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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. new video this hour shows an ambulance carrying a fifth boy who was rescued overnight from a cave in thailand. we will have updates as they continue the rescue mission this morning. it's incredible that they are getting the kids out of there and i think a lot faster than any of us expected. >> it's nice to see. good morning on this monday, july 9. it is 5:00 a.m. >> meteorologist mike nicco has a first look at your day ahead. >> jessica, reggie, starting with live doppler 7. the gray is developing along the coast. a few clouds slip into the bay this morning. total sunshine even at the coast
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heading into the afternoon hours. starting off cool this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. low to mid 60s at the coast from noon to 4:00. 76 to 81 around the bay. a touch warm. the real warmth is inland. we quickly warm to 85 at noon and hit 92 at 4:00. by 7:00, 60 at the coast, 76 to 83 around the bay and inland. still probably have the air-conditioners running in a few neighborhoods. the back to work commute. alexis. >> if you were with us last week, boy, not many folks were on the roads and likely not working either. today, though, i think that will change. i think everyone will head back after the long holiday weekend. we're starting to see the typical crawl out of tracy. 14 miles an hour, 10 miles an hour into dublin already up over an hour this morning. some of that i think is onlooker delay, folks looking at the grant fire. though all lanes are back open. bay bridge toll plaza filling
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in. stack lanes still looking good. no metering lights yet. about 20 to go for that. drive times coming up next. you see what firefighters are dealing with right now. 16 active wildfires are burning in california from the oregon border down to the mexico border. >> two right here in the bay area. and the biggest one is called the grant fire. calfire crews are trying to determine the cause of the wildfire that burned close to interstate 580 in alameda county. this is what it looked like when the grant fire started after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. 600 acres have burned. it's 40% contained. this is a live look from i-580 and flynn road in livermore. flames forced chp to close both directions of the freeway for hours last night. the freeway is back open this morning. the other local fire this morning is the bruce fire which started before 5:00 last night. it's just about fully contained. you can see the plume of smoke from theseew photos.
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calfire says the fire has burned 56 acres. abc7 news was in pittsburgh where firefighters were mopping up a fast-moving grass fire there. it briefly threatened some buildings. firefighters say winds helped flames spread to 20 acres near love ridge road and highway 4. the fire is out now. officials say it started near a homeless camp and destroyed the camp. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. the county fire in napa and yolo counties is 65% contained now. flames destroyed ten buildings. this fire started nine days ago and has scorched 141 square miles since then. mandato mandatory evacuations are still in place. delays on vta train service this morning. an investigation still under way after a deadly crash. >> two people died after police say a car tried to go around the crossing gates. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose.
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>> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. i just received an update. good news for cmu in and overhe have been repaired. we have been watching a train roll through the area over the past 20 minutes both westbound and eastbound on a single track. the trains will be operating at 5 miles per hour through the area. so there may be a delay to the schedules but at least the trains are running. this collision happened just after 12:30 yesterday afternoon. a car, a gold buick regal, was mangled while the train ran off its rails. the male driver of the buick and his passenger died at the scene. witnesses say they may have been living out of their car. >> we all went out to the car. the dude was barely breathing. people were telling him to stay with them. it's pretty hard to survive a wreck like that. >> reporter: the train operator and the roughly 20 passengers on board suffered no serious injuries. san jose police say the crossing arms were down and functioning
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but the man behind the wheel still tried to drive around them. the victims' names have yet to be released. we see the arms coming down. another train may be coming through as they continue to roll through and make sure the tracks are fine for passengers this morning. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. we are tracking the cave rescue in thailand from our live desk. this morning, divers have gotten a fifth boy out of the cave. right behind me here you see new video that just came in of that fifth boy being transported in an ambulance. i can tell you that cnn is reporting seven boys in total have been rescued. i also want to show you a live look outside the hospital right now where those rescued boys are being treated. officials say the boys are being checked for infections, that they appear to be in good health. at least five other boys and their soccer coach remain trapped right now. the team has been stuck in a flooded cave for more than two weeks now, and despite heavy
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downpours overnight water levels in the cave did not rise, which is very good news. the governor says he does hope to hear more good news soon, and we are keeping our fingers crossed. that rescue is fully finished soon. back to you. >> many in the bay area are watching the rescue unfold by the hour. that includes thai americans and a diving expert who is offering insight into the mission that's going on. >> i hope for the best for safety for the boys and the coach. >> reporter: there were sunday prayers at san temple. >> i hope the teams rest and they can all come out safely. >> reporter: cave diving expert mark messersmith is watching the rescue from florida. >> i am excited to see what the guys are doing. i continue to pray for great success. >> reporter: messersmith not only teaches people how to cave dive. he has also rescued stranded divers before.
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his videos stress safety under water. >> to keep his hands free, he pressed his fins against the cave entrance wall or leaned in with his shoulder. >> reporter: instead of a traditional scuba diving mask and regulator messersmith believes the divers will use a full face mask on the boys to keep them from panicking under water. >> the biggest thing is to get them to relax, breathe as normal, and trust the rescue divers. >> reporter: the danger remains far from over. >> hopefully everybody will come out safe and sound and we'll see this probably in a movie in a few years. >> reporter: messersmith says he is hopeful considering that a group of expert cave divers are on scene leading the operation from uk. he calls them world class and the best of the best. 2020 will air a special edition at 9:00 tomorrow on the rescues. you can find the latest on the rescue efforts by downloading
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the abc7 news app and enabling push alerts. let's start with our east bay neighborhoods. antioch, pittsburgh. 69, 68 there. we have got 64 right now in concord. still around the low 60s lafayette, pleasant hill. walnut creek. danville. mid to upper 50s from san ramon to pleasanton, livermore. grant fire, about 62 degrees with a light breeze right now, but it will pick up a little bit this afternoon and keep blowing west through the altamonte pass towards tracy. that's where most of the smoke should go. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around the bayshore into the south bay. los gatos 62. napa 53 this morning. impending sunshine? ya there are no clouds this morning. it will be a warm day. exercising, warm to hot. on the bay, a small craft
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advisory from 2:00 until 9:00. west winds up to 35 miles per hour. all the areas you see shaded yellow. that's pretty much the entire bay to the delta. peninsula. mid 70s at noon. we spike around 80 from 2:00 until 6:00. and we will have one more look at san francisco where we start after at 58 and hit the 60s at 10:00 and hang out in the mid to upper 60s from noon through 8:00 this evening. take a look a how long the heat will last coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. no major issues so far today. things are filling in, though. i think a lot of folks are returning back to their normal schedules this week. a live look at southbound 680 through walnut creek. getting busier. though i am not seeing many brake lights as you approach the 24 split. still mostly green on the traffic maps too. it is heavy out of the central valley. a slow spot here in san jose. northbound 101 past trimble road. someone called in to chp saying
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there was standing water in one lane. caltrans is coming to check it out. sounds like a water main break or something in the area. a slight delay approaching that. we'll look at drive times coming up next. thanks, alexis. you never want to see smoke on the bay bridge. that's exactly what one person filmed yesterday afternoon. a car caught fire just passed treasure island in oakland-bound lanes. according to chp the two people inside the car made it out okay. a hiker who fell down a hillside along the cliffs in pacifica was rescued by firefighters yesterday. the hiker suffered an ankle injury. fire crews hoisted him to safety in a rescue basket. he is expected to be okay. secretary of state is mike pompeo is pushing back against north korea's claims that he made gangster like demands in pyongyang.
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>> he retorted, if those requests were gangster like the world is a gangster. he says the u.s. demands for denuclearization are supported by u.n. security council members. pomp met with officials friday and saturday to create a plan. he says they made progress despite the criticism from the new york north korean foreign ministry. we are finally getting details about the companies trying to move into the transbay terminal. another incident about a dog on a plane. this one is a breath of fresh air. air. discover paint bleed you under your tape...... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint
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it's 5:14 on this monday. let's look at the next three days. a sneak peek before we get to the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. pretty steady just about everywhere. looks like the closer you are to the coast a little bit of cooling is on the way. also, got some humidity coming our way. remember how muggy it was friday? we could do it again for a few days. see you in a minute with that. jetblue to the rescue. this morning a pet owner is pretty thankful for the flight attendants who saved her dog's life. this french bulldog named darcy showed signs of distress while on a flight from florida to massachusetts on thursday. darcy's tongue turned blue. she was having difficulty breathing. flight attendants grabbed an oxygen mask to treat the dog for
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hypoxia. jetblue says it wants to make sure everyone, including passengers with four legs, have a safe and comfortable flight. >> oh! >> it's adorable. >> glad the dog is all right. starting tomorrow delta airlines will ban pit bulls from flying. >> passengers will be limited to one emotional support animal per customer per flight. pit bulls will no longer be accommodated on delta along with snakes, spiders and other more exotic pets. other airlines have put in similar changes. a woman in palo alto says she came home to find this man burglarizing her apartment around 9:30 saturday morning. the woman says she was gone for about 30 minutes and, when she came home, her front door was unlocked and the man was inside. she says the burglar shoved her into a wall and ran away. that suspect is still on the run, but the woman was able to provide a description to get that sketch. oakland police dealt with a
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really violent weekend. officers ring to a shooting involving 12 people. a woman was killed and a man injured on international boulevard near 102nd avenue. they were shot just after 9:00 saturday night as they were walking to a grocery store. and then two hours later a 35-year-old man was critically wounded at c street near 98th avenue. just after midnight sunday, a man was wounded in a robbery at 89th avenue and international boulevard. friday night, eight people were shot in four separate shootings. police say none of the incidents appear related. in today's gma first look. jody areas is appealing h conviction for the death of her boyfriend. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, it was the four-month trial that gripped the nation cap ti v convicted of first degree murder in the brutal 2008 killing of
5:17 am
her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. the 32-year-old testified for an unprecedented 18 days. three years now into serving a life sentence she is appealing to have that conviction overturned alleging, among other things, prosecutorial misconduct and that the court's failure to control news coverage created a circus like-atmosphere depriving her of the right to a fair trial. the appeal also certain tv personalities gave the trial a reality tv flavor. >>nis mis his pick for breed. most mayors are elected to serve
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four-year terms. there will be another election in 16 months. farrell says reelecting breed will allow her to execute long-term policies benefiting the city. netflix is getting rid of its online review feature. users can leave written reviews of shows and movies that they just watched but the company is doing away with that. the thumbs up or thumbs down rating system will stay. if you don't know what we are talking about it's because you probably don't use the desktop feature. that's where you could find this up until now. the new sales force transit center in san francisco is close center in san francisco is close to leasing space to shops. the transbay joint powers authority will apro prove or de the pending leases this week.
5:19 am
they could be signed within 30 days and open for business in january. the transit center is set to open next month. pretty familiar flames out there. >> it's been a long-time coming. that one will have the ariel tram from the ground floor to the park. >> it's been a nightmare to try to get past that area during the day to get home. you can see that the traffic is moving a little bit faster now. >> a lot of construction out there. >> a lot around san francisco, isn't there? a look at what's going on. everything seems to be booming, including our temperatures. beautiful shot from the exploratorium camera at pier 15. you can see, sales force tower prominently right behind the embarcadero center. gorgeous downtown! hazy sunshine today. warmer than average away from the coast. mostly clear and comfortable tonight. not quite as cool as this morning, but pretty close. almost muggy and seasonal. as we head through the extended forecast. a look at san francisco. a lot of 60s this afternoon.
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even 70s around the marina. downtown, mission and excelsior. east bay starts off in the 50s. ends up in mid to upper 70s. peninsula today we start off around 60 degrees and end up in the 80s in places like san mateo, menlo park. low to mid 60s along the coast. south bay, upper 50s to low 60s and ending up in the upper 80s. look at those 90s. san jose, about 87. north bay. 55. and then touching nearly 90 at 4:00. down to 85 at 7:00. in east bay i heard air-conditioners running this morning, even though we were in the 50s. you will want it today. look at the temperatures, low to mid 90s until you get out, highway 4, pittsburgh to brentwood. mid 90s to near 100.
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mostly sunny tomorrow. high clouds and humidity will make it feel slightly sticky wednesday into thursday. then a warming trend friday, saturday and sunday when drier air starts to roll back in. alexis. we are looking live. a pretty picture here if you are traveling almont pa traveling altamonte pass. this is 580. it's heavy before you get here coming out of the tracy stretch. hard to tell. it sounds like you still are able to possibly see flames through part of the stretch of 580. that's slowing things down a bit. all lanes are back open for this morning's commute. flipping over. a look at the drive times. we are slow but not terrible. westbound 580 tracy to dublin. 1:09 for the commute. antioch to concord 15 minutes. san rafael to san francisco is looking okay in the green at 15 minutes. starting today, a new way to report arson in oakland.
5:22 am
the city launches a new tip line and reward fund. mayor libby schaaf along with the oakland fire department and jobs and housing coalition are releasing more details tonight. the midsummer classic, known as the mlb all-star game. we know who will represent our bay area teams. blake treinen, the lone a's representative, his first all-star game and buster posey at the game for his sixth time. brandon crawford will start the all-star game for the first time, and fans know he deserves it this year. they are the ones who voted him in. >> i went before as a reserve. that was awesome. to be able to be in the start be lineup will make it even more special. i definitely appreciate all the votes from the fans, whether it was giants fans or from around the country. should be a lot of fun.
5:23 am
>> and heads up. brandon belt is one of the five players in the national league's final vote ballot, which means fans can vote until wednesday, and one of the five players will be picked to be an all-star. coming up next, seven things you need to know as you start your day. police moving in overnight on demonstrators who have been camping outside i.c.e. headquarters for a week now. a moment of happiness in the a moment of happiness in the middle of ♪ a moment of happiness in the middle of ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'.
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5:26 am
county. the grant fire has burned 600 acres. it is 40% contained. the tracks and overhead wires were repaired after a deadly crash involving vta and a car in san jose. two people in the buick died. police say the crossing arms were down and functioning, but the driver still tried to go around them. number 5. tonight president trump announces his nominee for the stroukt to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. abc7 news will have live coverage. it all starts at 6:00 p.m. number six, let's open the weather win drdow. temperatures will be anywhere from 3 degrees above average in san francisco to nearly 7 in napa where we'll hit 90 today. number seven, the full week that a lot of folks took for the fourth of july holiday is over. a lot of folks heading back to work today. the bay bridge toll plaza. no official word of metering lights but it looks thick they've been turned on.
5:27 am
once you're past those, ten minutes into san francisco. back with another 90 minutes of news. the bay area stepping up enforcement of people illegally using disabled plac [music playing] (ceo) the employee of the year, anna.
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time is up for protesters outside i.c.e. headquarters after a week of camping out. the police move in overnight. surveillance video showing a deadly crash involving a vta an that y cldov fire dowhe altamon. now it's back open but the fire area back to work. it's beginning to feel a lot
5:30 am
like summer. and there is a lot of people on the roads. >> a lot more than last week. that's for sure. there were like two cars, basically, every morning. not so much today. >> welcome back, everybody! >> back to work for you too. >> can't just sit around in the traffic center anymore. >> feels like a monday. >> kind of does, doesn't it. it will feel a lot like yesterday. let's jump right in with the accuweather forecast. clouds gathering along the coast. breeze at sfo in fairfield. only 17 and 15. that's the reason why we are waking up to this. clear conditions at the golden gate bridge. rolling out the next 12 hours starting at 7:00. we are waking up exactly where we were yesterday. mid to upper 50s. we'll be a little bit warmer at noon. 60 at the coast. 76 around the bay. 85 inland. a pretty fast warming. nearly 30 degrees in some neighborhoods over a five-hour span. at 4:00, we are still in the 60s at coast. 80s and 90s around the bay and
5:31 am
inland. 70s and 80s. a little warm during the evening hours. the traffic with alexis. starting in the south bay. 101 and 880. looking okay here. of course, the traffic on the left side is the inbound traffic. the northbound side of 101. just north of here, however, you hit a slowdown. that is due to some type of water or liquid there blocking the far right lane. northbound 101 past trimble road. sounds like we possibly have a water main break. chp is on the scene and they said that amount of water is not increasing. that's good. it doesn't sound like it's spreading. they are waiting for caltrans to help them out with that. that's pretty much it for delays in the south bay. slow traffic out of the central valley. we'll check that out next. alexis, thank you. new this morning, while you were sleeping, police officers arrested protesters camped outside i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco. >> you will see several officers in the area where demonstrators had been blocking entrances on washington and jackson streets
5:32 am
for a week. protesters were calling for the government agency to be olisd.ayhey wne protesters to leave the area because of restrictions against sidewalk camps. >> the closure of this block has also prevented the passage of traffic and emergency vehicles through this corridor. this block is being reopened to coincide with the resumption of regular traffic patterns beginning on monday morning. >> police have not said how many were arrested. today the trump administration and the aclu return to court over the battle to reunite immigrant children and their families. the aclu says it appears the administration will miss a deadline tomorrow to reunite children under the age of 5 with their parents. a federal judge in san diego issued the order in late june. the judge gave the administration until july 26 to reunite all separated children regardless of age with their families. happening right now, all lanes of interstate 580 in the
5:33 am
altamonte area of alameda county are back open after a wildfire burned very close to the freeway. >> dramatic video from alameda county fire department showing heavy smoke and flames alongside the freeway. the fire is burning on both sides of the road. chp shut down the westbound lanes for four hours and the eastbound lanes for six hours. the grant fire is burning near grant line road. it's already burned 600 acres and is 40% contained. cars going through this as smoke was drifting right over them yesterday afternoon. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, and this is just one of several fires that are keeping crews pretty busy. developing news, the surveillance video showing the deadly crash involving a car and a vta train. police say the car was trying to go around the crossing gates. >> abc7 news reporter queller keller is live in san diego.
5:34 am
>> reporter: good news for commuters this morning. the overhead wires and the tracks here have been repaired. vta crews are keeping an eye on the tracks right now. we have seen a couple of trains over the last 20 minutes roll through the area with passengers on them. now vta says the bus bridge has been canceled and the trains are operating at 5 miles per hour through this area. so there may be a delay to the schedules. the good news, the trains are running. security video from the crash yesterday afternoon. the car, a gold buick regal, was mangled while the train ran off its rails. the male driver of the buick and his male passenger died at the scene. witnesses say they may have been living out of their car. train operator and 20 passengers on board suffered no serious injuries. one passenger is recovering from a sore hand. >> it felt like a tin canas w yo ee the walls coming down on you. you don't know what to expect. i didn't know if it was a bomb or what it was. i didn't know it was a car until
5:35 am
after. >> reporter: san jose police say the crossing arms were down and functioning but the man behind the wheel still tried to drive around them. the crossing arms are coming down right now, so we expect a train to roll through the area. but they are running slow. obviously, be aware of that. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. from our live desk, we are hearing at least seven boys have been rescued from the cave in thailand earlie this morning. divers actually restarted their operation to save those boys. four were evacuated yesterday. i want to show you a live picture here from thailand of what is happening. just outside the hospital where those boys are being treated. rescuers had planned to take a ten to 20-hour break to replenish oxygen in the cave. but while you were sleeping they started up again, a few hours earlier than scheduled. more than a dozen divers including thai navy s.e.a.l.s, are guiding the boys out.
5:36 am
each is surrounded by two divers with a line tethering them together to reduce the risk of getting lost in the water. >> the restricted environment makes it challenging for even those most experienced divers. much less the kids. >> officials say the four boys pulled from the cave yesterday are all in good health, about you they are not in close contact with relatives quite yet. that's because of fear of infection. rescuers hope the operation will be completed before monsoon rains intensify. abc7 will be on the air with a special edition of "2020" tomorrow night at 9:00 on the thai cave rescues. in the meantime, for the latest on the rescue efforts download the abc7 news app and enable push alerts. happening today, president trump set to announce his supreme court nominee to fill the seat of retiring justice anthony kennedy. he will reveal this in a prime time televised address. abc7 news reporter stephanie ramos is live outside the supreme court with details on the possible frontrunners under
5:37 am
consideration. >> reporter: reggie, this is the president's second supreme court pick less than two years into his presidency. we know whoever he chooses will likely be a conservative but what most democrats are concerned with is how far to the right this potential justice could take the court. president trump is taking a page out of his reality show days, announcing during prime time his pick for the vacant supreme court seat. >> it's still -- let's say it's the four people. they're excellent. everyone. you can't go wrong. >> reporter: most democrats disagree. the top four judges were hand-picked out of a group of 25 by a group of conservative lawyers called the federalist society. judge brett kavanaugh, raymond kethledge, thomas hardiman and amy coney barrett. the crucial appointment has sparked concern with some that legalized abortion could be overturned. kavanaugh has said he would follow roe v wade fully. barrett more nuanced saying she
5:38 am
would not challenge precedent but could envision the scope of abortion rights changing. kethledge and hardeman have not spoken publicly about their views on the matter. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promised a senate vote on the new nominee by the fall just before the mid-term election. reporting live at the supreme court, stephanie ramos. back to you, reggie. abc7 will have live coverage of president trump's supreme court nominee announcement. it all starts at 6:00 right here on abc7. a reminder, you can download the abc7 news app and we'll send out a push alert the moment president trump makes his announcement. let's start the forecast with the peninsua. 50 on the coast side half moon bay. nl also have 52 in daly city.54. san carlos at 57. fremont, hayward and san jose
5:39 am
59. in concord. 70 in antioch. that sticks out as much as the 50 in santa rosa. in the south bay. hazy sunshine. driving today, yep, air-conditioning. you are going to need it this afternoon. it will be a little breezy anywhere on the bay today, in the delta. mass transit, it may be cool this morning. may be cool in san francisco. if you are leaving those areas this afternoon it will be warm to hot. places like the north bay. look at that. 59 degrees. this morning at 8:00. then already 72 at 10:00. look at that. wall to wall sunshine with mid 80s at noon if you are heading out to get readyhe0 from 2:00 through 5:00. back down into the low 80s by 8:00. for the east bay, 60 at 8:00. wall to wall sunshine also. that will push you to 76 by noon. you'll hang out in the upper 70s throughout the afternoon hours. if you don't have air-conditioning, that could make things a little warm.
5:40 am
you drop back down to about 68 degrees by 8:00. a touch of humidity. it could get muggy once again. a small chance of thunderstorms to the south. tracking that coming up. i want to bring in alexis. you are tracking a little busier commute today? busier than basically every day last week with the fourth of july holiday. one area that we really were concerned about with the grant fire, altamonte pass. that is a really tough spot anyway. all lanes back open. 580 around altamonte pass in the livermore area right now. heavier traffic on the westbound side of the roadway. it's not terrible. it's hard to tell if there is onlooker delay from the fire or if it's the volumes filling back in from the normal weekday commute. stop and go traffic there. i want to show you on our traffic maps. 5 miles an hour on 205 to tracy. up to 10 miles an hour once you
5:41 am
pass you are back in the green. filling in. bay bridge toll plaza,ghts on a. hearing we possibly have a disabled vehicle westbound 80 past treasure island. i'll check that out. another update coming up in ten minutes. apparently not everyone involved with the miss america happy about the decision to drop the swimsuit competition. a
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
about 5:44 on this monday. a laook around the states. 103 palm springs. 107. 82 san diego. 92 in l.a. near 100 in chico and sacramento. sunny but breezy i 69 in monterey and 66 in eureka. high country. 87 with mostly sunny sky in yosemite. gorgeous day today with the lowest humidity this week in tahoe. they're also going to feel the intense push of humidity from the monsoon flow. in fact, we have a chance of thunderstorms starting friday, saturday and lasting through sunday. mike, thank you. the most disruptive wildfire that's burning right now in california has grown. it's nearly 54 sq
5:45 am
>> tit's 25% contained this morning. flames killed one person and burned 72 buildings in the county. 810 structures still threatened. calfire says the fire is also threatening two power plants. water systems and endangered species habitats. some new developments from there as well. one of three firefighters injured in that fire out of the hospital this morning. he suffered severe burns on thursday when his fire engine was overrun by flames. the fighters union posted this photo on facebook. a gofundme account was set up to help pay for his expenses. it's raised more than $28,000 well above their $25,000 goal. it is no longer accepting donations. >> in the middle of destruction, a happy moment. a couple lost their home in the fire burning in santa barbara county friday night.
5:46 am
firefighters let them back in to search for her wedding ring. they found it. it was damaged. that didn't stop the husba from gng ane h cracki cracking down on the misuse of parking placards. sting operations include random audits. the city says in the past similar stings have resulted in more than 1,000 citations issued in one year. the fine for misuse or abuse of a placard is $513. a surfer is doing fine this morning, thanks to the u.s. coast guard. one of its helicopters came to his rescue after he became stranded on the rocks yesterday. an offduty life guard helped the man swim into the ocean where he could be rescued. rick lundberg shared the video. you see the surfer going up into the helicopter. in the next part of the video you see the surfe low onto
5:47 am
the beach nearby. here is the moment that touched our hearts. you see the two of them embrace. that is a big thank you for a successful and dramatic rescue. a movie shot and set in oakland had a successful limited release this weekend. it is getting rave reviews. "sorry to bother you" is the latest film to shine a light on the city. >> it's about a telemarketer trying to survive in an alternate present-day version of oakland. se an african-american man who decides to use a white-sounding voice to get ahead in his job. oakland's boots riley received positive reviews on his directorial debut. >> the inspiration is just to make a movie that you can't guess what's going on with. >> this director being from oakland, showing us that we can make it. my son right here, i want to show him that he can get out of this negative environment. >> sorry to bother you opens nationwide on friday, july 13th. it is a marvel movie,
5:48 am
though, that is back on top of the weekend box office. >> "ant-man and the wasp." rounding out the top five. here on your screen. incredibles 2. jurassic world. the first purge and secario. ant-man and the wasp. partially shot here in san francisco. you may see familiar faces. >> or a fam arm. >> there it is. mike saw the movie over the weekend, and we are kind of in it. >> yes. you three with natasha sitting there. you sitting there. jessica sitting there is the easiest to see. an ant's head covers you. >> aw, man! >> the ant is starting to move and my arm is starting to reveal -- then they cut to another scene. >> you don't see alexis at all. >> or me at all.
5:49 am
you have to go frame by fra toh >> really is. blink and you miss the entire thing. >> pretty much. >> it's really quick. >> the cue is it says good morning, bay area, time to get up. blah, blah, blah. and then you see us in the background. you see you in the background. >> oh, man. >> it's a good movie. it was a really fun movie. if you liked the first "ant-man" you'll like this one even better. >> it's an honor to be kind of part of it. >> i tell everybody, yeah. that's me. look at the dark hair. that's me. >> we'll take our three seconds of fame, right? >> i tell everybody i am reggie. let's talk about what's going on weather-wise. the scenes were shot, some of them, around the studio. sutro tower. beautiful shot this morning. you see a little bit of haze out there. the marine layer compressed down to about 500 feet. it doesn't have any moisture. we'll be slightly hazy with above average temperatures. humidity and the clouds are coming as the monsoon will touch
5:50 am
us for a couple of days. then we have got heat returning for the weekend. a look at the area of high pressure moving over colorado with the clockwise flow. you see it directing some of the monsoon moisture into the southern third of the state. it's going to stay there for the next day or so. that means today we'll at least have a dry heat, 82 in milpitas. 87 san jose. 80 board walk in santa cruz. we'll have 81 at san mateo. palo alto 84. low to mid 60s along the coast. 82 in petaluma. 92 in santa rosa, 90 sonoma and napa. east bay shore, 74 in berkeley. low 80s around union city, fremont and also knnewark and hercules. 99 in brentwood. cool night tonight with temperatures in the 50s. except for antioch, we'll be in the upper 60s like we are this
5:51 am
morning. a little sticky with high clouds tomorrow. most humid day will be wednesday. hottest day could be a repeat of today. and that will be saturday and sunday with the warmth then. alexis. everyone is heading back to work this week after the fourth of july holiday. but so far we have got mostly ant to take you into the bay bridge, though. a new issue westbound 80 past treasure island. a disabled vehicle blocking the far right lane. a backup beginning behind that. chp on the way to the scene. past that things look great the rest of the way into san francisco. a pretty start to the day. it's clear and pretty sun rise shots out there. ma no delays in mass transit. vta, matt keller has been covering this for us this morning. a deadly crash yesterday involving a vta train. the track repairs are complete and trains operate at 5 miles
5:52 am
hour through the scene. a new battle over the direction of miss america this morning. >> the pageant dropped the . some are calling for members of the board to resign. chairwoman gretchen carlson is a former miss america herself. carlson quickly enacted some change to the organization and last month announced the end of the pageant's swimsuit competition. it is now an internal war that is brewing around this change. carlson is talking about it on "good morning america." >> this was something that the board had a spirited discussion about. we want to pay tribute to tradition. we believe that physical appearance and beauty and being fit, that is empowering. we are just not going to judge women on that anymore.
5:53 am
>> the nationally televised miss america broadcast is set up for september 9th here on abc7. new at 6:00, the big change coming to starbucks that could change the way you drink your drink. first, an outage forced movie pass users to use actual movie pass users to use actual money to pay for tickets friday
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5:55 am
the number of families who live outside san francisco but are trying to get into the city's public schools is on the rise. this is residency problems we are talking about. there were 53 cases this year, up from 48 and 34 before that. the district's educational center has already flagged
5:56 am
17 cases for potential fraud for the upcoming school year. attention movie pass holders. you may be owed a refund. the app did not work friday night, so pass holders had to spend cash to see a movie. movie pass says it will refund customers who bought tickets the old fashioned way. just send a chat message in the app. you want to use your receipt, including the movie title, showtime and theater. alexis. thank you, jessica. overall we are looking okay for the morning commute. we are starting to ramp up in several areas, including the bay bridge drive. metering lights are on at 531 this morning. we have a disabled vehicle westbound 80 past treasure island. no issues from highway 4 to the maze. 19 minutes. it is a 16-minute drive across the bridge into the city. southbound 101. san francisco to sfo looking good. in the green at 8 minutes. gorgeous start to the day, mike. >> hi, everybody. never more than 7 minutes away from my forecast. sun is up. which means this is as cool as it will get today. temperatures will run anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees above average. that's 70 in san francisco.
5:57 am
it looks comfortable. it is the oasis in the desert of heat that will be all around us today from 105 in phoenix, 103 in reading, 102 in bakersfield. cubs in town tonight. 66 at 7:15. 62 later. a little breezy. enjoy the game. new at 6:00. do you need a reason to ditch the tie this morning? it could be hurting your brain. >> that's -- i guess that's my excuse. also, the race against time in thailand. more kids pulled from that water-filled cave overnight. and the rescue effort is not over yet. straight ahead, the new rules for anyone who flies with
5:58 am
5:59 am
hi, good morning. it is monday, july 9th. natasha is off this morning. i am joining you. >> a lot to tell you about this morning including wildfires in the area and the dramatic rescue
6:00 am
in thailand that continues to go on. first we'll start with the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco. tracking clouds along the coast. unlike yesterday morning they are not making the turn to the east. they're pretty much staying there. they will evaporate to even bryn you sunshine this afternoon. temperatures above average just about everywhere. cool this morning. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. antioch and your immediate neighbors near 70 this morning. at noon. 60s at the coast. wi by 4:00, 81 to 92 around the bay and inland neighborhoods. 76 to 84. still a little warm at 7:00. looks like everybody is heading back to work today, possibly, alexis. oh, yeah! i think the majority of folks are after the holiday weekend. traffic in san jose. northbound 101 is jammed. look


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