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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 25, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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san francisco where we're finding drizzle on 101 and the golden gate bridge. you can see the cloudiness taing over. may need the windshield wipers on the western span of the bay bridge as you come into san francisco. temperatures this morning mid 50s to low 60s. stay in the 50s at the coast. low to mid 70s with sunshine. we'll get sunshine late in the afternoon at the coast. you'll still stay in the 50s while the rest o us are dropping from the 70s and 80s into the low to mid 70s by 7:00. here is sue with more on the commute. >> the traffic on theok bayve b valley. looking an hour and 10 minutes up and over theality motta.c.e. bet. three is running on time. southbound 280 near san jose avenue in san francisco, we had an accident just in the clearing phases.
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now you're seeing a little bit of improvement with the sensors being green. earlier accident near industrial and hayward, that's being cleared. check out the backup. very slow traffic from the coliseum into hayward. our 3d maps show you the volume of slowing going on there. we'll come back and take a look at a slight b.a.r.t. delay. an update to breaking news in long beach. los angeles police are investigating reports of a shooting at a senior housing facility. our sister station in los angeles now reports a man matching a description of the shooter has been taken to a nearby hospital. it's unclear if there are any victims in this facility. police first responded to the area this morning for reports of an explosion. meanwhile, a major wildfire has burned thousands of acres in lake county. some buildings have been destroyed and hundreds of homes are a threat. jessica castro is tracking the pawnee fire. >> good morning. we're getting new numbers on
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last check, 7700 acres, still zero percent containment. i want tohow vt the fireouedetweenatday and sunday nights. winds and dry brush have fueled the flames. the spring valley area is threatened with at least 3,000 residents ordered to evacuate north of highway 20. 12 homes already destroyed. a cal fire captain told us by phone firefighters are trying to save those homes. >> the fire isemotea there are structures within the area of the fire. we have crews in place providing structure defense at numerous homes. there's about 600 structures that are considered threatened at this point. >> as you heard there, hundreds of homes still threatened this morning. lower lake high schoolo a red c for evacuees. i'll let you know as soon as we
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get the numbers in. meanwhile, back to you in the studio. >> our coverage of the pawnee fire continues on further to the north, cal fire is dealing with a destructive fire, the stole fire a second young abm crashed, the 24-year-old man driving died at the scene. paramedics rushed a 19-year-old woman to the trauma center. she died a few hours later. one woman witnessed the tragedy unfold. >> the girl got ejected when the car was going up in the air, up about 15 to 20 feet high and it
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spun around twice. >> witnesses told the highway patrol the car was being driven well the speed limit. defense secretary jim mattis is in alaska this morning. he's planning to tour fort greeley where he'll see a key piece of our country's missile defense system. this comes ahead of an international trip including stops in china, south korea and japan. >> i'm going there to get what i consider to be straight from them what they see for a strategic relationship. >> u.s. officials say talks will include the denuclearization of north korea and the role china may be able to play. u.s. defense officials will soon put pressure on pyongyang to make clear its level of commitment to the agreement signed at the summit meeting with president trump. officials plan to give north korea a timeline that will be rapid enough to see if the hermit kingdom will operate in good faith. in what could be seen as a positive sign, north korea has opted not to hold its annual
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anti-u.s. imperialism rally that marks the beginning of the north korean war. . since trade must be fair and no longer a one-way street, on friday the president threatened another new tariff. first lady melania trump spoke about kindness, compassion and positivity during a surprise visit to a student conference in virginia. >> it is often easier to see a glass half empty rather than half full. nevertheless, you have the power to be the positive force in so many people's lives. >> the first lady made the remarks at the students against destructions decision conference yesterday. it comes days after she made head leans for her controversial jacket choice while visiting migrant children in texas. she boarded a plane wearing a
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jacket that read ch i really don't kaer. do you?" a spokesperson said it was just a jacket. there was no hidden message listen up muni riders. the closure that could affect your commute for the next two months. a larger-than-life tribute to anthony bourdain. the restaurant honoring the celebrity chef. good news for the pawnee area, 64 degrees, humidity about 68%. we'd like that to be higher, but winds down to six to 10 miles per hour. we'll try to keep them below 20 miles per hour to help the firefighters. looking outside this morning with abc 7 news now. you can see a look at the toll plaza. we're keeping you up to date on
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>> just shy of 6:10 on this monday morning. temperatures in clear lake at 50. san rafael and vallejo at 59. mid to upper 50s in the north bay valleys this morning. the close are you get to water, the more likely you'll need the windshield wipers. temperatures mid to uppererywhe.
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62 in san jose, 61 in newark. the cooling has finally reached some of our hottest nah neighborhoods, antioch 167 degrees cooler than yesterday. small craft advisory north of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate bridge starting at 11:00 this morning starting at 9:00. the winds will have the biggest effect if you're out on the way. the rest of us, keeping the yard work and the exercise in cool are conditions. any hot spots, sue? >> we have a couple of hot spots. the cool spot on the golden gate bridge where the fog is definitely drizzly and you can see coming off the waldo grade. it's pretty thick up there. just a heads up and you'll need your windshield wipers as you make your way in san francisco. three lanes remain blocked southbound 280 near san jose avenue leaving san francisco, slow traffic in that area.
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we've got a ten-minute bart delay. 51 total tranes on time. the b.a.r.t. delay is through 19th and macarthur due to track maintenance. the twin bridge tunnel or twin peaks tunnel closed for repair for the next two months. expect slow traffic through that area. a.c.e. train number 1 is running ten minutes integrate america. a.c.e. train 3 is on time. a new larger than life mural honoring anthony bourdain. >> bourdain died by suicide earlier this month in france while working on a cnn series "parts unknown." he was 61 years old. police in southern california are searching for a campground killer. up next, details on the young father shot while camping with his children just before the family was set to move here to the bay area. it is a misty cooler morning. a live look at sfo at 6:11 a.m. we appreciate you being up with whoooo.
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a search is under way to rescue 12 members of a soccer team and their coach. they vanished after entering a cave in thailand. they believe they got trapped after rising water blocked the
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path. they believe the group is still alive. officials say there's a large network of caves to give them a place to stay dry. a research scientist was shot to the death at malibu state park in southern california right in front of his two young daughters. 35-year-old tristan boudette was killed early friday morning. he received a phd in chemistry from cal. his family was about to relocate to new jobs in the bay area. campgrounds are closed for the time being. >> we're sorry for their loss of their summer vacation. we're sensitive to that, but the safety of the public is first and foremost. we're closing the campground for the next week in the interest of public safety. >> the family has established a gofundme page. the air force announced it will yous spacex's fallon heavy rocket for launch of a new
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satellite. the contract is worth $130 million expected to lawn in 2020. it appears many of you don't trust facebook or twitter to store your sensitive information. mercury news reports one in five voters say they trust social media companies with their personal data. that's according to a poll from the silicon valley leadership group and bay area news group. more than half of those polled say the government should play a role in regulating how companies can use your information. we had a little weather for everybody weekend. >> trying to bring wetness in here, also. we had the big fire danger which weatherwise is over. we still have the pawnee fire to contend with. warmer temperatures up in those neighborhoods. here is a look at sfo where we have delays due to the low cloud deck. one of the runways temporarily closed this morning.
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just call ahead. in san jose, 280 and 17, it will become sunny just about everywhere today, temperatures close to average if not a little to be ow.rizzle near theoi as widespread or heavy as it is this morning. take a look at thr planner. 59 in ingleside to 67 in the bayshore. downtown about 65 degrees today. on the peninsula, most of our temperatures will top out in the low to mid 70s. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. along the south bay looking at temperatures pretty close to average with upper 70s to mid 80s right around 80 degrees. you head to the north bay, cloudiness. temperatures in the mid to up her 70s. inland temperatures, no more 100s, no more 90s, just low to mid 80s today. as you head up to this afternoon and the overnight hours, low to
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mid 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll gain a couple degrees, lose a couple degrees until we get to friday and saturday with our next mini heat wave. hi, sue. good morning. we're checking out the bay bridge. metering lights on at 5:17 this morning. you can see they're stacked up back to the macarthur maze. if your travels take you from hercules into san francisco, looking at about a 45-minute commute. and that includes through the toll plaza. about 1:12 to get over the altamont pass westbound on 580. slow and go southbound leaving san francisco near san jose due to an accident blocking a couple lanes there. we'll also take a look at your drive times there. a little improvement up and over the altamont. slow from antioch westbound highway 4 into concord. your drive into san francisco, a foggy one in southern marin, but a nice drive into san francisco,
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under 20 minutes. our friend cecelia vega is live with a look at what's ahead on "good morning america." >> you guys are making me homesick. you're my favorite san francisco peeps, sending you virtual hugs from new york. a busy morning on gma. the latest on the crisis at the border. president trump now says those who entered the country illegally should be immediately sent back, that's without seeing a judge. this is some of the families separated are now being eunited. thousands of children are still apart from their parents. we are following that one. also ahead, roseanne in an emotional interview, her first since those racist remarks that got her show canceled. we're following what she's saying this morning. actress and model bridget nielsen welcoming a little girl. what are the risks of having a child at that age?
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dr. ashton here to talk about that. and how to get that promotion. we'll tell you which day of the week you should definitely not ask your boss for that promotion. you guys are set, you don't a promotion. >> i'm guessing it's a monday. am i on the right track? >> no, you're not. i'm not going to tell you what. >> we miss you, great to see you. >> i'm overdue. my mom is like, get home. >> thanks cecelia. there was a tribute to xxx tentacion. >> he died after being shot in florida. meek mill wore a statement by wearing a hoodie featuring his face. the night was full of performances and tributes. host jamie foxx gave a shout-out to "black panther." director ryan coogler spoke about what the movie meant to him. >> trying to capture the
6:21 am
experience of being an african on this planet. so many factors telling you it's something you should be ashamed of, aspire to be something else. for us it's about tapping into the voice that tells us to be proud of who we are and where we come from. at the end of the speech he said to travel to africa and learn more about the continent ice history. visiting baseball teams in san francisco usually take a bus for the stadium. for the san diego padres yesterday, it was president any old bus. why they had to get creative to get to at&t park. a look outside with a live look at the bay bridge. we're keeping you up to date on weather and traffic through the entire break. entire break. one way we're crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, entire break. one way we're passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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travel from its source to the bottle? less than a always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. you're never more than seven mitenus aw fm ro we're dealing . the drizzle you'll encounter. the heat wave is over, everywhere. temperatures today from average in san jose at 80 to two to four degrees below average with a lot of 60s and 70s aun happening today, the lawyers are latest draft pick. last week the warriors drafted jacob evans, junior from the university of cincinnati. they'll hold a news conference at warriors practice
6:25 am
oakland. on this day nine years ago, the warriors draftedla pyer named s curry with thete seventh pick of the draft. >> still a very fresh face. last night on wrybc and his family wen $25 for north bay fire relief on the celebrity edition of "family feud." >> you need six points. for you, steph, that's two shots.ix points and then some with the number one answer. ayshahe g tes >> yes, she did. the san diego padres took a
6:26 am
double decker sight at&t park. the original bus that was supposed to pick them up, never did. the travel empty tour bus. the giants beat them inancial be efforts to build more affordable housing in san francisco. >> the millions of dollars that might go to two new developments in the works. plus this. >> a controversial call over water sales near at&tpark. theays se' going viral. we're following your monday morning commute with a live look at the san mateo bridge. we have a refrigerator blocking a lane of traffic before the toll plaza. of minor mass transit ing delays that we'll talk about when we come back after the break. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. it's kind of misty and soft out there.
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citi was the only one that was able to ensure that this was done seamlessly. and today, at the touch of a button, all the farmers are able to get their money, pay school fees and improve their standard of living. with citi, we see a bright future for our farmers and their families. ♪ hundreds of homes are threatened as a nair in lake county continues to grow. the mandatory evacuations in place this morning. a big change for thousands of muni riders today in san
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francisco. why your commute could take a little longer. crisis at the border. new tweets from president trump this morning renewing his call to build a wall. thank you for joining us. good morning to you. >> we've got sue hall with traffic, mike nicco with our forecast. things went downhill over the weekend. >> 25 degrees cooler yesterday than the day before. we'll continue that cooling trend thanks to the wends and a thick are marine layer this morning. up around 2400 feet. look at the wind bars, all pointing west to eas cool 50-de. what's it going to do to our temperatures. we're starting off in the mid 50s to low 60s with drizzle, especially near the coast. as you head through the accuweather 12-hour planner, be stay in the 50s at the coastment sun returns to the bay and inland by noon. 76 to 80 by 4:00. comfortable 71 to 73 at 7:00. let's turn it over to sue. >> we have a wind advisory for
6:31 am
the benicia and antioch bridges this morning. still with the accident in san francisco just in the clearing stages, southbound 280. sensors have turned green. we had an earlier mass transit delay. that has recovered on with 58 tranes. the twin peaks tunnel closed for two months to repair that. expect delays on muni through that area. a.c.e. number one delayed about ten minutes coming into san francisco. the twin peaks tunnel is closed for repairs. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live at the church street station on how people will have to change their commute. >> reporter: we are getting an earful this morning from muni riders about big changes to the morning commute which is starting today.
6:32 am
this is one of many shuttle butts we've seen arriving at the church street station. that's because the west p an stations are closed for repair. this is impacting the k, l and m muni metro ne it's all happening because the twin peaks tunnel is old, 100 years old, in need of repairs to the walls and track. muni has tried to get the word out and minimize inconvenience for those trying to get downtown. many commuters this morning not happy at all. >> it's very inconvenient, because they didn't tell us what time the bus would be coming to holloway. the train are always late, the bus is late and everything is late. >> i get the information. i know what's going on. it's easy for me to go to work. >> reporter: so you planned ahead? >> yeah. >> reporter: this morning muni has representatives at the
6:33 am
church, castro, west portal and forest hill stations answering any questions and getting riders where they need to go. there is a representative here right now that just showed up. the repair job and bus bridges expected to last most of the summer, about two months. pack your patience if you can. live in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. santa rosa police say a man who wanted to con front his estranged wife shot four people including himself and a 4-year-old boy leaving a man dead. this happened last night on the 400 block of grand park avenue. investigators say 65-year-old walter ross went to his son's home to confront his estranged wife. he wasn't there. he opened fire on people inside the home and shot himself. a 43-year-old man ross, a 41-year-old man and 4-year-old boy are being treated for their injuries. president trump says he wants undocumented immigrants to
6:34 am
be deported immediately. he's also renewing the call to build the border wall. just within the last hour he tweeted, hiring many thousands of judges and going through a long and complicated legal process is not the way to go. people must be simply stopped at the border and told they cannot come into the u.s. illegally. if this is done, illegal immigration will be stopped at its track. this is the only real answer. as for the children being held without their parents, the department of homeland security says 500 children are back with their parents. abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings was invited along with. officer chris cabrera is a father of four. although the border patrol is a criminal law enforcement agency, he says many undocumented
6:35 am
immigrants turn themselves into the guards because they know officers are good people. >> we have children. we have family mem brers. you've got to treat people the way you want to be treated. if we were in that situation, we'd want to be treated accordiny. >> the separation of undocumented children and families and the conditions under which they're detained continue to cause controversy. cheryl will have more reports later today. you can find more coverage online at two affordable housing projects in san francisco could get a big financial boost, $29 million in grants. according to the cron castro valley it would come from california's cap and trade emissions program. if approved, the grants would go to new developments on mission and 16th and van ness and 16th. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's talk temperatures in the south bay.
6:36 am
62 in san jose, mountain view about 63. brentwood right around 60 to 61. how about mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. a look at some of the drizzle as the mist continues to hang around the golden gate bridge in marin county and san francisco down the peninsula. some caution there. in your commute planner, for ferry ride, gusty, breezes, choppy north of the bay bridge, east of the golden gate bridge this afternoon. mass transit cool to warm from this morning to afternoon. here is a look at the east bay. 58 and cloudy. cloudy at 59. sunshine by noon and 62. we'll happening out in the mid to upper 60s for the better part of the afternoon hours. san francisco locked into the 50s. sunshine in the afternoon. mid 50s during the evening hours. we've got 64 and mostly low 80s during theft aonnoer
6:37 am
hours back to a comfortable 72 by 8:00. i know you don't have air conditioning. how was it saturday? >> it was warm, especially downstairs we can keep a little cooler, but upstairs where we sleep -- >> you wake up sunday morning, clouds and winds -- >> it was really wendy yesterday, really gusty. couldn't read the paper outside. >> i get the sunday paper also. >> let's take a look at emeryville, misty and cloudy here as well with a solid stream of headlights headed in the westbound direction towards the macarthur maze. let's take a look at your drive time. it's about 50 minutes from the top of into the macarthur maze. you can see the slowing out of the central valley, slow on the eastshore freeway we just showed you there. better news, leaving san francisco we had an earlier
6:38 am
accident southbound anjose aven. that's been cleared out of lanes and traffic is flowing thankf directions. from tracy to dublin, it's been a brutal one this morning, an hour and 12 minutes. highway 4 into concord is looking san francisco, foggy in southern marin, but no problems. >re get ssac new numbers in from the pawnee fire in lake county. why officials are calling this fire unprecedented. looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. you can seehe markets are doing next. a hot air balloon hits power leans and crashing into a lake in mish two fishermen jumped in action to reshepi tt. keep on tope ofcu through t traffic break with abc 7
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6:41 am
let's talk about what's going on around the state. you can see a sneak peek at tahoe where it's clear this morning. 83 this afternoon, apt ten degrees above average. the hot temperatures, the greatest amount of heat, palm
6:42 am
sprengs and vegas where you would expect it, 109. look on the other side of the mountains, 71 in san diego, 74 in l.a. monterey 65. breezy up to eureka at 63. here is a quick look at tahoe. you can see only thursday and friday will temperatures be average. a major wildfire has burned thousands of acres in lake county. >> there are mandatory evacuations in place. jessica castro is tracking the pawnee fire. she has new details. >> i want to update our viewers. we got the new numbers in on the pawnee fire. it's grown in size at 8,700 acheers according to the bureau of land management. also waiting for an update from cal fire on containment numbers. at last check it was out of control at zero percent containment. i want to show you new video of the fire overnight.
6:43 am
the fire doubled in size this weekend. here is map for you on your screen. all 3,000 residents of spring valley have been ordered to evacuate. flames have destroyed 12 homes so far. plus frietsz friets have frietss work court out from >> at night we're expecting to see the fire activity somewhat decrease a little bit which allows us to get close to the fire's edge and build good containment lied to hopefully stop the spread of the fire. >> right now 200 firefighters are tackling this wildfire. lower lake high school has been turned into a red cross shelter for evacuees. new information this morning on containment will be on our website and our news app. the pawnee fire is the
6:44 am
latest won, but state senator mark mcgwire spoke about how tough recent fire seasons have been for lake county residents. >> lake county has been hit harder than almost any of california's other 58 counties. if we look at the last four fire seas seasons, the rocky, the jers let me, the clayton and the valley. they've lost over 2,000 homes over the last four years. this is the last thing, the last thing any of us would want to see. >> state senator mcguire called northern california's wildfires a new normal. we'll continue to stay on top of the pawnee fire. download the app or visit for the latest information on evacuations and road closures. we'll send push alerts with breaking updates as they happen. nascar fans pay tributes to victims and sur viefs of october's north bay wildfires while honoring firefighters currently battling the flames in
6:45 am
lake county. >> we pray for those fighting fires in lake county. >> abc 7 news was at sonoma raceway yesterday during the opening ceremony for the toyota savemart 350. sponsors, fans and businesses honored first responders from the north bay. >> the public doesn't forget what we did and we don't forget what the public did for us. >> nascar and sonoma raceway are encouraging racing fans to patronize local businesses in the north bay to help communities rebuild after the fires. happening today, the defendants in the deadly ghost ship fire case could take the first steps to making a plea deal. derick almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. harris' attorney says they're willing to discuss plea bargains today. a source close to the case says prosecutors already offered almena 18 years in prison with
6:46 am
the possibility of ten years parole wiin exchange for a guil plea. he turned it down. a water bottle controversy involving an 8-year-old girl outside at&t park is going viral this morning. a mom started recording this video when a neighbor threatened to call police on her daughter. the girl was selling water bottles outside the ball park when the neighbor came out and apparently demanded the permit. she complained the girl was loudly selling water outside her apartment. >> she came out and demanded the permit. said if we didn't give it to her, she'd call the cops. i said okay. call the cops. she did. >> the lady called the police on me because i didn't have a permit. >> the woman on the phone, alison ettel says she didn't call police to report the girl. she wanted to know if what they were doing was legal. roseanne barr says she's in the a racist but admits she's an idiot. she said she posted the racist tweet about former white house
6:47 am
adviser about valerie jarrett because she disagreed with her politics. >> i never would have wittingly called any black person a -- say they are a monkey. i didn't do that. i wouldn't do that. >> it's the first we've heard from barr since that tweet ended the sitcom. stormy daniels was supposed to meet today with federal prosecutors. canceled, the reason according to her attorney, they're worried about media. daniels has said she had sex with the president in 2006 when he was married. he has denied it. a pretty scary situation at a festival in michigan when a hot air balloon hit power lines. the air balloon caught fire and crashed into a lake. >> a fisherman said he was
6:48 am
admiring the festival when he saw the balloon hit the wires sparking an explosion. the fisherman and another boater rescued the balloon pilot and fortunate li no one was hurt. the faa is investigating. now to your morning money report. >> lawyers for san francisco-based uber will be in a london courtroom to try to persuade magistrates to restore its business license. last september uber was stripped of its london license. reasons given were uber's poor approach to reporting serious criminal offenses and conducting background checks on drivers. uber has apologized and changed its business model. london is uber's most important independent market. today's national gas average is $2.00, down more than ten cents. the average here in california, $3 poifr 67 a gallon.
6:49 am
it is last call for toys "r" us. all stores will close on or before this friday. toys "r" us announcing it's going out of business. discounts up to 90% now. the inventory is extremely limited. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. the markets have dipped dramatically. the dow down about 260 points. end of an era when it comes to toys "r" us. >> i feel like it's the death of my childhood. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. accuweather forecast. hey, mike. >> alexa, order me toys. >> take a look at what's going on outside. we'll use the umbrella yesterday to get aaway from the sunshine. the temperature is comfortable.
6:50 am
the winds pick up as expected. this time they brought a lot more cloud cover. as we head towards the golden gate bridge, sue tells me firsthand she had to use the windshield wipers. >> there's a chance of drizzle at the coast. not as much this morning. the heat is coming friday. there's a look at the cloud cover this morning. notice the breeze bringing the clouds back to the coast by noon for the most part. whatever is left over starts to fade as we head towards sunset during the evening hours. temperatures mid 70s to low 80s. we'll say upper 70s to mid 80s. in the peninsula, everybody in the 70s. along the coast, high 60s. downtown san francisco, 65. north bay, mid 70s to 81.
6:51 am
look around lakeport. it's going to get hot again and a little breezy for the firefighters during the afternoon hours. upper 70s richmond, berkeley and oakland. low to mid 70s along the east bayshore. 80 to 86. tonight's temperatures low to upper 50s from 50 in santa rosa to antioch at 59. not much of a change. just a couple of degrees there depending on how fast the sun comes up tuesday, wednesday and thursday. friday and saturday will be the hottest, like it was last week. >> we're checking in with the backup at the richmond-san rafael bridge. we do see some delays there. that's the fast track lanes, believe it or not, that are slowing. cash lanes not so much. you're looking at about an eight-minute backup to get through the tolls and another eight to ten minutes to get across the richmond-san rafael bridge. the el potran on-ramp shut down by the chp.
6:52 am
i'm seeing slowing getting on to 80 because the on-ramp is shut down. wi once again we have a long line of traffic across the 80 corridor and farther south, 880 near industrial, an earlier accident. a couple of earlier problems on the nimitz cleared. traffic remains very slow. we'll zoom in on our 3d look through hayward with speeds under 15 miles an hour. an estimated 1 million people turned out to celebrate san francisco's 48th annual pride parade and festival. >> the group known as dikes on bikes revved up their engines while leading the parade 58 long market street. colorful celebration of love, tolerance and equality had a mix of political messages, including president trump's recent move to separate families seeking asylum. >> families belong together. >> every year it's great. this year it's absolutely
6:53 am
necessary. we want to show our unity, pride. >> the celebration ended with a festival at the civic center. we were honored to be part of the pride parade. you can see abc 7 news meteorologist drew tomb ma, our parent company ziz any had more than 600 people including employees from lucas films and pixar. espn's tenth anniversary issue is set to hit stands on friday. "good morning america" has a look at a diverse group of men and women including top athletes in their 50s and 60s. all ten covers report rates of power, including adam rippon and nfl hall of famer jerry first lgbtq couple to grace the cover of the body issue. gma will have a complete look
6:54 am
coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> shark season is upon us. a kayaker in monterey bay had an encounter she won't soon forget. you see the shadow in the water there? stella poole was in the water when this happened. her friend recorded the video as the ten-foot great white started swimming ten feet away from her. she says xi remained very calm. >> it wasn't interested in us in any threatening way. it wasn't following me. >> shark season runs from may through october when the sharks give birth and sightings start to increase. jury ras kick world fallen kingdom bumped "incredibles 2" out of the top spot. it took in $150 million in ticket sales, back-to-back $100 million-plus openings. worldwide there's high demand.
6:55 am
here are the top five after jurassic world, "incredibles 2" which set a hort coming up the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> aif look at the toll plaza. not too beautiful thi
6:56 am
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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i 6:58. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. 8700 acres now burned in the pawnee fire. 3,000 residents of spring valley remain under mandatory evacuation. 12 homes have been destroyed. 600 threatened. good news in the overnight hours. temperatures in the low 60s. wends about ten miles per hour. it will hit the mid 90s with 20-mile-per-hour winds. for the rest of us, breezy conditions, that means cooler weather in your accuweather planner. watch out for drizzle near the coast this morning. number three, muni's twin peaks tunnel has closed. riders will have to use bus bridges. >> there are delays there for muni as well. number four, we are following
6:59 am
your monday morning commute. we just saw the tow truck pull out of the east parking lot of the bay bridge. reports of an accident, two separate, one with a motorcycle and another with a couple of cars. expect delays on the bay bridge. number five, president trump wants to see all undocumented immigrants immediately deported without a hearing or trial. the president said this is the only real answer. he also pushed the the the the e roseanne barr said she would never call an african-american a monkey. she blames ambien for the racist tweet. number seven, your last chance to find deals at toys "r" us. all locations will close by friday. usually you can only get fixtures in the last week, buying shelves and lighting. >> up to 9 0% off the items that are left. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes
7:00 am
with an abc 7 news update. >> "good morning america" starts right now. good morning, america. risis at the border. immigrants who enter the u.s. illegally should be sent back immediately with no hearing from a judge. this as questions grow about the fate of the more than 2,000 kids still separated from their parents, some seen on buses being moved to a processing center. when will they be reunited? wildfire emergency. out-of-control flames growing. at least 46 fires scorching thousands of acres across the u.s. forcing evacuations across california, oregon and texas. now, new red flag warnings out this morning. roseanne's tearful regrets. the disgraced comedienne in an emotional first interview since her hit show was canceled. >> i'm just so sorry that i, you know, was so unclear and stupid.


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