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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. breaking news tonight evacuations as a fire is
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now from abc7 live breaking news. >> right away that breaking news is up in lake county where a fire forced about 3,000 residents from their homes. >> everyone who lives in spring valley, at least 400 acres burns and before 6:00 this evening and reports of buildings damaged and crews fighting the flames over night. >> let's look where it is happening. northwest of clear lakes oaks and on the google map the red cross set up a shelter. >> and people who live in the evacuation school can go to the lake high school and equipment
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and personnel continue to arrive to the pawnee fire and grateful to cal fire and local firefighters. >> good evening, everyone, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. the winds over night and right away let's get to meteorologist, drew tu manma. >> the wind fluctuating so we are going to take you into the region and show you the current conditions. the winds right now, not so active. we have seen gusts hire and the relative humidity is dry. the winds will be active the next 24 hours and a red flag warning in effect through tomorrow night. tomorrow during the day, gusting close to 40 miles an hour and
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combine that with low humidity and that means fire can start and spread. that does include the north and east bay hills as well. tomorrow, not as hot as today. we'll take a closer look in a few minutes. >> sounds good and drew will keep everyone posted online and on air at a brush fire in san francisco, a grass fire burnt close to homes on box street. four homes in the same area yesterday and fire crews urging people to be careful during warm dry days like today. >> be conscious today. don't have the vehicle running on grass or using lawn
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ares. >> some credit neighbors for ff grabi grabbing hoses and keeping the flames away. >> on deer hill road and flames damaged buildings and vehicles inside the storage yard and another fire near hillcrest avenue and investigators trying to find out what sparked each fire. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard picks up on the heat wave coverage. >> signaling extreme fire danger and this tweet, due to fire danger and poor air quality, hot temperatures, low humidity creating a lot of worry around the east bay bills. >> we are worried about the winds. >> fire chief says his engine companies on patrol looking for fire threats.
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the joaquin miller park is closed. >> and the vegetation has grown and dried out and as we go into the summer months coming up,s they are going to dry out more. >> creating super fuel for fire. splash down at the alameda county fair, most folks didn't mind getting wet today, scorching hot pushing 100 degrees. >> i didn't know it was going to be this hot, that's okay. >> marcella and pam had it made in the shade. >> we put sunscreen and trying to stay in the shade and drinking water. >> this walk through misting station provided a quick cool off. take it easy. >> we say every hour, take a five or ten minute break in the shade. we have on-site first aid and
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they are hear quick. >> five people were treated for heat-related illness. cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> the crisis as the border. ayos at a detention center at texas where hundreds of protestors. >> demonstrators but themselves in harms way trying to stop a bus filled with migrant families and children about to be moved. >> they are in cells and cages. >> the first place we visited had nothing on the floors. they were small children. many of them under the age of five who were segregated from their families and were crying. >> earlier in the day 25 members of congress came to texas to investigate the detention facilities housing undocumented
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children separate from the their parents. >> you're going to have a lot of happy people. >> he did reverse the order but the fate of thousands of undocumented children are still unknown. >> what we want to do is go in that building and hug those children, but we know that is not possible. >> we travel with lilly ray and they raised 1,000 pounds of toys and clothes and they call themselves the mcallen 12 and the i want my mommy became the favorite. who doesn't understand that in any language and every child deserves that. >> we met a young mother and son and they were at a bus station near the detention center. they were just released from three days at the facility. >> did you get to stay with your son? >> translator: thank god the new
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law was in place, if not we would have been separated. she was helped to the i want my mommy group. >> it is a good feeling and thank you to everybody who helped put us in this position that we were able to come here and feel good about this. >> the rally in the plaza in san francisco calling for an end to family separations at the border. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> speakers and immigrants rights groups condemn the policy and calling the separation inhumane and pragmatic to the undocumented immigrants that found themselves in the center of the zero tolerance policy at illegal crossings. >> it is never okay for anybody to use children as a pawn and as a bargaining tool to get through a policy.
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>> the rally in march organized by the central american resource center women's march san francisco and other local groups. >> new developments and the naval weapon station near concord as a detention center for immigrants. planning a town hall city to discuss the proposal. activists are planning a protest and the camp could hold up to 47,000 immigrants. took to social media and concerned about the plan. >> well t is pride weekend in san francisco, the parade scheduled tomorrow. more on that now. >> peace and rainbows and dogs on the san francisco summer day, no fog just sun. thousands gathered for an afternoon of pride event that is culminated as the annual dyke
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march. >> what it means women and -- >> much of the political discourse was about immigration. >> pride is about rebelling against the system that doesn't want us to exist. >> next step, sunday's big parade, a look at sky7 at last years. >> the parade starts at 10:30 along market to beil to 8th street lasting five hours and 55,000 participates. >> we are expecting them here for the plaza and the parade. >> barricades going up and streets closed and public transit recommended. in san francisco, i'm i'm i'm im brinkley on abc7 news.
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>> we ran back up stairs and locked ourselves in the >> a dangerous situation becomes destructive and how they came together to stop a intruder. >> anthony bourdain taking shape in southern california. >> and the ugliest dog in california is -- >> awe. beauty in the eye of the beholder. owners say they love their
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late chef and tv host anthony bourdain being remembered in santa monica,moni,
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committed suicide june 8th and was a frequent visitor for southern california for his various shows. >> san francisco residents woke up to a sound of a fire alarm set up by an intruder. abc7 news at 19th and castro streets, he rang the doorbell several times and set off a fire sprinkler on the top floor at 5:00 morn. >> he was yelling and couldn't tell what he was saying and banging on our door and my husband was holding the door shut while hold the towels so more water wouldn't get in. >> the water damaged a business on the ground floor. was resident grabbed a hock ji stick to protect himself. >> police took a man into
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custody. >> referee: a hit and run. officers caught up with him and one person hit by a car but not seriously hurt. the driver sped off with officers in chase. >> he was drive wg a flat tire and pulled over and ran out of the car and running down sphere street. >> the man arrested and officers investigating whether he was under the influence. >> no sign it is going to change soon, the median price for a single family resale home is l $935,000 according to core logic, that's a record. the county making the biggest jump year to year, santa clara county. >> the annual and very popular world's ugliest dog contest took place in petaluma today.
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>> and the heat didn't keep people away from a face that only a mother can love. >> to some, the faces are adorable and the sounds they make are just as cute. they are the 14 con test substantiates in this year's world ugliest dog contest. >> my friend said she was the ugliest dog and all of a sudden he was a fan favorite. >> some of them have been in movies, tv shows, music videos and huge followings. >> he has a picture with paris hilton. >> on this day winning the title is what matters most. >> it takes a lot to be crowned the most ugliest dogs. crazy eyes, crook ed tails, odd ears, strange walk, disproportionate features and a tongue that hangs there.
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>> jaja left a good impressi >> got a good snorting going. >>he is dripping like a faucet up here. >> the comments kept coming. >> you are ugly. >> and she looks like yoda, not in a good way. >> the world's ugliest dog in petaluma, california is jaja. >> this is the first competition and the family drove from minnesota to get her here because. >> she is so beautiful in my eyes. abc7 news. >> boy, that is dedication. >> it is. >> how do you go to weather after that. >> later we'll have mindy do her yoda imitation in a good way, not in not a good way. >> 2018, hot to a hot start and
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tomorrow the fire danger high. live doppler 7 along with satellite. the active twesweep and it is a quite one. lit up for pride with rainbow colors. today, hot. you look at highs and the warmest spots well into the triple digits. a lot of cities hit that mark. the highs, 15 to 20 above normal. 100 in brentwood and 98 and san francisco and oakland both basking in the 80s. we are going to wipe away the triple-digit numbers tomorrow. tomorrow will be warm, just not as hot as today. we had the extreme readings earlier today, 81 in concord and 85 in brentwood. it is warm in the inland cities.
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77 livermore and san francisco cooled off and 66 current number in santa rosa. the problem is we have dry air mass overhead and the winds are going to pick up tomorrow afternoon. we have a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills and the areas shaded in red on the screen. the winds can gust up to 40 miles an hour and combine that humidity meaning the fires can spread. a lot of the cities will stay in the 60s. livermore, antioch, san jose. let's talk about when the fog will return. tomorrow midday, that marine layer lurking right off the coastline and by 6:00 and 7:00 in the evening, we expect fog to decent over san francisco and make the push inland late
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tomorrow night. that will usher in refreshing air for us monday. tomorrow, rather warm day for most. 88, san jose, mild 70 in san francisco, 84 in palo alto and 86 in santa rosa and fairfield to 96 degrees. if you are heading to san francisco for the pride parade. clouds and a mild 90 -- by 6:00 or 7:00 the fog will roll in and temperatures about 63 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it is warm day tomorrow but much cooler air moves in on monday with the fog returning and stay steady throughout thursday. warmer friday and saturday but nowhere near the
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one man is taking his commute into his own hands. check it out that is what ferry commuters spotted on the hudson river. >> dude dressed, a man dressed in a full suit and saving money and making it on time i wonder what his dry cleaning bill looks like. >> maybe public transportation next type. >> okay. what's up with the yoda thing again? >> i made a mistake. we're not going to -- >> the big game in the coliseum and didn't include the as oreeo yoda. we have highlights from both games and the
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> half way through road trip and the homelands flying away from home. plenty of green and gold pride on the south side for this one. oakland in trouble early and chicago putting up five and anderson capped off the inning on a three-run shot. the as got to work. steven, a two-run shot and the as hit a home run in 24 straight road games that ties the major league record. larry and this game is tied.
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next inning, big winning 7-6. giants and padres. one out in the top of the 4th. he takes suarez for a ride and that was he is only mistake in the inning and picked up a no decision. brandon crawford, second game back since the birth of his fourth child. brings in andrew and in the 6th a double. crawford finishing 3 for three and giants win javale hosted his celebrity charity. he had a good time out there on
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ricky henderson field. oakland's, marshawn lynch. curry has -- he is on first somewhere and found his beast mode going to second as he rounds third, loses a shoe and not his focus. this is intimidating and team andre won 10-9. the score isn't what matters. >> i might be the best first baseman ever. it is important for health and anything and everything in everyday life in third world countries, it is scarce. we get to go to ewe uganda and water wells in third-world
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countries. >> supporting my brother -- >> this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casinos. javale also advocates for kids. high --
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening, thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. wildfires forcing mandatory
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evacuations the fire burning 400 acres and 0% contained and evacuation centers set up. >> more hot weather ner the forecast, cal fire fully staffed and ready to fight flame. alongside other fire fighting care craft during this weekends red flag warning. >> hundreds of thousands of people gathering in san francisco for the city's annual pride parade tomorrow, today, many enjoying it in civic center plaza. and tomorrow's parade starts at 10:30 in the morning. >> this is drone view 7. what you can't see is the illegal pot farms threatening the environment. >> digging into the problem and
11:37 pm
has more on the latest raids. . >> you have a range of farmers in the three northern california counties that have been ground zero production for decades and those who do it right and illegal on federal land. the state is cracking down to clean up their act or shut down. >> especially environmentally sensitive streams and creeks and pot. these photos, the dirty side of the weed industry. trash, hazardous waste and raw sewage. >> there's a long history of illegal cultivation in the north coast. >> with the state department. >> since legalization came in, we see many folks who want to comply and getting on board with the proper licensing and there's
11:38 pm
a bunch who are not. >> the focus shifted while state regulators are ensuring licensed farms are following the rules, fish and wildlife going after people who aren't. authorities say they discovered $3 million of hidden cash. >> in nearby trinity county, u.s. attorney mcgregor scott shows what is left behind on the land. >> it makes me angry. it is a national asset and treasure and being spoiled by criminals. >> it had 4,000 plants before 217 and a year later, mounds garbage, hoses and -- >> a courter of a teaspoon can kill a 600 point male african lion. >> ran by mexican drug carte
11:39 pm
and tap into nearby streams to water the plants. >> there's not enough water to go around and massive amounts diverted to the illegal enterprise to grow marijuana. >> the people who do it, have little regard for environment. and the toxins and sediment that end up in the water can kill animals and endanger salmon. >> with understand it is there, it take as long time to flush out. it is like a chronic problem, like cancer. more expensive to fix. >> last month $2.5 million earmarked to target illegal cannabis growing operations in california. >> we are going to focus on the ones that are causing significant environment damage. our goal is to come back to everyone doing illegal framework. >> filing a complaint two days
11:40 pm
ago and saying the county's new rules don't protect the fish and water. for the i-team. >> a longstanding ban to an end in saudi arabia. some who have been inprisoned for their efforts. the decision in september and enabling more women freedom and to join the workforce. many women learning to drive at new driver's ed stations. >> the average american family spends up to $4,000 on vacation. whether you booked or planning a last minute get away, about to save you money. >> whether you are planning to
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rebecca, abc7 news. >> my ears. a roar erupted during mexico's win in the world cup match. beating south korea 2-1 and taking on sweden wednesday. for the watch party held by the san jose earthquakes and they provided this video and said 5,000 fans gathered to cheer them on. admission and parking are free. [ cheers and applause ] >> they celebrated in the east bay, abc7 news in hayward this morning where a crowd gathered at the restaurant to cheer on mexico. round 16 for the seventh consecutive world cup. mexico never won a trophy. >> still ahead at 11:00 three
11:43 pm
generations with one family with a unique bond. the dedication to each other and our country. >> the meteorologist, drew tuma after a hot afternoon, a mild night and
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serving their country together. >> you're about to meet a family marking a rare milestone. three generations in the army airborne division. >> look up. among all of the chutes popping open, family history about to be traced in the sky. starts with clint cook who serve in vietnam and used to jump out of planes. years later, clint's son travis, joined the 82nd and jumped from planes. >> who is he excited for. >> i'm so proud of him. >> that guy on the right is
11:47 pm
travis' son, michael, generation number three in the 82nd, i wanted to prove to my dad and myself that i can do what he can. >> and they often jump together including michael's final jump before graduating. >> i looked at all of the nervo nervous faces and i saw my dad's face. >> i changed his diapers. i have to space out and say that is a full gone paratrooper next to me. >> jump number 100 for travis. [ cheers and applause ] >> and his feet on the ground and then his kid's turn. >> here comes michael. >> a family tradition, high in the sky and receiving their country. >> john, abc7 news. >> that is remarkable. >> three generations jumping out of a aircraft. >> drew tuma standing by on how
11:48 pm
hot is going to be tomorrow and the rest of the week. >> tomorrow not as hot, but the fire danger high. red flag warning still in effect. this going tomorrow night until 8:00 and winds up to 40-miles-per-hour and fires can start and spread. be vigilant under this warm, hot, draw pattern. sunday, a lot of sunshine and you see 90s inland so wiping away the triple digits. it is warm but not as hod as today. accuweather seven-day forecast, it is warm day tomorrow, cooler on monday and refreshing pattern on thursday and warmer friday to saturday but not that hot compared to today. >> do not forget the sunscreen. >> do not. >> it was a hot day, but people went to see the softball game and other sports activities. >> yeah, you think the heat,
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you're going to go to the ice. free agents negotiating tomorrow and the sharks hoping to reel in the biggest fish. a shot of a
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> a hat sunscreen a lot of water and earplugs required at sonoma race way, 94 degrees tomorrow and for the second straight year, larson will sit on the poll 95-miles-per-hour. starting from the two position and kyle bush, heavand kevin ffd
11:53 pm
to win. >> racing is a struggle. qualifies here is one of my favorite things so i'm glad we can pick up time. >> oregon state and mississippi state, the winner advances to the championship against arkansas. all five runs in the third i wering. a three-run shot and made it 5-0, the bulldogs, bases loaded and two outs and winning run at the plate and grounded it into fielder's choice and oregon state wins and will return to the champion's round for the first time since 2007. >> lost out on russian super star and have their sites on a bigger fish. john said he will listen to
11:54 pm
offers from five teams and san jose is among them. the negotiations start tomorrow. scores a point a game on average and will cost about $11 million per season. 272 goals and 621 career points in nine seasons. taking on salt lake, the home team was the corner kick and two headers. some nice passing in the 64th minute and leads to -- and stops at danny on the rebound. the 10th of the year and game tied at one. a quarter kick and this time marcello hit a cross bar and ends in a 1-1 draw. mcilroy and in his bag swing and
11:55 pm
squirrel is not going anywhere. everybody had a good laugh and on 15, the chip in eagle. currently tied for 15. look at james, on the par 3, no bounce or roll, just perfection. that's an ace. paul casey on 15. the eagle putt, very nice. shot an 8 under 62 and a 4-stroke lead. >> germany facing sweden. 32nd minute, over the keeper take another look. sweden had a 1-0 lead at the half and couldn't hold it. tony, into the net. germany wins 2-1 and tied with sweden. three points heading into the final game. the group f leader, mexico beat
11:56 pm
germany in the opening game playing south korea today. mexico scored the first goal on the penalty kick. and in the 66th minute, look at the quick hesitation. enough space to shoot it pass and leads with a 2-1 win. thomas going to get the nice pass. belgium up 3-1 and toeby w a long pass to hazard and scores to the left. belgium cruises to a 5-2 win and a top group g. this sports report is sponsor i had by river rock casino. >> i have to practice with the tough names. >> say it like yoda.
11:57 pm
just a joke. [ laughter ] >> so for you, the best part of the softball game was the game or dancing? >> dancing. it is fun. athletes who are some competitive and let loose and see their lighter side. >> i would get out of marshawn's lynch way any times. >> news continues tomorrow, thank you for joining us.
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and 30 seconds for follow-ups and rebuttals. i'll give candidates time to respond if they've been singled out and criticized by another candidate. camera shutter clicking ] all right, candidates. let's begin. [ applause ] i didn't say everybody. yeah, just the ones you don't like.


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