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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the his name just that he is a white neal in his fwents. first responders arrived at the capital gazette offices in 60 seconds possibly prefrting more deaths. >> a week ago we practiced a active shooting situation we did not expect this. we couldn't have put more resources if you look behind you what's been done here. it's a tremendous response. >> and right now several shooting victims remain at the hospital, some seriously wounded. reporters at the paper meantime vou they will put out a paper tomorrow. >> phil davis, a crime reporter for the capital gazette tweeted immediately after the shooting there is nothing more tearing than hearing multiple people shot while you're under the devg and then hear the gunman reload. police in new york are on alert. a reporter at our sister station in new york tweeted that officers are posted outside their studios. >> and l.a. p. d. tweeted it's morontaing the situation and there is no direct threat in the jury. the l.a. times reported l.a. pd
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beefed up security at l.a. news outlets. >> and law enforcement here in the bay area have not indicated that there is any threat to other local news outlets. good evening i'm kristen sze. i'm dan ashley. now to the other top story ton. new developments in the disturbing cold case murder. police closed in on a suspect in the 44-year-old case when suddenlily he took live in an camden avenue in san jose. >> the cold case was the murder of 19-year-old arliss perry. she was killed inside stanford's memorial church in 1974. >> now we have team coverage on the new developments. we'll begin with abc 7 news reporter david louie. david. >> reporter: dan and kristen, the two sources have confirmed to me that the dead suspect's name is steve crawford. that is the same name as the security guard who was identified in a stanford daily newspaper article as being the guard skofrpg the body of arliss perry back in 1974. a search by abc 7 news indicates
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that a steve perry -- steve crawford was living at this apartment building. sky7 was overhead shortly after the sheriff deputies arrived at the large apartment complex to serve a warrant for murder to the resident in apartment 185. the door opened. deputies saw a gun and then a gunshot was heard. the suspect appears to have shot and killed himtz. the deputies did not fire their guns. dna evidence recently retested provided a missing link that captivity investigators from solving the 1974 murder of 19-year-old arliss perry seen in a photograph from the mercury news archives. the wife of a stanford student, perry was found with head injures and had been sexually molested .the security guard ooifrd in the named discovered the btd at the church in stanford. >> he was a suspect in the case for quite a long time. we just didn't have the evidence. it was what we believed but there was not any really restraining link. i believe now we have the strong link. >> abc 7 news searched and found
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records that steve crawford lives at this complex. a former who knew him said he was not friend zbli he wouldn't talk to anyone. at times i did see him i'd say good morning, how you doing. he would like stair away and not tovi friendly. >> while dna testing provided the breakthrough 44 years later the sheriff said this is in the identical to the golden state killer case where the suspect went unidentified for decades. >> we had who we thought was a suspect. and it was the re-testing of evidence. >> the arliss perry cold case was kept active all the years with the evidence reviewed by a series of detectives with the hope that fresh eyes might see something others hadn't. >> reporter: san jose police which took control of the scene just recently removed all the crime scene tape. now the investigators from the sheriff's office will move back in and continue their investigation opinion the sheriff's office is planning a 5:30 p.m. brechg to perhaps give us more details on how they broke this case. we're live in san jose, david
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louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you, david. we continue the team coverage with abc news report lyanne melendez. >> she is live at stanford near the current where the body was found, lyanne. >> reporter: right, well stanford university and stanford police have yet to issue a statement. now you are employing to see the inside of the stanford memorial church where this horrible murder occurred more than 40 years ago. according to the stanford daily, arliss perry's body was found next to this altar inside the stanford memorial church. here is old film taken in 1974 of investigators going through the crime scene searching for clues. they collected semen and found a hand print but couldn't find who the killer was. visitors from all over the world come to see the church without a clue of what happened here in 1974. even people who graduated in the '70s have never heard of the murder. >> maybe i was wallows in
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watergate that year. that was a political year. >> but no recollection. >> no recollection, sorry. >> we askeds dozens and dozens of people if therl this murder. no one seems to remember. that's because the gory details were not publicly released for some time to protect family and friends. perry lived with her husband in the escondido village. he was a stanford student. according to the investigation, it was about 11:30 at night when she zided to pray inside the church. two witnesses remember seeing her on the left-hand side of the church near the front row. steve crawford was the church's security guard responsible for locking the church at midnight. when crawford returned to open the doors of church at 5:45 in the morning he notice add side door was open. now san francisco weekly quoted the head of the church at the time, who saw the crime scene, his name reverend robert hammer
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ton, he zroibd it as ritualistic and satanic. i'm live at stanford, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, lyanne. well dna played a role in searching for a suspect in this infamous accommodates case. >> just two months ago dna proved crucial in sofrmg the golden state killer case. >> abc 7 news are rather kate larsen talked with the investigator about the similarities of the case. she is in the newsroom. i spoke to paul holz who is responsible for identifying the golden state killer. he isn't part of the arliss perry investigation. but he is familiar with how a cold case like this works. >> the fact that they were able to identify the offender after all these years is an amazing achievement. >> if anyone understands how frustrate willing pursuing cold cases can be it's paul holz. he spoke to us by phone from california and spent 24 years
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pursuing the golden state killer. he says dealing with a cold case 44 years old like the arliss perry case can be challenging. >> you are dealing with human lifespans. people you are investigating where o or witnesses you want to talk to they have passed away during that time. evidence has degraded. >> holz was able to track down joseph deangelo through genelogical technology. but that's now how the san jose sheriff's office tracked down their suspect. >> with advances in dna testing done in crime labs it sounds like they were finally able to get a dna profile to show that their -- the person they suspected was actually the guy that was responsible for that homicide. >> reporter: now, paul holz says in the past two years dna testing as it pertained to evidence has become more advanced in two waist first in
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the recovery techniqueses at crime scenes. and second there are more sensitive testing protocols to develop the profiles profiles. in the newsroom, i'm kate larsen sending back to you in the stoi. >> thank you. there are three other unsolved homicides link to the stanford campus in the 70s. two cases from 1973. in february 72-year-old leslie marie was found dead in the hills west of the campus. detectives believe she was strangled. in cement 73 david levine died after being attacked and stabbed more than a dozen times outside the library in the middle of the night. and in the 1974 janet and taylor was found on sand hill road near the campus. you can see the locations of a all of the crimes on this map including the killing of arliss perry at stanford memorial church. now stay with abc 7 news and abc 7 for the latest developments in this case. and other bay area cold case
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murders. download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts to get breaking news immediately. other news now. there is new surveillance video showing the car that police say critically injured a san francisco pedi cab kirstopher yesterday. the car can be seen down the embarcadero and process green street after the crash. news reporter melanie wood droe has been talking with the cab drivers. melanie. >> reporter: this is a close-knit community. there are just three companies here and the cab drivers say they wish their friend well and say they are not afraid to keep doing what they love because the accident was so rare. . the san francisco police department says the driver of this golder champagne color honda civic swerving through traffic is responsible for a hit-and-run wednesday afternoon at 4:15 that critically iured this can be driver kevin manning. >> really is surprised we haven't had this happen in the
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35 years. >> friend and fellow cab driver mark sh wet says mandan has been with the company six years. >> we all know kevin. he is part of our community. >>? an abc 7 surveillance camera captured this individual as it turned down green street. police say the impact from the collision caused the pedi cab to clyde with a second cab. the driver of the second cab was not injured. the passengers on the first kwab a 32-year-old and her 5-year-old daughter and the passengers in the second pedi cab a 33-year-old man and his 8-year-old were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. they were visiting from canada. police say they have been released from the hospital. a hospital spokesperson says the cab driver is in critical condition >> most motorists are accommodating, giving us plenty of room. >> manning who has a head injure was not wearing a helmet.
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off camera the cab drivers said they didn't wear helmets. >> and the coowner of the cab company said man something a father and also an entrepreneur, a gofundme page that's been set up has raised more than $5,000. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the video should help. >> the pawnee fire that's burned more than 13,000 acres in lake county is 40% contained. so real progress. this morning more evacuation orders were lifted. the fire started on saturday and destroyed 22 structures. some homes. there is concern about containment lines because a red flag warning issue be starting tomorrow. more from our meteorologist jand patel. >> there is a good reason the red flag warning has been issued. let me show you the current conditions right now. 86 degrees, wind out the uft southwest, an on shore wind bringing higher humidity even
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though gusty 1 miles an hour. the wind switches out of the north, northeast downsloping wind which is why the red flag goes up to sunday 5:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m. tonight. until 11:00 p.m. saturday. gusts as high as 40-mile-per-hour. humidity as low as 10% means fires spread rapped rapidly. fire danger increasing and increase in temperatures. i'll be back with the numbers coming up. kristen. >> thanks very much sandhya. much ahead on the busy half hour of abc 7 news. a warning tonight after a data breach that affect all americans. >> planning the ultimate summer road trip. before you do, you're wanting to hear suggestions from "7 on your side" michael finney. later the trechgt close call in a florida parking lot. all caught on camera. >> first if the best player in the nba comes calling, would you listen? the cold wariers star getting recruit the for a new
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check this out behind me. you are look at the newly renovated basketball court at west lake middle school in oakland. ado foil, the ambassador for the warriors was on hand where she showed off the new gym and hosted a basketball clinic. >> one of the most amazing things you come in and think you are just building a basketball court or resurfacing what you are you are really do something creating a safe place for kids to play and creating smiles for kids. >> the courts never gets old. you think after almost 80 of them it would. but every day like this is special because of what it means to the kids. >> they are doing such goodwork. the refurbishedourtas made hrhe counity fund and the good
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tidings foundation and pg&e. >> all right warriors fans what do you think about this? lebron james and kevin durant on the same team? it couldn't happen, right. >> right, it's what the sports world is buzzing about today. it involves a tweet about a text supposedly sent from the world's best basketball player to one of his few peers. >> abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the reaction. >> the rumor started with in tweet from espn steven a smith i'm told that lebron texted kevin durant about coming to l.a. as in the lakers. that pairs arguably the two best players with one of the nba's most storied franchises. fans we spoke with at today's giants game at at&t park don't think kd is going anywhere. >> i don't think he is going anywhere. >> this fan from cleveland he doesn't think lebron is bund for southern california. >> he is staying in cleveland. that's where his kids are.
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he is from akron down the way. >> there is a complicating factor both men will be free agents starting this weekend. although durant said he plans on re-signing with the warriors. this fan is from oklahoma. he has seen kd leave once and doesn't think he is leaving again. >> he is happy playing with the all-stars. the less he has to do the better. >> the fact that this is reported by steven a. smith lends me to think that it's nonsense. because steven a. smith is wrong about everything he has to say about kevin durant. >> damian bruce is more than just skeptical. he says this is a symptom of the way fans and sports writers outside the bay area feel about the dubs. >> i don't think kevin durant wants to leave the warriors but people kofrpg the nba would love to see kevin durant leaving the warriors. >> fantasy basketball league fans, relax. you're likely to see a dubs dynasty for a while to come. in san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news.
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stay here. stay don't go anywhere. well there's another data leak. and this could affect nearly all americans. we don't have the exact number affected according to the mercury news. the data aggregation firm exact us leaked nearly 340 million records on businesses and individuals. including phone numbers, home addresses email addresses some general financial information. but not security numbers like in the equifax breach. exact us as hot commentsed on the data leak. time for a road trip, summertime. before you go you want to hear this report. >> "7 on your side" michael finney is here with information we need before we travel. >> when do we get there. >> are we there yet. >> it's time to pk up the kidsj the ultimate road trip. kid manila went big last year on the family summer road trip.
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>> this is my cross country charity. >> the manila family purchased a 35 foot long travel trailer for a 2 month nearly 12,000 mile cross country journey. >> yellow stone was a big crowd pleaser. >> but even the best trip can have bumps. >> we were driechgt through kansas on a highway and wound up with a blowout. >> although a set back, they were able to get help from a roadside assistance program. >> look for feature interruption in the roadside assistance program it can protect you miles away from home due to breakdown or theft. it can reimburse hotels males or alternative transportation. >> consumer reports says another way to help avoid set backs before you hit the road is pack the car right. >> don't overload the car. can you find your vehicle's load limit on the doorjamb and in the owner's manual. story the heaviest on the bottom
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especially in the suv. this keems the center of gravity lower reducing rollover. >> as gas prices rise to a national average of $3 a gallon. it's more important to find cheap gas. >> the gas was an eye opening experience. >> one which to help, download a gas app and one search the free app, gas buddy found almost $1 per difference between two chicago gas station only a few blocks apart. if you're filling up a big suv, the savings can really add up. as for the family here they plan to take the travel trailer out again for a new adventure as soon as possible. consumer reports also crafted the first ever road tripworthy score for 50 creek vehicles across six category was two top the toyota highlander hybrid and in the suv category. and the chevrolet impala premiere in the car category.
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>> that's fine i want to use what he is doing. >> fun which to prafl thanks. >> onto to the weather. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with sandhya patel. >> reporter: inchts the weather is changing let's look at live doppler 7. notice wall to wall of sunshine. no fog to speak of. it cleared out pretty early from the east bay hills camera looking at mount diablo. can you see nothing but sunshine. mid-60s in san francisco. oakland in the mid-seventies from monahan view to san jose. and also gilroy half moon bay the coolest at 59. kgo roof camera, yeah brazy out there but nothing out of the ordinary. temperatures 86 in santa rosa. in the 80s in the fairfield, concord. and as we head into tomorrow, the 80s will become 90s in our hottest inland valleys. a low back at the highlights. baitsically going with temperatures on the rise the next two days. triple digits for the hot spots saturday and then dry gusty winds will ape company the heat which mines high fire danger coming up. a live look from the emeryville camera. you can see blue skies there as
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we look back towards san francisco. it is gusty right now in san francisco. 33 miles an hour. ipgle brez for summertime. 2 in fairfield. the wind still coming off the ocean but switching directions. so tonight gusty on the coast at 6:00. hour by hour we go into tomorrow morning. a little brezy near the beaches. but otherwise lighter winds, and then the wind will begin to switch around and dry out the air as we head into friday night going into saturday which is why the fire danger will be increasing. temperatures in the morning upper 40s to the low 60s. quite a range with clear skies across the bay area. and then for the afternoon, look at these numbers. pretty warm in the south way. 91 in morgan hill. 86 in san jose. cupertino, santa clara. mid-80s. menlo park 83 with los altos. 81 in san mateo. '065 in pacific aa. nice in downtown san francisco. daly city, 64 np.
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not a heat event affecting the coast. that remains comfortable tomahawks to the weak sea breeze. bodegaa bay. low 90s in. novato heading into the east bay. 78 in oakland, 81 in hayward. castro valley 81. invalid areas this is where it's pretty hot. 94 in concord. 93 in livermore and pleasanton. 94 in fairfield. checking out saturday, even hotter. inland areas up to the triple digits as you notice here near the coast. in the 60s and then the temperatures moderate on sunday by monday it's going to be cool enough for you to notice. dropping you down most areas will be in the 80s as opposed to the 90s. a few locations will still get up to the low 90s. accuweather seven-day forecast, hot inland the next two days. around the coast in the mid-60s. and then the heat starts to back off the second half of the weekend. going in really through fourth of july when temperatures bottom out in the mid-80s inland.
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upper 50s along the coast. it will be uncle are than average heading into the holiday. but i think at that point you'll be probably ready for a break from the heat. you can download the accuweather app and check out temperatures any time to help you plan for the weekend or for your holidays. dan and kristen. thanks sandhya. stay with us. back in just a moment. you want to check out this though. shocking video out of central florida. coming up at 6:00 tonight. you'll want to take control of the situation out there. the situation out there. this is -- we'll have ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive
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and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure.
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look at this video out of central florida. a police officer with the police stept out of the patrol car just as the bolt of lightning strikes the parking lot. the offers ducks for cover and gets in the car. he was shaken up but thankfully okay. the lightning strike knocked out
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power to the entire department. >> that's trefgt. a new study says living longer is easier once you hit 105. researchers at uc berkeley tracked the death trajectories of 4,000 in italy. all 105 and older. they found the mortality rates to age. did he krerlt and plateau between 105 and 110. the data says there is no fixed limit to the human lifespan yet in sight. abc 7 news was in san francisco's chinatown where local artist siren norris and supervisor aaron peskin unveiled a mural in an history iic alleyway. city officials hope the mural will bring life to a walkway once housing the international hotel. the hotel was the meeting place for union and ten et rights
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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coming up on news at 6:00.
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we have live team coverage on the developments linked to a 44-year-old cold case murder. a news conference set to start any minnesota. s in a live picture. we will look at how the murder spawn the satanic pappic of the 80s and 90s process. plus a new use of shot spotter technology never installed before. coming up in a half our on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan and kristen. see you then. finally tonight, baseballs fans know to expect the unexpect the when they go to a big league game. but one young fan got a memory. >> this young man standing in the seats with the aaron judge jersey as they took on the philadelphias tuesday night. >> between the innings, judge originally drafted as a high school player from lyndon, california, played catch with the young man. the boy's father tweeted this video last night thanking the reigning rookie of the year for making his son's night. >> a great experience. >> he has skill.
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didn't see him miss one. >> world news with david muir tonight, breaking id muir developments as we come on the air in the west. the deadly shooting at an american newspaper. we're on the scene tonight. several dead. multiple workers in, quote, grave condition. the horrific scene unfolding late today. the reporter hiding under his desk, saying a gunman shot through the glass door, adding, "there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people shot while you're under your desk." tonight, the suspect surrounded, now being questioned. and the president's first response. also this evening, the battle over the future of the supreme court. president trump, some of his clearest words yet on his plan to replace justice anthony kennedy. he could reshape the court for more than a generation. tonight, democrats scrambling, but do they have any power to slow down the president's pick? the fiery words on capitol hill. the man in


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