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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 18, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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westbound 80 around powell, two lanes blocked. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with an abc 7 news update. >> thanks for being with goodorng, america. flash flding disaster. massive downpours in the midwest destroying roads. homes and cars under water. residents warned to shelter in place, and now a scorcher for 18 states. temperatures that feel like triple digits spreading from kansas to the northeast. also this morning, battle at the border. protests erupting across the country over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating young migrant children from their parents. former first lady, laura bush, now calling it cruel and immoral, and what the first lady, melania trump, is now saying this morning. breaking his silence. duchess meghan's father speaking out this morning about the royal
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wedding. what he thought about prince charles walking his daughter down the aisle, his message for prince harry, and what he says meghan told him about having children. an abc news exclusive. roller coaster nightmare. one of the women thrown more than 30 feet when the ride derailed now telling her story. what she noticed just before the accident. and the $132,000 disaster. this 5-year-old caught on surveillance tape trying to hug a glass statue, knocking it over. now his parents slammed with a giant bill. will they have to pay? ♪ i got bills we'll get into that last bit of video. >> big debate here. >> yeah. good morning, america. busy, busy monday morning. wonderful to have david here with us. >> always great to be by your
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side, all week, if it goes well this morning. >> that's right. we have a lot of news to get to. we're going to start with that battle at the border. the firestorgrowing over children being sepated f eir parents, sparking protests around the country now. >> nearly 2,000 children taken from their pents accused of illegally crossing over a six-week period. images like this one you see right there is getting a lot of reaction this morning. >> and michael, as you know, president trump is now heading to capitol hill tomorrow to discuss immigration with republicans but, this morning, first lady melania trump is already weighing in on what she's seeing, and former first lady laura bush now calling the policy cruel overnight. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: good morning, david. this is a policy that is eating away in terms of controversy at this white house and now, in the middle of all this controversy, a rare intervention from two
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first ladies who normally are not weighing in on policy matters. melania trump's statement released through a spokeswoman, she says, quote, mrs. trump hates to see the children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. now, this both sides line really seems to be echoing the president's claim that democrats are to blame for this. of course, the president's critics say he could unilaterally stop this essentially with a phone call and bring this policy to an end. i want to go now to mrs. bush's comment. she is comparing these detention centers to world war ii era japanese-american internment camps. quote, i live in a border state. i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries but this zero tolerance policy is cruel, it is immoral and it breaks my heart. david, you know this, this is a growing course of opposition from the president's allies in the evangelical community too. >> and cecilia, you make a good point there, what does the president hope to accomplish
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when he goes to capitol hill? does he want this zero tolerance policy stopped or is he okay with what he's seeing, these children being separated? >> reporter: he caused mass confusion on capitol hill when he seemed to dismiss the republican compromise on immigration. the white house had to clarify saying that it's actually the democratic bill that he is opposed to. so this trip tomorrow is really about rallying republicans on the hill over this issue that has vexed them for years. you know, the president said he doesn't want to see these images, but again david, his critics say he could stop this himself. >> cecilia vega, i know you'll have much more on "world news tonight." robin. david, as you know the tension at the border reaching a boiling point as protestors and politicians demand change. marcus moore is on the ground in mcallen, texas, and has the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning i'm just outside the border patrol's busiest processing center in the region. and over the weekend, we were allowed to go inside to look at the operation where more than 1,000 people are being held. this place along with several
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others the focus of growing protests. this morning, outrage over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy for undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers is growing. >> duly elected members of congress. we're entitled to come in and visit this prison. >> reporter: from new jersey, where seven congressmen demanded entry into this detention center. >> today, father's day, we spoke to fathers whose children have been ripped from their arms, who have no idea when or if they will see their children again. [ chanting ] >> reporter: to the u.s./mexico border, protesters marching by the hundreds outside a facility near el paso, and farther south in mcallen, where more than 1,000 detainees are being held temporarily. in these images released by the department of homeland security, you can see the fenced-in cells and bare floors.
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>> i don't think this should be happening and something has to be done. >> reporter: amidst the furor over increased border enforcement and in some cases family separations. >> there's no policy to separate families. the zero tolerance policy is intended to deter people from breaking the law, adults, adults. if they are accompanied by a child, that child is temporarily separated from them as they go through a judicial process. >> reporter: and former trump chief strategist steve bannon pushing the white house agenda on "this week." >> the morality is the law. they're criminals when they come across illegally and that's why they're getting separated. >> reporter: yet, this morning, the voices of dissent not wavering outside these walls or on social media. singer john legend writing, reunite the families at the border and we can talk about father's day. this morning, thousands remain in custody including the most innocent, the children, caught in the middle of an adult fight.
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and this morning, immigration officials are arguing that the temporary family separations that have happened are no different than when an american citizen is accused of a crime and going through the judicial process. >> marcus, as you know being inside that center we've heard about all the different rules such as the detainees cannot be held or touched. we're talking about children, even if they're crying they can't be held or touched which is very hard for people to hear. we're hearing from the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen who's responding and giving the administration's response this morning, marcus? >> reporter: that's right, robin. secretary nielsen tweeting, quote, we do not have a policy of separating families at the border, period. robin. >> all right, marcus, thank you. michael. >> thank you so much, robin. as those tensions erupt over the zero tolerance policy, a border chase in texas turned deadly. this suv, packed with undocumented immigrants,
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crashing while trying to escape border patrol on sunday. officials say the car hit 100 miles per hour. at least five people died at the scene. the crash is now under investigation. and we're going to turn from the border to that severe heat that's moving in. 18 states under alert as the midwest faces those devastating flash floods. ten inches falling in some areas in a few hours, causing major damage to roads as you can see there. take a look at this river in wisconsin on 4:00 p.m. on saturday and then, just a day later 4:00 p.m. on sunday, that water rising high enough to reach the bottom of that bridge. ginger is tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> this is where i come from. a lot of us this morning going to be either inconvenienced or in danger because of weather. and here's where i want to start with you. from topeka, kansas to portland, maine, there are heat advisories and summer doesn't start until later but don't tell anybody in indianapolis or toledo, where it
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will feel like more than 100. schools closing early from westchester, new york, through massachusetts. then we've got to turn to that flooding. guys, the pictures are incredible. i just got off messenger with the national weather service out of marquette. this is a live look at hancock, michigan. the damage, they said more than half a foot of rain fell in just a couple of hours sunday morning causing landslides crushing that house, and guys, the rain isn't done yet. >> reporter: this is what three inches of rain per hour looks like. water rushing down the hills of northern michigan and it's still raining this morning after a weekend washout across the northern great lakes. flash flooding causing sinkholes and debilitating damage. in michigan's upper peninsula, seven inches of rain fell in just three hours turning this county road into a gushing river with emergency services reporting more than 60 sinkholes and washouts. people told to shelter in place as road after road after road remains impassable. the downpours loosening the ground beneath this street
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taking the black top with it. now, the overwhelming job of cleaning up. in northern wisconsin up to ten inches of rain and in duluth, minnesota, people wading through submerged roads. the storms also accompanied by dangerously high winds. a n capturing this tornado in wisconsin. extreme weather, torturing folks in wyoming too, where hail pounded cheyenne, bouncing off windshields and blanketing this highway. a lot of the flood concern now sinks south from western kansas to wassaw, wisconsin because of the stationary front and new low is going to drop up to four inches in eastern nebraska, david. >> tough to see those pictures this morning. ginger, thanks. in the meantime, overseas to a deadly earthquake rocking japan overnight. the 6.1 magnitude quake surrounding the city of osaka, killing at least three people and injuring hundreds. the quake setting off fires, knocking over walls and cracking roads and water pipes there.
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flights in and out of the city were grounded and train service was temporary suspended as rescue crews now search for survivors. robin. >> disturbing to wake up to that news this morning, david. now to the latest on the russia investigation. president trump once again calling the probe a witch hunt over the weekend, but in a new twist, a trump confidante is now revealing he met with a russian during the campaign who he says offered to sell him dirt on hillary clinton. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has more. he's there in washington for us. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. that's right, word of yet another contact between an associate of president trump and the russians. the special counsel's team is asking questions, another sign that the investigation remains active and intense. roger stone, a longtime friend and confidante of president trump has denied having any knowledge of any collusion with the russians before the 2016 election. >> i still have seen no evidence of russian collusion. >> reporter: but now new word
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that stone met with a russian claiming to have dirt on hillary clinton and offering it to stone in exchange for $2 million. stone says he rejected it immediately. stone did not disclose the may 2016 florida meeting to congressional investigators when questioned last year. neither did former trump campaign aide mike caputo who reportedly helped arrange the meeting. >> they have not told the truth to congress and they should be prosecuted for it. >> reporter: last week, stone and caputo submitted letters to congress notifying investigators of the omission. stone telling abc news he simply forgot about the contact because it went nowhere and that he rejected any notion that then-candidate trump would pay for the damaging information. he also says he never told president trump about the meeting. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. total witch hunt. it's a witch hunt. >> reporter: the man told the washington post he was not
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working with the fbi at the time of the meeting and says he ended his relationship with the fbi in 2013. robin. in another front, pierre, we heard that president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, hinting that the president could pardon paul manafort. >> reporter: he says the mueller investigation is tainted and that, when the investigation is over and the legal cases have been resolved, the president may consider pardons, as he said, to clean this up. >> all right, pierre, thank you. michael. >> thank you so much, robin. now to that urgent search for two escaped inmates on the run after breaking out of an illinois county jail through this hole. abc's whit johnson is here and, whit, one of them have been charged with murder. >> reporter: that's right. a multi-agency manhunt under way. look at how these three men escaped, using a pipe and busting their way through a brick wall. police call them dangerous and possibly armed. this morning, a manhunt for an
7:14 am
accused killer in southern illinois after he broke out of this jail along with two other inmates early saturday morning. >> jail officers meet with me at the rear of the jail, there appears to be a hole in the wall. >> have them do a head count. >> reporter: authorities say the men escaped through this hole pounded out through a brick wall. >> used a pipe that we think was obtained from our privacy area for the shower areas and they managed to batter and push that through. >> reporter: officials believe the men fled around 3:00 a.m. but deputies didn't notice until more than two hours later. >> it wasn't until they actually entered the cell at 5:30 when they noticed people were missing. >> reporter: 28-year-old justin bray caught late saturday after police say he jumped into this river. his getaway driver arrested following a crash. the other inmates, 24-year-old zachary shock, charged with murder and battery, and 61-year-old johnny tipton, facing theft charges still at large. the hole at the jail now sealed with a metal plate. authorities say the men had some help. they've arrested three people
7:15 am
charged with aiding and abetting. canine units and aircraft have now been called in to track down those two inmates still at large. >> everybody needs to keep their eyes open. thank you, whit. we're going to turn now to new trouble for tesla this morning. actress mary mccormack posting this video of her husband's car on fire in west hollywood, saying it went up in flames out of the blue. the video raising more questions about the safety of those cars and matt gutman is live at a tesla store in l.a. for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, david. when you look at that video, it looks like there's a flame thrower beneath that tesla. its driver, michael morris, the husband of mary mccormack, he was unhurt. the l.a. county sheriff's department say the battery is the likely culprit, another possible ding to tesla's reputation. this morning tesla is investigating another incident of one of its cars catching
7:16 am
fire. "west wing" star mary mccormack tweeting this video of flames shooting out of her husband's model s, writing, this is what happened to my husband and his car today, no accident, out of the blue, in traffic, writing, thank god my three little girls were not in the car at the time. she says her husband was barely moving in traffic when a couple in another car flagged him down and told him to pull over. luckily no one was hurt. firefighters quickly putting out the blaze. the l.a. county sheriff's department saying the cause is likely a battery or mechanical issue. this fire just the latest in a string of incidents for tesla. the company already facing at least four federal investigations, including one for this incident in which the battery from this vehicle reignited a week after being towed to an impound lot. >> there's a lot of lithium ion
7:17 am
in one place and so when it does catch on fire, the bigger concern immediately is are first responders adequately trained to address what to do with these batteries. >> reporter: that's a good question, and in response to this latest incident, tesla says this is an extraordinarily unusual occurrence and we are investigating the incident to find out what happened. all of this comes after assembly line problems for tesla's model 3 anof course after elon musk announced that he has to lay off 9% of tesla's worke. vi >> all right, matt gutman with us this morning, thanks as always. now we're going to go to mexico's literal earth-shaking performance at the world cup. fans in mexico city cheering so hard when the team scored its first goal, they set off two earthquake sensors in the city. grab your desks, people. fans had a right to go nuts. the goal turned out to be the only one scored in the match and it was so big because mexico upset germany who are the defending champions.
7:18 am
i grew up in germany. i'm not going to say who i was rooting for but i wasn't one of the ones setting off the censor. it was great, congratulations to them. >> absolutely. absolutely. let's check back in with ginger. it's going to be a sizzling monday, right, ginger? >> people sweating through monday, they're going to want to know what's responsible. it's this big blue "h," the high pressure. it's going to make it feel like more than 100 in chicago through detroit. cincinnati's heat index, 98. 99, washington d.c. we're going to hold on to it for at least a day or two depending on where you're at.
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good monday morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. slower breezes a little bit of a warming trend today, warm the rest of the week with above average highs away from the coast. that's where most of the clouds will be, 50s there, 57 in san francisco. low to mid-70s around the bay. tonight's temperature back into the low to upper 50s. my accuweather sev coming up, that interview with duchess meghan's father. what he's saying about the royal wedding and not walking his daughter down the aisle. >> i had a great date for that wedding. also the abc news exclusive, the woman thrown from that roller coaster. she talks right here coming up on "gma." roller coaster. she talks right here coming up on "gma." the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done
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and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning to you, i'm natasha zouves from "abc 7 mornings." investigators in santa rosa are looking into a series of suspicious fires, as many as 13 in just two hours, all of them small grass fires along the trail at dunn ton avenue. investigators think the person is using a butane lighter and traveling on a bicycle. time for traffic with alexist smith. >> crews are trying to clean up a crash at westbound 890 at the
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off-ramp on 27th street. it sounds like at least one lane is still blocked. if you're continuing on to the maze, metering lights on and everyone is delayed unless you're using
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...on the hotel you want. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. let's talk temperatures under a gray sky. most of us in the mid- to about 60 it won't stay gray all day cept for the coast. it will be greater than the weekend. not as breezy and a little warmer today. cloudy, lighter breezes, no small craft advisory. cool at transit stops and stations this morning. mild and warm this afternoon. as we warm back to average, we'll pull back a little bit wednesday and thursday. then a stronger heating trend, maybe near 100 on saturday inland, natasha. coming up next on "gma," an abc 7 news exclusive.
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one of the women thrown from that roller coaster in daytona beach telling her harrowing story. and we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minut dog: seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? the underminers escaped. >> the monorail! welcome back to "gma," everyone. that's the "incredibles 2" celebrating an incredible opening weekend, the superhero sequel, 14 years in the making, crushing the box office, taking in an estimated $180 million over the weekend, topping "finding dory." it is a great movie for father's day. my girls saw it, loved it. and really, $180 million, i don't know if anybody saw that coming. >> it's well worth the wait. >> absolutely. lot of news we're following at this hour.
7:31 am
the headlines breaking at this hour, happening right now, the battle erupting at the border over the zero tolerance policy separating migrant children from their parents. protests breaking out across the country. overnight former first lady laura bush speaking out, calling the policy cruel and immoral. we're also contiing to track that volcano creating so much devastation in hawaii. we have new images this morning, that lava destroying more than 600 homes since may 3rd now. and golfer brooks koepka waking up a happy man this morning, winning the u.s. open for the second year in a row, the first person to do that in 29 years. the moment so many are talking about, phil mickelson, remember he missed that putt and chased the ball down to hit it before it got too far from that hole. you can't do that. you can't do that. it's against the rules. he knew that. he said he would rather take the two-stroke penalty than play the ball where it landed. >> didn't you play that course? >> i played it like a week before they played it. >> they're upset about it. >> they were very upset because
7:32 am
it wasn't as tough as it was for them, i've been where phil was. i've been there many days. unfortunate that he did it. caused himself a penalty. he knew what he was doing. >> he'll be back. >> yes, he will. we're going to begin with duchess meghan's father. he's speaking out in a wide-ranging interview this morning, talking about everything from the royal wedding and prince harry to politics. abc's adrienne bankert is here with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. piers morgan admits "good morning britain" paid thomas markle, quote, a few thousand pounds to do this interview. he speaks about not walking his daughter down the aisle and his very open conversations with prince harry. fatherly love. overnight, meghan markle's dad reveals the royal couple could be ready for a baby. >> she's wanted children for a long time. when she met harry and she spoke about how much she loves him, there's got to be a child in the making somewhere soon. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with "good morning britain," thomas markle speaks out for the first time since the royal wedding, opening up about
7:33 am
how the intercontinental romance unlded from his perspective. >> first call was she had a new boyfriend. the next call was he's british and eventually it was like, he's a prince. >> reporter: he says he was hardly fazed by his son-in-law's royal status. he says they even discussed politics. >> i was complaining i didn't like donald trump. he said give donald trump a chance. i sort of disagreed with that. >> reporter: when it came time for prince harry to ask for meghan's hand, he was protective. >> annd i said you're a gentleman. promise me you'll never raise your hand against my daughter and of course i give you my permission. >> reporter: thomas says he missed his daughter's wedding to have emergency heart surgery and admits that cooperating with paparazzi in this series of photo was a serious mistake, adding it's hard to take back. he also confessed to being jealous of prince charles walking his daughter down the
7:34 am
aisle but says about the future king, i wish it was me but thank god he was there and i thank him for that. adding that, even if he couldn't be there, he knew his daughter was right where she belongs. >> my daughter has been a princess since the day she was born. >> reporter: thomas also relates his admiration for the queen, saying, i think she's one of the most incredible women in the world and i would love to meet her. no comment yet from the palace, though he might just get his wish. >> throwing that out there. >> yeah, a little subtle hint. >> exactly. >> david and i, we know how -- all four of us were there. >> yeah. >> i have some pictures. >> yes, i do remember that. >> you didn't miss a thing. >> thank you, adrienne. >> absolutely. we have an e.r. doctor in northern california under fire for her bedside manner. she was caught on camera mocking, yelling, even cursing at a young patient. gio benitez is here. gio, that doctor is now out at the hospital? >> reporter: that's right, robin. she's been suspended and the hospital is apologizing to the young man who was rushed to the e.r. after collapsing at
7:35 am
basketball practice, apparently suffering from a severe anxiety attack. take a look. >> i'm sorry, sir, you were the least sick of all the people who are here who are dying. >> reporter: this is the treatment 20-year-old samuel bardwell says he received after waiting three hours to see a doctor in this california emergency room. >> you picked your head up. now don't try to tell me you can't move. sit up. sit up. sit up. i'm having you sit up. >> i can't get up. >> you need to sit up. he won't let me -- >> she's yanking my arm. >> you want us to wheel you to your house in the gurney? >> that's not what i said. >> reporter: the college sophomore was taken to the hospital by ambulance after collapsing at basketball practice monday night. bardwell says he suffers from debilitating anxiety attacks and says he told dr. beth keegstra parts of his body were numb, in pain, and that he was having trouble breathing. >> i just tried to inhale and i even told her i could not inhale. >> he can't inhale, wow. he must be dead. are you dead, sir? >> reporter: bardwell claims
7:36 am
that when dr. keegstra arrived to examine him, she was accompanied by a security guard. that's when he asked his dad to start recording. >> i said hey dad, can you please take out your phone. i need you to take out your phone now because i have a feeling something is going to happen. they were not taking care of me from the beginning. >> no, you have changed your story every [ bleep ] time. >> whoa. >> put an iv in him, give him a liter of fluid. that's what he says he needs. he's obviously a doctor. >> reporter: in a statement the hospital telling abc news, we have expressed our sincere apologies and are working directly with the patient on this manner. our contracted provider for emergency services has been notified to remove this physician from the list of approved physicians assigned to emergency care at our hospitals. >> in my mind, i don't think she should be practicing medicine at all. if it's not a race thing and she treats everybody that way, that's a problem. >> reporter: in a separate statement, the contractor told us they are conducting a
7:37 am
thorough investigation into the matter. we've tried reaching dr. keegstra directly for her side of the story but we haven't heard back, but that video -- >> says a lot. and it just makes you appreciate the good doctors out there. >> thanks. coming up here on "gma," that abc news exclusive this morning with the woman who was thrown more than 30 feet from a roller coaster and survived. what she says she noticed right before the ride derailed. we'll be right back. right before the ride derailed. we'll be right back. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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we're back now with that abc news exclusive this morning. one of the women thrown from that roller coaster in daytona beach plummeting more than 30 feet and surviving is now telling her story this morning as she recovers at home. abc's victor oquendo sat down with her and he joins us now from lexington, kentucky. victor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. everyone who was riding that roller coaster when it derailed lives right here in kentucky. they were co-workers who were on a business trip. that woman we sat down with is a 34-year-old mother of two, now bruised from head to toe, but she survived that 34-foot fall and tells us she's lucky to be alive. this was the frantic scene along the daytona beach boardwalk thursday night. the sandblaster roller coaster derailing. two passengers in the first car thrown from the ride plummeting 34 feet to the ground. >> i remember hearing a lot of screecng, a lot of metallic sounds that weren't right. i closed my eyes and held on. i remember being airborne, feeling as if i was falling.
7:42 am
and then the next thing i remember was coming to on the ground looking up. >> reporter: amanda bostic was in town with a group from work. it was the last night of their trip and they all decided to ride the roller coaster together. bostic says things seemed off from the start. >> it didn't feel as stable as other rides that we had been on. it seemeto be going a lot faster than i felt comfortable with. as we went around the turn, it felt as if it wasn't completely attached to those tracks. >> reporter: that's one of the last things she says she remembers. >> i was told that i bounced from support beam to support beam like a pinball but i don't know that. i don't remember any of that. >> when you came to and you looked up, describe that scene. >> i'll never forget it in my life. there were people still on the ride. they were screaming. one was dangling. the other was pinned.
7:43 am
everyone was screaming and crying and it was terrifying. >> reporter: bostic was rushed to the hospital where she says she was diagnosed with a concussion. days later her arms are badly bruised and her left leg is so severely swollen she can't even put a shoe on her foot. she chipped teeth as well. the 34-year-old mother of two now using a walker to get around. her attorney wants answers. >> they made a mistake that caused people to fall 34 feet, that caused other people to fear for their lives. they need to answer for it. >> reporter: amanda says she's now looking at a long road to recovery. her attorneys are now in the investigation stage of a developing lawsuit. we have reached out to the amusement park but have not heard back. david. >> all right, victor oquendo, thanks so much. we're glad she's okay. we were looking around this morning thinking what's 34 feet. >> also she was saying she was like a pinball. >> thank goodness she is alive and on the mend. coming up, everybody, the
7:44 am
family that's slammed with a $132,000 bill after their 5-year-old knocked over a statue. you see it right there. will they have to pay? >> it's a talker. ay? >> it's a talker. stretched smooth scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now, all sun care products are buy one, get one 50% off. [ director ] k9 advantix ii kills fleas, ticks and musky...toes? through contact. [ director ] cut! not musky toes. mosquitoes - like the bug. riiight. that makes more sense. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice.
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7:47 am
will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. back now with the debate at the desk. the parents who could get stuck
7:48 am
with a $132,000 bill after their son accidently damaged a work of art. surveillance video shows the boy hugging the statue before it toppled over. t.j. is here with the story. >> all right, every parent has said to their child in the store before, don't touch that, because if you do, mom and daddy got to pay for that if you break it. if you break it you buy it also applies if what you broke costs 132 grand. that's what the parents are being told, but they counter with this, who left this expensive thing sitting out in the first place? >> reporter: this is the moment that could cost a kansas family more than 100 grand. sarah goodman and her family were attending a wedding at a community center in overland park when her 5-year-old son goes in to hug a glass statue and it toppled on top of him. >> he could have died. >> reporter: but instead of an apology, the goodmans got a bill for $132,000. >> no one would ever expect to come into a place where kids are
7:49 am
invited and have to worry about a $132,000 piece of art. >> reporter: the center's insurance company sent the family a letter reading, you are responsible for the supervision of a minor child. your failure to monitor could be considered negligent. >> i was surprised, more so offended, to be negligent. no one ever said is your son okay. he ran in fear. i cannot believe that they allowed something so dangerous to be where kids play. >> reporter: goodman says it wasn't secured but the city says it shouldn't have been touched in the first place. >> it's not an interactive piece. so, when you have somebody climbing on it, that's not what it's built for. >> reporter: this is the first time we've seen touchy-feely patrons send display art tumbling down. last year, a student knocked over 11 sculptures while taking a selfie at an l.a. museum. three were destroyed totaling $200,000 in damages. the museum did not ask for
7:50 am
payment though. some parents will say watch your child. on the other hand, i have nieces and nephews that will come to my house and i'll put some things up knowing i'm not going to let that child try to break it. you've got two sides. dean, i'm talking to you. >> you threw him under the bus. >> look at this sweet face. >> and she knows and some people know but still, shouldn't they have an obligation if something cost that much, put a rope around it, have security nearby, something. >> i think both sides are responsible because as a parent i never let my kid out of my sight anyway to go over and touch anything and you said when you tell your kids don't touch that, no, no, my parents told me before i walked in, if you touch it, you know what happens when you get home. i didn't touch anything. >> you softened that. everybody here knows what he was saying in the commercial break. oh now, he did that for you sabine. she's got a pitbull hat on. >> from last week. >> had a good time? >> you were good to daddy on sunday? yeah. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. you're beautiful.
7:51 am
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good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves mornings." >> you can see the clouds at our exploratorium camera on pier 15. a little more cloudiness at the coast where temperatures will be stuck in the upper 50s to low 60s. upper 60s in san francisco, at least on the bay side. 80s inland. we'll get to 90 inland tomorrow. we'll taper back a little bit. then a stronger surge of even hotter temperatures friday through sunday. we still have several issues in the oakland area, westbound 580, a new multicar crash around fruitvale and another near
7:57 am
coolidge. at least two lanes blocked on the left hand side. the 7th street on-ramp to southbound 880 closed due to a flipped big rig. next on "gma," the cookout calorie challenge. and we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the battle at the border as tensions reach a boiling point. protests erupting across the country over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy that's separating young migrant children from their parents. images like this one getting so much attention, as former first lady laura bush calls it cruel and immoral and what first lady melania trump is saying now. also this morning, a flash flooding emergency pummels the midwest. roads, homes and cars under water, residents warned to shelter in place. blockbuster surprise. beyonce and jay-z drop a joint album over the weekend.
8:01 am
their brand-new video showing them taking over the louvre. the album addressing the state of their marriage and the cameo from blue ivy shouting out to her little brother and sister. new this morning, what's the link between pounds and pain. how whittling down your weight can really make a difference. dr. ashton here to break it down. and the man who always cracks us up. no pressure. jim gaffigan, he's back on "gma." he's live, and we're saying good morning, america. ♪ i'm still standing good morning, america. happy to have everyone here with us on this monday morning. we are so happy to have jim gaffigan. he's back. he's live and can't wait to talk to him. >> he cracks us up as always. >> yes, he is. >> you know what? >> what? >> big day coming up. >> is it? >> we got a lot of stuff going on here. father's day, jim has five kids.
8:02 am
>> he posted this on instagram. he says, look, they're getting ice cream. all on his lap. look at this. he said you can tell they're my kids by their red eyes. you know how the camera always gets the flash. >> tell his kids by the red eyes? >> because it's of the flash. happens to me all the time too. >> you can tell it's a monday, can't you? we'll have more with jim coming up. first we begin with that firestorm over the zero tolerance policy at the border. nearly 2,000 children taken from parents accused of illegally crossing over a six-week period. let's go back to our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega with the details again. good morning again, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, robin. the controversy is so huge it has first ladies who normally don't weigh in on policy now intervening. first lady melania trump through a spokeswoman says she hates to see children separated from their families and says she hopes both sides will come together on immigration reform and, quote, we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart.
8:03 am
she is now facing some pretty serious backlash online with many people calling her complicit in this very controversial policy. she's not alone. in an op-ed former first lady laura bush also weighed in. she is calling this policy cruel and immoral. we're now hearing from one prominent pediatrician who visited one of these shelters and met with some of the children there. she said workers are forbidden from hugging, touching these kids. they're not allowed to physically comfort them. remember, these are kids who are separated from their parents. president trump on his part heads to capitol hill tomorrow where lawmakers have three immigration bills before them. one of which would stop this policy of separating families, and you know this, robin. the president says these are democrats who are to blame for these laws. i should say this law. that is an outright falsehood. this is the president. it's a policy created by his administration, robin. >> clarify that because we are hearing and people have said, well, this is a policy that is long-standing. this is different.
8:04 am
can you explain to people how? >> reporter: past administrations have decided -- have made it their choice to not follow the law as president trump is interpreting it. he is saying that this is about zero tolerance on the border and that is why these families are being separated. he says they've crossed illegally. these families, these parents will face prosecution and that's why they are being separated from their children, but make no mistake about it. this is a policy by his administration. other administrations have not interpreted it this way. >> as you said, the first lady is saying we are a land of laws but you got to have some heart as well when dealing with this. all right, thank you so much, cecilia. michael. now to the extreme rain and flooding in the midwest. nearly a foot of rain in 24 hours turning roads into rivers. the east will feel record-breaking heat today. ginger is back. let's start with all that flooding. >> these are difficult images to really capture or to imagine because i know this part of the country. it is gorgeous country but it's been washed away this weekend.
8:05 am
look at what the devastation looks like this morning live in hancock, michigan. this is the upper peninsula of michigan, a home taken out by a landslide because of all that water. they had at least a half of foot of rain falling just a couple of hours early sunday morning. it pushed through, took out half of that house. that's just one place affected this morning. there will be more rain this morning and it's going to sink, the heaviest rain, into eastern nebraska, western iowa through des moines. that's going to be the next couple of days. then we have to talk about the heat which is fueling these storms. anywhere from topeka, kansas, through central illinois through manchester, new hampshire. we have heat advisories for feels like up to 100. >> we've been complaining about the cold for so long and now heat complaints. >> schools are closing early because of that. >> ginger, thanks. we're going to turn to the kimmel/cruz showdown. you heard about this. the blog fish basketball classic. texas senator ted cruz challenging jimmy kimmel to a
8:06 am
one-on-one faceoff for charity. but this game for causes didn't stop the trash talking. take a listen. >> just so you know, you're they're not booing. they're saying cruz -- oh, no. they're booing actually. they're booing. >> you can hear the booing as he said. fans cheering when jimmy announced they were going to cut down the winning score from 15 to 11 to get it over with. >> it took two hours. >> two hours. we were talking about how you like a good scoring game. anyway, ted cruz won. ted cruz won this thing. >> that's just awful. >> he used to play basketball in high school. that's what he said. you saw them both warming up, and you were, like, how's this going to two? >> i used to play basketball in high school too. two hours to score 11 points is pretty bad. i watched that. it was at texas southern, my alma mater. we hosted the event. >> check it out later tonight, jimmy kimmel 11:35 right here. although we just told everyone that cruz won. just see how they scored those
8:07 am
11 points in two hours. >> it won't be two hours to show you that. >> promise. coming up, we have all the details. have you heard about beyonce and jay-z's surprise joint album, their first ever album together. what they're revealing about their relationship. they go there. then the link between losing weight and relieving your chronic pain. this was really interesting. makes sense. dr. ashton is here with what you need to know this morning. we have the grill going for our cookout calorie challenge. we're going to grill healthy versions of our summer favorites. plus, jim gaffigan is here live with his character from "hotel transylvania 3." we have got a great audience upstairs. we cannot wait to join him upstairs. [ applause ] 3." we cannot wait to join him upstairs. shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home, with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection, which could lead to hospitalizations. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%,
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8:12 am
plus plaus [ applause ] good morning. wow. somebody got some rest. what a wonderful way to kick off the week with this terrific audience. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. it's that time again, time to fire up those grills. this morning we're showing you how to make your favorite main course at under 350 calories. tomorrow we have sides. wednesday it's all about dessert. speaking of sweetness, here's sara haines. >> starting with dessert. >> i'm going to come back wednesday this week. now time for "pop news" and we begin with some famous father's day celebrations. first up, jennifer garner posting this tribute to her co-parent and ex, ben affleck.
8:13 am
writing, our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love them. ben also writing a touching post after receiving this gift from their kids, i can think of three incredible reasons why today is so special. happy father's day to all the dads and father figures out there and to the women that empower them to be the best they can be. that's sweet. i did look into this and he posted that after her sweet message. but still, that's a deep dive. i had to, i had to. i'm an investigative reporter. justin timberlake writing this to his 3-year-old son silas. my son, it is my honor to be your daddy. he make me feel a love that i didn't know existed. >> aw. >> how about yours? >> yeah. >> we're still earning our titles so we don't celebrate this ferociously but i did have a picture of max with the babies. i feel he needs to be honored today because he slept on the floor all night last night. we're going through a little transitional period right now. >> oh wow. >> we took the binky away, pacifier. that struggle is real.
8:14 am
so max went in there once and he did not come back. i woke up this morning and he's like, my neck is kinked. i was like, thank you so much for covering. i'll do it tonight. >> that is so sweet. >> it is sweet. >> are you going to do it tonight? [ applause ] next up, keeping with our father's day fun, the smiths celebrated their dad overseas in budapest and we can't get enough of will's video. he only joined instagram seven months ago and has already posted 168 times. you'll notice they're doing that experiment with soda and bubbles. one of the videographers following them said they were trying to get in touch with bean kids so they're just doing fun activities. but if you do the math on that, he's posted .8 posts a day since he started. if you noticed and you know their family well, there is one person missing. jada's hilarious photoshop ties
8:15 am
it together. the mom captioning this with the fam made it overseas. to praise will all day for father's day. the youngest son is on his way but until then. it ends up he missed his flight. >> oh, no. >> there's always one person in the family who can't get there on time. >> did you notice they were shooting that video in the middle of a traffic circle? >> and no one seems to notice. >> okay. >> one thing we did say, you've got the full family, all recognizable, no one's looking. finally because we couldn't break up this adorable theme, we've got quite the kicker for you literally. take a look at this. now, this is -- that is special teams coach john fassel and his wife getting some help from his team, the los angeles rams, with a field goal-inspired gender reveal. >> so sweet. >> and it's another girl. the baby will be fassel's third daughter. a big congratulations to them. >> his father was my head coach with the new york giants. we went to the super bowl under coach jim fassel.
8:16 am
john was there. he used to be a little kid. now he's a grown man, doing a great job with the rams. he is a special teams coach there. congratulations to the family. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> i love the sweet little girls already waiting for their sister now. we're going to turn to our "gma" cover story. we love that, sara. take the binky in with you. it will make it a lot easier. we have a surprise from hollywood's power couple tonight. jay-z and beyonce dropping their first joint album. they are tackling issues within their relationship. abc's chris connelly is in los angeles with a much deeper dive, studying it all night. >> reporter: the depth and power of their previous work and their stature as artists means that no one can command the cultural stage the way beyonce and jay-z can. news of their collaboration set the internet ablaze over the weekend and so did their newest music video. ♪
8:17 am
>> reporter: behold the carters, popular culture's most iconic creative couple at play at one of the world's greatest museums, the louvre in paris. beyonce and jay-z, singing, rapping and performing before the mona lisa and other priceless works of western art. queen bey lyrically triumphant, referencing stadium and the nfl. ♪ i say no to the super bowl >> reporter: recalling last season's protests. this song with a title we would love to say but cannot, one of nine tracks on "everything is love", their first joint album released on saturday and first announced at a london gig on their "on the run 2 tour." personally revealing, "everything is love" seems rich where detail about their hearts and histories that will keep millions of fans enthralled. mixing bold declarations and a diss of this year's grammys with what sounds like straight from the soul gratitude for being
8:18 am
able to overcome their relationship's challenges and sustaining their ever in the spotlight marriage. ♪ i can't believe we made it ♪ this is what we thankful for. >> reporter: from bey bey's "lemonade" -- ♪ better call becky with the good hair ♪ >> reporter: to jay's 44, each offered chronicles of the rockier moments of their relationship, sharing with david letterman. >> divorce rate is 50%. you never see people like, okay, let's work through this. i love you, i love my family, let's work through this. >> reporter: and telling "the new york times" executive editor that their creativity was itself a way to confront their issues. >> we were using our art almost like a therapy session and we started making music together. >> reporter: all of it a cause for rejoicing for listeners who crave more from this power couple and from daughter blue ivy to turns up on the song "boss".
8:19 am
the now 6-year-old showing love to her 1-year-old siblings. >> shoutout to rumi and sir. love, blue. >> reporter: another testament to the scope of the carters' artistic reach and ambition and to our ongoing fascination with them and their work. >> it's kind of the final piece of a trilogy. this is the we've been through hell and back but we're still together and strong and happy in love. >> reporter: art doesn't have to be autobiography but there's no denying these cultural forces have a story they want to share with us about their own lives, one in which they have triumphed over adversity. and they are savoring that sweet togetherness. >> something they want to share. chris, thanks so much. to you, robin. i turn here, this is kelly frey from wtae in pittsburgh, the abc station. >> thank you. >> she is a warrior. she has gone through health issues. she's here with her daughter and it is beautiful, wonderful to see you, kelly. [ applause ]
8:20 am
i just looked down and i was like, whoo. >> hey pittsburgh. >> i know. i know. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. now, as i was saying, to the "gma" health alert about losing weight. love you, kelly. >> thank you. >> to lose pain, affects more than 2 million people worldwide. many are overweight or obese and a new study says a 20% weight loss could reduce joint pain by up to 25%. >> let's get right to it. we've known for a while that being overweight or obese is really bad for the joints. what we didn't know is how much weight do you need to lose to make an impact and is more better. that's what the study looked like in wake forest in north carolina. they followed people for a year and a half and they found that losing just 5% of their starting body weight definitely helped on pain, mobility, inflammatory markers, but losing more definitely was better.
8:21 am
so even over 20% over time gradually and safely made a big, big difference. >> you're going to demonstrate what you're talking about. >> little mini med school lesson. we know that overweight and obesity is bad for two reasons, one, inflammation, two, this is pure physics. if you imagine these sponges as the cartilage in your knee, for every one pound of being overweight it exerts four pounds of pressure. this is about four pounds of weight. your joint can tolerate it pretty well. if you're five pounds overweight, that is the equivalent of 20 pounds of pressure on your knee joints. when this cartilage is compressed, it's like riding a car on bare rims, tires. you're bone and bone and that's what causes so much trouble. >> you're certified in obesity medicine. i know this is a catch 22 because you want people to exercise but how can they when they're in pain. >> we have to understand, i just demonstrated being five pounds overweight. people who are 100 pounds
8:22 am
overweight, if a doctor or health care provider says just be more active, they can't walk. so look at this graphic because this is the standard of care now in dealing with overweight and obesity. yes, dietary practices matter. you want to lower calorie, control portions, slowly increase activity if possible. fda-approved weight loss medications are now the mainstay and bariatric surgery if appropriate. but keep this in mind, this is what damages the joints. >> and the diet is so very important. okay, kelly. i'll let you throw it to ginger. say now over to ginger. >> ginger zee, ginger, take it away. let's hear what the forecast is. thank you, kelly. we're going to do your "gma" moment. this is that moment that we get to smile and this is flora, 2 years old, and she's got the answer to all the heat, i'll tell you right now. >> what do you want? >> ice cream every day, every day. ice cream every day, every day. >> that's right, ice cream every day, every day. i feel you, flora, that's exactly what we want to see, more of your "gma" moments.
8:23 am
share them on my facebook page so we can all get a little smile. good monday morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. slower breezes a little bit of a warming trend today, warm the rest of the week with above average highs away from the coast. that's where most of the clouds will be, 50s there, 57 in san francisco. low to mid-70s around the bay. tonight's temperature back into the low to upper 50s. my accuweather sev time now for our cookout calorie challenge. we're taking some of your favorite summer staples and swapping in healthier options but doing it without sacrificing flavor. that's very important. this morning everything is under 350 calories. brooke alpert, author of "the diet detox" is here with here
8:24 am
secrets, and brooke, and your new book -- welcome by the way. >> thank you. >> in your new book, you say diets don't work, so what do you recommend to stay healthy? >> any time you have a diet with an expiration date you set yourself up to fail. i want people making a healthy choice at every single meal. >> every single meal and it is summer, it is very important, meal time, people love to eat during the summer. love good food. you give us healthy alternatives all under 350 calories, and we're going to start with some foods here, move down the line. you're going to tell us an alternative. the barbecue ribs, one of my favorites. who loves barbecue ribs? [ cheers and applause ] alternative to the barbecue ribs? >> who doesn't love baby back rips but these are loaded with sugar and this small half rack is going to cost you almost 700 calories. >> i didn't know that. >> this is 681 calories just for this. that's a lot, and that doesn't even include the fixings on the
8:25 am
side. how about we swap it for something healthier. >> turn that around. >> i've got you down to 321 calories. that's saving over 300 calories by swapping out chicken thighs. we swapped out the marinade for something healthier, not so sugary. this is skill bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs, totally juicy and delicious. >> cut out a lot of calories, and i love chicken thighs too. you can't lose either way with that. now we have the classic, the cheeseburger. >> that's right. this is a traditional cheeseburger. you've got the cheese, the bun, the beef, the pickles but that's going to cost you 546 calories. >> okay. the alternative. >> 306 calories. >> i noticed this wrap -- this is a lettuce rap. this is a little more sturdy. >> exactly. this is a collard green wrap. it's sturdier. it will hold it more versus falling onto your plate but i'm still letting you keep the cheese. we swapped it for the turkey.
8:26 am
you still get all the great flavors with the tomato, and the pickles. put a little mustard on there, great swap. >> we have less than a minute left. bratwurst with all the fixings. >> you've got the bratwurst for over 373 calories. we are swapping out for a turkey dog at 193 calories. i'm letting you keep the bun. you get a turkey dog but just moving that sugary topping and changing the bratwurst to a turkey dog. >> still got the bun. >> still got the bun. >> here we have the kabab. >> this steak kebab is going to cost you 360 calories, loaded with starches. let's swap it for 139 calories keeping all the nonstarchy vegetables. >> brooke, thank you so much. i will be trying this this weekend. thank you so much. "the diet detox" is out right now and everyone in our audience is getting a copy. we'll be right back. "the diet detox" is out right now and everyone in our audience is getting a copy. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
and good monday morning, i'm reggie aqui from "abc 7 mornings" a san francisco band is returning home after its gear was stolen in a hotel parking lot. the stone foxes' equipment got stolen, valued at $70,000. fans started a gofundme page and so far they've reached $23,000. you might know, alexis, sammy haguar was a part of that donation. >> yeah, i think they were surprised, very cool. not so great here, we do have a pretty serious crash, westbound 580 near fruitvale avenue, blocking lane number 2. a lot of folks taken highway 13
8:28 am
as an alternate, 880 slow too, you can't win if you're trying to get to the bay bridge. north bay, southbound 101 near lucky drive, a crash has been pushed off to the shoulder. stop and go traffic from san rafael. meteorologis
8:29 am
thanks for sticking around, check out these temperatures. mid-50s to low 60s. the clouds will open and we'll
8:30 am
have lighter breezes if you're going to be on the bay today. cool to warm today. a little hot tomorrow. really hot friday through sunday, reggie. thanks, mike. another update in 30 minutes. see you > . welcome back to "gma." you're grooving, huh. >> i know. >> great energy from our audience here this morning. for a great audience we have a great and funny guest to bring to the table. he's an actor, comedian -- >> awe, thanks. >> great to have you here, david. but it's not you. this guy is an actor, comedian and if you read his twitter profile and you believe it, he's a long snapper. let's put him in coaching and get him out here to talk about his latest movie "hotel transylvania 3." please welcome jim gaffigan.
8:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> david, hi, how are you? good to see you. >> hello, jim. good to see you. >> long snapper, really? >> i was a long snapper in high school and in college. i mean, i quit in college. i was too good at football. >> that's usually what happens. you get so good at it you quit. >> that's right. can i point out something. has any animated character ever been that fat? like, shrek is thinner than that guy. how fat does my voice sound? like they heard me and they're like, oh, this guy's fat.
8:32 am
>> but you're perfect for this role. >> i love it. >> first of all, we have to say -- [ applause ] >> yes, we love it. so much so that there's part three. happy father's day to you. >> thank you. >> you have five kids. >> five kids. >> so father's day is big. what did they do for you? >> they did nothing. they did nothing. mostly because they have no money. but the one thing i wanted to do is i wanted to take them out for ice cream so i announced that and they were like all excited and then, you know, 30 seconds later they're negotiating like can we also go to a movie, you know. it was 8:00 at night and i was like, we're just going for ice cream. >> they're out of school now. >> yes. >> and you usually have them travel with you on tour. do you have summer plans for them? >> i'm doing some shows in europe so they'll be going and then they'll be back in their construction jobs. got to keep them working, right? >> then they can buy the ice
8:33 am
cream. >> right. >> you work -- here you are with five and you still manage to find one-on-one time. how do you do that? >> a lot of it is just -- one-on-one time is me usually eating a meal with them. special daddy time going to a restaurant. this is pass trammy, stuff like that. any parent will tell you it's a struggle, right, because it's -- but that quality time you always want to find. >> we should give folks the breakdown, three boys, two girls. >> right. >> and you said your wife is a special breed. >> it almost sounds insulting. >> a little bit but i know what you mean. >> she's -- you know -- i mean, i don't have any energy for this. i didn't think that i was going to be a parent, but she's like -- she's amazing. she can do so many things and she's tireless. it's impressive. >> let's talk about the movie a little bit here, okay, so we see -- one person is happy about
8:34 am
it. you play a villain. >> i play a villain. llain. >> what was the inspiration for for that? >> i licenstened to voices. i worked with the director. van helsing is a bad guy and also he's been portrayed before so we kind of captured a voice that will work within the context of the "hotel trance vania." this is by the way the best "hotel transylvtransylvtransylvv it is, it is! >> let's move it. we've got a moment from the movie to prove you have the voice. >> i will hunt you for all eternity! i swear i will never rest until i destroy you!
8:35 am
and every other monster if it's the last thing i ever do! >> boy, that guy is annoying. [ applause ] >> wow. >> wow. >> that's hard work. >> that's hard work. >> you mentioned the last time you were here you talked about every movie they dye your hair. >> they do. >> this character, that hairstyle is hard to beat. are you glad they didn't have to make you look like that? >> i'm not that fat yet, am i? but that is my natural color hair but usually when i work on something they go, no one has hair that color so they dye my hair. this is not my normal hair color. i look in the mirror and i'm like, oh, no, what happened to me. but it's all good. >> somebody gave you an awe. it's all good though. >> we're just glad you quit football because this career has been amazing.
8:36 am
you're so much fun every time you come on. >> absolutely. you posted a video on twitter and i want to ask you about this. did this happen organically? there are a large purchase of girl scout cookies. what is going on? >> this is just how kids respond when they see me. just random -- >> they just go jim gaffigan is great. >> jim gaffigan is great. it will happen. i'll walk down the streets of new york and large groups of children will just say jim gaffigan is great. >> it's crazy. >> many of them don't even know who i am. >> how many cookies did you have to buy? >> i was working on a movie and there was this group of girl scout characters and so i prompted them to do it. you know, i didn't have to give them anything. they were just excited to be on the internet. [ applause ] >> jim, we got to say, man, you said it about your wife and we'll say it about you in the most endearing way, you're a special breed. >> thank you.
8:37 am
>> without a doubt. you could have played on my football team as a long snapper any day, my friend. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> we appreciate you coming back and talking to us. "transylvania 3" and as jim said himself, it is the best one yet. it hits theaters on july 13th. check it out. coming up, the most powerful man in country music, a mentor on "american idol." now bobby bones is here live. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
8:40 am
we got a whole crowd from michigan apparently this morning. big rapids right here. thank you for being here. how about the heat, do you guys feel that? it's going to be on. a lot of folks are going to end up at 90me 90. the severe storm forecast is way up in northern new york and parts of new england. damaging wind and hail are the primary threats. that happens this afternoon and evening. west of us here good monday morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. still pretty cloudy at 9:00, sunshine at the coast for the rest of us. temperatures lower than avevevee michael, i was wrong, not
8:41 am
all michiganens, we have some iowans here. >> we'll take them all, no matter where they're from. i'm here now with bobby bones, called the most powerful man in country music. millions of people tune in to his hit radio show every week and we loved him on the latest season of "american idol." now he's out with a new book called "fail until you don't: fight, grind, repeat." it's about overcoming life's many challenges. thank you for joining us and welcome to the show. >> do they love me on "american idol"? >> we love you on "american idol." we love you today. and forbes magazine loves you. how does it feel for them to call you the most powerful man in country music? >> i guess good? i don't know if that's true but it's good, yeah. >> that's all you got is goed? >> i try to cultivate new artists. that's a big deal to see people when they're starting out and mentor them. before the "idol" thing i was trying to do that in nashville, with artists in nashville, so
8:42 am
the "idol" thing was a cool extension. >> to be a mentor or "idol" and you see these talented young people trying to become stars or trying to become successful in whatever field they're in, what are some of the common challenges that they face that every day people face? >> a lot of us go we like this end result so how do we get to that end result the quickest. what a lot of people don't see and even the contestants don't realize there are baby steps. that's how you get to the end. instead of -- we'll use i had dol for example, instead are going to the top four it's what's my next song, my next note. with people here, you work in an office, what's the next hour, the next half-hour. you. how are you going to get the quarterback the next play. it's not always about the final score of the game but what can i do in the next incident. >> you're clearly a success story. why did you name the book "fail
8:43 am
until you don't"? >> i failed a lot, man. most of our life we look at instagram and go, man, i wish that was me, it looks so easy. in reality the most successful people are the people that have actually failed the most. it's not that we're super talented. it's that we can fall and get back up and not only get back up but learn from that at the same time. that's what i found to be the common denominator with a lot of people that are super successful. >> super successful people in your book, steve jobs, stephen king and elvis presley, some of the most successful people in their fields but you use them in aur book as an example. let's put our audience to the test. grab your clicker and guess which one of these three men faced failure, steve jobs, stephen king or elvis presley. who do you think or "d," all of the above. what did the audience say? they say -- boy, this is taking a while. that's what i say. oh, all of the above seems to be
8:44 am
the winner. what's your answer? >> it is all of the above. yeah, you all win. [ applause ] you all get to go to mike's house later and have dinner. congratulations. we're all go over. >> yeah. ring the bell to see who shows up to answer the door. no one. >> i think a lot of these guys, if you look at elvis, elvis went to play the grand ole opry and they said you aren't a good singer, you should try annika pella group. eastern stephen king had a stack of letters on his door that were rejection slips. he quit. he threw "carrie" into the garbage and his wife picked it up. >> and one of the best selling books of all time. >> he sold millions. that's really what it's all about. it's about everyone is going to fail all the time but how many times can you get back up and do
8:45 am
it begin. i wrote this book because sometimes i read these books and they're either preach it to me and they're yelling at me. i just wanted to write practical advice for people going through practical things. i'm just a guy from arkansas, a small town, trying to make it, man. >> now you have a lot of success. thank you very much. appreciate you sharing it with everybody. it is something when you talk to someone instead of at someone. "fail until you don't", it is out tomorrow. pick it up. bobby bones, thank you for coming in. from singing in the subway to signed by jay-z. we have the v
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back now with an incredible artist who has gone from singing in the subway to being signed by jay-z. she performed in my dressing
8:48 am
room last month. i told you you would be back. she's launching her first album "the broken instrument" and going on a nationwide tour, v-i-c-t-o-r-y, ladies and gentlemen, victory. look at that, name up in lights. >> in times square. >> yeah. you come from a musical family. they're all around you here. you started when you were like four years old. >> i did. >> it was part of growing up? >> it has been. there's always been song writing around me, always improvising, always musicians of all different types, string sections, horn sections, rhythm sections always growing up and i think that this album that we've created is a culmination of everything that was poured into me my whole life. >> you go from the subway to being signed by jay-z to being on "good morning america." has it all sunk in?
8:49 am
>> i woke up this morning and i'm like, wow, today i'll be on "good morning america" with robin roberts. that takes a minute to sink in. >> jay-z, when you met him, what advice did he give you when he signed you? >> the most memorable thing he said to me was, don't worry about conforming to what's on the radio, you just create art the way you see it and it's our job to catch up to who you are. don't try to conform to who you think we are. do you and we'll do our best to learn who it is that you are. >> that's beautiful. i love what we're seeing right here. you want victory to perform? do you want to hear victory perform? the single off her upcoming album, here's victory with "open your eyes."
8:50 am
♪ i want to fly beyond the sky, higher than where the airplanes glide ♪ ♪ i want to sail the seven seas and maybe visit all the countries ♪ ♪ i want you to come along, life is better when we're not alone ♪ ♪ and we might make a very good team and then we could reach our every dream ♪ ♪ but you always got something sad to talk about always walking with a heart full of doubt ♪ ♪ you don't seem to see all the possibilities ♪ ♪ i want to make you happy, i want you to be free but there seems to always be forces of gravity weighing you down ♪ ♪ and i want you to fly with me ♪ ♪ so darling, won't you open your eyes, how can you be so blind to the beauty of life ♪ ♪ it's everywhere so won't you
8:51 am
dare to open your eyes ♪ ♪ how can you be so blind to the beauty of life ♪ ♪ it's everywhere so won't you dare to open your eyes ♪ ♪ i want to explore the ocean's floor, see things no one's ever seen before ♪ ♪ i want to build a jungle mansion just like the swiss family robinson ♪ ♪ i want you to live there with me, otherwise it might get lonely ♪ ♪ and we could be a dynamic duo making up our own rules ♪ ♪ but you don't believe in yourself enough ♪ ♪ you always settle when things get tough ♪ ♪ you don't seem to know all of your potential ♪ ♪ and i want to make you happy, i want you to be free ♪ ♪ but there seems to always be forces of gravity ♪
8:52 am
♪ weighing you down ♪ and i want you to fly with me ♪ ♪ so darling won't you open your eyes ♪ ♪ how can you be so blind to 9 beauty of life ♪ ♪ it's everywhere so won't you dare open your eyes ♪ ♪ how can you be so blind to the beauty of life ♪ ♪ it's everywhere so won't you dare open your eyes ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, it's everywhere ey won't you dare open your eyes ♪ ♪ oh darling, it's everywhere so won't you dare to open your eyes, yeah ♪
8:53 am
♪ oh darling ♪ open your eyes ♪ oh darling [ cheers and applause ]
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8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> our thanks again to victory. this is the boyd family. that's daddy over there. we did the dressing room reveal you didn't even know how to play the bass and look at you now. you were bumping to it. we're catching up to her. >> and a happy belated father's day by the way. >> yes. >> watch david on "world news tonight."
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
and good morning, i'm reggie aqui from "abc 7 mornings" a look at your weather with mike nicco. >> hi, everyone. expect a lot of sunshine this afternoon except for the coast where it will be just a little cloudier than it was over the weekend, but not as breezy. 50s at the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland. the warmer tomorrow, the real heat rolls in friday through the weekend. hey, alexis. good morning. the good news first, westbound 580 in oakland, we had two crashes at fruitvale, those have cleared but residual delays remain. all routes to the bay bridge. not so good news on the san
9:00 am
mateo bridge, a new crash in the left lane and one of those vehicles may be on fire. >> oh, boy, thank you, alexis. time for >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, "late late show" host james corden. and get ready for some explosive and messy fun with science bob. plus, a tropical vacation could be yours. we're kicking off "live's" summer social tune-in to win getaway. all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [bruno mars' "finesse" playing] [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hi! >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: hi.


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