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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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brinkley joins us live from the zoo with today's story of the experience. leslie? >> dan and ama, around 80 people around 2:00 and 2:30 today were stuck up in 16 of those gondolas dangling above the oakland hills. some kicked back and said they enjoyed the view. others were terrified. >> scary. it's absolutely scary. it's up there, and you know it's windy here in oakland today. so it's swinging. >> teresa mitchell of fairfield was shaking and crying as she exited the oakland zoo with her children. she was up in a gondola at 2:00 today. the gondola runs from old original zoo up a hillside to a cafe and brand-new california trails section that just opened yesterday. when the gondola stopped, stuck riders started calling the zoo on their cell phones, they say oh, the fire department is here. don't worry. we're going to evacuate you. i say how are you going to evacuate us? oh, we got ladders. we're at the top. we're over three stories. and i got a daughter in a
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wheelchair. >> some tweeted these photos describing humans stuck in gondola cages. in this photo you can see 100 people waiting at the top, including groups of children. many had to walk down a fire road to exit. for those who were stuck after 30 minutes swaying above the zoo, the state-of-the-art gondolas finally took passenger downs to the ground, as you can see from sky 7. zoo officials say the 1-year-old swiss-made pried ride had a digital glitch that caused the system to power down unexpectedly. like a computer, they were shut down, rebooted and tested before riders were permitted back on later in the afternoon. >> it was fine. there is air. there is a nice breeze. she threw up up there, but it is just because of the height. >> no one was ever in any danger. it's just a huge inconvenience. and we apologize to our guests for what they experienced here today. >> they dolled out free passes and even t-shirts and hats to those who were traumatized by the experience. the gondolas, as you can see behind me, are back up and
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running. at the oakland zoo, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you. a man rescued from a cement hopper in union city yesterday is expected to be okay. officials from the uc davis burn center said joel canela is still in the hospital but is in good condition. he was working at u.s. pipe in union city when he somehow fell into the comment hopper, trapping him chest deep in dry cement for three hours. he walked away from the machine that could have taken his life. the posy tube from alameda to oakland has reopened after a serious crash this afternoon. the wreck blocked both lanes of the tunnel. traffic leaving the western end of the island was brought to stand still. an unmarked highway patrol cruiser was involved. several people were hurt. their injuries are considered nonlife threatening. our sky map 7 technology on sky 7 showed no traffic going into the tube after police and the highway patrol blocked it off, as you can see. but on the left side, you can also see the traffic from
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oakland into alameda on webster street was still flowing smoothly. a san mateo man is under arrest, accused of posing as a ride share driver and raping four women over the past five years. san francisco police say orlando vilchez lazo posed as a ride share driver, and then intercepted random women as they left nightclubs and bars in the cities south of market neighborhood. the first assault was in 2013. the last just this past june. because the crimes became more frequent and more violent, investigators formed a task force made up of the special victims unit, the crime lab and the fbi. police say dna evidence they eventually corrected linked lazo to the assaults. >> these assaults were violent rapes committed by a serial rapist, a sexual deviant predator who was not going to stop until he was caught. >> police believe lazo may have sexually assaulted more victims. they're asking any survivors or witnesses to please contact the
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sfpd special victims unit. new at 6:00, another homicide case could be linked to the golden state killer, already believed to be responsible for a dozen murders and nearly 50 rapes across california. if true, this would be his youngest murder victim. tonight brian johnson from our sister station in fresno on the unsolved murder of a 15-year-old girl. >> quiet, please. please remain seated and come to order. >> the former exeter police officer and accused golden state killer was back in a sacramento county courtroom. believed to be the visalia ransacker has already been charged with several murders. meanwhile, tsheriff's office confirms he is on their short list in the murder of a visalia teen. 15-year-old jennifer armor was supposed to meet her friends to go to the cowhide high school
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aa.ball game butevn in and more than week later, her body was found here in the kern canal south of woodlake. there is very little physical evidence in the case, but for the past several years, dempsey says they've looked into the possibility that the visalia ransacker killed armor. so once deangelo was identified as the ransacker, he was added to the list of suspects. >> the visalia ransacker was very active in the area where jennifer was last seen. so that coupled with his knowledge of the city of exeter, having worked in the city of exet exeter, and her body not being found far north of exeter were certainly going to find out everything we can about him. >> but the list of suspects in armor's murder also includes oscar clifton, who is now dead, but was cried and convicted of murdering 14-year-old exeter teen donna richmond in 1975. dempsey says he's reviewed the richmond case in an effort to
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see if the two teens' deaths are connected. that's still undetermined. >> simply because we have two young girls that were killed within a year of one another, 13 months of one another in a close proximity to one another. >> dempsey says armor's family still lives in the visalia area and he keeps them informed of any updates in the case, but right now there aren't many, and the details surrounding her disappearance and her killer remain a mystery. brian johnson, abc 7 news. in developing news, it's been one week since an oregon woman was last heard from by her family mysteriously disappearing on a road trip. the monterey county sheriff's office is now searching for angela hernandez around highway 1 and big sur. her car was seen at a gas station surveillance camera south of carmel last friday morning. now hernandez last spoke with her family earlier that same morning after spending the night in half moon bay. the 23-year-old left portland last week bound for her sister's home in lancaster in southern
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california. authorities say foul play is not suspected at this point. 14 employees who helped bring conventions and tourists to santa clara are now out of a job. they say they were caught in the crossfire in a dispute between the santa clara security council and its chamber of commerce. abc 7 reporter david louie is live in santa clara with the details. david? >> well, the city council's decision not to fund the bureau means that as of august 30th, nobody will be out marketing the city to hold events here. some of the 14 employees impacted have been here a long time. some of them from 11 to 32 years. santa clara's convention and visitor's bureau gets paid $1.5 million to drum up business at the convention center and the nearly 4,000 hotel rooms that surround it. but the 14 employees at the bureau are getting the ax. >> it's devastating, especially when you have 14 people who didn't do anything wrong, who did nothing but support the city of santa clara, talk about the city lovingly and caringly for
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many, many years. >> the city council decided not to renew an agreement with the chamber of commerce, which manages the convention and visitor's bureau. a preliminary audit raised questions about the rising fees and about discounts given to chamber members and others to rent facilities. the city is concerned it's losing money it shouldn't. >> when we had an audit done, an outside audit done back in march, and we discovered that monies were being used in different ways than we had anticipated. >> the bureau says it's proud of its numbers. future books of $19 million for hotel rooms, $136 million in economic impact compared to the $1.5 million the city pays to fund the bureau. >> why would you take a business away, an organization that's a service to the city. why would you want to tear it down? >> well, we mentioned the convention center and hotels, the bureau also reaches out to meeting planners and event sponsors to help fill levi's stadium and other facilities.
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the city is paying the 14 employees until the end of august, but hasn't made any decision yet about what it plans to do to replace the existing bureau. a final audit is still in the works and will be presented to the city council later. the city manager we're told can decide if any of the employees with jobs on the line will get a reprieve. we're live in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 news. >> all right, david, thank you. new at 6:00, a woman was rescued after a boat crash in oakley. it happened this afternoon near frank's track state recreation area. there were two people in the boat. one of them became trapped. >> based on the position of the boat and where the victim was situated, she was pinned between the gun wales and one of the seats and didn't have the ability to free herself. >> the other person in the boat was not hurt. with aids walk san francisco this sunday, we're looking at bay area organizations that have a positive impact on the fight
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against hiv and aids in our community, and one local hospital helps people by testing for hiv in the emergency room. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas explains tonight why doctors would like this could become routine at every hospital. this is a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> when allen came, it was to find out why he was weak and out of breath. the findings from a simple blood test would change his life. >> they told me i had walking pneumonia, that's why i was there and also on top of, that you're hiv positive. >> for more than a decade, the centers for disease control and prevention has recommended that hospitals test for the virus that causes aids in emergency rooms. most do not, and many patients won't seek testing themselves because of the stigma. >> it's really driven people away from conventional testing in some cases because they don't want to be associated with what a positive result means. that's why the emergency room testing program is so important.
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>> whenever an ambulance brings somebody to the medical center and blood is drawn, it is routinely tested for hiv, unless the patient opts out. patients can say no. most do not. over the past year, 6300 patients have been tested. more than two dozen found out they were hiv positive who may not have found out otherwise. >> testing a patient takes as few as 30 seconds, and it doesn't add time to the nursing work flow. >> patients can then be transferred seamlessly into what used to be known as the hospital's east bay aids center for treatment. but the system has been so successful, they have changed the name to east bay advanced care because they're broadening the mission to include hepatitis b and c. they've also managed to keep costs down. >> we really do hope to help make this a standard at other hospitals. >> in talking to the doctors here, okay, it's not a death sentence. >> it is not. but you have to know your status first. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news.
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>> now aids walk san francisco is just two days away. join abc 7 in golden gate park this sunday for a very important day. i'll kick off the walk once again this year to register, call 415-615-walk, or visit robert mueller's investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election earned new headlines today. a dozen new indictments were handed up against russian intelligence operatives. the details are coming up at 6:30. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. dryer, more stable air is ahead. i'll let you know what this means for your weekend plans. >> thanks, sandhya. and it's friday the 13th. are you superstitious? go to and take part in our poll. >> you can vote now and then stick around to find out what makes friday the 13th a great day (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes)
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(sound of engine starting) palo alto, a passionate plea from the founders of a popular nonprofit cafe as operational costs continue to soar, there is now growing concern over how much longer the business can really operate in its current capacity. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story. >> can i get a sunrise? >> at the mitchell park community center, there is a social enterprise that many are calling a difference-maker. >> i see these young men and women having an opportunity to contribute and be a part of something, and that's why i love ada's. >> the hughes family started ada's because they wanted to empower adults with disabilities and help them be more independent. the cafe has been open in palo alto for nearly four years. assistant manager in training todd takes great pride in his
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work. >> my favorite part is seeing all the customers and all the regulars that come in every day. >> but now the cafe could soon be faced with closing its doors. in addition to a rise in food and labor costs, the new landlord of ada's commercial kitchen in mountain view where some of the food for the cafe is made recently hiked the rent by 60%. it's been a challenging combination to navigate. >> we compete every day against some of the largest, best known brands in is the business because we're a coffee cafe kind of operation. >> dade a's grateful for the support they've received but now they're hoping more people will stop by to show some love. whether it's dropping by to dine or to simply make a donation. >> getting to work alongside some truly amazing people. you know, they teach me something every day. they learn something from me, and it's this great symbiotic relationship. and i wouldn't trade it for world. >> a special place where good food and community will hopefully meet for years to
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come. >> just being able to come in and see the sense of community was really nice, and the workers are very nice as well. >> reporter: no contribution too small for a nonprofit that says it will continue to dream big. in palo alto, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> they are doing really good work. >> yes, definitely. now to maybe the most surprising story of the day to most of us, but not all of us. >> it has to do with friday the 13th and a tradition, as in ray bradbury's illustrated man. >> got an inkling where this might be going? >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> this may have been a day when you had an inkling of foreboding. but where are the warning signs? >> friday the 13th. >> you worried? >> no. >> nor it appears are these people. at 17th and castro, this friday the 13th drew lines around the block, and everybody wanted something. >> i think i'm going get the alligator. >> a ghost. >> all in the form of decorative ink.
6:18 pm
castro tattoo just one shop among many across the nation who treat this day not as a hallmark holiday, but a holiday nonetheless. >> it's a tattoo holiday. because it's supposed to be bad luck, right? friday the 13th. but of course tattoo artists take it on as a good luck holiday. >> the tradition goes back almost a century. $13 tattoos on friday the 13th. and even if now they are roughly $31 after inflation, it's still a bargain. >> in a normal day, i do three tattoos a day. >> and today? >> maybe 17 tattoos. we'll see. maybe i can break my record. >> that is artist jesse with her first customer of the day, ana navarro, who wanted a cactus to honor her time living in the desert. >> so you waited for this day. >> yes, i did. >> friday the 13th. she had time to think about it. no going back now, especially when hiring something for whom erasers do not exist. >> the biggest mistake you can make, i guess you can misspell something that would suck. >> you're safe with a cactus. >> right, yeah, yeah. we're not going to misspell this
6:19 pm
cact cactus, i programs. >> thank you. >> and she didn't. now the big question. you don't have any circle 7s up here? >> no. >> darn! >> but you can come in on another day and we'll do it for you. >> saved by a friday the 13th line. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> go get a tattoo? >> no, i'm good. >> well we are asking whether you are superstitious in tonight's live poll. >> voting is open at you can see some of the responses there. 82% of the people voting say they are not. and you don't even have to register, log in or sign up to vote. >> please, we'd love to hear from. you just a small tattoo? >> channel 7. >> that's what we would insist on. >> right. all right. time to turn our attention to the weather because it's finally the weekend. >> it is. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. it's going to be a little toasty. >> we're going to be seeing the temperatures climbing into the mid 90s, especially ininland, as we head towards next week, dan and am map.
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this upcoming weekend we're back to what we should be seeing this time of year, which is no monsoon flow. showing you the fog. a stable atmosphere now as we take a look here. it was unstable this morning. had the pitter-patter of raindrops across some parts of the bay area. an isolated thunderstorm go through. and now you will notice it is starting to quiet down even around the state there are still some thunderstorms over the central sierra, but most of that moisture is moving out. and so the dew points are beginning to drop. it's still a little bit on the muggy to humid side with dew points in the 50s, 60s, but that will be changing over the course of the next few hours. live look from the abc pier 39 camera. you will notice the low clouds pushing in over san francisco. 64 right now in san francisco. it's 69 in oakland. 79 degrees in san jose. and look at the shot. it's a pretty dramatic view of our marine layer. that is deepening rapidly. it's gusty out there. 81 in santa rosa. it is in the 90s fairfield, conco concord. 86 in livermore.
6:21 pm
watch out if you have to cross the golden gate bridge. socked in. fog expands in the overnight hours. wide range of temperatures this weekend. we do have a warmer pattern coming up next week. hour-by-hour we go. tonight you will notice and going into tomorrow morning the fog pushes in over the bay. and then it pulls back out to the coastline for the afternoon hours and just hangs around well into the afternoon. fog first thing in the morning. temperatures lower than this morning, mid 50s to the low 60s. tomorrow afternoon going with low 90s inland. low 60s near the coast. but with a switch in the wind direction we are expecting the temperatures to drop a few degrees compared to today. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. numbers in the low 60s to low 90s. pretty typical for this time of year. the next couple of days warmer, up into the mid-90s for your monday. and minor temperature changes from day to day until thursday and friday of next week. we will be seeing mid-90s inland. wide range of temperatures, but thursday could see another round of the monsoon moisture. we'll keep you posted. you can download the accuweather app and check out temperatures any time yuan. ama and dan?
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>> thanks, sandhya. are you desperate for a polish dog? >> always. where fans can get their fix after costco decided to pull the favorite
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san francisco ride share giant giant is adding a new partner, venmo. venmo is an app that lets people send money to each other so they
6:25 pm
can split the costs of meals and rides. uber says rides are one of the most popular things that people use venmo for. the partnership means partners can use venmo and then the uber app. target is trying to help teachers get ready for the new school year with a 15% discount on select classroom supplies between sunday and july 21st that includes pens, pencils, hand sanitizer and storage and organization items. according to the national center of education statistics, teachers spend an average of $479 on classroom supplies without reimbursement. we have put a link to the target coupon code on our website, the polish dog wars are heating up. sam's club recently tweeted that polish dogs will be available at all sam's clubs cafes soon for only 99 cents. recently, costco pulled the polish dog from its food court, which really plunged a lot of its fans into despair. they were very popular. you can still get the original hot dog and soda deal for $1.50.
6:26 pm
a petition to keep the polish dog on costco's menu has more than 5,000 online signatures so far. the only sam's club locations nearby are in concord and vacaville. by comparison, there are more than a dozen costco stores in the bay area. >> that's right. families of the 12 thai boys who were trapped in a cave with their coach are now speaking out. >> you're going to hear one father describe how his teenaged son got stuck under ground and then had to wait 18 days to be rescued. plus, a dozen indictments handed up against russian intelligence officers as part of
6:27 pm
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> 12 new indictments against russian intelligence operatives, all part of robert mueller's investigation into russian interference and possible collusion by the trump campaign in the 2016 presidential election. the russians are accused, as you know, of hacking the computer networks of the democratic congressional campaign, committee, the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign. >> this all comes days before
6:30 pm
president trump meets with russia's vladimir putin. abc news reporter maggie rulli has the latest. >> reporter: new charges coming from special counsel robert mueller's office. >> the indictment charges 12 russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. >> going after russian intelligence officials just days before president trump's one-on-one summit with russian president vladimir putin. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas was there as the indictment was read. >> the united states government is saying that we know precisely who in the russian government was involved in this hack, and we know how they did it, and we know how they dispersed the information. >> mueller is pushing forward with his investigation, despite more calls from the president and some republicans to shut it down. >> i call it the rigged witch-hunt. i think that really hurts our country, and it really hurts our relationship with russia. >> president trump's promise to bring up election meddling with putin when the two sit down face-to-face. >> i will absolutely firmly ask
6:31 pm
the question. >> in light of today's indictment, democratic leader chuck schumer says trump should cancel the meeting with putin. but president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani calls the announcement a victory, tweeting this indictment shows no americans are involved and once again is demanding mueller end the investigation. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says all americans should pull together. >> the blame for election interference belongs to the criminals who committed election interference. we need to work together to hold the perpetrators accountable. >> while no americans were named in this indictment, rosenstein made it very clear that the special counsel's investigation will continue, that it is far from over. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. president trump spent time today with british prime minister "tree of life" just after doing an explosive interview in which he blasted his host for her handling of brexit. when confronted by it later, he brushed it off, calling it fake news. during a news conference he said
6:32 pm
europe should close its doors to immigrants. >> i think it's been very bad for europe. i just think it's changing the culture. i think it's a very negative thing for europe. >> miles from the meetings, tens of thousands of demonstrators showed up in central london to protest the president's policies. a balloon known as trump baby flew high overhead. a mother and her 6-year-old daughter separated at the u.s./mexico boarder are back together tonight. the emotional reunion took place in houston today. cindy madrid was released from a detention center in texas last week. her daughter allison had been held at a facility in arizona. the little girl became famous after she was recorded crying, asking authorities to call her aunt. . >> her voice is what i think exploded the trump administration policy of separating the families and keeping it quiet. and had audio not been sneaked out and not been brought forward the way it was, nobody would have actually known.
6:33 pm
>> the administration is racing to reunite all the children separated from their parents before a court imposed july 26th deadline. now to an abc news exclusive. sarah palin taking on comedian sasha baron cohen. she says he pretended to be a disabled veteran to dupe her for an interview on his upcoming series on showtime entitled "who is american." she explains why she walked out. >> all about humiliation and devaluing middle class americans. so, yeah, i said enough was enough, and i took off my mike. >> cohen's response came in the form of a retweeted post which said i did not say i was a war vet. i was in the service, not military, but united parcel. >> a proven liar. nobody can believe a word he is saying now. >> abc news has made multiple attempts to get an official response from cohen and showtime, but so far no comment.
6:34 pm
dick cheney, joe arpaio, ted koppel, and former senate candidate roy moore from alabama all believe they were also duped. moore is threatening legal action as result. the dmv is apologizing for its long lines and it's doing somebody it. starting monday, the claremont office in oakland will open one hour earlier at 7:00 a.m. four days a week. and starting august 4th, 14 bay area field offices will open every saturday. new legislation being introduced in sacramento would force uber and lyft to use more electric vehicles. it would require a certain amount of clean miles driven by zero emission vehicles. if it passes, they would set targets for ride share companies. the families of the 1 thai boys trapped in a cave with their soccer coach are beginnng to tell their stories now. one of the survivors is a
6:35 pm
13-year-old who goes by the nickname dom. you see him smiling at the camera there dom's father says the teen didn't know rain had started falling after they entered the cave on june 23rd. >> translator: dom told us that they wanted to visit the cave for just an hour. when they were inside, they had no idea it was raining outside. after an hour, they wanted to leave, the water level was rising. they ran further inside the cave to escape from the water. >> it took 18 days to rescue everyone. the hospital in northern thailand where the boys and their coach are quarantined say tonight they are basically healthy, aside from some minor infections. a psychiatrist says their mental state seems fine. everyone hopes they can be released next week. well, from hidden up in the hills to open fields, one cannabis farmer has crop. it's what the county wants. but the closest city is dead set against it. also ahead -- >> her only question was where's the new heart coming from? >> next, the 11-year-old girl
6:36 pm
who became san francisco's first
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
ucsf benioff children's hospital has successfully performed the first pediatric
6:39 pm
heart transplant in san francisco. >> while other facilities have done this for year, san francisco never had a hospital equipped for this kind of very complicated procedure. >> lyanne melendez explains what it took for ucsf to get on board. >> this walnut creek mom and daughter are grateful to the donor family who gave andrea a new heart. three years ago, she began to show signs of cardiomyopathy. >> what that means, the heart muscle is stiff. so it's pumping okay. it's able to get blood out. but getting blood in is very difficult. >> playing soccer and basketball, which she enjoys was hard for this 11-year-old. >> when i was doing it, i would get tired. and i would rest for a bit and then go back. >> inh, dtoal sheeded a heart transplant. >> sweet little princess, you know. a lot of why us, which is not -- you should never think like that, but it always popped up. >> on july 1, andrea was in the operation room undergoing a
6:40 pm
transplant, thanks to a donor. about 500 pediatric heart transplants are performed in this country every year. some children die waiting for that heart. that's why a signing up to be a donor is so important. when it opened in 2015, ucsf benioff children's hospital in mission bay became an official pediatric center, certified to perform heart transplants. the old hospital on the parnassus campus never did. >> there is a very complicated process we had to go through to get approved by the federal government to be able to do this. >> dr. jeffrey gossett was brought here from northwestern. he is optimistic about andrea's future. >> i think we're really going to have innovative new treatments that will keep kids alive longer and longer. >> for now, there is only one i, >> thank you. >> sweet girl. >> it's great that they can do this procedure now. >> absolutely.
6:41 pm
well, coming up next, sandhya has
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
the legal cannabis industry is just getting off the ground, and communities across california are still trying to sort out the rules.
6:44 pm
>> one of the state's most remote counties may hold the key to success, because it's been the epicenter for pot growing for decades. >> and tonight's california cannabis watch report, abc 7 morning anchor reggie aqui has a closer look. >> you can't go farther north in california than humboldt county. since the gold rush, fishermen and lumberjacks have been the driving force of this economy. >> we build more redwood fencing than anywhere else in the world. nobody tells me we ever have great fences, but they want to ask about the marijuana industry because so much has been made of it. >> humboldt county supervisor rex bowen's district is home to some of the state's oldest possibility famrms. now the county that put weed on the map is trying to define the rules of the legal market. >> the better analogy is we're building an airplane as we're flying it, you know, building the landing gear if we're getting ready to land.
6:45 pm
>> fortuna, a city of just over 12,000 people bills itself as the friendly city. that is unless you want to grow weed. >> they see it as a, you know, something that impacts their use and enjoyment of their property. they dent want to be around it. they don't want to smell it. they also think it may impact their property values. >> the city banned all cannabis businesses within city limits. but growers are allowed to grow on county land outside of fortuna, land like this plot seen from drone view 7. brian robinson owned it. >> we were outside of the city limits of fortuna. so we were considered county lands. >> he was just what the county wanted, a cannabis cultivator who had grown his crop hidden in the nearby hills for years, now willing to move operation into the open to help legitimize the industry. but neighbors didn't want a pot farm in their backyard. so robinson spent two years fighting lawsuits. >> it's been really tough. i do have two kids and a wife, and we've really struggled.
6:46 pm
>> he eventually sold that property and purchased 20 acres farther away, and he's not alone there are at least a dozen other businesses near fortuna that will also have to move. is that consistent with state law or is that just humboldt county? >> humboldt county. >> in may regulators streamlined laws passing a plan called cannabis 2.0. it puts a cap on the number of permits the county can issue, and gives businesses 18 to 24 months to relocate. pot advocates aren't happy. >> do i believe that the current policy is a wonderful fix to a big problem? absolutely not. it's a band-aid, and we'll see how hard it rips off. >> county supervisors don't think cannabis 2.0 is the final answer. >> oh, i think there is going to be a 3.0 and i think there is going to be a 4.0, personally. >> reggie aqui, abc 7 news. >> constantly evolving. let's do a final check of the result of our live it's friday the 13th.
6:47 pm
are you superstitious? >> the percentages have been holding steady, even as new votes come in. as we take a look, 80% of the people voting say they are not superstitious. >> you can still go to to add your vote. we'd love to hear from you. >> absolutely. we'd love to hear about the weekend forecast too. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. is it going to be lucky or unlucky for us this weekend? >> i think lucky, especially if you like our typical summer pattern. dan and ama, let's check out live doppler 7 right now. you notice it's pretty socked in along the coast. the fog is back. it's going to continue to spread in the overnight hours. tomorrow afternoon, it will sit around near parts of the coastline, keepin your temperatures in the comfort zone to cool zones. 60s, beaches. inland areas on the warm side with '90s and everyone else in between. near average temperatures. if you're going the aides walk at golden gate park this coming sunday, overcast skies in the morning, remains cool and breaks in the clouds for the 11:00 a.m. hour. by 1:00 p.m., a little breezy, dan will be there to kick off
6:48 pm
the event. accuweather seven-day forecast, a little bit warmer, especially away from the coast. your sunday, monday and then temperatures will come down a couple, only to go back up again. basically, we're looking at some heat thursday, friday, mid-90s inland. but not for everyone, ama and dan. >> all right. nice range. thank you, sandhya. sorry! >> friday the 13th strikes again. >> sports director larry beil is here. >> larry, hello. >> every day is friday the 13th for you. >> yes, i'm larry. >> sorry! >> no, just giving her a hard time. it's what we do. it's the battle of the bay. you ready for the battle of the bay? the a's are taking the series very seriously. it's a full-on invasion in san francisco at at&t park. they're coming to get the giants. giants versus athletics, next,
6:49 pm
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this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by stanford health care. >> good evening. the battle of the bay begins tonight, and the a's are launching an all-out assault. first by land, they took over the giants team store and then ove eirspoung the boat right in mccovey cove. they're taking over. the a's are hot. 12 games over .500. giants, three games over. solid. pitching matchup, madison bumgarner against edwin jackson,
6:52 pm
for the first time in years, really. both teams are pretty good and thinking about their play-off possibilities. >> it's a lot of fun. like you said, both teams are playing really well. so, you know, probably more people watching it this time around. you know, they have a really good team over there that's been playing great. we've been playing good baseball. it's baseball season in the bay area, which means there is a spotlight on the series. >> they really feel good about where they're at and trying to get to the postseason. that's what we're trying to. do you have two teams that are trying to accomplish the same thing that are playing very important games right now. >> going to be fun. and speaking of fun, the american century championship in lake tahoe today. the leader after round one happens to be a san jose shark. steph curry trying to sw hops . come on, steph. let's get up! and throw it down. it's okay, his golf game was better. second shot on the 11th hole. check out the back spin here. and steph would birdie that
6:53 pm
hole. take the birdie on the 15th as well. curry with nice range from deep, finished with 18 points, equivalent to a 74. ray romano, everybody loves raymond right there. aaron rodgers can probably throw it as deep as he can drive it. cal on 6, finished with a 76. they're using the leader after round one. sharks captain joe pavelski tap, tap, tap it in. drains that birdie putt for 25 points. let's hear from the curries. >> winning the championship is amazing. a lot of hard work goes into that. and then the summer is about having fun and relaxing. and adding to another addition to the family. so definitely a great time for the whole curry family, and we're enjoying it. he is definitely a better golfer. three-point shooter as well. and seth, he is ahead of me as well. i'm the old guy. i'm third in the group. >> kevin durant enjoying his summer. he started a three-city tour in chicago today, visiting the nike nationals, featuring the nation's top girls aau
6:54 pm
basketball teams. also attended a camp at hyde park in chicago. next stop will be in augusta, georgia. crazy day at wimbledon. ralph t rafa nadal/djokovic match was suspended. they couldn't finish because the match between kevin anderson and john isner went 6 1/2 hours. >> come on! >> you're going have to wait for rafa. 17-17 in the fifth set. anderson double break point. isner with the ace. next point, isner with another ace. both guys serving around 130 miles per hour. over one hundred aces total in the game. 25-24, anderson with match point. and isner hits wide. so anderson prevails, six hours and 36 minutes. they went 26-24 in the fifth set. anderson. not sure how funny this is. but two days ago at a white sox game, the cameras caught a guy with a massive glob of mustard on his face.
6:55 pm
and he doesn't know it. like how much mustard do you have to have on your face before you realize it's actually there? now heinz is reportedly trying to offer this guy season tickets and a year's supply of his favorite condiment. abc 7 sports, sponsored by stanford health care. >> it's good to get an endorsement deal. >> if only i knew you could get free stuff and cash by seeing more your face with things, i would have done it long ago. it took a while. >> make me an offer. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv. the law says your children have to be vaccinated, right? but more parents are saying no. the bay area schools with dangerously low vaccination rates, some safe. on abc news at 11:00, fountain fail. what caused a popular south bay summer attraction to be closed, and more importantly, when it will reopen. finally, tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. something very special happens
6:56 pm
on sunday. thousands of caring people will gather in golden gate park once again for an act of kindness, caring, and love. aids walk san francisco is an event that this station has been proud to support for more than a quarter century, and i personally have been honored to be closely involved as a spokesman and an emcee during that time. so much progress has been made since the first aids walk took place in 1987. progress measured, of course, in medical advances, which have been remarkable in the last few years especially, and progress measured by a change in attit e attitudes, new tolerance, acceptance and empathy. the amount of money raised by aids walk over the decade series staggering. more than $90 million for hiv services and programs here in the bay area. but it's not just the money. also raised incalculable amounts awareness and hope, hope that about end to the devastation aids and hiv has caused to so many people we know, love and
6:57 pm
care about is perhaps nearing an end. we'll do it again on sunday. won't you come join us? i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter, at facebook @dan ashley/abc 7. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. as always, look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, larry beil, our entire
6:58 pm
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a writer from los angeles, california... an internal customer service manager from wheaton, illinois... and our returning champion, an elementary school music teacher from toronto, ontario, canada... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i always get a warm feeling at the end of the game when i look over as i did yesterday and saw the look
7:00 pm
of surprise on michelle's face as she realized, "holy smokes, i just won this game." that's a wonderful feeling. vincent and bryan, maybe you'll enjoy that feeling today, as well. here we go into the jeopardy! round. all right, let's take a look at the categories, starting off with... i'll give you the first line, you give me the title. ...follows. then... each correct response beginning with that letter. and then... michelle. first lines from novels for $200. vincent. -what is "huckleberry finn"? -yes. human body for $200. bryan. -what are follicles? -that's it. let's do novels, $400.


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