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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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let's give you a live look at the beach in santa cruz. looks great. hard to tell from this picture what is risk is from this beauty. it certainly is out there in the water. >> this is a fantastic view. sky 7 along san francisco ocean beach today, waves didn't look much bigger or stronger than usually. the problem is appearances can be deceiving. live team coverage to explain why with abc 7 news. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. >> let's go first to cornell. live on the ground at ocean beach with a warning for everyone. >> reporter: that warning is pretty clear. just stay out of the water. take a look. we are seeing waves about four to six feet at time. surf is getting rough. what lies beneath the surface that has many concerned. dangerous rip currents. tonight first responders are on alert.
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counselor is leading a group of explorers on the beach. >> i heard there's a surf warning so it's really important to stay safe and have them be around me because we can have fun, but we can also be safe. >> jessica from napa is keeping a very close eye on her two sons. >> it's not safe today. >> no. >> no, see how the waves go out. they'll suck you in. >> swimming is never recommended at ocean beach. this weekend especially. captain frank shea from san francisco fire department rescue unit says remnants of hurricane is turning the pacific creating beach hazard from monterrey to sonoma. >> these conditions create rip currents, strong long-term currents and also sneaker waves. >> life guards are advising people to stay out of the water. in santa cruz surfers with out at their own risk. some fighting the rip current more than usually.
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>> little compounding. the effects of the current being pulled north. right now a tied. >> a woman died trying to save children who got swept away. a wave knocked her into the water. the children were risked. firefighters say the surf can be treacherous. never turn your back on it. especially this weekend. >> enjoy the nice weather and don't go in the water. >> beach patrols will be on duty tomorrow. warning beach goers about the danger and advising folks to stay on the sand and out of the water. abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you. abc 7 news. drew is in for spencer tonight. >> rough surf and also the ocean water is very chilly at this hour. take a look at this. beach hazard statement along the coastline. this going through tomorrow night. our hardest hit beaches will be south facing. the southerly swells, rip
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currents and sneaker waves are a huge danger. ocean water temperature is chilly only in the 50s. only the other end of the weather spectrum, going to see higher heat across the red coast. red flag warning in effect for areas shaded. gusty winds in high heat coming this weekend. we'll experience high heat as well. inland especially. full forecast in a few minutes. dozen active wildfires burning across california right now. largest by far is the county fire. one of the newest fires is near san diego. already destroyed homes. four separate wildfires burning in san diego county. one of them quickly destroyed homes after breaking out this morning. crews have now stopped it's forward progress in el pine. that's about 25 miles east of downtown san diego along interstate 8. flames also damaged local power grid. that's knocked out electricity for 1700 homes and businesses. fire burning near the oregon border has turned deadly:
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firefighters found a body in an area burned by wildfire. so far, flame haves charred more than 12 square miles. cal fire has scrambled both planes and represe planes and helicopters to fight the fire. >> air resources are a tremendous value. have the best view. able to assist the ground resources, guide them in if there's areas that are difficult to access. >> interstate five has reopened after flames forced it to close for a while. crews are on the frontlines. forecasts of hotter drier weather have firefighters battling the county fire racing for a very tough weekend. this fire has already scorched more than 88,000 acres. 137 square miles. now 37% contained. cal fire expects and hopes to visit fully contained by thursday. nine structures have been destroyed.
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110 threatened. mandatory evacuations in place west of highway 16. pawny fire until lake county. 92% contained. a man is in critical condition after he broke in the home and was shot by the homeowner. live at the police station with the details. eric? >> reporter: criminal condition with life threatening injuries we understand to the head and neck. as you can imagine, the folks who live in the neighborhood who have to cope with this over the last 18 hours or so are pretty shaken up. >> i thought i was just hearing the fireworks that were left over from the fourth of july. >> so neighbor debby rolled over and went back to sleep. when she actually heard was a life or death struggle going on right next door. found out what happened after waking up and seeing from the back with regard the window the intruder used to break in her
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neighbor's home. what she felt was no surprise. >> shock. this is a very quiet neighborhood. this doesn't happen around here. >> but there was more frightening evidence of what happened. a bullet hole in the front window of the home and in a minivan parked outside. the intruder tried to break into two other homes before successfully getting in this one. didn't bargain on a family member inside waking and you happen grabbing a gun. >> the homeowners were dchding themse defending themselves. they were defending their property. they had to stop the threat. >> another thab didnneighbor di his face shown. >> he saw the suspect trying to climb his fence. he shined a light on the man and scared him off. then he heard a commotion and two shots, so did his brother. >> he was like where did that come from. and i was like that's next door. >> like ten seconds after that, we heard like five more shots. >> he said the suspect appeared to have been hit in the head and neck. police say this is not the first
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time is suspect has done this. >> he does have a criminal history, includes prior home invasion robberies. >> so they do know who the suspect is, but his name not being released at this point. as we told you, he's in extremely critical condition. nobody else was hurt in any of this. as we told you attempt to braea into two other homes. we know how that ended, rather, and yes, nobody was injured unless you count their sense of well-being. in richmond, eric thomas, abc 7 news. today marks the second anniversary of the first fire that burned down a giant apartment complex that was under construction. the arsonist has still not been caught. this sight burned twice. the atf has put up $50,000 in reward money for information on either fire. possible suspect was seen on surveillance before last year's
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fire. >> oakland officials are looking for help to solve arson at  another construction site that happened one year ago tomorrow. massive blaze broke out at valdez and broadway. today announced the city will open an arson tip line. also creating a reward fund for information that leads to the arrest of the people behind recent arsons. >> deadly shooting is now a double homicide. two women were shot yesterday morning on delta boulevard. 28-year-old died at the scene. just the past hour, police confirmed 55-year-old died from her injuries. police are still searching for a suspect. if you have any tips, you're urged to call police. remember jogger joe reported tossing out home less man's belongings. that act rallied the community prompting a go fund me account to help the man find housing. the people donated $14,000, but
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the man remains homeless. tell us it's not only housing he needs. >> definitely there is no simple fix. you know the homeless man has no proper identification, and that's because when all of this belongsings were tossed in the lake, of course he lost the only id he had. those helping him say they remain optimistic. >> this homeless man has been a permanent fixture. people here know him as drew. it was this notorious video that shed light on his situation when a man was caught trashing his stuff. since then some have gone out of their way to help him with food. in this case, money. >> i appreciate the help. i didn't ask for it so i was surprised. >> a gofundme set up. talked to community leader who says the money is enough to pay for housing for a year.
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>> we actually have found an apartment for drew. so we're looking to move drew from the lake there. >> after being homeless for so many years, he'll likely need more support. >> i don't have mental issues. i say mental support. >> translator: wendy jackson is the competitive director of eagles oakland commute project which helps homeless individuals and family. >> the great money that they've raised, the place they've identified, it's only going to work if there's somebody in place to help him. >> she promised to get in touch with those helping him to try to get him the support he needs to finally get out of homelessness. used to seeing drew a lot. he says there's a side of him that believes no one should live like this and another that thinks the government should do more. >> the third side i don't think a lot of people consider is that the community members should do more. >> that's exactly what these people are doing as a community helping one person at a time. i'm live in oakland, abc 7 news.
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i think guys, there is a follow-up to this story. kwhal what to you think? >> yes, absolutely. new exclusive details about a plan to rescue boys and their soccer coach. trapped for two weeks in a flooded cave in thailand. challenges a local expert says they may face.
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oxygen tanks to the boys and coach. diminishing oxygen levels and more rain on the way, that's accelerating the timeline to launch the plan. some still worry that five hour trek sometimes through a pitch black area of the cave and water you just can't see through may be too great a risk. well, the preliminary rescue plan goes forward, there are backup plans still in the borinquenworks. including help from elon musk. uncertains from his company are on their way to help. abc 7 news reporter melony is live in the newsroom. musk and effort and details of the underground conditions by the team. kristen more rains are expected by whichever plan authorities say they ultimate choose the
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safety is paramount. elon musk joining the conversation today on how to safely rescue the 12 boys and their coach. musk tweeting he's sending employees from company spacex and boring to see if they can help. also suggesting inflatable tubes and bods to create a air tunnel package way under water. >> the diving safe officer with california academy of science has extensive cave diving experience. >> extremely challenging to train somebody in those conditions to dive let alone cave dive. >> divers has v been teaching the boys diving and breathing techniques in preparation for the plan. take advantage of the boys having high oxygen levels. in relatively good health. saying cave diving presents unique challenges. >> by virtue of the fact you do have an overhead above you.
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you cannot go straight up. if you need to exit, you have to go back the way you entered. >> the narrow flood eed package they have will to get through. involving staging equipment and clearing obstacles in the cave could be completed by 6:00 p.m. second phase includes buddy diving could be sunday morning local time. plan is to bring the boys and their coach out of the cave the same way they initially entered two weeks ago. in the newsroom. abc 7 news. >> melony. thank you. the group trapped there are members of a soccer team. fifa world soccer organization extended organization to boys and coach. come to russia to watch the world cup final if the rescue instead time. fried chicken is good on a bun with a waffle dip instead barbecue. abc 7 news reporter is live in
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hayward. talked to top chicken chefs about the plastic discomfo comfort food. didn't know you were an efish that doe on fried chicken. >> guilty as charged. you can get more than a fill at in the gas station. crispy crunchy chicken. you fill up your tummy and go away full tank. some parts of the country, this is rather common. rather rare here in the bay area. there are so many places in the bay area where you can get fried chicken. we thank all the people who made suggestions to us. life poll on how do you eat your fried chicken with your hands or a fork and fifknife. go to vote to add your opinion you do not have to
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log in our register or sign up for anything. t go to develop a reputation for fried chicken. frisco fried draws visitors from europe and asia. makes the owner proud. >> they come from wherever. come to san francisco, they want the best fried chicken. they come through the door. >> also share as reputation for fried chicken. customer haves a love of comfort foods as executive chef. >> it's just that comfort food. everybody loves and knows fried chicken. very approachable. you know when you're getting. >> they're celebrating national fried chicken day. particular about how his chicken is prepared. >> dewane: >> now everything is fast. they throw the chicken in. you can ask any chicken person. they don't like that h. they like a well cooked chicken.
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>> how's this for convenience. get crispy crunchy chicken at the gas station. >> purposefully come here for gas. when they see and smell the chicken, they will buy the chicken too. >> addresses on the run cravings. >> hooked. >> when you bite into it, the meet is moist. and it's just it works. whatever they're doing works. >> in the south bay, san jose southern kitchen serves one big breakfast features four pieces of fried chicken plus eggs, hash browns and half waffle. >> it's the bredding i look for in the chicken. and extra favor. this one has more juicy taste to it. not dried out. especially the white meat really delicious. >> thanks for all your suggestions of where to find the best fried chicken. wish we could have got to all of them. one does not live by fried chicken alone. have to check out the best side
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dishes for fried chicken another time gl g time. >> got to have the biscuits. >> yes >> poll results. >> totally open. how do you eat your fried chib chicken. most of you are aisaying with m hands. >> i might have voted once. >> you want to weigh in on this. >> got to use the hands all the time. little bit of honey too on top. >> yes that's good. >> live doppler along with satellite. seeing high clouds streaming in. a few of us saw drops this morning. these clouds from what was health insurance hurricane fabio. adding a tropical mass overhead. typical summer spread. 68 this oakland. well into the 90s. 92 in brentwood.
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87 san jose. looks what's happening to the south. so cal sizzling. 105 in la. palm springs, 115. overnight tonight, current call. couple of clouds on the coast. plenty of stars inland. mild night for some. some cities in the 60s. launching pad to a warm start to the weekend. high of 70 in the city. 89 in san jose. warm in the south 94 in concord. if you're trying to beat the heat, hit the coast. beach forecast tomorrow is a nice looking day. got a lot of sunshine. 8 80 for santa cruz. ocean water is temperature. and remember the surf is dangerous. rip current and sneaker wave risk for the next 24 hours. along with that uv index is extreme. less than 10 minutes, you can
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burn. weather tomorrow, hot inland. keep that trend going through the weekend and in to monday as well. we are still warm. we'll start that cooling trend on tuesday, but really finish it by thursday and friday with fog and seasonal temperatures to round out the forecast. >> thanks. very hot day. if you're with michael finny. answering questions and also sampling the cuisine, i believe. >> we are. we went inside where it's air-conditio wodnritho
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. on your side no matter where you are. today michael is out at the fair. joins us live. >> we're having a great time. we're meeting a lot of people. solving a lot of problems. love you to come by and talk to us the. we thought you should meet master chef davi guys like david has three different feelers he's selling here today. doing this absolutely all day
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long. we were going to show you someone else. he told us today he had been on shark tank and won. we could not confirm that. so be careful when you're shopping anywhere. reporting live from the fair. >> looks amazing. you know, don't trust me thanks, michael. moving on, new video and records from the crash. >> whoa. >> new questions about how emergency officials handled the disaster. the united states new tariffs against china took effect
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new questions about the actions of first responders and their bosses that day. >> dan is here with investigation that you'll see only on seven. dan? >> larry and kristen. someone dropped this package at the front desk for me. didn't leave a name or contact info. contains internal fire department documents. this thumb drive with hours of video that lead to one very important question. do public officials have a duty to tell you the truth? >> the anonymous source provided airport surveillance videos of flight 214 cart wheeling down the runway. >> emergency vehicles are responding. air traffic control radio traffic. >> all airport closed. >> dewane: that video shot by crane operator high above the scene. >> i saw him coming in low. his tail, he didn't quite make the runway. >> more than two hours from a camera attached to san francisco fire chief helmet. it captures the moment johnson realize fire crews made a
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terrible mistake, two of the massive aircraft rescue and firefighting trucks rolled over 16-year-old package. >> she got run over. >> county coroner later concluded she was alive before the trucks ran her over and show a timeline of mistakes confirmed by documents. 11:28 a.m. aircraft comes to a stop. statutes deploy. passenger scramble to safety. 11:36. see her in a fetal position. they assume she's dead without touching her or taking vital signs. they don't move her to safety or put up warning markers. they direct rescue ten around her. drivi driving begins foaming the plane and apparently forgots she's there. at 11:50 drives the truck over here. 12:01.
6:32 pm
sprays is plane in parts. also rolls over here crushing her head. takes him two hours to tell the command staff what happened. one of the passengers. clearly one ran over here without a doubt. >> next stop fire chief. chief, there's a woman that's been run over by run of our rig >> is it near one of the rigs now. >> no, this happened earlier. >> says she wants to see the body. >> her head is like someone dropped a pumpkin. >> orders the rigs to remain in place so the investigation can begin. >> a lot of the plain was on fire. >> yet news conferences that same day. >> our crews made valeant efforts, were on the plane. >> and the next day she doesn't mention the terrible accident. >> it was a well coordinated efrt effort. in fact takes sit step further. >> everything worked as best it could yesterday. >> everything worked as best as
6:33 pm
it possibly could have. was that accurate from you knew. >> from what you knew, yes, it was. >> i questioned her before her meeting last beak and defended not telling the public the whole story. a fire truck running of a passenger was the best you can do. >> it was reported and all part of an investigation at that time. >> only after those news conference and repeated questions from reportered did the chief confirm the unthinkable. an airplane passenger run over by a fire truck. political science professor has taught classes on ethics. it's his opinion t the actions were irresponsible. >> she was trying to cover up what was going on. trying to make a situation seem rosier than it really was. >> tells me that could undermine people's faith in government. >> what she should have done at the very least is say there was an incident, we're investigating why it happened.
6:34 pm
and what our responsibility for this person's death was. >> i've talked to both current and former public officials and ethics professor kwhos ss who sa clearcut case you should have been up front with the public. >> it's easy for them to stand and say that when everything was under investigation. >> the chief tells me she wanted to wait until the investigation confirmed what happened, even show she saw the remains in the tire tracks. i reached out for the battalion chief who wore the camera. he did not return my phone calls. >> some of that is really troubling. so many new questions five years later. who would have thought. >> fascinating. president trump says he will announce his nominee for u.s. supreme court during a news conference on monday. the president is deciding on a replacement for retiring justice anthony kennedy and appears to
6:35 pm
narrow search to select group of appellate judges. fears whoever mr. trump picks will look towards repealing roe v. wade. >> every single one of us who cares about our daughters, our sisters, our mothers ourselves we have get out there and make our voices heard that we will not allow abortion to be criminalized again. >> albright in san jose to achieve a national achievement award. president trump's tariff on chinese goods which took effect today are triggering concerns today. including the port of oakland. managers say trade with china accounts roughly half of the cargo. agricultural exports in particular have boomed in recent years because of demand in asia. worried an all-out trade war could threaten the growth. >> the port of oakland and every port we're aware of favors free
6:36 pm
trade. business is moving goods across the water. free trade has been the impetuous for soaring economic growth throughout the 21st century. lifted millions out of poverty in asia. we will be disappointed in anything that curbs free trade. >> port employees roughly 500 people. does support 70,000 jobs in related industries. sometimes it's the small things that mean the most. next, meet the photographer filled with pride to see his pictures turned into postage stamps. coming up, see what question on your side michael is
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covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ so if you ever wonder where the pictures on stamps come from, a lot of them start out after photographs. >> doesn't pay a lot of money, but the prestige man's story. >> reporter: he's been to this place before, he'll do it again. gary of pleasant hill, not exactly a household name, but that's about to change.
6:40 pm
>> it's a little surreal. a state that makes more sense after visit to backyard studio. including 50,000 pictures not counting the rejects. entered the world of landscape photographer. work that speaks universal language. >> something asthma resinates with a part of us deep inside that likes to think of big, wild, dramatic, but at the same time inviting. >> like this for instance, from death valley. just become a best seller for gary thanks to the united states postal service. >> the series of themes is based on the theme america the beautiful. they printed 20. when gary submitted he was hoping they would buy one. instead they took seven is beyo blowing. >> many do come from this region, grizzly peek, edna
6:41 pm
valley. here's half dome. how ironic the man who makes a living selling large scale prints now has best sellers at less than one inch tall and 50 cents each. in context, size does no matter. >> it puts you in the history books. these are going to be collectible. >> noun to future generations as gary crab originals automatically timeless. >> have you bought in the stamps yet. >> it's on my to do list. >> nbc 7 news. >> we should point out the postal service bought rights to the photos. he's going to make collector in. at the allah mcounty fair. beginning to pack up. right now we've got our pop
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ ench tesla is finally offering test drives. began taking it's drive
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appointments at a handful of bay area appointments. at the location customers got the chance to take the model three out for a little spin. being able to try out the car's features was game changing to some driver >> it's amazing. met every expectation i had reading online reviews and seeing youtube videos and i was very happy with the interface and a lot of featureses that i had doubts about, i was able to confirm and feel a little comfortable with. >> along with a dublin location, tesla offering model three test drives. abc 7 news in san jose this morning when people lined up to satisfy cravings for dunkin donuts. first dunkin to open in the south bay. joining two other locations already open o ein wall frunut san francisco.
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>> this is last weekend at the county fair. faycal finny and team joining us live. a alame alameda. very nice now. actually, you get a little bit of breeze, a little bit of shade, it's very nice out here. i suggest anybody come out. we've been meeting a ton of really nice people. helping with a lot of problems and here from newark. what's your problem. >> my problem is something appeared on my credit report i had no knowledge of. i had just cleaned up my credit. my score went up drastically. when i got my credit report, something appeared on there i had no knowledge of it. >> what was it. >> payday loan from all-state llc and i don't know where it came from because i didn't do it. >> couple of things could have happened here. one could be identity theft.
6:47 pm
i'm worried about that a little bit. other is a similar name did end up on your report. >> yes, sir. >> so have you called and asked about this. >> yes, it was hard to contact is original creditor. i keep getting the runaround. it's very irritating that i have to find -- you know, i can't get in contact with anyone. >> absolutely, but you're in contact with the right guy now. we can take care of this. we'll just pick it up from here and deal with it. we'll be able to take care of it in a matter of day >> hallelujah. >> i'm glad you dropped by. we'll get the information from you. weaver going to be here another 15-20 minutes. drop on by and talk to us the. reporting live. 7 on your side. >> excellent. thank you, michael. get your questions answered alodge widglong with getting fu >> 89. >> looked like 94 earlier. >> refreshing at this hour. going be another warm one over the weekend. especially inland. 80s and 90s the name of the
6:48 pm
game. live look at santa cruz right now. still have that risk of dangerous surf. beach hazard up tomorrow. waive height up to 7 feet. see monterrey bay rip current. not only that active ocean. ocean water temperature it's pretty frigid. only in the 50s. so better to watch the waives from the beach than to go in the ocean tomorrow. overnight tonight. here we go. mild night for a lot of us. a lot of 50s around the shoreline. 60s as you move away from coast. one of those days. location key tomorrow. as to how warm you get. half moon bay not bad. 64 tomorrow afternoon. 78 in east bay. high tomorrow. numbe numbers jump. the wider picture tomorrow, highs here we go. equally as warm in south bay. the seven-day forecast of the next seven days. hot inland tomorrow. keep the friend over the
6:49 pm
weekend. into monday as well. before cooler air starts to work in the picture tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday the fog returns. back to season temperature >> that will be nice. >> i'm in for dan. anthony handing sports tonight. a's putting together a nice little run this summer. >> trying to stay red hot on road. >> pack their bags for the final trip before the
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cleveland can't be happy to see any team from oakland come to town. warriors swept the cavs in the finals. red hot a's make their way. back on the road for ten for the all-star fan. clee cleveland fans flying high. connects for first ever lead-off homer. only 80 to go to mitch the all-time record. top two, matt olson at the dish. absolutely crushes this one to dead center. estimated 467 feet. the a's with 74 homers on the road. that leads the majors. they're up 2-0. bottom three now. paul giving up double down the line to jose ramirez. two run score. played three in the inning to take a 4-2 lead. two out in the fifth. fowler with a player to ride.
6:53 pm
can't make the grab. marcus scores the a's within a run. right now cleveland leads it with a score of 6-4 in the seventh inning. >> shark siting this weekend. start saturday against the cardinals. shark is returning from second stint of disabled list bothered by injuries to shoulder and chest. game two of giants cards series is tonight in 20 minutes at at&t park. nba summer league is heating up. after rolling through the california classic in sacramento. warriors hitting sin city. tonight take on la clippers in las vegas. you heard of china clay. how about china kevin. doesn't have the same ring. hosting a basketball dmacamp. doing this for a number of years. along with teaching the fundamentals of the game, providing inspiring words. one of several warriors to have been to china during the nba offseason. world cup quarters. brazil taking on belgium.
6:54 pm
13th minute. corner kick and watch this. brazil with header in the net. belgium scoring twice in the first half. fast forward to second half. looking for equalizer. check at diving save. great stop there. power house brazil goes down. final 2-1. belgium take on neighbor france in semifinals. >> surprises mom and sister who has cerebral palsy with a new house. posted big reveal on instagram. can't believe what she's see egg. signed with the 49ers. emotional year for goodwin. played the game last season just hours after he and his wife lost their baby due to come by police stations due to pregnancy. new japan wrestling taking over the palace on saturday. sparks started flying early. >> what about on the end, what's
6:55 pm
your man. >> kgo is your name? >> don't ask questions, making him nervous. son of late legend dusty rhodes attacking intern. also on the card are bucks known for high sflflying style. in true wrestling fashion, things got personal quickly. >> i don't want a grudge. i don't want to grow up. i'm a toys r us kid. >> i'm glad they went bankrupt. >> you wanted aanted aanted aana a war. >> this has been sponsored by stanford care. >> that was sam who went out and was in the front row.
6:56 pm
in the words of the rock. it doesn't matter what your name is. join us tonight at 9:00. warren buffet, new milestone tonight for facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg. >> screams for help brought them running. hear from young teens who is saved a drowning woman. coming up on 8:00. new episode of quantico. followed by what would you do. and 20/20 and don't miss abc 7 news at 11. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7. all of us here at abc 7, enjoy your friday night. see you at 11:00.
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