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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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illegal fire work exploded. >> outside the repair shop where this happened, lyanne? >> i saw several pictures of this man's injured hands. i will say they are so gruesome, of course too gruesome to show on television. but they are a sad reminder of what fireworks can do. >> reporter: juan bravo told investigators how he made a tourniquet to stop the bleeding after his brother-in-law was injured. a fire work had gone off in his hands. >> his tendons was hanging, the one with the finger was hanging there. >> he and his brother-in-law work at gumaro's auto repair in antioch. they had just brought in this dumpster from outside when he found a fire work. the owner said they made the discovery as they were putting trash inside the dumpster.
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>> he went outside and lit it up. i guess in the process it blew in his hand. >> bravo said he tried to discourage him from setting it off after he realized it had a short fuse. >> i said, no, no, don't fire that. i mean, the fuse was too small. and i was in the restroom and came out, and he lit it up and it exploded in his hand. >> the 33-year-old father of two had lost a lot of blood. the spent firework was found outside the shop. captain george lang of the contra costa county fire protection district says the man's injuries were severe. he tells us it's frustrating for them because this year the county increased its message about the dangerous of fireworks. >> we're no longer talking about, you know, bottle rockets or cherry bombs, we're talking about commercial grade mortars being launched from residential neighborhoods. >> reporter: all types of fireworks are illegal in contra
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costa county. >> don't play with the fireworks at all. >> reporter: and let's remember that things out here are very, very dry. and anything, especially fireworks, can start a fire. i'm live in antioch, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. thank you. there were issues with illegal fireworks all over the bay area. in san jose, officials are continuing the crackdown through the weekend. they're keeping up their illegal fireworks reporting website through july 8th. they're encouraging people to use the online tool. the reason for the extension. because the holiday was on a wednesday. >> we as a city do anticipate, because the fourth of july fell in the middle of the week, that fireworks related behaviors will continue through this upcoming weekend and that's why the tool is being kept turned on. >> this is the third year the online tool has been available. but the first time people have been able to upload video and
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photos to the website. a bay area golf coach has been arrested, accused of molesting his students. he is facing eight counts of sexual assault, all the victims are girls. kim was based out of a former county drive golf center. but also taught at various other golf facilities in the bay area. the alameda county sheriff's office says more victims are likely. people steal cars all the time. not usually a police car though. that is what happened today. a woman accused of stealing one in oakland and then driving it to san francisco, then back to oakland, before ultimately getting caught. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: it was an animal control officer who ultimately saw the vehicle that law enforcement was looking for, which worked out because sometime between when this woman stole the vehicle and was caught she picked up a dog. tonight in oakland, police service technician vehicle is back after a woman took it for a joyride. it began this afternoon around
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12:30 while oakland police were responding to an assault on the 2100 block of myrtle street. >> the police service technician was approached by the female and aked if she could go through the line. >> reporter: it was then police say she stole the vehicle. police issued a be on the lookout. the vehicle was spotted near marry time and burma. this animal control officer was in the right place at the right time. >> i found this adorable dog, and she was actually actually in the vehicle. >> he says animal control will process the dog into an animal shelter and put her on a disposition hold within ten days. if an owner does step up, she'll be processed for adoption. >> it's a beautiful part i'm able to help the animal while coupling with the police department to get the problem solved. >> reporter: in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the man accused of killing a san francisco security guard had
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his first court appearance today. he's facing homicide charges in the shooting death of security guard rolando romero. the da's office countered that coleman positively identified himself in surveillance video. romero's sister was in court today. she and the da say romero was a good man. >> he's an incredible human being, and he's no longer with us. he was murdered. and there's going to be justice for that. >> the arraignment will be next week. he's being held without bail. a wildfire burning in yolo and napa counties, road closures west of highway 16 to the line of yolo and lake county, north of county road 40 and south of the yolo county line. state highway 16 has been closed
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between state highway 20. 30% contained. officials say it's holding steady at 86,000 acres. want to give you perspective on the size of this fire. if you overlay it on top of the city of san francisco, it would go all the way to the city of . abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman back on the fire lines for us tonight. wayne, the size of this thing is astounding. >> reporter: oh, it's big. you drive from one end to the other. it takes quite a long time. we're talking more than an hour from one end to the other. it's interesting because if you believe in battlefield analogies, you also know an army is only as good as the backup. we asked about logistics today. it led us here. you know that tattered feeling, spend time in the wilderness battling flames, smoke, fatigue, do it 24 hours straight and then take a break in the yolo county fairgrounds, a relative lap of luxury. >> they need a place to shower
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and sleep. they have to have food, proper nutrition, medical care at times. >> hence the tents and the food and all the signs directing men and women to what they need after working on the fire lines. >> we're probably not going to be home much. >> mike from marin county, height as well be from oakland or anywhere at this point. >> you get to see parts of the state you'd probably never go to otherwise. >> earlier this week that would have been highway 128 west of winters where we watched the strategic setting of backfires. that kind of planning happens here as well. on maps as big as tables. where logistics people move gear and crews around on a board. >> at this phase of the fire we're turning the corner. so we're starting to get a handle on one end of the fire. and we're now making the plan to deal with the difficult side of the fire that's going to take a lot of time, effort and resources. >> in short, men, women, machines. in the city, that did not exist one week ago, that now serves more than 3,000 people. >> at least you don't have to know all their names.
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>> oh, no, we do. >> of course they know each other's names. how could they not know every person's name at this point? it's wildfire season in california. they know too many names at this point. live in yolo county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. wayne, thank you. weather continues to play a role in this fire. get to spencer christian with what's happening on the front lines there. high 80s, spencer. >> you're right, matter of fact, larry, it just hit 90 degrees in the last hour. take you to the site of the fair and look at current weather conditions, 88, 89, and now it's 90 degrees and relative humidity has decreased, down to 30% now. very dry there. wind gusts remaining steady at 12, 13 miles per hour. as we look ahead at the wind pattern we will see gusty wind between 13 and 15 miles per hour through about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and then the winds will taper off a little bit in the mid-morning to midday hours tomorrow but they'll bounce right back to gusty range in the late afternoon and early evening
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hours. meanwhile, across the bay area more broadly you can see it's quite breezy or windy, 23-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco right now, nearly 15 miles per hour in locations around the bay. so this breezy pattern is going to stay with us and is still going to present a challenge for the firefighters. larry and kristen? >> thank you, spencer. facebook is apologizing again. we'll explain why next. plus -- the measure is constitutional, that it passes legal muster. >> a judge rules on california's sanctuary state policy, and round one in this battle goes to california. >> also ahead, fire on the lake, a tahoe fireworks show had an unexpected encore. >> plus, running the clock on pizza, how four-hour slices are turning into a slice of life. >> what might be the golden age of smart cleaners. robots vacuums that aren't too tough on your
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a federal judge-up held the state's sanctuary policy, shooting down a request from the trump administration to immediately halt the newly enacted law. at issue is whether or not california had a legal responsibility to help the federal government with enforcing immigration law. abc 7 news reporter story. >> reporter: state officials prevailed over the trump administration for now. >> the laws come as close as you can come to not helping, but not interfering. so they were upheld on a state sovereignty theory. >> reporter: a victory for the state, advocates for senate bill 94 limits the ability of state and local law enforcement to -- assembly bill 103 which allow as state attorney general to inspect federal detention facilities. >> the law is on our side.
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the constitution is on our side. and the community is going to continue to fight if any of these challenges continue any further. >> reporter: the state senate president kevin de leon energily introduced the sanctuary law. >> we have an attorney general, jeff sessions, who is fixated, almost obsessed with immigrants. and with people of color. over the rule of law. >> reporter: the trump administration was successful in halting assembly bill 450 which allowed the state to require that private employers deny federal immigration authorities access to nonpublic areas of work sites or employee records without a warrant. the doj called that preliminary injunction a win for private employers saying, while we are disappointed that california's other laws designed to protect criminal aliens were not yet halted, the justice department will continue to seek out and fight unjust policies that threaten public safety. however, companies will still need to inform workers of any federal requests to inspect employment records within 72 hours. chris nguyen, abc 7 news.
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in a statement the governor said i agree with judge mendez that piecemeal decisions won't solve the immigration challenges, only congress can chart the path forward but rising above and working together to solve the problem, not exacerbate it. scott pruitt, the scandal-plagued head of the environmental protection agency resigned today, pruitt being investigated for numerous possible ethics violations, and allegations that he misused government money. he is denied any wrongdoing. president trump said today that pruitt did an outstanding job. but house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted one down, dozens more to go until we have drained the swamp of the trump administration's toxic culture and corruption. he was re-examining a federal waver that allows california to set its own stricter clean air rules. firefighters are
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investigating the cause of a house fire in oakland that displaced six people, one woman was injured and a dog died. >> neighbors shared this video of the fire around 4:30 this morning along haste street near seminary avenue. both floors were well engulfed in flames. >> we hit a second alarm, doubles our units on scene. we had reports that people were trapped. >> a 21-year-old woman is being treated at highland hospital for burns and smoke inhalation. abc 7 news has learned there was a fourth of july party on the block, but it's not clear if fireworks actually sparked this fire. took about an hour to put out the blaze. another home went up in flames overnight. this is in walnut creek on first avenue near hall lane. it's an abandoned home, but witnesses say they heard fireworks in the area at the time of the fire. officials have not confirmed a cause, and no reports of your injuries. one of the three barges used to set off fireworks at lake tahoe last night caught fire after the festivities ended.
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the tahoe douglas fire protection district shared these pictures of exactly what happened there. the barge launched over 100 explosives. then around 11:30, 20 to 30 foot flames broke out. they were quickly extinguished, but there was damage to the barge's electronic components which are responsible for wirelessly launching the explosives. >> it's so dry out there as well. >> dangerous. switching gears to consumer news, and robo vacuums. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here now with recommendations for robots that will clean your house. >> we love anything that will clean our house. robotic vacuums are great for daily pickups. their prices are dropping. here's a look at some that go for under $300. charlie ann auto depends on her robotic vacuum to keep the floor clean, she has three children. >> the vacuums aren't meant to deep clean, they are handy for
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keeping the floor free of surface dirt. >> robotic vacuums are best for uncluttered rooms with either bare floors, thicker rugs will make the robotic vacuum work harder and it might not get to the rest of your room. >> you can pay as much as $1,000 for a robovac, but increased competition has brought prices down. three that landed near the top for less than $300 each. the euphy has an impressive time of less than two hours on bare floors, over an hour on carpets. the euphy does an excellent job inhaling surface debris, and top marks for quiteness. the roomba does a topnotch job on bare floors. consumer reports testers noted it does a good job of not
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getting tangled in the fringe of area rugs. this is shark's first entry in the robot world, it's sometimes scattered consumer reports tests paper squares as it moved about. but eventually picked everything up with the prices lowering on these little vacuums, considering picking one up so they can pick up for you. >> i feel great when i walk in the house to a clean floor. >> we can use those in our newsroom. that will keep any vacuum. >> clean and replace filters according to the manufacturer's instructions. >> especially around larry's desk. oh, i didn't say that. a dust storm is whipping up in the arizona desert near phoenix. the video was taken a few short moments ago. it's near monsoon season. a dust storm warning has been issued for those located southeast of the capital city. >> now your accuweather forecast
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with spencer christian. live doppler 7 right now, sunny skies, a few high clouds developing offshore and they'll be moving through the area late tonight and overnight into tomorrow. this is the view of blue skies, looking west from our -- san jose, 93 in gill loy, and 61 degrees at half moon bay. looking toward the golden gate, clearly skies looking westward from the east bay hills camera. 83 in santa rosa, napa 81, mid to upper 80s at novato, fairfield, concord and livermore, the view at goldengate shows blue skies for now and these are forecast features, mainly clear skies in the early hours tonight, passing high clouds developing overnight and through the day tomorrow. warmer days ahead through the weekend, mild through the coast and hot inland by the week. we have a beach hazard statement in effect until 3:00 p.m. saturday. the wave heights are growing just a bit now, and there is the
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possibility of rip currents and sneaker waves which can be quite dangerous. the reason for this rough surf right now is former hurricane fabio, now just a tropical storm moving away from populated areas. as it was developing and strengthening, it generated those swells in our direction and it's now kicking off high clouds and moisture in our direction as well, which accounts for the thin, high clouds we'll see tomorrow and for the possibility that we'll feel mugginess in the air. here's our forecast animation, starting at midnight tonight, taking us through the day tomorrow, high clouds are passing over and that pattern will continue through the day tomorrow into perhaps early saturday. low temperatures tonight will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s, have that steady mild overnight pattern, tomorrow's highs ranging from mid-60s at the coast to upper 70s to near 80s at the bay. inland locations may top out at 90, 91 maybe. most inland highs will be mid to upper 80s. beach forecast, nice and mild
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with the high clouds around. breezy as well, with wind speeds at 15 to 20 miles per hour. water temperature is warming up as well to about 61 degrees. that's good news for folks who like to get in the water. that water is chilly. and our maximum temperature trend over the next three days shows the big warmup on saturday, mid to upper 90s inland, pretty much the same pattern with us on sunday and on monday. so we have three days of very warm to hot inland weather coming our way. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, this weekend heat spike is becoming a weekly pattern now. seen it for the last three weeks, monday temperatures will moderate a bit, dropping to about 90 in the warmest inland locations, wednesday ask thursday, further cooling with temperatures settling into more seasonal and typical range. mid-70s around the bay and 60 on the coast. see how long that lasts. >> sending everybody to the coast. >> yeah, go to the coast. >> santa cruz boardwalk sounds good. >> this is the time to go.
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>> thank you, spencer. >> will there be a digital dimension after the hot dog flub? that story next. breaking news embattled epa chief stot pruitt resigns while facing a long growing list of ethics scandals. the new images tonight from the inside of the flooded cave. the mother who took on a hijacker, what she said she was forced to do. and then new at 6:00, go inside a place that's about both sights and sounds, but only for a short while.
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facebook has apologized to a small texas newspaper after a flag that posted the declaration independence as hate speech. the liberty county vind cay for is published in liberty texas, population 9,000. the paper posted excerpts if the declaration of independence on its facebook page earlier this week. it received notice a passage which included the phrase
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merciless indian savages was removed. staffers reviewed what happened and reposted it. >> electronic technology be coming to the nathan's hot dog eating championships. believe it or not. san jose's joey chestnut easily won. the judges didn't see he was eating from two plates, not just one, he was credited with eating only 64 hot dogs in ten minutes. the judges, you had one job. joey told them to do a recount. they found out he ate 74. his competitor was slighted. major league eating. they sanction the event. the group's president tells espn he was embarrassed by the miscount, and that yesterday's incident might be the impetus to bring competitive eating into the digital age, perhaps some sort of device monitoring the weight of the plates could be the most likely for next year. we'll see. >> instant replay. >> you don't want to see that
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slowed down. >> maybe you're right. hot dogs to pizza, or more specifically the pizza lady, the ultimate neighbor. that's next. first, we want to thank alice for this picture of last night's fireworks over san francisco. that is a great shot right there. share your pictures with us. with
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, the i team dan noyes, a new video of the asiana plane crash, and this new video is raising new questions. california lawmakers trying to restore what te federal communications commission took away, net neutrality. >> there is a scam you need to know about with designer sunglasses. michael finney is looking out for both your eyes and your wallet. all coming up in a half hour. first, this san francisco woman was shocked by what she saw at her local pizzeria.
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they were throwing away unsold pizza slices. >> she asked if she could do something unusual and special. this is her story. >> i came in one night to pick up a pizza. i was waiting, and pizza, and he threw it in the compost. there's no other trash in there or anything, i'd be happy to give it out to people. >> when she came, and she asked. in our religion, we have to help poor people. >> little by little, it evolved to my just coming every day, for two and a half years now. seven days a week. >> people just start calling me pizza lady. >> hi, would you like a slice today? >> i would. >> are you ready? >> oh, thank you. >> you're welcome, enjoy. my philosophy is food first. if you eat, you can think. if you can ink, theouan get help.
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i have just pesto left. i want to make the world a better place, if i don't do it, it means that many people didn't get fed who could have gotten fed. there was a lot of talk about how san francisco has become have and have notes. the notes stands for neighbors on the street. the people you're walking past are actually your neighbors. they live there, they're sleeping there, they're eating there. and i don't think there's anyone who isn't willing to help a neighbor. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. andrea michael says she hands out the pizza every day because the pizzeria is open every day. she doesn't want food to go to waste. restaurants throw out so much food. if they don't sell it, they have to toss it. she's got to be most popular person in any neighborhood she walks through, she's bringing pizza. >> here she comes, offering slices of love. world news tonight is coming up. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm larry beil.
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thanks for the time. next newscast coming up in a half hour. see you then. connect 24/7 at breaking news. embattled epa chief scott pruitt resigns. president trump tweeting the resignation. pruitt facing a long, growing list of ethics scandals, from his sweetheart apartment deal to his first class flights to that $43,000 phone booth in his office. race against the rain. new images tonight from inside the flooded cave. the around the clock rescue effort to save 12 boys and their soccer coach. a new sense of urgency with more flooding rains just hours away. escaping the flames. the massive new wildfire forcing hundreds from their homes. dozens of fires burning at this hour. ginger zee tracking the dangerous heat, and the new tropical storm forming late today. will it become a hurricane?
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deadly fireworks explosions. more than a dozen killed in


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