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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the hospital in an isolation unit, away from gemps and infections. >> from germs and infections. >> they were in that cave a long time exposed to human waste and infections can be treated and breakdown. >> reporter: the boys are hungry but happy adding the staff at the hospital dedicated an entire floor to care for the boys and set up the emergency room with new equipment just to treat infections. the boy's families may eventually be allowed to visit through a glass partition. officials are calling the system using the buddy system successful. that system involved each boy making the trek out of the cave, accompanied by two divers with the lead rescuers accompanying the boy carrying his air tank. the divers are resting in preparation for the next round while teams are re-supplying the
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tunnels with oxygen. officials say it is possible, the remaining five, four boys and coach could be rescued tomorrow. ultimately that is up to the divers who so far stuck with the plan of rescuing four people per day. abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. we understand none of the parents have been allowed to see the boys who have been rescued and don't even know whether their own son is among those freed. any idea when and why officials are handling it this way? >> they said they're doing it out of respect for the families whose children have not been rescued. they did it after day number one and day number two today. as for a timeline, they haven't talked about a timeline. based on that logic, you would think the names will be released once everyone is pulled out. >> that will be soon. thank you. this ordeal started june 23rd
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when the soccer team and coach were trapped in that cave. as the world pondered their rescue, tragedy occurred july 6th, when a diver died. they got four boys out of the cave, described as the weakest in the group and earlier today four more boys were brought out of the flooded cave. that leaves the coach and four boys left to be rescued. we will air a special edition tomorrow on thailand rescue race against time, just download the app and enable push alerts. heavy rains and mudslides in japan, countless homes destroyed by torrents of mud and water, roads swamped, making it difficult for some rescuers to reach the communities. there have been over 200 mudslides since the rain started friday. about 2 million people have
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either been forced out of their homes or told they should evacuate. >> the investigation continues in san jose into why a driver crossed light rail tracks when the crossing arms were down. >> the results were deadly. two men killed, a driver and passenger. david louie live at the crossing at lincoln avenue with the latest. >> reporter: the horrible accident was witnessed by customers at a nearby brewery that sits along the cracks. the coroner's office has not identified the two dead men or passenger. there is no indication the crossing arms were malfunctioning at the time of the accident. four lanes of traffic crossed the vta tracks on lincoln avenue. when the crossing arms descend they block vehicles from proceeding. some decided not to stop and wait for the light rail train to pass. look at this surveillance video from the brewery, they get
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struck by the northbound train causing it to derail while pushing the car until it could stop. police say there's no question what happened. >> crossing arms were down and the driver went around it. that's when the train collided with the car. >> reporter: witnesses were shocked by what they saw. >> woe all went out to the car and the dude was barely breathing and people were telling him to stay with im. it's pretty hard to survive a wreck like that. >> reporter: jose was one of the passengers on the train. >> it felt like a tin can was crunching and you see the walls on you and i didn't know what to expect. i didn't know if it was a bomb or what. >> reporter: in the video the car appears to be going on the wrong side of the streets but the train hit the car. it is not toes get around crossing arms at this location. a concrete divider separate the two sides approaching the crossing and a seconds concrete
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barrier between the tracks. police say there's no excuse for ignoring crossing arms. >> even if they look in both directions they don't know how fast the train could be going, a blank spot, a lot of factors that it would be prudent for people to wait. >> reporter: vta says the speedometer is 55 miles an hour but typically trains only travel 7 1/2 miles per hour between stations. coming up on abc7 news at 5, a closer look how vta is trying to educate the public on rail safety. david louie, abc7 news. another tragedy to tell you about, a man is under arrest after a 2-year-old fresno boy apparently shot and killed himself over the weekend. the father was at home with his father's fiance and a family friend. he left the boy in the living room to watch cartoons, while they went to a bedroom to play video games.
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about 30 minutes later they heard a pop and found the boy on his bedroom floor and the gun belonged to a family friend who told police he had left it out. >> he took full responsibility for the death of jace alexander, believed it was his fault for leaving that firearm in a place jace was able to access it. >> the man faces a charge of criminal storage of a firearm. state law requires firearms to be stored and locked when ever a child can access it. the massive wildfire. still growing but making considerable progress. they expect to have it contained by thursday. it burnt more than 90,000 acres, the largest so far. containment up to 73% and evacuation in some places in yolo county. 16 structures destroyed, not clear if any were homes.
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by the california-oregon border they are making progress. it did cross the state line over the weekend and 30% contained. it burnt more than 35,000 acres, roughly 55 square miles. one person died when their home caught fire. three firefighters injured but expected to recover. this caused the interstate to shut down last week. it's been a busy start to california's fire season. more than a dozen fires from this map. not just this one area, they're all over the state. it is the first of the season due to wildfire. now,cceather foca with spencer christian. >> at doppler 7. let me show you how dry it is and why we have fire concern. three months ago the bay area looked like this, very green and
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lush vegetation. today, more brown than green, dangerously dry and elevated is miles an hour generally with gusts occasionally. windy around the bay area and drier. the higher threats generally between 12:00 noon and 8:00 p.m. vegetation reaches the fuel for fires. and fires can easily start and spread. it doesn't look like they will change significantly this week. larry. >> take a look at what our camera spotted at the port of oakland. the cherry blossom container ship docked there, called the one confidence, the newly branded symbol of japan's
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recentlynes and expected to be hundreds of those ships with the colors of the cherry blossom tree, the symbol of spring. the clock is ticking down to the supreme court nominee. >> we're very close to making a decision. >> while that decision has been made, we're waiting for an announcement that could affect generations. >> there's a new reward for tracking down this suspect. did round-up cause cancer? a trial that involves one of the most widely used pesticides gets under way today. this is the upper deck incoming to san francisco. pretty light
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we are listening two hoursa will toeplaustice kennedy on the supreme court. >> it could impact generations to come andowom t supreme court. >> reporter: president trump producing primetime television, the much anticipated announcement who he will pick to replace justice anthony kennedy. in reality trutv fashion, teasing on twitter, i have long heard the most important decision a u.s. president can make is the selection of a supreme court justice. will be announced tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> we are close to making a decision. >> reporter: his short list whittled down to
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kavanaugh, amy barrett, hardiman. >> i have no doubt it will be a good one. >> reporter: his next nominee could be a swing vote to overcome cases like roe v. wade. >> justice kennedy was the fifth vote to uphold roe versus wade. if he's replaced, we may see the end of constitutional abortions in this country. >> reporter: senate republicans with a one seat majority. and democrats wanteding it held off until after midterm elections hoping to gain control. >> these are extreme on women's production rights and voting rights and extreme on gun rights. >> reporter: the fight for the
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president's pick starts tonight. already two democratic senators have plans to join progressive rallies outside the supreme court. bay area lawmakers reacted today. senator dianne feinstein tweeted the supreme court must protect the rights of all americans not just the wealthy and powerful. president's plans to nominate an extremist is a disservice to all. kamala harris, trump was clear during the campaign about his list of potential scott tus nominees against the rights of women. today's scotus picks represents a turning point. we need to stay loud if we want to defend the rights of women and lbgtq people. >> it will start at 6:00 tonight on abc7. one of the biggest rewards offered for information on unsolved arson cases and oakland.
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coalition of builders putting up $300,000 to catch anybody responsible for burning down multi-family developments. there were four major construction fires in the past two years. five in 2012. past few years. lyanne. >> reporter: i looked it up. this has to, some kind of record. $300,000. rewards of $50,000 have been offered in the past and no one has come forward. >> you will not get away with destroying a residential construction project in oakland. >> reporter: awarded by oakland's mayor backed by a coalition of developers. the housing coalition announcing its members are offering a $300,000 reward to catch the person or people responsible for desroying multi-family units
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under construction. >> we believe -- we're not experts -- but we believe the fires have a certain signature conducted by the same person. >> reporter: last year, the construction site of the broadway valdez project went up inflames. the cause of the blaze was not determined, investigators have never ruled out arson. today, they are rebuilding what was lost and today they have added security measures. on the oakland-emoryville border, this housing construction project has been burned down twice. >> this is a disturbed individual who has no regard for life for property. >> the mayor says these huge fires have not deterred developers from investing in oakland. >> you just need to look out at our skyline to see we are building a record number of housing units right now. >> reporter: many of these projects are mixed income housing, some are low-income. >> the only way we're going to stop the loss of residets in
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oakland is build a lot of housing units. burni burning it down when we are trying to build up won't help that. >> reporter: at this moment, there are 6,650 units under construction in oakland. as you can see behind me, construction in front of me and also construction. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. thank you. kent mather says they expect to open in time for a new session this sunday. they had to close after a come mack virus at camp mather. it decided it decided to close to sanitize the camp and keep the virus from spreading. campers who were supposed to be there this week will get a full refund. good camping weather? the heat? >> i would say bring the fog
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back. good camping weather. if you like it clear to mild, i guess you call that good camping weather. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies cover the entire area coast to inland. from the east bay hills camera, virtually no hit of marine area, well offshore. 68 degrees in san francisco, 74 in oakland, 80 in mountain view, 87 at san jose. 64 at half moon bay. looking at clear skies at the golden get a, look at the warmth inland, 93 at novato, 95 in livermore. one more live view, the beach looks like a good place to go now. a few people have gone there, to santa cruz. we will see mild coastal conditions and warm inland conditions. this breezy pattern persists the
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remainder of the week and fire concerns remain elevated. look for mainly clear skies and a patch may form over the coastline. mid to upper 50s and low 60s and farther inland, lows in the low 50s. in the bigger picture, a set of high pressure and clockwise pulling up that monsoon moisture into the in ter mountain region off the pacific northwest coast, an area of low pressure. our breezy conditions are a result of combined circulations around the two systems. we will see this strong flow onshore a few days. those two systems show little sign of budging. going into tomorrow, looks like another breezy day along the coast and inland along the bay. we will see wind speeds 15-20 miles an hour. highs tomorrow will range from
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low to mid-60s on the coast to mid-70s and 80 degrees around the bay. some areas, low 90s tomorrow. limp, 91 in the north. we will see a high of 90 at santa rosa. beach forecast tomorrow, great, mid-60s the high in most beach locations, warmer at santa cruz, 78 tomorrow, sunny, breezy, warm, high uv index. don't forget to apply the sunscreen if you're out in the sun tomorrow. we see a little dip in temperatures near the end of the week. highs upper 80s and upper 70s. minor warming over the weekend and temperatures bounce back to 90 inland or above. very little change in the pattern all week long. good weather but elevated fire concerns. oakland joins hollywood, making a big deal out of the
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east way this summer. kaitlyn applied for 200 scholarships. who has time for that? a new website is designed to streamline the process and get your students more money. no streamlining of the traffic on the commute home, right?101, s jose heading south, pretty jammed
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bgrhy "confidential," his partner of many years said he had a blood clot and cardiac arrest. just a few days before his birthday. this is a 1965 gibson sg electric guitar guitar guitar gr bob dillon. he owns a guitar shop and sold it to the late rocker years ago. the bids start at $150,000. a movie set and filmed in oakland had a successful limited release this weekend and is getting rave reviews. >> called "sorry to bother you" the latest film on the city. showing us what cinematic portrayal means for oakland. >> i really need a job. >> reporter: "sorry to bother you" tells the story of a telemarketer trying to survive
4:25 pm
in the present day of oakland. he has received positive debuts on his directorial review. here he is at the film's premiere. >> the inspiration is to make a movie that you can't guess what's going on. >> reporter: oakland residents are embracing the film. >> showing us we can make it. my son right here, i want to show him he can get out of this negative environment. >> reporter: showtimes in the bay area are selling out, the latest to showcase oakland on the big screen. >> i think it's very relatable to people across the country. >> reporter: marvel's "black panther" release, and this tells a story about the intersection of class and race in a gentrifying oakland. >> it is a city often painted in a broad swath as a dangerous city. >> reporter: lonnie brooks is a
4:26 pm
communications director at cal east bay and says it's helping to tell the real stories of those who live and w b. >> i'd like to see a positive narrative about oakland that sees us 10 or 20 years in the future. >> reporter: "sorry to bother you" airs. >> i will come back tomorrow and the next day and next until i get to see it. a disturbing video of an officer pointing his gun at children. >> what the kids are saying and where that officer is today. >> mr. weinstein is not a predator. predator. he is not a ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine
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get my new spicy chicken club combo with a spicy, crispy chicken breast, hickory-smoked bacon, and melted cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink, for just $5.99! $5.99? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my spicy chicken club combo today. hear the stories making headlines at 4:30. four boys rescued from a cave in thailand are now recovering from the hospital. doctors say they're safe and conscious. eight children now removed. another four boys and their coach remain inside the cave. they will decide tomorrow if they will bring out all five remaining people or split it into two groups. the president names his choice for supreme court justice in two hours. you can see it live. word is that he has chosen
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former senator jon kyl to help him navigate the process, and kyl is known for stating 94% of family services is for abortion. residents of berkeley marina park were evicted. they're fight back and their demands of the city. a police officer in el paso, texas, is being investigated after this video shows him pointing his gun at children before aggressively arresting one of the boys. natalie has a closer look at the tense confrontation. >> reporter: watch as this el paso police officer draws his gun on a group of kids, many believed to be under 10 years old. >> reporter: the children shouting profannie as he tries to stop a teenager, his knee buried into his head and the second officer helps drag him on
4:31 pm
the street. >> he had my >> reporter: the trconfrontatio escalates when the second officer whips out his baton and push as woman. >> i see the officer choking my son, what are you doing? i got up on his face. >> we will put a report on these two fools. >> reporter: the police department launched an investigation after the tense confrontation was posted to facebook friday. the city says that were responding to a trespassing call and unclear what led to this volatile interaction. >> the officer is a four year veteran and placed on desk duty pending results of the internal investigation. "abc news," los angeles. dozens of immigrant children separated from their parents at the border are not back together. today, the judge extended the deadline for reunification.
4:32 pm
last week, the judge said they should all be back with parents by tomorrow. the justice department asked for an extension. 100 will be reunited by tomorrow. they're still working on relationships and background. a representative from this group told us they want to see sales force and other companies cancel their contracts with border protection and i.c.e. sales force has said while cpb is a customer, the company is not working with the agency when it comes to separation of families at the border. overnight, police arrested protesters that camped outside i.c.e. headquarters in san francisco. demonstrators have been blocking entrances on washington and jackson streets since last week. protesters were calling for the government agencies to be abolished. they warned protesters to leave the area because of restrictions
4:33 pm
against sidewalk camps. opening statements as the chemical monsanto against a man who has cancer from the weed wed round-up. >> the first of thousands of lawsuits brought against the company. melanie. >> reporter: absolutely. the attorney for the first plaintiff saying his client is on borrowed time. they didn't expect him to make it to this trial, the attorneys' plaintiff with opening statement well into this afternoon, the defense presenting their opening statement. when i stepped out of court, that was still happening late today. we think they may be breaking for the evening because we've seen what may be a couple jurors possibly walking out. that will likely pick back up tomorrow. what is at issue is whether or not round-up weedkiller caused dwayne lee johnston's cancer, a
4:34 pm
father of two. he worked for benicia school district in 202012 becoming the pest manager. his attorney said a large part of his job was to spray round-up weed kill, often 50-60 gallons at a time. after two years he developed lesions on his body later diagnosed as non-hodgkin's lymphoma. they focused on choice that monsanto took away his client's ability to choose by not disclosing potential dangers of round-up weedkiller. >> if you don't give somebody a choice and somebody gets hurt because of that or god forbid, somebody actually gets cancer, i personally believe and i think you will as well, you should be responsible for the consequences of that. >> the scientific evidence is overwhelming these produce do
4:35 pm
not cause cancer and did not cause mr. johnson's cancer. much of the trial will likely focus on various studies that have tested the main ingredient in round-up and its effects. there's focus on johnson having called monsanto twice after he developed lesions later diagnosed as non-hodgkin's lymphoma. his attorney says both calls were never returned by monsanto. this could be a precedent setting case. exct to of t live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc news." harvey wine seen pleads not guilty. the movie mogul was back in court facing a third sex crime charged. he was in handcuffs this morning. the arraignment follows new allegations he committed a sex crime against a third woman. he was previously indicted on charges involving two other
4:36 pm
women. >> any suggestion mr. weinstein raped anyone based on the overwhelming evidence i have in my possession already is a ludicrous suggestion. >> a judge released weinstein on jail. more than 70 women have accused the 66-year-old of sexual misconduct. weinstein's attorney says he's expecting more charges. update on a bear we first told you about. so unhealthy, she lost all her hair. look at that. more ahead. no more straws at starbucks. we will show you what you will get instead. no more fog on the coast. sunshine and warm weather, coming up. let's take a look at how your commute is going, heading to the bay bridge toll
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all her fur because of mange got emergency care and then the wildlife fish department drove her in. >> we never had a case of mange this bad before. that was a new one and she came to us just in the nick of time. >> reporter: the wildlife facility is sharing these pictures and videos of eve's treatment including special medicated baths. >> you wouldn't think getting a bath is life saving. in this case it is. >> reporter: the dead crusty skin was removed, leaving healthy pink skin ready to grow fur. in just 20 days, eve gained 20 pounds. she was so small the team estimated she was only about a year old. now, six months later, eve is up to 70 pounds and well on her way to a full fur coat. >> she's climbing trees
4:41 pm
regularly, she's exploring the enclosure and also playing in the pond we've given her. >> reporter: a big surprise is eve's age. a dental exam shows she's really 3 or 4 years old. she was likely small because she was so sick. eve's mange, now completely gone. she does have lingering skin issues and the team is still assessing when and if she can be released. reggie, abc7 news. >> eve's caregivers are doing everything they can to get her back to the wild. it's really expensive, paid for with donations. if you'd lining to help eve or other wild animals in need, our link is on "abc news".com. we have sunny skies across the bay area, no marine layer forming. we may see a patch near parts of the coastline overnight.
4:42 pm
overnight temperatures in the low 50s. sunny skies, early morning to late in the evening. temperatures warm up to mid-80s by midday, mid-70s during the day mid-atlantic 90s around the bay and low 60s around the coast and temperatures gradually taper off in the evening hours. 64, half moon bay. 76 across the bay in oakland. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. temperature won't change very much except on friday. it may see a little bit of dip in temperatures by just a couple degrees. we'll warm up again over the weekend and remain in this steady summer-like range. near 90 around the weekend and 80 around the coast. big news for commuters. the san francisco county transportation authority is considering one plan. it would have a southbound
4:43 pm
carpool line from king street to the extension down to fso. that's the red lane. the northbound carpool lane in purple would follow the same route but a gap between the point on 101 and postal street at 280. the price tag for the project could be as high as $100 million. it would involve converting the shoulder or existing lanes and questions whether they would become express lanes and charge drivers a toll. >> this may look like child's play but this is serious stuff. it could make a huge difference for stroke victims. i'm michael finney. i receive hundreds of c hi, i'm bob harper, and i recently had a heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin. no more than 100 milligrams as it affects how well brilinta works.
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a new medical device could make a big difference for streak patients part of a clinical trial. >> joy in los angeles shows us how this device could help stroke patients regain use of their limbs. >> reporter: something as simple as tapping a balloon could become a difficult task if
4:47 pm
you're one of thousands of americans who suffer a stroke each year. >> i couldn't walk or talk. it was bad. >> reporter: graham has come a long way since his stroke in 2014 but still struggles with opening a jar or cutting his food. >> it is work everyday, it's stress for me, mainly, because i will never be like i was. >> reporter: now, this resident is taking part in a clinical trial at rehabilitation center in downie, one of just 15 participating in this study. it's called the vivistim system and hoping stroke victims can regain use of their limbs. >> i would like for this to ef efficacious. >> reporter: that's medical speak for effective. it connects to the vagus nerve
4:48 pm
and connects to the brain. in this video a signal is sent to the therapist during exercise to teach the brain how to move stroke affected limbs. >> all the therapy is learning how to use the hand better but the problem is here. >> reporter: all stroke victims in the past could do is physical exercises which is what makes this study so exciting for researchers and participants. w people if it works would be great. >> reporter: the clinical trial is still accepting patients and the treatment is likely years away from possible approval. abc7 news. here's a reason to make casual fridays and everyday thing. a new study says wearing a tie could be bad for your brain. i am living proof of that. on new research published in the journal, neuroradiology says men wearing ties experienced 7.5%
4:49 pm
reduction in blood flow to the brain. you see this everyday. >> that is why we have an extra tie hanging on the set. one of the guys earlier today took it off. >> it should be mandatory. 7.5 were those who wore open collared shirt. only 30 men participated. they didn't look into impact of blood flow and reaction times and decision making. i'm here to say that was accurate, 30 guys or not. >> i'm here for high heels. let's do that as the next story. >> michael finney loosening up his tie receiving hundreds of complaints. >> every complaint is r r r michael is here with the complaints. wouldn't you feel better without your tie? how many more complaints would you get to? >> 5.7% more.
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i got an e-mail saying she was unfairly charged by fast track and paid the toll driving across the golden gate bridge but charged an additional $25 for toll evasion and then started getting delinquent notices. turns out fast trac thought she had driven through the toll twice and we were able to get her a $75 refund for toll and fees. a man went into a store to purchase a new screen projector. an employees told him they didn't have one for his phone -- screen protector. they said he could buy a new model and if he didn't like it he could return it. they said it wasn't allowed because this was an upgrade from his old phone. we contacted metro pcs. they agreed to let him return the phone for a $228 refund.
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rid of plastic straws at all its stores by 2020. the question is, how do you enjoy an iced coffee or tea? all in the lid. a strawless lid so people can sip their beverages. they go through a billion each year and they make up half of starbucks sales. the move comes as starbucks hometown of seattle just banned the straws. san francisco and then berkeley all considering them. berkeley thinking of banning them all together. and alameda only if customers request them and statewide law would be by request only. there's so much plastic in the oceans, this is one step. >> good.
4:53 pm
millions of scholarships that could go unused. a new website to get money for college. >> a look at abc7 news at 5. >> new at 5, a champ that calls the bay area home. >> we love the bay area. me and my entire family are so happy to live there. >> he just achieved his dream while making mma history. the local kids could not be more excited. apple's update, something for everyone to love and hate. for everyone to love and hate. a ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive
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tonight in primetime it's "the bachelorette," followed by "the proposal". the average college student loan is $40,000. you know how stressful applying for college is a nightmare. a new website streamlining that process to get your kids more money and faster. >> reporter: beneath cloudless blue skies at shoreline lake in mountain view, kaitlyn is doing what recent high school graduates should be doing, enjoying summer, not thinking about the stress of scholarship applications. >> i was getting rejection letters, i want to say to over
4:57 pm
200. >> reporter: kaitlyn is set to study at berkeley in the fall. because of a new website, she can focus on classes. not student debt. >> i have enough to cover my tuition, $14,000 from the website. >> reporter: partners and organizations streamline the scholarship application process. >> i only had to fill out my basic information once. >> reporter: founder and ceo, charlie maynard said the website was founded by his own frustrating search and mounting student loans. >> i had 50 different scholarships but no one place to apply for all of them. with all this madness, i'm still in student debt today. >> reporter: the site helps smaller organizations that raised $80,000 for students this year. get the word out. >> the number of applications increased this year over previous years by about 15%.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: by matching more students with more scholarships, everybody wins. >> it was like a big feeling of accomplishment. >> this is what makes it all worth it. it's really cool. >> reporter: since the website was created, more than a million dollars in scholarships have been given this fall. abc7 news. more than 15,000 students use it and the average scholarship is around $5,000. the company's goal is to partner with every high school in the country. we have a link to their site at our site. get the latest news any time with our abc7 news app with enhanced video features and customization and personalized push alerts you want delivered to your phone in real-time. thanks for joining us for "abc news" at 4. >> literally have nowhere ht
4:59 pm
else to go. >> the future is packing, leaving many to wonder where they're going to spend the night. what went wrong? that deadly train accident in san jose and mystery over the y. >> a little boy left at the train station. authorities say his mother is from walnut creek. we put out the call to san francisco and there is a massive ground swell. >> a huge show of support for a problem many say has reached the tipping point. live where you live, abc7 news. the war on homelessness is being fought on both sides of the bay tonight. in berkeley, the battle of people living in these rvs and the focus on big business and taxing them to pay for housing. >> we have team coverage on this issue tonight. abc7 news laura anthony is in berkeley. we begin with carolynn san fran.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: today was the deadline to turn insignificants for ballot measures for any of that still have to be certified and veried. the supporters of this homeless measure are confident they have more than enough. these boxes hold petitions with more than 28,000 signatures, nearly three times more than needed to put the measure called our city a home on the november ballot. supporters celebrated at city hall, calling it a bold plan to address homelessness. >> san francisco is ready for this. they're ready to turn around this crisis. >> reporter: the measure would raise $300 million a year, half going to permanent including construction and rental subsidies and 5% for mental health and substance abuse. the city


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