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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 19, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> this is going to be awesome! this is going to be fun! making new friends. >> he's having fun with a girl named beth in a series. >> that is really capturing everyone's hearts. >> now meet the former teacher giving a voice to some special kids. >> he's awesome. >> doing doughnuts in a parking garage draws spectators. >> like moss to a flame. >> it takes some kind of daring do. some whale watchers happen to run into -- >> the largest predator with teeth. >> the sea creature that
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commands your respect. we otari, arick and gail oweb, including discovering the mystery inside a safe. >> a scientist. th spso get to the stash.ut a youtube channel is capturing everyone's hearts, all over the world, it is called special books by special kids. >> beth, i'm here to be your friend. >> in the video, he's featuring beth's journey. this is chris orwon, he used to be a teacher, special ed teacher in florida. he decided to start a youtube channel and he's calling it sbsk and now he travels around the world, meeting different kids that have different diagnoses or disabilities and making them his friends.
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>> my friend! >> in this one, we get to follow along beth's story. she's got something known as bifur syndrome. for beth, though, it was a gene mutation that fuses the bones too soon causing certain deformities. he doesn't just interact with the kids, he also shares some insight by talking to the parents. >> love for her unconditionally. >> this is something that can't be cured so it will affect beth for the rest of her life. >> chris is awesome. there is part of me that i'm, like, i'm sorry he's not in the classroom anymore. but i wonder if this series will impact even more people. >> hundreds of thousands of people follow his journey and it is not just with beth, with a lot of different kids he meets in different countries. people get to learn a little bit more about bifur syndrome, which is very rare. the mom says while she was pregnant, they did some genetic testing but because the syndrome is so rare, they didn't test for that. they also say once you get to
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know beth, you no longer see bifur syndrome, they don't want her to be defined as that. >> you found it right away. found it. bam. >> he just figured out how to communicate with all the different kids. he's picking up on beth's communication. while she can't really talk and yet -- >> still interacting with her. >> he's still interacting with her. >> just made a new friend and i have a big old smile because of it. >> he seems so genuine. you can see it within seconds. the smile, the baby blues, just like connecting with all these kids and i'm, like, he's awesome. >> friendship. >> all right. bring it on up. little closer. good. good. stop. >> oh! >> oh, man, out the door he goes. >> he's not too terribly injured. >> the 27-year-old man working at a car wash was taken to the
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hospital, but not seriously injured. what do you think happened? we know. go ahead. >> accidental use of the wrong pedal. >> right. >> the person that owns the car or someone that works there? >> i believe this is the person that owns the car behind the wheel that was just, like, oops, my bad. >> no, you cannot mix up the pedals. >> rep driver of the car is going to be responsible for the financial damages. >> ouch. >> that guy behind the wheel couldn't decipher the difference between the brake and the gas pedal, but in this next video, a different set of skills. you can see the writing on the pavement. looks like most of the action has already taken place, but, the crowds part just enough, he threads the needle between the parking garage columns and around all these people. you want to go, oh, my gosh, what are you thinking? the skill of the driver behind the wheel, pretty good. >> he's booking this. >> other people gathering around like moths to a flame with their
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cameras, people did complain and reports were made about this incident. police say we did have representatives there, and they said it was preplanned on private property and no arrests were made. >> a lot of people calling this anti-social driving. however, if you drive the way we all normally do, nobody stands around to watch us do it. this looks like very social driving. ♪ >> what could be lurking in water? >> god bless you. >> the sperm whale. the largest predator with teeth. this video was captured by the tara depekoe team, out whale watching. they're so unusual looking. look at that narrow little
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mouth. it is this huge animal and has >> like a hippo smile. >> is that a cast behind it or is that its -- >> they don't say what the relationship is. if it is a baby, it is getting close to legal age right there. you don't see many of them. >> we rarely see those in video. i was wondering where they are. >> in this video, it is near the azores. you don't see this in the water. in viral video, you can. >> is that a roo. >> that is a roo, a kangaroo in the water. >> maybe fill up the pouch with a bit of air, like a flotation device. >> i think it was body surfing, like, okay, party's over, time to hop out of the water. >> it is so cute. it was just -- it really was going for a swim. >> yes, like, just going to do a
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little hippity hoppity. in australia, you got to get in the water if you're close to the coast. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> you guys are pretty shocked. i'm sure you figured out it is chris' birthday. chris is singing happy birthday to chris, on the youtube channel, he's got a big surprise for her. the hardest part is getting her out the door. >> on your birthday -- >> people are waiting on you. >> get ready, get outside, you got some instructions as well. >> you have to put this on. you to also have music playing so you can't hear anything. >> shut up. >> true surprise. >> yes. >> turns out that was a huge mistake. >> you got the music in you. ♪ you got the music in you >> she's following your rules. >> eventually he makes it and they're still together.
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it wasn't that bad. it is time to spring quite the surprise. >> take your blindfold off. >> blindfold off, headphones down. >> hello. >> her present is sitting behind her. it is a maserati. >> are you serious? >> he is serious. >> they have been sharing the jeep, he decided to go and get a maserati, you know. she's somewhat flummoxed by this. >> no, it is not. >> yeah. >> no. >> it is your very own car. >> no. >> pretty much the rest of the video is filled with her just sort of weeping. >> hey, guys, in approximately six days i will have a birthday. >> i can't take a car from you. >> turns out, though, she can take that car from him and she does. happy birthday, chris. >> that is a really cool car. >> oh, my gosh. >> the twins are getting a princess makeo bippity bopity b
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closed captioning provided by -- sometimes you just need to be persuaded into having a good day. >> what's wrong? >> blue man is not having it. he has his old man mug on. >> what happened? >> i'm mad. >> why are you mad?
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>> i said my piece and i counted to ten. >> funny you should talk about counting to ten. ♪ you're still so mad >> what she's about to sing is from daniel tiger's neighborhood. ♪ take a deep breath and count to four ♪ >> you see his mind calculating like, oh, okay. >> does he not know how to count to four? >> he knows the song. >> one, two, three, four. all better. >> you're all better? okay. >> aw. >> oh, my goodness. we need to sing that to nick every once and a while. >> start watching that show, man. >> all better. >> you're all better? >> this next video features annie and adly and they're at the bippity bopity boutique at disney world. >> oh. >> disney really can make everybody feel like a princess
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or a prince, man. look at the vip. smile on her face. >> yes. now it is her twin's turn. >> that's what it's all about when you got kids and things like that. you want tont. >> i love it! >> turns out that jordan matter has got himself a million subscribers on youtube. and he's been promising for months that if he got there, he would dress in a tutu and do what he's been forcing his models to do. >> all the hard work they have been doing is a reason he has a million subscribers, so, yes, he should. >> his photographer is going to be cameron noel, she does a series of ten minute challenges. but there we go, they're on the streets. it is hilariously awful for him. what they're going to do is
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re-create some of the poses he's already taken with other ballerinas, so this really is going to be revenge for some of them. >> how limber is he? >> a lot less than the ballerinas. >> excited to produce the timers today. my proud children, hudson and bayless. >> here we go. remember that shot where he had the ballerinas stand on it. >> that's when the security guard tried to get him off. >> here comes the security guard again. they still get their shot. the next shot mimics the shot he took of a boy on his head with a pretzel in his mouth balancing. turns out it is not as easy as he thought. >> go figure. >> now in the middle of the street, he's got to do that. >> no! >> that's more like mario jumping. >> remember the shot in seattle, pike place, the fish market. they have got him a fish too. >> excellent. >> now take the fish.
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>> work with. >> yes, kiss the fish. >> she does get a bunch of really funny shots with him. some get a little dirty. they allow the kids to just squirt mustard and ketchup on him. >> he sacrificed himself. >> he really did. there is a redeeming moment because the last shot, there is a fountain at the new york public library, remember this? >> good luck. >> he starts posing away. and when he comes back out, he does admit that he appreciates his models that much more. >> world travel with their kids. >> having a blast and learning on the road. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come, some buddies who got themselves a good looking sandwich. >> look at that. >> they're trying to show it off. >> see what happens when someone else wants to get a taste. >> oh! >> plus, the motorcycle fail just been made. >> big day for both of them. >> why the ride away isn't quite as smooth.
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eric and his buddy are in japan and about to have a sandwich. >> we have a bunch of seahawks around us. >> they say it is a port cutlet sandwich. >> looks really good. >> they're trying to show it off and there are birds hanging out. >> what was it? >> a hawk, just comes in to try to take the sandwich. >> a hawk? >> it is hunting. >> the speed. >> [ bleep ]. >> even in slow mo, that's basically a second. >> the slow mo, we see that he did not get the sandwich. >> he drops it, yeah. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm so sorry, but, no, no, no. he got me good. >> now, from the hawk to a liar. maybe they're called liars because they pretend to be something they're not. >> it is basically like the
3:21 pm
special effects guy from police academy. >> or some sort of sci-fi movie laser fight. are they known to be mimics? >> liar birds have a talent for mimicking their environment, so maybe sometimes -- >> a battle. >> these people in australia were pretty thrilled to have caught that on video. and so are we. it is pretty rad. >> guy in the black jacket walking away has sold that bike to the dude in the red helmet. big day for both of them. guyouldn't even cross a street before crashing this bike, captured from multiple different angles on the security camera of this hone. the previous owner comes running out to assist the guy. i just don't know how you go out and buy a motorcycle and have this little experience. >> you got to start somewhere,
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right? >> yeah, but maybe not start with, like, next to no experience riding the bike. all right, kid, give it a second go. tentatively down the street, watch out, there's a car there. okay, we have managed to negotiate around the car. the guy comes up to another intersection and, and, and -- >> no! >> crashes again, putting undoubtedly scratches on both sides of this bike. >> my only question, at this point, did the check clear? >> cash. >> i don't know the finances of the situation, but the poster of the video says somehow the kid got home safely. >> cracking into a mysterious safe is about to get a whole lot more interesting. >> you're not going to believe what they find. >> see what's revealed when the truth is unlocked. >> whoa! >> really?
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it makes it even more delicious. >> or every day, because we're fresh every day. goats. ♪ >> from the youtube channel, on another adventure. >> found a safe on ebay, a mystery been closed for so
3:26 pm
long, no one knows what's in it, no one's got a key, no one can get in it and i want it. i want it. >> he's going to go get it. they jump in and drive all the way to scotland and bring the safe all the way back. he gets to opening it. he's dying to. then he makes it harder for himself. >> it comes off. >> oh, no. >> it is not going to work. >> break off the handle. >> okay. plan b. >> i can see what his theory >> this is not a cutting torch. >> he warms up the safe. time for plan c. got himself a diamond pick cutting saw and that's when he really gets to work. eventually, able to get this square piece off the side. gets his arm inside and starts pulling things out. >> is it what you think it is,
3:27 pm
thomas? >> yeah. >> that is exactly what you think it is. >> is it something you get in an adult shop? >> he's pulling out cash. >> jamaica, cyprus. >> from all over the world. >> ring. >> that's something grandma had. >> that's what i was thinking. the video ntins. is is w really you're not going to believe what they find. >> diamonds. >> you can see the -- it is the hope diamond, it would appear, just happens to be hidden in there. a great coincidence. >> she's excited. her engagement ring is going to be big. >> probably made of gold too. >> now, it is like, okay, never mind. this is your daily er you can't believe everything you see on the internet.
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tonight, the pressure on the president, and just moments ago, he arrived at the capitol. the crisis at the border. tent cities going up to house children separated from their parents. children now in detention facilities. some kept in cages. and in some cases, parents are being deported, sent home without their children. president trump today hugging the american flag, doubling down on his zero tolerance policy. the president just arriving on the hill to shouting, and what he just said. also tonight, the tornado touching down late today. the tornado watch, as we come on the air. as severe storms now hit several sa states. the airport meltdown. the airline forced to cancel over 2,000 flights. why hundreds of passengers have


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