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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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emeriville camera. the fog, though, nowhere to be found today in san francisco. >> we begin our team coverage with meteorologist drew tuma with temperatures and warnings. >> and moments ago we had the official highs come in, and we were just hot. look at these numbers. 105 was the official high in concord. austin and vallejo, 100 in brentwood. 80 in san francisco earlier today, and 99 the official high in santa rosa. numbers right now haven't moved too far from where they were just a few hours ago. 93 that current temperature in san rafael. even san francisco and oakland still warm out there. we still have that heat advisory in effect for the next couple of hours. because heat illness is possible under these conditions. tomorrow, though, we're still tracking high fire danger. now, the heat helped fuel a grass fire earlier today in san
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francisco. abc 7 news was in bernal heights. there was another fire in the same area yesterday. a resident says he owes his neighbor a big thank you for grabbing a hose and trying to douse the flames. >> started in my backyard 10 or 12 feet, if not for my neighbor greg, it would have damaged my house. he was out there with the smoke and heat wet things down. >> no homes were damaged and no calls were made in the investigation. much of the region is under a red flag warning. and it's putting firefighters on high alert and leaving others looking for shade and hydration. cornell? >> reporter: and water definitely my best friend today. the heat definitely on, baking
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all of these weeds to a crisp. firefighters on high alert this weekend. they call it prime fire weather. the red flag is flying outside the fire station signaling extreme fire danger. it prompted this tweet from the fire department, postponing training. hot temperatures, low humidity creating a lot of worry around the east bay hills. oakland battalion fire chief says his engine companies are on patrol looking for potential fire threats. the park is closed due to high fire danger. >> as you take a look around you can see the vegetation has grown and dried out. >> reporter: creating super fuel for fire. slashed down at the alameda county fair, many folks didn't mind getting wet today. the sun scorching hot, pushing 100 degrees.
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>> it was just great to cool down, and i'm soaked. >> i didn't know it was going to be this hot when we planned it, but that's okay. >> reporter: they had it made in the shade. >> we put a ton of sunscreen on before we got out here, and then just trying to stay in the shade and drinking water when we can. >> reporter: many folks brought their own sun protection, pretty smart. this weekend fair officials urge patrons to take it easy. >> we say every hour take a break, a 5, 10 minute break in the shade. but we definitely do have on site first aid. >> reporter: earlier in the day the fair says five people were treated for heat related illness. cal fire is prepared to fight fires from the ground and air with the red flags warning this weekend. they've ramped up resources all over the bay area. officials have brought a helicopter into the north bay just in case it's needed. >> fires can get out of control
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very quickly. our aircraft are best suited on initial attack fires when they're still small. so the idea is to throw quite a bit of equipment quickly to contain before it can grow any bigger. >> this weekend's red flag warnings stretches north of reading all the way past san jose. crews worked quickly to contain fire in santa rosa. new details on some suspicious fires in santa rosa. the reward has been bumped up to $5,000 for information to catch a suspect that set 13 fires last weekend. new developments. state regulators say they'll expect facilities where families are being separated at the u.s.-mexico border. the l.a. times reports there are multiple facilities in the southern part of the state that are now housing children. it remains unclear how long the
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children will remain at the facility even though the president signed an executive order ending the policy. >> and now to the crisis at the border. congresswoman jackie spear led a cong congregation. >> the legislators were outraged at what they witnessed. >> reporter: this group of lawmakers is going back to washington, d.c. with images they cannot forget after touring a detention facility in tex. that's where undocumented children are being held. >> the first place that we visited had nothing on the floors. they were -- they were small children, many of them under the age of 5 who are segregated from their parents and were crying. >> i have called for the united nations to send observers here. child abuse is a violation of human rights. >> reporter: we went to a bus station near the detention center where we found several
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people who had been detained for three days and then released because they had a family member or friend to help them. they gave themselves up to the border patrol after long horrible journeys from central america. did you get to stay with your son? >> translator: thank god the new law was in place because if not we would have been separated. >> reporter: the 21-year-old made the journey from hawn during with her toddler son. the small bags in front of her are the only things she has to start over. >> translator: it took 23 days and it was very dangerous. >> reporter: carla came from el salvador. she's 23 and eight months pregnant. the bag in front of her is all she has to her name. she was given an envelope with a note to help her get to take a bus to her new american home. they told us the effort was worth the risk to make a better life for their children. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> and stay with us on abc 7 news and as cheryl goes behind the headlines
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throughout the weekend to bring you the story about the crisis at the border. >> there are new developments that the government possibly plans to use the naval weapons stations. the grassman is planning a town hall meeting through facebook live to discuss the proposal. activists are also planning a protest thursday. the camp could hold up to 47,000 immigrants. concord took to social media to say it is very concerned about the plan. san francisco some rainbows and glitter this weekend. >> the pride celebration is in full swing. we'll show you some of today's colorful celebrations. and white house press secretary sarah sanders says she was asked to leave a restaurant. what she says the owner told her. and the warriors come out to play softball. we'll take you to colosseum where they s
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a juneteenth parade became an unofficial are rally. >> calls for change. >> reporter: hundreds gathered for a juneteenth parade near pittsburgh on saturday. usually observed on june 19th each year juneteenth comemerates the effective end of slavery in
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the united states. >> today is the day we celebrate independence, and these children need independence. >> reporter: but this year's parade comes on the heels of tragedy. a police officer fatally shot 17-year-old antwaan rose on tuesday in pittsburgh. he had fled from a vehicle stopped by police. the african-american teen was unarmed. juneteenth organizers planned the parade before the deadly shooting, but law mamakers and participants seized the opportunity to call for change. >> and we need training for our police officers, too. nobody should discharge a weapon at anyone that's running away from way. >> reporter: officer roscoe was suspended from the department. officials say he had previous law enforcement experience. he was sworn in on the east pittsburgh force on the same day he shot antwaan rose. as the community reels from their loss, officials are trying to find a solution.
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>> these officers have to be psychologists, have to be priests, have to have all these skills to do these things. and if they're not ready, then we shouldn't put them on. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders says she was asked to leave a restaurant last night because she works for president trump. sanders went to twitter to explain what happened. she says she was at the red hen when the owner asked her to leave and she politely cooperated. sanders went onto say it says more about the owner of the restaurant than it does about her. she says, quote, i always do my best to treat people respectfully and i will continue to do so. we know the bay area is one of the most expensive place tuesday live and there's no sign that's going to change anytime soon. that of course is a roord, trore county makest the biggest jump
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is santa clara. >> tens of thousands have come to san francisco for pride weekend. >> and we will take you to one of the bigger and more colorful celebrations going on today. >> and meteorologist drew tuma is up next with our accuweather forecast. the oakland colosseum played host to athletes and celebrities from different walks all for a
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we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. san francisco's pride celebrations are in full swing tonight. >> abc 7 news was in civic center plaza today for the 48th annual pride celebration. organizers say with more than 20 stages and venues san francisco's pride celebration and parade is the largest lgbtq gathering in the nation. attendees say the welcoming celebration is heartwarming. >> it makes me really proud to see different people of all different types and shapes and forms out here celebrating themselves and their differences and all the different equality that we fought for. >> this festival continues tomorrow when the parade will also be held along market street beginning at 10:30 in the morning. this year's theme is generations of strength. >> pride festivities kicked off
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this morning with the annual unveiling of the pink triangle around twin peaks. it symbolizes the badges that -- and in accuweather it is a hot one no matter where you live today except the immediate coast you stayed in the 60s. tomorrow, though, it's going to be a warm one. live doppler 7 along with satellite not a cloud to be seen. nothing on live doppler 7. a live look from san jose. we are just basking in that sunshine under blue skies. earlier today san jose had a high of 99 degrees. it certainly was hot in the south bay. we're down to 94, though, in san jose. it's a little bit cooler at this hour relatively speaking. 74 right now in san francisco. but san rafael and the north bay
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certainly warm this hour. freeman right now you are sizzling with a temperature of 99 degrees. it's not only the heat right now, the humidity in a lot of spots is very dry, especially inland right now. you see antioch and concord, fairfield relative humidity less than 7%, and this dry mass overhead has really heightened our fire danger. it's for that fact we continue to have a red flag warning in effect. this actually lasting until tomorrow night, expiring at 8:00 our sunday evening. essentially the north bay and east bay hills where we could see winds out of the north gusting as high as 40 miles per hour, combine that with that relatively very low humidity at this hour. any fires that start can easily sread under those conditions. overnight tonight it's certainly going to be a mild night away from the coast. a lot of cities holding in the
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60s like concord, antioch, livermore. kind of cooling off into the mid-50s over the next 12 hours. we'll start out with a lot of sunshine. mid-day we're 70s and 80s across the board. by 4:00 it is going to be a warm afternoon tomorrow just not as hot as we are right now. a lot of cities are going to top off about 10 degrees tomor afternoon. around the bay upper 70s to lower 80s. by 7:00 we'll start to see the fog return along the coast. but tomorrow highs on your sunday it's mild to warm across your region. a high of 94 in antioch, 74 in oakland, san jose about 88 tomorrow afternoon. so about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than we are right now. 81 in vallejo, but cloverdale, 93 degrees. it will be bright by noon. already with a temperature of 70 degrees. then you have that marine layer
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start to move in and by 6:00 it cools off. accuweather forecast, warm day around here tomorrow. that marine layer really helps to cool us off on monday. much cooler and we stay that way at least through thursday before we turn a bit warmer friday and into saturday. well, if you haven't been paying attention the a's are sneaky good especially on the road where they are streaky good. a's on the south side in chicago, and this guy brought his green and gold pride. oakland got in trouble early, though. capped off with a three run shot. the a's got to work. steven, two run shot in the second. thowitting home run in 24-straight road games. that is major league record. lowers facing two outs and two
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strikes. this game is now tied at 5. next inning big bat matt olson, his 17th home run of the season. no other baseman in the a's league has more. this guy grabbed his little sister's floaty and hit the cove for the padres game. hunter renfroe off suarez. this was suarez's only mistake. bottom half the ending, brandon crawford 0 for 4 last night. back since the birth of his child, his fourth child. today no problem, he's back. triple scored for andrew mccutchen and knocked in two more in the sixth. crawford 3 for 3 with 3 rbi. no sleep, no problem. giants win 5-3.
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the warriors hosted its annual chari charity softball game today. and javeil was definitely in the zone. curry brought the power. unbelievable. no worries, lynch, he would find his as he rounds third he loses his even at this leisurely pace watch how he approaches the cameraman. yeah, it's a little bit intimidating. the score is not what matters to mcgee. >> i might be the best first baseman ever in the history of first baseman. water is extremely important. it's important for health, anything in every day life especially in third world countries where they don't have any at all, and it's very scary. so that's what the point of this is. we get to go to uganda and build
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water wells in third world countries, so that's a beautiful thing. >> doesn't a great job with these foundations. that's why we're out here to support our project. >> nascar in sonoma this weekend, and today it was qualifying for tomorrow's 350. kyle is a fan, won the poll for the second straight year. he reached a whopping 95 miles an hour around the ten turn 2-mile trike. this is larson's second poll of the season, but he's still looking for his first pin of the year. world cup action. the swedes get on the board first, and in the 32nd minute, chips it over the keeper. take another look. but the swedes could not hold onto the 1-0 lead. stoppage time. into the net, and germany wins 2-1 and is now tied with sweden heading into the final group
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game. mexico beat germany in their opening game, and they took on south korea today. so mexico scored their first goal on a penalty kick. that's carlos converting in the 26th minute. and in the 66th minute look at javier hernandez. so mexico extends its leading group after six points with the 2-1 win. got to keep up with this world cup. there's so much to do. all right, final games coming up. >> i don't know if you heard the noise from the stadium when they were watching. >> i heard when i was getting ready. it's shocking. >> well, hundreds of people decided to do what's long been thought to be impossible,
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 over on kofy tv 20 dramatic video of a shark right off the california coast hunting a harbor seal, where the video was taken. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. tonight we're at the world's ugliest dog contest where owners say they love their dogs just the way they are. athletes showed off both
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their running and swimming skills. >> it began with competitors jumping from a ferry boat. hundreds of others enjoyed warm weather and sunshine cheering on the athletes at aquating park. that's what i would be doing, cheering them on. >> yeah, outside and not in the water. >> it's cold in there. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> all right, join us tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 we leave you with this gorgeous picture of the beach.
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