at 60. concord at 61 degrees. and taking you down to santa cruz, because with this live shot, you can see the drizzle on the lens. and that is a little hint for tomorrow. so for today, breezy, below average temperatures. and through the weekend. but then tomorrow morning drizzle for father's day, even measurable sprinkles possible. and then summer heat get ready for it, it is coming next week where we'll see temperatures in the 90s. highs today range from 58 in half moon bay, 62 in san francisco, oakland 68, san jose 76. plenty of sunshine. inland numbers barely getting up to near 80 degrees today. so we are slightly below average and it will be breezy this afternoon into this evening. also start of summer and there is a lot of county fairs going on. san mateo, mostly sunny and breezy. the sunsets at 8:34 and then you
8:20 am
will need a jacket 10:00 tonight. we'll also start to see some increasing clouds. let's head over to pleasanton, you will need reapply the sunscreen pretty much all day long with plenty of sunshine there. a high of 78 this afternoon. and then it will be cool, so have a jacket or light layer if you are staying out late. it drops down into the upper 50s. the forecast animation shows increasing clouds overnight with even the chance of drizzle and sprinkles. you see the areas of light green there, mainly along the peninsula coast but possibly into the east bay and north bay. and then tomorrow a little cloudier, and a little bit cooler as well. so one of our drizzle potential forecast animation measurements shows a few hundredths of an inch, maybe a tenth of an inch. overnight lows will mainly be in the 50s with a drizzle expected along the coast. so shear your father's day plan
8:21 am
he will. a drizzle, but dry and most live sunny by the afternoon -- actually partly cloudy. but cool to mild. low 70s around the bay and cool at the companies, upper 50s there today and tomorrow. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. a little bit below average today, inland numbers near 80 around the bay really comfortable and mild, mid 70s. and just cool at the coast upper 50s today and tomorrow. for father's day, we'll start off a little bit 2k56r78 with some drizzle possibly some sprinkles. but if you have any outdoor plans, you should be okay. fog to sun on monday and then a warm trend, really hot, 90s tuesday through friday. >> we've had a lot of 90s and it is not even the official start of summer yet. >> not yet. summer solstice is on thursday. so stay in san francisco to stay cool. just ahead, why jimmy kimmel just ahead, why jimmy kimmel is facing
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(cat 2) that's new friskies extr (cat 2) purr-adise? really? (vo) feed their fantasy. friskies. there is a lot to do this father's day weekend. jessica castro has some ideas from hoodline. it is a perfect weekend to catch a game. the north beh is
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weekend. you can get italian food or enjoy the live music. it is free to attend all weekend long. and don't miss the start of the fifa world cup, the usa didn't qualify, but you can root for your next favorite team at the argonaut that has free public viewings of select games. they will have a big screen up in the courtyard and this weekend big match-ups are germany versus mexico and brazil versus switzerland. and we have a lot of father's day ideas on our website. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. today ted cruz will face jimmy kimmel in a basketball game. the one-on-one game is called the blob fish basketball classic. that is because kimmel said cruz looked like a blob fish after game seven of the western conference finals between the warriors and rockets.
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cruz challenged kimmel to a game and you can watch jimmy kimmel live week nights at 11:35. incredibles two is open this weekend it looks like a lot of people are excited. according to fandango, it has already broken the record for the most advanced ticket sales for an animated film. the previous mark was set by finding dory in 2016. the release of krincredibles 2 14 years after the original hit. >> i always wanted to do another because i had such fun doing the first film. and it was the only time in my career that i've gotten to take something from initial seed of an idea through to completion. i always wanted to return to these characters because i love them. >> incredibles 2 has a high bar to reach to match the first film which earned $633 million at the box office. disney is the parent company of
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we're starting out with a quick look at the weather. frances is tracking the conditions where you live. good morning. we're starting to see the low stratus clouds quickly dissipate. here is a look at live doppler 7. clearing conditions over parts of the east bay valleys and the south bay with satellite image overlaid on top of the doppler. live shot over the san jose airport shows blue skies. in the next hour, we're still dealing with patchy fog especially along the coast and parts of the bay. becoming sunny by noon and a this afternoon temperatures will be below average inland near 80, around the bay mid 70s. at the coast, still cool with clouds hugging the coast. so upper 50s to near 60. and then increasing clouds tonight with even some drizzle for father's day. now to the russia investigation. this morning president trump's
8:31 am
former campaign chairman paul manafort is in custody. on faces dozens of charges and denies the allegations. pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: paul manafort facing on lookers in a that what could be his last moments of freedom before his trial. and that is exactly what happened. federal judge amy jackson revoked his bail, immediately sending him to jail. already under house arrest in connection with money laundering and bank fraud charges, the former trump campaign chairman was recently accused of obstruction of justice. the special counsel claims that manafort and a man with ties to russian intelligence contacted two witnesses and attempted to get them to lie. expressing her frustration with the alleged conduct, judge berman said i have no appetite for this and in the india ture
8:32 am
turn a blind eye to these allegations. with that, manafort was escorted out of the court as his shocked wife and friends looked on. a jarring moment. the u.s. marshals later handed his belt, tie and wallet to his life. his lawyers quickly left the courthouse declining comment. earlier that morning, president trump aware of what manafort was facing sought to distance himself. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. he worked for me, what, 49 days or something? a very short period of time. >> reporter: but manafort was actually with the campaign 143 days and played a key role in guiding then candidate trump through the convention. >> and paul manafas done an amazing job. he is here someplace. where is paul? paul manafort. >> reporter: by the afternoon it was clear the president was caught off guard, tweeting what a tough sentence for paul manafort, though not convicted or sentenced. didn't know manafort was the head of the mob. very unfair.
8:33 am
pierre thomas, abc new, washington. in florida there is an investigation into a terrifying roller coaster accident that sent two riders plunging to the ground and stranded many others. we know the ride was just inspected hours before it derailed. abc news reporter steve osunsami as the details. >> reporter: state investigators are searching for answers after the roller coaster slipped off its tracks 35 feet above ground. the sand blaster roller coaster is an institution on the boa boardwalk here. passengers strapped in feared for their lives. two were thrown from their seats. >> everyone started screaming. everyone called 911. >> reporter: randy francis was this one of the two year cars that nearly fell to the ground. >> after just a few minutes, i really noticed that something was not right. it was shaking side to side.
8:34 am
we were about halfway down when the cars started falling off. >> reporter: authorities had to bring in a team that specializes in high rise rerescues. in all nine had to be rushed to a trauma center. earlier that day, state inspectors gave the ride a passing grade, saying it was in compliance with state law. the ride has failed inspections in the past, but those problems were corrected. >> that was owsteve osunsami reporting. back here, new developments in the naval ship yard. the u.s. navy is now going to pay to retest soil samples after two whistleblowers from the original company admitted they faked samples and falsified records. for decades the hunter's point neighborhood has been undergoing testing and removal of radioactive waste from navy ships previously involved in nuclear testing.
8:35 am
the state's department of public health will run the tests starting next month. in alameda, a lot of the talk is about the local golf course that has undergone an incredible makeover. wayne freedman has a preview of the golf complex set to open next week. >> reporter: games of golf usually begin with balls on tees, not dignitaries, ribbons and scissors. but they do fit for what people call a miracle in alameda. not to this father/son head to head battle between joe and glenn. >> he beat me i think when he was 12 first time and i don't think i've beat him since. >> reporter: in this case the miracle would be the venue, a municipal court that seemed beyond redemption a few years ago. video from 2008 shows what used to be here, a rundown facility from which the city drained millions of dollars and did not invest. as players complained back then -- >> kind of destroying the goose
8:36 am
that made the golden egg. >> reporter: -- today they describe the new partnership as far better. the company signed a 40 year lease with the city, poured eight figures into remaking the place and will share profits. this former council member played a part in negotiations that preserve this facility for recreation. >> it is open space. and once you start losing these things to housing and whatever else, it really -- it is lost forever. oh, dear, that's not going on work. >> reporter: actually they say it does with new courses, a remake driving range, a new take on public golf for regular people, at a time when the game really needs it. >> this is a municipal golf course, this is the blue collar beer can golf course. >> reporter: you wouldn't know that from looking. >> if you would have told me this six years ago, i would not have believed you. >> reporter: among others the oakland raiders contributed artificial turf that now is under the sand in bunkers. and the course has a new fan,
8:37 am
steph curry played here on monday. he shot 71. if you are not a golfer, you know that is a very, very good round. for all we know, it may be the course record at least for a while. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. time 8:37. happening today, it is the 68th annual festival in san francisco, juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the united states. today's festival is on filmore street between golden gate avenue and gary boulevard. the parade starts at 11:00 this morning on fulton. the festival runs from 11:00 to 6:00. san jose mayor will be at the juneteenth celebration, it runs from noon to 7:00 tonight. and brandy is this year's headliner. the oakland juneteenth festival starts at 1:00 this afternoon.
8:38 am
nine local dmv offices will be open today. the goal is to ease those long lines brought on by people applying for new licenses that can be used at airport security checkpoints. they are called real i.d.s. the offices will be open today and next saturday june 23rd from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. beginning in july these offices will be open the first and third saturdays of the month. driving tests will not be offered during these special hours. in the bay area, the concord, hayward, claremont avenue office, redwood city, san francisco, san jose processing center, santa clara and santa rosa i haves will be open. still ahead, who can forget igor? a local teen plays the part all the way to a national award. about first a live look outside from walnut creek. you can see this part of the bay already get something sun on this saturday morning. frances will
8:39 am
8:40 am
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happening today san francisco's and north beach festival returns this weekend. considered one of the country's original outdoor festivals, the average event combines arts and crafts and live music with gourmet food. there will be a chalk art area for the kids plus a circus with trapeze, tightrope walking,
8:42 am
8:41. frances has been tracking the father's day forecast for us throughout the morning. and so far at least for the start of our saturday, cool temperatures out there. >> and even some low 60s out there. we will see lots of sunshine, temperatures below average today. but for tomorrow, we are starting off with drizzle and even some sprinkles for father's day. but i'll let you know when that will end coming up. and also ahead, the giants open a weekend series against the dodgers. and one big error would prove to be costly. deal talk. right now, you can get my spicy chicken club combo with fries and a drink for just $5.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! try my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo today. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation.
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try my spicy chicken club combo today. time is 8:45. you can see conditions are not too bad out there. and according to flight aware, it looks like not too many delays either in terms of arriving flights at the airport this morning. frances will have the full forecast coming up. in sports, oakland will try to snap a four game skid against the angels, first pitch at 1:05. and giants will try to beat l.a. at dodger stadium. bumgarner takes the hill. first pitch at 5:15 p.m. but last night the giants came up short in los angeles. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> the giants cross-country ten game rad trip concludes this weekend in los angeles. dodgers starting to heat up and giants remain somewhat luke warm.
8:46 am
giants played 16 innings on thursday and then flew 2400 miles cross-country, bottom of the first, holland gave up a solo homer to hernandez, bochy, i need some starting pitching. austin jackson drops the ball, and it is a three base error. 3-zip l.a. to the seventh, the panda strikes. down the line pablo sandoval, a two run homer into the left field bullpen. andrew mccutchen, the giants fall 3-2. how about the as and angels? jurassic world at the coliseum marking the era when the stadium was built. bassett in his second start since 2016, air mails the pujols
8:47 am
come back over matt olson's head. two runs score. top of the fourth, view from left field on a kinsler bomb makes it 6-0. bassett goes four innings. 8-0 in the fifth, and who is that masked man? scores from first but not enough, angels win 8-4. before the game they introduced murray. he happens to be the starting quarterback for the oklahoma sooner football team. he will play football this fall. the as, they are on board with this and now are big sooner fans. >> obviously worked hard for the opportunity to be quarterback at the university of oklahoma, so that is a huge deal. the organization let me do that. and i'll come back for play baseball, it is a big deal. >> it was a deal breaker for us if he didn't play at the university of oklahoma. how is that? >> a bombshell that could directly impact the nba champion golden state warriors?
8:48 am
espn reported that kawhi leonard wants to be traded from the spurs and wants to go to the lakers. leonard missed all but nine games with a quad injury and had a falling out about medical care. if leonard teams up with lebron james with the lakers in l.a., the warriors will have to deal with a new super team down south. very intriguing news from the nba. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, larry beil. i'm showing you live doppler 7 along with the satellite image showing you the stratus clouds that are starting to break up. lots of clearing in the east bay and south bay. and we'll take you outside in san jose. we see a few clouds out there. temperatures mainly in the 50s, but they are climbing up pretty quickly. san francisco is 56, mountain
8:49 am
view 59, gilroy 54. half moon bay at 55. this time we are look from emeryville out toward the bay bridge and you see low broken clouds out there. really pretty. temperatures are starting to hit the low 60s in some areas like fairfield and concord, santa rosa at 55 right now. and this is a live shot in santa cruz. not a great day to be at the beach there. it will be cloudy throughout the day. notice the sprinkles and drizzle on the lens. that is a hicnt for what you ca expect tomorrow. so this weekend below average. morning drizzle for father's day. and then summer heat is on its way, but not until next week. temperatures will hit the 90s in some inland areas. highs today range from 58 in half moon bay, breezy throughout the afternoon and evening. san francisco 62, oakland 68. san jose plenty of sunshine for you, 76 there. and some of our warmest inland locations will have a tough time hitting 80 this afternoon.
8:50 am
in santa rosa even 81 in lake port. i also want to tell you about the north beach festival. you will need a jacket and even some sunscreen. partly cloudy conditions on the cool side, temperatures in the low 60s today and tomorrow. forecast animation shows increasing clouds tonight. and then tomorrow morning throughout the morning hours we'll see some drizzle. you can see the areas of light green here mainly along the peninsula coast, but it could spread to the east bay and north bay. so tomorrow it will be cloudier and cooler and it will start off damp. drizzle potential. this could be overestimating it a touch. and so for tomorrow, father's day planner, so we are starting off with some clouds and drizzle. but it is only during the morning hours. so if you are heading out towards brunch, you may need to use the windshield wiper a couple times. but lunchtime, partly cloudy, cool to mild tomorrow afternoon with temperatures in the upper 70s for the inland areas.
8:51 am
around the bay, low 70s. at the coast upper 50s today and tomorrow. so enjoy your weekend, it is a bit cooler than average. tomorrow even cooler with those sprinkles and drizzles starting off in the morning but then fine by the afternoon. so shouldn't dampen your plans. you should still be able to do anything outdoors in the afternoon. and then fog to sun on morning. check out the warming trend that kicks in on tuesday. summer solstice on thursday and we will see summerlike weather with temperatures in the 90s. so enjoy the cooler weather while you can. >> and i notice that you showed the santa cruz camera. couldn't help but see all those people already on the beach. and you have to wonder do they even check the forecast. >> yeah, they will need the umbrellas for the drizzle, not sun today in santa cruz unfortunately. and a san francisco acting student is on his way to the big
8:52 am
time after winning a prestigious competition. and to appreciate his work, all you need is a sense of rhythm and maybe a sense of humor. dan ashley has the details. >> it's coming. >> reporter: young frankenstein is of course a comedy classic. and for cole sisser, his ticket to broadway. >> i was like this is really cool. because i knew about what happens if you win this award. ♪ >> reporter: he won best actor his high school musical theater competition, he did it playing igor in the stage version of young frankenstein and singing the signature song. >> basically the purpose of the song is to distract the towns people from the monster because the monster is escaping. ♪ >> reporter: cole is a student at the school of the performing arts, the award gets him a trip to new york and a chance to meet
8:53 am
broadway professionals, as well as compete in the national high school jimmy awards competition. as for the future -- >> my dream would be to originate a role on broadway. that would be the greatest opportunity of my life. >> reporter: but in the meantime -- ♪ >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. next, the dog days of summer are here. a look at the big event
8:54 am
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always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's $161 million mega millions drawing. 1, 11, 37, 47, 51, and the mega number 6. nobody picked all six numbers, so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $175 million. you know it is almost the start of summer when core xwi g together at corgi con. last year 950 showed up. organizers hope to see more today. there will be a costume contest, corgi races and a group photo with all the dogs. it starts at 10:00 this morning airwells betwestairwell s between two and five. last year we had a lot of sun. but wouldn't be surprised if you
8:57 am
see a core xwi withkocorgi with. >> yeah, it will be cloudy and cool at the coast. so breezy as well all day long. half moon bay 58. san francisco 62. warm and sunny inland and elsewhere 68 in oakland. 76 in san jose and near 80 inland. tomorrow just be prepared, we could see some drizzle and some sprinkles during the early morning hours for father's day. but it should be gone by noon and by the afternoon, temperatures below average, slightly cooler compared to today. but nothing to dampen your plans. you should be able to do anything outdoors in the afternoon. so below average temperatures today, slightly cooler tomorrow and then a warm-up middle of the week. >> thanks for joining us. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instragram. abc 7 news returns at 5:00 p.m.
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