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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 27, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the supreme court just dealt a major blow to public sector unions threatening their financial structure and threatening workers. justice has struck down an illinois law requiring nonunion employees to pay fees for collective bargaining. ons unions will lose considerable bargaining power and union membership could sink. mandatory union dues violated first amendment rights. abc 7's jessica castroastroastrr
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more. jess. >> good morning. today's ruling will impact millions of employees in more than 20 states. the supreme court rules government workers can't be forced to pay fees to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, so-called fair share fees. the court ruled those mandatory union dues violate first amendment rights. it's a major financial blow to organized labor. >> we'll have less sources available in terms of funding, so the chapter members will have to probably chip in more to do things, which is fine. >> local members of the seiu say it's a setback but not defeat. they're putting on a brave face and saying their members are loyal. >> in general the members of our employees will stick with the rule nothing matter
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filed by republican bruce row never back in 2015. today's decision was a personal victory for him. >> today's supreme court ruling in the case of mark janis versus afscme is historic, freedom of speech and freedom of affiliation for public sector employees. it's always a historic victory for taxpayers. >> reaction is pouring in from both sides. scotus just came down on the wrong side of history. we will come together to fight back and work together to strengthen unions and raising victory. meanwhile donald trump with this tweet, calls it a big loss to the coffers of the mo they argued so-called shared fees were necessary.
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that argument didn't stick. some of the largest unions dealing with this new financial hurdle are right here in california. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. leaders had struggled to rally support for a bill that would among other things allow immigrant families to remain together in detention. u.s. border and custom patrol released this video yesterday. they encountered 57 people crossing the border from mexico into lukeville, arizona. abc 7's >> reporter: they have to be reunited and setting a hard deadline. they have to be reunited within 30 day. the other, if they're 5 years of
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age or younger they have to be reunited within 14 days. now, there are more than 2,000 children not with their parents right now who are under the care of the federal government. in some cases the parents have been deported to other countries. guatemala, honduras, or el salvador, or they're in hundreds of other states hundreds of miles away. zar was grilled on capitol hill, but he claims with just a single computer key stroke, he can get all the information he needs to reunite those children with their parents, but, of course, there's this mounting deadline the federal government is up against, and, of course, the judge saying in his ruling the federal government including the trump administration says they brought the problem on themselves because of the way they handled the family separations under the zero tolerance policy. in tucson, arizona, i'm tom
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yamos, abc news. we just learned justice kennedy is set to retire. we've been hearing a lot about the high court recently. we just talked about a couple of them. this is going to mean that mr. trump will get his second high court pick. anthony kennedy is 81 if i'm doing my math correctly andhe be ro.ied repli 'seen the swing court. anthony kennedy will be retiring from the supreme court. of course, we'll be following this on abc7 news an our news app which you can download for free right now. also today, the concord city council is holding a special meeting on the report of housing thousands of migrants. today's meeting at 1:00 will include community input, coordination with other elected officials, and possible perform lags of a council response.
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they're calling for the government to abandon the proposal saying forces people to live in tent cities is cruel and part of nation is not safe to live on. new at 11 cash and bit down. more than $3.6 million worth of gold bars also seized in addition to a grenade lawn cher, and xanax. a driver was killed this morning near broadway. police say just after 5:00 a.m. a honda civic rear-ended an suv. it went up the embankment, the driver was ejected and ran over by a third vehicle. all of those lanes are now back open. we have new numbers on the pawnee fire burning in lake
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county. cal fire has announced the fire has jumped to 13,5 h13,5 h13,5 h mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect for the entire spring valley community. 22 structures have been destroyed. half of those are homes and 600 remain threatened. evacuation orders are now in effect to the east. sheriff's deputies are warning people be ready in case evacuation becomes necessary. new at 11:00, kbronch jerry brown signed his final state budget this morning in los angeles. the budget boosts funding for higher ed indication, increases welfare grants, and gives more money to doctors and who see patients. >> we need to do things and we
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can do things and that's what this budget does. it invests in those needs and makes our state a better place. >> it fills up the rainy day fund to $16 billion. brown is going to leave office in january. mountain view voters will decide whether google and other businesses should be hit with an employee head tax. they'll ask residents to tax per employee. the tax could generate upwards of $6 million a year with a little more than half coming from google alone. most of the money would pay for transit projects. if approved, the head tax would be phased in ore two years starting in 2020. happening now, serbia and brazil are playing in the world cup, but it was another teerjs mexico, that had so many screaming in the stands. trust me, dramati of
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chris nguyen livyen livyen livyn >> reporter: so much energy, so much excitement as more thaz 3,000 fans packed the stadium. an incredible day of world cup soccer. fans at the stadium starting at 7:00 this morning. >> kennedy announcing he will retire. this leaves a major opening on the supreme court for president donald j. trump. a swing vote, a key justice on the supreme court. let's go straight to our chief anchor george stephanopoulos with what this means. george, break it down for me. >> first of all, this is yas jti kennedy been a key swing vote on the supreme court, he has been the swing vote, the deciding justice in so many closely held 5-4
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decisions. one of the few justices on a couple of cases willing to start the democrat -- justice appointed by democratic presidents on the supreme court on issues like gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, so many other key social issues. justice kennedy has been the key vote. this is setting up a massive battle for this -- for the supreme court, gives president trump a chance to put a decisive stamp on the supreme court, but you can expect democrats to look at anyone that president trump appoints to the supreme court with a close eye, with scrutiny, fighting it all the way. what they remember is that when president obama had the chance to appoint a supreme court justice in his last year, the republicans blocked it. they did not fill the vacancy. they're going to fight this hard. >> let's put up the list of current supreme court justices. viewers at home can see those
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who lean liberal, on the right side, those who league conservative. kennedy occupying the key central spot. talk to us about the key role and wait will mean for the court going forward if donald trump can place his pick in his stead. >> well, when you look at the list of judges that president trump is considering to the supreme court. when you look at neil gorsuch, with the first vacancy, he's much more likely to appoint someone who's in the mode of justice alito, justice thomas, solid conservatives on the court like justice gorsuch rather than someone like justice kennedy who has been someone who's moved between the coalitions, moved between the liberals and conservatives on different issues in order to form the 5-4 majorities.
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if president trump gets his way with whoever he appoints, he's going to have a supreme court who's decidedly conservative, who's able to form much more decisive majorities around these big issues. >> let's get it to abc news white house continue. give us a sense. i know it's early, extremely early. this news is minutes old, but how likely sit for the president to be able to get his pick through. >> i think it's going to be an epic battle as george just mentioned. but i've talked with people involved on the president's team on, there and they're going to push to get a person nominated and confinefirmed before the mim elections. democrats will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. remember, the republicans have a one-seat majority in the senate.
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thanks to the way they have changed the rules, they can confirm it. and they will want to get this done before the midterm elections, before there's any chance that that majority goesz away. i'm told also that the list that george mentioned, the list of conservative judges that the president-elected back in november -- you know, back after the election was put out is the list they will be going from to look for a replacement for kennedy. in other words, a hard-line conservative. the people on the president's team involved in this do not believe you replace a moderate with a moderate. there will be an ertz to replace kennedy with a decisiveness that would sway balance in the supreme court. >> this is where it's going to come down to the united states senate. so there are republican senators who have contentious
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relationships with the president of the united states. john mccain comes to mind. jeff flake from' co arizona como mind. is it possible we could see members of the president's own party stop him on this? >> no question. also there's a question that john mccain has not been in washington for a vote for some time. obviously suffering from brain cancer. he's been back in arizona. there's a question whether or not he would be here to cast a vote. also you have susan collins who hasn't had as openenly a con ten shuz relationship as him, but issing a moderate abortions right republican who could potentially balk at the idea of somebody who would do away, for instance, with roe v. wade. so even if the republicans -- even if the president can manage
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to get somebody nominated, to get through confirmation hearings and get to the u.s. senate with the one-seat majority, it will be difficult to get somebody from this list of judges that they're working from. >> let's bring back in our chief anchor george stephanopoulos who wants to weigh in on this. >> let me pick up on this. john's exactly right. there's going to be enormous president to hang together and improve the nominee. on the other hand, with that one-seat majority, every republican senator is going to have tremendous leverage. you had jeff flarks bob corker. both of them are going to be retiring.
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he's been talking about holding it up. susan murkowski, might be another senator who would vote for a justice who's going to overturn roe v. wade. so this is going to be a monumental ballot. you've got democrats in red states up for re-election, heidi hide scamp but with the president and against their party on this issue, but this is the kind of issue that tends to galvanize parties, tends to bring them together, i think we can't overstate how big a battle this is going to be. >> as if we did not already live in interesting times. let's bring in abc news supreme court reporter terry moran.
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would you hold ford a bit. he made his mark on gay rights. >> he will. he'll go down in history as a great guard on it. he was originally 30 years ago now, he came to the kourts after the nomination of robert bourk, the staunch conservative failed. that was the most epic battle to the supreme court anyone had seen up to that time and it makes sense in some ken de-reese, he was very important in other fields as well. for example, when he came on the cou ttle roe v. wade.a pitch
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there was a time they thought he would be the one to throw out the vote in roe v. wade. now that he's leaving, there's an open kwitsz. a gentle approach in many ways that, frankly, is out of step with the lines we're in today. >> the breaking news. justice anthony m. kennedy stepping down from the supreme court at the age of 81 years old after 30 monumental years on the court. this is a huge breaking news story. we'll continue to it all day long. for now i'm dan harris in new york. thank you. 30 years on the supreme court and it is about to be over for justice kennedy. he's retiring effectively on
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okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪ we were interrupted by breaking news, so we're going go back to anchor chris nguyen where there's a world cup party watch on. hi, chris. >> reporter: you mentioned earlier the big draw, the big match involving mexico against
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sweden. there was also germany against south korea. so much fun, so much going on as fans pack the devised stadium. fans out at the stadium out at 7:00 this morning, cheering on mexico. >> everything's positive over here. >> from moments of nervousness to joy and absolutely relief, drawing on motions of many, including the mayor of san jose who brought her family. >> today was a very easy routine. we were up and out of the house in less than 20 minutes, so you know sports motivates even the youngest of your children. >> reporter: the san jose earthquakes have hosted a number of watch parties since it began. even they've been surprised by the high turnout. >> in total, we've had 15,000 people come and watch the games.
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it shows there's passion here. >> reporter:te losing to sweden, mexico is still moving on to the round of 16. snook it was so fun. there's a lot of things going on. i can't explain it. i'm just so happy with all of this. >> reporter: back here live, we're watching serbia versus brazil. the game just started. so if you want to come down, now would be a great time to do so. the quakes are asking you to rsvp, especially with the big games coming up this weekend. they're expecting pretty big crowds. we're live in san jose today. i'm chris nguyen,
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good morning. you can see the clouds rolling back from the coast. but the warmer sunshine and sea breeze can bring you warmer weather today. we'll revert back to cooler than average for early july. 60 gs along the coast and san francisco barely mid-60s to low 70s around the bay. mid-70s to barely 80s inland. i want to go to the fires. 96 friday. 10 sunday. conditions are going to get worse temperature-wise. today they're going to get worse as far as the breezes. 17 to 24 miles an hour. purring the smoke into the central valley, but the real danger will come starting 11:00
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friday through 8:00 sunday. you can see the fire weather watch. the higher fire danger not only lake but salino county. let's talk about fun things to do. the fair opened up. 76 at 3:00. watch out for the strong sunshine and have a hoodie for the evening. if you have peanut allergies, we have a section just for you. 59, dropping to around 57. tonight's temperatures, 59 in antioch. almost as cool as this morning. we'll take a couple of steps forward. look at friday, saturday, sunday, with the heat peaking saturday and then it will tail off to seasonal averages. >> obviously we didn't app it is pate the information on justice anthony kennedy.
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