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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 23, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show. "right this minute."thda >> a man surprised to see his new york brother in l.a. >> he's puzzled. he doesn't get it. >> but see why the bigger surprise is yet to come. >> what? no. some whale watchers got quite lucky. what it's like in the middle of an orca invasion. >> i've never seen anything like this. never. ♪ if you've ever thought -- >> dashcams are a good idea. >> now see the video proof. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a tourist at the beach. >> hi. >> why this prankster's got a problem. celebrate a birthday.n my shoe.
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>> happy birthday! >> happy birthday! the gray sweatshirt. he is in shock because his brother, kevin, has traveled across the country from new york to visit and celebrate his birthday in los angeles. . >> oh. >> yay. >> these guys have lived away from each other for 20 years. nevertheless, they remained best friends. and they really miss each other. >> i just did the math, i've been living apart from my brother for 20 years as well. >> these guys decided it would be really cool to surprise eric and share a birthday together, but there's another surprise. >> greatest present ever. >> we got you a little ll?ething. >> they blindfold him now. >> come on. hoe.hey walk him inside the and next surprise.
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there it is. >> he's stunned. >> no. he's puzzled. he doesn't get it. >> neither do we. ♪ >> what? >> what? >> welcome to our new home. the birthday surprise is that his brother and his family have decided to move across the country, set up shop in los angeles, so they could live together as a big family. >> this is a great surprise. >> yes. >> it's beautiful. >> no. >> when he realizes that this is true, he, like, turns red and ad he's holding back tears. you can see it. >> he's squeezing the tear duct. >> i'm not going to cry. >> oh. >> i'm not. >> it's not working because they're coming. >> oh, my gosh. now we can build forts and ride bikes and build a lemonade stand and watch movies together. this is going to be great. >> his wife is like come get him off my hand, please. >> he's trying to hold it together and finally accepts the news and gives his brother a big
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old hug. dude. >> amazing. ♪ dashcams are a good idea, in russia, i'm going to go out on a limb and say they're a must. >> yeah, essential. >> driving down the road in these wet conditions, wie see several people darting across the street. >> oh! >> that was somebody -- that was probably somebody's grandma. >> actually we believe it was a younger person, middle-aged person. got the first person and, boom. >> oh, they were trying to make it. >> like they're aiming for the car, though. they just committed to their line and didn't affect their speed at all. >> she gets hit, she falls to the ground and then just gets back up and kbogoe and goes. those russians are made of steel. >> she does stumble a little bit. she's not going anywhere so quickly because police got involved. apparently she took a breathalyzer. there was alcohol in her system. they took her to the hospital but she wasn't injured seriously. they released her.
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just had a few bruises. >> few bruises, my butt. that's going to be a massive whiplash, the wind shield is broken. let's move over to england. this man is greateful he had hi dashcam going. >> pay attention to the person on the bike. >> gosh. >> that was worth than a flop you'd see in the world cup >> yeah, most definitely was. the driver believes this is a crash for cash type of situation. we got this in slow motion as well and it's worse. the dude doesn't know he had a dashcam. when the driver let him know, suddenly he was better. initially, he hops up, stumbles around, looks bewildered. >> go get a job. >> as we say in the uk, get on your bike, mate. >> funny. take some acting classes while you're at it. let's say you're on vacation and book one of those whale watching tours. there's no guarantee you're going to really see anything. you hope to maybe see one or two. >> wow. is there anything in the water but whales? >> these people got quite lucky
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because everywhere you look, there are whales. actually, orcas to be exact. just feeding like crazy. this is in norway. see all the birds overhead, too, trying to pick up the scraps, but the estimates here put this pod around 300 orcas. >> is there something in the water that's specifically luring all of them there? >> some of the information coming out about this says there were some fishermen in the area that may have corralled up some fish. that could be what attracted the whales into this area and that just started this whole frenzy of orcas spinning around, even the people in the boat, listen. >> i've never seen anything like this. never. >> honestly, i think your theory is pretty good. that looks like the fishing vessels in the distance. often you'll get birds wararoun there because of the fish driven up to the surface. the orcas got the word, too, vegas buffet. >> us first. >> the water boiling with life. >> this incredible scene brought
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to you us by -- imagine you're a young fit guy, break up one day and you're a bit disoriented. wimbledon is on. as you become more aware, you realize you're in hospital and you realize you're not doing so well. that's the story of tom who you're seeing here taking his first steps by himself three months after he was hit by a car at about 40 miles an hour while he was out cycling. now, he broke his jaw. didn't lose any teeth but also got some pretty severe brain damage to hisser cerebelum tha affects movement. he likes to ride his bike. also competes with an athletic club and so starts his long journey of recovery. >> so is it because he's so athletic that doctors credit him for being able to walk three months later? >> this is just the first step. literally and also just figuratively because this whole video follows the progress for
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one entire year after his injury and i think it works in such a way to inspire anyone who's going through their own struggle. >> that must be so frustrating for him. to be such a fit athlete then wake up like this. >> he had one month of an induced coma. seven weeks that he was in hospital. he had post traumatic amnesia for two months or more. the fact he survived is already a positive. >> also looks like he has a lot of friends and family around him supporting him. >> look, he's running. >> before you know it, he's back on the track and trying to teach his brain how to move again. >> his determination is impressive. >> wow. >> look at that running gait. looking so much more comfortable. so much more natural. here we have it. i thought it was a very inspiring video. i also thought it was uniquely british in a way because of the three hospitals he w he was in. he focused on his own recovery and not worry about the fact he wa s. >> watch what happens next.
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>> wow. your trap doesn't work. >> see the rescue coming up on "right this minute." and kev's sharing his take on his wife's makeup. >> but this time, he might have a point. >> never, ever believe her if she says she's not going to do that much. >> it gets hard to do the in betweenies. >> see if he's making up this hot debate. with over twenty combinations of sauces and toppings. the best lasagna is the one you create. new lasagna mia. for a limited time only at olive garden. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here?
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closed captioning provided by -- gentle exfoliants and seven moisturizers keep feet sandal ready up to two weeks. gold bond. ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. this home because there was a cat living underneath the house.
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they discovered the cat was got alone. here comes a cat they're calling beauty. she comes out because they set a trap for her. you know how hopeful paws works. they put something in the trap to lure the cat out. as you can see right here, the cat does get a meal. it's eating everything up. watch what happens next. bye. >> your trap doesn't work. >> they say the cat, beauty, didn't go deep enough inside the cage to trigger it. >> she's taking a baby. >> so she took one of her babies and took off, but she left the other ones in there. >> now we're getting the baby. oh, my god, they're all the way over there. >> what they do is get a couple devices, something that looks like they've just taken a towel or sheet or something and wrapped it around. probably a mop or a broom. and they also have a catch pole and you can see there they are, they believe they're about two weeks old when they pull them out. >> are they hoping to lure mom
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back with the baby? there we go. >> the next day they do come back with the kitten. you can hear them. [ meowing ] >> hello. >> she just is like, hey, you know what, you tricked me. then they have to go under this house to go get that one kitten that she did take away the kay before. look, they are already reunited and since her name is beauty, they all got beast names from "beauty and the beast." maurice, gaston, chip. sounds like they're all boys. thanks to the foundation, they all found homes. >> be our guest. if anyone asked this person why do you do what you do? all they'll have do is show this video. this one from anthony walsh, off sumat sumatra. what we're getting, well, just
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watch it. the slow-motion formation of the most beautiful wave which he is inside and it is just framed spectacularly. >> it's got to be a super surreal experience, right? >> you think we could replicate something like this in any kind of theme park ride where you could stand on a board and the water would automatically come up and curl around you? >> but you're not actually -- >> you're safe. you don't have to do the work. >> i'm never going to learn to surf well enough pto experience this incredible thrill. >> never say never. i think a lot of that rush comes from taming the wave as opposed to creating the effect but it's a pretty stunning video. men, listen. >> this time, he might have a point. because let's be honest, christian, when it comes to our hair and makeup, there is no in between. it's either all or nothing. >> kind of. t wein so mh of it. in
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betweenies. e making his point. >> if your wife, kboigirlfriend loves makeup, never, ever believe her if she says she's not going to do that much. my wife is a queen of i'm going to do a light look. >> you know how it works. >> then she always does the absolute most. she believes that she's not going to do that much, but once you get into the thick of it, she's a little more shimmer here. >> dusting of powder. >> i might as well just contour. >> now put the powder, my eyes really need to pop, maybe just a little bit of eyeliner. >> i mean, a smoky eye ain't going to hurt nobody. >> i mean, we're there, right, e >> the no makeup look takes mak >> my girl does it right. she can do the quick easy get ready, bish, bosh out the door in 15 minutes. i've seen it done. >> she's always going to get a full look. she don't get these pictures by doing a little bit of half job, so just know whenever she's going to put her makeup on, ex.
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pe expect it to take the amount of time it's always taken or more. >> she looks fabulous. you should be thanking her for taking the time. >> the time is what it's really all about because she does look fabulous. however, we have now missed the thing that we were getting ready for. >> well, she just puts on a little bit of makeup. >> no biggie. >> they're always going to take the amount of time necessary to bb. and still to come, some buddies who got themselves a good looking sandwich. >> look at that. >> they're trying to show it off. >> but see what happens when someone else wants to get a taste. >> oh! >> who was it? plus, a thrill-seeking man makes his way up. >> the 27-story building. >> find out if he's got the strength to make it to the top.
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and there are birds hanging out. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh! what was it? >> a hawk just comes in to try to take the sandwich. >> the hawk? >> it's hunting. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> even in slow mo, that's basically a second at some screen. >> in the slow mo, we see he did not get the sandwich. >> drops it. >>. yeah. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. i'm so sorry. he scratched me, got me good. to a liar, maybe they're called liars because they pretend to be something they're not. >> it's basically like the special effects guy from "police academy." >> yes, or like some sort of sci-fi movie laser fight. are they known to be -- >> they actually do have a talent for mimicking their environment. so maybe -- >> yeah, there's a laser battle,
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obviously. >> these people in australia were pretty thrilled to have caught that on video. so are we because it's pretty rad. ♪ there's a number of different ways to get your exercise in to be fit or use your fitness for a thrill. tall building here, this time in kazakhstan. >> nothing is going to inspire you to get the last chinup quite like hanging off the side of a building. >> this 27-year-old loves the thrill inspired by jackie chan, the stunt man in many different films, i'm a huge jackie chan man, myself. >> has nothing around but himself and maybe somebody operating a drone. he may have just set it up himself. hard to tell. the first ten floors were relatively easy for this man. >> it seems just like a really
12:23 pm
big staircase. if you've got climbing experience, those hand holes are massive. >> is he first noticed this building in 2015. he says he spent two years training and getting fit enough to pull off this stunt. once he make ts to the tenth floor, he says his arms were getting quite noodley and exhausted so he'd take breaks, rest between two to three minutes. >> does look to me maybe this building isn't occupied. see him here kind of shaking out the jitters. his arms getting tired. then continuing on. in all, this is a 27-story building. he does top out near the top at the end of the video unhurt. he said this kind of thrill is like air to him and someday he hopes to open up a gym where others can come in and train to do stunts and martial arts and things like this. this awkward dude's got a bit of an issue.
12:24 pm
>> i have some sand in my shoe. >> good thing he's not wearing a bathing suit, you know what i mean. why this grainy prank just keeps getting better. >> where do i du
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this minute" eating that makes it even more delicious. >> or every day because we're fresh every day. hungry, hungry, hedgehog.
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♪ ♪ if you don't like sand getting in your shoes like seriously don't go to the beach. >> can i tell you, i have -- i have some sand in my shoe. >> i love this guy. i missed him. >> frenchie went to a beach in maryland. >> can you take it off? >> what's weird, my son is very sensory, this is exactly how we have to deal with sand in his shoes. >> like the floor is lava in this case. >> i would say, dude, go get some flip-flops. this is a beach. >> sgot sand in my shoe. >> there's nothing but sand here. >> to be fair, it could be from a landlocked state. it's the first time he could be seeing sand and didn't realize how just annoying and pervasive it can be and it gets everywhere. >> these people give him the
12:27 pm
benefit of the doubt as well and do help. >> use this. >> okay. okay. >> take your shoe off. >> yep. i think that's a good idea. >> yeah. >> i think -- >> take your shoe off -- >> i only got one hand. >> i can't touch it. i'm sorry. >> i like how he commits fully to this. >> he's just endearingly sweet and naive in a way that makes people kind of just take him seriously and want to help. >> uh-huh, except that works with the ladies. the guys -- >> sand in my shoe, i need to be carried out of the bar right now. i have sand in my shoe. >> dude. >> it's right here. >> nonsense. >> can you -- >> another group of gentlemen coming through, maybe they'll help. >> got a cramp? >> i got a serious amount of sand in my shoe right now and i'd appreciate it if we could get it out of the shoe. >> like any other dude, he's being very compassionate because he thinks, ah, homie's really drunk right now. >> i haven't had a drink yet. i'm sober. >> what are you doing? [ laughter ]
12:28 pm
>> i love it. >> just a viable reason he could have this behavior is it he's been drinking a little. >> we're shooting a video, right? >> are you kidding me? >> that is funny. >> another good one from frenchie tunes. hope you had as much fun as we did. thanks for watching. check out for more and catch us onnnnnnnnn
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