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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 11, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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. we've had a warm start to the week. here's a live look at san francisco. >> if you enjoy that type of weather like i do, too bad. a lot of us are going to start to feel that cooldown pretty soon. i felt it last night. >> i had to close the window this morning, mike. it was getting a little too chilly. >> i did the opposite. i turned the air conditioner off and opened the window this morning. gives you an idea where you live what you have to deal with with the layerringi drizzle to the coast and to the bay bridge this morning. possibly even the golden gate bridge. keep an eye on that this
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morning. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. it's better sleeping weather than it was yesterday morning. we'll stay in the 60s at the coast. mid to upper 70s from noon to 4:00. low 80s to low 90s. while that's hot inland, not as hot as yesterday. by 7:00, near 60 at the coast. near 70 at the -- here's alexis with the morning commute. >> really the only issue we've had has been in the south bay. that is fire of some type. i don't think a vehicle is involved. that never was mentioned. it was a vegetation fire just before 101 around king road. emergency fire crews got there about 30 minutes ago they're reportedly in the two right lanes. >> confirming if that is the case. checking out the san mateo bridge, still light here. westbound 92. if you're leang looking good for your commute. alexis, thank you.
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san francisco's new mayor, london breed will be sworn in today. >> the last minute preps are happening at city hall for the big event. reporter amy hollyfield is live for us this morning. amy? >> reporter: good morning, reggie. the swearing in will happen here on the steps of city hall. you can see they have set up a stage. two jumbotrons and a thousand chairs. they are available on a first come first serve basis. london breed is set to make history when she becomes the city's first african american female mayor. she'll be sworn in by a former san francisco mayor, gavin newsom. the voice of the giants will be the mistress of ceremonies. breed says her speech today will strike a tone of unity and hope. after the swearing in, breed is expected to greet people in her new city hall office for a couple of hours. this is a general seating check-in point over here at grove and polk. this is where you'd want to come if you'd like to get a seat and
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attend the ceremony. it starts at 11:00 this morning. keep in mind, all of the seats are on polk street. avoid this area if you don't want to go to the swearing in. it starts at 11:00 this morning if you'd like to attend. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. or watch it here. the inauguration anywhere you are. download our abc 7 news app. or go to we'll be live streaming. of course, this is all happening because of the unexpected ed le. yesterday, the san francisco international airport took a step closer to having part of the airport named after lee. they plan to form a committee to study the topic. they hope to have a recommendation by january. right now, police are searching for this car, you see highlighted in our video. the driver accused of hitting a pedi cab two weeks ago.
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kevin manning, the operator of the cab died. kate larsen shares his story and the change many say needs to happen now. >> reporter: pedi were noticeably missing. only a few were down the busy bike path. m many of them took the night after learning kevin manning passed away. >> we were holding out a lot of hope. >> she's a part owner of the tax -- she leased him his cab for the past few years. a hit and run driver crashed into his cab on june 27th while he was transporting a family. >> he always had a smile for me. he had a granddaughter and we would always talk about his granddaughter. he was a wonderful person. we are really devastated. >> a deputy suspects this driver in this gold honda civic is responsible for the hit and run. >> from our surveillance
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footage, it looks like the suspect vehicle went over to that lane of traffic striking the pedi cab and ultimately taking off. >> he worked with kevin at cabry 'ol taxi and hopesawar them. >> be patient. the at the end of the day, getting there 30 seconds faster isn't worth somebody else's life. i spoke with aaron peskin and they're working to get together a reward on the suspected hit and run driver. he's also working to get more funding dedicated to transportation and bike lane safety throughout san francisco. but particularly right here along the embarcadero. live in san francisco, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. hayward police suspect street racing was the cause of a deadly crash monday night. ak camaro hit a woman and she later died at the hospital. police arrested the 21-year-old
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driver who stayed at the scene. investigators are asking anyone with information on the crash to come forward. the family of a missing oregon woman is offering $10,000 to help find her. >> 23-year-old angela hernandez has been missing since friday morning. she was driving from oregon to los angeles when she stopped to sleep behind a safeway. she texted her sister that night and has not been heard from since. >> she is very loved by a lot of friends and family. and strangers, even at this point. we just want her home. we want her home and safe. as soon as possible. >> investigators tracked her phone to an area 1 hour south of san jose. the sheriff's office flew over the area searching for her white jeep. so far, it's empty. look at this huge fire in antioch at an building. it happened on barcelona circle. it destroyed ten
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the hospital for burns and smoke inhalation. the cause is under investigation. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. temperatures are cooler in san francisco by about 2 or 3 degrees compared to yesterday. that puts us in the mid-50s. potrero hill. chris i field, financial building, all at 55 degrees. dally city, a little milder. palo alto at 60. 61 at tracy. pittsburgh at 63 degrees. you can see the flags starting to point more to the east. the sea breeze is back. that's going to bring more clouds to the coast. it's not going to be breezy as yesterday. exercise today, it's nice and cool this morning. warm to hot this morning. on the bay, it's going to be calmer all day. no small craft advisory. 64 at 8:00.
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wall to wall sunshine. hanging out in the upper 80s to low 90s. down to a comfortable 77 by 8:00. for the peninsula, it's goingut and 63t:0 by noon, you're at 74. you're hanging out in the upper 70s in the afternoon hours. comfortable 70 degrees by 8:00. take a look at what promises to be a muggy couple of days with a slight chance of a shower in the accuweather seven-day forecast. let me turn it over to alexis for the commute. >> looking great on the roads. no major issues to talk about for the morning drive. looking at a light bay bridge toll plaza. we should have about 10, 15 minutes to go. check out the cash lanes. no stackup there this morning. carpool lanes are now open as well. no minor issues. with b.a.r.t., no delays there. signal issues out of the tracy
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area. i don't think they're going to get much longer than that. normal service, no delays for -- >> thanks, alexis. a chain of shopping centers shares data with the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement contractor. irvine company owns nearly 50 shopping centers, including ones in redwood city, san jose, santa clara and sunnyvale. company policies state it uses automated license plate readers and shares that information collected with vigilant solutions. they finalized a contract this year. they not only record license plate numbers but the location, the date and the time that the information is collected. obama era immigration policy that president trump ended this spring will come back. parents with children under the age of 5 will be given ankle bracelet monitors and released
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from custody in the u.s. it's a program called catch and release. the president had said it allows immigrants to commit crimes and he ended it as part of his zero toleranc n is coming back. an estimated 80,000 immigrants currently wear the monitors. san mateo sheriff's office are investigating after a girl walking her dog was sexually assaulted. it happened near the pillar point boat launch ram much p. she was anyone to defend herself and ran away. that happened saturday, june 20th. the sheriff's office met with the victim this week and described him as a man in his 40s, chub toy medium build with brown hair. he had a short and shaggy brown beard. he was wearing a red hoodie sweatshirt and jeans. critics are calling a new state bill a bailout for pg&e. we'll tell you about a proposal in the aftermath of the north bay wildfires.
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the monsoon. you can see the showers down to our south trying to spill into the southern parts of the central valley. eventually this humidity and the slight chance of a shower is coming our way tomorrow through friday. more on that coming up in the accuweather seven day risk-free. one shark attacked a southern california woman on vacation in the bahamas. katerina says she got in water after seeing photos of other swimmers. her boyfriend's father was taking photos when a shark bit her arm. this morning, she's still recovering from the scars but she has a healthy respect for nature. >> you really need to respect them in their home. if you do go swim with them, i think if you have the opportunity, you do have to take in consideration the risks and also just maybe not lean back. >> okay. the man who owns the marina says the sharks may have been
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feeding, so her fingers and limbs may have been tempting. >> this is the second timeavs somethg. a few weeks ago. an australian woman wag feeding nurse sharks when she was dragged off the boat. she had a broken finger. but no other injuries. >> what did we learn today? >> stay away from sharks. from the moment they were trapped if a cave, recent events in thailand have the makings of a movie. >> two producers behind a christian drama series god is not dead are in the works to develop a cave rescue movie. michael scott and adam smith were in the country when news of the missing soccer team broke and are planning to talk to thai navy s.e.a.l.s, the victims and their families for an exclusive right to the story. in gma first look, another miracle. authorities in alaska working to
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find out what caused the crash of a small plane in a remote area. >> all people on board survived. will carr has the details. >> in gma first look, 11 people miraculously walking away from the wreckage of this plane crash on the side of an alaskan mountain. from this aerial picture, you can see the white plane surrounded by rocks in southeast alaska. somehow it's still intact. the propellers twisted. the passengers shaken. no one died on the single engine float plane went down. the pilot immediately calling 911. two u.s. coast guard helicopters swooped in through dangerous fog and low visibility. they hoisted the passengers and the pilot into one helicopter. >> they're all able to walk on their own power. because of that, we fit more folks into the aircraft. >> more on this s story at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first
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look. i'm will carr, abc news. catch kana millions of dollars in damages after the north bay wildfires. state lawmakers are considering a bill to help them cover the cost with bonds. critics call it a bailout because part of the cost could be passed on to pg&e customers. investigators learned that faulty equipment triggered some of the fires in october. governor brown has signed two more bills helping north bay wildfire victims. the first requires insurance companies to provide copies of the full insurance policy, endorsements to the policy and the money paid. it starts in 2020. california is joining a coalition of states and cities across the world to agree to buy zero emission vehicles for thet
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putting 5 million zero emission vehicles on the roads by 2030. on los angeles and paris, they're calling on the automotive industry to -- burning fossil fuels. if you're a fan of exotic ones, a man was taking cell phone video of the cars. take a look at the van. it pulled away from the gas station with the hose still attached to the van's gas tank. that sprayed fuel into the lamborghini and the car ignited. that is $200,000 up in smoke. no one was hurt. and the red lamborghini wasn't damaged. oops. >> that's a costly mistake. >> what do you say after that happens? >> my bad.
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my insuranceer this? >> such a beautiful car to see go up in smoke. >> someone is probably making another one. they make those by hand. there's no robotics in that. >> ouch. >> wow. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. smething that's not burning today. >> wow. >> temperatures dropping. you can see a few clouds trying to make it through the east bay hills as the marine layer is back. this is walnut creek where you won't be in the upper 90s. just the low 90s. not as hot. typical pattern. not as cloudy or cool. 2 to 4 degrees warmer tomorrow morning. not even -- the humidity is coming back friday and saturday. that brings us a slight chance of a shower. that's it. we start off cloudy in san francisco. sunshine by noon. at the coast, dominant. that's why you're going to be in the mid-60s. hard to find 70s today. barely 70 in the mission and
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down towards the bay shore. towards the east bay, we've got temperatures in the 50s this morning. also under mostly cloudy sky. we'll end up in the mid-70s. around 80 in san land row, sass tr lley, fremont and hercules. as we go back to the peninsula, mostly cloudy this morning. a little drizzle possible. especially closer and closer to millbrae and towards daly city. mid 70s to mid 80s on the bay side. in the south bay, going to be warm but nothing too hot. compared to the last couple of days. in fact, low 90s in los gatos. the rest of us in the mid to upper 80s. then the north bay, starting off with cloudy conditions at least along highway 101. clearer in napa. mid to upper 80s this afternoon. inland, i still think we need the air conditioner. trying to get the cool air in this morning. this afternoon, in the low to mid-90s once again. my accuweather seven-day forecast, turning muggy with the high clouds rolling in. same thing friday.
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that makes the morning a little bit warmer. then we'll have a little bit of a change saturday and sunday as we get back to average and start to take humidity back out of the forecast. alexis? >> mike, the bay bridge commute. if you're coming from the east bay, trying to get in from san francisco, i did give you heavier volumes a few minutes ago. nothing reported, though, along that stretch by chp or through our partners at waze. i will keep an eye on that. it's looking better than two, three minutes ago. maybe that will turn out to be nothing. we had a fire reported before king road. just before that 101 merge in san jose. still according to chp, we have fire crews on the scene but no delays approaching that either. drive time slowly starting to fill in especially out of the central valley. tracy to dublin. now in the red. 52 mince. 52 mince. no delays, southbound 101 to cupertino, no delays.
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a bumper beny worried there enough demand for the nuts if china demands to hit them with a tariff. 2.5 billion pounds expected to be harvested at the end of next month. it's good for growers. but tariffs could raise almond prices by 50%. >> export 70% of the california crop. obviously, anything that obstructs free marketing offshore is a concern to a california almond grower. >> almonds are a $400 million industry in san joaquin county. a woman who says a passenger sexually assaulted her on a united flight from hong kong to san francisco is now suing the airline. court documents say a man allegedly groped her several times while she tried to sleep and then he touched himself inappropriately. this was in 2016. she claims the flight attendant resisted her attempts to change seats after describing what happened. the man was acquitted of
5:23 am
criminal charges last year. united's response is that it does not comment on pending litigation. a dog just awarded the title of the world's ugliest dog has died. english bulldog zsa zsa passed away in her sleep in minnesota. she was 9 years old. she won the ugliest dog award at the sonoma fair last month. r.i.p. zsa zsa. police track down a missing u-haul in the south bay. but the family who had it stolen ended up disappointed. why there's a huge
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crisp leaves of lettuce. freshly made dressing. clean food that looks this good. delivered to your desk. now delivering to home or office. panera. fo as it should be. at mccormick, we're obsessed with flavor. it's why we partner with sustainable farmers to find the fist herbs and spices. and blend perfectly balanced seasoning mixes. but, you don't need to know all that. you just need your food to taste great. which, we promise it will. it's 5:25. the seven things to know. a fire in san jose. cal fire keeping tabs on a fire near santa teresa. it was 85% contained and burned
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75 acres. no structures have burned. su i brusss right noattainst germany. saying the country is controlled by russia. >> number 3, this morning, london breed will be sworn in as the next mayor of san francisco. theuration starts at 11:00 a.m. in front of city hall. we'll stream that live at a and our news app. number 4, a first look at the 12 boys rescued from that cave in thailand. this is a picture of some of the boys in a hospital room. there is video. we're working to get that shortly. you'll notice a difference. the marine layer is back and it's going to drop our temperatures back down to average levels, which means an stday. deg cooler. oler >> we have an issue with rails. because of that bs, trains are reduced to 20 miles an hour
5:27 am
through that stretch. repair crews are set to arrive in just a few minutes at 5:30. hopefully everyone else will stay on time. >> number 7, get ready for frozen fun. free slurpee day at 7-eleven. the signature drinks giveaway starts at 11 a.m. and goes until when? 7. >> we have all day. >> the featured flavor, capn crunches crunch berries. >> i don't know about that. >> i'm sticking with coca-cola. >> it's great, right? >> 50% of the time it doesn't work. it has that red light next to it. that means it's not going to be good. >> you have from 11:00 to 7:00. coming back with another 90 minutes of news. san francisco cracking down on graffiti
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let's get up and get going. firefighters are keeping an eye on two brush fires that popped unin the south bay. we have a live update. you can watch history today on abc 7. the next mayor of san francisco is ready to take over. some of us had to use windshield wipers driving in to work this morning. what to expect when you're headed in to work yourself. we only have one person who knows the answer. that would be mike nicco. >> i'm going to keep it to myself. >> no you're not. >> no? we have an hour and a half left in the show. crossing the bay bridge this morning, i had to use mine. >> i did too. >> you did too. marine layer is back. winds around 12 to 14 miles per hour. it's not a very strong sea breeze. but it's definitely one that will drop our temperatures a little bit and see the cloud cover in gray. you know the fires were
5:31 am
wind-aided. the winds won't be as fast today as yesterday. here's a look at the 12-hour planner. you can see we're cooler mid to upper 50s through 7:00. low 60s at the coast today. mid to upper 70s noon to 4:00 with sunshine around the bay. low 8s to 90s. by 7:00, near 60 at the coast. mid to upper 70s at 7:00. happen to step away, you can get this accuweather 12-hour planner with our accuweather app. it's free. alexis she has free information on the commute. she's not free. the information is. >> mike? >> i didn't say that correctly. >> just stop. i'll take over. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights were on at about 5:21. pretty early start for that commute. that is quickly backing up into the maze. a quick check of drive times, too. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze. that looks good. we were in the yellow for a couple of minutes across the bay
5:32 am
bridge. never found out what was causing that. back in the green at 11 minutes. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, you're looking good at nine minutes. we have a new issue on southbound 280 out of the city. i'll talk more about that. >> alexis, you bring me joy. on to developing news. firefighters are still watching a fire that got close to homes in san jose. >> the currie fire started yesterday near santa teresa county park. matt keller is in san jose for us this morning. hi matt. >> reporter: good morning jessica and reggie. cal fire trucks moved up and they're keeping an eye on the foothills. very dangerous conditions out here this morning. dry conditions. hot conditions yesterday. they're making sure nothing flares up after that fire yesterday. firefighters say this is going to be a very dangerous summer. it was scary for people living next to the park in south san jose. conditions were dry, windy and hot. at least 125 personnel were called out here.
5:33 am
cal fire helped out and had full air support trying to stop the two-tier fire from spreading. firefighters are asking everyone to be extra careful during fire season. >> that's the scary part. we ask all citizens, it's hot, it's dry this summer. please be safe in all your practices. eliminate your ignition sources. the earlier you notify us if you see smoke, the better. >> reporter: by 7:15 last night the last update firefighters had the curie fire at 85% contained. it burned about 75 acres. the good news, no structures burned and no injuries reported. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. meanwhile in morgan hill, crews are on alert for flare-ups after a fast moving grassfire yesterday. sky 7 shows us what it looked like yesterday afternoon on hale and live oaks. flames destroyed three small stl aou hses di the fire burned about 40 a dry s
5:34 am
got the upper hand. you can watch history being made today right here on abc 7. london breed will be inaugurated as the first female african american mayor and let's not forget how we all got here. december 12th, ed lee died unexpectedly. breed stepped in immediately to fill in that interim role. after a heated special election that was so close, breed was officially declared mayor-elect on june 13th. now she officially becomes the mayor. >> it all starts at 11:00 a.m. in front of city hall and the front steps. 500 seats reserved and another thousand available on a first come, first serve basis. the mayor will hold a meet and greet inside city hall thing, the entire inauguration for you on as well as your news app. go ahead and
5:35 am
are. uber's head of human resourcesti discrimination. lie liane whistle blowers accused hornsey of dismissing complaints about racial discrimination. it now raises questions about dara khosrowshahi in changing the culture of the raid hailing giant. the u-haul truck was stolen. it was found in santa clara. almost everything was gone. there was a story about the theft news. the hall family woos using it to store possessions while the flooring in their home was updated. they believe their identities were stolen because of fraudulent purchases made on in.
5:36 am
police say they are following leads in the case. the worst is over for the soccer team rescued in thailand. a health official says that the boys lost some weight but otherwise took care of themselves in that flooded cave. this is a live look at the hospital where the 12 boys and their coach are recovering. doctors are treating three of the boys for lung infections. meanwhile, parents of the first four boys rescued were allowed to visit their sons overnight. the soccer team was exploring the cave on juno owe divers had to rescue them them one by one in a high risk mission. they spoke to gma this morning and they didn't know if all the boys would make it out alive. >> quick question, the whole time through. even though we got four for four the first day, it was not much more than cautious optimism the next day because we knew the risk had not gone down any at all. >> dangerous operation. ea. whole world
5:37 am
happy to report that all of that team is out and recovering now. you can watch the full interview coming up at 7:00 on gma after abc 7 mornings. we're covering the latest in an explosion in wisconsin. we have learned that a firefighter has died and another is critically gas explosion and leveled several buildings in downtown sun prairie. at least six firefighters were hurt along with some civilians when a private contractor hit a natural gas main last night. starting when firefighters investigated the leak and cordoned off the area. the building exploded and raining debris throughout downto downtown. very scary. we move to the nato summit. president trump is in brussels and isn't criticizing u.s. allies. >> he said germany is captive of russia. in the past hour, they came together to take the official portrait of the summit.
5:38 am
hours earlier, though, president trump went on a tirade of russian gas and its slowness to increase -- he said it's paid far too much to the nato alliance claiming other countries are not paying enough. >> we're protecting germany and france and everybody. yet, we're paying a lot of money to protect. germany is a captive of russia. >> you heard it at the end. he said germany is a captive of russia. this morning, angela merkel responding to the accusation saying her country makes independent policies and decisions. there is a push happening right now to make green day's american idiot number one in the uk. protesters are basically trying to troll president trump as he he's set to arrive there tomorrow. the berkeley-based band hasn't commented but they have been vocal about their opposition to the president. the protesters' plan appears to
5:39 am
be working. american i hdiot is null one on the uk best seller's list. it's 18th on the uk official charts. resurgence there. let's talk about the marine layer. you can especially feel it inland and down into the south bay as temperatures are about 4 to 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. right now, mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. whether on the bay side or the coast side. we've got 60 in hayward and san jose. los gatos up in the hills, 67. 61 in concord. antioch at 65. towards the north bay, look at that 52 in santa rosa. your commute this morning, you can see the clouds increasing across the bay. a little bit of drizzle near the golden gate bridge and also the bay bridge. that's justmme. same thing for your ferry ride. it's just for the morning. it will be sunny this afternoon. not quite as row best as ybu
5:40 am
cloudy and 59. partly cloudy and 62 at 10:00. full on sunshine the rest of the day with low to mid-70s in the afternoon hours. 64 degrees by 8:00. may need a jacket there. mostly sunny and 57. total sunshine by noon at near 70. i should say by 10:00. by noon, 80. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 80s from 1:00 to 3:00 and then drop down to about 60 by 8:00. that's going to be pretty comfortable. if not a little cool. free air conditioning during the evening hours. it's going to get a little muggy. we'll talk about that and our slight chance of a shower coming up. alexis is in. i'll try not to insult you this time. what are you watching this morning? >> we're starting to ramp up. acouple trouble spots, including one south on 280. if you're headed out of san francisco, a couple miles north of chestnut avenue and north of
5:41 am
chestnut, we have a disabled vehicle reported. that was in the left lane. they said it was off on the shoulder. but they are calling for a tow truck. a little bit of a delay out of the daly city into the coma area. not a lot of company on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. no delays approaching that toll plaza. mass transit, looking okay. there is a day game today for the giants. ferry service that will be packed from larkspur. once again, they're offering that additional overflow parking at redwood high school east lot with shuttles to take you to the terminal. that is an option as well. we'll take a look at drive times in a few minutes. thanks, alexis. the chp arrested two people accused of having a bb gun on interstate 880. officers pulled over the car last night at 880 and high street in oakland. a man and a woman taken into custody as officers searched their car.
5:42 am
investigators say no pellets were fired from the bb gun. facebook has to pay up. they're getting a big fine. getting hit with a first penalty over the cambridge an lit a scandal. >> another major company banning straws. before we go to break, this is a live look outside. abc 7, the only place you'll see your weather and traffic this is a birthday that brings the whole family together with the best wifi experience.
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coming up on 5:45 on this wednesday. still some storms possible in the high desert. the chance at least will leak into san diego and los angeles. 80 to 89. triple digits. yosemite. 98 sacramento. more cloudiness in monterey. 69 degrees. here's a live look at lake tahoe. doesn't that look nice and quiet and comfy this morning. temperatures are going to run 5 to 10 degrees above average with a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow through sunday. jessica? >> mike, thank you. for the first time, facebook will have to pay up for the cambridge analytica scandal. they will fine the company 500,000 pounds. that's about $663,000 u.s. the first financial penalty for them to access personal data of
5:46 am
millions of users without their knowledge. >> san francisco is cracking down on graffiti vandals. seven men face charges involving thousands of dollars in damage. they're responsible for tacking buildings for years -- tagging buildings for years. this is some of the graffiti. removing it costs 20 million bucks a year. it makes it a blight and makes tourists feel unsafe and hurts local businesses. you can add american airlines to the list of companies getting rid of plastic products. american airlines says it will stop using plastic draws, drink stirrers and flatware and instead use biodegradable alternatives. they start with the new initiative at airport lounges next month. it will stop using plastic on planes in november. you'll remember just in may, alaska airlines announce thad it will stop using plastic straws and utensils on its flights starting this month.
5:47 am
>> it is definite hi a thing. a warning about macy's and a security breach there. it involves customers between april 26th and june 12th. it found suspicious log-in -- they were able to access names, addresses, e-mails and credit card information. the company is offering free protection service toss customers president. california will spend $134 million to protect the voting systems in the future. counties will get a 50% reimbursement from the state. new equipment should be certified by the secretary of state's office. counties will be required to use both automated and manual election processes. the state will create two offices as well. to monitor potential security threats against the future elections. warner brothers wants to give us up close access to one of the most famous spots in l.a. the movie studio has plans to build an aerial tram that would go to the iconic hollywood sign.
5:48 am
they want to name it the hollywood skyway. it would take people from the studio lot to a viewing area at the sign. it's still in the planning phases and needs the city's okay. >> i like the idea. >> i think the neighbors will too. when we do d. that, we parked in the neighborhood and some of the neighbors were kind of like -- i was like. but everybody else is doing it. hopefully -- did you look shade sni. >> did i look shady? no i was with my kids and wife. >> hopefully this helps you get ready for the day. >> i'm asking. >> you're covering your bases, jessica. looking out for the neighborhood. >> who, what, why, when, how of journalism. let's take a look at another place. the marine layer is tall enough to have that one finger of fog. it's going to take the sting out
5:49 am
of heat and the clouds will roll back to the coast. a slight chance of sprinkles tomorrow and friday. will definitely be humid by our standards and humidity will taper. here's a look at the cloud cover. doesn't get into the inland or the south bay. by noon, back to the coast. the counter clockwise flow is going to keep pumping the clouds against the coast and keep pumping that slightly less hot or warm air mass to fuel the neighborhood. we're in the mid to upper 80s the area. as we head into the east bay valleys, we'll be in the low to mid-90s. in the south bay, mid to upper 80s today. peninsula, will have mid-70s to mid-80s. in san francisco, it's going to be hard to find the 70s today like yesterday. most of us in the mid to upper 60s. tonight will be milder because of the extra humidity in the air. we'll be in the mid-50s to mid-60s. for thursday and friday,
5:50 am
filtered sunshine due to the high clouds and the slight uptick in humidity will drop our temperatures a couple of more degrees. an increase in the sunshine, lighter humidity and warmer temperatures monday and tuesday next week. here's alexis. >> sounds good, mike. we're looking pretty good. no major issues on the roads yet. we're looking at heavy volume but tracy, you are not surprised by that. 9 miles per hr 205. if you're looking on the eastbound side of the roadways saying how is at that that? we have grinding and paving on the eastbound side of 580 before grant line road. we have a mile, mile and a half backup that starts as you get through altamont pass area. heavy on the eastbound side. that's the counter commute direction. if you're planning to use ace, it's about 20 minutes behind schedule. the repair crews were expected to arrive about 20 minutes ago.
5:51 am
hopefully, they're getting that fixed. ace 3 is on time this morning. next traffic update coming up before 6:00. thank you, alexis. a new oakland winery is producing a wine like no other. flowers, not grapes are the star of the bottle. they use organic lavender and lemons to create lavender wine. it's sold on oin line. the winemaker says the wine has a floral smell. some people who drink it say it doesn't smell all like lavender. how does it taste? >> it has an implied sweetness because your senses are taking it all in and the smell and the look and then you drink it. it feels sweet even if it isn't sweet. >> this is just the beginning. the winery is working on new labels, including a rose hibiscus wine. >> i'm interested in trying it. why not? >> new at 6:00, the worst cities for drivers have been named and
5:52 am
guess what? three bay area cities on the list. first, how would you like to camp out on the field at at&t park tonight? you slumber party. plus, amazon knows how to
5:53 am
5:54 am
this sunday morning in san francisco, we've been a proud partner of this for decades and will be there again. so will the fog and a little bit of drizzle as we head through the morning hours. then we'll go to about 59 at 1:00. thank you, mike. a bonus if you shop at whole foods this week.
5:55 am
shoppers will be able to take advantage of free cash ahead of amazon's prime day. there is a catch. of course, there's a catch. you have to be an amazon pme member and spend $10 or more at whole foods between tomorrow and tuesday. if you do, you can redeem a $10 credit during the 36-hour prime day which begins on monday p. happening today, at&t park will transform into a field of dreams for hundredsgiants fans. the 16th annual slumber party will follow this after cubs/giants game and families will pitch their tents. they'll be treat today breakfast on the field tomorrow morning. they will show a league of their own and star wars the last might expect traffic around there, right? >> yeah. expecting a lot of traffic for the day game giants game. not too bad on the emery villa
5:56 am
proech. we have a boulder or a couple larger rocks reported around university. not seeing it on this camera. definitely want to watch out for that. drive times for a lot of bridges looking great. no delays. richmond-san rafael bridge. 8-minute drive across dunbarton. >> let's talk more about that day game. a little bit of a breeze. high burn factor. 12:45 first pitch. warming up to 66. sfo. no arrival delays. you can see the cloud cover -- the cooling sea breeze is going to take the sting out of our heat a little bit. that will bring the temperatures back down to average. near 70 in san francisco. mid-70s in oakland. few 90s in san jose and concord with napa at 86. hope you enjoy it. mike, thank you. you have to really listen closely to this one. there's some spooky music traveling from saturn to one of
5:57 am
its most mysterious moons. >> that's not coming from the emeryville camera. it's coming from the interaction between the moon and saturn. >> i'm going to do my best to explain this to you. it was reported by the cassini spacecraft last year but now got released. the sound is made by a vibrating column of plasma passing from a moon to saturn. it's all made possible because of a magnetic field that exists between the two. >> okay. >> things. >> the moon and saturn. they kind of communicate. i like it. >> it's also really creepy. new at 6:00, tourism is a big thing in the area. how a local college plans to solve the problem. a desperate search for a woman last seen in the bay area
5:58 am
and the reward.
5:59 am
[music playing] (ceo) haven't been playing golf this year, i am sorry about that. (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event.
6:00 am
now at 6:00, historic day. just hours from now, london breed will be sworn in as the first african american woman patieray this mning >>ive at theay bridge. after days of summer heat, cooler weather is returning to the bay area. good morning. >> it will be a good relief. for others of you, you'll be disappointed. >> you know i love the warmer weather but it's hard to sleep at night when it's too hot. >> true enough. >> happy medium. >> it's wednesday, july 11th. jessica is filling in. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. with mike nicco. >> you can see the cloud cover and the gray out there. that's the marine layer coming


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