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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 26, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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next to their hotel yesterday. while crews were there on a rest period from fighting the pawnee fire. firefighters put out the flames. it's unclear how it started. coming up at 4:30, if you're just joining us let's get a quick update on wther and traffic starting with mike nicco. hi, mike. >> hi, natasha, we'll give you an update. looks like things calmed nicely. still a little warm but relative humidity is coming up. the winds pulled back a little, 5 to 9 miles an hour. continue to be light all the way through the afternoon hours when they start picking up once again. like yesterday the smoke blue from west to due east. with a west wind, means it's coming out of the west and blowing to the east. that's the way it's going to blow again. it should not affect us in the bay area. temperatures kind of all over the place the next three days. low 90s, 89 tomorrow, 94 friday. look at that, a tough weekend with temperatures in the upper
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90s to low 100s from saturday, sunday, then start to see temperatures taper down to 90 by tuesday. it's going to be a tough go this week. find out about the commute again. here is sue. >> good morning. bay bridge toll plaza, as you can see no metering lights just cars stacked up to pay cash in right and left cash lanes. your drive from top of the corridor to san francisco, just a brisk 25 minutes. seeing some slowing over altamont pass as usual with a 45-minute drive up and over into the dublin, pleasanton area. there is a look at speeds and faster areas as a matter of fact. roadwork through san leandro, southbound 880. we'll check on that in a couple minutes. thanks. president trump standing but suggestion immigrants crossing illegally should be sent back without due process. >> critics say that's not
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constitutional. >> reporter: president trump stumping in south carolina and taking on the american immigrati immigration system he previously called a mockery. >> a person comes in steps one foot, take their name, take them to court, they release them and you never see them again. it's the craziest thing i've ever seen. >> one day after imsaying immigrants should be denied progress. we cannot allow all these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back where they come. illegal and unconstitutional. >> i don't want judges. i want i.c.e. and border control agents. we want to tell people, i'm sorry, you're coming into the country illegally. we don't want you in the country. >> does the president believe undocumented immigrants have no due process rights whatsoever. >> thousands of aliens are
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removed every month without seeing an immigration judge as a result of procedures in current law. >> at the border regions, a fevered pitch over children separated and kept in cages. the president tells reporters he sees it as a political advantage for republicans. a new poll shows his approval rating slipping to 41% from 45% before as the battle at the border continues. >> it's a huge challenge operationally for our agents. >> customs and border say in order to keep families together right now, agents are not referring parents or guardians to cross the border illegally to be abc news, washington. 4:34. immigrants will be allowed to sue the trump administration. haiti, nicaragua, sudan are dprapted temporary protective status because their home
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country faces upheaval or disaster they can work in the u.s. on a temporary renewal basis. they want to end it next year so immigrants filed a lawsuit. yesterday a judge in san francisco turned down department of justice's request to dismiss that case. we know many of you are passionate about the issue, we have linked ways on the website, to contact representatives and know when rights come into play in in justice, equality and civil liberties case. go to action for more. happening today supervisors will elect a new supervisor to elect london breed. elsburn serves as dine feinstein's state director. in a statement breed says his depth of experience, intellect and leadership skills is what the city naeds. san francisco police will
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have to wait another year equipped with taser. they voted yesterday to cut $2 million in funding. supervisors say they need a more comprehensive understanding of the cost in order to allocate more money for tasers. earlier they rejected a ballot measure that would give police officers a wider range of circumstances to use tasers than what's currently under a policy passed in march. the city of oakland is addressing racial bias after someone called police about a suspicious person in their neighborhood. that person was an african-american firefighter performing mandatory inspections. he was in full uniform and his fire truck parked nearby. the city sent out a notice in advance of the inspection. oakland firefighters say it raises questions about safety and racial bias. yesterday they sent an e-mail to city employees saying no matter what your role is in thi administration, you are entitled to a workplace free of discrimination, harassment,
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including the public. a call girl accused of killing a google expect tiff is facing murder charges in a separate case in the death of her boyfriend. she spent three years in the death of forrest hayes. he died after she injected him with heroin in santa cruz in 2014. the new charges are related to the death of her ex-boyfriend who died of an overdose in georgia two months before he died. last month she did a tv tell-all about his death. >> i didn't know he was in immediate dress. it looked to me like he was still breathing, just passed out. >> the district attorney in georgia wants her to be extradited to face the new charges. check out what the lack of cloud cover is doing to our temperatures this morning, especially novato. 3 degrees cooler, all the way down peninsula, san jose, 7 cooler in oakland and a few in east bay valleys. mainly mid to upper 50s again,
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51 black hawk the cool spot and exception 5.5 san ramon. then we go to brentwood, concord, 60 degrees. down to 60 in san jose, 61 los gatos, 51 pacifica, about 48 in novato. in fact, look at the lack of clouds. no need to worry about drizzle away from the coast. just like we talked about yesterday if there is any of that it's where it's going to be. if we look at the western span of the bay bridge let's talk about driving. you need sunglasses sooner thanks to lack of clouds, less aggressive winds, mass transit cool this morning but a little warmer this afternoon. here is a look at san francisco starting 8:00. still have cloud cover here at 55. notice we're flirting with upper 50s to low 60s from noon all the way through 7:00. we'll spike in the mid-60s around 4:00. for the east bay we have 59 this morning. 68 at noon, then we'll hang out in the 70s during the afternoon hours until about 4:00 then start falling back into the 60s. in fact, 62 by 8:00.
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south bay 62 this morning with sunshine, 77 already at noon and low 80s. a comfortable evening on the way at about 70 degrees. take a look at another run at possibly 100 degrees as we head towards friday and saturday. that's coming up in accuweather seven-day forecast. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. and to you. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> what are you watching today? >> we're watching the east bay, looking at roadwork and slow traffic out of tracy, 45 minute ride over altamont pass. road closure sfo, that will be shut down until 7:00, southbound 101 to sfo. they do have a detour in place, they will move to you millbrae, do a u-turn and head back to the airport. roadwork 880 northbound from whipple to tennyson not seeing the effect of the drive times. looks like it's early enough
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they are getting by without a delay. further up southbound 880 roadwork into marina. just be aware of that. again, it's not really affecting traffic this early morning, should be picked up by 5:00. >> sue, thank you. a two decade old program to keep bus drivers rested before long commutes home will be phased out. >> in san jose where vta issues permits to drivers allowing them to sleep in rvs in a parking lot if they commute 50 miles or more to work. many drivers live in the valley where homes are more affordable. but they say the program is not sustainable in the long run. 28 drivers currently have permits. they will be allowed to keep their permits but no new permits will be issued. coming up san jose police officers outraged over a botched audit. now they want independent auditor fired. permit patty, why she called permit patty, why she called police and the tro
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. let's take a look around the state today. if you're traveling it's going to get quite hot in places like fresno 102, 99 in the valley, 111 palm springs, mid to upper 70s around san jose, los angeles. breezes keep the coast in the 60s around eureka, monterey 65
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and 84. 84 in tahoe today. here is the way it's going to look tomorrow. breezy also, breezy thursday, but those breezes drop our temperatures back close to average in the 70s. a warming trend begins friday and we're back in the low- to mid-80s with warm sunshine this weekend. thanks, mike. after an audit on the san jose police department has been criticized and revised, the auditors job could be on the line. >> happening today, the mayor and city councilmembers will discuss what needs to be done. they want independent police auditor fired. nbc reporter david loui is looking at the controversy. >> more than half the officers have put t name on this later claiming he should be removed from his job. he's accused of mostly sunny representing use of force using percentages when it's less than
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10, skewing results. >> he knew it was accurate, knew it was misleading yet he chose to do it, number one, is the problem. number two, not changing until marin council basically made him and rejected the report. >> reporter: the council rejected, the mayor among those concerned about lack of statistics used in past reports. >> i think the criticism is fair. i think the use of statistics or percentages rather than numbers i can see now that that was misleading. >> he has repaired a revision but police officer's association said they would never get away with misleading numbers. >> the municipal code, administrative policy. let me tell you, if there's a police officer that had those sort of allegations, he'd be put on administrative leave until it's sorted out.
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>> reporter: he disagree it us guilty of misconduct. he agrees he could have done better. >> do i think i could have present thad data in a way that would have been -- in a way that was more careful, sure. >> it would take 10 votes from the 11-member council to remove zsser. knowing he made a revision he and the council will discuss at tuesday's meeting whether further action is needed. in san jose, david louis, niece. >> the woman dubbed permit patty is losing business after this went viral. 8-year-old girl selling water for a trip to disney land. alison ettel said she pretended to call police because of the noise. since then she got death threats and accused of being racist. her company sells cannabis products and has negative online reviews. some dispensaries pulled
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products. >> we pulled it, thought it was the right thing to do. >> san francisco police confirmed they never received a call about anyone selling water. san francisco police arrested one man after a double stabbing near sunday's pride celebration but investigators are still looking for a second suspect. police tell abc 7 news they arrested a 19-year-old man after the stabbing at golden gate and hyde street. one has life threatening injuries, the other expected to survive. some san francisco restaurants are cooking up a new kind of service. meanwhile it saves owners money but typically means more work for you. according to "new york times" high rent and labor cost are requiring restaurants to go without server. a runner brings out your food but you have to do your own work like getting water and silver wear. the minimum wage has been going up steadily since 2014. sunday it reaches $15 an hour. that's a place i do all the work when i'm eating, home. >> one cooks and one cleans,
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that's the way it works. >> you're the same one, though, you cook and clean, just you. >> just because of the shift i eat dinner alone a lot, as i imagine you guys do. >> all by myself. >> i'm going to eat it outside today on the back porch, maybe the birds and squirrels will come keep me company. >> there you go. >> it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon. hi, everybody. a look at san jose. it's pretty clear, temperatures running mid to upper 50s. looking at 87 specifically. you can see san jose international airport right here, right below the san jose lie button. a little warmer than yesterday, get back to average, more clouds, a little drizzle. it's a better chance tonight like we had yesterday. in fact, tomorrow a lot like yesterday and thursday like today. everything gets out of whack starting friday. that's when the brief warm to hot spell develops. here is a look at 12-hour
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planner. 60 eagle side, marina 61, downtown 66 degrees. over along east bay a lot of sunshine today, temperatures in the low- to mid-70s in most neighborhoods. orinda and fremont upper 70s. we'll head to the peninsula. look at that, a lot of sunshine even during morning hours, 70 millbrae, 80 to redwood city, 60 daly city half moon day. south bay looking at temperatures start to reach the 80s outside of milpitas, cupertino and sunnyvale, upper 70s. north bay temperatures around 80 degrees at 4:00. that's after a high of about 85 in santa rosa. we won't make 08 in san rafael at 79. inland neighborhoods we're looking at temperatures that will be in the mid to upper 80s until you get out around antioch and brentwood. my accuweather seven-day forecast. look at that, friday, saturday. our hottest days just like last week and sunday and monday we'll start to see temperatures come back down to average. hey, sue.
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>> good morning, san rafael, southbound 101 is looking great. those taillights headed to central san rafael. if you look at the top of the screen you can see a little police activity, emergency crews off to the right-hand shoulder there. probably just chp traffic stop. i'm not seeing any slow traffic in the area, nor do we have any accidents there. zipper truck getting ready to go and make your lane configuration for morning commute. four lanes in the southbound, two lanes in the northbound direction. kind of cool to watch that happening this early morning. traffic moving nicely there as well. we've got a 15 minutes drive over altamont pass. ace train a great alternate. it's on time. >> thank you so much. facebook's smartest decision maybe buying instagram. six years the estimated worth has jumped 100%. >> abc's's's's >> what's instagram worth? >> a new estimate puts the number at $100 billion.
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facebook bought instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. the social media site passed a billion users. samsung could be work ongoing a surprise. >> it's expected the company will release two new phones at january's consumer electronics show in las vegas. now reports say a third phone will be unveiled and this one will reportedly have three cameras. ipads have now become a pain in the neck literally. >> a new study finds 85% of tablet users suffer from what's being called ipad neck or tablet neck. that's paper, soreness or stiffness from slumping over the screens. about 65% of users feel it in the shoulder and back affects w. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. all right. here is the question, surfing or skateboarding. state lawmakers debating which sport best captures california lifestyle. >> interesting. a drug containing marijuana gets fda approval. the condition that it can help treat. plus disney m
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all right. we've got baseball again at at&t park, rockies in town to take on the giants. it's going to be a cool 58 down to 55 degrees, but it's another special night, if you have a special ticket, firefighter appreciation night. that's really cool baseball caps with firefighter logo on it in
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san francisco. hopefully you get one of and enjoy the game. >> president trump's press secretary sean spicer developing a talk show. it describes spicer hosting interesting and thoughtful figures for a drink and light conversation at a local pub or cafe. no network agreed to pick up the project yet but the pilot episode expected to be filmed in july. starbucks executive saying climate change is going to negatively impact the quality of coffee in the future. scientists say a fungus or coffee rust that started spreading six years ago in parts of the world, particularly central america, is damaging farmers who grow coffee. coffee production decreased 30% during a rust epidemic in 2008 to 2011. former starbucks ceo howard schultz says theel and fungus resistant strains that also taste okay. the food and drug
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administration approved physical prescription during made from marijuana. it is used to treat a rare form of epilepsy. made from purified component of cannabis so doesn't get users high. the drug can better control seizures when paired with other epilepsy drugs. in sacramento, lawmakers may review a bill to make surfing the official state sport. bill already passed in assembly and waiting for approval from the senate. supporters tell santa cruz sentinel surf culture part of the lifestyle. opponents argue surfboarding should be state sport because it was invented in california. there you go, mike, that's what lawmakers are doing this week. >> i thought rollerblading was invented here also. >> probably. >> no one is voting for that >> okay. just saying. in walnut creek one area warmer today. in fact, look at temperatures bouncing back near to average after being a little bit cooler
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than average yesterday. but the winds are coming back tomorrow. this is tomorrow small craft advisory, looks a lot like yesterday, pretty much same timeframe, same winds. that's why tomorrow is going to be cooler once again. so enjoy the calmness that's out on the bay water today. here is sue. >> all right. speaking of walnut creek, going to walnut creek and checking out the drive 680 northbound passed highway 24. you're looking at a pretty good drive this morning. pretty clear with no problems all the way to the dublin interchange if that's your drive. in fact, let's look at that drive time. highway 680 from highway 4 to walnut creek six minutes. once you turn onto highway 24, walnut creek to highway 13 in oakland under 10 minutes. there's your drive from tracy into dublin already at a grind coming up on 4:56 this morning. >> all right, sue. thank you. you can appreciate this. disney fans get excited because a whole lot of disney memorabilia going up for grabs next month in southern california.
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it's not just about disney land, it's more about the disney studio. it traces the history of walt's career. items include business card, stock certificates with signature on them and a piece of railroad tracks right in his backyard. >> every auction seems like something shows up that i do, holy cow, where did this come from. in this auction we have a plot map of the orange groves that walt disney actually drew the boundaries of disney land on saying this is where i want it to be. incredible piece of history. >> the auction will take place in sherman oaks july 7th and disney is the parent company of abc 7. a lot of great stuff. that's awesome. >> cool. next at 5:00 a.m. details about a local water park that had to be shut down after kids getting sick. >> kids in oakland sued major oil companies blaming them for climate change. why a judge is throwing out those cases. those cases. kevin durant won an
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. well, now at 5:00, a brush fire breaks out near homes in the east bay. we are live at that scene with an update from firefighters. >> good morning and thanks for joining us here on tuesday june 26th, i'm matt keller in for reggie. >> sue hall in for axe sm meteorologist mike nicco is in the studio and you're never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. hey, mike. >> good morning. check out the difference from yesterday, the lack of gray showing up for clouds on live doppler 7 and lack of drizzle so far this morning. it's been a little bit of a mist around half moon bay but that's about it. so your 12 hour day planner for today. chec


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