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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 18, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the battle at the border. protests erupt over the separation of parents and children. in a rare move, first lady melania trump speaks out and former first lady laura bush is also weighing in. this morning the next step in the immigration debate. plus the latest on a deadly crash as an suv tried to flee border patrol agents. breaking overnight, a strong earthquake hits japan. collapsing wall and igniting fires. a young girl among those killed. trains shut down at the height of morning commute. new images coming in. and an abc news exclusive, a woman who survived a roller coaster crash in florida demands answers. >> there were the two that were in front of me dangling out of it.
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everyone was screaming and crying and it was terrifying. >> she describes the terrifying moment the roller coaster veered off the track sending her plummeting more than 30 feet. those stories, plus a man accused of making more than $1 million off of fraudulent walmart returns. a health alert for anyone suffering from joint pain. how you can reduce your pain by 25% without medication. and box office bomb. shocking results for the john travolta mob film "gotti," while "incredibles 2" shatters records. "gotti", while "incredibles 2" shatters records. good morning, everyone. i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. the battle over illegal immigration and the separation of parents and children is coming into sharp focus this week as congress prepares to vote on the issue. this comes as we learn new details about a deadly suv crash in south texas. at least five people were killed when a vehicle crashed
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sunday while being chased by border patrol agents. authorities say more than a dozen people were in the suv, most of them apparently in the u.s. illegally. >> abc news stephanie ramos is in washington with more on this immigration debate and how the first lady is now getting involved. unusual that we hear her speak out on things like this, stephanie. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, diane. the number of children that are being taken away from their parents after crossing into the united states illegally is now at 2,000 children. despite the criticism from lawmakers and those heartbreaking images, the administration's new policy is still in place. >> reporter: this morning, an all-out battle brewing over president trump's controversial policy of separating children from their parents who illegally cross the border. lawmakers protesting with immigration advocates, even visiting a detention center outside new york city. >> we spoke to fathers whose children have been ripped from their arms, who have no idea when or if they will see their children again. >> reporter: some lawmakers calling president trump's zero
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tolerance policy inhumane and unamerican. >> there's no policy justification for this. it's all political. >> reporter: today undocumented immigrants who cross the border illegally are being charged with a criminal offense instead of a civil offense, so their kids are being taken away, even those individuals seeking asylum. many of the kids seen sleeping on mats at this facility in mcallen, texas where families are being held. trump's former chief strategist, steve bannon, pushing the white house agenda on "this week." >> the morality is the law. they're criminals when they come across illegally and that's why they're getting separated. >> reporter: first lady melania trump commenting for the first time publicly on this issue. she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that follows with heart. even former first lady, laura bush, blasting the policy, writing an op-ed in "the washington post," i live in a border state. i appreciate the need to enforce
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and protect our international boundaries but this zero tolerance policy is cruel, it is immoral and it breaks my heart. president trump is set to meet with congress on tuesday to talk immigration. there are two immigration bills that will be heard on the house floor this week. diane, ryan. >> looking forward to hearing that resolution. stephanie ramos in washington, thanks. a long-time trump adviser, roger stone, now admits that during the 2016 campaign he met with a russian national offering to sell dirt on hillary clinton. stone says the price was $2 million which he says he rejected. stone tells abc news he failed to tell congressional investigators about the meeting because it was so insignificant, he forgot about it. >> i thought the meeting was ludicrous, $2 million for unspecified documents. i had no interest. i knew he would have no interest. never mentioned to him or anyone in his campaign. >> stone says his lawyer sent a letter amending his testimony
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and he says that he believes the meeting was set up by the fbi. an fbi agent who was removed from robert mueller's team for sending anti-trump text messages now says he's willing to testify before congress. peter strzok's attorney says his client is ready to testify before any committee that invites him. strzok has been the target of the president on twitter since being removed from his team last summer. emergency crews are on the scene of a train explosion. no injuries have been reported. people living within a mile radius of the town of princeton were evacuated as a precaution and a state highway through town has al been closed. two out of three dangerous inmates who escaped from an illinois jail are on the run this mning. authorities are searching for accused murderer zachary shock and johnny tipton. police say those men along with justin bray used a pipe to bust a hole through a jailhouse wall on saturday. bray was found inside an oil
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field tank that night. three other people face charges for helping the men escape. we turn now to breaking news overseas. several people are dead, hundreds injured after an earthquake hit western japan. the 6.1 quake was one of the most powerful to hit osaka in decades. bringing japan's second largest city to a halt. the powerful earthquake struck during the height of the morning rush hour. the violent shaking caught on camera. trains were halted on major railways connecting the city to tokyo after stations reported widespread damage including this one where water was pouring from the ceiling. these subway passengers were forced to walk in the tunnel as the rail lines and trains were checked for damage. flights in and out of the city were grounded. a major hospital left without power. the quake also igniting several fires while cracking roads and water pipes. at least three people are dead. that number is expected to rise. one of the victims, a 9-year-old girl, was crushed by a falling
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wall as she walked past her elementary school. another victim also killed by a falling wall and a man died when a bookshelf fell on him. authorities are warning about after shocks and possible land slides. back in this country the damage from severe storms in the upper midwest is being called historic. many roads in michigan's upper peninsula were washed out by as many as seven inches of rain. other roads are impassable. the water supply for the town of houghton has been compromised. residents are now being urged to boil their water. roads were also washed out in parts of wisconsin. a section of u.s. highway 2 was destroyed after getting more than 11 inches of rain. meanwhile millions of americans are bracing for extreme heat today with temperatures tapping 100 degrees in the east. let's take a closer look at your forecast. >> good morning, we're looking for a serious hot surge with record heat in the northea.
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mid-atlantic and ohio valley region. look for forecasted highs to match the record highs in philadelphia, new york and boston. that's just to name a few. then watching out for severe thunderstorm threat for new york, vermont, new hampshire going into maine. but not just here, we're watching for a possible threat throughout the north central part of the country. we're looking for afternoon thunderstorms with damaging winds and flash flooding from madison towards des moines. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the cancer claims against a best-selling weed killer and the trial beginning today. >> also ahead hear how a man allegedly made more than $1 million by making bogus returns to walmart. and later the grandmother who strangled a bobcat with her bare hands describes h
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at least nine people are injured after this ceiling collapse in northern china. debris came crashing down onto a crowded escalator at a tourist attraction. the cause of the collapse is still unknown. police in new jersey say a suspected gunman who was killed during a shoot-out at a weekend arts festival was a gang member with a violent criminal past. investigators say they do not believe the festival was targeted. instead they say a dispute between rival gangs exploded into gunfire. 22 people were injured. a landmark lawsuit involving monsanto's weed killer roundup goes to trial today. more than 4,000 people are suing the company claiming roundup gave them cancer. the first was this california's grounds keeper, dwayne johnson. doctors say the 46-year-old has only months to live. his attorneys claim monsanto hid the cancer causing affects of weed killer.
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police were amazed when they checked on a suspect accused of making fraudulent returns to a local walmart. thomas frudaker has allegedly pulled similar schemes at more than 1,000 stores across the country. they say he returned electronics to the store after removing their parts and caused the chain $1.3 million in the last 18 months. he's due in court today. a major hollywood studio is cracking down on harry potter festivals. warner brothers says the crackdown on fan events is necessary to stop unauthorized commercial activity. the company holds the rights to the books and movies and one festival in suburban philadelphia drew 50,000 fans last year. that's now been cancelled. others are being transformed into general fantasy celebrations. >> what are you going to do with your wand and your broom? >> i don't know, and my cape, come on. coming up, the new study showing best relief for joint pain. and new fallout for an emergency room doctor caught mocking a patient suffering a severe anxiety attack. next, a woman describes a terrifying moment she plummeted more than 30 feet to the ground. a
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this was the frantic scene on daytona beach boardwalk when a roller coaster derailed last week injuring several passengers. two of those passengers were thrown from the ride and fell more than 30 feet from the ground. >> we're hearing exclusively from one of those passengers who's now recovering and demanding answers. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a fun night at the amusement park before things turned very wrong. >> i remember being airborne. feeling as if i was falling. >> reporter: amanda bostic of kentucky was in daytona with a group of co-workers when they decided to ride the sandblaster. the roller coaster derailed, sending bostic 34 feet to the ground. bostic says something didn't seem right from the beginning. >> as the ride started it was -- it was shaky. it didn't feel as stable as other rides that we had been on. >> reporter: according to bostic the last thing she remembers was being airborne after hearing
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screeching sounds coming from the ride. >> i was told that i bounced from support beam to support beam like a pin ball, but i don't know that. >> reporter: when she finally came to, bostic says it was chaos. >> there was people still on the ride. they were screaming. there were the two that were in front of me dangling out of it -- or the one was dangling. the other was pinned. everyone was screaming and crying and it was terrifying. >> reporter: the 34-year-old has a long list of injuries including a concussion, a badly bruised arm, a chipped tooth and a left leg so swollen she can't even put on a shoe. bostic has now hired an attorney who says someone needs to be held accountable. >> they made a mistake that caused people to fall 34 feet, that caused other people to fear for their lives. they need to answer for it.
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>> that report shows the coaster passed a safety inspection just hours before the derailment but just last month the ride failed due to a number of deficiencies including excessive corrosion. a doctor in california has been suspended from working at a hospital because of her bedside manner. dr. beth keegstra's treatment of 20-year-old samuel bardwell was recorded by his father. bardwell says he came to the hospital after collapsing during a basketball practice and told the doctor parts of his body were numb, that he was having trouble breathing. >> i just tried to inhale and i even told her i could not inhale. >> he can't inhale, wow. he must be dead. are you dead, sir? i don't understand. you are breathing just fine. >> i mean, this is not right. >> wow, doctors say bardwell was suffering from severe anxiety as we mentioned. the hospital has apologized to him and says that it's taken steps to make sure keegstra never works at the er again. in health news, lose the weight, lose the pain. that's the finding of a new
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study. researchers in north carolina say overweight people who lost at least 20% of their body weight experienced a sharp reduction in joint pain. the study found the pain was reduced by as much as 25%. experts say the benefits outweigh the slight reduction in bone mass that comes with such weight loss. a georgia grandmother attacked by a rabid bobcat took matters into her own hands literally. she said she strangled the diseaseed cat. she had gone out in her yard when the cat attacked her. she said the only thing going through her mind was, not today. >> i took the first step and i was in trouble, i knew it. when it got to that pole, it leaped on me. i grabbed m by the shoulders and pushed him back. i took it down right here. from that point on i fought for my life and i strangled it to death. >> she said her rural upbringing came in handy. she knew what to do. she has broken fingers on both hands, several cuts and bruises
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and will undergo a series of rabies shots. in supports after nearly three decades there's finally a repeat champion at the men's u.s. open golf tournament. brooks koepka did the honors on sunday, breaking free from a four-way tie at the top of the leaderboard in the final round. he's the first back-to-back champ since curtis strange in 1989. >> interesting weekend at the open. a lot of golfers complaining about the speed of the course, the conditions on the course. >> apparently the grass wasn't mowed correctly. >> it was a little fast in different areas. golfers didn't like that. tough weekend. >> is that the technical term for it, the grass wasn't mowed correctly? >> wow, you're pretty hard core. tell you what, they all played on the same course though. congratulations to the winner. up next in the pulse, how soccer fans are jumping for joy and it caused a small earthquake. also ahead, whacked at the box office. john travolta's new movie "gotti" is breaking records but for the wrong reasons. plus parents are sent a $132,000 bill after their son
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every step of the way. time to check the pulse and the time to check the pulse and the record-breaking debut of the animated superhero sequel, "incredibles 2". >> can't wait to see it. produced by our parent company disney, opened with the biggest box office take in animated film history earning an estimated $180 million. then there was "gotti." the long-awaited john travolta movie, that one took in less than $2 million. peanuts in box office talk and scored a rare zero percent on rotten tomatoes. >> are you going to go see it? >> not a great run for "gotti." >> no, not at all. next up, a big upset at the world cup that launched a nationwide party in mexico.
4:23 am
>> it started with this goal. as mexico beat the defending champs germany, so many fans in mexico city were jumping up and down at that time to celebrate, they created what's called an artificial earthquake. light seismic activity actually picked up by scientists. >> this was during the mexican national anthem, a woman blessed the players as they appeared on the screen. the guy who posted it said he's 100% convinced my grandma was the reason mexico won. can they take it all the way? grandma, get ready to bless. >> it's on you, grandma. next let's go to the lamb rams helping one of their coaches with a gender reveal. >> special teams coach john fassel and his wife are expecting their third child. here's the kicking team with the field goal inspired reveal. >> i like the guy who falls -- >> so happy. another girl. the baby will be fassel's third daughter. >> take a close look at number 58's reaction.
4:24 am
i think maybe that one was hoping for a boy. >> yeah. and attending a wedding reception may cost one family $132,000. >> the event was held at a community center. as the kansas family of six was leaving, this 5 -- yeah, you see that -- 5-year-old boy apparently hugged the glass statue. it fell on him. he wasn't hurt but the center claims the statue was. >> the center says the family should have supervised the boy. the boy's mother says the statue should have been secured better. now the big debate, who's going to pay for it. because it's the foundation for white teeth. i believe dentists will recommend pronamel strong and bright because it's two fold. it strengthens your enamel, but then also it polishes away stains for whiter teeth. so it's really something that's a win-win
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and less work for my mom. new cascade platinum. nothing cleans better. . so it's monday, june 18. >> it is. the day after father's day. >> what do we have to look forward to, mike? >> warmer weather. >> oh, good. >> a little breezy and cool over the weekend. the weekend. maybe some found it comfortable. temperatures in the mid 50s to 60 in hayward. let's take a look at the monday morning commute. i've ran into construction this morning, alexis
4:28 am
>> we've got a solo vehicle crash right around sfo. so 3880 on-ramp to northbound so 3880 on-ramp to northbound 101 is shut down westbound 92 still very light at this early hour. i'm hearing about a new crash on i'm hearing about a new crash on east east. >> reporter: good morning natasha and reggie. san mateo police say they are still investigating this man who claims to be an amateur photographer, but they say so far he's done nothing illegal. >> he didn't ask permission. he didn't make it known that he was taking pictures.
4:29 am
>> reporter: saturday nitrogen fer saw a stranger taking pictures of her 3-year-old son while he was getting his face painted. she snapped two photos of him which we blurred wbecause he ha not been arrested. they spoke to the man before escorting him off fair grounds. they say the photos of her son were deleted. >> when your children are out in public, they are subject to being photographed, but still, we don't know why individuals would want to photograph kids, and obviously our police minds go in a direction that we want to ensure that there's no criminal intent there. >> reporter: police say the man does not have a criminal record and claims to be an amateur photographer, but they are still investigating and would like to hear from anyone who has seen him photographing children.
4:30 am
live in san mateo, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> a live desk update from abc 7 mornings. right now at least three people are dead after a 6.1 magnitude quake hit japan. sadly, a falling concrete wall at a school killed a 9-year-old girl. the two other deaths were men in their 80s. mo are than 300 others were injured t. quake was centered in osaka in western japan early in the morning as commuters were headed to work. look at the new images we got from overnight. right now there are several reports of more deaths, but those need to be confirmed. tens of thousands of people are without power or water. schools across the country are closed for frs that more walls are damaged and more kids could get hurt. i'll be watching for updates, especially on those numbers that might change throughout our newscast. back to you. time to get you updated on weather and traffic. we start with mike nicco. >> hey, reggie and natasha. you can see it's


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