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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 4, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hey, america, we want you to have a great fourth of july "right this minute." it's the rocket's red glare lighting up a perfect holiday. but see why not all fireworks go according to plan in the wrong hands. >> it's so much sexier in the movie. >> wow. >> that soaring creature is a symbol of america's strength. >> the majestic bald eag. >> how it bears its talents in a battle for lunch. everybody's lit for romance during. >> fourch july celebration. >> see a sparkly send off and a guy going all red, white, and blue for the ring.
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we've got christian, oli, nick, and gail breaking down the best videos including summer eating contest. hould never bet against >> if you're looking for an example about how do it right today, this guy's got it right. he made himself basically a homemade cannon identity giant pvc pipe. this is always good. he's basically holding this giant cannon had in his hands and they just go -- >> okay, this is pretty phenomenal. >> if you were looking for ideas about whatnot to do, every single other video i've got is exactly that. in this case it doesn't go quite according to plan. oh, wow. that's why you don't casually walk away from what you have just lit. that guy does the action movie thing of having a huge explosion go off behind him as you
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casually walk away, though i'm pretty sure the back of his head say bit singed. >> it's sexier in the movie. >> no. whoa. >> yes, another case of the fire work not doing what it's supposed to and instead doing it right in front of everybody. mostly people seem a bit scared. now, in this case nothing to blame except stupidity. this gentleman is holding a fire work. why is that piece of wood that uusually slip it into. just don't do that. >> maybe he had a glove on. >> no, he didn't. >> no, he didn't. >> now the grie uy is known as shot wonder. you're about to find out why. >> tell me he read the directions. >> we're not done yet. this case is a bit of a fire
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work spin. what i love about this is like all great fireworks fails when it all starts going wrong you get the silhouette of panic. and they all just start going after you left right and center. you see everybody just starts legging it but at the same time they call this one fail or nail, because twhiel was a giant fail, we did get some pretty spectacular fireworks just oust ground. pvc cannon yes, everything else, no. >> can you imagine if our national animal was the pig? it's not. it's the majestic bald eagle and this one is flying around looking all majestic. but check out the second video. wait, what is that? >> yeah, you better reel faster. oh. >> oh, no, that eagle's going to get that. >> it's not the fish that the humans are trying to get. >> sea lion got it.
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ooh. >> did you see that? three parties after the same fish. >> i feel like it's a really goodndat t europe in the right place -- that you're place to fish. >> the bird's like i'm not done yet. >> now this video is from pam and she lives in una, alaska and she has a deck where sometimes a fox or bald eagle will come and chill out and look at her cat. she said she saw some bald eagles circling in the air. she said somebody put some fish out there and that lured them in and they found something. >> i've never seen that many at like a bird refuge. wow. >> one more video of the bald eagle, check this one out. >> the bald eagle, the pigeon
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pigeons can't do that. >> bald eagle is single, likes walks on the beach, visiting the water. >> they are beautiful. i'm so glad they made such a rebound. >> if you're out there today enjoying the barbecues and fireworks. remember these guys. we've got the 503rd infantry regular men airborne bra grade. now before they start flinging themselves out of planes, they got practice. >> gosh, i love this. this is so cool because they have to hand out line and then jump baugh there's no time to wait or make mistakes. >> it's neat to see how it all comes together on the ground, the training for the training. prtice and dto theall their once they gred up, thearc
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with all that stuff. and in this case i'm not sure is it gear wearing humans or the humans wearing all the gear? they are say ladened down with stuff but it's stuff they need to do their jobs. here comes the fun part. >> oh my goodness. >> a send out. this gear first, and then, wee, off they go. you don't have to worry about rip cords or anything, you just kind of step into the beyond and you and your buddies get spread across italy. >> it's raining men, girls. >> it's raining men be in italy where i would make a very slow walk back to base. >> where of once they pack up head back to the rally point. that's how our men and women in the army do it, folks. >> thank you, guys. >> lots of sparkles the ones i'm going to show you. these people gathered last year
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for fourth of july celebrations. but what haley didn't know is that herman ga man gabe had a s surprise for her. he actually put this whole thing together that had they walked around the back of that truck there would be the perfect place for him to propose. >> it might be independence day, but i don't want to be independent anymore. >> that's kind of how it went down. >> people are holding sparklers that say you and me together with christ at the center. immediately gets down on one knee and says haley fletcher, will you marry me? >> she didn't even think about it one second, she takes a ring, everybody celebrates, and you get your big ole hug. now they're gearing up for their wedding which is coming up in august. they got the ligs and ever cebratehe>>he cebte t four
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july. >> sparklers are becoming quite the thing. ashley and amir have just got mayor rained all their guests and atendese get the cue to come down. they run down the way. >> who's hair is going to catch fire? >> this goes down without a glitch. they've got their pictures and when they turn the corner he stops cold in his tracks, and that is because she has surprised him with a classic car sendoff. she has set up foreign policy a 42 cadillac limo to be waiting there to take them away. that was a pretty cool sendoff. w hy for some flame grilled good sentence what happens when cooking out exactly well done. and, when it comes to the
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fourth of july. >> the patriotic food. >> see the adorable ways their celebrating next. >> they're hot. >> done. the best way to hit the beach? with neutrogena® beach defense® sunscreen. helioplex™ powered, uva uvb strong. beach strength protection for the whole family. for the best day in the sun. neutrogena®. oh come on!r dog sit cupcake than clean the toilet? with scrubbing bubbles new bubbly bleach each powerful foamy bleach bubble makes your toilet super fresh. it's cleaning reinvented.
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visit fo becca's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, >> . fireworks. >> psa about grills. >> the first one is, you might want to clean it. >> flame grilled goodness. >> is that the bacon grease or the rib grease that's been collecting over the last year? >> it's the everything grease that has been collecting since the beginning of time.
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>> so does that become a charcoal grill then? >> it's charcoaly the grill. and there's not much you can do about it apart from, one, cleaning the grill before you quick or, two, deploying the beverage. >> give it a beer? >> well, it cools everybody down on a hot day. there you go. now, everyone close your eyes. what are you hearing? >> a drum kit. >> someone's making muse skblik wood pecker on a tin roof. >> no, the right answer was sausages. i'm all about crunchy we will-done sausages, but that's ridiculous. >> those sausages or on the grill and the grill master passed out from all the beer? >> i have no idea. similar situation from the last video, i want you to try to identify what food this was. they open it up and
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with. >> brilo pad. >> i have no idea how many weeks they're cooking it at 200 degrees. i suppose if you might compress it you knight might get a diamond but, no. just don't do any of that and it will be great. people aren't the only ones getting down with the get down on the fourth of july to taste their patriotic food. >> wave that flag. >> well, should we follow the instructions in waving the flag in it helps that there's something there for chewy to chew. >> good zbloi it's like a fresh breezy day. >> all right. we've got some flags, now for the fireworks, or sparklers. >> oh, no. this dog goes by oli the indy -- oli, you got to move back a bit. but, i mean, they're shine j. >> this isn't the garden hose. >> oli got sparklers but the
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lamb got sparkling sunglasses. >> dog instagram pages, cute greegt. >> if you like that relationship introduce you to this, there's nothing more american than apple pie, this is this tortoise's apple pie. >> probably about as old as the original. >> i'm wondering is that a fuji? a gala? what's the preferred apple choice. >> it doesn't matter. he's >> done. sometimes everything is just perfect. the perfect weather, the perfect spot, the perfect breeze or the perfect old school kite surfing run. he's on his radical board there just busting some old school tricks, according to him. he said he found this small flat
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water spot between the sand dunes. he's gothi littlar to himself to hang some huge air and pull some rad, old school tricks. >> you can tell he's an og because he makes it look so easy. >> did not know you could remove the board from your feet in mid air. >> well, you can't. i can't, he can. >> right, no. >> you ready? >> everybody knows that summer pool days mean. >> a whole lot of beautiful instagram photos. >> but seeing how this kutssy snap attempt becomes a total flap. >> oh, man. >> plus, diy slime that's all about the -- >> red, white, and blue. >> the simple way to get your hand on some patriotic fun. >> does it make you feel a little weepy that we beat
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time. year. why don't we invent this, we're going to be using slime to get patriotic for america, but also britain too because, as we know, the same colors, red, white, and blue. so we can can share in this case. make your slime the best way that you like to. everyone has a slightly ditch way to make. way that you want. but you're just going to be adding this food coloring. you can use blue, and maybe jazz it up a bit with some glitter you do that and then all you're going to quite simply do is repeat that for the red and for the white. in each case you can always mix up what you'd like to give. seen this you prefer. but you end up with the red, the white, and the blue. >> look at that slime. does it make you feel a little weepy that we beat you? it's going to be a big stress for me while you're making it
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because it acts like a stress ball. >> also a fun way to keep those kids quiet while you're doing all kinds of other stuff in preparing the burgers, hot dogs and everything snacking on some it would serve us all well to head into the fourth of july like this >> oh, wow. >> nice. go, go, go, go. >> it's like human skipping stones. >> it did work. it's pretty legit. now, we're also going to see a whole lot of beautiful instagram photos. everything has their swan floaties out, unicorns.
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could take some getting there, right? this kid's ready. >> no. no. >> she -- herself. oh, man. >> the unicorns are uncatchable, so. >> makeup -- makeup -- oh, you wanted a dose of reality? >> yes. >> here's a dose of reality for you. >> oh, no. >> because this dude's on the diving board and he's about to get it done, son. >> even the dog's like don't do it '. >> ready, steady. >> oh. >> go. >> did he just break the board? >> you bet he did. this little guy is out there in his pool, he's got his trampoline. this is about to be epic. it'he face.h. do it. >> mom, dad broke it.
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>> let's stay in the water, fourth of july. >> they're call right. >> everybody think it's just hysterical when people whip you around at mock two. >> it always seems like a good idea. >> and it's not. >> the eating contest is on. >> she's really eating and he's done. >> the slick watermelon party trick we discover paint bleed you under your tape......
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>> yep. >> and . . ♪ i think that i'm not going out on a limb when i say thousands of watermelons have been cut today, but these videos take place overseas, but they too enjoy watermelon so much that watermelon eating contests are taking place like this one. you've got grandson and grandma. >> my money's on grandma. >> let's see what the safe bet is here. here we go. >> see, yeah.
3:27 pm
with age comes wisdom. >> you don't got to work harder, you got to work smarter. >> yeah, you do. grandma is very good at the slight of hand because if you notice she just grabs it -- >> i love how she sells it too, the mouth wipe, everything. >> but, hears another one. has a young man, a young lady, let's see what happens. now she's really eating and he's done. >> he just did the flick thing. >> yeah. >> to be sneaky you're just cutting it first, aren't you? >> and then you just flick it out of the way. >> i think it's precut because it's a real even line here. >> she really tried to eat it, though. >> he's like, no. >> but she got farther than that other kid in the other video but i love the look on her face like what? >> she was really trying to win this one, too. >> wouldn't you? >> she was working hard. thanks for joining us on this holiday. happy birthday, america.
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we'll see you next time on an all new
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. the raging wildfires and the dangerous heat. dozens of fires forcing thousands of evacuations. firefighters battling to save homes and lives. our team right there on the front lines. we're also tracking 130 million people feeling the heat. the alerts from coast to coast. also breaking tonight, the statue of liberty evacuated. a woman and her treacherous climb up the side of the monument. police shutting down liberty island. escape dive? the new images of the 12 boys, saying hello from deep inside that cave. as word comes the only way out may be with masks and tanks. will they make that dangerous move? supreme decision.
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