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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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responsible for any damages involving their equipment, whether at fault or not. it's called inverse condemnation, and it could soon change. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman explains how. >> larkfield estates, another neighborhood of the north bay fire zone with too many homeless mailboxes and charred memories. >> it's armageddon, right? >> today it became a venue for a press conference with fire victims. a heads up to the california state legislature and publicly owned utilities, saying their advertisementing about limits liabilities after wildfires seems insensitive. >> i think it's horrid. if i was a state legislator, i wouldn't even allow to have this discussion right now. >> pg&e has already primed investors to expect billions of dollars in liabilities following power lines that sparked fires last october, and there may be more. the state's inverse condemnation laws do not protect pg&e or utilities. they want the change that. >> if we reform inversion condemnation, it does not
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absolve pg&e from accountability. wildfire victims, anyone who was be a tougher ldfire can still legal test. fire victims and local officials describe the attempts to change liability laws as a closed door move. how can the legislature make a decision about utilities, they asked, without input from fire victims? >> this is the new normal. so obviously they're trying to change some of the laws to fit the new normal. >> bottom line, if they pass this policy, it's going to negatively affect future californians affected by wildfires. >> and they want a place in these discussions. it takes a victim, they say, to recognize one. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> meantime, investigator says an improperly installed electric livestock fence is to blame for the massive county fire burning near lake berryessa, and that the responsible party has been cited. the county fire started in the community of guinda on june 30th.
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it destroyed 20 structures so far. the fire is now 86% contained. all evacuation orders have now been lifted. now this map shows all the fires across the state either just contained or currently burning. the red icons indicate the nearly dozen fires cal fire is still on the front lines fighting tonight. that includes the curry fire in south san jose which is now 90% contained. it broke out in the foothills of santa teresa county park yesterday and has burned 100 acres. no one was hurt, no structures burned. the cause is under investigation. and take a look. these are live pictures from los angeles county of a fire burning there. it's in irwindale not far from a freeway. you can see the freeway there. we're hearing at least 15 acres have burned, but firefighters already report 40% containment on this fire. today history was made in san francisco for the first time an african american woman was sworn in as mayor. >> congratulations for london breed came in from far and wide.
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los angeles mayor eric garcetti tweeted congrats, mayor breed on taking the oath and helm in san francisco. looking forward to deepening our work together to improve the lives of californians in our cities. >> and senator kamala harris, who is just the second african american woman to be elected to the u.s. senate tweeted for years london breed has inspired people in our community with a clear purpose, to create a brighter future for our generation and the next generation. now she gets to continue that work as mayor of san francisco. >> and london breed herself sent this tweet. thank you, san francisco. now let's get to work. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez gives you a look at the mayor's first day. >> it was san francisco mayor number 42, gavin newsom, who swore in the 45th mayor of the city, london breed. she is described by many as a residents on issues that matter most in the city, beginning with homelessness and drugs. >> on this day, we are committed to rolling up our sleeves and
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working together. >> newsom, who himself found the problem of homelessness especially chargering, had this advice for the new mayor. >> you've got to be tough on it. you to be compassionate. no city does more, but you have to demand more. it's a two-way conversation. >> on the issue of immigration, breed took a stab at president trump's old policy of separating kids from their parents. >> we don't put children in cages. we put them in the classrooms. >> i am confident behind her that we are going free throw tech our immigrant children, that we're going to fight for jobs, for mental health, for all the people on the streets, there is so much hope today. >> during her campaign, breed spoke of keeping people in san francisco from being displaced. >> keeping people in the city of san francisco and keeping it diverse i think is so expensive, the average person cannot afford to live here. we're very fortunate. we are all homeowners here. we live here. but not everybody can. >> the 43-year-old breed, who grew up in a housing project just a few blocks from city hall
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knows her message of hope fits the times. >> i stand at this podium today because a community believed in me. >> breed says what she needs to do won't be easy. it will require time, work, and prayer. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> and we want you to join the conversation. just get out your phone and go to to answer this question. >> yeah, what issue should san francisco's new mayor tackle first? crime? homelessness? housing? traffic? and transit. >> the poll is open at we're going to keep going and voting throughout this newscast. you can see the results with 69% right now saying homelessness. >> housing is second, but homelessness very much on people's minds. we want to hear from now you've for surgery tomorrow. she'll recover here at home which means she'll miss two weeks of votes in congress. her team tells us she is
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undergoing an ankle surgery and tendon graft. the body of a san francisco woman killed by a bullet in mexico during a celebration of her wedding anniversary has been flown to chicago ahead of her funeral this weekend. meanwhile, her heartbroken husband shared exclusive details about his wife through an e-mail with abc 7 news. an abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is more with us on this. so tough, kristen. >> so tough. james hoover allowed us to share their facebook photos. he wanted tatiana mirutenko remembered as a woman who lived life to the fullest, right up to her final moment. saturday night in mexico city, they were leaving a restaurant when tatiana was hit by a bullet meant for a bouncer a few feet away. the san francisco couple had been having the time of their life, celebrating one year since they got their marriage license in chicago, her hometown. they were in mexico city after the u.s. issued travel warnings, but james says they felt perfectly safe. james tells abc 7, we love to travel, and we spent our best
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times together see the skeeing, hike, surfing, exercising and eating. their social posts are a test top of the their wanderlust. skiing in colorado, where he proposed. soaking up the warm sun in san diego, or hiking beautiful trails in the pacific northwest. they were partners in exploration. her mother spoke with us from chicago on monday. . >> she inspired me to be better. i'll give my life if she could just come back. >> tatiana is missed by her coworkers at nektar therapeutics where she has worked since 2006. james has no comment for the gunman who is still on the loose, but he calls mexico city beautiful and lively, and its people hospitable and gracious. dan and ama? >> thank you so much, kristen. for the first time we're getting a look at the man the contra costa district attorney's office has charged in the deaths of a mother and daughter in antioch last thursday. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is back from court and is in the newsroom with more.
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melanie? >> ama, this was an emotional day for the victim's family who was in court. it's not clear whether or not this was the first time that they were seeing 35-year-old dante williams. investigators have said he was known to both victims. williams' arraignment was moved to next friday. it was the last thursday that somebody shot and killed 55-year-old velinda scott and her 28-year-old daughter. the shooting happened at 4:30 in the morning. arduan's colleague posted on facebook that she worked closely with third street clinic in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. she leaves behind a 4-year-old son. a spokesperson with the contra costa district attorney's office says investigators are looking into exactly how williams knew the victims. >> that's something we're still looking into with antioch police. there is nothing i can give publicly yet, but it's one of the items we certainly pursue in a homicide like this. we want to understand more about the motivations, how the victim knew the defendant, and where that can lead us. so it's certainly something we're taking a look at. >> williams is being held
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without bail. the contra costa d.a.'s office thanked oakland police department for their help in arresting williams. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> all right, melanie, thank you. we have new developments now on a lost dog that apparently likes police. it's case closed tonight for the pooch that made her way into a walnut creek cruiser. we learn herd name is quinn, and she is now back with her family. on sunday, she wandered into a parked patrol car. officials say quinn had painted toenails, was very well-trained and fell asleep in the officer's lap. walnut creek police showed this photo. quinn with her owners and looking quite content, wearing her crown. >> that's great. >> yeah. stay with us. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, the show that suddenly shuttered. >> big names like ludacris and vanilla ice were supposed to perform at n the bay area at this weekend. why the show will not go on and what you can do if you had tickets. check out what passengers
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witnessed on bart. this was caught on video not once, not twice, three times. tonight learn what bart is doing about it. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel keeping an eye on showers and thunder around the state. i'll let you know why, ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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well, here's a bummer. music festival canceled. the xo music festival was supposed to kick off in antioch on friday, but organizers suddenly just called the whole thing off today. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the festival grounds to explain what happened. leslie? >> dan, it was a big bummer. 10,000 concertgoers expected here this weekend. many performers told me today that they were stunned this morning by news of the
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cancellation. >> on social media. you wake up in the morning and check social media, and all i seen were horrible things. >> the xo festival website still has the clock counting down to the start of the three-day music extravaganza scheduled for this friday, saturday and sunday. big names like ludacris and vanilla ice were promoted as coming to perform. the contra costa event park says they contracted with world class entertainment and promoter sammy habib in december, and were paid over $27,000 for the venue. contra costa event park ceo joe brinkle said it was a go until the promoter failed to provide proof of liability insurance for all of the contractors at the event. they pulled the plug on things this morning out of safety concerns. vendors rolling in with equipment to set up were stunned at the news. some, like this atm company, canceled employee vacations to accommodate the music festival. >> we were operating in good faith, expecting that we would
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do a favor for someone that was in desperate need of not having cash at their festival. and then we get here, we find out the festival has been canceled. >> you're left holding the bag? >> we're left holding the bag. >> so are concertgoers who spent hundreds of dollars on festival passes. world class entertainment issued a statement saying we thank those people buying tickets to our festival. you will all be receiving refunds through our ticketing agent. for local musicians, it's a lost opportunity. >> mad, because i thought big names were coming to my home city. so i thought i had a chance to perform with them and be on the same stage with them, but i guess not, man. and i'm furious now. >> world class entertainment claims online that lower than anticipated ticket sales contributed to the cancellation. xo music festival x'd out. in antioch, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> okay, leslie, thanks. all right. you are looking live at three of the worst cities in america in
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which to drive. according to a new wallet hub report, san francisco is the second worst, oakland third, and san jose ranked 12th worst to drive in. the ranking compared the country's 100 largest cities on everything from gas prices to hours stuck in traffic. we know about that, right? the absolute worst city, detroit, michigan. the best, raleigh, north carolina. wallet hub says the average driver spends 290 hours on the road eah year. that's equal to seven weeks of vacation time. all right. well, if you've been to the dmv lately, you're likely used to a familiar scene. >> if you've been to the dmv lately, you're likely used to this familiar scene. >> people don't bring water or food, they are going to be starve organize thirsty. >> a wait that could last for hours. >> i've known san francisco for seven years. so it's like this every single day. >> but yogov, short for your
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government aims to reduce the hassle. he started the company in 2016 after it took him three trips to the dmv to change the title on his vehicle. >> people don't want to spend their whole day at the dmv. so they're willing to pay even a fraction of what their hourly value is for us to help them. >> recently, the company has been drawing a lot of attention for its dmv express appointment booking service. for about 20 bucks, a yogov concierge will manually monitor the dmv website in search of last-minute cancellations. dmv offices are dealing with longer wait times as people come in for the real id which will soon be required to board an airplane in 2020. pier says he is trying to provide consumers with additional help. >> if you call us up on a saturday night at 10:00 p.m. we have someone who will answer the phone or provide support. the dmv doesn't have the bandwidths to do that. >> private firms are typically barred from selling government services for a fee. the dmv is investigating yogov,
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but the company says is service is perfectly legal, comparing it to that of a personal assistant. >> waiting in a long line is taking people out of their jobs when they really should be at work. but they're taking time off from their work to wait in line at the dmv. >> yogov says bookings have tripled since june 1. abc 7 news. and happening now, let's get another live look at that brushfire that's burning in irwindale. now this is in los angeles county. l.a. county fire recently tweeted the fire is now 50% contained. 15 acres have burned so far, and firefighters expect to be on scene all night long. >> it's going to be a long night there. all right. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast here. toasty out there, but not extreme. >> yeah, meteorologist sandhya patel is in for spencer and has the latest. sandhya? >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. we had more of a marine influence today, which has started the cooling process. along the coastline, it is socked in, as you will notice. a wider perspective showing you the monsoon flow. it has been responsible for
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thunderstorms in the sierra and also down in southern california, where they've been getting some gusty winds and heavy rain in that area. the reason why i'm drawing your attention to this is some of this moisture is going to start to shift in our direction as we head into the next couple of days, and that will mean changes are ahead with stickier conditions expected. from our emeryville camera, we're looking across the bay. and you will notice in the foreground here is the marine layer. it's about 1400 feet deep. 64 degrees right now in san francisco. 67 in oakland. you're feeling the difference in some places around the bay and the coast. san jose, 78 degrees. right now from our kgo roof camera, we're looking out towards the bay bridge there, and nothing but blue skies. temperatures in the 70s from santa rosa to napa. currently 90 in concord, and 87 degrees in livermore. a lovely view as we look towards mount tam from our east bay hills camera, and that fog coming back from the coastline. increasing clouds and humidity the next two days. possibility of sprinkles and a slight chance of thunder between
6:19 pm
thursday afternoon/evening going into friday and minor temperature fluctuations expected through the weekend. here is your 12-hour planner for tomorrow. it will be mild in the morning with fog, 50, 60s. mix of sun and fog at noontime. you'll notice filtered sunshine as the high clouds increase. 4:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m., that will add to the mugginess factor. you can download the accuweather app and keep track of these temperatures any time you hour-by-hour way go. tonight 7:00 fog at the coast, by morning commute time, and then the high clouds start to roll in. as you will notice that monsoon flow moving in our direction. so tomorrow night you will notice that it is actually stickier than what we're used to around this time of year. and we'll throw in the possibility of a few sprinkles between tomorrow night and friday morning. temperatures first thing in the morning anywhere from the mid-50s at the coastline, all the way to low 60s inland. so comfortable to start off. tomorrow afternoon, a humid day. more high clouds filtering the sun. temperatures 67 in san francisco. 65 half moon bay.
6:20 pm
83 in santa rosa. richmond, oakland in the low 70s. but low 90s from fairfield to antioch, livermore. 80 in fremont. 82 san jose. 72 degrees in santa cruz. here is look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a muggy couple of days ahead. low to mid-60s coast side. low 90s inland. and then seasonal weather is expected as we head into the weekend. but notice the temperatures are inching back up again. minor warming sunday, monday, mid-90s inland. mid-60s coast side. we'll see the temperatures really go down a few, up a few through the middle of next week. so temperatures are pretty much in line with what we expect in the summer time. a few degrees warmer than average for this time of year. but next two days might be tough, especially since we're used to dry heat. >> right, sure. >> and not the muggy conditions. >> we don't get humidity too often. > not too often. >> thanks. light, camera, oakland. next, the new movie putting the town in spotlight. also across the bay, aids walk san francisco is just four days away now. join abc 7 in golden gate park
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this sunday. i'll be proud to kick off that walk once again to register, call 415-615-walk or
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we worked with pg&e to save energy because we phanie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. you are a convicted felon, mr. hoskins. you are now that until proven otherwise. >> happening tonight, the
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oakland premiere of "blind spotting" by oakland residents debbie diggs and rafael cast central. they both wrote and starred in the movie which tells the story about the intersection of class and race in a gentrifying oakland. this is the latest in a string of movie moments for the town. tonight's premiere comes just days after the opening of "sorry to bother you" the directorial debut for oakland's boots and ry facebook is facing the consequences for cambridge analytica scandal, and that news leads tonight's bay area business watch. a uk business office says it will fine the menlo park company about $667300 will be fa financial penalty for allowing cambridge analytica to access personal data of millions of users, maybe you, without their knowledge. you may be losing some twitter followers tomorrow.
6:25 pm
the san francisco-based social media platform is planning to purge 10s of millions of suspicious accounts it previously locked. the company spokesperson says the goal so to make twitter more accurate and transparent. oprah is backing a healthy restaurant chain with locations in the bay area. she just invested in true food kitchen and will join the board of directors. you can find it in walnut creek and palo alto. it features dishes like quinoa burgers and kale infused drinks. forget about healthy food, today you can get a free slurpee at 7-eleven. this the 18th straight year for the give away which takes place, fittingly, on july 11th. the retailer expects to give away up to 9 million free drinks. the giveaway ends at 7:00 tonight. the old adage is see something, say something, right? >> that's what people did when they witnessed this man smoking openly on bart. what's bart's response? well, it's complicated. and don't forget go to
6:26 pm and weigh in on tonight's live poll. what issue should san francisco's new mayor london breed tackle first? crime, homelessness, housing, traffic and transit? >> go to
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> this isn't the same video. you're looking at three different videos captured on three different days that all show the same thing, a man openly smoking meth on bart. those three videos were all recorded on board trains on three different days over the last month. >> so what is bart doing about this? abc 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> the video shows this unidentified person smoking meth on bart trains. adding insult to injury, he sits on priority seating, normally reserved for people with disabilities and pregnant women. so far we've seen videos featuring the same person riding bart on three different days, each time brazenly smoking meth.
6:30 pm
other passengers seemingly oblivious to it all. this video was shot by an abc 7 viewer. this one by our morning anchor reggie we showed to passengers. >> it's ridiculous. no respect for another human being. >> what makes him think that's okay? where is the bart police at? >> well, it's complicated. bart spokesman chris phillippi. >> either the officer has to witness it personally, or a rider who witnesses it has to be willing to report it. >> and that witness has to stay until police arrive. then there is this problem. >> when it comes to low level drug offenses, that there is not really prosecution aspect to this. >> simply put, this is a low level drug offense, usual i will only worth a citation. but bart could impose a prohibition order banning this frern its trains for a certain period of time but that too is difficult. >> that individual has to be cited three times within 90 days
6:31 pm
to qualify for a prohibition order. now bart encourages its riders to get an app called bart watch. you can alert police by using that app which is monitored in realtime. vic lee, abc 7 news. the first day of the nato summit in brussels started off with a bang. president trump blasted nato allies for not spending enough on defense. he wants to see them increase their spending. the president also called out germany. >> i think it's very sad when germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with russia where you're supposed to be guarding against russia, and germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to russia. >> german chancellor angela merkel reiterated her country's commitment to the alliance. she said she is happy they had this opportunity to talk about the economic future. [ closing bell ] today the dow sank on trade
6:32 pm
war worries. it lost more than 200 points, closing at 24,700. the nasdaq dropped 42. the s&p lost almost 20. opponents today are slamming a new program in stockton that will give monthly payments to certain residents. the city will give 100 low income residents $500 a month for 18 months. it's called universal basic income. the goal is to create economic stability, possibly reducing poverty and helping to alleviate income inequality. but some think it will discourage people from working and encourage more dependancy on government. >> is there really that available money for this type of program? do taxpayers really want to pay higher taxes to fund basically handing out wands of cash to people? >> supporters say the concept is a good alternative for government assistance programs. it has support among silicon valley giants like mark zuckerberg and elon musk. well, we're getting our first look today at the 12 boys and their soccer coach
6:33 pm
recovering in a hospital in thailand after those harrowing 18 days trapped inside a flooded case. >> 18 days ago. we're also learning more details about the rescue that bought them out. abc news reporter melinda lopez has the story. o cf1 o >> the boys waiting and giving peace signs. their parents wiping away tears, able to be no closer than six feet away as their sons remain quarantined. three of the boys are suffering from lung infections, but all are showing improvement. and new video emerging today of the first glimpse of the boys inside the cave during the rescue mission. as divers helped them complete the journey out. rescue teams working their way through dark, muddy waters, placing the boys on stretchers to help them emerge from the cave. rescuers positioned a doctor in each of the nine chambers the boys had to travel through. the coach the last to come out. many are calling him a hero for sharing his rations with the team and keeping them calm through meditation. this as we learned today that the mission could have had a
6:34 pm
very difficult ending. the main pump which had pumped out hundreds of millions of gallons of water failed right after the last member was rescued. the last four divers left in the cave rushing out, abandoning equipment and hundreds of air tanks inside. if they had waited any longer, instead of swimming along the length of roughly half a football field, the boys would have had to gone a mile underwater. but instead, volunteers cheering, singing and dancing in celebration. >> everybody smile and no more tear. >> and we learned that the boys will serve as monks for a short time when they leave the hospital. not uncommon in the buddhist religion. and we've learned that when the boys were finally out of the cave that. >> didn't ask to see or hug their parents first. they said what they wanted most was to watch the world cup. lynda lopez, abc news, new york. >> isn't that something? what a story. there is so much interest in this story and so much information about the boys, their survival, their amazing
6:35 pm
rescue. you can dig into more stories about them on our website, and if you download the abc 7 news app, then you'll get breaking news alerts whenever there are major updates that you should know about. well, the latest attraction around google isn't a new gadget. >> they are egrets. next, what makes this time of year exceptional and important. also ahead -- >> a woman realizes she has been scammed and stops payment on the check, but her bank pays the scammer anyway. i'm michael
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today the united nations celebrates world population day. it chose this date because back on july 11th, 1987, the world's population reached 5 billion. remember that milestone? today there are more than 7.6 billion people alive on our planet. half of the world's population lives in just seven countries. they are in order china, india, the u.s., indonesia, brazil, pakistan, and nigeria. sometimes mother nature loses ground to development, but not in mountain view. >> a section of the google campus has been a rookery. and for decades of egrets and other shore birds have thrived
6:39 pm
there. an all-out effort to save it has allowed people to get a close-up look at birds nesting and feeding their chicks. >> david louie shows us what's going on in the trees to the delight of google employees and the public. >> signs like this provide a clue, and so do broken eggshells and twigs from abandoned nests, something special is happening up in the trees. this is nesting season for giant and snowy egrets and for night herons. for decades, long before google moved in, this was their rookery. the santa clara valley audubon society worked with mountain view and going toll protect their habitat. >> when you let nature come in and you allow it to thrive in the community, you can create a very thriving ecosystem within the urban or suburban landscape. >> bird watchers get a close-up look at male egret searchinging for twig. >> and so he is constantly bringing in sticks. when she approves them, she weaves them into the nest. they'll lay their eggses, and they'll take turns keeping the eggs warm.
6:40 pm
once the chicks hatch, they'll also take turns feeding the chicks. >> google employees know when nesting season arrives. >> i knew they were back because my blue car was white one day when i came out to go home. >> but schu didn't mind because google is doing its part, planting native trees and grass. the area has attracted other birds as well. >> it's not uncommon for shore birds to nest in these mixed colonies with multiple species. they tend to stay away from each other, and they can sometimes fight over really choice sticks, which is funny to watch. but for the most part, they keep their distance and they get along. >> carolyn knight is the census taker. the colony has 174 nests so far. counting them isn't easy. >> mostly just a challenge to make sure you're finding all of the nests and that you're note counting them twice or even three timesr. >> the chicks could be very vocal and aggressive when mom has food for them. in mountain view, david louie, abc 7 news. >> and the santa clara valley audubon society has two open
6:41 pm
houses for the public to see the egrets. this sunday and next wednesday at the shore bird egret rookery. the events are free. >> that looks like fun. well, it is another beautiful day to be outside. >> that's
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now to breaking news. take a look. that is a grocery store on fire in phoenix, arizona. that safeway huge flames. a big plume of smoke is going gallup the sky, and you can see the flames just shooting out of the roof. >> terrible fire. our sister station in phoenix reports that it's a safeway obviously that's burning. the roof has collapsed. you can imagine with all these flames it has. so far no reports of any injury. so we hope everyone got out as the flames started. but as you can see, it's a terrible disaster there in phoenix. >> yes. 7 on your side's michael finney has reported on many scams. one of the biggest struck a marin county woman in the privacy of her own home. >> she thought she stopped the con artist in his tracks but c race against time. very, very interesting. she paid a man she thought she was helping her get rid of a computer virus. then in the middle of the scam, she figured out it was a fraud,
6:45 pm
and stopped that payment. or did she? betsy diamond had just finished shopping when her screen turned blue. >> it said a screen of death. you have a virus. >> the message said to call microsoft at the number on the screen. >> i called the number. i spoke to this guy, and he told me that it was totally compromised, and i needed to give him remote access to my computer so he could look at it. >> betsy called her own tech guy, but he didn't pick up. so she let the man on the phone control her computer. >> all of the sudden, i see my name and i have social security numbers on the screen. >> the man typed out messages. her computer was infected. she needs to pay $500 to fix it and to pay by check. >> and i was just going to mail the check. and he said no, no, no. we need to scan it. >> so betsy scanned the check, and the man grabbed the image just as her tech guy called back. >> and he said betty, turn off your computer. you've been frauded. >> it wasn't really microsoft at all. it was a scam. >> i remember silence, and then
6:46 pm
screaming. >> the scammer was still typing as betsy called wells fargo to stop payment on that check. >> and they said well, it's a good thing you wrote a check because you'll be able to stop payment on it. >> still, bad guys now had all of her information. >> gotcha. gotsch you remotely but got you nonetheless. >> i was robbed in my own house. >> at least she stopped that $500 payment, right? >> didn't work out that way. >> it turns out wells fargo went ahead and paid the $500 to the scammer. two days later -- >> you know, what does stop payment mean? >> the bank told her the check was cashed electronically. so the stop payment didn't work. betsy contacted on your side. we asked wells fargo why it paid the scammer after her fraud report? wells fargo said due to customer confidentiality, we cannot provide details on specific customer issues. but five days later, betsy got a surprise. >> there was my $500 in my checking account. and i was ecstatic.
6:47 pm
i couldn't believe it. i was so happy. >> wow. wells fargo tells us you may need extra steps to stop payments when a crook has your account information. it did not say why those steps weren't taken in this case. but look, if this ever happens to you, consider freezing your account and do it right away. now, i want to hear from you. the on your side hotline is open weekdays 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. my telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through abc 7. >> good work. let's check one more time on tonight's live poll which is open now at >> what issue should san francisco's new mayor sworn in just today tackle first? here are the results as they continue to come in, and it really hasn't changed dramatically in a while. homelessness the number one issue people seem to think she should focus on. 69%. >> with housing coming in with
6:48 pm
17%, it's easy to vote. you don't have to log in and register for anything. go to and vote on your phone, tablet or computer. >> we always love toe hear from you. so please get involved in that. one last update on the weather. >> sandhya patel is here with that. >> back to the summertime pattern. take a look at live doppler 7. we have fog around right near the beaches, and it's going to stick around. for the afternoon, your humid conditions tomorrow. inland areas in the low 90s. along the coast you'll be in the mid-60s. similar conditions to today. only the difference is going to be higher humidity for your thursday. don't worry about the humidity. on sunday, aids walk san francisco taking place. it's going conditions. 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., low to mid-50s. peeks of sun between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. perfect walking weather with upper 50s to the low 60s. a little breezy at times to keep you comfortable. accuweather seven-day forecast. humid conditions the next two days as monsoon moisture flows in. low to mid-60s coast side. low 90s inland.
6:49 pm
we'll keep you close to that as we head into the weekend. temperatures do fluctuate by a few degrees going into next week. dan and ama? >> all right. thanks, sandhya. all right. on to the weather -- i mean sports. >> yes. larry? he is a junior meteorologist. >> i should do the weather one day. we should switch roles. >> you should. >> do you have any catchphrases you want to use? >> this has got to get done. this has got to get done. giants have a slumber party planned for at&t park tonight. looked like today's game might go right into the slumber party. let's check buster and his
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
abc 7 sports report is sponsored by stanford health care. >> good evening. giants have eight walk-off wins this season. that happens to lead the majors. number eight came today in 13 i think so against the cubs. the giants take two out of three from a pretty good chicago team. niners head coach kyle shanahan playing the role of sunscreen applying dad. good job, dad. bottom of the first, chase d'arnaud leading off. this is his first homer as a giant. over the cars in left field. 1-0 just like that. still bottom of the first, steven dugger, brings in gorkys hernandez. the dugger family is pumped up. the cubs, come back via the long ball. three homers in this game. the third by javi baez ties it up at four in the seventh.
6:53 pm
bottom of the ninth, we're still tied. bruce bochy, somebody got to hit with runners in scoring position. two on, two out for gorkys. no, going to extras tied at four. very close play at second. bottom 13, two-out rally. buster posley who caught seven pitchers in 13 innings ends it, off the wall to bring in brandon belt. drive home safely. giants win 5-4 in 13. they have an off day before they host the a's on friday. >> good series win for us. i thought our pitchers threw the ball extremely well. all three games. it's obviously that's a really good team over there. and nice to come away with the series victory. >> it's all about how bad you want it, i guess. and i think he wanted it pretty bad. you know, he's probably as good ar in ball strike drive the ball like that with two strikes, that's why it was impressive. this is it! this is the final. this is for all -- >> oh, yeah!
6:54 pm
the whole enchilada, the whole vegan quesadilla. vote until your thumbs are sore, until they got muscles on them. yeah! >> they had me at vegan quesadillas. back by popular demand, the ballot brothers encouraging fans to vote for brandon belt, brother, for the final spot on the national league all-star team. but alas, belt did not win. jesus aguilar of the brewers won. but still, we can't get enough of the ballot brothers brother. after a brutal extra inning loss, the a's back at enns against the astros. pinder power in the fourth. chad pinder high, deep and aloha. the three run jack. the a's jump out to an early 6-0 lead. the astros coming back. right now it is 6-2 and they are in the five i think. world cup semifinal, england and croatia. the winner will get france. fifth minute, england the free kick. kieran with his first ever world cup goal and celebration. a little beer in the air. there goes their beer. it's minute.
6:55 pm
ivan with the chance off the post goes to extra time with mario shoots it, scores. oh, it's a party in zagreb. croatia players so excited, they're kissing the media. i thought everybody hated us. anyway, 2-1 the final. it's france and croatia for the cup on sunday. roger federer 266-2 after winning the first two sets at a major and playing south africa's kevin anderson today. match point for fedderer in the third set. hit it wide. anderson comes back to take the set 7-5. fourth set, set point. for anderson, uh-oh, you can see which way this thing is going. now they're going to a fifth set. fifth set tie break tied at 11. fed double faults. and then gives anderson the game. anderson serving for the match and the return is out. fed is out. 13-11 in the fifth.
6:56 pm
anderson. fedder, just a point away from a clean sweep. anderson will face american john isner in the semis. nadal and djokovic in the other semifinal. abc 7 sports sponsored by stanford health care, brother! >> that's great stuff. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 7/13. the bolt from above and the close call. how a neighbor caught this remarkable video. look at that. more at 9:00. then on abc news at 11, keeping cyclists safe on south bay streets. will drivers be willing to give up lane? >> all of that is coming up later for you. but that's this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry beil, the entire abc 7 news team, have a great evening. >> see you later.
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