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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 17, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> oh! >> see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. the deadly border chase. a vehicle packed with undocumented immigrants crashing on an american highway, trying to outrun border patrol agents. several people killed, this as protesters take on the trump administration's zero tolerance policy and the separation of parents from their children. festival chaos. 17 people shot. the deadly shooting erupting at an all-night arts festival. at least two gunmen opening fire. extreme weather dangers. the tornado touching down. flash floods washed away homes and roads and the dangerous heat heading into the northeast. stunning collapse, a ceiling coming down without warning. the emergency situation at a popular tourist spot. on the run, the urgent manhunt tonight for two escaped prisoners breaking out through this small hole and the amazing
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rescue. teenage girls stranded on the side of a cliff. what rescuers had to do to get them out of the danger zone. from abc news, this is "abc world news tonight." good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with breaking news. the deadly border chase in texas. at least five people killed and the images coming in right now. an suv packed with undocumented immigrants crashing on a high speed chase while trying to escape from the border patrol. this as a crackdown is happening at the border. protests growing over the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy and the separation of parents and children at the southern border. president trump falsely blaming democrats for his own policy and tonight our correspondent allowed inside an immigration processing center and barred from bringing cameras along. abc's marcus moore leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, a deadly border chase. 12 undocumented immigrants thrown from a vehicle during a
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high speed pursuit with border patrol agents near san antonio. officials saying the car travelling at 100 miles per hour. at least five people died at the scene. >> this is, i think, a perfect example of why our borders need to be secured. >> the people united will never be divided! >> reporter: this as protests at migrant holding and processing facilities grow. >> this is the central processing facility here in mcallen and they're saying -- [ speaking foreign language ] telling the people inside that they are not alone. >> sharon is among the demonstrators. >> i don't think this should be happening and something needs to be done. >> we were a part of journalists allowed inside the processing center, showing hundreds of people in holding cells and some could be separated under the trump administration's zero-tolerance policy. >> morality is the law.
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they're criminals when they come across, okay, illegally and that's why they're getting separated. >> on this father's day, former president bill clinton tweeting these children should not be a negotiating tool and reuniting them with their families would reaffirm america's belief and support all parents who love their children. >> first lady melania trump commenting for the first time publicly on the issue saying, quote, she hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. she believes we should be a country that follows all laws and also a country that governs with heart and then the moving picture of a 2-year-old girl crying as her mother is detained, galvanizing a debate at the border, the front line at a crossroads of one fight to follow the law and the other to preserve humanity. >> marcus joins us from mcallen, texas, in front of the processing center. like you, i've been down there at the border and you get a sense of how many people are being detained and how quickly they're running out of space. >> tom, that's right.
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i saw hundreds of people inside of the processing center just behind me and the border patrol says it's been a challenge to try to process all of these cases, and i saw one man who was holding a child in his arms. he was sitting in front of a >> marcus, thank you. next tonight the deadly chaos erupting at an arts festival. police responded to shots fired, people caught in the cross fire. 22 people were injured during the chaos in trenton, new jersey. at least two armed suspects opening fire and everyone, as you can see there, trying to scramble to safety. organizers say the event was created in part to stop violence. erielle reshef in trenton. >> reporter: dramatic cell phone video capturing panic and chaos at a new jersey art festival. two suspects opening fire, injuring more than 20 people, including a 13-year-old boy. >> rescue north and south medic, city of trenton, south clinton avenue at the roebling shopping center. gunshot victims. >> reporter: around 2:45am sunday, shots ringing out in a gallery, sending the crowd of
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more than a 1,000 scattering. 17 victims hit by the hail of bullets. irvin higginbotham was shot four times in the leg. >> what did it feel like when you felt those bullets enter your leg? >> it was burning. it hurt. it was burning. it hurts now. >> reporter: one of the alleged shooters, 32-year-old tahaij wells, gunned down on the scene. 23-year-old amir armstrong now in custody, facing charges. the violence erupting at "art all night," a community event meant for families. in a statement organizers of the festival expressing shock and sadness. our hearts ache, but our dedication and resolve to building a better trenton will never fade. not ever. >> how surprised were you to hear how saddened that something like this happened at a family, vent? >> i was very surprised in an area that was supposed to be a safe place and a safe area, it's disheartening. >> erielle reshef joins us from the scene.
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we saw you speaking with the prosecutor and he tells you this all may have started because of an argument? >> that's right, tom, the prosecutor says this event was not targeted. those victims simply caught in the cross fire of a neighborhood dispute. tom? >> erielle reshef with that new report. thank you. now to the extreme weather danger at this hour, powerful storms from colorado to michigan. this tornado hitting north of madison, wisconsin, flash flooding causing major damage. take a look at that. streets washed away in michigan's upper peninsula and now dangerous heat settling into the northeast to start the week. here's abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, mother nature's wrath on full display in michigan's upper peninsula. >> getting way higher! transforming this residential road in houghton into a rushing river of debris. flash flooding washing out neighborhoods, making street after street impassible. and the threat isn't over. extreme heat to fuel more severe weather across the midwest tonight.
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already up to 11 inches of rain in wisconsin with round two on the way. >> it's back on the ground! >> reporter: this resident capturing a tornado spinning near poynette amidst lightning. duluth, minnesota, also getting soaked. duluth, minnesota, also getting soaked. floodwaters swallowing cars there. and dark skies over wyoming. chunks of hail ricocheting off the ground in cheyenne, pounding windshields and blanketing this busy highway. >> let's get right out to rob in new york's central park. i know you will tell us about the heat headed for the northeast and there's also the potential for more rain in those areas already flooded? >> reporter: yeah. they'll get it again tonight, tom. take a look at the radar in the u.p. of michigan and northern wisconsin. some of the storms have 60-plus-mile-per-hour winds and we have a severe thunderstorm watch out for that area and it's saturated and parts of western nebraska and two reported tornadoes there. and the heat, here it is, in the morning, the heat is not cooling off at night ask we start things up in the 70s and get up into the 90s and you add in the
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humidity and it starts to feel like 100-plus degrees in indian an liss and dangerous levels as we head toward monday. tom? let's turn to politics at the white house tonight. president trump back on the attack against robert mueller admitting a long time supporter admitting to meeting a russian during the campaign. roger stone admitting he had contact with a russian promising dirt on hillary clinton in exchange for $2 million. stone insisting the deal never went down claiming it was an fbi setup. abc's tara palmeri is at the white house. >> reporter: tonight, new revelations of a previously undisclosed meeting between a trump loyalist and a russian. longtime confidant russian stone met with a russian in miami in may of 2016. the man who calls himself henry greenberg allegedly offered damaging information on hillary clinton in exchange for $2 million. we spoke to stone on the phone -- >> i thought the meeting was
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ludicrous, $2 million for classified documents. i had no interest. i knew he would have no interest. never mentioned to him or anyone in his campaign. greenberg had reached out to an associate of the campaign, michael caputo who then set up the meeting with stone. michael caputo then set up the >> did you see or witness any contact? >> nobody ever asked me about russia. >> nobody ever spoke to me about how russia might help. >> stone said he ultimately did not agree to pay for the dirt on clinton. the president's lawyer rudy giuliani claiming that the president was not aware of the contact. >> no, i haven't talked to roger and he's never talked to the president about it, and where is the collusion? he said it was a waste of time. >> reporter: stone told abc news in a statement, "i never discussed this approach, which i now believe was an fbi set up, with donald trump." stone and caputo both alleging that the meeting was an fbi trap, that greenberg had previously worked as an informant.
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greenberg told the "post" he hasn't worked with the fbi since 2013. this latest interaction means at least 11 trump associates have admitted to meeting with a russian during the campaign or presidential transition since the mueller investigation began. today the president tweeting, "witch hunt! there was no russian collusion." giuliani says it's mueller's team that is showing bias. >> this is a case where it's crying out for someone to investigate the investigators. >> all right. tara palmeri joins us live from the white house. i've just been told that you just got off the phone with roger stone and he tells you he's not worried about a perjury charge? >> tom, that's right. he said he's not concerned that he didn't tell congressional investigators about this meeting. he told me, quote, i just didn't remember. 2016 was a busy year. he did add, however, that his lawyers sent a letter amending his testimony. tom? >> tara palmeri for us at the white house. thank you. we head overseas and the fragile cease-fire shattered in afghanistan. two suicide bombings in two days, dozens killed.
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this despite the cease-fire called for the religious holiday which ends at midnight. government officials hoping to extend the truce. abc senior forei c ian panel is in kabul tonight. >> reporter: it was a shattering blow to three days of relative peace in afghanistan. a suicide bomb attack in the eastern city of jalalabad, killing at least 19, more wounded. but the last three days will be remembered not for war, but peace. an unprecedented ceasefire by the men of the white flag, the taliban, here joining policemen, soldiers and civilians to celebrate the eid holiday at the end of the holy month of ramadan. this incredible video was unimaginable days ago when these two sworn enemies were trying to kill each other. a taliban fighter and an american trained afghan special forces soldier, dancing. the government says it wants to extend the ceasefire. america backs it. >> reporter: it's hard to overstate the mood here on the streets of kabul. people are relaxed. people are happy. they've had three days of
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unprecedented ceasefire between the taliban and the government, and people are starting to think perhaps it could last. >> it's great for people of afghanistan, but it should be continued forever. >> reporter: after 17 long and bloody years of war they deserve nothing less. tom, in the last few hours the taliban have said they would not extend the cease-fire and already we're getting reports of a fresh wave of attacks against government forces. the people are clear, they want peace and they want it now. the question is if the taliban can afford to ignore that. tom? >> ian panel tracking those attacks. ian, thank you. news tonight about the world cup scare in moscow. we told you about this last night. a taxi driver accused of plowing through a crowd of pedestrian, injuring at least seven and then running from the scene. he claims he fell asleep at the wheel and ran off because he was afraid for his life. he thought the crowd was going to kill him. authorities insist it was not a
5:43 pm
terror attack. everyone survived and the world cup is still under way right now in russia. >> back here at home, the urgent man hunt at this hour for two escaped prisoners in illinois. a newly released image show three inmates in their cells shortly before making their escape through this small hole in a wall, now back behind bars. here's abc's adrian banker. >> reporter: authorities on the hunt tonight for two of three inmates who escaped through this manmade hole in an illinois jail, breaking through concrete and brick. the inmates seen on video just hours before carrying out their daring getaway. >> they used some pipe that we think was obtained from our privacy area for the shower areas and they managed to batter and push that through. >> reporter: one of the two escapees still on the run. zachery shock awaiting trial on a first-degree murder charge. the third escapee, justin bray, caught late saturday after police say he jumped into this river. his getaway driver arrested after crashing at the water's
5:44 pm
edge. her identity still unknown. >> jail officers meet with me at the rear of the jail. there appears to be a hole in the wall. >> reporter: the inmates with a two-hour head start before officials even noticed them missing. cold comfort to frightened nearby residents. >> when i go home i am going to make sure i lock my car and make sure i lock my apartment. >> reporter: tom, authorities tell us they've charged three individuals with aiding and abetting those inmates. u.s. marshals are now assisting the local authorities canine and aerial units are also actively involved. tom? >> incredible how they were able to escape through the tiny hole. and much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, the tesla that burst into flames and the hollywood actress who wants people to see this video. what the company is now saying. looking to rent? the warning about certain listings. our story could save you and your family big money. and a sudden ceiling collapse at a popular tourist attraction all caught on camera. what exactly happened here? stay with us.
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ne more proof? woman 7: ask your rheumatologist about humira. man 1: what's your body of proof? >> we're back now with the alert for renters and for home owners, why the perfect rental could be the perfect scam. abc's marcy gonzalez with the warning signs. >> reporter: the photos show a stunning home with a monthly rent well below market value. all part of a growing scam -- reeling in victims using actual listings of houses like karla west's in nashville, that are for sale, re-posting them online as bargain-priced rentals. >> it occurred to me. i said, "you all are being scammed." >> reporter: the scam attracting so many people, west posted this note on her front door. >> i really felt sorry for the people who were coming by. >> reporter: it's a trick nina irvin says she fell for, forking over $700 for this apartment in philadelphia, only to learn she was dealing with a scammer. leaving her and her mentally-disabled daughter, homeless.
5:48 pm
>> we need to have a place to live. we were locked out and i got scammed. in popular destinations like orlando, it's also happening with vacation rentals. realtors across the country say they see it all the time, with scam listings even popping up on some reputable websites. >> you're going to find some deals out there, but when you're talking about something priced at 10% of the actual value, it's probably not legitimate. if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> to avoid falling victim, experts say be suspicious of landlords saying they're out of town and never wire money to anyone you haven't met in person and consider working with a licensed realtor. tom? >> great advice tonight. marcy, thank you. >> up next right here, two 13-year-old girls trapped on the side of a mountain, what rescuers had to do to save them. >> plus, did these soccer fans in mexico celebrate their team's world cup goal so hard they caused an earthquake? what seismologists are saying tonight.
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back now with our index and the tesla bursting into flames. actor mary mccormack posting this picture saying her husband was in west hollywood traffic when a couple spotted flames under his car. tesla telling abc news it's extraordinarily unusual and they are investigating. police say it appears to be a battery or mechanical issue and no autopilot feature involved here. visitors escalated a popular tourist attraction when suddenly the ceiling caves and at least nine people hurt and emergency crews pulling the injured out from under that debris. no word on what caused the collapse. back here in the states to northern california, two 13-year-old girls and a man in his 20s stranded on the side of of a steep cliff during a hiking trip. the trio trapped overnight and california highway patrol lifting them to safety and take a look at the goal really shaking things up. fans in mexico city reacting to
5:53 pm
the defending world cup champions and fans in mexico city reacting to the goal and mexican seismologists now say the fan reaction and all of that jumping actually caused a small artificial earthquake picked up by scientific monitoring. and the update on the hoops grudge match between the lawmaker and the comedian. check out all of the highlights or low lights on jimmy's show tomorrow night right here on abc. when we come back, a father's day story you will not forget. what one dad did for another family in trouble. stay with us. what one dad did for another family in trouble. stay with us.
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a dad's parental instinct kicking in, what he saw on the side of the road that changed another family's life forever. >> reporter: on this roadway just east of the rocky mountains, two complete strangers met under the worst possible circumstance. >> i'm holding my baby and his mouth was so blue to where i didn't know, i don't know what to do at this point. >> reporter: vanessa navarette's son justin junior had passed out in her car. she slammed the brakes, panicking on the side of the road that's when jon province heading to carpet cleaning job-spotted her. >> she just straight up handed me her child and said, 'he can't breathe. he can't breathe. >> reporter: province, who has cpr training, jumped into action. >> come on give me a cry. give me a cry. >> reporter: province working on the child until paramedics arrived. >> we finally hear this big loud cry coming from inside the ambulance. after i heard that, i had chills and just pure relief. >> reporter: but the story doesn't end there. after his carpet cleaning job-province, who's also a dad, went to the hospital to drop off some toys for little justin.
5:58 pm
>> when i saw him the first thing i really thought of was my daughter. >> reporter: and on this father's day-vanessa sending john who she calls her son's guardian angel this message. >> thank you for helping us, and it's so hard not to cry. every time, and i just want to thank you, and happy father's day. >> happy father's day! >> happy father's day is right and with that we also say happy father's day to all the dads out there including the ones working on our broadcast and happy father's day to big lou in miami. we thank you so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. gma first thing in the morning and david muir will be back here tomorrow tonight. have a great evening. good night. d david muir will be back here tomorrow tonight. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
ton on abc 7 news at 6:00, a fight on father's tai to keep immigrant families from being separated at the border. a popular bay area band hit by thieves sun able to replace the gear that drives their music. police on the lookout for arsonist after a series of fires not far from the north bay fire zone. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> chain link cages about 30 by 30. a lot of young folks put in. >> backlash at the border this father's day weekend. >> outrage is growing over a trump administrations policy to take children away from their parents. however, not everyone sees that as a negative. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. and i'm dion lim. many people spent the father's day protesting the controversial
6:00 pm
policy including in the bay area. >> coronell bernhard is live at a detention facility in richmond with details for us. coronell. >> reporter: eric and dion, that protest was small but the message was big and loud. organized by one father who felt like he needed to say something about that immigration policy. >> about 60 people protested outside the west county detention facility where i.c.e. has housed undocumented detainees. >> to separate families and put children in wirz situations is very unamerican. >> it's an absolute travesty of justice. >> parent abraham druker post-ed this invoit on facebook asking others to spend father's day protesting the policy of separating migrant families trying to enter the u.s. at the mexican border. >> and the fact that we are now wishing people trying to give their children a better life and trying to live the american dream that we all are living, is absurd. >> it breaks my heart. >> carina


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