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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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home yesterday. >> 600 structures remain threatened. governor brown has declared a state of emergency as firefighters try to get a handle on the raging fire. thousands are being told to evacuate. >> as quickly as they can. the map shows the area where people have been told to get out. abc7 reporter wayne friedman has spent the day in the fire zone in lake county. he's live with more. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, dan. mandatory evacuations in some places. the 8,200 number is latest number from cal fire this morning. after what we saw today, it is bound to have gone higher. as to how much room this fire will burn, we don't know yet. cal fire isn't saying yet. there were times today when it started cooking. flames close enough to see, close enough to hear, close enough to fear, and close enough that more people left clear oaks lake this day while others insisted on staying. are you evacuated technically? >> they've told us to evacuate. but of it's against the
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constitutional right. we're stay of our own free will. >> reporter: jeff haddox worried about looter goi-- looters goin through the neighborhood. when he said that, he didn't know less than a mile away, police had made just such an arrest. the suspect had a loaded weapon, stash of marijuana, and had been blocking fire equipment. >> a gentleman that we arrested, didn't know where he was coming from. he didn-- he doesn't reside her lake county. >> reporter: the big question remains where will the fire be going. it seemed fairly quiet all morning. in minutes, the three hot spots. here are two -- one right there, another right there. >> every year gets worse it seems like. >> reporter: this is the fourth straight year fire has raged through the county destroying homes, structures, and scorching tens of thousands of acres. cal fire estimated the blaze at 8,200 acres this morning and counting. they are not encouraged by the start of the fire season. >> the numbers and the
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statistics are lining up similar to last year. and what we've seen up to this point is similar to last year. >> reporter: and that's a live picture of a helicopter making another drop. last year was california's worst, most destructive fire season ever. the numbers are fairly astounding. 9,000 wildfires burned, more than 1.2 million acres. that's an area the size of delaware. the fires destroyed t10,800 homes. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> awful. thank you. this map shows the area where the pawnee fire is burning in lake county. it's north of highway 20 and clear lake oaks. bordering the fire to the east is the indian valley reservoir. sky 7 went up earlier. and you see the flames are raging in lake county. the weather is always an issue with the wildfire particularly after the intense heat that we saw over the weekend. what are firefighters dealing
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with right now? >> let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> we'll look at the conditions. the weather is not favorable in terms of the conditions now. winds are gusting to 19 miles per hour. humidity is low. you'll notice relative humidity 22%. it's warm, 89 degrees now. the wind will slowly come down only to pick up tomorrow afternoon and evening. i hope the crews make rockies are over the next few days as temperatures start to come down. late this week, it's going to get hotter, drier, and definitely low humidity with the gusty winds, off shore flow friday, saturday, sunday, will mean firefighters will have their work cut out even more. hopefully they make progress on the fire lines. >> thank you very much. farther to our north and, c fire is making progress on a
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destructive fire, the stole fire. it's destroyed homes and several buildings near red bluff. some people are still being told to evacuate. the fire has burned 300 acres and is 60% contained. moving to other news. we have new details on a double stabbing that happened near the pride celebration yesterday in san francisco. police tell abc7 news they arrested a 19-year-old man but are looking for a second suspect still. the investigation led to police shutting down golden gate avenue and hyde street. one has life threatening injuries, the other is expected to recover. a mysterious death in the middle of a night during a camping trip. >> a southern california family was camping in malibu before they moved to the bay area. the father was shot to death. the kids were okay. >> we have the latest on this sad mystery. >> reporter: 35-year-old tristan bodet was an acomaccomplished scientist and father. the chemist was camping with his
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two young daughters at malibu creek state park when he was shot and killed. today investigators confirm tristan was shot while in his tent as his 2 and 4-year-old daughters were inside. a tragedy family members describe as tristan was an avid outdoorsman who loved to camp. there have been other shooting eyewitness incidents in the past -- shooting incidents in the past, but there's no evidence to suggest any of those are related to this killing. relatives say the family was about to relocate to the bay area at the end of this month for new jobs. a gofundme page to support wife erica and the girls is close to surpassing $100,000. officials are still looking for a suspect and a motive. abc7 news. the supreme court today refused to hear a lawsuit against the sonoma county sheriff's deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez of santa rosa. the county had asked for immunity for the officer. this now allows the parents of the boy to continue with their
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wrongful death lawsuit. abc7 has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: by refusing to review the case, the decision already made by the ninth circuit court of appeals is allowed to stand. now the ninth circuit court had said that, number one, andy lopez posed no immediate threat. and to the sheriff. and number two, a jury should decide if the deputy used excessive force. in 2013, andy lopez was carrying a plastic pellet gun that looked like an ak-47. sheriff deputy eric gelhouse yelled for 13-year-old lopez to drop the gun which he mistook for a real weapon. gelhouse told investigators the boy turned, then raised but did not point the barrel of the gun in his direction. deputy fired eight shots. the sorono county sheriff's office -- sonoma county sheriff's office was hoping the high court would support their argument that officers don't need to wait for a gun to be actually pointed at them before
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responding with deadly force to protect themselves and the public. >> you're going to put people in position of hesitation. and when you have the hesitation, you know, and they're thinking about how -- what they can do, then it's too late. >> reporter: in many cases, law enforcement officers are protected under the ruling because a use of force isn't clearly established. >> my experience with these kind of cases is that law enforcement's position is that they're always right, and they should always be immune from liability in these cases. >> reporter: andy's parents have a federal lawsuit against the sheriff's office. because the supreme court refused to hear the case, the family can proceed with the lawsuit as instructed by the ninth circuit court of appeals. the attorney representing sonoma county said, quote, the county continues to evaluate all options to move the case a final resolution. the county has two options -- settle with the family or have a
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jury decide. abc7 news in san francisco. officials in saratoga are responding to recent school shootings around the country by making it harder for guns to get into the wrong hands. the city council has approved ordinances to keep guns away from children, the mentally ill, and criminals. following a public hearing last week, they would require gun owners in saratoga to secure their weapons in a locked container or disable them when they're not in use or in their possessi possession. gun owners would have to report the loss of theft of weapons in 48 hours. the council expects the measures to take effect august 31st. new developments with glide memorial church. the bay area bishop responsible for eliminating the remaining pastors is defending her position. the united methodist bishop minerva carcagno says the pastors are being reassigned, not removed. she's assessing the church and its foundation citing the lack of appropriate governance structure and financial transparency. the bishop also criticized
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mayor-elect breed for her support of the church at a rally last week. dozens of veterans gathered in san francisco today to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the korean war with hopes that its official end could be coming soon. the group gathered at the korean war memorial in the presidio. two veterans, one from the korean armed forces, and one from the american military, laid a twreewreath to commemorate the than 150,000 south korean and american soldiers who died in the conflict. afterward, south korea's consul general said he's cautiously optimistic about relations between the united nations and north korea. >> we had a good start with north korea over denuclearization. so we have to continue to move re>> man theetans in ely attendance said they embked from the k conflict.
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still to come, numerous bay area cities have soda taxes or are thinking about them. >> why a move being made in sacramento could cause those kind of taxes to fizz out in the future. >> reporter: it's the controversy involving a water bottle, a san francisco woman, and an 8-year-old girl. i'm across the street from at&t park with the new fallout today. and this is it -- it's closing time for good for toys 'r' us this week. 7 on your side's michael finney with what to know before you try to get a last deal.
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the video seen around the globe. a san francisco woman appearing to report a girl for selling water on the street without a permit. >> we have more on the woman dubbed "permit patty" and the fallout. >> reporter: the instagram video post the by erin austin, mother of 8-year-old jordan rogers, has been viewed millions of times since it was posted saturday. >> this woman don't want to let a little girl sell water. >> reporter: it shows an enraged allison eddel appearing to report jordan to authorities. >> illegally selling water without a permit. >> reporter: jordan's mom says her daughter was just trying to sell water near at&t park to buy tickets to go to disneyland. >> water, only $2. >> she wanted to go to disneyland for a while. we were saving up. i actually lost my job. she wanted to help. >> i did not want to see the police because i was scared. >> reporter: the backlash on line has been swift and fierce. commenters dubbing her as "permit patty," and worse, accusing her of racism.
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she appeared on the "today" f t. horrible, horrible images and death threats. >> reporter: there have been consequences for her company, treat well, that sells cannabis for pete as and humans. it's been bomrdbaed b reviews. barbary yost and other dispensaries decided to pull her products from store shelves. >> we pulled her products immediately. we thought it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: edd eddel claims s never called the police, and the sfpd confirms they never received a call about anyone selling water. we offered her a chance to speak, but her attorney declined saying she is traumatized. an initiative to repeal california's gas tax and roll back vehicle registration fees has qualified for the november ballot. organizers turned in far more signatures than require food get the initiative on the ballot --
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required to get the initiative on the ballot according to the secretary of state. the roll back of taxes and fees is part of the strategy to win competitive and legislative and congressional seats in the midterm election. governor jerry brown and supporters of the tax say the $5 billion raised annually is needed to maintain the state's bridges and roads. then this -- cities and counties in california may soon be banned from taxing sodas and other sugary drinks. the proposal in the state legislature stems from a deal made by business groups and organized labor. it is worried that prohibiting the local taxes on groceries through the end of 2030. san francisco, oakland, pa soda taxes in the bay area. wells fargo is once again facing claims of misconduct. this time accused of targeting mom and pop investors. federal regulators say today the bank improper encouraged clients to trade high-fee debt products
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that were intended to be held to maturity, known as market-linked investments. the claim span from 2009 to 2013. wells fargo has agreed to pay a $4 million penalty but has neither admitted nor denied the claims and says it is cooperating fully with the investigation. a state law which takes effect will gradually require grow force pay overtime to agricultural -- growers to pay overic to to agricultural workers after eight hours. now the push to expand overtime pay through the fairness for farmers act. we have this report from fresno. >> reporter: video from sky vied indication of the vast acreage ag workers must cover. despite working long hours in the valley heat, farm laborers don't receive any overtime after putting in eight hours. >> farm workers work around 10 to 12 hours a day. you know, with a back-breaking, hard work. we believe this is wrong and has
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been wrong for this long time. >> reporter: bills introduced by democratic members of the senate and congress would require farm after 40 hours a week. senator kamala harris said, "this bill will attempt to correct some of the injustices they face and, in particular, guarantee they will get overtime pay." some basis point farme-- some b farmers say the state law will reduce to less overtime. some don't believe that will be the case -- >> we have growers and companies under the union. hay been telling us -- they've been telling us they cannot find workers. for us it's hard to understand their point of view. >> reporter: farm workers don't receive overtime until after ten hours a day or 60 hours inis from -- in fresno for abc7 news. this week is your last chance to be a toys 'r' us kid. >> we've heard a lot about
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president trump's tariff battles. we could see the trickle down here in the bay area. >> 7 on your side's michael finney explains why. >> we've got toys 'r' us, so much to talk about today. bay area startups are being dragged into the trade fight between the us and china. the treasury department is working on new rules for chinese companies investing in tech firms. the rules would stop companies that are at least a quarter owned by chinese firms from buying u.s. tech companies. if implemented, that could put a real dent in our local economy. the end's in sight for toys 'r' us, as dan told you. the chain says all of the u.s. toys 'r' us and babies 'r' us stores will be closed by this friday. toys 'r' us has been in closeout sales mode for weeks now. what little is left can be found marked down as much as 90%. worth checking out, no doubt. you better hurry.
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our abc7 news digital team is putting together a store-by-store list of bay area closings. you can find the information on if you have a pre-existing condition, be very worried. the affordable care act is back in play. we told you a while back 20 states filed a lawsuit asking the courts to abolish the af ce appeared to be goingarlefd nowhere. so there wasn't much coverage. now the administration has n th 20 states. if successful, obamacare is no more, and those with pre-existing conditions are back where they were before obamacare which is either uninsured or with extremely expensive insurance. i'm keeping track, and we'll report back as things change or as they don't change. >> we'll see. thank you. our weather is changing,
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that's for sure. we lost a few more degrees this afternoon across most of the bay area. let me show you live doppler 7. you will notice we have low clouds over parts of the a bay. the wind is playing a big role. out of southwest, gusting to 32 miles per hour. the onshore breeze bringing the cooler air now. napa gusting to 26 miles per hour. here's a live picture from the east bay hills camera. marine layer is deeper, just over 2,000 feet deep. it's going to progress. 61 in san francisco. it is in the 60s in oakland, currently 78 in san jose. our coolest spot is half moon bay at 57 degrees. it is breezy along the embarcadero. as we look from the roof camera, temperatures now in the 70s from santa rosa to novato. currently 82 in concord. our warmest spots inland valleys, the east bay. in the low 80s today. quite a change of pace from what we saw on saturday. here's the highlights. foggy coast and bay overnight tonight. looking at a seasonal pattern the next new days and another
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warmup is coming your way toward the end of the week. a live picture now from our emeryville camera as we look toward san francisco. you see the marine layer, and it will advance, as i mentioned. here's your 12-hour planner for tuesday. low clouds tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. bayside and inland, you'll see the sun, but we'll hang on to clouds around the noontime hour, at the coastline. breezy for the afternoon. low 60s to upper 80s. heading into the evening hours, the sun goes down. the temperatures will begin to fall. speaking of falling, tomorrow morning, 50s for the bay area. looking at clouds around the coast and bay to start the morning. maybe a light extra layer will keep you comfortable tomorrow afternoon. a nice day. close to where you should be for this time of year. we'll go warm and sunny inland, mid to upper 80s there. 60s, 70s, along the coast. and it is going to be another breezy afternoon. 64 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. 85 in santa rosa. concord, 82, in san jose.
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look at the heat coming. friday will be a warmer day. up into the upper 90s inland. 60s coast-side. into saturday, another sizzling day for the inland communities. temperatures in the triple digits inland. numbers along the coast in the 70s. you can download the accu-weather app and check the temperatures any time you want. a look at the seven-day forecast -- low 60s to upper 80s for your tuesday. cooler inland and around the bay on wednesday. near average, upper 50s to mid 80s, thursday. enjoy these temperatures that will be in the comfort zone. as we head into the end of the workweek, it's really going to get hot. inland areas will be in the 90s. saturday, up into the triple digits. along the coastline, looking at temperatures going from the 50s for a few days to the 70s by saturday as you will notice. it easy, the second half of the weekend going into early next week. the fire danger remains high around lake county because of the gusty winds and the warm,
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dry conditions in that area. >> gosh, another hot weekend. >> absolutely. >> thanks. san francisco's iconic anchor brewery has something entirely new this summer. what it is doing that it's never done in its 122-year history. that's next. new at 6:00, abc7's cheryl jennings joins us in studio after traveling to texas to investigate the conditions at detention centers for immigrant children and families. hear a border guard share his perspective and see
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. after more than 100 years, san francisco's anchor brewery will offer its anchor stein beer in a can. the company posted this picture on its twitter feed today making the big announcement. anchor says the beer will be available there summer. it's not your standard 12-ounce can. this is 19.2 ounces because that's the largest anchor's canning line will be able to
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handle. >> that's a big change. old fishermen's wharf in monterrey is joining the list of cities and businesses no longer using plastic straws. the old wharf is a popular destination, of course, with numerous restaurants and fish markets. a lot of fun if you've never been. businesses will use paper or reusable straws. in the area, several cities have banned plastic straws including san francisco, berkeley, oakland, and alameda. facebook has quietly launched a high-end print magazine called grow. it currently is available in the united kingdom and northern europe. it's described as being geared toward business leaders and seen as another way to expand facebook's online reach. facebook came up with the idea three years ago after it held a series of events for business leaders. stay with us. fresh off another nba title, steph curry decided it was time to play the feud. >> yeah. the "family feud," that is. find out which bay area cause benefited from the game show over the weekend.
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, could the criminal case over the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire be settled? one attorney says it's a step closer. the debate over a police auditor's report that has hundreds of officers calling for his removal. a couple says a rat infestation in their storage unit has ruined their belongings. but that's least of their worries. tonight, see how 7 on your side helped them out. that's all coming up in a half hour on abc7 news at 6:00. >> see you then. finally, in case you missed it, steph curry and his family won $25,000 for the community foundation sonoma county fire relief fund on a special edition of abc's "celebrity family feud." >> he competed against houston
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rockets point guard chris paul and his family last night. the currys sailed through the survey round launching the couple into the final round. >> they needed 200 points to win. mrs. curry made it easy for the basketball star. >> you need six points. [ cheers ] for you, steph, that's two shots. >> come on! >> curry got those six points and then some with the number-one answer. she got the rest of the number ones, though. >> yeah. you can -- reminder, watch "celebrity family feud" here on abc7. how about the currys. >> yeah. they always go big, right? >> true. and they always win. >> yeah. "world news tonight with david muir" is next. i'm ama daetz in for kristen. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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appreciate your time. >> see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. our team one-on-one on the u.s. border with the nation's top border security official. and the moment we witnessed today, two mothers and their children allegedly being smuggled into the country, stopped, questioned, sent to be processed. tonight, you will hear what the commissioner of customs and border protection now says about president trump's executive order, no longer separating parents and children. the changing rules. and what he says is being lost in this entire debate. also tonight, president trump doubling down, saying, "we are not allow all of these people to invade our country." we must immediately, he says, with no judges, bring them back from where they came. also developing, the state of emergency as we come on the air. dozens of major fires burning at this hour. homes destroyed. evacuations ordered in california, oregon and texas.


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