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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for ama daetz. >> two men. with pride weekend just around the corner, police are saying people need to be vigilant. lyanne melendez in san francisco live with this story. >> reporter: the circumstances are bizarre. both men are gay. and one was attacked if san francisco, one was attacked in oakland, they happened on the same night. scott long of oakland was struck from behind as he was walking home on june 9th. >> i got a glimpse of ru his jaw and :e h had cheekbone. oakland police came to his house
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to follow up on the investigation. the human right's activist who deals with lgbtq issues there doesn't seem to be a motive. he made a left on bernice street to go home. >> i didn't see anything coming. didn't hear anything, it was out of the blue. and he bet the living out of me. >> reporter: tate who also goes by the name gingersnap was punched, kicked and dragged. police are treating it as a hate crime. with pride weekend around the corner, police are recommending that people travel in groups. >> are you able to walk with me. or hey, can you make sure i make
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it home safely and in a timely manner. that makes a big difference as well. >> reporter: and i have to say san francisco police maintain that hate crimes are not up in the city although gingersnap, the man who was beaten in san francisco told me that two of his friends were recently attacked also in the same area. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. thank you. union city police investigating a shootout between officers and three teenage suspects. police say they tried to stop this silver toyota camry that was reported stolen. one of the suspects was hitnd
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injuries. >> i thought it was fire works. 20, 30 shots. >> two of the boys are 16-years old and the other is 15. none of the officers were hurt. a bill that would change the standards for when police can exchange fire has proposed. limiting the use of deadly force. it would raise the standard from reasonable to necessary. the bill, the first of its kind in the u.s. and heads to a second committee. group of democratic lawmakers had heated words for president trump. watch what happened in this encounter. >> quit separating the kids. mr. president, don't you have kids? don't you have kids, mr. president? how would you like -- >> that was congressman juan
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vargas of southern california. the president urged them to pass broad. and as the outrage continues to grow, more protest across the country today. the big question is how long this controversial practice will be sustainable. chris nguyen has more. >> reporter: outside the immigration and custom enforcement officer in san francisco. the policy which has led to 2300 undocumented children being separated from their parents. many coming from countries like el salvador, and honduras where the murder rate is distance andf that if they are not desperate.
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>> reporter: some members of the administration says the policy is being used to deter illegal immigration. >> the notion of family integrity, family unity and to pull a child away from their parents without justification is unconstitutional. and likely to be found so if found in court. >> reporter: calling for the justice at the present ti justice department to put an end to the practice. saying it is horrifying that an american president would direct this cruel zero tolerance policy. a letter signed urging jeff sessions to stop the policy >> a group of people who are willing to die, take the arduous, dangerous journey up
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from those countries into the united states. >> reporter: the house expected to vote on two immigration bills this week. chris nguyen, abc7 news. the political cartoonist behind a viral cartoon that criticized trump immigration policy is getting love from the bay area. it depicts a sign of an immigrant family crossing a highway but shows a silhouetted trump. this is how political cartoons should be displayed, he tweeted. you will find information from contacting the aclu to local
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rapid response agencies. new at 6:00, a suspect in a sexual assault case is on the lose in the north bay. santa rosa police released these surveils images. it happened in a parking lot of an apartment complex on jennings avenue. the victim says the man pushed her to the ground and put his hand up her dress. when she screamed he ran off. close call for homeowners in the east bay. in san ramon a grass fire came close to some homes. burned a few feet away from several backyards. it grew to 40 acres on a hillside. the fire is now fully contained. we are getting a close look at some of the rebuilding happening in areas devastated by
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last year's wildfire. and now a familiar face whose legendary battle against pg&e was made into a movie. wayne freedman spoke exclusively with erin brockovich. >> reporter: i am here to remind people that they have a voice and that it counts. >> reporter: we still don't know exactly what she said because she closed the set but we know the essence of it. >> it has got to be their worst nightmare? >> i don't think of myself as a brand. everybody else does. >> she is doing to do radio
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commercials and we are going to have direct mail with her mace m messages in it. >> reporter: legal teams have now taken dead aim on pg&e with billions of dollars in claims. reports from cal fire say the utility fire lines sparked and started the blazes. >> i am here for the people and often times they will be uncomfortable or they don't think they should get representation or need representation and that is not true. i want people to know their rights. >> reporter: ar for pg&e, we reached out for a response and received a statement quote the loss of life, homes and businesses in these extraordinary wildfires is simply heart breaking a. in windsor, wayne freedman, abc7
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news. the environment assessment to the sir francis drake road study. including resurfaces and restoring. the environmental upgrades include stabilizing more than 700 feet of the boulevard that has severely eroded. a local state senator wants to improve patient disclosure. if the doctor is disciplined for criminal activity or professional misconduct. the testimony from victims of jim nassar. breezy and cool in some spots. he
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( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant.
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. more than 500 guns were seized from a convicted felon in
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los angeles. 60-year-old manuel hernandez was in possession of a large arsenal of fire arms. 432 guns were found. the next day another 91 guns were found hidden in the home. a bill to ban gun shows passed the there have been previous attempts on a ban show there. unions representing workers in san francisco is demanding investigation into allegations of racism by the city. members of the service employees international union rallied at the steps of city hall today. claiming a disproportionate share of african americans are
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passed over. >> the harassment, bullying and blatant terror is what i have experienced. >> supervisors including jane kim and sandra lee announced they will be holding hearings to investigate these problems. >> an iconic san francisco church is being stripped of its pastors. glide memorial united methodist church is facing upheaval. carolyn tyler has the story. >> we are working on getting carolyn's story for you. >> reporter: attracts both celebrities and the ordinary.
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and for its charismatic reverend who retired after 50 years but keeps on going. >> with this new bishop, that entirely legacy is being child. >> reporter: she and the trustees received notice from the bishops that glide's clergy, the two you see seated on the left will be reaseensigned and replaced. >> i know today is a hard day. >> reporter: the church hierarchy declined on to state why this is being done. >> she brings in more conservative religious philosophy with her. and we feel that it is not in
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line with glide's values. >> reporter: sources tell us there is tension between the glide foundation. and the united methodist church over who has authority over the religious institution. as of july 1st, no preachers to lead the congregation. >> we can overcome this. >> it is not for glide to stop. it is for glide to go on. >> reporter: in san francisco. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. all right. let's move on and turn your attention to the weather. it is going to get a little steamy around here. how steamy, that is the question we have for spencer christian. >> i will show you just how steamy and where it will occur in just a moment. showing mainly sunny skies across the bay area. you can see quite a marine layer on the coastline. right now, from our rooftop
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camera we are looking at blue skies. currently it is only 58 degrees in san francisco. 66, 71 in san jose. and this is a view you can see from emeryville. the marine layer making its advance from the coastline. napa 73. 81 fairfield and concord. and here is the view from the east bay hills camera. out towards the marine layer. the oncoming marine layer. these are our forecast features. low clouds and fog expanding. mainly mild to warm next two days and then sizzling summer heat on friday, saturday, and sunday. check out the wind speeds. gusts 17 at novato, all around
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the bay area right now pretty breezy and will remain that way for a while. >> locally, inland, many inland locations will remain under clear skies. the morning lows will be generally in the mid-50s. 60 at half moon bay. 66 san francisco. go over the hills and into walnut creek, 88 tomorrow. now, thursday, it is going to bring us temperatures much like we will see tomorrow. this range inland. as we advance to the max temperature trend for the next two or three days not much change on thursday, still mild to warm. heat increases on friday. highs in the 90s. one or two locations may top out to 100. saturday hottest day in the forecast with several inland locations hit 100 or above.
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80s on the bay and 70s on the coast. bear things in mind. the most extreme heat will be inland areas. higher risk of heat related illness. that increases the fire danger as well. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild to warm the next couple of days. hot inland. tomorrow and saturday. still a very warm day as we wind up pride weekend. and then we get refreshingly cool air arriving on monday or tuesday. a moderate pattern. prepare for the heat if you are going to be outside for extended periods of time. apply the sunscreen. >> i thought you were going to say drink plenty of water. >> of course. remain hydrated. more problems for tesla
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. is tesla in crisis?crisis?cs >> ceo elon musk sent an e-mail to its employees about possible sabotage. carlos saucedo has the story. >> reporter: can't seem to catch a break. a possible sabotage against tesla from a disgruntled employee. an internal e-mail details the person involved could not get a promotion. and then there is the ongoing criticism over the company's autopilot issues. >> sabotage the code, is a huge concern. >> reporter: troubling to tammy
6:25 pm
madsen. >> is this affecting musk credibility as a leader? there is questioning of that. but he is still receiving support from the board and from his organization. >> reporter: the company is moving forward to meet a manufacturing goal of model 3. this in the midst of layoffs. more than 500 job cuts in the bay area. we skyped with a man book about tesla. >> so me, it is what is happening at the factory that is going to make or break that company. if they don't make that goal and continue to lose money, they are in deep trouble. >> reporter: elon musk continues to tweet that they will meet their goals. uber is making a push to get its drivers into the bay area.
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drivers can earn a $1 per ride bonus if they use a plug in hybrid or full battery electric vehicle. 500 miles in electric vehicles over the next year. now how this latest trade drama is affecting the stock market. >> the u.s. pulls out of the united nations human rights council. do you know if your pharmacist communicates with your physician? are you
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six straight losses for the
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dow jones. today comes amidst new worries about a trade dispute. >> the chinese government has said it will retaliate. the dow was down 280 points. the s&p fell 11 points. maggie ruly has the latest now on fears of a trade war. >> reporter: threatening another round on tariffs on china. the white house making the announcement after china said it was slapping tariffs. a retaliatory moves. saying these tariffs are needed to better protect american intellectual technology property and
6:31 pm
china says they are not afraid of a trade war. and commerce ministry calling the move blackmail. >> when we talk to the chinese government, they have indicated they will retaliate and attempt to focus on products that are problematic for the trump administration and an impact on the u.s. consumers. >> if china retaliates again, going even further. and if that happens that would mean nearly every product coming into the u.s. from china would be under tariffs. maggie ruli, north korean kim jong-un is in
6:32 pm
>> he said china would as always play a constructive role in that process. critical reaction tonight. the european union sets a decision risks under mining the role of the united states. nikki haley u.s. ambassador to the united nations accuses the un body. >> does not allows to remain apart of the hypocritical sev serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights. >> not a first. the administration of george w. bush. the u.s. joined only in 2009
6:33 pm
under president obama. nba player has sued the city of milwaukee and police department over a violent arrest. confronting sterling brown while giving him a citation. one of them used a taser on brown. the federal lawsuit claims officers used excessive force and discriminated against him because he is black. >> 12 minutes he was left sitting or laying on the ground after being abused. this kind of conduct must stop. >> the police chief apologized to brown last month but has not commented on the lawsuit. milwaukee's mayor says he hopes the lawsuit will be a turning point and help improve relations. one of the stars of black panther honored the hero of the
6:34 pm
deadly waffle shooting. this is going to live in your house. >> he had no idea he would be getting a chadman trophy. oakland native ryan coogler directed "black panther." cutting down on theft and apartment lobby
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three-month old baby bald eagle that fell out of its nest is at a rehabilitation hospital in the east bay. leslie brinkley was there as doctors examined. >> one little bruise, h bruise,h
6:38 pm
lucky. >> reporter: lucky. to lindsey wildlife experience in walnut creek yesterday evening >> the wing around the bruise seems okay. >> reporter: the white bandages on for protection. >> hit a branch on the way down. at that point decided to put it back in the nest. we elected to give subcutaneous fluids. and he got calories and hand fed him some mice. >> reporter: lucky thought the mice are nice and then got released in this aviariy to stretch out the wings. 15-year-old justin luccas is one of the eagle eye photographers. he shared some photos of the
6:39 pm
eagles as we showed him shots of lucky in rehab. >> it wasn't getting food. >> reporter: officials are hoping to release lucky back to its nest and family in a week or two. they have to make sure lucky can fly first. another animal story to share, a litter of mountain lion kittens were found in santa moni monica. they discovered the litter by falling the mother's activity. the mountain lions are a protected species in california. is your
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ a bill to improve patient disclosure if a doctor is disciplined for criminal activity cleared a key committee hearing. under the bill, doctors would be required to notify their patient the directly if they are placed
6:43 pm
on probation by the medical board. three young women who were victimized in the dr. larry nassar scandal testified at the hearing. >> just give knowledge. give patients the knowledge and allow them to make the decision themselves. >> the california medical board opposes the bill. san mateo state senator jerry hill authored the bill. what is the difference between a patient consultation and tattling? >> good question. and that is what our "7 on your side" michael finney is looking into. here now with distinctions. >> this question is an interesting one. and it came up, one of the nation's foremost consumer advocates received a letter from
6:44 pm
his doctor. >> we have been annoyed at getting these premature notices from our pharmacies, time to renew your prescription and you still have a month left of your old pills. >> reporter: the founder of the influential consumer website. he ignored the pestering and then he got this letter from his doctor. he posted it online. i received a note from cvs care maker stating your history indicates you may not be taking your prescription. >> i thought that cvs was tattling to my docto prescription taking habits and didn't think that was right. >> reporter: then he posted that online too. a review of your patient's retail and patient history indicates that the patient may
6:45 pm
have stopped using his or her medication it read in part. i asked cvs about tattling and was told taking medication correctly is important. we send re-file reminders and late-to-fill outreach to plan members. >> if you call it tattling, then you think it is bad. those things, just the choice of words makes it sound bad. >> reporter: that is uc san francisco medical professor expert in public health issues. >> the pharmacist and the doctor are a part of the team. and one part of the team talked to the other part of the team. >> they want me to adhere to my r regiment. but they want to make money, and make money on the renewal of my
6:46 pm
prescription. >> reporter: points out the physician asked if there was an issue. i want to hear from you. you have a complaint about your doctor, let me know about it. hotline is open monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. (415) 954-8151. >> that is an interesting case. something to think about. >> for the first time in 110 years, general electric will not be part of the dow jones industrial average. the has run into tough times lately. its stock was the worst performing last year and down under 25%. part of the reason why ge was ousted. the champion is starting next day home delivery from 98 locations. cost $4.99. same day delivery service and is
6:47 pm
now expanding that to san francisco. they will also deliver vitamins and personal care items as well. package theft. amazon says more than 5,000 people have access to hub lockers. they are different than the lockers amazon has installed. property owners can request a hub for their building on amazon's website. all right. let's update the weather forecast. heat is coming. >> that is right. going to get hot in the 90s >> maybe up to 100 in some spots. right along with the arrival with summer. we have mainly sunny skies right now with the marine layer at the coast. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid-50s and tomorrow look for another mild to warm day. no real extremes likely.
6:48 pm
breezy at the coast. we will see some mid to upper 80s. maybe 90s. with the heat coming our way friday, saturday, and sunday. most extreme heat will be inland. higher risk of heat illness and high fire danger. then the heat really arrives on friday with inland highs in the upper 90s. we will see mid to upper 80s around the bay and 70s along the coast. wrapping up pride weekend and then a cooler pattern developing on monday and tuesday and yes, stay hydrated. >> and be the you recommended that one. interesting baseball. >> hunter strick land
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entresto, for heart failure.
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good evening. giants closer hunter strickland taking a page from the lebron james handbook. out six to eight punched. last night took a two run lead. he was chirping and as he left in what turned into a 5-4 marlins victory, and strickland punches out a door in the clubhouse. strickland under went surgery this afternoon.
6:53 pm
the bone that strickland broke is your fifth metacarpal. it is the same bone that longoria and bumgarner have both broken this season. draymond green could be celebrating his third championship at some posh undisclosed location. he has been to several pre draft workouts. he plans to be hanging around when the warriors make their 28th overall pick. he will be on the premises. >> he just loves basketball. i mean what is he doing here? that is the other thing. you know, he is at our draft workout on whatever day is today, tuesday. and stays. you know, he came in the draft room yesterday and he is, that
6:54 pm
is the kind of guys you want. that is our business. it's basketball. to have a guy like him, three time champion cares about who we are taking at 28. the players look over there and say that is draymond green. he was a 35th pick. crisis at the world cup. so many fans and drinking so much, many restaurants in moscow are running out of beer. it is hot and football and they are all drinking. hosting egypt. 47-minute firing a ball. and 2-0 arten zumba.
6:55 pm
russia, nice move. colombia taking on japan. with the corner kick. perfectly placed header. japan shocks colombia. first time an asian has beaten a south american team. senegal's kick is going to deflect off a poland defender and it is another own goal which is disastrous in soccer. 1-0 senegal in the 60th minute. allowing senegal to come in for an injured player and he shoots and scores on an empty net. yes, the first pump. he was also displaying his fifth metacarpal. so how me your 5th met carpal
6:56 pm
right there. >> this one. >> everyone has got it. and if you do this, it will often break. so don't do it. >> not even before your little league game. >> medical instructions. >> join us at kofy-tv 20 cable channel 13. the tightening security for international travel. new rules explained you to at 9:00. >> you have seen the conditions, you have heard the cries. how these children taken from families and stored in cages some of them will be impacted psychologically. at 8:00, and at 8:30, the middle. two episodes of blackish, at 10:00, the last defense. and 11 abc7 news jimmy kimmel live, steve martin and martin
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show. a funny show. >> we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am kristen sze, for spencer christian, and larry beil, and the entire abc7 news team. thank you for joining us. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00.
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