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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live, this is abc 7 news. a lot of hard worng going on. >> and a lot of hard work to get people home. while the pawnee fire ranges many residents learn they are now out of the line of fire. good evening i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley thanks for joining us. tonight the fire has grown to 13500 acres. but crews are making steady progress. calfire says containment is now 25% and no new buildings have been destroyed. >> that number stands at 22. 600 other structures still threatened. flames broke out saturday. the cause remains under investigation. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has been up in lake county the past three days on the fire lines. >> he joins us live with a the latest. more on the mood of the residents tonight, wayne. >> reporter: the mood of residents is mixed. mixed because they are finally able to get back home tonight. at least most. some homes are gone. officially, they were allowed to
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return at 4:00 p.m. but in fact it began sooner. >> this is for do you need any waters. >> for lake county evacuees this qualified as the best of days or worst depending on fates and outcomes. >> i want to know and i don't want to know. >> is not knowing worse than knowing? >> yeah. yeah. >> after this morning, denise ogle would disagree. >> i was told yes, no, yes, no while we stayed. it's like i'm fine. i'm not -- i really thought i was fine until i got here. >> then denise learned that her house and three others on wolf creeked road didn't survive the flames preponderate they are four out of a dozen homes lost. denise did not have insurance and not by oversight she told us. >> i couldn't get fire insurance when i moved in three years ago. i think it was the rocky fire and nobody was giving out insurance. >> after four years of major fires and evacuations it appears that lake county now has that kind of reputation.
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the last few days with burned acreage in the five figures now represent what locals reluctantly call the new normal. when the sheriff speaks of fire like this. >> i've come to expect it. >> and calfire amplifies the senmentes. >> this is just the beginning unfortunately. >> reporter: you have to wonder why anyone would go home with intentions to stay but people like gina bazoni did today and they did intend to stay. >> that's the price for living in the country, god's country. >> at this point in god's country they hope for a little less wrath and more peace. live in lake county, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne. well there are many resources for those affected by the fire. and today's "7 on your side" is in lake county to connect people in need with resources. >> michael finney joins us liver from the moose lodge again in clearlake oaks. michael. >> reporter: we have had a great time meeting everyone around here today. all the moose members have just been absolutely phenomenal.
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they've volunteered their time, given away money. and money is what i want to continue talking about here. this is hellie werk she is with balance a financial jesse educational organization you know them as consumer credit counseling that was the old name. when you get an evacuation going people's lives are upset. >> reporter: we with want to remind them not to panic and don't pull out the credit cards. if you have home owners insurance or renter insurance they they might cover shelter food clothing transportation. if you have a mortgage lone then call the servicer if you have trouble making the payments. they might be able to give you a forbearance ask about that. remember to ask what happens after the forbearance. if you have credit cards call them up they might be able to offer assistance with wachgt late fees or lowering payments. you can also call our agency as well. >> it sounds like what you really are saying is step back, take a breath, before you make a move. >> exactly. right. and there is assistance out there. there is the great shelter offering shings shelter and
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food. call united way at 211 to see what's available. can you call us too. don't panic and pull out the credit cards. >> shelley from balance thank you. we'll put a link on the website oh so you can talk to shelley and all her folks if you need help. if you need help with consumer questions or help today light right outside of the moose lodge we have a "7 on your side" pop-up we are taking questions and concerns and can solve a lot right now. if we can't do it right now we'll to it over time. michael finney reporting live for "7 on your side." >> let's move on to other news major news. there is a vacancy on the supreme court and a political battle in washington with justice anthony kennedy announcing his retirement. he steps down july 31st. kennedy was born in sacramento, attended stanford appear practiced law in san francisco. known as a swing vote, he provided the votes for same-sex marriage, abortion access and a o affirmative action. the white house issued a
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statement saying quote justice kennedy has been a tireless voice for individual rights. his words left an indelible mark not only on this generation but the fabric of american history. abc 7 news reporter vic lee with his retirement and what it means for the high court. >> reporter: this is a very frightening moment for the left. >> and perhaps for the right as well. hayesings law professor hadar abraham says anthony contendsy was a swing vote with a strong libertiarian streak. >> he is a correctright partly because of his decisions because of same-sex marriage and inmates. >> a defender of free speech and affirmative action and inmate rights. he affirmed roe v wade when he was the swing vote against the pennsylvania law that placed obstacles on abortion. the 81-year-old justice has written every marriage supreme court decision protecting gay
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rights. in june 2015 kennedy was the swing vote in the historic 5-4 decision legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the country. >> and i certainly feel a lot more uncertain than i did yesterday. >> former san francisco supervisor and gay rights activist befen dufty. >> if this president gets another appointment whether roe v wade, voting rights. lgbt rights. gerry mannederinging it feels scarey. >> but it's said that kennedy sidewood conservatives in the past. >> when you look at this term you see out of 19 decisions given 5-4 across political lines he votewood conservatives. >> she says regardless of political views lawyers felt he was more open minded than many of the other justices. >> so people would come to the sprout with difficult contentious cases and at least know they would have a listening ear. >> and that whether or not kennedy agreed with them they stod a chance of changing his mind.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. so president trump will now have his second opportunity to nominate a justice. gopped leaders say the senate will vote to confirm a successor this fall. but senator dianne feinstein says this tonight. we are now four months away from an election to determine the party that will control the senate. there should be no consideration of a supreme court nominee until the american people have a chance to weigh in. >> the supreme court struck a blow to union'ses today freeing public workers from paying due nas cover contract negotiations. it was a 5-4 votes. the high court ruling could cost unions millions in revenue while still having to represent those who don't pay dues. abc 7 news reporter david you louie looks at impact in the bay area. >> be aware. >> california has 2.5 million union members about half of them impacted by the supreme court ruling. those who work in the public sector. private seccer union members like the hotel workers are not.
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>> what this decision does is it creates a free rider problem. and undermines the ability of unions to represent all the workers in -- in work places and get good contracts for wages and benefits. >> the illinois state worker mark janice who took on his union and millions across the country can choose not to pay union dues to cover the cost of collective barring evening when they bifurcate. hence the reference to a free vied that could cause union to loose substantial income. thes policy center is declaring victory. >> that is hundreds of millions of dollars probably close to $1.0 billion in california finding its way into pliks forcibly taken from people to push causes they don't believe in. >> however public sector union members aren't shaken by the ruling saying unions are resilient. >> for decades and decades they've been attacked. this is nothing new for us. we're sticking together. we're going to stay united and fied are fight for ourselves our
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communities and families. >> private sector unions could be the next target. >> janice and decision today shows us how scared the billionaire are about us standing up and taking action together. >> these hotel workers prepare for a march in downtown san jose as contract talks get under way with the other thanes of five hotels. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> and happening now? san francisco, hotel works are rallying to demand higher pay from one of the world's largest hospitality companies. abc 7 news was in the garden a few minutes ago when members of unite here local 2 gathered to march to several hotels operated by marriott. many workers say they must take second jobs because marriott pays so little. marriott has yet to comment on the worker's complaints. new developents in a case of lewd acts involving a school aide. he will be sentenced to three years in prison.
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tran pleaded no contest. he was eu aide at an elementary school. he was vekted after a 6-year-old girl said that tran touched her. during the investigation a 7-year-old girl also came forward. in weekend the city of san francisco hopes to tackle gun violence by taking firemans off the streets. san francisco police are partnering with a group united mri us to hold a gun buy back. offering $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. guns will be accepted this saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon, no questions asked. the drop off will be at the united center on howard street between sixth and 7th streets. >> more to come here the political upset of the year just happened in new york. ahead, the woman who stunned the exactic establishment and what her primary victory could mean for the party. also predicting earthquakes. geologists thanksgiving they know where the sand andreas fault rumbles next.
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a low back at the research. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. in a cooler pattern today but it's not lasting. i'll show you how much it heats up coming up. a and i'm michael finney "7 on your side" setting up in a the fire zone to help people out. we have a huge group answering questions dealing with your concerns.
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an unexpected upset in a kmktic primary race in new york left the parties establishment stun. a former bernie sanders organizer 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez defeated joe crowley a top house exact and 10-term incouple ben. lyanne melendez is a live with a look at what happened. and what it means. >> it was like the tale the hair hare tortoise. ocasio-cortez reached out to those in the district who were angry afraid, marginalized. art of heard this before?
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the bronx and queens, are people of color. here is the moment when alexandria ocasio-cortez realized she had won the new york congressional primary. no one thought she could deef the so-called queens machine. we meet a machine with a movement. and that is what we have done today. >> like ocasio-cortez berkeley mayor jesse adahin is a product of the sanders ligcy. run oenga a socialist platform. >> she and some of the new grass roots candidates are running for office are speaking to the needs and concerns of many in the country. and are really trying to change our democratic party. >> like sanders her message was focused on creating an economy that works for all americans by having universal health care, free college tuition and judicial reform. she is also in favor of getting rid of i.c.e. republicans on the other hand
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say the democrats are now more divided than ever. as so-called socialist candidates come closer to taking hold off the party. >> i think it show as big split in the democrats. and i think that will be to our advantage. they're fighting with each other. >> david ladderman is a political strategist who says the democrats have been divided even before president trump. >> the insurgent wing has under its belt. assuming she wins in november which i think everybody does. now the older establishment has to take the younger wing a whole lot more seriously. >> now people i spoke to today said minority leader nancy pelosi must be concerned because the calls for her to step aside got a little louder. now if ocasio-cortez wins again against the republican candidate -- and i'll tell you that's almost certain. at 28 she will be the youngest woman to serve in congress. in the newsroom lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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>> quite something lyanne well tonight gee geologiesists believe they know where the next sand andreas fault quake happens. this map shows the 15.5 mile stretch of land known as the dermid ladder. a published article in the journal. this zone could trigger a case cade of quakes leading to the big one. the mag nude, 2 or 80errer and would devastate surrounding areas. >> as we've been tell you "7 on your side" is in lake county it provide resources and answer questions pr people, all the people affected by the pawnee fire. >> michael finney is live from the moose lodge in clearlake oaks. michael. >> reporter: we have been taking consumer questions and concerns and i don't have to just be about the fire. as long as i'm here within o aband the "7 on your side" staff
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is here at the moose lodge. we take any question. we are dealing with a guy with a pension concern. looks like we'll help him out and get him money. if you have a question or concern come back by here. we'll be be here until 6:30. as you can tell everybody is clearing out. as they've been clearing out we've been hearing a lot of stories of neighbors helping neighbors. i want to show you a guy that showed up with an amazing service. he is clemmens event support. and he showed up with showers. and everyone has been telling us boy, troy clemmens is a heck of guy for doing that. what makes him a good guy is he didn't get paid. listen to this. >> it's very gratifying. we get to interact and kind of provide a little bit of hope. and some comfort for the people whre displaced. >> now troy certainly did that and did he that for free. again "7 on your side," our
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pop-up here at the moose lodge any 6:30 tonight. reporting live for "7 on your side," michael finney zbrs now the accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. well you probably noticed it's cooler out there. i want to show you the live doppler 7 right now. and you will see it's pretty much socked in on the coastline all the way out towards the bay. we already see the low clouds into that area as well. compared to 24 hours ago running 11 degrees cooler in livermore, novato down 7 degrees. a big role played by the wind. right now out of the southwest gusting to 30 in san francisco, fairfield you're at 33 miles an hour. and that on shore wind is going to continue. take a look at the wind forecast over the next 12 to 24 hur had you. we are seeing brezy conditions and this repeats again tomorrow afternoon and evening as well. right now, we she you another live picture from our emeryville camera. you notice how overcast it is. almost like june gloom if you will. 57 in san francisco.
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oklahoma 61. highs so far only in the 50s to 70s for most of the bay area. san jose, 73. it's kurnl 76 in gilroy. and from the kgo roof camera you notice the cloudy skies and the wind belows the trees. 71 in santa rosa. 66 in napa. 70s from concord to to livermore. south beach camera showing you the clouds advancing as well. we'll go low clouds and fog overnight. temperatures soar inland friday and saturday. and fire dangerous will increase. tomorrow morning, do expect widespread low clouds and fog temperatures in the 50s across the bay area. it will be cool, could see a little mist and drizzle as well as the system passes to the forth. tomorrow afternoon expecting the temperatures to come up a little bit. but it's not going to be a big warm-up. numbers will be in the 80s in the inland valleys. 60s, 70s along the bay shoreline and along the coastline. it's another brezy afternoon as i mentioned for thursday. i want to show you the bigger picture here. friday through sunday, high pressure building in clockwise flow around the high brings a
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dry normal wind to the bay area spelling high fire danger. here is a look at the weekend heat coming. today's highs so far in the first column, compare it to saturday. 21 draeg increase in san francisco from today. you're looking at a good 20 to 22 degree increase pretty much for most areas redwood city up to 88. 1 degrees warmer. and definitely a lot warmer in places like livermore up into the 90s. so fire danger increasing, lake and solano krt under fire weather wind chill pch 11:00 a.m. friday to 8:00 p.m. sunday. any fires that exist liar in lake county could spread rapidly. any fires that develop keep an eye because that could spread quickly as well pl accuweather seven-day forecast, a little warmer thursday. temperatures will soar inland, mid-90s inland. low 100s inland saturday. the coast enough of a sea breeze to keep new the 60s. we're not expecting a warm-up there. the heat will retreat on sunday,
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the second half of the week. and if you look for cooler weather with us just in time tor fourth of july almost like clock work we expect this. below average conditions with temperatures on the fourth of july, upper 50s to low 80s. doesn't ask me about the fog yet. because fog and low clouds is a touchy subject. you may be lag at colored clouds or may have a nice sfla. we'll have to pinpoint it as we get close sfwleer monday we put the screws to you. >> that's little bit closer. >> i saw the fireworks well last year hoping for a good one. >> thanks. bringing people together one world cup watch party at a time why fans in mexico were routing for a team other than their own. >> coming up the major news the supreme court justice retiring. president trump says he will move immediately. democrats scrambling. the threat of severe storms as we come on. and the scare in new york city. the plane feared hijacked and
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now we learn why. >> david thank you. new at 6:00 a run on rabbit why one pet aadoption facility h
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abc 7 news was at the stadium in san jose where mexico fans were elated watching the final minutes at korea upset germany at the world cup match watch party. mexico needed that win after losing their match to sweden. the upset vaulted mexico to the round of 16. when it was over. mexican fans showed gratitude to the few korea fans in attendance. >> i'm here with my mexican friends and i came out routing forrer toia. >> i'll just say that it was awesome. >> isn't that great fun. mexico faces brazil in the world
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cup round of 16 next monday. >> we are one world, right. >> right. >> travelers leaving the bay area for the holiday weekend may want to get to the airport a little earlier than usual. the tsa says this friday might be the busiest day ever for u.s. airports. the agency says people this year are expanding holiday because of fourth of july falls in the middle of the week. 28 million people are expected to fly during the holiday weekend or the period the tsa is asking passengers to expect longer than usual lines. that means pack the patience. >> indeed. all right. we know the bay area is expensive. but how much do you think the most expensive home in the bay area is going for? >> don't answer that. up next we take you inside what's believed to be the most expensive home currently for sale. wait until you hear the monthly mortgage. >> announcer: superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minute by minute forecasts plus realtime radar and alert keeping
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, the controversial plan to detain immigrants in concord apparently will not happen. we'll have details on the decision made just hours ago. a big bust. ahead of the fourth of july. the tip that led oakland police to confiscate 3,000 pounds of illegal fireworks from one man. also a settlement between apple and samsung, the 7-year legal fight that's over. coming up in half an our on abc 7 news at 6:00 and more as well. okay. do you want to live like a tech billionaire? do you, right? >> well we have the perfect home for you. check it out. >> take a look. business insider says this home in palo alto is the most expensive home for sale in the bay area. >> what's the asking price?$97 >> rex real estate provided this video to abc 7 news you can look financial disclosure statement.
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20 rooms including a poker room pizza room, spa and social room for large social executive retreats. >> there is an ice rink abother rooms for sports fans. also 60 parking spaces for you and friends. >> rex estimates with 20% down this home will cost you about $490,000 a month. that would be the mortgage payment. just do cash. >> all right. >> easier that way. you probably have to put in a cash business to get it. >> a rink. >> yeah you get it and sandhya and i are come visit. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time here. see you again at 6:00. >> announcer: the signs are everywhere. the conversations changing, the words they're personal. some signs you seek out. some find you. and behind every sign is someone's story. our job, see the signs, earn your trust, be an ally where you
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live. we do more than cover local news. at tonight, the major announcement, supreme court justice anthony kennedy reveals he's retiring. and now, president trump's chance to shift the court for a generation. justice kennedy known for years as the court's swing vote, siding with conservatives at times and siding with the liberals, too. president trump making it clear today, the work to replace kennedy begins immediately. tonight, the battle already under way. democrats scrambling. and the president in his own words. what he told americans he would do with the supreme court. also tonight, the police officer charged with criminal homicide in the death of antwon rose. he was unarmed, shot three times and killed as he ran from police. and tonight here, the new video. what it reveals just before that fatal encounter. breaking news tonight. the federal investigation just


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