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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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an east bay home when a homeowner was armed and ready for an intruder. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. the home invasion suspect is in the hospital after being shot by the homeowner. >> it happened near groom drive and richmond. the suspect tried to break into two other houses before he forced himself into a third home. >> eric thomas is live at the police station where officers are calling this self-defense. right, eric? >> reporter: they are, indeed. and larry, kristen, the suspect is in extremely critical -- dealing with injuries, disregarded crime scene tape, one clue that something extraordinary happened at this home in the 3100 block of alta mira drive overnight. here are two more, a bullet hole in the front window and in a mini van parked outside. >> i thought i was hearing fireworks left over from the
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fourth of all-. >> so she rolled over and went back to sleep. she had no idea there was a life or death struggle going on right next door. she shared her thoughts when she found out. >> shock. this doesn't -- this is a very quiet neighborhood. this doesn't happen around here. >> reporter: police say the intruder tried to break into two homes before successfully getting into this one. h edidn't bargain on a family member inside waking up and grabbing a gun. >> the homeowners were defending themselves. they were defending their property. and they had to stop the threat. >> reporter: another neighbor we'll call zeke didn't want his face shown. he spotted the suspect apparently trying to climb his fence in the moments before the shooting. he shined a light on the man and scared him off. then he heard a commotion, and two shots, so did his brother. >> he was like, where did that come from? i was like that's next door. i don't know like ten seconds after that we heard five more shots. >> zeke says the suspect appeared to have been hit in the head and neck.
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police say this is not the first time the suspect has done this. >> he does have a criminal history that includes prior home invasion robberies. >> reporter: as i was saying to you earlier, the suspect is in critical condition with injuries that are certainly life threatening. now, the family who lives in that home, they left after the shooting happened. they came back about 2:30 this afternoon. they left a sign outside that said they did not want to speak to the media. we can tell you that folks who live in the neighborhood and live around the home are certainly on edge. and some are taking precautions. those who have dogs are letting them outside to run around. those who do not say they are keeping careful watch to make sure that nothing like this repeats itself. in richmond, eric thomas, abc 7 news, back to you. east palo alto police released new surveillance video in the hopes it will help them solve a murder case, a man who was gunned down in front of his
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grandmother's home. >> reporter: at the east palo alto police department family members meet with investigators to learn new details about an unsolved case involving their loved one 3 1/2 years after his death. >> he always wanted everybody to always love and get along with each other. never a fighter. >> reporter: in mid-january of 2015 steven porter junior, seen here with one of his cousins was fatally shot while sitting in his car in the driveway of his grandmother's home. >> someone walked up determined to go up to this young man and shoot into a car where he was sitting. this was not a random attack. >> east palo alto detective mike sasco came out of retirement to help with homicide investigations, including the porter case. this newly released surveillance video seen purply for the first time was created with help from the northern california regional intelligence center. a person of interest who investigators want to talk to, as well as enhanced video showing what appears to be a kia
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suv that may have been involved. >> to the right thing, and identify this individual and we can go from there. now, this may not be the person we're looking for. but it would be a lot easier if i can sit there and talk to him. >> reporter: porter, who was 36 at the time of the shooting left behind a daughter and a grandson. >> something's going to pop up, sooner or later. somebody's going to say something. >> reporter: the department is now offering a $10,000 reward made possible by mothers against murderers. for information leading to an arrest and conviction. in east palo alto, kris wen, abc 7 news. now, to california's fire fight, 13 active blazes across the golden state right now. one of the most active is near the oregon border. it's killed one person, and has prompted evacuations. >> now here's a look at what they're calling the klamathon fire. it's burned at least 8,000 acres, burning on both sides of i-5. the freeway is still open.
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cal fire says at least 12 structures are destroyed, homes reduced to ash. the governor declared a state of emergency. people at a local evacuation center say the flames were billowing in the air, going in one direction and then being blown back the other way. flames quickly destroyed homes after a fire broke out in san diego county today. firefighters are enduring triple digit temperatures there. the wind driven fire has burned at least 400 acres in the community of alpine. evacuation orders have also been issued in that area. about 25 miles east of downtown san diego. one firefighter is being treated for burns to his face. the fire has also damaged the local electrical grid. power is out for 1,700 homes and businesses. for more now on the challenging fire conditions across the state, let's get to abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. >> across the entire state right now we are seeing very warm, very dry, and very windy conditions, just not great news for any firefighters at this
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hour. do want to take you to the fire burning along the california/oregon border right now. look at fire conditions, it's warm in the 80s. that relative humidity, it is just absolutely bone dry. and those winds are so active right now. they're gusting to 22 miles an hour. take you through the next 24 hours, the winds are going to be pretty erratic, switching direction from the north to the south. dew slack in a bit tomorrow, but pick up. look at this, the red flag warnings in effect, oregon to california to nevada, the red shading on your screen, high fire danger. tomorrow, temperatures will go up dramatically. at the coast, dangerous surf. all the details coming up with the accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. thank you, drew. fire conditions may get worse over the weekend as they battle a fire at lake berryessa.
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crews faced a dangerous challenge caused by years of drought challenge. >> explicit fuel growth is the normal now. we haven't recovered from sician years of drought. you have precipitation that adds to the fuel bed. we're seeing it statewide. >> the county fire is 37% contained. it's burned 138 square miles. a network of cameras just might help firefighters stay ahead of wildfire danger in smoe ma county. supervisors are considering a $475,000 plan to set up this project. eight cameras would be positioned on communication towers and other existing structures. to spot fires in the lake sonoma water shed. the technicians creating these cameras hope they'll one day allow firefighters toldres e me examiner reports police are
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increasing patrols along the embarcadero. witnesses describe the car barrelling into the petty cab and speeding off. we have surveillance video of the suspect's car here and police are still looking for the driver. the petty cab driver is still in critical condition. his gofundme page has reached its fund raising goal. a homeless man in oakland is getting help from his community. you may know who we're talking about. he goes by the name drew. cell phone video captured a man tossing out his belongings at lake merit. now drew may have a place to live. abc 7 news reporter leanyanne melendez is live with the story. >> reporter: well, you know, this is a man who has lived, he told me, on the streets for years. so, you know, it's very complicated, making that transition. that will take a lot. and the people helping him also know that it's, like i said, much more complicated than just moving him into an apartment. he told me his name is greg, but most everyone here calls him
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drew. he's become a permanent fixture at lakemer it. people seem to have gotten used to looking at a pile of his belongings stashed in one corner. it was this notorious video that shed light on his situation when a man was caught trashing his stuff. outraged, some in oakland decided they could no longer stay on the sidelines. a gofundme page was sets up raising $14,000. we talked to community leader kenzie smith, to set up housing for a year. >> we're not taking anymore donations at this moment. the reason why we actually sat down with someone and found an apartment for drew. >> while noble, is that practical? >> during our conversation with drew, he does in the have mental issues. if you're mentally thinking good thoughts, you can project good
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thoughts. >> wendy jackson is the executive director of the east oakland community project which helps homeless individuals and families. >> his community is already a resource. but it sounds to me like from what you've observed, he needs an assessment around his ability to stay himself in housing. >> she promised to get in touch with those helping drew to try to get him the support he needs to finally get out of homelessness. people who often see him say it's a complicated fix. >> it's complicated because you have what you think is in that person's best interest, which might be separate from what that person feels is in his or her best interest. >> now, the homeless advocate that we spoke to earlier, wendy jackson said, you know, a lot of people, instead of saying, you know, we have a problem in our society, at least these people are doing something about it. one person at a time. and that, she says, is pretty great. i'm live in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> trying to help make a
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difference. >> thank you. as the day dawned at the port of oakland, a new economic reality also appeared. china retaliating after saying the u.s. has started the largest trade war in history. and ports like oakland's are caught in the middle. 49ers wide receiver marquise go goodwin gives his mom and sister the surprise of a lifetime. winner, winner, chicken dinner, where can you get the best fried chicken in the ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪
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♪ ♪ the warriors are mourning the death of cliff ford c who suffered a heart attack on wednesday in florida and passed away today. he had been on life support. he was 6'11", selected 16th skroefr all out of louisville, played 66 games with the warriors. he was only 45 years old.
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>> some concerns tonight at the port of oakland as president trump's tariffs on chinese goods kick in. officials say trade with china accounts for roughly half the volume of cargo that passes through the port. agricultural exports in particular have boomed in recent years due to demand from asia. while it may be too early to predict the effects of a potential trade war, experts will be watching closely. >> the port of oakland and every other port we're aware of favors free trade. our business is moving goods across the water. free trade has been the impetus for soaring economic growth throughout the 21st century. it has lifted millions out of poverty in asia. we would be disappointed in anything thate tre.t communicat mike zampa points out while the port employs 500 peple, it supports 70,000 jobs in related industries. >> a much-needed delivery made
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it -- the big tree tournament, organized by the ricky davis legacy foundation delivered food and essential items to shelters and homeless encampments all around the city. the players characterize the work as a privilege. >> to whom much is given, much is required. we've all been blessed and god has done tremendous things in our life, to have this opportunity it means the world. one false move, and you can be, you know, without. >> the players are members of the new three on three pro basketball league known as the big three. they're playing in oakland this weekend. coincidentally or not, they hit three homeless areas today. 49ers wide receiver marquise goodwin has had a roller coaster ride of emotions this past year, it continued this week. he surprised his mom and sister with the house he bought for them. goodwin posted this big unveiling on instagram. taking the covers off right there, taking the blindfolds off
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his sister, and then his mom. and you'll see, she's just overcome we motion when she sees it. you may recall goodwin played a game last season hours after he and his wife lost their baby due to complications during pregnancy. goodwin signed a contract extension this offseason with the team and decided to surprise his mother and sister who has cerebral palsy. >> see the emotions there, great gesture. >> i hope he has an amazing career. >> a lot of people rooting for marquise goodwin. shifting gears, america's comfort food on this national fried chicken day we asked you for your suggestions. who has the best fried chicken in the bay area? >> and then we sent abc 7 news fried chicken fanatic david louie to check them out. he joins us live for the most unusual fried chicken joint. are you an expert in this area, david?
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>> reporter: you like to think i am. at least i tried today to be an expert. larry and kristen, crispy crunchy chicken is located here inside a gas station. you can fill up your tank and fill up your tummy with fried chicken at the same time. see some other places we discovered today. we have a live poll on right now. how do you eat your fried chicken, with your hands or with a knife and fork? voting is open now, and you can see the results changing live at the bottom of your screen. go to and add your opinion. you don't have to log in, register or sign up for anything. just go to a a fried chicken is that food your doctor keeps warning you to avoid. but it's also comfort food that you remember your mother or grandmother making for sunday dinner. clarence blanchard says it's how
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your brain tells you what's good. armed with your suggestions, we set out to find great fried chicken. first stop, southern kitchen in san jose, we ordered up four pieces and a half waffle. >> it's the breading i look for in the chicken. this one has more of a juicy taste to it. it's not dried out. >> in san francisco's bay view district, frisco fried has a great. >> secret recipe? >> of course, comes from the heavens. >> reporter: how did you find the recipe? >> my grandfather. >> melvyn holloman picked up an order to go. >> wait till you try this. >> i'm waiting to see what it do. >> maybe the most unusual place to buy fried chicken is at this valero gas station. >> some purposely come for gas,
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but when they see and smell the chicken, they will buy the chicken too. >> the way fare tavern is famous for it. >> best fried chicken, probably the batter and having the right mp it at. if you cook it too low, soggy. right temperature and right mixture of seasonings and great chicken as well. >> reporter: well, it is amazing how many places here in the bay area feature fried chicken. we couldn't get to all of them. if you are not hungry for fried chicken by now, you just are not in a fowl mood. live in hayward, david louie, abc 7 news. >> before you go, what was your favorite? >> reporter: okay, i'll tell you, the one in san francisco, frisco fried. i've eaten there before. it was really great chicken. i mean, i have never met a fried chicken that i didn't like. >> and i hear they all like you
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too, david, great job. tough assignment today. >> he scored today, no question. take a look at the poll, this is a no brainer here. if you're eating fried chicken with a knife and a fork, you're doing it wrong. you're being too neat. oh, no, you eat it with a knife and fork? revealing numbers here. 95% say you eat it with your hands. >> okay. >> come on, dirty mom, get the knife out of the chicken. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. we're turning up the heat a bit over the weekend, and going back into the 80s and 90s for a lot of us. the live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you high clouds earlier this morning. the high clouds came with a few drops. but the cloud cover is moving out of here overnight. outside we go, the south bay looking gorgeous. mild out there. tomorrow in the south bay, one of our warmest spots, going to the upper 80s to lower 90s. a lot of us will try and beat the heat along the coastline.
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however, dangerous surfs. closer look at the beach hazard statement along the coastline, this lasting through tomorrow evening, south facing beaches like santa cruz, and stinson beach, rough currents. it's chilly. only in the mid-50s, so respect the ocean, it's very active right now, popular spot tomorrow, especially the heat inland. temperatures, already sizzling in some spots, 93 in brentwood, 92 in concord. cooler on the coast, 66 half moon bay, 68 san francisco, although 88 in san jose. 92 in napa. look what is going on to our south. l.a. right now, a record high of 108 degrees at this hour. that is a century-old record that has just gone down, 117 right now in palm springs, a taste of that air moves inland tomorrow. overnight tomorrow, here's the call, it will be mild away from
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the coast we're going into the 60s from concord to antioch, san francisco dropping to about 55 degrees. the 12-hour day planner on your saturday, a lot of sunshine, especially in the afternoon. that will be really effective at warming us up into the bay tomorrow, well into the 80s inland. going back into the 90s to start off our weekend. highs saturday, here we go, 95 in antioch, 94 in concord, 89 in san jose, a warm 90 in santa rosa. warm in the city tomorrow. 70 for san francisco, but along the coastline, it will be cooler, only in the 60s for half moon bay. right now live look from santd cruise, the beach a nice spot, the ocean right now is active. so the beach forecast tomorrow, 64 for half moon bay once again. santa cruz will be 80 degrees, it will have rough surf. and the uv index is on the extreme side. slap on the sunscreen. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are hot inland tomorrow. trend continues into the evening. cooling trend hits us tuesday
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into wednesday. by thursday and friday, the fog returns. the ocean is going to be dangerous next 24 hours with that surf. >> thank you, drew. from film
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it's time for finney's friday free stuff. ready or not. >> michael is out at the alameda county fire, taking questions as well as giving away free stuff. >> hey, you guys, we're having a great time here. these are my brand new best friends. people have been dropping by saying hello. we've been having a great time. questions and concerns. now we've got to give away finney's friday free stuff. we're going to do that right now. start with the sf charity fashion show. this is amazing. this raises money to help children with the scottish rite, the rite care sf, providing free services for children with
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communication challenges. the first 300 people are going to get free tickets or $20 off reserved seating at the fashion show. get in on that. go directly to our next video, this is ash can, the secret prison, video you're watching of a movie that is playing at the 38 san francisco jewish film festival, by the way the first and largest film festival in the jewish community. free tickets to this. amazing movie, check it out. i know what you're thinking back there in the studio right now, michael, how do i get in on this? put up a board. tell you all you need to do is go to our website at, look for finney's friday free stuff and we'll hook you up with this. reporting live from the alameda county fire with my new best friends. i'm michael finney. >> ready for everyone at the fair to suddenly drop by, michael? that's happening. good stuff, thank you.
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comingupro wrestling taking over san francisco this weekend. >> even ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪
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♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the new accuweather app from abc 7 news, minute by minute forecast, plus realtime radar and alert, keeping you safe, search accuweather in your app store and download now. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, you know it's going to be a warm weekend, the water looks so inviting, but there is a warning. coming up, what everybody needs to know to watch out for, especially along the coast this weekend. >> whoa. [ bleep ]. >> five years later, the abc 7 news i team has obtained new stunning video and records from the asiana crash raising new questions about how emergency officials handled the disaster at sfo. time is running out for that soccer team still stuck in a
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thailand cave. tonight we'll hear from a local cave diving expert about the unique challenges these boys face and the rescuers as welch now involves elon musk and his crew. all coming up at 6:00. first time ever, new japan pro wrestling caking over the cow palace. sparks started flying early. >> what about you on the end? what's your name? >> me. >> yeah. >> kgo, nbc 7. >> kgo is your name? >> we trained him well. that was cody roads attacking our intern. the young bucks, california natives on the cart, the headliners champion kenny omega in true wrestling fashion, things got personal. >> i don't want to grow up. i'm a toys "r" us kid. i'm glad they went bankrupt.
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oh, you crossed the line. you wanted a war cody, you've got a war. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. neighborhood inferno, a new massive wildfire igniting this afternoon. a dozen homes seen fully engulfed. fears of many more. the race to evacuate as another fire in the west claims its first fatality. plus, the shock in the atlantic. the new hurricane threats. beryl now barrelling towards puerto rico. the island still fragile after last year's direct hit, and the storm off the east coast gaining strength that could grow into a second hurricane. also breaking tonight, dive to escape. teams plan to free that soccer team, and when that dangerous operation could begin as a diver is killed and new concerns about heavy rains and the oxygen supply. seeing red. the trump supporter targeted


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