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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 27, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> no way i'll be doing that. >> he's done it in heels. >> our interns are faster. making news in america this morning, a new court ruling overnight affecting the crisis on the border. a judge orders the government to reunite separated migrant families within 30 days. the question this morning about how the order can be carried out and the challenges that remain. also breaking overnight, the political bombshell. one of the most powerful democrats in congress in line to possibly replace nancy pelosi suffers a stunning primary upset at the hands of a 28-year-old former bartender who could now become the youngest woman ever elected to congress. the message to democrats across the country this morning. a stunning security breach as a man in his underwear runs across the tarmac at atlanta's airport and even jumps onto the wing of a plane. now the investigation into how he pulled it off.
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plus, no more traffic jams on the road. why the solution may be cruise control. a major step forward in cancer research. the role the polio virus could play. and back by popular demand, the cheesy snack returning to store shelves after a 12-year hiatus. got you hungry, huh, on this tuesday morning. good morning, everybody. we'll begin with that new ruling overnight. a federal judge ruling the trump administration to reunite thousands of separated migrant families. the judge said migrant children are accounted for with less efficiency and accuracy than property is. and he's giving the government a deadline to return them to their parents. abc's elizabeth hur is here with the details. good morning, liz. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning to you. yes, according to that judge the government has an obligation to track and reunify these families and the ruling says it must happen within a month.
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with more than 2,000 children still in federal custody, overnight a judge in california ordering the trump administration to reunite all children with their families within 30 days. return children younger than 5 to their parents within 14 days and stop deporting parents without their children unless the parent voluntarily declines to be reunited or the parent is unfit or dangerous. the ruling in response to an aclu lawsuit. >> you're not welcome in our community. >> reporter: and issued on the same day demonstrators protested attorney general jeff sessions in los angeles. sessions there speaking to a conservative criminal justice organization and getting some attention this morning after making this joke about critics of family separation. >> i like the little security around themselves and if you try to scale the fence, believe
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me, they'll be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children. i would like to see that. >> reporter: president trump in the meantime, still pushing forn the meantime, still pushing for more funding to build his border wall while talking tough on illegal immigration. >> it's so simple. it's called, i'm sorry, you can't come in. you have to go in through a legal process. >> reporter: well, abc news >> reporter: well, abc news has learned first lady melania trump is planning a second trip to one of the detention centers sometime this week. sometime today they're set to vote on a bill but gop leaders don't expect a bill to pass. >> thank you. attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen will travel to guatemala tomorrow to meet with that country's president as well as the leaders of el salvador and honduras. brutal gang violence is creating a really hard time there and pushing people to make the dangerous journey to the u.s. border. the trump administration has cut back on aid to those countries in the last year.
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white house press secretary sarah sanders is reportedly expected to receive secret service protection at her home. word of the extra security comes after sanders was asked to leave a northern virginia restaurant because she works for the president. congresswoman maxine waters has also called for people to harass trump administration officials in public to protest the separation of migrant children. and protesters at georgetown university confronted the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell asking why he is separating families, but it was his wife, the transportation secretary, elaine chao, who wasn't having any of it as you can see. she got vocal with the protesters shouting, leave my husband alone. >> all right. and we turn to what's being called the biggest primary upset in years sending a shock wave across the democratic party. a 28-year-old former bartender has defeated ten-term democratic congressman joe crowley in new york city. alexandria ocasio-cortez had
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never run for office and crowley spent ten times more than she did. here's her reaction when she found out she won. she was live on a new york cable channel at the time, and suffice it to say, she was a bit surprised. abc's political director rick klein has more on the stunning upset and the other primary results, rick. >> diane and kendis, one of the biggest primary nights of the year produced some of the biggest headlines including the biggest upset so far of the political year. alexandria ocasio-cortez is the democratic nominee in a district that has been represented by one of the top ranking members of house leadership, congressman joe crowley, a potential house speaker under a democratic regime has been ousted by a first-time candidate only 28 years old of puerto rican descent and upset one of the most senior democrats in the city. >> i cannot believe these numbers right now, but i do know that every single person here has worked their butt off to change the future.
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that's what i know. in other big headlines, over on staten island the comeback attempt by michael grim has ended. he has been defeated by the incumbent in that district dan donovan who had the support of president trump. the president got his man in south carolina where the incumbent governor got a late boost from trump on the eve of the election and in ute, mitt romney is going to be the republican nominee for the senate seat in utah almost assuring him of victory in the fall and assuring him of being one of the most interesting men in washington to watch with his relationship with president trump once he's put in office next year. diane and kendis. >> all right, quite an exciting night here in june. our thanks to rick. and the "sex and the city" star cynthia nixon who is running for governor of new york called the primary upset a victory for progressive democrats over corporate democrats. in the meantime, a "washington post" reporter tweeted this photo from last november when alexandria ocasio-cortez was working as a
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bartender saying less than a year later she defeated the next likely speaker of the house and will almost certainly be the youngest woman ever elected to congress. that was in november last year. a police officer swarmed jfk airport on concerns of a possible hijacking. passengers on the jetblue flight to los angeles put their hands in the air as heavily armed officers came on board. but it turns out the plane's radio failed just before takeoff and the pilot mistakenly keyed in a code that signaled a hijacking. when the pilot held up a piece of paper with his cell phone number on it, police called, and that was when he was able to communicate it was just a false alarm. firefighters have made new progress against a wildfire that's threatened hundreds of homes in lake county, the fire is now 17% contained,q and evacuated residents still don't know when they'll be allowed back home. we have been following severe weather in the plains and the midwest overnight. the town of eureka, kansas, suffered a direct hit from a
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reported tornado. at least five people were inju e wnou high school and many homes were also damaged. another reported tornado in manhattan, illinois, about 35 miles south of chicago damaged cars, storefronts and roofs. let's take a look now at your forecast for this wednesday morning. good morning. as we take a look at the storms advancing across the ohio valley region courtesy of this low pressure system, showers, thunderstorms reaching into the tennessee valley region and we're looking for widespread thunderstorms to persist throughout the entire southeast with downpours, lightning danger actually and we're looking for plans altered as far as travel is concerned. in the southwest we're still looking at blazing heat for us throughout the southwest. temperatures in the triple digits there as well as throughout portions of texas. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the simple solution to traffic jams. but first, the security breach at a major airport.
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how a man in only his underwear was able to run into the middle of a busy taxiway. and the desperate search
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we're we're back with a security breach at the atlanta airport. this half naked 19-year-old scaled the fence, ran onto an active taxiway, jumped onto the wing of an airplane and started pounding on the windows. police eventually took him into custody. they're still trying to figure out how he breached airport security. authorities in central texas are trying to figure out what caused a deadly explosion at a hospital. the blast seriously damaged an addition that was under construction at the hospital near the town of waco.
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at least one worker was killed and a dozen others were injured. several remain in critical condition. one official says a problem with a gas line may be to blame. and researchers are unleashing an unlikely weapon in the battle against an aggressive form of brain cancer. a duke university study says the polio virus can increase survival rates. the virus is genetically modified so it cannot cause polio but will attack the tumor. in a small study 21% of patients were still alive after three years. the experimental treatment does have side effects including brain swelling, but doctors are call it a first step, and more research will be done. millions of us will be hitting the road for the fourth of july week. and that means a good chance of traffic jams, but adaptive cruise control may soon help make traffic tie-ups a thing of the past. it maintains a distance from cars ahead of it. the feature is coming standard in more cars and was designed for drivers' comfort, but
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experts say it may also ease traffic congestion down the road. >> it's not something that, you know, when we were designing it that we intended to do. it was really fun to see the effect that the system could have. >> adaptive cruise control keeps the cars from bunching up and having to stop. experts say not every vehicle has to have the feature to keep traffic cruising along. boeing has unveiled a design for a hypersonic jet that could fly from new york to london in two hours, but there are concerns about how much money the company is willing to spend on the project and whether it would be profitable. >> and that's usually a five to six-hour flight. cuts it down quite a bit. >> quite a bit. coming up, the mystery surrounding a body found at the home of a pro football player. first why police say a man traveled from the other side. the world to break into a teenager's home in virginia. and a woman badly injured in mexico when her parasail line snapped. why it took her nearly a month to get back to the u.s. i have to tell you something incredible.
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we're back with a search that is taking place right now overseas. 12 boys and their coach have been trapped by floodwaters inside a cave in thailand since saturday. they took a side trip after a local football game and divers have found evidence of the group inside the cave complex, but the the muddy waters are rising, and that's making the search efforts even more challenging. an american woman badly injured while parasailing in mexico is finally back home this morning. >> and you can see on the video here katie malone's parasail breaking free from the boat and then just floating away. her recovery has been nearly a month long ordeal, and it's not over yet. a smile and a wave from a california woman who desperately needed proper medical care. [ applause ] katie malone arriving in san diego overnight weeks after she was severely injured in a
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parasailing accident in mexico. >> here we go, katie. >> reporter: malone barely survived her 29th birthday. she was celebrating with a parasail ride, but the gusty winds caused the boat to capsize, and the parasail sent wildly out of control. >> the parachute line then just completely snapped, and then it sent her even further and further higher up in the sky. >> after 45 terrifying minutes, the parasail plunges to the ground. malone, who does not have insurance, ended up in a puerta vallarta hospital badly hurt. >> she'll be having her face, jaw and cheek all surgically put back in place. >> reporter: as her brain began to swell, doctors in mexico said she needed to be treated by specialists in the united states. >> it's at an extreme rate that just put the doctors in mexico in such fear they can't go any further with it. >> reporter: but with her unable to afford a medical flight back
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to california, hundreds of people started to donate money, and a former congressman finally arranged a flight with the mexican embassy. the scene in san diego there overnight. and malone, by the way, suffered a fracture skull, fractured pelvis, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. her parents say they haven't decided whether they'll be suing the parasailing company. a mother in virginia says she shot and wounded a man who tried to break into her home after meeting her 14-year-old daughter online. the 25-year-old suspect traveled all the way from new zealand. the teen told police they met on a gaming app called discord but she said she didn't know he was coming, and she did not give him her address. they say he was carrying a knife, duct tape and pepper spray. the mother will not be charged. on capitol hill now and the actor and former nfl player terry crews got emotional during his testimony about sexual assault. during a senate hearing about a so-called bill of rights for
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assault survivors, crews testified about the alleged assault he suffered at the hands of hollywood agent adam bennett. >> i use power and influence and control to dominate every situation. then in 2016 while at a party with my wife, i was sexually assaulted by a successful hollywood agent. in that moment and in the time following, i've never felt more emasculated. >> bennett has denied the allegations. crews also added that a film producer said he could return to the "expendables" franchise if he dropped his sexual assault lawsuit against bennett, but crews refused to back down. police in new jersey launched a homicide investigation after a man was found dead at the home of an nfl player. the 25-year-old's body was found inside the rented home in the town of fairlawn of a new york giants player. the deceased man was a family friend of giants defensive back
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janoris jenkins. he was in florida when the body was discovered. the cause of the man's death is now under investigation. a chick-fil-a worker in austin, texas, is being called a hero again. another patron was unable to help a customer who was choking, so a co-worker called hunter harris and the 23-year-old ran to the rescue. he performed the heimlich maneuver and saved the man's life. it's not the first time actually. harris recently helped save someone else at that chick-fil-a. >> harris the heimlich guy. >> yep. well, coming up next in "the pulse," a favorite snack making a return. also the bizarre case of a home abandoned on a road. and later, a mad dash from the supreme court, the story behind the running of the interns. he's phil mickelson, pro golfer. to me, he's, well, dad. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad, it scared me. and what could that pain mean? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain,
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your "pulse" today starting with a pharmaceutical giant facing a legal action from its former pitch woman. >> actress phoebe jonas known as the phillips lady starred in commercial for products made bayer but sued saying they replaced her with a bobblehead and it was made in her likeness without her permission and used in new ads. >> she is seeking half a million dollars. bayer calls it baseless. if you're getting nostalgic for cheesy flavoring and orange fingers, we got good news. >> after a 12-year hiatus kraft heinz will produce cheez balls and curls. >> they'll have the same cheese and texture as before. >> it's only going to be available for a limited time so get them while they're out there. just in case you're in the dover, delaware, area today and you've lost your home, we found it for you. it's right there on the road. long point road to be exact. >> police posted these pictures of a house completely blocking a
4:24 am
whole lane of the road. creeping over the yellow line too. no idea where the house came from or who left it there. >> so, the hope is to have it out of the way sometime today. >> house anyone? and finally, some firefighters in charlotte, north carolina, came to the rescue at a birthday party. the family was trying to fill a kiddie pool with pots of water from the kitchen sink when the guys from fire station 18 decided to give them a hand with the fire hose. >> it's a lot easier than the pots and pans that they were using. >> didn't take them very long. happy birthday. >> happy birthday, kids. more news after this. amel. it's important to look after your enamel because it's the foundation for white teeth. i believe dentists will recommend pronamel strong and bright because it's two fold. it strengthens your enamel, but then also it polishes away stains for whiter teeth. so it's really something that's a win-win for the patient and the dentist.
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good morning on this monday -- it's not monday. oh, my gosh, it's wednesday. it's monday for me because i've been off for a couple days. no alexis. she's still off. sue is in for here. good to see you again. >> and also mike nicco here. great to have you back reginald. >> glad you had a good time. look well refreshed. gusty winds out there, 35 at fairfield. there's more cloud cover. the gray starting to take over more of our neighborhoods. that means cooler weathe during the afternoon hours. here is a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner. starting off the same, mid to upper 50s this morning, just more cloud cover. 57 at the coast at noon. the rest of ups 70 to 73. in the afternoon hours, only 72
4:28 am
to 78. 58 at the coast. cooler this evening. may need a light jacket especially after 7:00. already in the mid 60s at that point. here is sue with a look at the morning commute. >> a good start. not bad at all as you make your way from the golden gate fields into the macarthur maze. popping over to the san mateo bridge, looking great, 14-minute drive from 880 toward 101. no stalls or accidents on this early wednesday morning. we have road work out there. we'll touch on that in just a couple minutes. from the live desk, firefighters in lake county making progress in battling the pawnee fire. it's now 17% contained. the fire grew slightly yesterday to 13,000 acres. 2,700 firefighters are battling the flames with more crews en route. at least 22 structures have been destroyed. about half of those are homes. 600 remain threatened and that, of course, has neighbors
4:29 am
nervous. >> you can't sleep. you're scared to go into town because you don't know if you'll ever get back in the summertime. >> i love the country. but it's hard. year after year, you can only take so many years of this where you finally say enough. >> fires in lake county forced residents to leave their homes for evacuation centers during each of the past four years. >> expanded evacuation orders are now in effect for the entire spring valley area of lake county. to the east, in cal luis is a county, the sheriff is warning wilber springs, bear valley to be ready to leave. lake county has a population of just 65,000 people and experienced a big wildfire last october when 162 buildings were damaged or destroyed. in 2016, 3000 structures were lost in the clayton phi. the year before that, in 2015, four people died and 2,000 buildings were destroyed in the valley fire. two other large wildfires tore through lake county that year as
4:30 am
well. michael finney and the 7 on your side team will be in lake county at moose lodge in clear lake from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. you can stop by and get your questions answered. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. let's take a look at what's going on up north. we'll talk more about the fire conditions in clear lake. temperatures dropping overnight. relative humidity, while it's up, it's not really conducive. it's only 45%. winds, that's where you see a real difference. calm to around three miles per hour this morning. hopefully the firefighters get a nice start to the day where things will deteriorate as we head into the afternoon showers especially around 3:00 into the evening up until around midnight where the wends get in 10 to 20 miles per hour. some smoke could be heading farther south in the central valley. also


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