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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. a raging wildfire in lake county is forcing thousands of people out of their homes. >> this morning firefighters are struggling to contain it. >> so discouraging to see that. good morning. it's monday, june 25th. reggie is off today. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. hey, mike. >> good morning, natasha. hey, matt, hi everybody. 101, watch out in marin county, reports of drizzle. i have it on good authority -- sue -- and some of our other co-workers that they had to use their windshield wipers. that's how moist the marine layer is this morning. here is a look at sfo on a monday morning. probably will have delays. i'll let you know. your 12-hour planner, notice we stay in the 50s at the coast. pretty comfortable for lunch and 77 to 80, no heat remains in this forecast, at least not tore
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tod today. here is my eyeness on all things drizzle and traffic. >> yes, i did have the windshield wipers on this morning from about mill valley. i was like, is this some sort of bugs on 3450i window. no, it was definitely water. here we go with slow traffic out of the central valley. a 40-minute drive over theali altamont pass. westbound coming off the richmond-san rafael bridge has been cleared, but i'm seeing residual slow traffic. so give yourself a little extra time and eastbound on 24 near oak hill. aaa on its way to get the accident. in the center divide not causing delays. we have a slight ace train delay. i'll talk about that in a couple minutes. a major wildfire burning in lake county. jessica castro is live tracking the pawnee fire. >> reporter: good morning. thousands of people in lake county right now are fearful
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they may never see their homes again. an out-of-control wildfire has spread to 7700 acres. there is zero containment at this point. i want to show you this new video of the pawnee fire that came into our news room a few moments ago. the fire doubled in size saturday and sunday night, fed by dry brush and pushed by winds. spring valley is threatened east of old long valley road. all 3,000 residents of spring valley have been ordered to evacuate. flames have destroyed 12 homes so far, but an estimated 600 homes are threatened. a cal fire captain told us by phone that firefighters have their work cut out for them. >> throughout the night we'll have bull dozers building containment lines and hand crews working the terrain. at night we're expecting to see the fire activity decrease a little bit which allows us to build good containment line close to the edge to hopefully stop the spread of the fire. >> reporter: progress overnight. meanwhile, if you're in the area
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or need help looking for someone, lower lake high school has been turned into a red cross shelter i'll have an update in the next hour. farther to the north cal fire is dealing with a destructive five in that half moon bay ma county. the stole fire has grown to 500 ache rs and wapd out multiple homes. the fire 50% contained. defense secretary jim mattis is in alaska this morning, planning to tour fort greeley where he'll see a key piece of our country's missile defense system. this comes ahead of an international chip with stops in china, south korea and jap pa. >> i'm going there to get what i consider to be straight from them what they see for strategic relationship. >> uchlt s. defense officials
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will soon begin putting pressure on pyongyang to make clear its level of commitment to the agreement signed at the summit meeting with president trump. officials plan to give north korea a timeline that will be rapid enough to see if the hermit kingdom will operate in good faith. north korea opted not to hold its anti-u.s. imperialism rally that marks the beginning of the korean war. an estimated 1 million people showed up for yesterday's pride parade and festival. carlos sauce saito has more on the celebration from civic celebration. >> reporter: a party atmosphere where you can celebrate how uniquely different people are. all shades of the rainbow flag were on display. >> more people this year than i've seen in the last few years. >> reporter: whether you're part of the lgbtq community or an ally, pride is for everyone. >> i have a gay brother, a gay.
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they're no different than anyone else. >> reporter: even those who are not out to their parents but somehow find the rcamera is rolling. >> so afraid of not bei accepted. i don't care anymore. i know she'll love it. it took a while to get over my fear. >> reporter: a proud but scary moment for jasmine who had friends, even strangers at her side for support. >> my heart is pounding, you guys. i'm so happy i just did this. thank you. >> reporter: that beautiful moment captures what pride is all about. but with a festival this size comes the potential for problems. this fight broke out between a half dozen people in civic center plaza. police would eventually come to break up the brawl. and then a reported stabbing not too far from there that led cops to close off golden gate avenue between hyde and leavenworth streets. >> there's nothing we can do as a community to resolve situations like that besides
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having more police enforcement. >> reporter: despite these incidents, organizers say this year's pride was a success. in san francisco, carlos sal said dough, abc 7 news. people celebrated pride in in ways in the bay area including through prayer. sunday's service focused on giving thanks that the lgbtq community has made over the years. >> take a moment to let the lgbtq people in your life know you love and support them just the way they are. in other words, hug a queer. >> money collected during yesterday's church service will be donated to oakland's lgbtq community center near lake merritt. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. check out the temperatures in the east bay valleys, lafayette
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59, blackhawk 58. pleasant hill 58 and 59 in livermore. the rest of us right around 60 degrees. mount dee t. diablo 76. we're going to see even more cooling in our inland neighborhoods as the marine layer will easily climb over any obstacles in its way. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s around the bayshore to down in san jose where it's 62. mid to upper 50s in the north bay. pacifica about 53 degrees. suggestions, yard work, if you put it off, it's still waiting for you. today is a pretty good day to do that. if you're exercising, you can see the dogs out walking, their paws won't get burned on the sidewalk. definitely safe are for them. the breeze is a little fast on the bay. especially north of the bay. small craft advisory there. for san francisco, how about upper 50s at 10:00 through noon
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and low 60s from 1:00 to 5:00, back to 57 by 10:00. peninsula, starting with cloud cover through at least 10:00. sneen and 68 at noon. low to mid 70s from 1:00 through 6:00. about 66 at 8:00. at long the east bayshore, cooler, 58 this morning to 62 at noon with sunshine and mid to upper 60s throughout the afternoon hours. may need a jacket by 8:00. 61 degrees. we'll see how long this refreshing air lasts in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here is sue. right now we've got a couple of problem spots, better news coming off the richmond-san rafael bridge. that accident has been cleared out of lanes and now our sensors are showing green which is great. so no delays now getting from that span.ay over to marin on we have a wind advisory for the antioch and benicia bridges. a new accident reported in san francisco, south 280 near san jose. apparently a vehicle hit a rake in the roadway. that was blocking the middle
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lanes. another car came up and hit that car. we'll check on that. right now it looks like traffic is light in the area. we'll be back in a couple minutes with details on that. a second young person has died following a freeway crash on the peninsula. >> abc 7 news was in san bruno saturday night when a bmw crashed into a divider on the westbound 380 off-ramp. the 23-year-old driver died at the scene. police rushed a 19-year-old woman to the hospital who died later. >> all the parts came off the car. the girl got ejected when the car was going up in the air about 15 to 20 feet high. it spun around twice. >> witnesses told the highway patrol the car was being driven well above the speed limit. berkeley police arrested a man after officers say he punched a man who helped rescue him from the water at the
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berkeley marina. a group of good samaritans saw what happened and sprung into help. >> we sent out our rescue skiff and got the two people that were in the boat out of the water and brought them to shore. then police came. >> a woman was also riding in the man's car. paramedics took her to the hospital. police are trying to figure out if the man deliberately drove into the bay. housing help in san francisco. the funding that's coming soon to two affordable housing projects. how steph curry fared on a special edition of "family feud." thanks for being with us on this monday. you can see a little cloud cover out there. out there. abc 7 is the only place you'll
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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good news for the folks and the firefighters in the pawnee fire. temperatures came down overnight to 64. humidity up to about 68. the winds are down to about 10 miles per hour right now. that's all going to change in the afternoon hours. this will kind of give you a general idea of the winds, but they will vary greatly because of the elevation in the valleys and around the fire itself. it creates its own winds and weather. as a rule, the environmental winds will be 15 to 20 coming out of the northwest this afternoon. not quite as fast as they were over the weekend. the scorching summer temperatures have people rushing to the water for some relief.
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many people headed to the american river in sacramento county to beat the heat. officials in full force warning about the dangers of heat and water play. they say keeping hydrated and wearing lifejackets are key to wearing safe. be aware even in hot temperatures the water is cold. >> that affects your ability to swim. if you're used to swimming in warmer water and come into cold water, it can zap the energy quicker. >> there are life jacket stations along the river. visitors can borrow as many as they need as long as they return them. the parents of a black 17-year-old boy killed by a police officer in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, are speaking exclusively to abc news. >> abc's kenneth mouton has the story. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look," the parents of antwon rose are warning but adamant there was nothing justified about the death of their son shot by police.
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cell phone video caught the moment the unarmed teen was hit three times as he ran away from a traffic stop. the car he was riding in was suspected of being involved in a drive-by shooting. police say they found two guns in the vehicle and an empty gun clip in his pocket. the shooting has smashed massive protests. >> do it peacefully. >> reporter: the teen's parents are calling for justice. >> everyone has stood up and i'm hoping it changes the world. >> reporter: we'll have more of our exclusive interview coming up at 7:00 a.m., with your "gma first look", ken negotiate mouton, abc news in the stormy daniels sog ga, her meeting has been canceled. prosecutors were concerned about media interest in the interview. prosecutors are investigate gaiting the business interests of president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen.
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daniels said she had sex with the president in 2006 when he was married. he has denied it. president trump is launching new threats against u.s. trade partners. the president said the u.s. is insisting the country remove artificial trade barriers and tariffs. he said trade must be fair. on friday the president threatened another new tariff. first lady melania trump spoke about kindness, compassion during a conference in virginia. >> it is often easier to see a glass half empty rather than half full. nevertheless, we have the power to be the positive force in so many people's lives. >> the first lady made the remarks days after she made headlines for her controversial jacket choice while visiting migrant children in texas.
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she wore a jacket that read, i really don't care, but you. her spokesperson said it was just a jacket, no hidden message two affordable housing projects could be gotting a boost, $19 million in gaps, it would come from cap and trade program. if approved, the grants would go to new developments. on mission and 16th to van ness and 16th. golden state warrios steph curry and his family won $25,000 for the community foundation sonoma county fire relief fund on a special edition of abc's "celebrity family feud." >> he competed against rockets star chris paul and his family. they needed a combined total of 200 points to win. it turns out mrs. curry made it easy for the basketball star. easy for the basketball star. >> you need six points.
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for you, steph, that's two shots. >> how funny. brains, beauty, great in the kitchen. >> and winning at "family feud." >> curry got those six points and then some with the number one answer. we love them. >> what a power couple. >> and on "family feud." >> they can conquer just about anything it seems like. that's amazing. let's talk about the temperatures. we conquered the heat yesterday. we'll come back in my accuweather seven-day forecast. not going to be quite as tough to deal with either. hopefully keeping the treble digits out of it for now. the roof camera, look towards the ferry building. look at the flags. remember when we talked friday, they weren't moving at all. now they're moving. becoming sunny, even at the coast today and seasonal to maybe a little below average by
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a couple of degrees. cloudy tonight. drizzle near the coast. the week nld warming trend is coming. let's take a look at san francisco today. starting with cloudiness through about noon. sunshine in the afternoon hours. 59 in ingleside to ability 67 in the bayshore, 65 in san francisco. now, as we take a look at the east bay, the sun will come on a little quicker by noon. total sunshine. we have a few 60s in richmond, berkeley and oakland, everyone else about 73 to 75 degrees. heading to the peninsula, cloudiness through the morning commute. sunshine by noon and into the afternoon hours. low to mid 70s in most neighborhoods. redwood city 77. along the coast, upper 50s to low 60s. as far as the south bay goes, cloudiness this morning. quick sunshine for you. we'll have temperatures reach the upper 70s into low 80s. we've got 83 to about 85 degrees. in the north bay, starting off cloudy. this is where our best chance of drizzle in marin county.
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sunshine by noon and temperatures hitting the mid to upper 70s until you get to santa rosa, 81. cloverdale, about 92 degrees for the only hot spot today. inland east bay neighborhoods, no 90s here. low to mid 80s with sneen after the 9:00 hour. lows tonight, comfortable, low to mid 50s. antioch at 59 degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast, not much of a change. not noticeable until we jum about the about five to ten degrees friday and hold on to the warmth saturday. looks like sunday we'll pull the temperatures back a little bit just like we did this sunday. hi, sue. good morning. we'll take a look at our traffic maps. flowing pretty nicely with the exception of coming out of the central valley. a one-hour drive from tracy onto 580 and over the altamont pass. problems in san francisco with an accident southbound 280 near san jose avenue. three lanes are blocked there.
5:21 am
it's early enough we're not seeing a major backup. we've got 46 b.a.r.t. tranes running on time. no problems with muni. a.c.e. trane number 1 slightly late, about six minutes heading into vasco. we'll take a look at the san francisco accident in a few minutes. saudi arabiian women had a historic moment for the women who have had to rely on male drivers for transportation. until yesterday women who tried to drive faced arrest in that country. most don't have a driver's license, some are taken the gender segregated courses offered to women three months ago. >> it was like a dream that came true. it was very, very happy moment to get my saudi driving license, and that i will be hitting the road by myself and the roads if
5:22 am
my country. >> it costs hundreds of dlars r dollars to take the courses. the waiting list is already several months long. the u.s. air force is teaming up with spacex. the air force announced it will use the falcon heavy rocket for the new satellite. the contract for the classified mission is worth $130 million. it's expected the launch in 2020. it appears many of you do not trust facebook or twitter to store your sensitive information. our media partner, "the mercury news," reports only about one in five voters say they trust social media companies with their personal data. that's according to a poll from the silicon valley leadership group and the bay area news group. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> an oakland native wins big at the b.e.t. awards. the b.e.t. awards. what was said about
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here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, muni's twin peaks tunnel is closed for repairs. riders will have to use bus bridges. we're waiting for an update from cal fire for the latest on the pawnee fire in lake county. the fire exploded overnight and stands at 7,700 acres. winds are plaguing firefighters. number three, the winds will be a lot lighter and the temperatures a little less for the pawnee fire. look at the marine layer, look how juicy it is. e eve got drizzle in santa. temperatures today mainly cooler than average. number four, we're following your monday morning traffic with drizzle and windshield wipers needed over the waldo grade. an hour commute out of the central valley. an accident reported in san francisco, launching a couple lanes there, southbound 280 near
5:26 am
san jose avenue. number five, president trump is launching new threats against u.s. trade partners. in a tweet yesterday the president insisted countries remove artificial trade barriers and tariffs on u.s. imports for their countries. number six, president trump wants to see all undocumented immigrants immediately deported without hearing or trial. we'll show you what he tweeted this weekend coming up in a few minutes. number seven, it's your last chance to find deals at toys "r" us, all locations close by friday. until then some stores offering discounts up to 90%. discounts up to 90%. there was a tribute to te tentacion last night. >> the night was full of performances an tributes. during his monologue, host jamie foxx gave a shutout to "black panther" and spoke about what that movie meant to him.
5:27 am
>> trying to capture the experience of being an african on this planet, so many factors tell you it's something you should be ashamed of, sheng you should hide. for us it was about tapping into that voice we always hear that tells us to be proud of who we are and where we come from. >> he told the audience to travel to africa and learn more about the continent's history. we're coming back with we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news.
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. smoke and flames in lake county prompt evacuations for thousands of people. crisis at the border. president trump pushing for deportations without a trial. an extra long commute for metro muni passengers. two stations in san francisco
5:30 am
two stations in san francisco are closed for repairs. matt kelly in for reggie. sue hall is in for alexis and mike nicco with the weather. >> how did you like yesterday? >> better than saturday. >> absolutely. more of that coming in your forecast. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. look at these gusts in fairfield, nearly 40 miles per hour. what a headwind if you're trying to come west on 80 this morning. we've got double digits, oakland 16, 13 in livermore, 14 in concord, ten in napa. all that gray this morning yielding some drizzle. especially the closer you are to the coast. places like marin county, san francisco and in the peninsula. temperatures mid 50s to low 60s at 7:00. adds we head throughout my accuweather 12-hour planner, 71 to 75 at noon.
5:31 am
7:00 low to mid 70s. pretty comfortable evening on the way. let's see if the drizzle is causing any issues out there. >> not that it's a drizzle issue. we do have an issue in san francisco. you can see more traffic southbound on 280 leaving san francisco near san jose avenue. we have a couple of cars in the middle lanes. yellow sensors to red sensors. it is starting to slow until they get those cleared out of lanes. if you're headed to sfo southbound 101, the exit is shut down until 7:00 this morning. there's a detour looping around to millbrae avenue and then turning back towards sfo. give yourself extra time there. there's a look at your drive times. just a grind on 580 west into dublin. >> thank you, sue. some muni metro passengers will be in for a longer ride today. two stations in the southwestern part of san francisco will have to take a bus to get to
5:32 am
downtown. >> abc 7's cornell barnard joining us live at the church station with what's happening this morning. good morning, cornell. >> muni sucks! -- >> reporter: sorry about that. lots of changes for muni rideers. this is one of the first shuttle buses. people clearly angry about some of the changes that maybe they didn't expect. folks who need to get downtown from the sunset district, these shuttle buses will drop riders off at the church street station. muni metro k, l and m lines are impacted. it's happening because the twin peaks tunnel is 100 years old. muni is trying to make repairs as quick as it can. some riders say they are planning ahead. >> i'm going to leave early and i'm going to try to figure out where to catch the bus to get to where i need to go.
5:33 am
>> reporter: muni has been trying to get the word out to all the riders about the detour. muni representatives will be at the church, castro and west portal stations to answer any questions. the repair job expected to last two months. muni asking for patience from riders. we do have a full information on our website for riders, everything you need to know about the changes on live in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. firefighters in lake county are trying to get a handle on an out-of-control wildfire that has burned 7,700 acres, 12 homes destroyed so far and mandatory evacuations ordered for several communities. right now it's at zero percent containment. the pawnee fire started late saturday afternoon near clear lake oaks. spring fally is threatened east
5:34 am
of highway 20 and east of long valley road. people in nearby towns have been asked to cut down on water use to conservative it for firefighters. lower lake high school has been turned into a red cross shelter for evacuees. the pawnee fire is the latest fire to destroy homes in lake county. state senator mark mcguire spoke about it last night. >> lake county has been hit harder than almost any of california's 58 counties. if we take a look at the last four fire seasons, they've had the rocky, the jerusalem, the clayton and the valley. they have lost over 2,000 homes over the last four years, and this is the last thing that any of us would want to see. >> state senator mcguire called north california's recent wildfires a new normal. we'll continue to stay on top of the pawn nye fear. visit for the very latest information on evacuees and evacuations and road
5:35 am
closures. we'll send push alerts with breaking updates as they happen. 5:34. santa rosa police say a man who wanted to con front his estranged wife shot at people, including himself and injuring a 4-year-old boy and leaving one mandate. investigators say 65-year-old walter ross went to his son's home to confront his estranged wife. she wasn't there, but he opened fire on the people inside the home and shot himself. a 43-year-old man died in the shooting. ross, a 41-year-old man and 4-year-old boy are still being treated for injuries. the defendant in the deadly ghost ship fire case could take the first steps to making a plea deal. derick almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. a source close to the case told abc 7's i-team pro can you tellers already offered almena 18 years in prison with the possibility of ten years ar role
5:36 am
in exchange for a guilty plea. he turned it down. the trial is scheduled to start july 16th. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's start with temperatures on the peninsula. check out san bruno, 63 degrees. redwood city and san mateo at 60. not far behind, menlo park, belmont, foster city 59. mid 50s along the coast today. low 60s around hayward, fremont and san jose, our east bay valleys and mid to upper 50s in the north bay. look at the drizzle coming down in san francisco from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. that's going to lock in another cool day and make driving the closer you are to the coast, the more likely you'll need your windshield wipers. the ferry ride, the fastest winds coming in during the latter part of the morning hours and lasting through the evening commute, especially north of the bay bridge. mass transit cool this morning, warm this afternoon. we'll start in our east bay valleys. barely making it to 80 by 2:00
5:37 am
to 4:00. we'll spike to the low to mid 80s by 3:00. starting off cloudily, 61 at 8:00, 75 at noon, 68 at 8:00. close to jacket weather there. in the north bay, 56 this morning with cloudy conditions. sunshine by noon and 68. hanging out in the mid to upper 70s through 6:00. our last neighborhood stop will be in the south bay where we start out cloudy and 64 this morning. near 70 at snoon. we hit 76 at noon after 69 at 10:00. low 80s during the afternoon hours and 71 at 8:00. it's getting moist out there. high frizz factor this morning. >> have you noticed. >> you look great as always. >> we did have drizzle. i had to use my wipers over the waldo grade this morning. not affecting the roads that we know of, no accidents in that area. >> that's good, so far. >> we do have an accident in san francisco. this is blocking a couple of lanes of traffic.
5:38 am
it is southbound 280. sensors have turned it all to red near san jose avenue, three lanes are blocked there. they're waiting on a tow truck, possible injuries involved. this is the reverse commute leaving san francisco. give yourself extra time. we'll check on that. b.a.r.t. has 46 trains running on time this morning. as we heard cornell barnard, we have the twin peaks tunnel closeier for the next couple months. you can expect delays on muni through that area. pleasanton a.c.e. train 1 seems to be running about eight to ten minutes behind schedule this morning. a.c.e. train number 3 is running on time. breaking news in south earn california. authorities have surrounded a senior center in long beech after reports of an active shooter there. you can see the police response. these live pictures from kabc. they say a shooter is inside the
5:39 am
building. unclear if anyone was injured. developing news on the immigration crisis at the border. president trump is pushing for undocumented immigrants to be immediately deported without hearing or trial. the president tweeting yesterday saying we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back to where they came. >> congress has to fix this. what is bother some is the president's rhetoric about the democrats and their unwillingness to have any type of border security or control. >> the department of home lapd security says 500 children are back with their parents now but more than 2,000 children are still separated. abc 7 news anchor cheryl general dimension was invited to accompany congresswoman jackie speier during her investigation of children at detention centers. she talked exclusively with a border guard to hear what the situation looks like from his
5:40 am
perspective. officer cabrera is a father of four. he says many undocumented immigrants turn themselves in to the guards. >> we have children. we have family members, if we know -- you've got to treat people the way you want to be treated. if we were in that situation, we would want to be treated accordingly. accordingly. >> cabrera says he more reports today at 4:00 and 6:00. also more coverage on this woman don't want to little girl sell water. >> this getting major attention nationwide. you'll hear from the little girl and her mom and what the woman and her mom and what the woman who called the
5:41 am
5:42 am
for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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the marine layer this morning reaching all the way to san diego. check out palm springs and vegas, nearing 110. low to mid 70s around san diego and los angeles. 83 in tahoe today. let's take a look at what's going to happen in tahoe. temperatures on average are supposed to be right around 75 degrees. we're in the low to mid 80s through wednesday with total sunshine. breezy tuesday. the breezes thursday will bring
5:44 am
our temperatures back to average. then a warming trend continues and pushes us into the low 80s saturday an sunday. nascar fans paid tribute to victims and survivors of october's north bay wildfires. >> we pray for those who are fighting fires right now in lake county. may those flames soon be quilled, o lord. >> race sponsors, nascar fans and local businesses bought 1,100 tickets and give them to wildfire survivors. nascar also honored first responders from the north bay. >> the public doesn't forget what we did. we don't forget what the public did for us. >> nascar and sonoma raceway are encouraging fans to patronize local businesses in the north bay to help the communities rebuild after the wildfires. this video has been viewed
5:45 am
more than a million times on instagram. abc news anchor the story. >> this woman calling police on an 8-year-old little girl. >> reporter: this woman on the phone with police about a girl she says was loudly selling apartment outside her apartment for hours. the child's mom confronting the caller. >> she comes out, demands the permit from my daughter. she said if we didn't give it to her, she'd call the cops. i said, okay, call the cops. and she did. >> the lady called the police on me because i didn't have a permit. >> you can hide all you want. the whole world going to see you, boo. >> illegally selling water without a permit. >> this near at&t park. erin austin shared the video on instagram. it's been seen millions of times. the woman on the phone, allison ettel said she never spoke to
5:46 am
the little girl, but says her building security guard asked them to keep the noise down or move saying she did phone the police, but not to report them. she simply wanted to know if what they were doing was legal. austin posting this new video on instagram, showing her daughter is out selling water again. in san francisco, dion limb, abc 7 news. >> the woman says she never made racist comments but now getting hate mail and death threats. it is 5:46 now. an estimated 1 million people turned out to celebrate san francisco's 48th annual pride francisco's 48th annual pride parade and festival. >> some protesting president trump's recent move to separate
5:47 am
praet migrant women. nancy pelosi and her grandson had messages of their home. >> families belong together. >> every year it's great. this year it's absolutely necessary to show our unity, our pride. >> sky 7 captured some of the 50,000 people who marched in the parade. the celebration ended with a festival at the civic center. >> we were is so honored to be part of the pride parade. you could see drew tomb ma, martin ortiz, our executive on the left there. our parent company disney had more than 600 people including employees from lucas films and pixar. thank goodness the weather turned a little cooler just in time for pride. >> i think it was 80 saturday. it was like 73 yesterday. >> we'll take it. that's gorgeous. >> nice breeze. everybody feeling that breeze. let's take a look at what's going on as the breeze continues. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. looking at the golden gate bridge. does that look a little wet to
5:48 am
you? >> i had to use my windshield wipers earlier. >> that looks like it's making it down to the deck now. we have may have issues with the mist and drizzle that's out there this morning. keep an eye on that. i'll keep an eye on the fact we'll get afternoon sunshine. a little cooler than yesterday. clouds tonight, drizzle. it's likely, but not as widespread as what we're seeing this morning. heat is coming but i don't see triple digits. here is a look at the cloud cover. all the way until noon. you can see inland areas in most of the bay clearing out. the stout northwest breeze starting to clear most of the coast out by the time the sun starts to set later this evening. temperatures 77 to 83 in the south bay. 84 in gilroy to 80 in san jose. 70 in millbrae to 77. that's your pred on the peninsula today. 59 to 62 spread on the peninsula coast. 65067 in downtown san francisco and sausalito.
5:49 am
81 in santa rosa and low 90s around ukiah, lakeport and cloverdale. it will get hot for the pawnee fire once again. temperatures in richmond, berkeley and oakland, mid 70s elsewhere. as you move inland may not need the air conditioner. brentwood at 86. good sleeping weather tonight. more cloud cover out there. temperatures in the low to upper 50s. a little cooler this morning. a drop maybe a degree or two tomorrow. maybe we gain it back, lose it again on thursday. so small, you probably won't notice. here is sue. we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been turned on. it's filling in there at the tolls. the car poolers are getting by just fine on both sides of the car pool lanes headed towards san francisco. overall we've got very slow traffic. it's a grind out of central valley, tracy and over the altamont pass for over an hour now. this accident blocking three
5:50 am
lanes of traffic southbound 280 near san jose avenue. tows on route there to get those cars out of lanes. we do have this accident eastbound 24 near oak hill. aaa is en route to get that out of lanes. i'm not sure whether there's three separate or one accident, but southbound 880 near whipple, near tennison and industrial, chp reporting accidents. you can see, regardless, there is a lot of slow traffic headed southbound past highway 92 through hayward. this morning apple is denying reports there's a way to by pass an i fen's pass code. a cyber security phone was able to break in without unlocking it by using a lightning cable. the trick is to bombard the phone with a string of numbers instead of trying each combination one number at a time. it is last call for toys "r" us, all of the stores will close
5:51 am
on friday. toys "r" us announced in march it was going out of business. some stoers have discounts up to 90%. the inventory is extremely limited. new at 6:00, new honor for late celebrity chef anthony bourdain. uber heads to court in london today. what the company is hoping to what the company is hoping to persuade the court t
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frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! if you're around san francisco in marin county, you're never more than stepping outside before you get wet. look at that from our exploratorium camera at pier 15.
5:54 am
locking in the cooling trend. temperatures outside the south bay two to four degrees below average. happening today, lawyers for san francisco-based uber will be in a london courtroom to try to persuade officials to restore its business license. last year it was stripped of its london license after being unfit to run a taxi service. reasons given were the poor approach to reporting serious criminal offenses and conducting background checks on drivers. uber has since apologized and changed its business model. >> look out for the mad max version of tesla. a twitter user sent a sketch of a tesla semi in a mad max movie scene. he tweeted back, it's here. it shows a mad max option in blind spot threshold. mad max refers to aggressive drive drivers. tesla is working on several levels of blind spot protection.
5:55 am
musk also joked it could make a tesla even more aggressive with an l.a. freeway mode. it is 5:54. shark season officially upon us. a kayaker in monterey bay had an encounter she won't soon forget. stella pool was in the water when this happened. her friend who is a marine biologist recorded this video. a ten-foot great white swimming just ten feet away. she said she managed to keep calm. >> it wasn't interested in us in any threatening way. it wasn't following me. >> shark season runs from may through october when sharks give birth and sightings start to increase. we are following your commute this morning with several problem spots. let's check out san rafael first. mike has been talking about the fog. so there we go, lots of -- not so bad here on the southbound side of 101. fog once you get to mill valley, though. ha is the issue. so right now it's moving pretty
5:56 am
nicely. let's take a look elsewhere out there. we've got slow traffic for over an hour to get out of tracy. this accident blocking lanes in san francisco, southbound 280 near san jose avenue, a couple of lanes were blocked there. we checked with chp, this accident southbound 880 near industrial. there's also one near tennison. that's out on the right-hand shoulder. we'll zoom in and show you our 3d look of congestion on the road. there it is, very slow southbound hayward towards union city. hi everybody, never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. winds are pretty fast this morning up i--80 from vallejo to fairfield. winds are going to spread. we'll get 10 to 20 miles per hour as we head towards 7:00, 20 to 25 along the coast where they'll pick up overnight, possibly 30 while the rest of us calm down a little bit. then the breezes come back tomorrow. that's why we'll have temperatures a little below average. area of low pressure is passing us to the north.
5:57 am
that's what's inducing this wind. once it passes, that's when the heat comes back friday, saturday and to a lesser extent sunday. new at 6:00, an emotional roseanne is talking publicly for the first time since her show was canceled. >> what he's saying about her controversial tweet about valerie jarrett. a father shot and killed while camping with the young children just before the family was set to move here from the bay area. the search for the killer in southern california. a look outside at the bay bridge. bridge. abc 7
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning to you on this monday, june 25th. i'm natasha suv ves. >> i'm matt keller. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> here is a look at the grayness taking over marin
6:00 am
county and all the way down into san francisco where we're finding drizzle on 101 and the golden gate bridge. you can see the cloudiness taing over. may need the windshield wipers on the western span of the bay bridge as you come into san francisco. temperatures this morning mid 50s to low 60s. stay in the 50s at the coast. low to mid 70s with sunshine. we'll get sunshine late in the afternoon at the coast. you'll still stay in the 50s while the rest o us are dropping from the 70s and 80s into the low to mid 70s by 7:00. here is sue with more on the commute. >> the traffic on the bay bridge looks pretty darn good. let's look over to the central valley. looking an hour and 10 minutes up and over theality mott pass. a.c.e. train would be a good bet. three is running on time. southbound 280 near san jose avenue in san francisco, we had


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