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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 27, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> you can only wear if you're wearing the safety goggle and the white lab coat. >> with rainbow-inspird shirt. >> i'm into it. >> we're back in 28 minutes with an update on news good morning, america. breaking news on the border. a judge now orders officials to reunite those separated families and the thousands of children still detained within 30 days. also breaking overnight. the 28-year-old on the verge of making history taking down one of the most powerful members of congress. new wildfire danger. the massive pawnee fire growing at this hour now scorching more than 13,000 acres. 600 homes in its path. thousands of firefighters battling it from the ground and air. and the new warnings from california to the midwest. terrifying moments on the tarmac overnight. a false alarm causing this panic at jfk. fbi agents and officers flooding the plane over hijacking fears.
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vacation nightmare. this woman parasailing when the rope breaks, sending her soaring out of control for 45 minutes. the 29-year-old airlifted back to the u.s. ♪ and this just in. serena gets a seed. the tennis superstar getting a huge victory at wimbledon before it even begins, winning a battle for new moms. ♪ and good morning, america. hope you're well this wednesday morning. i think serena williams has won about seven wimbledon championships. but this 25 seed. >> hey, she'll take that. remember, she was unseeded at the french open when she came back from maternity leave. a lot were upset about that. but first with that breaking
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news, the pawnee fire threatening hundred of homes. nearly 3,000 firefighters are battling to contain it. abc's will carr is in clear oaks, california. >> reporter: residents feeling hopeless this morning. destruction here on the ground, you can see this garage crushed and check out the skeleton of this four-wheeler, nearly two dozen homes have been destroyed, hundreds more still being threatened. now, we've been on the front lines every single day with the firefighters as this fire continues to get bigger and bigger. overnight, the massive fire in lake county, california, ripping through fuel with bone dry brush and erratic winds, potentially taking aim at 600 homes in its path. this fire has exploded on the hillside behind me. you can hear those flames and it is so hot it's biting at my
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skin. this plume of smoke goes up for miles. firefighters exhausted but waging an around-the-clock war on the growing inferno that has already destroyed 22 homes and businesses and charred 13,000 acres and forced mass evacuation. some homeowners leaving sprinklers spraying on their rooftops. >> the firefighters, oh my god. the minute they think you are in danger, they are there. >> reporter: mary ann silva chose to stay behind to watch her llamas but posted a sign that thanked the men and women on the front lines. >> i want to cry when i say this, so thankful for them putting their lives on the line to keep us safe. >> reporter: thousands of firefighters now battling more than 30 wildfires in the western united states. conditions brutal. scalding temperatures, low humidity and whipping winds sparking fire after fire. >> the time to prepare was yesterday. we need people to really take the time to have a plan.
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>> reporter: with that in mind, there are some things that homeowners can do to protect their properties. that includes getting rid of shrubs and trees. all it takes for one ember to drop down and everything can go up in flames. especially important to remember now that fire season these days is pretty much year round. robin? >> does seem that way, will. thank you. while those fires rage out west tornadoes are hitting the heartland. overnight, 11 reported twisters touching down. ginger is tracking it all for us. good morning, ginger. robin, those 11 reported tornadoes came from north dakota to missouri, but this video out of central and eastern illinois, gifford, illinois, shows that almost film-like "wizard of oz-ish" tornado and in eureka, kansas, six injured. you had the high school damaged. several other structures damaged there, and then in wisconsin, this is platteville.
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you can see the tornado and the argyle, wisconsin, video that shows you exactly what is happening after that tornado moves through. now today we do have a threat for tornadoes, damaging wind and hail. nashville is in the center of it i'll have that this just a bit. cecilia? okay, thanks, jirn. we want to turn to that breaking news at the border overnight, a federal judge ordering the government to reunite separated families within 30 days and children under 5 must now be reunited with their parents in just 14 days. more than 2,000 of those separated children are still in federal custody. abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is traveling with the customs and border protection in tucson, arizona, and he has the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. as you mentioned, there are still more than 2,000 children who were separated from their parents and now a u.s. district judge in california setting a hard deadline for those families to be reunited. here's what the order says specifically. you laid some of these out there in the intro. first, families need to be reunited within 30 days.
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children younger than 5 must be reunited within 14 days of the order and the order also stops any future separations. the judge putting it very bluntly in his decision. listen to this, the unfortunate reality is that under the present system, migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property. certainly, that cannot satisfy the requirement of due process. now, one of the named plaintiffs in this case, an undocumented immigrants from brazil name jocelyn. abc was the first to profile her after she was separated from her son for more than eight months. shortly after our story aired jocelyn was reunited with her son, but there are still more than 2,000 children who have not been reunited. some parents are already being deported, and others are hundreds of miles away, and the department of justice gave us a statement moments ago. it's even more imperative that congress finally act to give federal law enforcement the ability to simultaneously enforce the law and keep
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families together. cecilia. >> so much confusion. the white house now says the first lady has been so moved she's now planning to make a second trip back to the border? >> reporter: cecilia, she made that surprise trip just last week to the border, mcallen, texas. she wanted to visit a detention center. her trip was cut short because of extreme weather, but it was overshadowed because of that green jacket that had the words really don't care, do you. her office maintaining there was no hidden meaning behind the jacket but then the president later tweeting that the jacket did have a mean, that it was meant in response to fake news media. more breaking news right now. a stunning night in politics. democrats shocked after one of their leaders beat by a socialist poised to become the youngest woman ever elected to congress. as president trump scores more wins on the gop side, our chief white house correspondent jon
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karl tracking all the results. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. this was a shocking defeat to the democratic establishment and a major victory to the progressive, bernie sanders wing of the democratic party. overnight, the political upset of the year. >> she's looking at herself on television right now. how are you feeling? can you put it into words? >> nope. i cannot put this into words. >> reporter: 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez, vanquished one of the most powerful democrats in congress, joe crowley. >> this is for alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> reporter: a man who had been believed by some to be the next speaker of the house. >> i respect the outcome of this election. >> reporter: ocasio-cortez calls herself a democratic socialist and she proposed eliminating i.c.e., the immigration and customs enforcement agency. a former bernie sanders
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organizer, if she wins in november, and she'll be the overwhelming favorite, become the youngest woman ever elected to congress. on twitter, president trump saw crowley's loss as his win. he's out. that is a big one that nobody saw happening. perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to his president. and in south carolina -- >> you got to get out there and vote. >> reporter: -- a candidate endorsed by the president won. governor henry mcmaster coming out on top in the republican primary. >> thank you. >> reporter: and overnight, the president extended his well wishes to a former opponent who won in utah tweeting a congratulations to mitt romney on his senate primary win. big and conclusive win by mitt romney. congratulations. i look forward to working together. there is so much good to do. a great and loving family will be coming to d.c. with primary season almost over, the president is fully in campaign mode. he heads out on the campaign trail today for the second time
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this week. he'll be going to north dakota and wisconsin. he knows, george, that his agenda is very much at stake in these midterms. >> he is on the ballot in many ways. jon, thank you so much. let's bring in our chief political analyst matthew dowd. matt, in recent years we've seen republican incumbents beat by the wings of their party. haven't had upsets like this on the democratic side. this is a big, big development for the democrats. >> george, i think this is a huge symptomatic leading indicator of what's going on in the party and in the country. this is like what happened with eric cantor, the majority leader who lost in his own primary in 2014, which really signaled what was going to come in 2016. this is a district that was over 80% nonwhite, and obviously joe crowley did not fit this district and did not fit the democratic party anymore, and he lost. and this is going to tell us a lot about what's going to come ahead, post-2018, but no doubt about it. this is an indicator light of what's coming for the
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establishment. >> so, if you're an incumbent in either party right, you have to be worried. >> i think if you're an incumbent you have to be worried and you have to respond to this. the ones that have responded to what's changing in america have done reasonably well and they've won their parties so, if you respond to it but the problem right now is donald trump was wrong about what happened in this district. it wasn't because joe crowley was anti-trump. it was because joe crowley wasn't anti-trump enough in this district and that's why he was beat in this primary. but it is a huge indication of the changing nature of both political parties. >> big midterms coming up. matthew dowd, thanks very much. robin? turning now to wild scenes on two different tarmacs. a man scaling a fence in atlanta jumping onto the wick of the plane and right here in new york at jfk the fbi boarded this plane because of a hijacking scare. abc's gio benitez is at jfk with more. gosh, those passengers were i'm sure terrified. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, cecilia, good morning. some of those passengers were
7:12 am
tweeting from the plane calling it their worst nightmare and in just a moment, you are going to see them with their hands in the air, all because of a radio issue. overnight, the fbi swarming the tarmac at jfk after a hijacking scare. >> i counted 20 emergency vehicles, red lights, blue lights. it was really scary. >> reporter: after a radio issue on jetblue flight 1623 caused pilots to lose contact with the tower for ten minutes, the radio silence triggering the hijacking false alarm. police and fbi agents surrounded the plane and passengers seen with hands in the air. jetblue releasing a statement saying that, while communication was re-established via alternative channels, authorities responded in an abundance of caution. >> what is he doing? >> reporter: and in atlanta overnight, authorities racing onto the tarmac after this. >> there is somebody running around the airport. stand by. >> reporter: a half-naked man
7:13 am
scaling the fence surronding hartsfield-jackson airport causing chaos on board a delta flight that landed from miami. >> we have a person on foot. >> reporter: the man identified as 19-year-old jhryin jones, jumping onto the wing and then pounding on the windows. here you can see jones sitting underneath the wing of the plane. authorities quickly moving in and surrounding him placing him under arrest. >> i'm concerned about his safety, you know, wanted to make sure this individual gets help because clearly he wasn't in what i guess we would consider your right mind. >> reporter: and we're told that 19-year-old may suffer from mental illness, but still, he is facing a slew of charges. as for that incident here at jfk, we're now told that the faa is investigating, george. >> i'll bet they are. okay, gio, thanks very much. we're going to move on now to a shocking discovery at the home of an nfl star. a body wasound at janoris jenkins' house while he was out of town. authorities now investigating, and abc's paula faris is here with the latest.
7:14 am
good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, george. this all happened when jenkins was miles away and police are investigating this as a homicide. >> it's picked off. down the sideline goes janoris jenkins! >> reporter: janoris jenkins is known for his solid defense and speed as a cornerback on the new york giants. >> there comes jackrabbit. >> reporter: but this morning, police are investigating just how and why a dead body was discovered inside the nfl star's property tuesday morning, converting jenkins' new jersey home into a crime scene. >> i heard from some neighbors over here that they found a dead body in the basement. >> the interactions we've had with him, just nice, decent. he is a perfect neighbor. >> reporter: overnight, authorities identified the deceased as jenkins' family friend roosevelt rene living in the house at the time, reports saying the 25-year-old was a music producer. >> sources have told espn they are investigating this as a homicide.
7:15 am
>> reporter: jenkins was reportedly not home at the time rene's body was discovered and espn reports the football pro has been at his florida home the last two weeks. >> janoris wanted to get back to new jersey but the new york giants and the attorneys have told him to stay in florida at this point as police continue to investigate. >> reporter: now, we reached out to janoris jenkins' camp. no comment. as for his friend, the cause of rene's death is still unknown. an autopsy will be performed to determine how he died in his home. >> paula, thanks very much. now to that big news for serena williams. earlier this morning, wimbledon announcing the tennis star will get a 25th seed after she was not seeded at the french open. when you know she came back from maternity leave. a lot of people arguing that that was unfair. t.j. holmes is here with serena's story. hey there, t.j. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. tournaments like wimbledon will seed players in the tournament based on their world rankings. now, serena dropped to 183 in the world because she hasn't played a lot after coming back from maternity leave.
7:16 am
wimbledon is now making an exception and they're not going to as some say punish her for having a baby. a major decision from wimbledon overnight, deciding serena williams will be seeded 25th in the upcoming wimbledon tournament. >> it's a successful return here in an hour and three-quarters. >> reporter: the announcement follows criticism of the way players' rankings are affected by taking time off to have a baby. in her 13 months off the court it slid from number one in the world when she won the 2017 australian open during her first trimester to 454 at the french open in may. the 23-time grand slam champion has since clawed her way back to 183rd in the world. williams told abc news tuesday before the decision was announced she hopes the rules are changed. >> i think and i hope and it should be under review to change these rules. maybe not in time for me but for the next person. >> reporter: williams who shared the birth of her daughter on her
7:17 am
hbo docuseries, "being serena" has received support from fellow tennis pros, caroline wozniacki, james blake and john mcenroe, calling for tournaments not to punish her for becoming a mom. >> no surprise. serena williams is the greatest of all time and they get it. >> reporter: now, the french open did not make an exception. remember, she was not seeded. the u.s. open has already said that they will absolutely take this into account, but wimbledon is making an exception for her. >> explain why seeding is so important. >> it's a big deal. it determines who you are going to play and get a higher seed you won't have to face as tough an opponent. >> early on. >> early on. now, it's not fair to serena but it's also not fair to top-seeded players that an unseeded serena, you have to see her in the first, second, third round. it's not fair to them either. some players do not think -- they said, hey, i work. i've been out there playing and there is a player who's not seeded and got bumped because
7:18 am
serena got that seed. of course, she will be upset but a lot of other players feel she should not get the seed. >> not everyone will be happy. >> let's see how she does now. okay, t.j. thanks very much. let's go back to ginger. >> and we have to talk about folks fighting the wildfires living through them. the red flag warnings now multiplying across the west not just because it is sliding east, plenty of heat but the winds gusting up to 40 and that will slide east even further, and there are heat advisories in place from st. louis to parts of alabama. your local weather in 30 seconds, but first, the sunny cities.
7:19 am
coming up here on "gma," how chewing gum, a water bottle and a genealogy site may help solve d a 25-year-old cold case of a young teacher who was murdered. and a vacation nightmare for this person when her tether broke and she passed out in the air before a crash landing. we'll see it here on "gma." we'll see it here on "gma."
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♪ ♪ ♪ good morning at 7:23. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." at least one person has died after a crash on highway 24 that is causing some major backups. sky 7 flew over the wreck on the westbound side near broadway in oakland earlier this morning. you can see the one car flipped over. another car with significant damage to the front side of the vehicle. that crash happened around 5:20 this morning. sue, are we still very backed up? >> we are, and that overturned vehicle is still out there. it is a fatality, so they have to undergo an investigation, and the coroner is apparently trying to reach the scene or has just reached the scene. so, here's a look at what our traffic maps look like, west 24 at broadway is the scene, down
7:24 am
to one lane. it is a sig alert, but look at this backup, ouch! all the way back into lafayette. and your drive time, if you are trying to head there, you are looking at about an hour drive from walnut creek into oakland. and then another accident blocking a lane here west 80 at san pablo dam road, you could generate yourat home.rgy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing,
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with energy upgrade california.
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all right, let's see if you're ready for these temperatures, 51 santa rosa, 50 brentwood. pretty close to where we were yesterday. pretty gray out there, breezy spots driving, especially north-southbridges. north of the bay bridge, it's going to get aggressive, the winds and the waves for ferry ride. and mass transit cool this morning, kind of warm this afternoon, even though temperatures are going to be about three to eight degrees below average. so a step backwards before the surge of heat friday, saturday and sunday. reggie? >> thanks, mike.
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coming up, a vacation nightmare. the woman sent soaring through the air in a parasailing accident. what you should watch out for before taking that thrill ride, next
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and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein. be up for it. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ i will always it is so hard to talk over that voice. >> don't do it. >> welcome back to "gma." we all love that song, whitney houston's classic "i will always love you" from the movie "the bodyguard." i had to pause for that. had to pause for that. we have a special look at the brand-new documentary pulling back the curtain on whitney's life.
7:31 am
never-before-seen videos. her sister-in-law pat houston is here for a live, exclusive interview coming up. >> it is chilling to hear her voice again and see that footage there. but first, the top headlines we're following right now. there's new fallout this morning after the supreme court upheld president trump's travel ban placing restrictions on travelers from several muslim majority countries, protesters there outside the supreme court steps. and breaking news at the border overnight. a federal judge ordered officials to reunite those separated families within 30 days and children under 5 must be reunited with their parents in just 14 days. thousands of separated children are still in federal custody at this hour. and take a look. at least 11 reported tornadoes tearing through the heartland overnight and out west more than four dozen wildfires burning. the massive pawnee fire now scorching 13,000 acres. nearly 3,000 firefighters are there battling that one. >> trying hard to get it under control. we'll start with a
7:32 am
decades-old cold case that may have been solved thanks to a genealogy website. police have now charged a popular deejay in the killing of a pennsylvania teacher in 1992, and abc's whit johnson has the details. good morning, whit. >> reporter: good morning. it's the same technique authorities used to arrest the suspected golden state killer. launching a new wave of crime solving. in the pennsylvania case, prosecutors say that deejay was seemingly hiding in plain sight performing at weddings and parties for kids. this morning, a break in a 25-year-old cold case leading police to this popular pennsylvania disc jockey. 49-year-old raymond rowe known as dj freez now behind bars, charged in the murder of christy mirack. >> he was not on the radar or list of suspects. we were out of them. >> reporter: investigators saying they used the same technology that cracked the case of the golden state killer. a genetic profile created from crime scene dna was uploaded to a public genealogy database, leading the police to identify
7:33 am
relatives, then zeroing in on rowe. according to prosecutors, undercover officers recently tracked rowe to a dance party at an elementary school lifting his dna from chewing gum and a water bottle he tossed in the trash and using that dna to identify him as the suspect for the decades-old crime. >> tears of joy, and there's tears of sadness, and obviously there is anger. there is anger involved. so it's been difficult. but, you know, the good part is is that there is an answer at this point. >> reporter: rowe's arrest comes just days after dna from a restaurant napkin helped unlock a 30-year-old cold case in tacoma, washington. 66-year-old gary hartman, arrested last week, accused of the 1986 killing of 12-year-old michelea welsh. he has pleaded not guilty. the two murders baffled authorities for decades, but now the new cutting edge tool is
7:34 am
heating up the coldest of cases. >> this is a major game-changer for these cold cases. >> reporter: cece moore is the chief genetic genealogist with parabon nanolabs. she assisted law enforcement in both cases. >> i'm providing a highly scientific tip and they have to do their police work in order to either confirm or refute my theories. >> reporter: victims' families now hoping they are close to getting answers they had previously feared might never come. the deejay raymond rowe is being held without bail. he has not entered a plea, and prosecutors are so confident in the science of their dna sample they say the chances the killer is someone else are 1 in 200 octillion. >> what is that? >> exactly. when is the last time you used that. that's how confident they are. >> these genealogy sites turning out to be a very powerful tool. >> absolutely, and already cece
7:35 am
moore who we spoke to there said they're working with parabon and have four cases that led to arrests. there are many more in the pipeline. we have talked about the golden state killer. law enforcement agencies are lining up across the country, and in a matter of weeks or months, she says we could see dozens of arrests. if not, more. this is a turning point for crime solving in america. >> really interesting. thanks very much. >> means so much for the victims' families. >> absolutely and they waited decades. >> thank you. now to actor terry crews testifying in front of congress sharing his own story of alleged sexual assault as he spoke in support of the sexual assault survivors bill of rights. abc's linsey davis is here with more on that. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. some really powerful testimony from actor terry crews. he says what happened to him two years ago has made him an advocate for all victims of abuse. >> my name is terry crews. i am an actor, author, former athlete, advocate and a survivor of a sexual assault. >> reporter: terry crews, the
7:36 am
former nfl player-turned-actor in a new role, testifying before the senate judiciary committee tuesday as an advocate for victims of sexual assault. >> i know how hard it is to come forward. i know the shame associated with assault. it happened to me. >> reporter: the megastar talking about the backlash they face after going public with their stories. >> i wanted these survivors to know that i believe them. i supported them and that this happened to me too. >> reporter: crews says it's those survivors who inspired him to speak out against what he calls the culture of toxic masculinity. the 240-pound former star linebacker was one of the first male celebrities to step forward during the me too movement. crews says he was at a party with his wife in 2016 when a powerful hollywood agent groped him. he shared his story with michael here on "gma." >> he's basically staring at me, and he's sticking his tongue out, and it's just overtly sexual.
7:37 am
i have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. >> reporter: crews hopes by speaking out he'll be able to make change for countless others. the agent from that party was later suspended without pay and also demoted. now, crews is also suing the agent, and the agent responded to the lawsuit saying there was no harm, and the conduct wasn't sexual, and described the groping as horseplay, and the result of having too much to drink. >> all right, the bill has passed federally. what are the goals here? >> it passed federally but has yet to be enacted in all 50 states. that's what he feels needs to have happen. >> thank you, linsey. coming up, that horrifying parasailing accident. a woman flying out of control for 45 minutes. what you should do before you take off. woman flying out of control for 45 minutes. what you should do before you take off. join t-mobile. and get netflix included for the whole family. so you can get lost in space in your own backyard... or get pumped up for your grand entrance.
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and we are back now with that vacation nightmare. this woman parasailing in mexico when her tether broke sending her flying. she is now recovering in a san diego hospital. abc's kayna whitworth is there with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. katie malone spent more than two weeks in a mexican hospital, and this morning, as you mentioned, she's back home. doctors say her head trauma was so severe that her life depends on her getting the treatment she needs right here at u.c. medical center san diego. >> here we go, katie. >> reporter: it started out as a parasailing trip to celebrate her birthday, but turned into a fight for her life after the
7:42 am
tether that connected katie malone to the boat, broke. sending her flying uncontrollably through the air in the skies above puerta vallarta, mexico, for a terrifying 45 minutes. the rogue parasail at times going horizontal, bobbing back and forth. malone eventually crash landing at an airport. malone suffering a collapsed lung, broken ribs, fractured skull and broken pelvis along with an enlarged pituitary gland. >> she remembers after the line broke she was spinning up and down and saying she was praying to god to make things go safely. she said she then passed out after probably like maybe 15 minutes of being in the air altogether, then she woke up at the hospital. >> thank you for all the prayers and support. >> reporter: malone speaking from her hospital bed saturday in this video posted by her brother to facebook. she was airlifted tuesday to a hospital in san diego. still she faces a long road to recovery.
7:43 am
>> she's doing good. her spirits are up. we're just happy that she's back over here to get, you know, the proper treatment. >> reporter: international parasailing is largely unregulated and each year, an estimated 3 million to 5 million people in the u.s. alone participate in the sport. >> oh, no! >> reporter: but crashes do happen like this one from 2013 also caught on tape of another parasail incident in panama beach, florida. over the past 30 years, 429 people have been seriously injured parasailing in the u.s. more than 70 have died. >> go on social media, read the reviews and read the customer reviews. the customers are going to tell you what kind of experience they had in the past with those operations. don't be afraid to ask, experience of the captain and crew and do they have insurance. >> reporter: we reached out to the parasailing company for comment, but have not heard back. the parasail safety council says don't go if the equipment looks
7:44 am
weathered, especially the tow rope, and they also say, choose a company that operates from an established location, not a beachfront, and keep an eye on the weather yourself. cecilia. >> all important tips. thank you. >> i hope that woman makes a full recovery. coming up, the battle over this bobblehead you're about to see. do you see the resemblance? why this former spokeswoman is now suing a major company. come on back. come on back. come on back. smooth scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now, all sun care products are buy one, get one 50% off. ♪ ♪
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7:48 am
back now with a lawsuit brewing over this bobblehead. take a look. the actress known as the so-called phillips lady seen in those famous commercials, well, she's claiming she was replaced by that figurine and it's leading to a legal battle. diane macedo is here to explain for us. >> good morning to you. so, getting replaced in any job is obviously tough but the actress known as the phillips lady says she's been replaced by a bobblehead version of herself and now she wants the company to pay up. >> hey, it's the phillips lady. >> there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. >> reporter: she might have sold you on fiber gummies and other digestive products from phillips. >> my work here is done. >> reporter: but this morning, phoebe jonas, aka, the phillips lady, might be sick to her stomach after she said the company effectively replaced her in the ads with this figurine. >> get four in one system defense.
7:49 am
>> reporter: the actress claims in a newly filed the identical bobblehead is used without her permission. >> parts her hair on the same side i do. has the same simples and nose i do with the same facial structure. her hair is exactly the same length that mine was at the time that i did the spots. >> reporter: now, jonas is demanding $500,000 saying the company that employed her for nearly two years started running ads with the bobblehead shortly after her contract was terminated in march. >> this is just a question about people not wanting to pay for the use of a hardworking actor's image because it's less expensive to simply re-create and steal one than to continue to pay an actor for her or his hard work. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, bayer, which owns phillips, denies the claim saying, when all of the facts come to light they will show that bayer acted appropriately and responsibly. there you have it. here's a look at jonas compared to the bobblehead. you can decide how similar you think they look. you heard her pointing out she
7:50 am
thinks the hair color, the length, the side part, nose are simple. in addition to the $500,000 she is also suing to stop bayer from airing any more commercials with the bobblehead in them. >> well, if that's the case we're identical twins today so -- >> i'm cecilia's bobblehead. >> thank you for saving us from commenting on that case. >> here to help. here to help. coming up, we have a look at the bombshell new whitney houston documentary with never before seen footage. her sister-in-law pat houston and longtime manager is here this morning only on "gma." only on "gma." coming coming up, "gma's" koffee 101 sponsored by keurig, brew the love. coffee 101 sponsored by keurig, brew the love.
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back here on "good morning america," a very happy wednesday to you. let me start you out with video. video from central missouri. so between kansas city and st. louis they had more than 4 inches of rain. you can see what happened there. this was not the only place with flash flooding. also in northern illinois, where 3 plus inches was falling. this is just south and east of rockford, illinois. so lots of rain to talk about and that rain now slides to the east with that low and the cold front, warm front attached. the severe weather threat that i was promising you not only
7:55 am
>> "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. talk to an agent today at 800-state-farm. 800-state-farm.
7:56 am
it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." we have a cool start to your day this morning. hi, mike. >> hey, reggie. hi, everybody. yeah, and a little thicker cloud deck out there because it's a little bit more robust. temperatures going to be a little bit cooler today. in fact, our coolest day for exercising is today. moving forward. small craft advisory on the water north of the bay bridge. temperatures low to mid-60s along the coast into san francisco, over towards oakland, some 70s around the bay. barely some 80s inland. now, we take a couple steps backwards today, but look at how much we leap forward to the 90s and 100s by saturday. here's sue. all right, better news for commuters on westbound 24 into oakland. that sig alert and fatal accident has finally been cleared out of lanes. traffic is recovering quite nicely. westbound 24 was at broadway.
7:57 am
we'll take a look now. it's still backed up off and on from lafayette, but the drive time now was about an hour and a half. it's now about 50 minutes. >> all right, sue, thank you. coming up, a look at the bombshell, new whitney houston documentary with never-before-seen footage. her sister-in-law, longtime manager, only on "gma" this
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news on the border. a judge now orders officials to reunite those separated families within 30 days and children under 5 with their parents in just 14 days. the order also stops future separations. we have all the latest this morning. whitney houston. the bombshell new documentary about the superstar. for years those who knew her best staying quiet about her secret struggles. this morning, family and friends open up. the drug, the demons and who can forget that voice. ♪ you don't have to worry because i'm standing right by your side ♪ the duchess wears prada. meghan and harry stop the show
8:01 am
at buckingham palace as she debuts a new look. the moment that had many heads turning. and slam dunk morning. michael douglas is here live, and nick kroll, erica ash as we say, good morning, america. ♪ all that glitters is gold only shooting stars break the mold ♪ we do say good morning, america, don't we? >> yeah, we do. great to have you with us. i was supposed to say that, wasn't i? [ laughter ] >> i had that look in my eyes. >> my blink. >> quick study. >> i'm learning. sometimes there's the pen tap. it is summertime, of course. and we have a whole squad of interns around here. in fact, they're taking over parts of the show. >> they're wonderful. each and every one of them is wonderful. we have a facebook live stream before our show and that is my intern, that's kennedy. kennedy walker, she's a rising
8:02 am
senior at lsu, a mass communications major, and i met her at my sister sally-ann's retirement party in new orleans because she was sally-ann's intern and she already applied here and she was in my face the entire time at the retirement party. i want to be with my sister. i'm telling you guys, she's got it. that kid's got it. >> she'll be here tomorrow. a lot of headlines to get to. we'll start with that breaking news on the border crisis. overnight, a judge ruled children separated from their parents must be reunited within 30 days and children under 5 must be reunited with their families within 14 days, more than 2,000 children are still separated. some stunning primary results. jon karl tracking all of it. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. there was a shocking defeat for the democratic establishment in a democratic primary in new york city. you saw 28-year-old self-declared democratic socialist named alexandria
8:03 am
ocasio-cortez vanquish one of the most powerful democrats in congress, joe crowley. crowley is somebody who had been considered a possible next speaker of the house. he lost a double-digit loss to ocasio-cortez. she is a former bernie sanders organizer and quite a progressive and she actually has called for the elimination of i.c.e. and if elected, and she will be the overwhelming favorite in november, she would be the youngest woman ever elected to congress. now, president trump views this defeat of crowley, a democratic establishment figure, as a win for him. he tweeted after the victory for ocasio-cortez, wow, big trump hater. congressman joe crowley just lost his primary election. in other words, he's out and then he adds this, perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to his president.
8:04 am
now, george, it is a bit of a stretch to say that he lost because he was not nice to president trump. >> he may be having a be careful what you wish for moment now. okay, jon, thank very much. now to a frightening moment on the tarmac here in new york. the fbi boarding a plane over a hijacking scare. let's go back to gio benitez. he is there at jfk with the story. good morning again, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning again to you. listen, these passengers thought there was a threat on board. the police thought this plane was hijacked because they just couldn't communicate with that plane. i want you to take a look at this incredible image right now because these passengers had their hands in the air. they were terrified on that tarmac. some passengers tweeted that this was their worst nightmare. now, law enforcement officers surrounded that plane. it turns out that the radio died for ten minutes. that's what triggered that false hijacking alarm. now we're learning officers held up a white board directing the pilot how to communicate and the pilot wrote back his cell phone number on a sheet of paper showed it to police and that's
8:05 am
actually how they communicated. they communicated through the pilot's cell phone. but no doubt about it right now the faa is investigating this, robin. >> all right, gio, thank you. scary moments. coming up, the bombshell new whitney houston documentary never before seen footage and the first live interview with her sister-in-law and longtime manager. and there could be technology in your car that will have you spending less time in traffic as we prepare for the fourth of july. i have the one and only michael douglas. [ cheers and applause ] the oscar winner himself here for a big, new marvel movie. we'll talk about that and check this out. we have the very funny cast of "uncle drew" standing by. so much fun right here on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. nywhere. i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared.
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8:10 am
welcome back to "gma" and this wonderful, happy wednesday morning. wow. [ applause ] it's wednesday, so tomorrow is thursday and that means "deals & steals" with tory johnson. [ applause ] shi's going to be bringing big savings on summer beauty. but first, talk about a summer beauty, lara spencer, ladies and gentlemen. [ applause ] $5. thanks, robin. let's get to it, everybody. let's start with happy news for home renovation stars chip and joanna gaines who welcomed baby number five. yeah.
8:11 am
thank you, "people" magazine. just momenting ago, they gave us the scoop and the gaines family gracing the cover of their magazine with their newest edition, crew gaines, and inside they say crew made an unexpected entrance into the world 2 1/2 weeks early fitting considering he was a sweet surprise from day one. >> number five. >> i was number five too. they also talk about stepping away from their hit show "fixer upper" after five seasons to focus on family and other businesses which are plentiful. it hits stands friday. congratulations chip and joanna. [ applause ] on "gma" we love them. also in "pop news," we've got royal fashion news and we're calling it the duchess wears prada. meghan markle attending the queen's young leaders awards inside buckingham palace on tuesday foregoing her usual
8:12 am
givenchy wearing a powder pink cap sleeve dress from the italian designer prada and the star-studded event featuring social leaders like david beckham as the queen honored young people for service to their communities. meghan also sporting a bouncy blow-out and center part and that markle sparkle shining brighter than ever. >> what was that last bit you read? did you talk about the part in her hair? >> yes, i did. i did. that came directly from our producer in london. legit and there was more about the hair that i just decided -- we love her, we love her fashion. >> we do, we do. hey, let's finish up with this. a little breakfast story. move over, egg mcmuffin. there's a new muffin in town. mcdonald's upping their breakfast game with a new item taking a page separate from "seinfeld." remember the muffin top. >> you just eat the top. >> it's the best part, it's crunchy, explosive. it's where the muffin breaks free of the pan and sort of does
8:13 am
its own thing. yes. >> well, you remember that episode. you know, elaine's version did not take off quite as she had hoped because they didn't know what to do with all the muffin bottoms. no word yet from mcdonald's on how deal with that dilemma. bloomberg reporting that the muffin toppers in blueberry and crumb cake part of their goal to top the breakfast business. >> very good. >> good. that was good. so true. >> especially in new york because they're so big. >> you just pop the top. >> glad it's that muffin top we're talking about and not the other one. >> pop the top. top of the morning to you. >> i like that. all right, guys, shall we turn to our "gma cover story." a look inside the life of whitney houston, a new documentary called "whitney" is pulling back the curtain taking us inside some of her most intimate moments showing never before seen video and revealing disturbing allegations about her childhood and deborah roberts is
8:14 am
here with more. good morning, deb. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. for years those closest to whitney houston have stayed pretty quiet about the dark moments in her life in an effort to protect the image of the superstar singer. well, now they are after six years after her shocking death family and friends are opening up, her brother gary telling me he can finally breathe after sharing the truth about his sister. ♪ i will always love you >> reporter: her talent epic. that voice gracing the top ten charts for more than two decades and then the fall from grace and whitney houston's stunning death. in the new documentary "whitney," those closest to the superstar break their silence with a raw honest peek into her tragic life and death. >> i wanted to tell her life story to celebrate her and to try to explain her. >> i know. >> reporter: the film filled with haunting never before seen home videos hinting at the singer's fragility. >> it'll be all right. >> reporter: her brothers and sister-in-law pat revealing a
8:15 am
dark family secret. a bombshell claim that houston was molested as a child. >> gary told me that he was molested when he was a kid by a woman in the family and he thought that also whitney had been as well. >> reporter: in the film, it's alleged cousin dee dee warwick who died in 2008 was the abuser. sister to famed dionne warwick. and family members shed new light on houston's cocaine addiction. gary admitting he often got high with his sister but realized she was in trouble when she began missing shows. because she was high. >> because she was using somewhere or coming down from using and not being able to perform at the best of her level. >> reporter: for the first time, the inner circle sharing details about her close personal relationship with creative director robin crawford. and houston's tumultuous marriage to singer bobby brown. some saying he felt eclipsed by his wife. >> when you got people in the
8:16 am
media talking about mr. houston instead of mr. brown, you know, he let it get to him. >> can i ask you real quick, ms. houston? >> mrs. brown. >> mrs. houston brown. ♪ bobbi, my baby >> reporter: but perhaps the most poignant moment, houston improvising and singing to her daughter bobbi kristina. who at age 22 would eerily die just like her mom three years after houston's death. ♪ you don't have to worry about a thing because i'm standing right by your side ♪ >> reporter: painful memories for the singer's family, some saying that she was haunted by thoughts that maybe she wasn't a good enough mother. so many of the family's secrets laid bare in this powerful documentary. >> it really is powerful, deb. thank you. i want to bring in now pat houston executive director of this documentary and the sister-in-law and former manager
8:17 am
for whitney here exclusively with us. hearing her voice, the voice of a generation, it just brings you back. you made this movie, you say it could only have been told by the people who really knew her. >> exactly. you know, people that have dealt with her emotions from the day she was born until the day she died that people that were around her, people that really knew her, you know, and had to deal with everything, really lived what she lived actually. >> and you see that play out in the movie. we see some really intimate scenes. we hear stories about her that we had never heard and known before. you know, i want to ask, i wonder, because you decided to tell such an intimate story, were you concerned at all that this could have been seen as a betrayal? is this the version of the story whitney would have wanted out there? >> well, it's -- everyone that has a life has a story. it's her story and it's played out in the documentary she has -- she narrated a lot of it herself so, yeah, it's just her
8:18 am
life and her story as the family would see it and the friends who >> one of the stories that you . tell in it tells the story -- your husband gary speaks in it and talk about introducing her to drugs when she was just 16 years old. this started really, really young. was it hard to tell these stories such an intimate detail, some really raw stories about that? >> well, it wasn't my husband gary. it was my brother-in-law. >> your brother-in-law, i'm sorry, yes. >> yes. you know, for him, i guess it was therapeutic to really talk about it. you know, it was like a pressure cooker, you know, opening up, you know, for him to reveal. he was speaking about himself and talking about his sister. but, you know, he just needed to talk and, you know, after sharing his sister with the world for over 30 years and just having to protect an image, you know, that moment was his and he just talked, you know, and it
8:19 am
kind of was kind of a healing process for him as well. >> i heard you all talk go when i spoke with you and gary, you talked about the healing and there's so much of this film that is sort of dark and shocking but you also talked about tender moments. whitney having the bible that her mom gave her, even till her death really. >> you know what, you know, a lot of theories about her and her mother not being close are just absolutely false. you know, whitney carried -- she wore her mother's fendi slippers all the time. she wore -- she had a purse and she had her mother's scarf tied around her scarf everywhere -- it didn't matter where she was traveling to. she had that scarf on her bag. and that bible, you know, whitney has traveled all over the world, she has moved from -- had homes in florida, new jersey, california, but she still had her mother's bible and it was given to her, it was
8:20 am
signed 1987, and her mother just stated in there take god with you everywhere you go so she had her mother with her all the time. she really respected her mother, you know, she ally and truly did and that is a blessing. >> her family, the whole family was such a part of her life throughout it all. they were there and part of her work she supported so many people through her job, right? what do you say to people who say that maybe family members helped enable whitney in the end? >> well, you know, when whitney became who she became, a superstar and an icon, whitney wanted her family there. everybody else to her was a stranger. everybody else had to be hired. her family didn't. they were going to be there regardless, so i can honestly say, yeah, we could enable sometimes with certain things. i mean, she was a brat sometimes, you know, for me i
8:21 am
called her my bratty little sister but family is always going to be around and it's good and sometimes family is there for a different type of support than people that work around you. so family was always good. >> and what are you going to say to people who might look at this and say maybe the family let her down? what are you going to say to those folks? >> that is not true. her family has always been there for her and i know that because i've been around for nearly 30 years, you know. anything or -- for anything that was happening or going on i would always go to the boss and that was her mom. you know, and she would support anything that we needed to do, you know. and there were lots of struggles but when you have strength like that coming from cissy and she's a very spiritual woman, you know, a lot of things going in your life but she has such a strong foundation in god and she taught that to her kids. you know, she did. but -- >> it is a powerful story you
8:22 am
are telling and a powerful film. thank you for being with us. "whitney" hits theaters july 6th. ginger, now over to you. >> time for your "gma" moment. i got to tell you, cecilia, everybody. you know when somebody comes up, this is ann from philadelphia, by the way, and they just start doing this and you are like that feels kind of nice. i asked her beforehand. that's what luca the dog must have said to lucky the cat. look at lucky getting in there. everybody needs that on a wednesday. it's as if -- a little to the left. a little to the left. i want that cat. all right. that's your "gma" moment for this morning. i want you to send yours to my facebook page and hopefully we can celebrate with you and your
8:23 am
and we're going to take a look now at the new way to stop traffic jams with technology already in your car. as a record number of americans are set to hit the road for the fourth of july, this tool could cut down on what they're calling phantom traffic jams and our senior transportation correspondent david kerley in michigan with an exclusive look. hey, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. we all hate this, don't we? that traffic jam standing still, no cars moving and don't know why. well, there is actually technology available this some of these new cars that could help solve this problem. >> that's a traffic jam.
8:24 am
>> reporter: this morning, on ford's test track outside detroit proof that the modern cruise control system can mean less stop and go traffic jams including those phantom traffic jams. ford put 36 vehicles on the track with adaptive cruise control which keeps distance between your vehicle own the one in front. look what happened. when there is a slowdown the vehicles on top without cruise start bunching up but those below on cruise keep the gap smoothing out the slowdowns and an unexpected benefit for ford engineers who designed the adaptive cruise control. >> it's not something that when we were designing it we intended to do. it was really fun to see that the effect that the system could have. >> reporter: ford decided to try this big test after seeing the research of a traffic engineering professor who thought the cruise system that maintains those vehicle gaps might have that other benefit. when you were running the cars down this test track and you saw it work, what did you think? >> i mean, this is amazing. we had been experimenting with this in theory and to see it in practice with real vehicles was
8:25 am
really exciting for us. >> reporter: and researchers say not all cars need to be on adaptive cruise control to get at least some of this benefit. the cruise keeps us moving. so we're going to give you as an example of how this system actually works. we're in traffic now. i'm going to set the adaptive cruise control. i want to go 57 miles an hour so i'll set it at 57, which is going to put me right behind this person in front of me. i'm at 55, 56, 57. i've set it and i've set these four bars now so that's my distance from the car in front of me. as we're traveling down all of a sudden brake lights above. the car itself is keeping that distance as we brake and as soon as traffic jam ends here's the car accelerating back up to my 57 miles an hour but still keeping the distance in front of me. it's interesting system to help
8:26 am
us avoid the phantom traffic jams. back to you. >> glad it worked for you. coming up, michael douglas is here live. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:27 am
hi, there. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." one person is dead after a crash on highway 24. it is still causing major backups. sky 7 flying over the wreck on the westbound side near broadway and oakland earlier this morning. you can see one car clearly flipped over there, another one with significant damage to the front of the car. this crash happened around 5:20 a.m. sue hall has a look at the traffic conditions right now. >> good morning. they've cleared the accident about 40 minutes or so ago, but yeah, we still have a little bit of a residual backup, not so much -- well, it does look like it's backed up into oakland from the caldecott tunnel, but check it out as you back up there. we still have some slow traffic coming out of lafayette, westbound highway 24. then another accident just
8:28 am
cleared, this one near whipple, northbound 880 in the hayward area. hayward union city. here's your drive times right now, and a significant improvement from earlier, natasha. >> thank you so much, sue. meteorologist mike nicco has a quick look at our bay
8:29 am
good morning. check out our temperatures. because of the cloud cover, not moving up, mid-50s to the low 60s. and you can see today we're dominated by some breezes if you're out on the bay,
8:30 am
especially north of the golden gate bridge. watch out for those north-southbridges if you're driving. it's going to get hot friday, saturday, and sunday. natasha? >> all right, thanks so much, mike. we'll have another ♪e'll have another back here on "gma." cecilia, wearing the green. we had fun with her. you know about the green screen and what happens. you can kind of superimpose some things so during the commercial break we had a little fun. oh, yeah. >> a walrus. >> what is that? >> the beach. so you're basically telling me i don't actually have to shop for clothes for work. i can just wear whatever and you can put whatever on. we had a lot of fun with this. >> tell the truth. >> who was having fun with this before? >> i thought it was hysterical and george and robin are basically like you're a tv rookie. everybody has done this forever
8:31 am
in the history of broadcast. i still think it's fun. >> exactly. >> but tell people why you're wearing green. >> oh, you're really going to make me rat myself out because mexico's game world cup game starts in t-minus 30 minutes so you're lucky i'm not wearing my jersey which is back in the office. >> your husband is around here with his jersey. >> he left to go watch the game. >> we got to get you out of here. we have a great guest to bring you. someone special to bring out. you know this oscar winner from classics like "wall street" "basic instinct," "fatal attraction," now starring in marvel's "antman and the wasp," please welcome michael douglas. >> hey, george. good to see you. hello, robin. good to see you. >> you're looking good. >> thank you very much. >> viva, mexico.
8:32 am
[ applause ] hi, how are you? thank you. >> you're a mexico fan? >> i am. yeah, it's just great to watch them. i'm glad we have one country from north america to watch. >> the u.s. is not in the world cup. but we digress. congratulations on everything. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. >> this is way back wednesday. "wall street" 30 years ago. >> 30 years ago, wow. >> and you won the oscar and remember when you had your acceptance speech and you said there were some people who didn't feel you should have played the role. >> they didn't feel i should play the role. i don't know who that was. [ laughter ] i don't remember that. >> you said in your speech that a lot of people thought you could not play that part. it's right here. >> that was sort of a big moment for me, sort of stepping out of the shadow of my father, you
8:33 am
know, and getting that oscar meant probably more to me than a lot of people because at that time. the cameras had a comparison but it creeps up on you, robin. all of a sudden about to celebrate my 50th year doing all this stuff. >> yes. [ applause ] >> there you go. i don't know. >> doing something right. >> what was more nerve-racking experience, being up for an oscar or when your beautiful or very pregnant wife was up for an oscar for "chicago"? >> well, not that actors are self-involved or anything, you know. but i was probably more concerned. i was happy for her, very happy for her. but i was glad we didn't have the baby right there. >> i'll bet. >> but it's lovely. you have such a beautiful family and you're so sweet about posting pictures. your son just graduated. prom pictures. you and catherine are so proud and may be interested in the business. >> maybe, maybe. we got another generation going. my oldest son cameron is an actor, right?
8:34 am
dylan just graduated. they did every single show in the world. our daughter caris is at summer theater camp. right now, she's 15 and my niece kelsey, kelsey douglas, is also so there's four of them and i saw dad -- i was out in l.a. we had our premiere for "antman and the wasp" and i saw dad and we were kind of reminiscing and said, look at us, dad, between the two of us we've done over 160 movies in 80 years and we have four more douglases coming up here, so this could easily be 250 years in 100 years. >> oh, my goodness. [ applause ] you mentioned the premiere. what a cast you have there. paul rudd, we saw evangeline lilly. i think we'll show them up here in a second. >> there they are. >> old-fashioned. they closed down hollywood boulevard. >> that's the way to do it. >> grauman's chinese theater. a lot of young actors i told them they don't do this very much often. please enjoy it and the
8:35 am
pictures, wonderful, wonderful response. >> second time around with paul rudd, he's a lot of fun. >> lovely, lovely man. he's just a great guy, very talented. a little jealous in this picture. he has a great sense of comedy. i had to kind of carry the story line here. all of that stuff. anybody wants to talk about the quantum realm. interested. i'm your man and i worked my way through a scene, talked it away, and old paul have a little funny bit at the end to steal the scene. >> that's what happens. you want to see some of it? let's take a look. >> the entanglement won't last. >> you owe us. >> all right, fine. but can i just wait inside because i'm not supposed to be out here. >> let's go. [ applause ] >> fun.
8:36 am
anyone looking for it this fourth of july upcoming weekend may want to escape from the day-to-day issues that are going on in the world, may want to get small, go see "ant-man and the wasp." >> can i ask you one final question? could we possibly see a film with the entire douglas family in it? >> ooh. >> i'll work on that, robin. i'll work on that. i hope disney is listening out there. should be a family film. >> exactly. michael douglas, everyone. [ applause ] "ant-man and the wasp" hits theaters, you heard the man say, fourth of july, it's july 6th. got nothing to do, this is a great film to go see. coming up, "flip or flop." we'll talk about that live next. up, "flip or flop." we'll talk about that live next.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back now with a "gma" exclusive. "flip or flop" star christina el moussa is here for her first live interview since she and her husband and co-star divorced. the new season of "flip or flop" has a lot of people talking and we'll talk about that in a moment, but first, here's a look at her story. >> reporter: as one-half of hgtv's "flip or flop" duo, christina el moussa takes her keen eye for design -- >> how hard would it be to get
8:40 am
rid of this wall right here? >> reporter: transforming the neighborhood eyesore. >> what is that? >> fell through from the ceiling. >> reporter: into its own jewel. the husband and wife team renovating and reselling dozens of homes along california's coastline for six seasons. but in 2016, they revealed their most shocking flop yet. their marriage. >> but when our marriage fell apart it was more public than we could have ever imagined. >> but we're picking up the pieces and we'll still work together to support our kids. >> reporter: now, the former couple is putting their differences aside to keep their business and hit show going. the latest season debuting last month showing how working with with an ex -- >> will you let me talk or should i just stand here? >> you know what, i'm over it. >> reporter: -- can make flipping houses a lot more interesting. >> can we really be business partners and forget our baggage, i don't know. >> it's great to have "flip or flop" co-host christina el moussa here.
8:41 am
thanks so much for coming. you've been separated for awhile. which is the first season since you divorced. you said yourself it's been incredibly awkward. so what has been the most challenging part of doing the show together now? >> i think that, so now it's been about two years, so at the beginning it was different because we're kind of taking on different roles, tarek is more involved with design where that was more my -- >> that was yours. >> that was my role before. so i have to be a little bit more amiable. as far as how everything is done. if he wants to be more involved in design, so be it. >> amiable is the word of the day. we do see a lot more conflict on camera. some would say, hey, that makes great tv. how is that -- how is the dynamic changed for you and for tarek. >> i think because our divorce was so public, and there's so many stories and false stories and just so much going on that for us actually including some of our real life into the show is important.
8:42 am
i think it's important for people to see what goes on with us on a daily basis, and it was very new for hgtv to include anything like that so it's been different, but i think it's been overall really good. >> i want to ask you about the fans. much more personal as you just said. viewers seem to be loving it. we have one fan, rebecca hamilton writing on twitter, living for the tarek and christina drama. it's so bad, it's good. >> yeah. >> some people say, you know, more fighting, some people say for flipping, please. what do you say to your fans? >> i think that the overall response has been really good. i think that like i said it's different. some people will like it. some will think it's too much. some people will just want to see a house transformation, and we're giving them both, and only including a little personal. most of my feedback has been really positive. >> from what i know, we both work with hgtv and, you're really out there doing it so real-life stuff is going to come
8:43 am
up as the cameras happen to be there. you guys both are dating. i know you have a new boyfriend. >> yes. >> very cute. but it's awkward when you're asking about who he's dating. how is that being in that moment with each other and how have you decided to handle it? >> it's been two years. it's not really awkward anymore. i like to tease him. he likes to tease me. what you are seeing on camera is just me giving him a hard time out of good nature. i'm happy for him and happy he's dating and i'm dating someone really amazing and tarek likes ant. >> and the kids. >> the kids love him. the kids are doing amazing. braden had his first day of preschool this week so that was sad turning the chapter but i dropped him off and he immediately started making friends right away. >> you guys are managing to do it all, co-parenting and a new show? >> yes. >> "christina on the coast"? >> "christina on the coast." [ applause ] >> congratulations.
8:44 am
how is that going solo? >> it's really exciting so, i told my house near belinda two months ago, and i closed escrow on a house in newport beach last week, so i'll fix my own house and they'll see into my personal life. how i'm designing my own house and i'm also helping eight homeowners fix up their house and i actually had my first shoot day monday. it was great. i get to show a little bit more design because flipping you want to keep it more streamlined and appeal to the masses so actually getting to design the house for someone specific is going to be really amazing. >> christina, thank you for coming in and hope you andhe kids are doing well. great to see you. "flip or flop" airs thursday nights on hgtv. ginger? oh, lara. i'm just hanging in the green room, sipping on some iced coffee because it's about to get hot this weekend. a quick look at how hot. heat advisories are up all the way into mississippi and alabama.
8:45 am
look at those numbers. burlington, vermont, 97 on friday. that's right. i told you. hey, look, i got some friends. don't worry about it. all of us are doing something that you're doing right now, drinking coffee. there's nothing better than having that first cup just the way you like it. thanks to our sponsor, keurig, there is a new way to get your special brew, hot or cold, and all at home. >> reporter: coffee, it's the go-to morning beverage with 64% of americans saying they drink it regularly. downing about three cups a day. and if you're buying specialty coffee, the cost can add up quickly.
8:46 am
one survey found that millennials invest more in coffee than their retirement plans so, we'll show you how to save money and indulge at home. spokesperson for keurig, we start with a little coffee 101. >> so this is the keurig coffeehouse brewer. it makes cappuccinos, lattes, iced coffees. and basically, your regular coffee, too. >> reporter: it's the luxury of having it at home. so let's get it straight. what is the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? >> cappuccino has more froth and latte has more milk. >> how do we make them? >> they have a button or both and take your milk and fill it up to latte or cap inside. look at how beautiful that looks. >> that does look pretty. >> reporter: and with summer coming in hot, you might want to try an iced beverage for a little afternoon pick me up. >> put your regular k-cup and press latte and caf. ready?
8:47 am
take this off and just froth it around like this. but it will still be cold. and then pour it over your ice. >> nice. >> and there you go. >> got yourself an iced cappuccino. >> looks like from a restaurant. >> all right, you guys can get your new k cafe coffeehouse brewer on amazon and let's give a little cheers to that. coming up, we have got the comedians from "uncle drew." that whole cast here live. ♪ "gma's" koffee 101 is sponsored by keurig. brew the love. eurig. brew the love.
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8:49 am
back now we have the stars from "uncle drew." so much fun. basketball legends here in times square yesterday they were just running around. now we have the comedians from
8:50 am
the movie here. nick kroll, erica ash, welcome back. what are y'all doing over there? >> listen, in my mind i'm a globetrotter. i can't really twirl the ball so i'm just twirling the ball. >> i'm not feeling insecure that my ball is smaller than hers at all. >> it's a morning show, nick. but you did a show with our friend jimmy kimmel. >> yes. >> you had a little wardrobe malfunction and i want to ask about this. let's take a look first of all. wait a minute, nick. >> on defense and i got kyrie. i got kyrie and like, i'm hitting the ground and oh, just fully split my pants. i fully just split my pants. >> that is brilliant. >> yeah. >> that's brilliant. >> thank you. >> you can't write that. >> no. >> that's like a real thing. >> yeah. >> what were you attempting to do? >> i was trying to get low to show how i played defense against kyrie and my pants split
8:51 am
wide open. and it was terrible, but i was trying to show, because i had a layup against kyrie, he tried to block it in the movie. he failed and so i was, like, all right. i think i can "d" him up, and just a spoiler alert. he did manage to get past me. >> we still don't know how. we're figuring that out but is this clip why you wrote that article about things you shouldn't do in skinny pants? >> yes, it is. >> okay. >> still looking for a publisher. >> okay. >> it writes itself, erica. it writes itself. you guys are -- you're the pros, all right, and they're the basketball pros. but they're new to movies and things like that so which ones had the toughest time with their lines and stuff? >> actually oddly enough it was nick, but the thing is -- the basketball players, i think people will be really surprised by how good they were. they brought their "a" game to these roles. >> they are competitive. >> they are, exactly. i think both on and off the
8:52 am
camera so charles stone, our director, had a really hard time wrangling everybody because when we weren't shooting they were on the court playing anybody that would play them. they were playing grips and camera people and all the extras. they didn't care but i think -- i think who i really appreciated the most in terms of like his acting chops was nate and he didn't have any lines. but it's really difficult even for -- [ laughter ] no, this was actually really -- he actually -- it's hard for a seasoned actor to act and really show emotion and portray things without having lines to say and i think he did that really believably. you thought i was going to diss him. i wasn't. joke's on you now. >> this should be a technical foul. >> i'll kick you off the court like i kicked you out of my house. >> that's right. that's mean. >> excuse me. i don't know who you are or what this is about but take it back to the stands so we can play some ball. >> who are you? >> if you keep talking you'll
8:53 am
find out. >> i come from a long line of choir members so i'll clap you back. >> i believe in you guys. >> this is laugh out funny the entire time. >> tiffany and i actually have history. fun fact, we started off together on "real husbands of hollywood" and play cousins so we have a language already established for how we, you know, work together and it's really nice -- finally nice to work with her again. first time reuniting since then. >> it's great. nick, i know you like to play ball so must have been great to have the guys out will. >> lifelong dream to share the court with nba legends and wnba legends and her. >> her. >> it was truly a joy to play. i mean, look, now here we are. palming the ball. >> we'll be
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
nick and erica, thank you. hank you.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
hey, good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." and meteorologist mike nicco is here with the forecast. hey there, mike. >> hi, tasha. hi, everybody. a little bit of gray, but the clouds are starting to open ever so slowly today. good day to exercise or do yard work before it gets hot. just know it will be dicey on the water north of the bay bridge. 60s at the coast to barely 80s inland. heat is coming for friday, saturday and sunday. sue? still a lot of slow traffic out there. we had that earlier fatality on westbound 24. that has recovered nicely. it's been out of lanes for about an hour now, and you're still looking at a pretty decent drive from walnut creek towards lafayet lafayette. we have a new accident on the peninsula, south 101 after third. it's very slow there blocking the right lane. >> sue, thank you. time now for "live with kelly
9:00 am
and ryan." and we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for the "abc7 midday news." our reporting continues now on our news app and join the team every weekday morning 4:30 to 7:00, and make >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, movie man adam sandler and country star luke bryan. plus, actor winston duke from "black panther." all next on "live." now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ♪ something doesn't feel ♪ the same ♪ the rest of my life ♪ gonna start today ♪ good morning ♪ good morning, now ♪ good morning ♪ good morning, now ♪ good morning ♪ good morning, now ♪ the rest of my life >> ryan: all right. ♪ that's a good tune for the morning. [cheers and applause] you okay? >> kelly: yes. >> ryan: are you excited? >> kelly: i'm excited. >> ryan: are you excited? >> kelly: i love that song. >> ryan: i know; it is good. it's perfect for this morning.


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