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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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pressure and signed an executive order says will end family separations at the u.s./mexico border. >> according to the the president, family as caught crossing into country illegally will be housed together in detention centers. >> so we are keeping families together and this will solve that problem. at the same time we are keeping a very powerful border. and it continues to be a zero tolerance. >> now, for days the president insisted that only dwres could end the separations. >> yeah, the president's action is likely to face legal challenge since current rules priblt the federal government from detaining immigrant children even if they're with parents for more than 20 days. >> and one official tells "the new york times" that 2,300 children are already separated if parents will not be immediately reunited with them. >> the adults will stay in federal custody during the immigration proceedings from now on. this issue is still generating a lot of reaction as you can imagine here at home.
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>> abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman is live in emeryville with more. >> reporter: good afternoon if this immigration debate ever needed catalyst. there is a debate in the bay area from both sides of the issue. let's start with the side you don't often hear, the conservative side. >> the law is definitely the law. and we have to maintain laws because we are a country of laws. to for so long the laws have been ignored regarding grimes. >> that from steve kemp of the golden gate mintman, a kevlt group of donald trump supporters who say the pictures of immigrant children separated from their parents may simply be tools of the liberal left and the media. >> i would say that they're having a better time here than possily where they came from. and we have to -- we have to keep them somewhere until we if if figure out where they need to to go. >> we'll have a lot of happy people. >> when trump president trump signed the order it happened after a press conference of east bay leaders in oakland this morning. they had heard the signing might be coming. but still spoke of separation in terms of moral principles.
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>> we think it's wrong to criminalize an entire population of people based on national origin, based on language. >> highly stressful experiences like family separation can cause irreparable harm, disrupting a child's brain architecture and affecting his and her short term health. >> who ever came across the border illegally is to blame. that's who is to blame. i guess if they came with thirnts the parents fault. because the parent should have come through a normal point of entry. >> and the words keep on coming. from house minority leader nancy pelosi today. another compensate which reads in part, quote with, using terrified small children as lerchl represents unspeakably appalling low point for our nation. in other words, all of this is going to continue for quite a while. in emeryville, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. wayne, thank you. the president's executive order is getting a tepp i had response from the south bay
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congressman ro khanna. >> he calls it a small nod to decency ens by ending the barbaric practice of separating children from parents. but replaces one problem with another by locking up families in detainment together. >> california senator kamala harris says the president's order does not fix the crisis. she says it provides no solution for the children already separated from their families. congressman eric swalwell has this to say. >> the president was right to stop this that policy. but let's not give him a medal for starring the fire and bringing the fire hose. >> and that facebook campaign to help reunit undocumented immigrants parents separated from children has raisele oed well over $13 million. two of facebook's earliest employees started the campaign sunday. for more information about the immigrates debate go to our website, abc 7 a judge heard appropriatings today from both sides in a lawsuit brought by the trump
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administration against california's sanctuary state laws. the white house's lawsuit focuses on parts of three specific california laws. each of the laws aims to protect undocumented immigrants from being deported. pople rallied on both sides of the issue outside the federal kmous in sacramento. >> i'm just so outraged what our country is doing to the most vulnerable people in our country. this is not what our country should be and it has to stop. >> they should do it legally. get it line and become legal citizens. >> the federal has accused california of strikeouting efforts to enforce immigration law. california wants the lawsuit dpised >> there is a legal challenge tonight in an old scandal at the santa clara county sheriff's office involving racist texts and a new appeal from the head of the deputy sheriff's union. abc 7 news reporter chris wynn is live at sheriff's headquarters in san jose with the story. chris. >> reporter: kristen, this petition was recently filed in court and for the first time we are seeing more of the racist
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and vulgar messages sent by deputies. we are learning more about the involvement of the union president. the sheriff telling us he should have been fired. >> abc 7 news obtained obtainedd don morrissey i the department county sheriff association. failing to report hate speech in text threat to june of the following year. mentals many racist homophobic and many vulgar in nate we can't share. morrissey maintains he didn't read all the messages and didn't partake in making the comments. however court documents show he rarely told those on the thread to stop. he is appealsing the most recent demotion to deputy which is a recommendation the sheriff's office said was made by a disciplinary review board last year. >> these are outrageous racist compensates no person with these feelings or conveys them or has
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them deserves to be in law enforcement. we are sporn to protect everybody. to see this level of hatred is unusual. >> morrissey was previously knotted from lieutenant to sergeant years prior after an internal investigation in 2012 found he spent hours browsing pornography while at work. in regards to the arbitration regarding the text messages. lori smith says she stayed out of the initial investigation because she didn't want molecularsy to claim retaliation. >> more morrissy and the union did not rurp our requests for comment reporting live in san jose, i'm chris wynn, 7. >> chris, thank you. san francisco and b.a.r.t. police are joining forces to combat the growing problem of drug use inside the civic center b.a.r.t. and immuny station. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is outside the station to explain how that works. >> reporter: dan, already we see some changes here. but next month you'll yourself
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who is miepding the civic center station. and the answer will be woegt sf p. d. and b.a.r.t. police. civic center station is considered a transportation. hub for immuny and b.a.r.t. riders. a gateway to the center of downtown. >> this is the heart of san francisco. >> yet this video taken last april by a wart commuter highlighting san francisco's massive drug aiks dicks. problem. city hall announced a collaboration between b.a.r.t. officers and san francisco police to patrol the station. 300 additional hours a week. >> it shouldn't matter to people that use b.a.r.t. which police department is covering this jair, which police department has jurisdiction they want to feel safe zpl you'll see officers, full deployment, sometimes overlapping. we'll have plain clothes in addition to uniformed officers. drug addicts as taken early in were aware of a shift change
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between b.a.r.t. officers. today the corridors were patrolled by police. granted they knew the media would be there. >> we have closed the gaps and we don't foresee any issues with having any gaps of time. >> when officers approach someone using drugs they will refer them to outreach teams. >> and really we believe as a city that's a good option to give people. >> and if they say no. >> then we have the criminal justice option. and then that -- you know the merits of the case determine how far that impose. >> the health department knows that convincing a drug addict to get help is an uphill proposition with a low success are rate. >> at least 10% of all the people we get we're able to engage them. most of the services are voluntary and at times the individual isn't quite ready but they know they're on the radar and we keep engaging them. >> and this collaboration between the police and b.a.r.t. police will officially begin july 2nd. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. the drug crisis is a problem all over the bay area. san mateo county is now suing over it. they say a local company is making the epidemic worse by putting profits above people. that's next. plus opposition over last call. longer hours at local bars have some wanting to turn off the tap. and will go for work. one bay area cities ranks the top spot for jobs. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. astronomic
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♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. san mateo county is suing mccommitteesen corporation and two other formzle distributors. the county says the three companies are causing a public health crisis. vic lee is live at the county offices in redwood city to explain. vic. >> reporter: this lawsuit was filed in san francisco superior
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court today. now, san mateo wants mccommitteesen and those two companies to stop selling opioid based drugs in its county. the lawsuit goes after what lawyer joe cashet calls legalized drug deal zbleers the only difference between the three entities we are ewe suing and drug dealers is they operate out of high-rise building in suits and ties. >> san mateo county is suing mccommitteesen corporation, cardinal health and mary source bergen which distribute opiate based pharmaceuticals. >> our lawsuit is focused at the three big distributors that have about 90% of the market. they are the ones who move this deadly product into the pipeline. >> reporter: the pipeline, doctors, pharmacies and illegal dealers. the deadly product, opioid based drugs which the suit says are overprescribed appear sold without telling customers the real dangers of addiction.
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last year in this county 97 people died from drugs. >> we are seeing more overdoses reported. 37 of our residents died due to opened oids. >> reporter: thousands more were treated for addiction. the lawsuit is asking for damages, money that go back to san mateo county to cover the costs of what it calls a public health crisis. >> you know who ends up paying for that? the county taxpayers. the hospitals. the policemen. >> we certainly would use the proceeds to pay those costs and hopefully to do outreach to citizen base the dangers of these drugs. >> reporter: now mccommitteesen corporation told us they do not respond to pending lawsuits. the other two companies have yet to respond to our calls. vic lee, abc 7 news. vic, thank you. an effort to give california the strongest net neutrality protections in the nation hit a major snag in the same assembly.
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the bill advanced in a committee vote but state lawmakers cut out proiks that is go beyond the net neutrality rules. lawmakers thought the original bill went too far. the measure was supposed to set the gold standard and create the toughest protection that is launches in other states would seek to replicate. >> an effort to extend bar hours in califoria may be on the rocks following opposition in san francisco. mothers against drunk driefgt and other opponents rallied against the measure that would extend the last call to 4:00 a.m. gichg the seven largest cities to extend hours. opponents say it adds new costs creating health issues for people drinking and lead to more dangerous roads. >> you already might have two or three drinks and then you're going to have another one or two if you stay another two hours. ewe more drunk and you're more drousy. and it's earlier in the day. and it makes everything more dangerous. >> other other similars have
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been introduced and killed several times since 2004. >> and they he want to make sure that california has the ability to charge all the electric vehicles out on the road. they held a hearing on a bill to hear from the california commission to hear about the capacity of the charging system and what will be needed to support millions of additional karps in the future. california has a goal of putting 5 million electric or zero emission vehicles on the road by 2030. well it seems younger consumers are willing to let insurers see their digital data if it leads to lower premiums. >> 7 oushds michael finney here with that. >> this is a supergeneration. that's what the numbers say. a new survey says most i mean millennials will give up some information for lower health premium. but salesforce owned mule soft.
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they would allow the insurance provider to use third party dat if they got personized service and lower ream yums it could be used from facebook or other social media siting .numbers drops as people age. researchers say they expect a more connected experience and will change providers if the expectations are not met. facebook group may charge a subscription if fee are fee for access. they launched a pilot program to see if person pay for. >> -- that groaning? the paid subscription groups would be a smaller subset of ong others the pilot project includes declutter my home and groan and flown parents. and san jose is the number one job market in the country according to the san mateo job search company zippia. in the survey san jose includes
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sunnyvale and santa clara. go figure. zippia says those communities are the cultural center of tech community. zippia based it on how much wages rose and unemployment fell. facebook should let us know if they find people willing to pay for videos and content. >> there you go. onto the weather. >> announcer: the act weather forecasts. hi, everyone. if you like the weather you're enjoying tomorrow. after that all bets are off. live doppler 7 showing the fog near the coast. inland seeing the sun. we have a good breeze going through the delta area. fairfield right now gusting to 35. sfo 33. and that's one of the main reasons why it's not getting hot out there. now, summer solstice against at 3:07 tomorrow morning. the sun's reyes directly over the tropic of cancer. and we definitely feel the heat heading into friday. so get ready. i want to show you the temperature trend for livermore.
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tomorrow amp still pleasant in the mid-80s. look at friday and saturday. upper 90s to low 100s. sunday temperatures the temperatures back off. and by next week more comfortable if you don't like the hot weather. a live picture if the south beach looking over the bay a few wispy clouds across the bay. but definitely bright. 58 in san francisco. in the sixth from oakland to mountain view. 8 had in gilroy. mount diablo from the east bay hills camera basketing in the sun right now. and here are the numbers in the 70s from santa rosa to fairfield. 82 degrees in concord. one other live picture from the golden gate bridge camera. a nice looking day. the forecast areas of fog overnight a steady pattern continues tomorrow then heats up inland friday and saturday with warmer conditions on the coast. with the heat comes increased fire danger, friday and saturday and sunday. hot breezy afternoon the. low humidity and dry vegetation. any fires that stop spread
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rapidly. temperatures first thing in the morning in the 50s. fog near the coast and around parts of the bay heading into the afternoon. a lot like today. sunny and warm inland with 80s along the coastline. fog will linger with the sea breeze. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s for your thursday. now here is friday. you start to notice it heats up. triple digits inland. 60s at the coast. the sizzle continue saturday. on the coastline warmer as well. that's why we expect with the kissling conditions inland excessive heat watch issued for lake county and solano county. temperatures in the low to upper 100s. that's excessive. heat. definitely stay hydrated and cool. here are heat tips. plenty of water, wear lightweight clothing don't leave kids and pets in the car. and take frequent breaks in the shade, especialy if you have to work outside. don't worry for the pride. it's not that hot. sunny and mild friday.
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certainly near 80 degrees mild and warm on sunday but not as warm as saturday. accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this. summer begins tomorrow morning at 3:07. we have triple digit heat coming friday and saturday. coastside from the i had mid-60s friday to low 70s saturday. then the heat moderates for the pride parade. temperatures continue to drop, monday, tuesday and wednesday. up back to 80s inland. >> that's nice. >> it will be. welcome change. >> thanks. when life give us a lemonade stand. kids are making a difference one cup at a time affection. new at 6:00 looking into why criminal authorities launched a criminal investigation into the death of a great white shark in santa cruz.
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kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. we are following developing news in the east bay. hazmat and air quality convertings around the chevron refinery in richmond. after a flaring incident. sky7 over the 7. chevron sails the flaring lasted about two hours but since stopped. they say it was connected to an issue a processing unit not shut down. there have been no reports of anyone get sick. >> a win today i sacramento fohe efforthe ballpark in oakland. lawmakers advanced the bill that would speed up the review process for the ballpark if the
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project faces environmental challenges. in addition the bill prohibit as judge from halting construction unless there was an imminent life or safety risk. the measure replies to both sites the cs consider. howard terminal and the coliseum. it heads to the senate jshdary committee for a vote. here with a productive way to keep kids busy this summer and teach them about felon philanthropy. >> you can go to the sfm food site and download a intable kit for the lemonade stand in the volunteer section. that easy. the kit include as banner, recipe and signs. the kpaun is set up so kids can take charge. >> it takes you know your parents' permission, lemons an willingness to jump in and have a good time. >> julie and her family raised
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about $200 this we could. that represents shh 1,000 of meals for the food bank because they can buy so efficiently. >> all right the tale of bear one trapped in a car near lake tahoe and a deputy figures out how to free him. >> but first from claude, this picture of mount tam. >> layoff the shadow play. you can see it on air or online at >> superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc 7 nuts opinion minute by minute forecasts, plus
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>> announcer: the signs are everywhere. the conversations are changing. the words, they're personal. some signs you seek out. some find you. and behind every sign is someone's story. our job, see the signs, earn your trust, be an ally where you live. we do more than cover local news. at abc 7 it's our mission to do your story justice. i'm ama daetz coming coming up on news at 6:00. it operated in the shadows for decade but now the illegal pot industry is struggling to make it way in the legal marketplace.
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also. >> we have no clue, none what so far. we have torn apart the garage, the car, motor home. >> lost and never found, how "7 on your side" made it right for a north bay couple who misplaced a valuable item during the chaos of the fires last year. all coming up on news at 6:00. >> see you then. a lot of people know where playser county because the ever sheriffs department released video of a bear in a car. >> here is natasha zouves from abc mornings. >> look a brave deputy has to set the animal free from the car. the playser county sheriff's office sharing the video showing the deputy breaking the window to help the trapped bear. and there it goes. the bear somehow got inside of this subaru outback and destroyed the interior so badly, the doors couldn't be unlocked. >> well the sheriffs department reminds of us don't leave food in the car, not even a tick tack. >> world news tonight with david
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muir next. >> for all of us here we apreciate your time. look tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the president's about-face. president trump signing an executive order late today, he says, ending the separation of children from their parents at the border. saying he did not like the sight or the feeling of families being separated. even though it began with his zero tolerance policy. the country and the world, for days, seeing children in cages. tonight, after signing the order, the president now saying, "i think the word compassion comes into it." and tonight, the boy separated from his family for hs u., aerisatr was ne as he now leaves the u.s., and we're in guatemala, witnessing the new trauma. the tornado watch, as we come on the air tonight. at least five reported twisters and the flash flood emergency unfolding right now. roads submerged.


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