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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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scene. >> reporter: many families get on pedi cabs to get around the city just like this pink and white one. this happened just in the 4:00-hour. i am told by the owner there was a family in this pedi cab when a car hit them and drove off. the owner of the company says her driver of the pedi cab is in critical condition. the family, two adults and two children, some of them are going to the hospital but she believes they are in okay condition. now she says she has spoken to witnesses and nothing like this has ever happened in her time with the pedi cab company. >> a pedi cab was crossing the intersection on a green light and was hit from behind by
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driver and did not stop. >> reporter: there is a large sfpd presence right here in the intersection. loo looky-loos have been stopping. i am told there is a second pedicab involved and we are waiting for more information from police especially about the driver that drove off after creating this issue. live in san francisco. i am kate larsen. receiving reports that three people have been shot at a mini mart
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now, to tonight's other top story. the controversial plan to build an immigrant detention in concord, that is not going to happen. >> this came just as the city council in concord starting an emergency reason. the sudden change of opinion on this. laura? >> reporter: that is right. that came from washington. residents here came in force for this meeting. there was even an overflow room. there was an apparent resolution right from the start. >> no relocation camps established in concord or anywhere in california. >> reporter: the emergency meeting at concord city hall started with the news that many here longed to hear. no immediate plans to build a detention facility at the old
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military. >> he has informal confirmation, informal confirmation that there is no intention of establishing detention facilities in concord or in >> reporter: congressman desaulnier also put out a message. >> we need to keep a watchful eye. >> reporter: the residents have no intention of letting their guard down. >> i want you to do your job and fight for us. >> reporter: there is a separate memo sent from sheriff david livingston relaying information from the u.s. department homeland security. >> it didn't look like this was going to happen.
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and that is good news. but one of the things that myself and my colleague haves lu be been talking about is we don't want these detention facilities anywhere. >> reporter: elected leaders were planning on having their own strategy session. i am told that has been canceled at least for now. thank you. the department of homeland security has formally requested space for up to 12,000 beds at a military base. it is not clear where that will be. the government wants to get 2,000 beds ready within the next 45 days. changes are coming to the supreme court. president trump will get to name his second justice after anthony kennedy announced he will retire at the end of next month. many local ties. he is still on the faculty of
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mcgeorge school of law in stockton. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live in the news room with a look at his departure will mean. >> simply, it means change. four solid conservative left on the high cord. justin kennedy was often the deciding vote. president trump will undoubtedly choose a conservative. >> theis is a frightening for te left. >> reporter: and for the right as well. >> widely regarded as a centrist and this is partly because of his decisions. >> reporter: not to mention a defender of free speech, affirmative action and inmate rights. kennedy also reaffirmed reaffird
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wade in the early '80s. the 81-year-old justice has written every supreme court decision protecting gay rights. kennedy was a swing vote in the historic 5-4 decision legalizing same sex marriage throughout the country. gay rights activist. >> whether it is roe v wade, gerrymandering, lgbt rights, it is scarey. >> when you look at his decisions this term, you will see out of 19 decisions given 5-4, he voted with the conservatives. >> reporter: saying regardless of his political views, lawyers felt he was more open minds than many other justices.
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>> people would come to the supreme court with difficult cases and at least know they would have a listening ear. >> reporter: and whether or not justice kennedy agreed with him, they stood a chance of changing his mind. vic lee, abc7 news. thank you. a supreme court ruling today dealt a major blow to public sector unions. we will have a look at that impact coming up at 6:30. good news about the pawnee fire. evacuees are going home. road closures have also been lifted. >> 25% contained. burned 25,000 acres. >> it is encouraging. let's go to wayne freedman in lake county. >> reporter: very encouraging. the last two days we stood and behind us large billowing clouds of smoke. today we didn't see any
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dangerous smoke at all today. residents went home and they are ready. it still felt like a full house in moose lodge 2284. even though half of the 300 evacuations remain. time here has taken a toll. >> well, it is not on the list. >> reporter: too many nights with sleeping as worry as a bedfellow. after this morning, denise ogle will disagree. >> i was told yes, no, yes, no while we are staying here. i am fine. i really thought i was fine until i got here. >> reporter: denise learned that her house and three others did not survive the flame. denise did not have insurance. >> i couldn't get fire insurance when i moved here and nobody was
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giving out insurance. >> reporter: after four years of major fires and evacuations it appears that lake county has that reputation. 13,500 acres burned, conditions represent what locals call the new normal. >> i come to expect it. >> reporter: and cal fire amplifies those sentiment. >> this is just the beginning. >> reporter: it is a wonder how anybody would line up and return home with intentions to stay. but people like gina did today. pain comes with this turf. >> that is the price you pay when you live in the country, god's country. >> reporter: lake county is a beautiful place according to residents. and all year long beautiful and yet comes with a price. in lake county wayne freedman. >> of course so many people need help at a time like this.
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"7 on your side" is live in lake county to provide help and resources to those affected by the pawnee fire. >> michael finney is at the moose lodge. >> reporter: we have a "7 on your side" pop up. our staff is here. anybody who has questions and concerns, mainly for fire issues drop by. we would love to help you and indeed help you. if we can't get it solved this evening, we will work on it and get it solved within the next couple of days. this is the evacuation center. this will probably be the last dinner served and it has been joann who has been putting together these dinners. what is for dinner tonight.
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>> you want to grab a plate. we have pasta, tritip. >> so how did you guys afford all of this? >> you make phone calls, stuff comes in. >> reporter: you have been doing that all day too. >> i have been doing some, yes. food will come in and we decide what we are going to make with it. or they call and say what do you need. this is what we need. restaurants have donated food made. this was from a restaurant. >> reporter: thank you very much. what a great job you have done here. some with you. thank you so much for all your work. we would love to hear from you. drop by, and say hello. or you have a consumer question or concern. i am michael finney life with "7 on your side." a long battle between two tech giants have come to a conclusion. >> shrouded in secrecy.
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from the closest hotel to the golden gate. >> the view outside is foggy and dreary.
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. san jose firefighters have battled two wildfires during the past two hours. one fire broke out near capitol expressway, and another started at center road. investigators think somebody might have set those fires intentionally. crews stopped the flames before reaching any homes. tens of thousands of dollars
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of illegal fireworks are off the streets. what they seized in a joint operation with alameda deputies today. >> reporter: thousands of dollars of fines and potential jail time. showing us some of it. >> there is 100 shots in here. >> reporter: the bomb squad has potential of illegal fire works last night. a shot to the face or head from these mortars can be lethal. >> sometimes they have a slow burn and we have people looking over the projectile and this comes up. >> reporter: one of their crime reduction units got information that these were being sold. >> they were able to recover 3400 pounds of illegal fire
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works from a storage unit. >> reporter: the suspect is 45-year-old haywood man. they add these fire works are illegal in just about all bay area cities. >> we don't want people getting injured, losing fingers or body parts additionally, it is fire season. and we don't want any fires started. >> reporter: oakland police will turn the case over to the da. the sheriff's department plans on destroying these fire works later this year. eric thomas abc7 news. land is now home to a hotel that boasts the best view of the golden gate bridge. melanie woodrow is live with a
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closer look. >> reporter: the renovation took almost three years to complete and the hotel has bookings. revenue generated will go right back into the park. the opening of the 42 room lodge at the presidio. boasting spectacular views of the bridge and the bay. the original trusses in the building are part of the design. >> we had architectural challenges to try to carve out rooms in the attic so to speak. >> reporter: paying tributes to the barracks that were won't here. >> this building was originally for enlisted men. >> reporter: when the army left it was formed. the income generated goes right
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back into the park. >> creating the programs that we do for the public, the trails, the road maintenance. >> reporter: elements of the park are also at play here, bringing the outside in. >> makes you feel like you are in the woods. >> reporter: the hotel is the sister prompt of the inn at the presidio. this hotel already has more than half a million dollars in revenue booked. melanie woodrow abc7 news. nice view but fairly cool with the coverage. but not for long. >> that heat is on its way. we have lots of low clouds and fog near the coast. pushing inland already. many inland areas have sunny skies. this is our view from our
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rooftop. and it is feeling chilly here. oakland 60 degrees and 55 at half moon bay. here is a dreary view from emeryville. 67 in santa rosa, 68 mid-70s. looking along the bay bridge, these are our forecast features. low clouds and fog wide spread overnight. temperatures soar inland friday and saturday. fire danger which is already a concern. surface wind that is quite strong. gusts of 36 miles per hour and fear field 17 miles per hour in novato. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid-50s. tomorrows highs under mainly sunny skies.
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low 70s around bay. mid-80s generally the highs. huge area of high pressure. warm air mask producing a dry nor th northerly flow. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. peak of warming will occur for most areas on saturday where inland highs will rise above 100 degrees in the hottest spots. quite warm and quite dry. temperatures won't moderate until early next week. next wednesday, fourth of july looking good. cooler. >> the man behind the musical dynasty the j
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joe jackson the patriarch of the jackson family has died. 89-year-old had many children including michael and janet. >> battling several illnesses in
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recent years. a look at his life and legacy. >> very nice. >> reporter: as a patriarch of one of the most successful families, joe jackson created a dynasty that revolutionized music. raised his family in gary, indiana. and groomed them to be musical l sensations. straight to number one on the sensations. billboard hot to number one single charts. several have gone on to successful careers. off stage allegations that their father beat or molested them as children. >> i never beat michael in my life. >> reporter: mha started managing his own business career and severed ties with his
6:25 pm
father. jackson's children still respected his legacy. >> the man was a genius to me. he had all these children, and his job in gary, indiana. and didn't have one kid that didn't make a name for themselves. >> reporter: proud of the success of all of his children. >> i am glad i was tough. i came out with kids that everybody loved all over the world. >> a legend in the music industry. i was playing jackson 5 last night. >> lasting impact on the music community is going to be talked about for years and years to come. >> reporter: abc7 news. the supreme court today dealt a major blow to public sector unions affecting millions of workers. >> a look at what the decision could have on california and specifically here in the bay
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area. president obama
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tonight more than 1 million union members in california will be impacted by a supreme court ruling giving them the right no the to pay dues for collective bargaining. the 5-4 votes could impact union income and power. >> abc7 news david louie gets reaction from both sides. >> reporter: san jose hotel workers preparing to enter talks with a new contract with five hotels. those representing government and public agencies. members must no longer pay dues. that could cost unions millions and millions of dollars. mark booker is ceo of the california policy center? orange county. >> it is not devastating if they
6:30 pm
focus on membership and do what people would gladly join them for and that is to get better pay and better working conditions. >> reporter: however labor leaders worry that the attack on unions isn't over. >> the next step is to enlarge that attack, the scope of that attack and go after private sector unions as well. >> melissa willett works for the county assessor's office. >> the supreme court decision is to divide us and me and my coworkers are willing to stick together against the forces that want to do away with the unions. >> reporter: currently their number of right to work states is 29. meaning union membership cannot be compulsory. >> do you think california could ever become a right to work state? >> we are going to keep fighting
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to make sure it doesn't. >> reporter: unions may seek help from state lawmakers. new at 6:00, the san francisco department of elections has finally certified the results of mayoral elections. the race was close. only one percentage points separating the final two candidates. mayor london breed very close. former president barack obama expected to be if the bay area on friday. the daughter of a hedge fund billionaire home for a fundraiser. the minimum ticket is $10,000. the priciest up to $237,000. $20 last night a 28-year-old
6:32 pm
woman relatively unknown beat one of the most powerful democrats on capitol hill. joe >> reporter: no one thought alexandria ocasio-cortez could beat john crowley. >> working class americans want a clear champion. >> reporter: berkeley mayor is a product of bernie sanders legacy running on a democratic social platform. >> that we need people that are willing to speak out and to move the democratic party if a much more progressive direction. >> reporter: like sanders, her message is created on creating
6:33 pm
an economy for all americans. universal health ca college tuition. so-called socialist candidates come closer to taking hold of the party. >> i think it shows a big split in the democrats. and i think that will be to our advantage. they are fighting with each other. >> reporter: david ladderman a political strategist who says the progressives are ready to stand up. >> we have to continue to fight. and that message in this case really resonated. >> reporter: if ocasio-cortez wins against the republican candidate which is almost certain she will, at 28, she will become the youngest woman to serve in congress. in the news room, lyanne lyann
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melendez, abc7 news. governor brown signed his final state budget today. boosts funding for higher education, increases welfare grants and give more moneys to doctors and dentists who see patients on medical. >> we are a very large and wealthy state and we need to do things and we can do things. >> the budget also fills up the rainy day fund and other reserve funds to $16 billion. governor brown will leave office in january. expect deep discounts on marijuana over the next few days. must only sell products that meet strict quality standards starting this sunday july 1st. and labs will also need to keep tested samples for 45 days. retailers expect a supply
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shortage this summer. dispute began apple accused samsung copying the iphone design. j jurors awarded apple $539 million. apple quote pleased with the settlement. more to come. mexico may have lost the match against sweden, but soccer fans sep br celebrated like it was a win. this is a tried and true hoarding case. something wrong with this gentleman. >> one man's pet
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a southern california animal shelter is overwhelmed with rabbits. >> they took in hundreds of bunnies all from one owner. john haskell from our sister station has the story.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: it is now almost at capacity due toen influx of bunny rabbits. over 200. >> this is a tried and true hoarding case. there is something wrong with this gentleman that he feels it is okay to do. >> reporter: almost all of those bunnies coming from this man. 200 bunnies were found at his home that day. the next year, 125 rabbits were taken from him by westminster animal control. and on friday, collecting over 160 rabbits from his rv bringing them to the facility. >> we do not have the space, the time, the staffing, the money to do rehab to fix these animals medically. we are in way over our heads. >> reporter: he couldn't be reached for comment but wags says this time the rabbits are
6:40 pm
in much worse conditions than before. two of the newborns have already died. >> 160 rabbits all over the place and feces and the smell, it was not great living conditions. our animal control officers had tod to have masks. they did not cite him at this point. looking into animal cruelty. >> the bunnies are not ready to be adopted yet, the shelter is accepting donations to cover costs. >> look for this story on our website to donate. a look at weather conditions for firefighters battling the pawnee fire. a one minute guide on how to
6:41 pm
return safely after a wildfire. watch this.
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stocks sank after an early rally this morning. the dow dropped 166 points. the nasdaq slumped 116.
6:45 pm
the s&p was down 23. u.s. oil was the big mover today up 3%. ride sharing company lyft is worth twice as it was last year. the san francisco based company announced it raised $600 million. total worth is $15 billion. lyft has been steadily gaining and holds 35% of the market doubled its percentage from two years ago. toys "r" us closes for good this week. toys "r" us in tonight. everything you need to know about the bankruptcy of toys "r" us is on our website
6:46 pm many would say there is no better place than >> 3,000 packed the stadium this morning. chris nguyen was there. >> an incredible day of world cup soccer. starting at 7:00 this morning. cheering on mexico. >> everything is positive over here. wonderful. >> reporter: from moments to nervousness, and absolute relief, this game drawing out the emotions of many including the vice mayor of san jose. >> we were up and out of the house in less than 20 minutes. so you know sports motivates even the youngest of your children. >> reporter: the san jose
6:47 pm
earthquakes have hosted a number of watch parties. >> we have had 15,000 plus people come through the stadium and watch games. passion throughout our community. >> reporter: despite losing to sweden, mexico is still moving onto the round 16 after south korea pulled off a stunning upset against germany. >> it was so fun. there is a lot of things going on. i am so happy with all of this. >> reporter: the quakes will continue their watch parties throughout the weekend. expecting big crowds and asking you to rsvp if you have plans to attend. >> they are having fun there. >> and it was a perfect day for that. we got some hot days coming up. spencer christian is here looking to the weekend and fourth of july. >> and fire weather conditions up in lake county right now in the area of the pawnee fire, it
6:48 pm
is 84 degrees relative humidity 33%. wind is going to remain gusty for much of the night. diminishing a little bit in the early morning hours. and the temperatures will be on the rise friday, saturday, and sunday. we will see temperatures above 100 degrees. right at 100 degrees on sunday. the heat and the low humidity and the strong gusty wind adds to increased fire danger. fire weather watch is in effect for solano and lake county. saturday is going to be the hottest day overall for most of the bay area. and hot inland friday, saturday, and sunday. next wednesday, fourth of july will be the coolest day. >> until then, go west young man. headed for the coast.
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on to sports. lots to talk about. >> yeah, >> you have to see those highlights from russia. coming up in sports. and the a's current major league record is on th
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the a's keeping it interesting. overcome five run deficits twice and that includes last night's epic win. it was beautiful weather in detroit. not. how would you like to be sitting behind that a's olson. and then at the third ink is canned larrio. but mis from first base martin, great defense in the outfield. the a's leading
6:53 pm
giants madison bumgarner taking on the rockies. the team lost first three starts upon his return. a win tonight would give the giants a second straight winning. game two of three in the college world series. bases loaded for the arkansas goes up one nothing. in the fourth ties it up. bases full of beavers. laying down a perfect perfect suicide bunt. the razorbacks tie it when carson gives him the lead with this single. arkansas up 3-2
6:54 pm
inning. among the six members of this year's nhl class. the continued to play in the minors when he was 43. he will be enshrined under the builder category. tigers woods hosted the quicken loans national since 2007. the 14 time major champion is getting back in the swing of things after returning from spinal fusion surgery. he wants to play in the world golf championships and this tournament is a chance to move up in the rankings to do it. >> forget the
6:55 pm
from that to here, and that's, i didn't foresee that happening. i really didn't. >> all right. deep breath. intense action in the world cup as we showed you earlier. mexico needed a win to stay alive and the players praying for success. taking it to the center of the box but is shot unbelievable just wide. in the 50th minute, sweden, heavy presence in the box. so sweden leading by two. on the throw in, alvarez attempts to defend the goal and instead scoring its own goal. mexico needs to pray for a miracle from south korea to survive. and not a good omen at the start. leon might be feeling that one for a while.
6:56 pm
i have a feeling we will have a new meme. ending up with the ball and pops it in. south korea captain adds another look at the hustle. dan, you run this fast, right? an empty net. and south korea eliminates germany and that allows mexico to advance to the next round. sports report sponsored by stanford health care. >> that's good stuff. join us tonight on how google is working to bring artificial intelligence to your phone at 9:00. a slippery surprise that makes you take flight. the unexpected place this boa
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constrictor was found. back-to-back episodes of the goldbergs, modern family, and american housewife. shark tank and abc7 news at 11:00. that will do it. i am kristen sze. >> and i am dan ashley for >> and i am dan ashley for spencer christian and try jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheese and guacamole. plus your choice of carne asada, chorizo, or chipotle chicken for just 3 bucks. so tonight, kick the party in your mouth up a notch with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries.
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