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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 25, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> yeah, there it is, i found it. >> oh my god. >> rescuers spot a tiny animal on an louisiana freeway. >> right in the -- on an l.a. freeway. >> right on the freeway. >> people are nice in l.a. >> yes, they are. >> why this one has zero margin for error. but heck, why not? it's a state fair favorite. the shortcut to one tasty summer tweet. we have christian, breaking down the best on the web, including cell phone sign language. >> we all know the video that will have you seeing yourself.
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>> how many times have we all done that? >> the itent bans the major u.s. in many cities you don't want to be standing in the middle of a freeway. that's exactly where a little kitten is. >> oh, no, a kitten on i-10? >> sheila says, there is a kitten right there on the emergency side right in the car pool lane. >> you will break my heart. >> poor little kitty. >> how it got there in the first place is confusing. >> and it's probably also terrifying. >> terrified and probably throwed out of a car,ohey called in, it's it took them 45 minutes to get to the spot. >> this is really dangerous u russ. they should be getting assistance. >> they pull over to side of the road. get into that gore point area. is it legal? >> no. >> they get on andav on drs.hinet.
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th see what's going on. >> no way, they're putting their own lives in danger. >> this is the riskiest thing they've ever done there look at this they got traffic to stop. >> how dangerous is it? >> oh my god. >> i cannot believe it. >> one of the most dangerous things i seen them do to save one little kitten him they get on opposite sides with the cat. >> go, go, go. >> they are able to get back across the freeway because the drivers are patient. they let them go. >> let them go, los angeles. >> there are some. the kitten is hungry, so it immediately got a meal. it has an eye
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>> they have something on its skin. they wash it off. they named him napoleon, maybe because this little one also known as an emergency landing. >> i want to name him like too fast and fur >> let's take an already ricky sport and make it riskier. what they are up to, they are looking for a point to base jump. >> they jump on building, mountain, all kind of stuff. what are we justing off today? >> the first location is a bridge the second location they work isn't, well, it's going to work. they're going to make it work. there really is no place to land. but heck why not? >> we'll make it work. we'll figure it out on the way down. >> he's going to jump offhi
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doit.ndy he's going to use basically a static line deployment for the chute. he attaches that on his chute. this is well about as dangerous as it gets. you can tell, there is no room for any mistakes. >> yikes! >> wow! >> deployed within like ten feet. >> thank goodness, he tries to do his best to not land in the river.aiming for what little elves he's got. to not land in the trees. super cool. he land safely. he knew he had no real place to land. >> how many videos have we seen they have been up trees for a little while. >> another episode on their adrenaline addiction channel.
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>> that cat in australia, scuffles with a 36-year-old wanted man on the side of the road. you can see them both there, wrestling, trying to get dominance. they try to control this guy, it's getting a bit intense. a bit is where help arrives, because running in from the side comes a citizen a member of the public, seeing it often struggling. he runs over without even thinking about it, helps put this dude under control. >> i love it. >> yes, exactly. >> i got to believe it's a little scary for the officer for a moment. you don't know who this person is, you are so scared. >> police have actually commented on this by saying they appreciated the help for sure, but they do not encourage the public to get involved in situation like this.
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the thing is, i'm only assuming that, because we don't know who he s. people are starting a bit of a campaign. they want him to come forward, essentially, australia wants to buy this guy a beer. >> that's a lot of beer. >> he deserves it. another video in the uk, even somerset police would like to have a word with these fellas you see in this studio a bit of shopping. >> these nasty people make off with 2000 worth of clothes. >> for a guy weir wearing a lot of linen. it is one thing to go to an art gallery and appreciate the art. it's a whole different experience when you can do it in virtual reality. >> this whole thing was put together in net forms.
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they're an innovative art company. they're calling this project a gallery in the arts. so in this art gallery, you can walk through the hallways and appreciate this art, but that, too, can make a whole different level. you done have to see the art, can you go if through the art. you don't have to worry about the 6-year-old destroying it. >> have they turned these art pieces into immersive experience or are these art? >> in fact, these are from an artist. in that picture we just went into is the festival of lights like a family treat. >> think of this, so many artists are struggling to get their art hung in a gallery. are we going to visit the future gallery of art? >> this is a realm of art on a two dimensional art put up or more sculpture. whole digital r
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the art. and that. >> that's kind of neat. >> you got pe talking about art on "right this minute." >> it's making me so happy. think of all the part pieces you love or loved and if you could go into a museum and take your time and look at etching. >> a little boy busts out of pre school. gets cookies and milk. not good enough for a snack. >> he knew where the treats were. and silence, it's the latest challenge. >> it's childish, also strangely fun. how it can lead to something life changing.
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announcer: fungi-nail. kills fungus. restores skin. get fungi-nail fast. calling your best detective. we will need to really scour for investigation. we got an escapee on the run, on the loose in china, some pre schools noticed one little guy had gone missing. i guess the cookies and milk not good for a stack. he found himself the nearest grocery store and began to read the snack aisle, playing around with some of the toy, not a care in the world, until one of the ply years of the grocery store noticed, there is no parents around. this is crazy. >> how far away were the store? >> he didn't say how far. he said it took about 15 minutes before he showed up at that store. i think some details are perfectly being kept out of the news. >> i think that kid had to be familiar with where the store
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was, not only did he make it there. beliviw where the >> the parents were called. they did come up to collect their boy. they had to settle up. he was not injured, yes, they were going to look into their security protocols. >> i think the parents, not the schools. this boy has been planning the escape every day, i'm secretly out of here. >> you know how you wait for the state fair to go get funnel cake. chef jim of stafford is showing us how to make easy funnel cake. >> it is funnel cake. >> it's dry drizzled dough. mom used to do this at home. but it's so easy, because all
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you need do is make your batter, make your strawberry topping him fry it up, you're done. >> i feel it's a little more complex. >> it honestly is. >> she baix makes the batter and refrigerates i. she makes strawberry topping. let's it sit a few minutes, adds cornstarch to thicken it up. then you heat up your oil. >> i am doing this tonight. >> you see, you try and mix this. >> some of you don't even have funnel. that's all right. use a plastic bag. >> start skweekz it out. >> powdered sugar, then your strawberries. boom. boom. >> what? tgif, bro'.
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>> we want to you go out in public and show the word childish in a form assembly in school literally you need to this guy. >> challenge. >> the childish challenge. it's childish, also strangely fun you are not just doing it to be weird. we are reviewing all the footage him i am pecking the world. wherever are you and somebody else gets flown to l.a. you get about $660 u.s. dollars. tuesday is the 27th of june. you need to do this in the dmz. >> oh that place is so miserable. >> or maybe in the middle of a south african airport or perhaps in an assembly at school. perhaps you might want to do this in a train station with some milk.
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no shirt on. >> it's a little like "difference." don't worry, he wasn't wasting the milk. you got to love the l.a. where a guy comes out with milk on his shirt and somebody saying i'll take some. >> it's funny when people start answering gambino. >> i might put you on instagram childish content when you post your video. >> they're talking loneliness. >> next, "right this minute." still to come a dude dog little tree trimming. >> nothing is wrong when someone is cutting a tree. >> who will get it? >> the answer is none of the above. >> plus it's a wedding.
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i just came to the realization trees often find themselves at the center especially when it comes to sailin sailing. >> nothing ever goes wrong with someone cutting a tree. >> plenty enough. i never saw this coming. >> oh. >> exactly. >> they have attached it to the branch, but the weight of it pulls that guy off his feet. he ended up swing and breaking through that fence. ironically, they got wood. they can end up fixing it.
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>> all right. by the looks of it. you see the guy set up the camera specifically for his moment of victory. when she comes down, it will be great back to where he wants. >> no, it's >> doink. sorry. now i know it doesn't look like it on the beginning of the video, but a tree features heavily in this. >> oh, that's his off. in this viral video, the guy was grinding along it. he wanted to grinds along it, not so much on his . >> are you good?
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>> when you agree to marry the one you love, you also know you will be going through many ups and downs. well, this couple is married, they've got to get through this first hurdle right off the bat. >> oh. >> sim mr. i the landscapers showed up on your weighing day. >> no, the roof must be a lumberjack. because in the description of the video, they say that this is a way for solo lumberjacks to pay respect and honor the wedding. apparently a tradition in the part of france. >> i'm glad they do this before the reception. >> no alcohol. anyway, whatsoever. >> it doesn't drunk guys wielding chainsaws. >> looking like they have a pound. >> have you noticed the chains are absolute gone. it's the noise and the show of it all. it's so pretty cool. they didn't have a theme for their wedding. this next couple definitely did.
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the one for the mid-evil times presented a bride who wanted to have a themed wedding. so she got everyone the wedding party family and friends to show up in full mid-evil attire. >> let's hope it's a wedding theme. weddings do not go well. >> fortunately, this is a really beautiful thing, now it's the bride that walks down the aisle. it only is fitting as she does it while riding a horse. >> cool, like an elf and queen. >> they walk down the aisle. >> wow, is she marrying the mountain? look at the size of that guy. >> it looked like they had a really nice themed we >> this funny guy is showing off the cell phone sign language. >> it seems to me to be
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universal. >> see which ones
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they look dangerous. >> they're icy cool kicks, though. >> yeah, they are. >> i'm willing to bet you guys and you at home know a lot more sign language than you think. >> thank you. it may not be official sign.i s. hold on, this is the cell phone language. kevin ferry put a bunch of
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phrases together we all without the subtitles will immediately recognize what he is trying to tell us. >> oh, i've done that. hold on, i'm texting. grandpa texting. >> i have to do this. >> compared to the younger set. >> how many times have we all done that? >> all of these we definitely seen somebody do. >> he's done the guy the girl the older, he is nailing it. he's got so many. >> this is the book. really, the entire sign language book of phones. every time you see one, boys, i've done that. >> it's all there, if you want to see all of the cell phones of language, click on tv show. >> thanks for watching.
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we'll see you
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tonight, breaking news. our team one-on-one on the u.s. border with the nation's top border security official. and the moment we witnessed today, two mothers and their children allegedly being smuggled into the country, stopped, questioned, sent to be processed. tonight, you will hear what the commissioner of customs and border protection now says about president trump's executive order, no longer separating parents and children. the changing rules. and what he says is being lost in this entire debate. also tonight, president presumption p doubling down, saying we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country.usmeel judges, bring th from where they came. also developing, the state of emergency as we come on the air. dozens of fires burning at this hour. homes destroyed.


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