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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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3% contained and evacuations were mandatory for some areas around highway 128. >> our sky map technology showing us where the fire is in relation to knoxville road, a main artery into the north end of lake berryessa. >> the fire has burned a strip of land in between lake berryessa and highway 16, mostly in yolo, but also in napa county as well. >> snap pa county is where we find abc 7 reporter laura anthony live for us tonight with the very latest on the firefight. laura? >> hi, dion. firefighters ramped up the air attack here in the last couple hours. we've seen these helicopters pretty much nonstop, dropping water on the hillside behind me. those who have businesses at lake berryessa down the road are hoping these crews can get a handle on this fire enough to salvage at least part of the fourth of july holiday. all alone on the fourth of july
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near the east side of lake berryessa, a lake that would normally be bustling with holiday activity this week, but it's nearly deserted, most of the boats still in their slips thanks to all the smoke from the county fire. >> it's nice because there is nobody up here now, but it's hard to keep things clean, and it's hard to breathe a little bit. >> it's frustrating. >> chad fraser's family has owned berryessa water sports for 55 years, long enough to know that a busy 4th is a must. >> we were hoping with fourth of july being on a wednesday, that this whole week would give us a bump. but obviously with the fire that's not happening. >> a fire extinguisher right here. >> still, there are a few takers here like these guys from lafayette. who stuck with the plan to spend the holiday week at berryessa. >> yeah, can't burn the lake. yeah, i mean we're up here to have fun. so we're planning on something some fun.
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>> firefighters are making progress, both in the air and on the ground. where dozers and hand crews spent the day cutting lines, trying to hold the line and take advantage of the relatively benign weather conditions. in the meantime, the residents of more than 100 homes remain evacuated, hunkering down for a fourth of july they likely never imagined. >> i'm just sad. i'm just sad. i wonder if i made the right decision to leave. >> now, so far we have not heard of any structures that have actually burned, and the evacuation orders have not increased, but the acreage certainly has, including this land behind me in napa county. we are expecting an official update with the new numbers coming up in just a little less than an hour at 7:00. live near lake berryessa, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> very good, laura, thank you. the fire is burning not far from cash creek casino resort. this is a live view from the
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casino. the camera was set up to show the construction progress on a hotel expansion. the casino has remained open, posting a facebook that the fire does not pose a direct threat, but you can see the clear haze in the air over cash creek casino there as a result of these fires. just very, very smoky out there. >> certainly looking so murky. i think a lot of people want to know when relief will come. so with that, we'll get to abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian for the conditions these firefighters face. >> let's go live to doppler 7 and i'll take you down to the location of the fire and give you a look at current conditions right now. temperature is 98 degrees, so it's quite hot there. humidity is very low, only 26%. a steady wind on the west-southwest at only 5 miles per hour. but the gusts are 12 miles per hour and higher. as you know, large fires like this generate their own microclimate. they can produce much stronger winds than that at the actual base of the fire built. way of satellite at the wind flow over the past few hours the last couple of days has been pushing smoke and ash down into
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the bay area. but the wind is shifting now. the wind aloft as well as the surface wind. tomorrow we'll see more of a flow from the west to east which will push the smoke and the ash away from the area. look at the surface wind right now, coming mainly onshore and blowing to the west -- blowing to the east i should say and to the north, and that's helping to push the dirty air away from the bay area. we'll have improving air quality over the next couple days which is good news. but still we need some lighter, calmer winds to help the firefighting effort. dan and dion? >> thank you so much. sky 7's sky map 7 technology can show exactly where the fire burned in moraga today along buckle ham drive near natalie drive. you see buckingham and natalie on the screen. >> the technology is simply remarkable. people there did have to evacuate shortly after the fire started around 2:00, and only now are evacuations being lifted and people allowed to return home. >> abc 7 news reporter katie
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uteh with late details. >> none of the homes were damaged. evacuations have been lifted. let me give you another look at the hillside, how things have changed. the fire is now 75% contained, having spread to 45 acres. brush clearing may have come too little, too late for moraga residents in the area of buckingham drive and moraga road. >> they were clearing the brush yesterday. it was a big power tractor with a cutting machine behind it dragging along. >> then again this afternoon, they heard weed whacking followed by smoke and then a quick-moving grass fire. >> it's a steep area, and a lot of the fire burned right behind homes, so there wasn't great access to get to the fire behind homes. we ended up laying hose through backyards and over phones get to it. >> firefighters attacked from the sky and the ground as 20 homes were evacuated. nearly everyone we spoke with commented on the tall grass, available fuel for the fire. >> we've lived here for 50 years, and it's the highest it's ever been.
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we know the person who does the grading for the fire trails, and he said the same thing. >> moraga road is hope in both directions. at this point the helicopter crews have cleared the scene, but good news for homeowners. a fire watch crew will stay onscene overnight. live in moraga, katie utehs. the pawnee wildfire is now 75% containd. it started ten days ago and has scorched 23 square miles. 22 buildings include manage homes have been destroyed in the flames. the fire threatens 50 buildings, and there is still a mandatory evacuation order in effect for the community of double eagle. new details now. we could learn tomorrow whether both defendants in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire have agreed to a plea deal. ghost ship founder are charged with 36 counts of involuntary
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manslaughter. plea deal negotiations continue today and abc 7 caught up with the men's attorneys who hinted that an announcement could come tomorrow. >> we'll continue to talk. we'll probably be out by 4:00. >> "the mercury news" today cites an e-mail from the district attorney saying almena may receive five years, harris six in return for plead nothing contest. last month al mena turned down an offer for an 18-year prison sentence. the ghost ship fire claimed 36 lives you. read their story, stories about each victim at our website, at san francisco police are looking for the killer of a security guard near candlestick point. the victim's sister says he came to the united states for a better life only to die tragically like this. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with the story. >> orlando ramiro's sister says her brother worked as a security guard so he could support his family in the philippines. she says she can't imagine who
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would want to hurt him. stars and stripes protective services confirms 61-year-old rolando ramiro was a security guard. police received reports of shots fired. one neighborhood who did not want to be identified said she heard them. >> it's horrible. we have to live here. some people are terrified. >> by phone, ramiro's sister says she was shot twice. she says he was a dedicated husband, father and grandfather, who found work in the united states so he could provide for his family in the philippines. >> he stay because he wants to support the family. and at the same time, he doesn't care whatever hardship. >> romero's coworker says the shooting happened during the last hour of his shift as he was going around the construction project. >> it's so unfair. it's so unfair. >> san francisco police say they are looking for surveillance video. there are multiple cameras
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attached to the building across the street there may also have been witnesses. >> we talk to a few people so hopefully we can get some information that will help us locate this suspect. >> i'm sure they're going to still help you and protect you, whatever information you're going to bring, help my brother. find justice of what happened to him. give my brother, a good man, justice. >> san francisco police say they have no suspect information to share at this time. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc news. >> all right, melanie, thank you. bay area authorities are on heightened alert heading into the fourth of july after the fbi says they uncovered a terror plot in which san francisco was mentioned. >> that's right. news anchor kristen sze is here with the details. >> 48-year-old demetrius pitts was given a public defender this afternoon in his first court appearance on terrorism charges. the fbi says the al qaeda sympathizer did surveillance in downtown cleveland, telling an undercover agent he planned to blow up parade there this fourth of july.
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and then after that, he said he wanted to go after his birthplace, philadelphia on labor day. so that was next on his list. and then he also discussed possibly traveling to san francisco to look for additional targets. charging papers also allege pitts wanted to hurt the children of military personnel, suggesting giving them remote controlled cars packed with explosives to blow up bases. >> we track these very closely. we work very closely with our partners in the area, but we didn't feel this was credible threat. >> pitts has previously been convicted of robbery, assault and theft. he is now accused of attempted material support of a foreign terrorist organization. facing up to 20 years in prison. now san francisco police won't comment on this case, but they tell us to keep people safe, they still extra patrols throughout the city this holiday week, especially along the waterfront where the fireworks show will be. dan and dion? >> all right, thanks very much, kristen. this past weekend provided a
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tragic reminder of the danger and power of the pacific ocean. coming up, the selfless act that cost one woman her life. also next, only on abc 7, you'll see the reunion between a retiring police officer and the
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ new developments now in a santa rosa shooting. the man who attacked his ex-wife's home wounding two family members and killing a neighbor has died. walter ross of colorado springs went to his estranged wife's home on garfield park avenue on june 24th. he fired 15 rounds before turning the gun on himself. bullets wounded his 41-year-old son and 4-year-old grandson. both have been released from the hospital. the shooting also left a
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neighbor, 43-year-old timothy gillespie dead. gillespie had tried to stop ross from entering the home, and police say his actions helped other people in the house escape unharmed. ross's estranged wife was not home during the shooting. they had been separated for two years, and the divorce was to become final this month. a pedicab operatorer remaining in critical condition and police continue to search for the driver of the car that hit him and took off. it happened last wednesday at the embarcadero and sampson street. four members of a canadian family were also injured, but not seriously. the suspect drove off in a gold honda civic captured by our security cameras here at the station by the way. anyone who saw the descend is asked to contact the san francisco police immediately. a clubhouse at golden gate park golf course that's been standing for 67 years is now gone. the clubhouse burned overnight. it was home to a pro shop and a kitchen. fire investigators are looking into the cause. the golf course will be primarily closed until what's
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left of the clubhouse is taken down and removed. all right. did you feel it? a pair of earthquakes hit near rohnert park just before 1:00 this afternoon. one was a 3.0, the other a 2.5. hundreds of people reported weak or light shaking to the usgs, not surprisingly. no reports of damage or injuries with quakes that small. starting today, ride share companies like uber and lift have their own zone at sfo. it's in the domestic parking garage. the companies pay l pickups and drop-offs in garage than they do for curbside service. it's up to the company to decide how much extra fee to charge customers. today vta changed some schedules. lines 53 and 55 had major changes to the weekday to better coordinate with two high school, homestead on line 53 and fremont high on line 55. minor changes also affect lines 102, 103, and 104 as well as shuttles.
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well, some good news to a story we brought you this weekend. an error kept a retiring san francisco officer from returning home with his k-9 partner. >> well, tonight they are reunited, and wayne freedman has the video of the reunion you'll see only on 7. >> right. hold on for a moment. do me a favor. just park in the parking lot and come on up to the third floor. >> for retired officer val kerwin, the retiring he planned should never have gone like this. >> the last couple days, there was unknown. >> val is the man whose story went viral last weekend when his double retirement with barrow, his partner and explosives sniffing dog did not go according to plan. paperwork never went through. until he did, barrow still belonged to the tsa. instead of taking barrow home on the day of his retirement, officer kerwin had to surrender him. >> as far as i know i'm the handler, i feed him, i walk him. i even bathe him.
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>> so today in the basement of the san francisco police officer's association, val kerwin waited along with another retired police dog of his. >> gilby. >> your brother is on his way, yes, yet. >> now the moment of reunion. >> hey, bar, hey barrow, hi you, buddy! how you doing? how you? >> the problem traced back to one omitted signature back in san francisco. take it on faith, take to it the heart, the love between humans and their dogs is unconditional, beyond explanation and ancient. >> are you whole again? >> yeah. my blood pressure has gone down, so i'm okay. >> okay to retire now, okay to be. the waiting was the hardest part, and there nothing petty about that. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> don't you justttt we talk about conditions on the fire lines. of course we is a the fourth of july holiday coming up in a couple days.
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>> spencer christian is monitoring all of this. hey, spencer. >> we expect fire danger to go down a bit as the marine layer has returned with its cooling influence, higher humidity. but it is also bringing pretty strong wind. here is live doppler 7. fog at the coastline pushing over the bay. that's the pattern we've seen for weeks now. it will be pushing out locally inland tonight as well. assisted by a rather strong breezes. we have wind mainly onshore, flowing to the east. some breezes flowing down south, and some turning even northward. pushing a lot of smoke and ash from the fires out of the bay area. here is a few from our rooftop camera, looking toward the bay bridge under partly cloudy skies. 59 degrees in san francisco. 64 in oakland. mountainview 69. 73 in san jose. gilroy 75. and 59 at half moon bay. look at this view. beautiful from the emeryville camera showing the incoming clouds, and enough openings there for some sunlight to reflect off the bay waters. in santa rosa 66 degrees. napa, 68. novato 75.
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fairfield, 72. this is the view from the east bay looking over the incoming fog, and these are our forecast features. we have the wind flow shifting now. that improvement will continue into tomorrow. breezier and cooler for fourth of july. and then we'll have a warmer pattern developing at the end of the week. overnight pan, we are quite familiar with, lots of fog at the coast, moving locally over the bay and inland with low temperatures mainly on the mild side. generally mid to upper 50s. tomorrow we'll see mostly sunny skies. maybe a patch or two of low clouds will linger at the coastline. highs at the beach upper 50s for the most part. mainly low 70s around the shoreline. upper 70s to mid-80s inland. it will be warmer farther north up to lake port, cloverdale and uki ukiah. tomorrow at 3:00 it will be mainly sunny, even at the coast. but we're going have a surge of fog up along the coastline into wednesday morning, fourth of july. so the 4th will start with a
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good bit of low clouds and fog hanging around, especially near the bay. it will pull back to the coastline in the afternoon, but it will surge back over the bay again wednesday evening, which may complicate viewing of the fireworks, especially here in san francisco. so at 9:30, wednesday evening, this is a picture we expect. fog surging out over san francisco and locally across the bay. it will be clear inland, especially in the east bay and down in the south bay. the temperature, air temperatures at this hour mainly the mid- to upper 50s. it looks like great fireworks viewing just about everywhere, except possibly here in the city where our view may be obscure just a little bit. we'll keep watching it for you. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling -- the trend is cooling. temperatures will be moving down the next couple days. it will be warming up on thursday and mild to warm conditions, even hot inland over the weekend as high temperatures move back into the mid-90s and low 80s around the bay, and mid 60s on the coast. it looks like a nice warm summertime weekend coming up. >> but not extreme? >> no, nothing extreme at all.
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>> expense. >> thank you very much. we want to remind you to get out your phone and head to and weigh in for us.should the warriors be w about the lakers? >> now that lebron james is joining the lakers, we'll look at some of the roster changes next. now head to and give the question a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. >> results are appearing live at the bottom of your screen. lots of warriors france are confident. 86% of you maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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all right. the wars won the nba finals but lost a player. >> javale mcgee decided to join the lakers, and his announcement came shortly after the news that lebron james was also coming to los angeles. >> we want to know what you think. our live poll is open at should the warriors be worried about the lakers? >> lots of confidence. 84% say. no we will keep voting open as long as we can, and we will go live right now to abc 7 reporter david lilly with a look at the first matchup between the two teams at san jose's sap center. >> hey, david. >> hi, there. you know the warriors are certified champions, and lebron james doesn't look like he is ready to rest on his laurels either. that sets up a stage for a tremendous tough competition ahead in the next season, as
6:25 pm
well as a potential new rivalry that could spark fan interests and ticket sales. any chance to see the best players in the game in action is adraw. the first matchup between a lakers-fueled lebron james and the warriors in the bay area is bound to draw die-hard fans to sap center even with prices topping $600. san jose native gabriel thinks he will provide a glimpse into the season ahead. >> i'm not too worried about preseason. i think it would be a great opportunity to see how the new rookies play and how the team starts to mesh together. >> but joining a western conference home lebron is likely to raise hopes that the lakers will become another contender. kevin bright is predicting tougher competition. >> i think the competition was already pretty strong when you tack about the western conference with the houston rockets and paul george and some of the best players already being in the western conference. i think it adds another team, and it's definitely going to make things tougher. >> with free agency moves under
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way, the warriors has lost javale mcgee who was quick to join the lakers right after lebron's decision. lebron posted thank you dub nation for an amazing two years. i am thrilled to join such an elite organization. they could usher in a new north-south rivalry between the bay area and l.a., similar to what exists in baseball between the giants and the dodgers. it also heightens the rivalry between warriors coach steve kerr up agains lakers coach luke walton. debbie o'brien is from menlo park. >> i would love that. you know, having a previous coach now with the lakers, maybe he has a few tricks up his sleeve. but i think the warriors are still going to be, you know, the champs again. they've got a great opportunity again this year. >> well, the real battle in the nba next season could be who wins the western championship. curry versus lebron. we're live in san jose, david
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louie, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. >> it's a landslide. 84% say no, the warriors should not be worried. >> we have a lot of confidence in our team. some say it's nothing short of a miracle in thailand. a dozen kids and their coach found alive after spending a week trapped in a cave. coming up, what it will take to get them out. and next, the last straw for san francisco. why one group says it
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> homeless encampments line many streets in san francisco, and now san francisco's growing reputation of dirty and unruly streets is hurting one of its biggest industries, conventions and tourism. the man in charge of attracting conventions to san francisco the city's brand is manage tarnished. >> medical groups that have made a regular stop here since 1980 says it won't book any new conventions in the future. lyanne melendez explains. >> reporter: the homeless encampments and drug addicts have become more visible to tourists, at times overshadowing
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the many landmarks that makes san francisco unique. groups that hold their conventions here continue to take notice. >> if people start talking about san francisco in a negative way like that, we have great concern than, and great concern about the future long-term impact. >> reporter: chicago has the most medical associations in the country. oe of those associations heard from its members about how unsafe they felt in san francisco. so while they are booked for this year and 2023, they will no longer hold future conventions here, conventions held at moscone for about $1.7 billion into the local economy. the fear is that once a group decides to withdraw, other event planners across the country may reconsider. >> i actually had to step over a dead body at one of the bus stops. >> rob is a tech industry analyst. we spoke to him via skype. >> it's a lot easier for them to do it in santa clara or san jose, and a lot of them have defaulted to las vegas. >> the san francisco travel
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association is optimistic about the momentum of the city's incoming mayor. >> it won't be one thing that we're going to be able to do, and it is going to take us time to get to a better place, but it's something i'm definitely committed to. >> and by the way, this particular medical association based out of chicago asked the san francisco travel association that it not give out its name. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a group from san francisco's hunter's point neighborhood converged on the offices of a company they're accused of hiding dangerous pollution. the neighbors led by their attorney served papers at the headquarters of tetra tech. they're suing the company claiming that its employees hid evidence of radiation in the soil at the direction of management during a cleanup at the formeraval >> they left radioactive dirt in the ground knowing that it was going to blow over the community, 40,000 people in hunter's point, and give them the cancers that we see every
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day. >> but the reality is the doctoring of any data that occurred in 2012 was addressed by tetra tech and the navy and other regulatory agencies in that 2012-2013 time period. and the shipyard is clean to the standards set by the navy. >> attorneys say about 2,000 neighbors have now signed on as plaintiffs in the suit which is demanding $27 billion in damages. new details now in the death of an east bay woman who drowned while trying to save three children at a beach in half moon bay. artie centivale died while trying to rescue children. she was taking pictures of the kids when a wave knocked the children into the water. the family tells abc 7 news they were just standing in ankle deep water at the time. investigators say the undertow washed her into the ocean. visitors today to the beach say it is a sad reminder of the
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ocean's danger. >> it makes me thankful that we were very careful with our kids, because, again, you just don't know. even if you can swim, you can't beat a riptide unless you're an expert swimmer. >> other family members couldn't reach centivale but were able to save the children. the u.s. supreme court narrowly ruled that yelp can't be forced to remove posts declared defamatory. the case centered on posts against a san francisco law firm which a judge ruled in 2014 were defamatory and should be taken down. a new era from mexico after an historic turn out in yesterday's presidential election, voters elected a new leader, hoping to put an end to corruption and violence. andres manuel lopez obrador promised to work with the u.s. carlos salcedo is live in the south bay with house mexicans are reacting to the votes. >> with close to 63% turnout,
6:35 pm
mexicans overwhelmingly backed andres lopez obrador. the first president in decades as he signaled an era of change. >> it was my first time voting in mexico. it was something different. >> we caught up with voters returning from mexico at mineta san jose international airport. some still with the ink print on their finger showing they cast a ballot. >> it was big step right there. i think we're going -- we hit it in the right direction. >> a populous candidate, lopez obrador ran on an anti-establishment platform calling for an end to corruption, poverty and crime. >> the election of lopez obrador signals a real frustration on the part of the mexican people and the willingness to try something radically different. >> san jose state professor roberto gonzalez is a social cultural anthropologist who closely followed the election. he says we might see a change in uss-mexico relations. >> i think it's going to mean a mexico that takes a much tougher
6:36 pm
stand towards the united states and refuses to be intimidated by the current administration's remarks on mexico. >> president trump took to twitter to congratulate lopez obrador, saying there is much to be done that will benefit both countries. and we'll have to wait and see how that relationship blossoms in the coming months. lopez obrador is set to assume office december 1st. in san jose, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. overseas for a moment, crews in thailand are working to extract a youth soccer team from a cave. the boys and their coach were found alive today after being lost for more than a week. the group was two miles from the cave's entrance. they went inside last saturday and got trapped when it flooded. one thousand volunteers and rescuers, including a u.s. military team have been working to find the boys and their coach. >> it's such a tragic situation. but the people didn't seem tired. people were moving rocks and tubes and everything, and like yet the motivation never, like,
6:37 pm
dwindled. >> so what's being done? water is being drained from the cave in an effort to get the team out. other options include supplying them with four months worth of food and teaching them how to dive to safety. but officials say that's too dangerous an alternative. so the rescue effort continues tonight. but thank goodness they are at least for the moment okay. >> encouraging news. from four wheels to two wheels, the next big purchase by lyft that expands its transportation offerings. i'm michael finney on 7 on your side. we recently told you about a woman who ended up with
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all right. here is a live look at mineta san jose airport, which will be shut down for the first time during the fourth of july fireworks show. the airport is located close to discovery meadows where the celebration will be held. on wednesday, the airport will close its two runways between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., which is expected to have minimal impact. >> this year we decided this was the right course of action, especially as our airport is growing, more flights in the air, and a very minimal impact to passengers, to our airlines
6:41 pm
in order to make this important show happen for our community. >> the taxi ways will remain open so other flights can get ready for takeoff during the closure. a reminder, because of the holiday on wednesday, many transit agencies are not running on their usual schedule. for a list of fireworks events, fireworks shows and all kinds of information go, to our website, to the roads now where ride share provider lyft is now getting into the bike sharing business. that news leads tonight's bay area business watch. the san francisco-based company acquired motive, the largest bike share operator in north ameri america. they operate the ford go bike program. lyft rival uber acquired jump bikes back in april. tesla ceo elon musk says the palo alto-based company has hit its file mile tone of producing 5,000 model 3s a week. tesla has experienced delays in rolling out the model 3s at its plant in fremont.
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so what will the weather be like for the fourth of july holiday? >> spencer has the for (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) biking across the golden gate bridge for a good cause. san francisco was just one stop
6:45 pm
on a 4,000 mile ride for two dozen cyclists from the university of texas. they're part of a nonprofit called texas 4,000 which raises money for cancer research. 69 students are traveling from austin, texas, to anchorage, alaska, on three different routes. >> it's been totally rewarding, and all the people we meet along the way and getting to know each other better, just how cancer brings us all together in so many different ways, even though it is a very isolating disease. >> it takes the group 70 days to reach alaska. they say it's the world's longest charity bike ridish good for them. pedal safely. chevron says it has reached agreements with the vast majority of at least 60 motorists whose gasoline engines were damaged by diesel fuel. >> 7 on your side's michael finney reports the oil company has acknowledgeded the blunder. what happened on its end? >> this is one of those mistakes that leaves many of us shaking our head. the bottom line is it is simply
6:46 pm
human error. chevron is taking action to make things right. >> it won't even turn thinking was gisele fernandez when we first met her back in late may. her car had been in the shop for so long, her battery had died. that's the beautiful sound of her car's engine today. her 2015 subaru now has a new engine after a long negotiation with chevron's insurance company. chevron admitted to 7 on your side weeks ago that a third party supplier accidentally put diesel fuel into the supply of regular gasoline at its station on crow canyon in san ramon. gisele was one of at least 60 customers who filed complaints with chevron. she recalls what happened moments after filling up her tank. >> it was losing power. it was really jerky. yeah, like i push on the gas and not too much power would happen.
6:47 pm
>> the folks at fairfield subaru told her a simple engine flush would not be enough. >> as soon as the guy started it, he looked at me and said marriages i'm sorry, but your engine is gone. >> a mechanic told us that the smoke spewed from the tailpipe is a telltale sign that diesel had gotten deep into the fuel injectors. she would need a new engine. >> the first offer was 3,500. we're just going to flush some things. the second offer was 5,000 something. they're going to flush more things. but according to my technician. that would have to take the engine out. >> negotiations got easier after our initial story aired and we contacted chevron. it eventually sent her a check for $10,000 to replace her entire engine. chevron telling us we have resolved the vast majority of claims related to this incident and remain committed to addressing any customer concerns about the quality of their fuel. >> and i fought, you fought. because of you guys, hopefully other people are getting the same -- the same help.
6:48 pm
>> we've heard from one other chevron customer who says he's also happy with the settlement he's received. now, i want to hear it from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. my phone number 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> boy so, good to get some answers on this. michael, thanks. one last time i want to update the weather forecast for your fourth of july. >> lots of reasons people are interested in this forecast. >> yes, yes. it's cooling down. bring on the breeze, blow away the smoke. here is a live look at doppler. we've got the marine layer returning forcibly fli to coastline. probably only upper 50s. breezy again. highs will range from 50s at the coast to low 70s around the bay, mainly 80s inland. and here is a little sneak peek at your fourth of july day planner. the early morning hours will
6:49 pm
have lingering low clouds and fog, but mostly sunny skies by noon, although coastal clouds will linger. it's going to be a sunny afternoon, not very warm. cooler than average fourth of july. high temperatures inland mainly upper 70s to near 80. it looks like a pleasant day. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after the cooldown on the 4th, we'll start warming up again on the fifth, and we'll have warm weather through the weekend with inland highs back in the mid-90s over the weekend. >> you know what's nice is for people who spend the day picnicking at the pool and then going fireworks. not too exhausting if it's 80 degrees. if it's 100. >> very comfortable weather conditions. enjoy. getting to sports, i feel like all this basketball news is pieces on a chessboard. >> it's crazy. if you think people outside the bay area didn't like the warriors enough, yeah that. >> just gave them a huge reason to not like them even more. they watched and waited. lebron to l.a. rah rah to l.a. randall to new orleans. as the pieces began to fall into
6:50 pm
state, the warriors have their big man, and the news shook the league. more on
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by stanford health care. >> the warriors had four all-stars in their starting lineup this championship season. they just put themselves in position to make it a full five for the upcoming season. yahoo sports was the first to report that demarcus cousins has agreed to a one-year, $5.3
6:53 pm
million deal to join golden state. the warriors saved on kevin durant's new two-year contract and that allowed them to use a mid level exception to lure the all star mid center. he averaged 13 rebounds and 5 assists before tear his achilles in late january. espn reports that cousins is hopeful to return to the court in december. he played with many of his new warriors teammates with team usa in the 2016 olympics, and steph curry sent out a tweet saying third splash, brother, let's go. the sharks missed out on john tavares. he chose to sign with toronto which is his hometown team. but on the second day, the sharks signed their own star center on his birthday, nonetheless. the sharks resigned joe thornton. thornton inked a one-year, $5 million deal with san jose. he is 39 years old today. he is coming off back-to-back years of major knee surgeries, but the sharks have no doubt in his abilities moving forward, and expect him to be fully
6:54 pm
healthy for the start of this season. now despite playing a career low 47 games last season, jumbo scored 13 goals and had 36 points. he is seven games shy of 1500 in his career. from the bearded one to the kid who can barely grow one, hertl, the 24-year-old forward will tally 5 pour.46 per season. he had nine points in ten play-off games. today's world cup play, japan/belgium japan took the lead be, sh but you never leave the game early. look at this. jan heads in himself. in the 74th minute, look at the cross. the finish that ties it up at two. 30 seconds remaining in stoppage time. japan's corner kick is stopped tebow. he'll start the rush and look at belgium. they have the numbers
6:55 pm
the great come-from-behind victory, 3-2 the final. and they'll be playing brazil. the brazilians taking on mex namar not making any friends. namar wasn't done. he goes to the net and scores put brazil on top. after the game, mexico's coach called out namar, said he was, quote, clowning right here for delaying the game. stopping the gym for minutes only to get up and then sprint back on the field. but namar getting the last haugh. 88th minute he finds roberto for the goal. they advance to face belgium with the 2-0 win. wimbledon started today. welcome back, serena. williams is a 25th seed, was tied at 3 in the first set. serena, the perfect backhand down the line. second set was much easier for her. match point.
6:56 pm
ruche the unforced error. serena advances 7-5, 6-3. sloan stephens taking on donna vekic. but for the second year a first round early exit. she had 22 unforced errors, ouch. she was bounced in straight set, 6-1, 6-3. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by stanford health care. i'm just reminded of a really corny kids joke that i will turn into a warriors joke how. do you get warriors fans to dance? put a little boogie in it. >> demarcus cousins, i'm still in shock. >> that's cute. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 7/13. how the amazing generosity of one woman led to four lives saved. it all started with her gift of life to a man she never met. that's at 9:00. then on abc 7 news at 11:00,
6:57 pm
an update on a story we first brought you last week. kids being held at a bay area detention center. what happened when a congressman tried to gain entrance himself. >> we'll see you later for those stories. but that's all for now. this edition of abc 7 news, look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm die on limb. for spencer and everyone here, thank you so much for joining us. make sure you join us on facebook and twitter.
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