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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 12, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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want to talk on camera. it's just those neighbors police are appealing to. >> we know that community members were there. they witnessed this incident and there's information that can be provided to us to help us further our investigation. we're asking for community members to come forward. >> reporter: police say they're still looking for suspects and a motive in the shooting that took place here on 80th avenue near holly street. witnesses who didn't want to go on camera told us that people were crowded into the street last night for a memorial for an 18-year-old murder victim who was killed june 29th when at least one shooter fired multiple shots from behind this fence, hitting a car with an innocent child inside. >> a young 3-year-old child was in the car with his mother when a round hit that vehicle and scrap metal from that round injured the child. >> reporter: the shrapnel wunts to the face are not believed to be life-threatening but there likely will be emotional trauma. that's why oakland police dropped by with a teddy bear for
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the young victim hoping to ease the pain. >> it is horrendous when everyone suffers from violence. but when a child this young is struck by a bullet, it strikes us all. >> reporter: part of the investigation is trying to determine if the memorial service and the shooting are in any way linked. police say they have no evidence of that at this time. mayor libby schaaf says they are taking other anti-violence efforts. they have restored midnight basketball, friday night in the park and life coaches are back out in the street hoping to prevent this sort of violence before it happens. of course police still looking for the shooter. there was a deadly accident that involved a bobcat vehicle that apparently ran over a worker who died at the scene. that worker's name hasn't been
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released. cal osha is investigating. a sad homecoming today for a napa county man who joined the army right after the 9/11 attacks. >> an accident in afghanistan took the life of the american canyon man who had been working there as a security specialist. kristen sze is here with the story. >> reporter: well, i want to show you a moving scene. in napa today community members young and old came out by the dozens to honor a fallen hero. they lined the street carrying the american flag, signs of gratitude and heavy hearts. they came to salute 31-year-old corey michael miley as a police escort brought him from the sacramento airport to his final resting place at the cemetery. according to this post shared by the napa police department, the security contractor was working in afghanistan when an accident took his life. though he died a private citizen, his life was characterized by his military service. miley was deeply affected by the
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9/11 attacks and joined the army. his unit worked to establish law and order in iraq. miley earned medals and survived explosions along way, he left the army in 2010, but for the past six years he worked as a security contractor in afghanistan. miley had lived in american canyon since age 5, a graduate of vintage high school, known for his pranks and his mediating skills. miley is survived by his parents. this is his mother's facebook page. you see this picture of him at his wedding as the happy groom with his mother to his left, our right, and his bride, the memorial service will be live streamed and we have a link to it on our website, larry and ama. >> kristen, burning across california this afternoon. we have a map showing the blazes that cal fire is on the front lines fighting right now.
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the fire to our north has now burned 57 scare miles and destroyed 82 buildings. firefighters have it 70% contained. officials estimate full containment by sunday. crews are making progress this afternoon containing the county fire burning near lake berryessa. that was sparked by an improperly installed electric livestock fence. the county fire started 13 days ago. so far that blaze has scorched more than 90,000 acres. it is 89% contained. and we are facing higher fire danger. i'll explain here in just a moment. good evening or good afternoon to all of you. let's take coastline but we're also watching a low that has been triggering thunderstorms in the sierra, southern california has bernardi county.round san as we take a look at the
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forecast for us locallight betwd about midnight we'll start to see an increase in the moisture. there is a possibility because the lower levels of the atmosphere are so dry that we may see isolated thunderstorms with dry lightning, which is why the fire danger may be high. seeing some of the high clouds, it is going to remain mild and muggy this evening at 7:00. fog and high clouds at 8:00 p.m. 50s to 70s for your temperatures and there is a slight chance late tonight going into early tomorrow morning that we may see an isolated thunderstorm or two developing around here. i'll be back with a look at how long that risk will remain coming up. >> thank you so much, sandhya. 24 hours after taking the oath of office, san francisco mayor london breed said she will be aggressive in cleaning up the city streets and making them safe. >>ly
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mayor talked about the safety of the city. >> reporter: that's something every mayor does at the beginning of their term. mayor breed said today give me time, give me home, but when it comes to the homeless and the needles you see out in the streets, i think a lot of people are frustrated and they're saying come on, get ready, get set, let's go. a problem that was created after years of neglect and lax responses cannot be solved overnight. mayor london breed reminded the press that it will take time. >> i'm committed. i'm started. i started and i'm moving forward. when we can see the results is yet to be determined but i'm looking forward to really pushing forward as aggressively as i can to get the job done. >> reporter: but people in the city are desperate for some kind of solution to the amount of needles on the streets. the san francisco travel association has voiced its displeasure over how the streets
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are seen affecting tourism. the travel association, the hotel council among other organizations have formed a coalition. they hope to sit down with mayor breed. in the meantime they call themselves clean safe 365 and pushed their message on twitter, like this one posted last month. san francisco deserves clean and safe streets. clean safe 365 is putting its trust in mayor london breed to improve and protect our world class city. a construction company put this sign up asking sf 311 to please remove the hypodermic needles inside the fence. there were none when we got there, but we found a homeless encampment just a few feet from the area. we know this, public health and the san francisco aids foundation say they pick up more than 275,000 used needles every month from the streets or syringe access sites. in june, they added more people to dispose of used needles. >> our goal is to have the
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public see that there's going to be a reduction of these needles on the street. if we have to add another 10 people, that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: that was barbara garcia of the department of health here in san francisco. she told me she knows the mayor will support her on that. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. all right, thank you so much. well, today, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors discussed retrofitting the transbay tube and its impact on 2800 commuters who use the tube between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. every day. beginning in february, b.a.r.t. will start running trains at 5:00 a.m. instead of 4:00 a.m. according to "the examiner" that's so they can work on retrofitting the transbay tube. customers we spoke with said traffic is bad enough, they want their b.a.r.t. trains. >> traffic is bad enough as it is right now and it's only going to get worse. i'm not sure how much more room we have to expand the roads, so i think it's important to provide service at all hours, if
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possible. >> one option would create four more early express bus routes into the city. the securities and exchange commission is reportedly investigating whether facebook adequately warned investors about the cambridge analytica scandal. according to "the wall street journal" the sec has requested information from facebook about how much it knew about the use of data of up to 87 million users. the s.e.c. also investigating how facebook analyzed the risk it faced from developers who shared data in violation of policies. the justice department is appealing a judge's approval of at&t's merger with time warner. last month a judge ruled that merger could go ahead, saying the government failed to show the deal violates any antitrust law. the merger was completed a few days later. we're learning more about those boys stuck in a cave in thailand for nearly two weeks. just ahead, the new video and e one trick the coach used to help keep the boys calm during the rescue. plus -- ready?
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>> wow. ready or not, these are the lines that went on and on and on, all to get a good deal on a teddy bear. and you know what? it's not over yet. plus, as the summer heats up, 7 on your side searches for the best bug repellent. what they un llenyore iraffic on the skyway in downtown san francisco. it is jammed up bumper to bumper in both directions. it's going to be a long, slow commute out of the city tonight. back with more on abc 7 new
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this is how xfinity makes life simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv at a new low price, just $44.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask about flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. 12 boys and their coach
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stuck in that cave in thailand are recovering in a hospital. today we're getting a closer look out inside that cave. >> many of the divers are being called heroes and are telling their stories. >> reporter: an emotionl greeting. the parents of those 12 soccer players meeting some of the divers who saved their sons' lives. >> this is the most difficult dive i have ever been to. >> reporter: as we're seeing more of their heroic mission up close and learning about the complicated coordinated plans behind its success. >> the job was to get the kid out of the water, put the full face mask off, put them on the stretcher. >> reporter: drivers from around the world blindly jumping into the cave's muddy waters. >> you couldn't see this and i sksn until y hand. smacking your head into rocks.
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we did extricate fairly quickly. >> reporter: the boys enduring dives lasting up to half an hour, unable to ivs still stunned, celebrating what >> we've been talking about this with the guys and nobody has ever heard of such a big operation and especially that ends up this good. >> reporter: as for the boys, they're still in the hospital. many of them are working towards eating solid foods, and the majority are still unable to hug or even touch their parents. right now they're expected to stay in the hospital for about a week before going home where it will be at least another month of recovery. meditation is being credited with helping the thai soccer team survive. the team's coach led the boys through several meditation sessions. melanie woodrow spoke with an expert about how meditation helped. >> reporter: trapped for more than two weeks, the boys' coach
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guided the team through meditation sessions to help them conserve their energy. >> in some ways it's the ability to control the spin of what's happening. >> reporter: jeff drasin is the medical director for the institute of health and healing in san francisco. a meditative state helps you identify the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of your mind so that they don't distract you. >> so if you're in a cave, you're only in a cave if you think you're in a cave. >> reporter: in a meditative state, he says you can achieve relaxation in environments that aren't inherently relaxing. when you're anxious, your breath is shallow and you use muscles in your chest burning calories. >> you don't have to be in danger but over time you feel like you're in more danger. >> reporter: in a relaxed state, you're conserving energy. >> in sports there's the expression of he's locked in. locked in is the definition of a meditative state. >> reporter: the soccer coach learned meditation while training as a buddhist monk for nearly a decade. we can all benefit from
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meditation, by experiencing your breath moving in and out of your nose or noticing the rise and fall of your chest, even just for a minute or two a day. he jokes we already know how to focus. >> and the one singular meditation that people practice routinely is also called worry. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the medical director melanie spoke with suggests say the word in or receive as you breathe in and saying out or release as you breathe out. a teenager from concord has won the girls junior lpga championship and made history at the same time. se finished a remarkable 24 under par in the four-round tournament that wrapped up this afternoon in kentucky. her total score of 264 after 72 holes is a tournament record. her next closest competitor was four shots back. back in march she talked with us. the impressive teenager has now earned a spot on the 2018 junior ryder cup team playing at
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disneyland paris in september. what an opportunity there. >> that is incredible. all right, let's check on our weather. definitely more cloud cover sa christian. >> and that is adding to the humidity in the air, obviously, the extra clouds. let's take a live look at doppler 7. the typical fog is sitting right near the coast but we're also watching coming from the southeast the monsoon flow, which is why we're seeing all the thunderstorms developing in the sierra. there's been some rain accompanying it, so that, of course, is what we want to hear, especially since fire danger is running high. some of that moisture may work its way towards the bay area later on tonight so that's something we have to watch for in case a thunderstorm or two does develop. take a look at the dew points. so right now between 50 and 59 degrees, it's a little muggy. most areas are in that category. mountain view 60-degree dew point and that is humid. not what we're used to here in the bay area, but in the summertime we do occasionally get that sticky feel from the
4:18 pm
monsoon flow. temperatures right now 60s to the 90s, typical for this time of year. not so great if you don't like the sticky conditions. abc 7 news exploratorium camera showing you those clouds coming in over san francisco. there is a slight chance of thunder late tonight. fire danger remains elevated and muggy conditions will continue through tomorrow before we start to see drier air for the weekend. now, this is the wettest of the computer models. the other one is completely dry. i just want to warn you about this. this is why it's a slight chance. hour by hour you notice around 11:00 there is a little bit of green showing up tonight going into 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that's why we're putting in the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm or two. then tomorrow night it's pretty much moving on out of here in terms of the potential take a l morning, mild and humid, temperatures in the mid-50s to the mid-60s. the clouds will keep the heat trapped in which is why it's not going to be very cold tomorrow morning. humid again tomorrow afternoon. thecoas ranges.
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you can download the accuweather app and keep track of live doppler 7 in case thunderstorms do develop. accuweather seven-day forecast, a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow morning. still going to be muggy. as we head into saturday and sunday, temperatures will start to slowly come up the second half of your weekend. it will be back to the drier air, near average, and then warming up again into the mid-90s inland. on monday mid-60s coast side. temperatures will fluctuate a few degrees, but by thursday we're talking mid-90s, around 96 for the hot spots, mid-60s along the coast. one of the things to keep in mind is the air mass over our area is so dry, even though we're feeling that sticky feel, at the lower levels it's so dry that any thunderstorms that do develop, the moisture just pretty much evaporates. and so that is why the concern is there that maybe dry lightning could trigger the possibility of fire. so keep that in mind. >> that is the last thing we
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need right now. thank you, sandhya. crazy lines around the world for a build-a-bear promotion that got wildly out of hand. people waited hours for a cheap deal on a teddy bear. not everyone left satisfied. plus the emmy nominations are out. who made the cut, coming up. and taking a live look at our traffic in san jose, this is 101 southbound is your backup 101 southbound is your backup there. i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk
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frenzy and frustration around the world at a popular stuff your own teddy bear retail chain. this was a special one-day promotion by ila-be created long lines all over the place. in england, all across the u.s., and here in california. in the bay area, theur feast to
4:23 pm
the south bay. the video in the monitor here is from pleasanton. oh, by the way, that's going to be you in a few years. build-a-bear. >> over at hillsdale mall in san mateo, check out these lines from early this afternoon. it's crazy. it's like the entire length of the mall. abc 7 news reporter matt keller was actually with some of the shoppers down at oak ridge mall in san jose. >> reporter: stuffed animals created malls stuffed with people this morning. >> are we ready? >> reporter: hundreds lined up at the build-a-bear workshop, including michael o'brien and his son, shea. they were the first in line at 5:30 a.m. >> he's 7 years old and i figured he needs one. >> reporter: why the big line? it's pay your age day. shea is 7. >> so you're go f good deal. >> yep. >> reporter: normally they cost $20 to $35 each.
4:24 pm
for big families, pay your age day can save you a lot of money. >> 14, 10, 5 and 1. >> reporter: hundreds were in line by the time build-a-bear opened an hour early at 9:00 a.m. many stores across the u.s., canada and the uk stopped accepting guests due to crowds and safety concerns. the store manager at oak ridge said he'd stay open as long as they had bears to stuff. kids were ready. >> i have no idea. >> i think i will get the unicorn one. >> reporter: at the end of the day, there were some things you can't put a price on. there's still a huge line here at midday, and the reality is not everybody will be able to get into the build-a-bear workshop and make a bear. what they're doing is they're handing out $15 off voth a birt where you can come on your birthday and you can pay your age. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news.
4:25 pm
>> so you have a 2-year-old and so you pay $2 for the bear? >> right. my moms group was talking about this a lot and some people were disappointed about today, they couldn't get it. but like matt said, you can do it on the child's birthday and do the pay your age. >> i wonder if the build-a-bear people recognize that their brand is this strong, that they would -- it's worldwide havoc. >> i know, it's crazy. lines for hours and hours. actually matt tells us other stores in the mall of course were benefiting from that special. disney store was packed as parents gave up on build-a-bear and went with their kids to get some disney stores instead. >> disney the parent company of abc 7. i'm okay if you go to the disney store. move over hbo, netflix is now the major player when it comes to the emmy award nominations. >> the nominations in the drama series category are: "stranger things" -- >> that's kind of a good show, i just have to say.
4:26 pm
okay. programs on the streaming service received 112 nominations this year, up from 91 last year. this is the first time since 2001 that hbo didn't receive the most nominations. yeah, abc received 31 nominations, including "blackish" for best comedy and for individual programs, hbo's "game of thrones" had the most nominations with 22. "saturday night live" received 21 nominations and "handmaid's tale" received 20. fiery testimony today took place on capitol hill. >> i'm happy to answer that question, but i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. >> i don't appreciate having an fbi agent with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations. >> this was hot. the fbi agent who blasted the la t dinner in ext testifying the uk tonight comes amid a lot of protests. the latest controversy following the nato summit. and coming up tomorrow on
4:27 pm
"good morning america" sarah palin, the former governor of alaska, says she was duped into an interview by comedian sasha s barren baron cohen. you can hea
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a homicide victim injuring a 3-year-old boy. the boy was hit in the head by bullet fragments last night on 80th avenue near holly street. he's recovering in the hospital. the man suspected of 12 murders and nearly 50 rapes was in court today. more than a dozen victims were there to confront joseph deangelo. leslie brinkley will have more from them coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. a hero's welcome for the thai navy s.e.a.l.s. and royal navy personnel who helped rescue a youth soccer team and their coach from a cave. they are expected to be released from the hospital the next week. the fbi agent who president trump repeatedly blasted on twitter accusing him of bias testified in public for the first time today. serena marshall is live in washington with the latest. >> this hearing was downright hostile at times. peter strzok, the fbi agent, tried to defend himself against lawmakers' attacks, and lawmakers threatened to hold him in contempt as democrats accused republicans of playi politics
4:31 pm
and not following regular order. it's a fiery hearing between an fbi agent and republican members of congress. >> nothing but the truth so hel. >> peter strzok, who led the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and then was assigned to robert mueller's trump/russia investigation didn't back down when republicans accused him of improper bias. >> if you want to represent what you said accurately, i'm happy to answer that question. i don i. >> i don't appreciate an fbi level with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations in 2016. >> strzok and lisa page, while having an extramarital affair, exchanged thousands of personal text messages over their work cell phones in 2015 and '16, including some that were critical of trump as well as some democrats. >> not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: the main text in question, one he sent saying we will stop it and replied to page asking about trump winning the election. >> the suggestion that i in some dark chamber somewhere in the fbi would somehow cast aside all of these procedures, all of these safeguards and the proposition that that is going on, that it might occur anywhere in the fbi deeply corrodes what the fbi is in american society, the effectiveness of their mission, and it is deeply destructive. >> before the combative testimony, democrats used their time to show pictures of all the people who have already pleaded guilty in mueller's russia probe. >> let me underscore, these are not allegations, these are admissions. >> republican lawmakers also want to hear lisa page testify. after some back and forth, she has agreed for a closed door meeting tomorrow. live in washington, serena marshall, abc 7 news. >> this hearing was particularly fiery. have you seen anything like this before? >> ama, in my nearly a decade
4:33 pm
covering washington politics, i've never seen a hearing this hot, this hostile, this contentious, especially between lawmakers asking questions of the witness. you had republicans and democrats at times screaming at each other trying to maintain regular order, accusing each other of not letting the witness speak. you even had lawmakers take things to a personal level against the witness they were questioning, raising that extramarital affair between lisa page and strzok as a reason nobody can trust him. strzok maintained his cool and he replied saying that shows more about your character than my own but nothing like this has ever come across a hearing i've monitor had in the last hearing. >> wow, incredible. thank you so much. president trump and his wife, melania, attended a black tie gala tonight in england. it's the trump's official welcome to the uk during their frst visit since the presidential election. the visit comes with protests in london and controversy in
4:34 pm
brussels. abc news reporter molly hunter with the details. >> reporter: wheels down in london and the protesters are already out. president trump choppered to blenheim palace, staying off the roads that protesters are lining tonight. tomorrow in london authorities expect to see the biggest protest in years, but the president will be conveniently in the countryside. he left brussels with a bang after a free-wheeling unscheduled press conference. >> it all came together at the end. >> reporter: first he announced that nato allies were going to commit billions more, $33 billion to be exact. he said nato countries would hit that defense spending target of 2% of gdp more quickly than expected, but he gave no specifics or time frame. french president emmanuel macron denied that anyone is increasing their commitment. he says trump isn't announcing anything new. the statement published yesterday confirms the goal of nato nations having 2% of gdp in
4:35 pm
defense spending by 2024. that's still the plan. also this morning president trump was asked if he would leave nato. >> i think i probably can but that's unnecessary. the people have stepped up. >> reporter: later he reportedly said if america's demands weren't met by 2019, he'd go it alone. at the press conference he also spoke about russian election meddling. >> he may deny it. it's one of those things. all i can say is did you and don't do it again. >> reporter: trump's rhetoric nowhere near as aggressive with the russian president as he's been with america's closest allies just days before his meeting with president putin in helsinki. the president was asked what he thought about the protests and he said it will be fine, most people are looking forward to his visit. but he'll be out in the countryside meeting with theresa may and having tea with the queen. all the protests will be here in central london. molly hunter, abc news, london. the trump administration says all eligible small childre immigration policy have been
4:36 pm
reunited with their parents. 57 children under the age of 5 were reunited as of this morning. however, another 46 children were not because of safety concerns, the deportation of their parents or other issues. the government missed a federal judge's initial deadline of tuesday to have all children under 5 reunited with parents. the administration has until july 26th to reunite about 2,000 older children. authorities in ohio today dropped all charges against porn star stormy daniels following her arrest last night. this according to her attorney. police took daniels into custody at a columbus strip club accusing her of touching the patrons. that's a violation of ohio law. daniels' attorney, michael avenatti, called the arrest a politically motivated sting operation. daniels of course is suing president trump over an alleged affair. meanwhile, president trump's former campaign chair, paul manafort, has been moved to a jail that's closer to washington, d.c. manafort will go to trial to face financial crimes charges later this month.
4:37 pm
until today manafort had been held in a different jail where he said he was being treated like a, quote, vip. he apparently had his own telephone, work space and bathroom. a judge ordered manafort to be held last month after accusing him of violating terms of his house arrest. new details in another racially charged harassment case. >> are you an american citizen? >> police officer. >> a plea for help that went unanswered and what that officer is now facing. >> and why the bay area may not be so great when it comes to retirement. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel tracking an increase in clouds. thunder may be next. i'll let you know how much of a chance there is coming right up. and checking our traffic over the bay bridge toll plaza. not looking good. look at all that backup s much
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a police officer has resigned amid the fallout from that viral video, you see it here, showing him ignoring call harassed for wearing a shirt with a puerto rican flag on it. >> here's abc news reporterie l woma asking for help now no longer with the department. >> his reflect that this officer did
4:41 pm
not resign in good standing. >> reporter: this video shows mia pleading with a nearby officer as she's being harassed by a drunk man in a chicago park. >> please step away from me. >> you're not going to change us, you know that? >> reporter: but the officer ignores her. >> officer, i feel highly uncomfortable. can you please grab him? >> are you an american citizen? >> police officer. >> reporter: when mia was requesting assistance is when the officer should have stepped in. >> reporter: the verbal attack only ends when other cops arrive and arrest the man, tim tribus. he's being charged with assault and disorderly conduct. >> we need to think about the rash of racially charged abusive incidents we're seeing throughout our country. >> reporter: the police commissioner calls the officer's behavior an embarrassment that has tarnished the entire department. >> what all of us has witnessed watching this video seen around the world is a situation that no one s appalling, gut
4:42 pm
wrenching and a real wake-up call to everyone. >> reporter: the police department says even though the officer has resigned, they plan to continue the investigation because they say they can still learn more from this incident. they even say they are going to use this video as a teaching tool for other officers going forward. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. the u.s. navy is now letting female members have a wide variety of hair styles. women can now put their hair in ponytails, braids and locks. previously ponytails were only allowed during physical training. the rule change is designed to be more inclusive for african-american women. hair styles must not get in the way of safety gear or headwear. hi there, everyone. take a live look at live doppler 7. we do have some high clouds streaming in, fog along the coast, a stable environment now but it may not we are watching the monsoon flow bringing thunderstorms into the sierras. some of this may work its way towards the bay area late tonight so we're putting in a
4:43 pm
20% chance of a thunderstorm or two late tonight through early tomorrow morning. still will remain a little more humid than what we're used to in the bay area. temperatures in the low 90s inlani inland, low 60s right along the coast. take a look at aids walk forecast for sunday, golden gate park. it's going to be foggy in typical fashion and that's good walking weather for you. 9:00 a.m. lingering fox, 56 degrees. peeks of sun between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. after that we're still looking sticky but as the weekend arrives, drier air warming back up heading into next week. ama and larry. >> thank you so much, sandhya. mosquito and tick-borne diseases are on the rise. the question is how can you protect yourself? 7 on your side teams up with consumer reports to help you fine the best repellents on the market. plus more and more people
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
hot summer, that may mean more annoying insects flying around while you try to eat.
4:47 pm
>> how can you protect yourself from diseases? michael finney has some recommendations. >> annoying, irritating and potentially dangerous. mosquito and tick bites can ruin any summer outing, and the diseases they carry, like west nile virus, lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever can be much worse. the good news is that the same kinds of repellents protect well against both mosquitos and ticks. >> many of the better-performing products contain deet at levels of 15% to 30%. deet is safe when used as directed, even for kids and pregnant women. >> as part of expert testing against mosquitos, the standard dose of repellent is applied to each test subject's forearms, then sticks each arm into a cage of 200 disease-free mosquitos of one species for five minutes. the repellent fails exposure ped or one bite in each of two consecutive sessions. consumer reports did not test all repellents against ticks,
4:48 pm
but previous test results and further research indicate that any product that protects from mosquito bites will als protect from tick bites too. consumer reports' top two rated repellents contain deet. total home woodland scent insect repellent and off deep woods insect repellent viii dry. also performing well was 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus repellent and 20% picaridin repellent. oil of lemon eucalyptus should not be used on children under 3 years old of the to get the best protection from any of these repellents, you must apply them properly, so follow the directions on the label. >> and the u.s. environmental protection agency and consumer reports says that deet with concentrations of 30% or less is safe c wn used as directed. consumer reports has shown that
4:49 pm
most natural products with the exception of oil of lemon eucalyptus don't perform well against mosquitos. new concerns about those electric rental scooters. this industry is growing so fast, cities are racing to regulate and it turns out riders have a learning curve as well. despite safety procedures like encouraging riders to wear helmets and ride in bike lanes, scooter riders proceed at their own risk. >> when you hit the cement at 17 miles an hour, it hurts. when i came back around the corner, i was going probably a little fast. i hit where the trolley exchanges. >> face first? >> face first like over the scooter. >> man, look at her face there. this has led to an uptick in lawsuits related to electric scooter accidents. one personal injury attorney in beverly hills told a he sees one to two cases a day of electric scooters. they're off the streets temporarily here in san francisco. the city is rolling out a permit program. they could return within a few
4:50 pm
weeks. new research finds almost half of parents use cell phones while driving with young children in the car. the university of pennsylvania surveyed more than 700 parents all across the u.s. 47% say they have talked on the phone without using hands-free devices. one in three admitted to reading text messages. one in seven said they used social media. that's a bad idea. a new study suggests the golden state isn't a great place to spend your golden years. according to, california is the sixth worst state in the nation to retire. the study examined seven categories. cost of living, taxes, health care quality, weather, crime, cultural vitality and well-being. california's main drawbacks were, of course, cost of living at 49th and taxes at 48th among the 50 states. weather and well-being both 14th overall were our bright spots. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, something fun, we do have you covered. >> jessica castro from abc 7
4:51 pm
mornings has some ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> i'm calling on all sports fans and science in other words. this friday you can enjoy a free night at the exploratorium as part of the museum's community days. entry is on a first come, first serve basis from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. donations are encouraged or go to san francisco bastille day. it remembers the storming of the bastille, a turning point for the french revolution. enjoy great food, wine and beer plus music and fun for the kids. the event is free. or if you're into tennis like i am, how about heading out to a professional tennis tournament in the east bay. it's part of the usta circuit. you won't see serena or caroline wozniacki, but you will see some of the rising stars. >> the level is very close to the highest level you'll see on television. you will see some of the future stars here. >> the berkeley tennis club challenge is part of a series of
4:52 pm
tournaments in the u.s. that will award a wild card entry into the u.s. open so it's a pretty big deal. plus the courts are so beautiful, i couldn't pass up a chance to hit with one of the competitors who also works for the usta. >> see the physicality, see the speed of the ball, see that very up close. that's what makes it very exciting for us to show that kind of tennis right here. >> i'll admit she went easy on me on the courts. the tournament starts this sunday and lasts a full week. the public is welcome at the club. for details on these events and other idea, just head over to and we'll connect you with hoodline. i'm jessica castro with abc 7 news. have a great weekend. >> jessica castro has a forehand to be dealt with there. big day today at the oakland zoo. a bear celebrated -- look at him running away -- the grand opening of the brand new california trail exhibit. this is a 56-acre trail now home to grizzly and black bears, bald
4:53 pm
eagles and more. all animals are native to california and the crews hauled in like four tons of snow as a special treat for the bears. i guess that's the snow right there. where are the bears? they're chilling elsewhere. the trail was 25 years in the making at a cost of $72 million. we saw one bear having a good time out there. >> certainly did. all right, so when you think of library, you probably think of books. but now it's all about printers. 3-d printingeers, we're checkint the new technology just ahead. new at 5:00, the oakland a's celebrate a birthday by embracing its history and now they want you to join in. taking on google, a north bay winery with a long shot attempt to reclaim its good name. and banding together against the golden state killer. several women see the man accused of raping them. a powerful day in court.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
coming up tonight at 8:00, it's the gong show followed by match game and then at 10:00, it is take two. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> what's the coolest thing to do this summer? both kids and adults are heading to the library to learn how to design and to print 3-d objects. >> librarians have become tech-savvy teachers. david louie shows us what all the buzz is about. > reporter: that's a familiar sound these days at the 12
4:57 pm
libraries in the san mateo county library network. it's a 3-d printer creating objects made out of biodegradable plastic. youngsters are riveted as they watch projects take shape layer by layer. senior librarian rachel evans finds herself teaching technology to patrons of all ages. >> it's going to heat up the nozzle and start printing in a second. >> reporter: each of the libraries has at least two 3-d printers available for free. workshops are taught to teach people how to design and print objects. 12-year-old diego wants to make something. >> probably like a little figure to put on my desk. >> reporter: people can produce a wide range of objects. >> the kids pick this stuff up really quickly. yes, we do. but to have that sort of bridge, like they can show the grownups a thing or two is really special too. >> reporter: it caught the eye of pauline. she collects penguins and
4:58 pm
decided to print one after getting some design help. >> the library is lifelong learning, so i'm really a proponent of that. anything to get kids and the community involved with new technology, new learning and new concept, you know, it's great. >> reporter: her design was put on an sd card for the 3-d printer to get started. now it's a waiting game. one hour for the printer to do its work. all of this is very high tech until you get to the very last step. to remove your finished product, you still need an old-fashioned spatula. the result was worth it. pauline just needs to paint some eyes. in san carlos, david louie, abc 7 news. >> 3-d printing is amazing. we have one in this building actually. we can't work it. i can't anyway. complicated projects might have to be spread out over several days to let others share the printer. it is free, though. instructional workshops are at the 12 san mateo county libraries. >> and you can get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. it has enhanced live vid vid vid
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features, more customization and personalized push alerts. >> thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. . now that i have a face. >> and that face is this man. golden state killer suspect joseph deangelo. the court appearance that has survivors banding together. oakland beefs up police patrols after a little boy suffers a gunshot wound. the damage still visible, and the neighbors still scared. a worker is killed at a construction site in palo alto, and now the state wants to know why. and it's a lot more than sour grapes. why a north bay winery says google has gone too far. more than a dozen victims confront the man they believe is the golden state killer in a sacramento courtroom. for many, it's been more than 40 years since their lives were changed forever. it was a powerful day in court.
5:00 pm
good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. many of the victims were quite emotional. >> leslie brinkley was there and she joins us from sacramento. leie? >>maine. they were all victims of the golden state killer back in the 1970s, and they told me they wanted to see the man accused of attacking them in person. >> super intense. just seeing the back of his head, it was really hard. >> reporter: -- >> the wounds heal. >> reporter: a sisterhood of women marching into a courtroom to confront the man that irrevocably changed their lives forever. 72-year-old joseph james deangelo emerged into a caged area of the court for a brief hearing. he kept his back to the victims as attorneys addressed the judge. >> we would ask for another court date of september 5th. >> reporter: and then it was


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