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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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become? >> politically c not intentiona separaot do that. we are better than that. >> the fire storm raging immigration is escalating tonight. >> the president trumps saying the slugs lies with congress. president trump was on capitol hill a short time ago for a meeting on immigration. he says the system is broken and just needs to be fixed. >> but one southern exact is skeptical and couldn't hold back frustration. >> quit separating the kids. they're separating the children. mr. president, don't you have kids? >> meanwhile, california's attorney general xavie 20 rs at
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thalnd contrary to american value zblas and governor brown is being urged to pull national guard troops from the border after governors of three dates did so yesterday. but the governor's office says that's not necessary because the california national guard's border mission is already limited in scope. >> as outrage continues to grow, several protests were planned across the country, including one in stris. >> the big question politically paeg is how long the controversial practice will be sustainable. abc 7 news reporter chris has that part of our coverage. >> at the immigration and customs office in san francisco anguish over the trump administration zero tolerance immigration policy leading to more than 2,300 undocumented children being separated from parents at the southern border. many coming from countries like el salvador, guatemala and
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honduras where the murder rate is high. >> they're not coming for a picnic, not because they think they can pull one over on us. nobody travels that distance and goes through that if they're not desperate. >> some members of the administration say it's being used to help deter illegal immigration. but earlier today attorney general xavier sbaer joined 20 others calling for the justice department to put an end to the practice. saying this is is a now you low more president trump we must do everything to uphold the rights of children not to be forcibly separated from parents. >> law spernts say the policy isn't likely to keep people the from entering the country. >> you have a group a people willing to die to take the arduous journey from those countries into the united states. >> this afternoon, a letter signed by 12 republican senators sent to u.s. attorney general jeff sessions urging him to stop the separation policy until congress can pass legislation
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that would keep families together. the house is expected to vote on two bills this we can, both of which address family separation. chris wynn, abc 7 news. >> an online fundraiser raiser started by of facebook's earliest impose raised nearly $6 million to help reunit undocumented immigrant parents separated from children. so far more than 140,000 people have responded and donated. now if you or someone you know is having an immigration issue you can take action and find an ally at abc 7 attention. click the human rights section and you'll find information on everything from contacting the aclu to local rapid response agencies helping during i.c.e. enforcement. it's at action. the beating of two gay men has police in oakland and san francisco baffled with pride weekend around the corner. police say people need to be
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vigilant and careful. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live in san francisco with their stories tonight. lyanne. >> reporter: well, dan we know that police in san francisco are treating the beating which occurred here in the city as a hate crime. now, with regard to the oakland incident that is still under investigation. again both men gay, attacked on the same night. june 9th, near the corner of 35th avenue and kansas street in oakland. scott long was struck from behind with what he think was a tire iron. >> when i suddenly felt this huge below right up side my head over my ear. >> he remembers receiving four more blows. his injuries landed him in the emergency ram. he says he caught a glimpse of the man a thin white male shorter than he. today the police came to his house to follow up on the investigation. the motive is unknown. >> san francisco in 2018, there
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is so much diversity and acceptance. and this is still happening. >> but tim tate of san francisco believes he was targeted because he was a drag queen. leaving the eagle bar at south of market at 10:00 on june 9th. he made a left on bernice treat to go home. >> got a quarter of the way down the block felt a bang to the head and started getting attacked. >> tate who goes bay the name engineering snap was punched and kicked and dragged. >> we are looking at the foot annual to see if it captured anything that will help us. >> with pride weekend around the corner police recommend that people travel in groups. >> if you have the ability to move with a group, absolutely do so. >> if i can face violence lots of other people are facing violence every day. as a society, as a community let's work on that. >> reporter: again his case or the motive is still a big
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question mark. but i can tell you that both forces, san francisco and oakland police department say they have not seen an increase in the number of hate crimes. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. crews have the upper hand on a brush fire that at one point burned close to homes in the east bay. sky7 was in san ramon where the flamed charred a hillside east of interstate 60. the fire scorched about 40 acres and at one piem near the back yards of homes. can you see the developments up again the road that separated the home, development and the areas of brush charred. the fire scorched 0 acres as we mentioned about a half hour ago. calfire reported that crews contained the fire. three teenage boys are accused of attempted murder after a shoot out with police in union city. vic lee is live with the latest.
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vic. >> reporter: well police finally cleared this rail crossing at about 2:30 this afternoon. investigators have been meticulously looking for evidence here and two other locations. but this is where the shooting began, one suspect shot. he is being treated at a hospital. fortunately no officer was hit. >> i thought it was fireworks. but then after that you hear like a semiautomatic, boom, boom, boom, boom. and over like 20, 30 shots. >> reporter: around 11:35 last night here in union city. a shootout. juanita ramirez lives across the tracks. >> i was scared. too close to home. >> reporter: at mid-afternoon today, the rail crossing was still cordened off. evidence markers littering the crime scene. officers tried to stop a car with three juveniles on e street and railroad avenue. >> once the vehicle stopped two suspects got out of the vehicle. and exchanged gunfire with our officers. >> one of them was hit.
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both ran into the neighborhood where they were captured. the suspect who was shot was arrested here on a front lawn stained with blood. part of the evidence, an officer's medical bag and shield. the third suspect drove the car a few blocks away to railroad avenue and whipple road. here we found a toyota camry with more than 20 bullet holes. in this police van, also with bullet holes in the windshield. police arrested the driver here. lieutenant steve men dez says the three suspects are all young. >> two of them were 16 years old and one was 15. >> menendez tells us the officers stopped the car because was reported stolen. >> our officers were in the area, doing extra enforcement because we have had several shootings in union city over the past few weeks. >> reporter: well to be exact, four shootings in the past 30 days here at union city, including the shooting in that funeral home last thursday where
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five people were shot. now, obviously police are looking to see if there is evidence here at the rail crossing that links this shooting to the one at that funeral home. by the way, police did recover several weapons in the car last night. vic lee, abc 7 news >> thanks very much enchts a bill changing the standards for when police in california can ep open fired advanced in the state senate. the proposal would limit the use of deadly force to situations where an officer or another person could be seriously injured or killed. it would raise the standard from reasonable to necessary. the bill is the first of its kind in the united states. and now heads to a second committee for consideration. vallejo elementary school teacher is among 2,300 people nationwide facing charges following a department of justice predator sting. the contra costa district attorney's office took part in the federal bust dubbed operation broken heart. nearly 200 people were arrested
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on child porn or molestation charges during this three-month investigation. about 400 victims of child sexual abuse were identified in this process. e exper says it kf a lot to do with the company skurlt. uber's big plan, pay drivers to get more electric cars on the road. putting air-conditioners to the test. tips on the best ways to get ready for the summer sizzle. and that sizzle is come later on
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some industry insiders say tesla is in crisis following the latest fallout. including possible sabotage against the company. our reporter is live in palo alto with more. >> reporter: it seems like it's
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been issue after issue with tesla. enough that some experts say that all the mishappens are beginning to tarnish reputation. >> the ceo elon musk and his car company can't catch a break. reports of a possible sabotage against tesla from a disgruntled employee. an internal email details the person involved was upset for not getting a proposals. last week in los angeles one of the electric cars on fire after a battery pack exploded. then there is the ongoing criticism over the company's autopilot issues. >> it seems like a p.r. nightmare to many organizations facing this many issues. >> tammy madsen is a professor of strategic management at santa clara university saying the latest fallout raise as host of the concerns. >> suggesting something about a culture of the company not set up in a way that's productive to help move the organization
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forward. >> the company is moving forward to meet a manufacturing goal of 5,000 cars a week by the end of june. this in the midst of lay offs. more than 500 job cuts announced in the bay area. >> and to me it's what's happening at the factory that's making or breaking this company. >> we skype with automotive insider edward needer meyer also writing a book on tesla. he says the company's port-au-prince at the end of the business quarter will speak volumes. >> if they don't make that goal and they continue to lose money they are -- they're in deep trouble. >> reporter: and through it all elon musk continues to tweet defiantly confident that tesla will meet the goal and be a long-term success. reporting live in palo alto. >> carlos, thank you. in the meantime tesla stock taking a big hit dropping almost 5 petros today. the companies finds itself in the middle of the brewing trade war between the u.s. and china. china is planning to impose a
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25% tare of on electric cars begins in july in response to a new round of tariffs recently announced by president trump. uber is making a push to get drivers in the bay area into electric cars. the yearlong pilot program started today here and in six other cities. offering a small bonus to get drivers to make the switch. an extra dollar for each ride in the bay area. uber 70 a losty goal of 5 million rides in the electric vehicles over the next year. >> temperatures in the bay area about to heat up. and odds are you'll be thinking about getting an air-conditioner for the window. >> i hope it don't break before that happens. "7 on your side" michael finney has idea was that. michael, can't take chances. getting superhot. >> let's start with the good news. >> okay. >> which is the best window air-conditioners are not always the most expensive. so here is a look at some of those that won't break your budget. if you don't have central air or even if you do and just need
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some extra cooling in a room in your home, consumer reports says the right window air-conditioner can get the job done. >> when we tested air-conditioners we want to know how well, they cool your space. >> consumer reports groups air-conditioners into three main sizes, wasted on btus and the size of the room you need to call. which you'll also find listed on most air-conditioners. small a/c are best for 100 to three hundred foot. medium for 250 to 400 square foot rooms and large should cool 350 to 650 square foot rooms. none of that matters if the air-conditioner doesn't perform well. that's why in consumer reports special lab window air-conditioners must lower the temperatures inside this chamber to a set point of 75 degrees. sounds easy. but testers challenged the air-conditioners to cool a room that's 90 degrees with nearly 60% humidity.
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another factor in consumer reports scoring, an accurate thermostat. >> how accurate the thermostat saves you pony. if the air-conditioner is thinking that it's still trying to hit 75 degrees even though it's at a room temperature of 71 degrees it's running longer than it needs to and wasting electricity. >> the best air-conditioners can cool a room in about 15 minutes or less, keep the temperature consistent, and the best part, they don't necessarily cost more money. secure this $200 amania for a smaller 10 onto 300 square foot room if for a medium size room. consumer reports recommends the g aechlt at lowes. with rooms for 350 to 650 square feet this $350 lg is a winner. okay one final thought. consider getting a programmable air-conditioner, some are actually wi-fi enabled. that way you can set it at work
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and it will be cool we you goat whom whether a new or old air-conditioner clean the filt are once a month. >> on to the weather. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with sandhya patel. >> consider yourself lucky the natural a/c is working today. good evening to all of you look at live doppler 7. we have fog just hugging the coastline and still a nice sea breeze near the beaches. inland areas not too hot today. a temperature range of 50s to 80s. a live look pr the san jose camera looking at the shark tank where the sun is shining and the temperatures look like this, 59 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. up to the 70s in places like san jose, gilroy at 87. a live look from emeryville and you see a shallow fog layer to san francisco. in the 70s sfr santa rosa to novato up to 85 in concord right now. and we take a look at a live picture from santa cruz. you might want to head there. because look at what is in store. we are seeing fog on the coast and bay overnight tonight.
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mainly mild to warm the next two days unless you're right near the coast. then you will have sizzling summer heat friday through sunday. inland areas will really feel it. so right now it's really comfortable in santa cruz but that's employing to change as we look at the heat alert for friday through sunday. very hot conditions are expected inland with a heyer risk of heat illness. and increasing fire dangers. please be aware during this time period as you might have to check on the elderly or your young kids. don't forget them obviously in the car. or your pets. hour by hour we go. 6:00 tonight. fog on the coast. pushing in over parts of the bay for the morning compute. when you look at 7:00 a.m. you'll notice that fog around parts of the east bay, the north bay down the peninsula, and then the south bay will be pretty much clear. later on in the day fog will pull out except near the coast. temperatures tomorrow morning in the 50s. watch out for the fog, visibility will be poor for the morning commute. then the summer microclimate. something for everyone.
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60 in half moon bay. 66 downtown san francisco. head into the east bay, a mild 27 degree day in elbowed. 88 in walnut creek. pretty warm in antioch, 88. we'll go with a wide range of conditions. a look a rest of the temperature breezy near the coast. with fog. 66 in san francisco. 82 in sand rafael up to 87 in santa rosa, concord, 79 in fremont. 80 in palo alto. 90 in morgan hill. here a look at the pride forecasts for san francisco. sunny and mild on friday. warmer weather saturday up to the upper 70s and pleasant sunday. temperatures into the mid-70s. here is a look to it pride parade forecasts for season. bright morning, temperature of 64. make sure you have the sun screen and the shades. it's mild in the afternoon. and then breezy later on at night. you can download the accuweather app and check out the temperatures any time. the forecast, a combination of fog and sun for sunday.
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upper 50s to low 90s. summer starts officially on thursday, summer solstice 3:07. appear the wide range of temperatures. but friday and saturday caulk inland. upper 90s to low 100s. low 60s friday to low 70 on the coast along the coast and for pride festivities mild to hot sunday. but temperatures slowly back off into early next we can dan and kristen. >> thanks. avocado 2.0. the start up promising to make it last twice as long. that's next. and then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. coming up the president arriving at the capitol moments ago. the crisis on the bored will he act in the tornado touching down later on the airport meltdown. 100s slepg at the airport four nights now next. >> thanks. see you then. new at 6:00 a top consumer advocate takes his pharmacy to task for what it told his doctor. . he says he was tattled on.
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he says he was tattled on. michael finney looks into the ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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lawmakers in san francisco received a briefing on a trefrsle nishltive on the november ballot you'll be voting on. it sets specifications for the minimum size of spaces for egg laying hens, pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal. they say putting this emin tight spaces and cruel and compromise
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sees food safety. the laws already mandate that the zms must be given room to move freely. >> we set a gel for cage free. business is working on that. people have gotten loans from banks. these things are going op something like $250 million plus has been spent. >> mathis says the mandates will increase food prices and could drive farmers out of state. >> this is different. a start-up back by capitol hill farm. proposes to make avocado stay ripe. the difference in avocados with and without products. the powder made of food waste and other plant material is mixwood water and used to coat avocados changing how water and oxygen goat in and out. both bill gates and the vc farm back it. costco will start selling the
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avocados if the mid-west. >> choosing a name. sometimes it takes a village. that's next. first we want to thank bahram for this picture of the fog at mount tam. share your pictures with the hashtag abc 7
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coming up ton on abc news at 6:00. >> i want people to know in re
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rights. >> activist ernie brockovich travels to the north bay to take on an old foe and offer advise to victims of the devastating fires. a bay area treasure. but a power struggle is threatening the future of san francisco's glide memorial church. we will show you the steps amazon is taking to try to keep delivered packages safe from thieves. come up in half an hour. finally for now the newest resident at six flags, discovery kingdom if vallejo needs your help. >> here she is, the little -- cute little sea lion pup born saturday. the first offspring of lulu recently rked by the marine mammal center. >> six flags is running a contest to help find a name for the pup. anyone can take part. go to the facebook page. the deadline is this friday. >> what a cute little face. >> snuggle how is that. >> that's my entry. you have to come up with another one.
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that's doing it for now. world news with david muir up next. >> for all of us here, snuggles, we appreciate your time. see you again in a half hour. >> glad you like it. >> that's great. tonight, the pressure on the president, and just moments ago, he arrived at the capitol. the crisis at the border. tent cities going up to house children separated from their parents. children now in detention facilities. some kept in cages. and in some cases, parents are being deported, sent home without their children. president trump today hugging the american flag, doubling down on his zero tolerance policy. the president just arriving on the hill to shouting, and what he just said. also tonight, the tornado touching down late today. the tornado watch, as we come on the air. as severe storms now hit several states. meteorologist ginger zee is standing by. the airport meltdown.
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the airline forced to cancel over 2,000 flights. why hundreds of passengers have been sleeping at the airport for four nights now. the police takedown. the video that made national


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