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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> within the last hour president trump and russian president vladimir putin coming together in front of the press. >> we'll catch you up on what we know about their meeting that's under way right now. >> good morning. 5:00 a.m. on monday, july 16th. jessica is in for natasha. >> and never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist drew tuma is in for mike nicco. >> hi, good morning, guys. a really quiet pattern setting up the next 24 hours. right now live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. that's the gray shading you see on your screen. the camera showing you across san francisco it is gray overhead. a canopy of clouds. your 12 hour day planner the clouds from the coast to the bay, clearing skies midday. 4:00 it will be a warm
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afternoon. around the bay we're in the 80s and inland we're warming up into the mid 90s. that's the weather. a check of the roads, good morning. >> we are looking pretty good so far today, drew. looking at our traffic maps we're seeing mostly green and our only incident today has cleared, southbound 101 before you get to silver avenue, south of the 280 merge is all gone. we had a solo vehicle crash blocking one lane for about 30 minutes there and we did have a slight backup. i am seeing a delay here if you're using the cash lanes for the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like they need to open a few more booths. if you're using fast track shouldn't have problems. the rest of the way into san francisco. the central valley commute up next. >> alexis, thank you. happening now, president trump and putin are in helsinki, finland, for a summit in a final crucial stop trump's week-long diplomatic tour throughout europe. >> president trump hopes to improve relations between the u.s. and russia. he is blaming president obama for what he's calling the
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deteriorated relationship, rather than russian aggression and meddling. at a breakfast this morning mr. trump predicted his meeting will go fine. the two are behind closed doors, one on one, with only the translators in the room, at least for the first part of the meeting. >> i really think the world wants to see us get along. we are the two great nuclear powers. we have 90% of the nuclear and that's not a good thing. it's a bad thing. and i think we hopefully can do something about that because it's not a positive force. it's a negative force. we'll be talking about that among other things. >> president trump also says they'll talk about trade, military and china. here's a live look where the summit is happening. abc news reporter molly hunter is there and we're going to talk with her about the latest coming up at 5:30. state health officials will be in san francisco's hunters point today starting to scan for the radioactive waste that may be at the former naval shipyard
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and according to the survey it will be limited to public areas and won't include the nearby housing and residents at the shipyard say they offered to let officials check their homes and are shocked the health department did not ask to scan their buildings in the first place. exposure to radiation can lead to serious health problems including tumors and cancer. he was spotted on bart multiple times openly smoking what appeared to be meth. and the agency said there was little it could do. now this morning that man is in jail, but not for drug use. abc news reporter lilian kim explains. >> reporter: bart police identified the known bart train meth user 42-year-old tracy daniels of oakland. after getting a call from d oakland resident ron thomas. thomas says he called police after seeing daniels harass merchants near the lake merit bart station and he had recognized him from an abc 7 story that reported on daniels
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smoking meth on the train. >> right in front of everybody the way he was doing it was like i don't care, deal with it, type thing. that's the way he is around here. whatever i do, deal with it. >> reporter: a bart spokesperson told vic lee there was little they could do about daniels. an officer has to witness his drug use or a witness has to report it and stay until police arrive and a low-level drug offense is usually only worth a citation. officers were able to detain him because of the warrant out for his arrest. daniels was wanted for being an accessory to a crime, a felony. no telling how long he'll be in jail, even so, thomas says he's happy he's no longer around at least for the time being. >> i feel he needed to go to be evaluated at this point. seems like he needs to be somewhere where they can do a real evaluation of what his needs are. >> news drew mixed reaction from passengers ranging from sympathy for daniels for relief they won't have to worry about inhaling his smoke for now. >> the residue and smell affects other people and especially if
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you have kids traveling on bart, it's even worse. >> this guy needs help and this shouldn't be happening in public and he doesn't know any better, obviously. >> that was lilian kim reporting. bart police say arrests are up 16% from this time last year because their officers are more visible and respond morgue quickly to concerns reported by bart riders. most people dread going to the dmv because of this. really long lines and frustration. >> but now the department is apologizing. >> the dmv is expanding hours you can go in. abc news reporter matt keller is live with new details about the hours. >> good morning, jessica and reggie. if you haven't been to the dmv in a while, it can be really bad. you can spend hours waiting in line, just to see someone. it can nightmare. the dmv is doing something about it. dmv says the longer wait times are due to the implementation of real i.d. a new system and the electronic
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driver's license and i.d. card application. starting today two field offices are opening up four days a week. the oakland clairmont field office and the san jose driver license processing center here on center road. they will open up on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. they're opening 14 bay area field offices saturdays starting in august, clairmont, the san jose processing center and offices in concord, daily city, hey ward, know vavto, san francisco, santa rosa and vallejo. the dmv is hiring hundreds of more people so they can help out here. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7. >> a crash with an amtrak train in newark. >> cedar boulevard after the collision yesterday morning. witnesses say the woman drove around the crossing gates as the train approached. amtrak says nobody on board the train was hurt.
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it was a san jose to sacramento bound train. another train picked up 24 passengers after the crash. new video shows the damage done by a fire at a 7-eleven store in freemont. flames never spread to the inside of the store on mission boulevard and miles canyon road. the fire broke out around 3:30 yesterday morning. investigators believe someone may have set the fire. it took about 20 minutes to get the fire under control and nobody was hurt. good morning. time now 5:07 a.m. we're looking at our temperatures right now and we're seeing a lot of 50s on the board at this early morning hour. a cool start in oakland, 57, good morning. we're at 59 in mountainview, about 55 in santa rosa and brentwood with a temperature of 50 degrees. so hour by hour we go, future weather showing you later on this morning by 8:00 in the morning we're tracking the fog over san francisco, still spilling into oakland even as far south as hayward but we'll see the fog pull back to the coast later on this morning but it will be the typical range of temperatures, a lot of 50s to low 60s close to the coast.
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the bay shoreline in the low 60s and 70s and inland we're going into the 80s and 90s. so it will be warm. we'll take you inland. the 12-hour planner today, a quick jump in our temperatures. by noon we're at 80 degrees and 4:00 low if not mid 90s for our hottest spots. next three days unfortunately see it's a comfortable day along the coast and the penz in the low 80s, east bay, similar story. tomorrow into wednesday, by midweek we will see the numbers increase with morning fog to afternoon sunshine. the numbers slowly on the rise next couple days. that's the weather. a check of traffic with alexis. good morning. >> good morning. heading out to the central valley we're heavy out of tracy. earlier roadwork on 205, down to 9 miles an hour. any time we have the road work early, hard time bouncing back. 12 miles an hour to 580 and then opens up once you make it to al ta month youo
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use ace rail, they are on time this morning and north bay 860 before mission boulevard in the freemont area, reports of a large recliner in the slow lanes. chp on the way to the scene. that should be clearing soon. i will keep an eye on that one too. the soccer team rescued in thailand is honoring the formy navy s.e.a.l. who died during the rescue operation. health officials released photos of the 12 boys and their coach in the hospital and then showing their gratitude on saturday. they wrote messages on a portrait of the former thai navy s.e.a.l. who volunteered in the operation. he died placing oxygen tanks in the cave. the massive county fire in napa and yolo counties containe. they hope to have the fire out soon. the fire started two weeks ago burning more than 141 square miles and destroying 20 buildings. one firefighter was hurt. investigators say an improperly
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installed electric livestock fence started the fire. finally amazon prime day which i feel like we've been talking about for weeks is here. we have details on what to watch out for and more importantly, the other retailers offering up sweet deals. >> and surveillance video shows deputies with their guns drawn, moving into a northern california convenience store, why they're calling the cashier a hero. >> this is the moment tha
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this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning. time now approaching 5:13 this morning. your 12-hour planner today. around the bay and the coast, midday, clear skies and by 4:00 a lot of sunshine away from the coast and away from the coast it will be warm in the 80s and 90s enjoy, jessica? >> thank you. a woman kidnapped and sexually assaulted in fresno is safe and thanks in part to a quick-thinking gas station employee. look at the surveillance video. it shows the victory walking into the county gas station after convincing the suspects to let her use the rest room. she then asked the first person she saw for help. the 24-year-old cashier took her to the bathroom and then locked the door. stanislaus deputies arrived with guns drawn. >> her being able to get this victim into a secured rest room with a phone to contact law enforcement, very well may have saved her life. >> you tell me you're in
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distress, okay, let's get you out of it. >> kudos to her. three suspects one 18 years old and two 16-year-olds are now facing charges. the fresno county sheriff's office is the case. today's "gma" first look an update to a story we've covered the past week. a woman on her way from oregon to southern california found alive after a car went off a road along the monterey coast near big sur. abc's geo benitez has more on how she survived. >> reporter: in the "gma" first look two campers solving a mystery, saving a 23-year-old woman's life in big sur, california. these are photos of a rescue at the bottom of a cliff. angela hernandez was driving on july 6th when she sweshds, trying to avoid hitting a rabbit but lost control of her jeep and it flew off the cliff hitting the bottom, knocking angela unconscious. for seven days, silence. until chad and chelsea moore came upon the jeep.
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angela's sister posting this emotional message on facebook. >> i just want to thank everybody, everybody, i'm sorry, i'm in shock. everybody that helped. and angelaill be okay. >> we will have the latest on the incredible survival story coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look on geo-benitez, abc news new york. >> the marin county sheriff's office is getting ready to launch a drone program. the program could start in 60 days. sheriffs are calling it unmanned aerial systems instead of drones. they say drones have an interference of military surveillance and these do not have that purpose. the sheriff's office has not bought the devices or how many it's going to buy. four pilots have been trained to fly them. >> good day to do shopping because happening today, deep discounts at a number of retailers and all likely a direct response to amazon prime day which begins at noon.
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thousands of promotions will available for amazon prime members. shopping experts say expect bargains on everything from electronics to clothing to accessories and furniture. >> the real deals on prime day are if you plan ahead. go shopping right now and put all you want in your shopping basket. then wait until prime day and see if they've cut the price. >> what's more this year competing retailers are following suit with their own sales. target will have a one day sale tomorrow, no membership necessary, macy's wrapping up black friday in july event over the weekend and ebay is rolling out deals throughout the summer. we explain how to get the best deals at 7:00 on "good morning america." steph curry and his dad have an annual bet at the american century celebrity golf tournament in tahoe and this year dell bet he could stay within 20 points of steph. >> the loser had to jump intoth
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clothes on. the final hole, steph had to make a shot 100 yards out to win the bet. >> he practices shots from all over the court but how about this. >> we talked all week long about how great. >> that would have been like -- different than like a three-quarter court shot. >> sweating it out. >> that's a great shot. i love that. so as you can see dad was very relieved. it hits the flag and almost goes in and then there you can see, you know what, this is what i like, they keep their bet. >> yeah. >> you know what, he stayed true to his word. >> and followed through. >> jumping off that boat. and then i guess also giving another meaning to splash brothers. >> that looks so cool. >> i fun. was it hot in tahoe yesterday? >> it was warm in the 80s. wouldn't be bad. refresh, get in the lake. >> yeah. >> looks beautiful any time of the year. >> yeah. >> tahoe, though, they have
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smoke blowing from the wildfire to our east and not the best day in tahoe. here that smoke will not affect us. our air quality is good. that's great news for us locally. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you we have gray skies overhead, a similar pattern to over the weekend. outside we go, live look at our rooftop camera at abc 7 along the embarcadero in san francisco, the flags gently waving atop the ferry building. we do expect those winds to pick up a little bit towards the afternoon and early evening. future tracker wind gusts, 4:00, 5:00 today we expect the winds roughly about 10 to 20 miles an hour. it will be breezy to finish off the day today. take note of that. need extra hair product in your hair. highs, 68 in san francisco later on today. really comfortable in the city with afternoon sunshine. 74 in oakland with some clouds to sun. 86 in san jose. the south bay will be warm under sunny skies. 92 towards concord.
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87 the high in santa rosa. heading to the beach, lucky enough to have the day off, a comfortable afternoon, partly cloudy but breezy. the uv index is on the extreme side. put that sunscreen on. look at your ocean water temperature, the warmest it has ben all month. t 61 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, similar story tomorrow and warmer weather midweek before we turn humid to round out the week on thursday and friday. all right. that's the weather. the roads with alexis. >> hi, drew. so far so good this morning talking about some overnight construction projects. one of those will last all the way through thursday. eastbound 37 before fairgrounds drive and interstate 80 in the vallejo area, a big product with a full eastbound closure. a detour until 6:00 a.m. 40 minutes to go. that will happen tomorrow night as well through thursday evening. that is the lighter side, the eastbound side of traffic. the westbound side heavy if you are traveling past state route 29 there down to about 27 miles an hour.
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so certainly heavy as usual. not heavy from the north bay, looking great across golden gate and the zipper trucks have been through. a little more room on the side. the bay bridge commute coming up next. >> a documentary on the devastating wildfires is set to debut in santa rosa this week and the poster for the documentary called urban inferno, the night santa rosa burned. it shows the series of events that forced people out of their homes last october. the documentary premiers thursday at santa rosa's roxie stadium and then on friday it moves to third street cinemas and all the ticket proceeds go to fire relief funds. a driver who swerved to avoid hitting a deer on east bay road ended up killing two passengers according to chp. it happened just after 10:30 they found a red mitsubishi flipped on its roof and five people in the call had to be extricated. >> according to the driver and another passenger a deer was in the roadway.
5:21 am
the driver swerved to avoid the deer. left the roadway, hit an embankment which caused the vehicle to overturn on its roof. >> the chp says both passengers who died were in the back seat and were women. one 25 years old, the other 58. the injured include a 15-year-old, the driver and another adult. investigators say it appears everyone was wearing a seat belt. wildfire officials pleading with people to stop using rat poison after two more bobcats were sickened in the santa cruz area. wildlife emergency area posted photos of the sick, including this dying mother with her cub. both showed signs of a condition related to a compromised immune system. this is connected to bobcats exposed to -- i'm not going to be able to say this, rodent in in the past five years. there are plenty of nontoxic alternatives. looking for a job on-line may be the easiest way to find
5:22 am
new employment, but it's a prime target for scammers. larry davis from cleveland was looking for a job. he thought he found the perfect one until the company allegedly asked him to buy thousands of goods and send them out. davis said his credit card was initially reimbursed but the company's website shut down and now he's $47,000 in debt. >> it's devastating and embarrassing because i would like to think i'm an intelligent person. >> they may have a lot of things to look legitimate but if they want you to use your own bank account or credit card or send money in advance, that's a red flag. >> the better business bureau said nearly 4,000 job seekers have been scammed in just the past year. many of you probably didn't notice but san francisco mayor london breed ran into a little bit of a technical issue during the inaugural address. >> according to the sf chronicle her adviser helped her write a 15 minute speech for last week's ceremony but she wasn't able to read it from the teleprompter
5:23 am
because there was a bad sun glare. she had to turn to her hard copy in front of her. instead of looking down, she handled it very well and decided to talk candidly and then hit the main points from what she could remember. i watched that whole thing live and she could have fooled me. >> there you go. >> that's a good preparation right there. >> handled it like a pro. pyou need to know as you start your day. >> the rally in san francisco to support the ban of plastic strauss, but not everyone on board with the sfloon before we head to break we want to leave you with a viral video that should make you smile this morning. this is kobe. he took his owner's gopro and wouldn't give it back. kobe's owner chased the german
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and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma, and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in aegion where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. without lking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. 5:25, just joining us or about to go out the door, seven things to know. number one, president trump and putin in helsinki, finland, right now for their long awaited summit. the two leaders behind closed
5:26 am
doors, one on one, with only translators for the first part of the meeting. number two, a push to plan plastic straws in san francisco. a group will rally in support of a proposal to get rid of them and abc 7 news reporter holly has the movement and how the ban could go into effect. >> number three the man reportedly seen smoking some sort of drug, possibly meth, on board trains is in jail this morning. 42-year-old tracy daniels of oakland arrested over the weekend on a felony no bail warrant. >> number four, changes to two bay area field offices, the oakland clarmts field office and the processing center will open at 7:00 a.m. in a little bit earlier, mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. >> number five our summer spread of temperatures, half moon bay 65, downtown san francisco comfortable at 68, oakland warmer at 74 and then hot inland, 91 walnut creek and warmer in antioch at 94 degrees.
5:27 am
>> number six, we arell the usu here for the monday morning commute including the bay bridge toll plaza and, in fact metering lights on early today, 5:21 the official time. once you get past those, ten minutes into san francisco. >> number seven, amazon prime day begins at noon. this year several retailers including ebay, target and best buy offering their summer sales to compete with amazon. >> get your credit cards ready. >> that's right. >> wraerp coming back with another 90s minutes of news including the action at san jose shark tank that's going to mean something very special for hundreds of kids in the bay area. >> also a
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> one-on-one, president trump and russian president vladimir putin started their meeting in
5:30 am
finland about an hour ago. we're going to take you there live with the latest developments this half hour. >> waking up this morning so is the sun. a live look from our east bay hills camera. spoiler alert, the forecast will feel like deja vu. the job you've been dreaming of, how would you like to get paid to sleep? >> what? >> i am crazy about this story. alexis, i may not need a ride next week so you know. >> okay. >> no need to get me up. >> that sounds wonderful. >> doesn't it. >> if only we were still in bed. however we are not and you need to get up on monday, july 16th. 5:30. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> a similar pattern to what we had over the weekend right now. cloud cover overhead. outside, live look at the exploratorium camera, atop pier 15, looking at the skyline of san francisco. you can see, though, we had that deck of cloud cover overhead early on. the marine layer with us. the clouds along the coast and in the bay early on. clearing skies midday and will
5:31 am
be a warm afternoon, 80s around the bay but inland we're heating up well into the mid 90s. download the accuweather app. >> good morning. i want to take you out to the central valley and we do have a new trouble spot out of tracy, a crash involving a semi and sedan, 205 before west 11th street and basically putting things down to a crawl. you are slow anyway but down to 7 miles an hour approaching that, 11 miles an hour past that to 580. the semi can move but the sedan cannot. we have to wait for a tow truck and that is likely going to cause a larger backup. i'm keeping a close eye on that. starting to fill in through walnut creek, southbound 680, the volumes fill in and folks starting to slow down. next traffic update around 5:40. happening now, president trump meeting with russian president vladimir putin this morning in helsinki, finland. >> video here of both leaders at
5:32 am
helsinki's presidential palace. you see it behind us. and they were talking to reporters right before the start of the summit. molly hunter live in helsinki with what's at stake with today's summit. molly? >> reggie and jessica, good morning. both leaders right now in the presidential palace right behind me the handshake happened the moment we've been waiting for. the meeting 90 minutes but could go longer. >> reporter: president trump congratulating putin on the world cup. the summit starts with a one-on-one and their interpreters are the only other people in the room. >> we all have a lot of questions and we'll come up with answers most importantly. >> reporter: with no published agenda and no stated objectives, the president told cbs news he's going in with an open mind. >> nothing bad is going to come out of it and maybe some good will come out. i go in with low expectations. >> reporter: on his way to helsinki he tempered expectations tweeting no matter
5:33 am
how well, i do at summit i would return to criticism it wasn't good enough. after the department of justice indicted 12 russian agents, democrats called on trump to scrap the meeting, saying they didn't trust trump to confront putin about russia's role in the 2016 election. president trump told reporters he would ask putten if he meddled in the election. john bolton told abc carl that the indictments give trump leverage. >> the president can put this on the table and say we need to talk about it. >> reporter: now, as they were walking into the presidential palace, reporters asked president trump questions about the topic they were going to talk about today. he said china, trade, military, what he didn't say was syria, ukraine and thatot button issue of election meddling and the 12 russian agents indicted last week. much more to come from here. molly hunter, abc news. >> thank you. abc news is planning a special report when the joint press
5:34 am
conference starts around 6:30 this morning. we will carry it live on air. if you have to head to work we will be streaming it at as well as on the abc 7 news app. happening today a rally to get rid of what has become enemy number one in the environmental fight, the plastic straw. >> the city of san francisco has a proposal to ditch the straws but disability advocates say wait a second. reporter amy hollyfield is live hi, amy. >> hi, good morning, jessica. th disabled say sometimes that flexible flexible straw is the safest way for them to eat and drink, so an exception is being drafted to put into the proposed legislation here in san francisco. take a look at this picture that sparked this movement. a picture of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose. the city of san francisco is proposing to ban plastic straws but the movement against straws is worldwide. >> all of a sudden everyone around the world is focused on
5:35 am
this problem and taking action and that's what we're doing with this ordinance. >> reporter: if this ordinance passes it will go into effect next year and will include plastic stirrers, cup plugs and cocktail picks. there will be a rally here on the steps of city hall in support of this ordinance today at noon. something for all of you to thing about this morning if you by any chance are sipping your coffee drink this morning with a straw, those may soon be going away. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> a peninsula man accused of posing as a ride share driver to rape women is held on $4 million bail. 37-year-old orlando lazo was arrested last week in san mateo. san francisco police say lazo raped four women over the past five years. he allegedly intercepted random women as they left night clubs and bars in the first assault was in 2013. lazo drove for lyft.
5:36 am
the company says, quote, we have confirmed this person did drive for lyft but as soon as we were aware of these deeply disturbing allegations we immediately deactivated him. an alameda firefighter is expected to have to undergo more surgeries after a dog attacked him at the scene of a fire. a pitbull pit john whiting in the face on saturday. he had helped rescue two people and 18 dogs from a house fire in unincorporated san leandro. whiting was talking to one of the victims when her dog bit him. this is the dog that we're talking about. this is video from before the incident. whiting underwent the first of several surgeries yesterday. the sheriff's office is ect and crued charges animal involving the attack. fire crews will try again today to recover the body of a firefighter killed while battling a wildfire near yosemite national park. investigators think braden varney's bulldozer tumbled down
5:37 am
a steep canyon while he was cutting away vegetation on saturday. officials say varney's body is in steep terrain and conditions have been too dangerous for crews to get close. the ferguson fire is right now burning on the park's western edge and has scorched six square miles of forest and only 2% contained. some rural communities and lodges are evacuated. the chp rescued a hiker. who suffered from a heat related emergency in the north bay. they shared this video from a helicopter new the blue ridge trail in napa. another hiker called for help after seeing a woman in severe distress. that person helped paramedics carry the woman to the helicopter, which then transported her to a nearby resort to get treatment. the chp reminds us to bring plenty of water and hydrate before you leave. time now 5:37 a.m. we're waking up to temperatures on the cool side, 50s for the most part. hayward, 59, 55 in santa rosa, 59 in mountainview and danville.
5:38 am
current temperature at 56 degrees. hour by hour time out your morning. 8:00 later today we expect a fair amount of cloud cover spilling into oakland and as far south as hayward. we will see the cloud cover pull right back to the coast in typical summer fashion and will create a wide range in afternoon temperatures once again. so we're cool along the coast but will be warm inland later today. into the south bay, 12 hour planner, a few clouds early on but tons of sunshine by 10:00 and the sunshine will be effective at warming us up in the south bay. 2:00 low 80s and by 4:00, we're already into the mid 80s. a warm day away from the coast. highs about 92 for concord, 86 for san jose, oakland about 74 with morning clouds to afternoon sunshine. 68 in sfraenz and napa. up to about 85 degrees. so let's plan out the next three days for you. today pretty comfortable along the coast, warmer inland and a carbon copy forecast as we head into tuesday as well. by midweek around here
5:39 am
see the heat crank up and inland we will be warmer if not upper 90s by wednesday afternoon. it's comfortable today but we'll get warmer by midweek. how are the roads looking early on? >> overall we're looking good. >> okay. >> our typical slow spots are filling in and then we have some pavement repair that could slow you down on the state route 37. let's take you to the vallejo area, the lighter side of traffic, eastbound 37 between fairgrounds drive and interstate 80 but last time we checked we didn't see any delays, now we're starting to see some from about state route 29. a detour is in place. this is going all the way up till 6:00 a.m. 20 minutes to go. and then this will happen each night starting at about 9, 9:30 until 6:00 the next morning through thursday this week. plan on delays and having to take that detour if that is your typical route. also heavy westbound 37 as usual if you're heading towards sears point down to about 13 miles an hour. that's what that said. last time it was about double
5:40 am
that. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza we have the metering lights on. pretty early today, 5:21. is that starting to back up into the maze as well. we'll head back out to the central valley in a few minutes. a cvs employee calls 911 over a coupon dispute but the customer said it had little to do with the discount. >> elon musk called a t
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and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising. (horn honking)
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning. 5:43 a.m. your 12 hour day planner today. a fair amount of cloud cover around the bay and the coast. you can see by noon clearing skies. it will be a warm afternoon, a lot of sunshine inland the mid- 90s in the warmest spots. the central valley we are baking, 106 in fresno, 105 in bakersfield. >> thanks. cvs is apologizing after one of their store managers called police on a woman trying to use a coupon and she recorded video as part of that encounter. >> african-american. >> black. no, i'm not african-american. i'm black. black isn't a bad word. >> camilla hudson says a manager known on-line as coupon carl challenged her friday night when she tried to use a manufacturers coupon for a free product. hudson claims cvs employees only looked at the coupon and never
5:44 am
actually scanned it to verify if it was real. >> he goes, i can't accept this. i said okay, why can't you accept it? because it looks fraudulent. the manager called 911 after tensions escalated and chicago police arrived and ultimately asked hudson to leave the store. in addition to the apology cvs has reassigned the employees involved while the company investigates. a cave diver who helped rescue 12 young soccer players says he may sue elon musk for smearing him. musk had offered a mini sub to help rescue the soccer team that was trapped a mile inside the flooded cave and one rescue diver called musk's sub a pr stunt and said it wouldn't have made the first 50 meters. musk replied in a tweet saying he never saw the diver at the rescue site and went on to refer to him as a pedo, short for pedophile. the diver says he is astonished and very angry at the attack. >> i'm not going to make any
5:45 am
further comment about him, but i think people realize what sort of guy he is. >> would you consider taking legal action against him? >> yes. yes. it's not finished. >> we should note that musk has since deleted the tweets. a shakeup within california's democratic party over the weekend. instead of endorsing four term senator dianne feinstein the party opted to endorse kevin de leon. it could be a major political shift within the party. >> de leon got 65% of the votes saturday during the party's meeting in oakland. >> you want someone who is going to be in the united states senate standing up for immigrants, standing up for the lbgt community and people of fol way. >> that endorsement means the party will spend more money to help de leon in november's uphi battle. feinstein's camp points out she had 70% of the democratic vote in june's primary, carrying every county by double digits
5:46 am
over de leon. happening today, the shark tank will be transformed into a bike build for under served children in the bay area. more than 100 volunteers will make 350 bikes for the san jose sharks healthy living giving campaign. it promotes physical fitness and outdoor activity. the local non-profits will pick up the bikes and give them to kids who need them to get to school and some of the bikes will go to families during the holiday season as well. >> very nice. sutro tower in san francisco getting a high-tech make-over. the chronicle reports six antennas will be added to the top of the tower in the coming months and that should make it easier for tv viewers to pick up local television stations over the air with an antenna including abc 7. one in five bay area tv viewers receives a signal over the air. i have to tell people sometimes like you know we're free. >> right. >> like you can -- people tell me i don't have cable. well do you have an antenna. >> exactly. >> there you go. here's a dream gig for you.
5:47 am
a mattress company wants to pay an intern to fall asleep on the job. >> sounds good. mattress firm calling it a snooze term. the intern will test beds and hopefully find the best head and foot positions for netflix bingeing, instagram stalking, of course, right. the intern will be proficient in napping and passionate about sleep and comfort. the job is based at the company headquarters in houston and you have to be over 18 to apply. folks, i might be moving to texas. >> okay. hey. >> nice knowing you. >> it was. >> i think it would have been more valuable as probably a sleeping intern and some of the things i did in my past, more valuable to the company. >> what is the best position for instagram stalking, on your side tweeting with your fingers? >> probably. >> important questions. >> we'll find out soon. >> let's talk about what's going on in the forecast as we've got clouds early on today. a cool start for a lot of us. it's going to be a nice afternoon. live doppler 7 with satellite right now, gray skies overhead.
5:48 am
the typical marine layer for the summertime. we'll show you clouds, live look from our east bay hills camera. above the cloud deck at 1500 feet we have clear skies. once the sun is up it will erode away the clouds early. fairfield at this hour gusting to about 28 miles an hour. it's breezy through the delta and elsewhere it's pretty light about 5 to 10 miles an hour, but we expect those winds later on this afternoon and early evening to pick up a bit. so future tracker wind gusts by 4:00, 5:00 today, the on shore winds, 10 to 20 miles an hour, it will be a breezy afternoon across the region. that sea breeze will keep the coast rather comfortable. san francisco later on this afternoon, only a high of 68 degrees under a blend of sun and clouds, daly city at 62, richmond 63 your high today. across the board it's that typical spread this afternoon, 68 in san francisco, about 74 in
5:49 am
oakland, hot inland in the mid 90s, san jose warm at about 86 degrees. the accuweather forecast, it's a warm afternoon here, similar story on tuesday and then warmer weather midweek before we crank up the humidity on thursday and friday. that's the weather. a check of the roads with alexis. >> good morning, drew. i want to head back out to the tracy area where unfortunately we do have a crash in a really busy spot. westbound 205 just before 11th street, two big rigs actually involved in this along with a sedan. the two right lanes are now blocked. it does sound like at least one of those trucks was movable but i'm not sure about the other one and they're calling for a tow truck, a couple tows to the scene there. this is going to take a while to clear and we have two lanes down. the speeds getting even slower, four miles an hour approaching the scene up to only 13 miles an hour past that once you make it to 580. that continues to be one of our roughest drives this morning. mass transit a decent option. bart 48 trains in service, no delays, take ace, one in three out on time, five should be on
5:50 am
time too. normal service for muni. over the weekend work that they had going on has resumed. so everything is back to normal. >> okay. thank you. over the weekend it was beautiful weather. 10,000 people walked more than 6 miles through golden gate park for the 32nd annual aids walk san francisco. >> high five. thank you. abc 7 has been a proud sponsor of the event since 1987. members of our abc 7 family were proud to be taking part in yesterday's event. money raised through sponsorships benefits more than 32 bay area hiv/aids service and advocacy groups. >> asking your friends and family to donate you're building awareness around hiv and aids. aids is not over. we have 40,000 new infections across the country every year. >> the sheer volume of people here today, let's me know i am not alone and there are other people that care and so i'm here with them to, you know, help those that are not as fortunate
5:51 am
as myself and it needs some help. >> such a great event. organizers hope to raise at least $1.8 million this year. coming up new at 6:00, awareness about global warming is up but a study shows americans don't think the government is doing enough to stop it. >> first the rush to rescue this whale tangled up in netting caught on camera. >> plus
5:52 am
5:53 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> shig is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning. 5:53. the golden gate bridge cama has a deck of cloud cover overhead. gray skies early on this morning. hour by hour, 9:00, later today, still cloudy over san francisco
5:54 am
and parts of the east bay but by noon we expect the cloud cover pulling back to the coast. sunny skies for our warmest spots in the 80s and 90s. >> thank you. a whale is swimming free this morning after it got caught snagged in shark netting offer australia's gold coast. here's video of that harrowing ordeal as marine animal release teams tried to set it free. they say the whale broke through the netting and swam about a quarter mile before it got so tangled it could no longer swim. and there you can see it is spinning in the water trying to. an it auaade matters worse. crews say it took four hours to cut that netting away and free the whale, but glad violent in paris as some fans threw flares at police after france took home the second world cup title. thousands partied after the game yesterday. dozens of police officers showed up in riot gear.
5:55 am
police used water cannons on fans at one point. unclear if there were any arrests or on a positive note a lot different earlier in the evening as the roar of excited soccer fans filled the streets of paris as the sun set, look at that, the arc was lit up in french colors. and the crowd roared as fireworks filled the sky and images of the players were projected on to the arc. they had such a great game yesterday. good for them. this morning we can't get over how adorable prince louie is. >> kensington palace tweeted royal family photos taken after the christening last week. some of the portraits were taken at clearance house in london. the duke and duchess of cambridge hired celebrity photographer matt holio to take the photos. he was baptized at saint james palace last month. >> the baby so cute but i love george and charlotte in the pictures. >> i know.
5:56 am
they were stealing the show. we did family pictures too. it is hard to get the kids to look at the camera at the same time and not have a crazy look on their face. those turned out pretty well. taking a look at things in the north bay, we have one new crash, got good news from chp, southbound 101 past petaluma boulevard, three-car crash pushed to the shoulder. you can see stop-and-go traffic through 116 interchange there. once you make it past that things are free flowing. san rafael looking great here. no further delays the rest of the way into san francisco. let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma who is in for mike this week. hi, drew. >> we're tracking that cloud cover early on the marine layer with us on the summer morning. a live look san jose good morning, the south bay, you can see we have a gray start overhead, a similar picture across the region. later on today once that cloud cover pulls back to the coast a wide range in temperatures. coa moon bay, downtown san francisco 68 this afternoon, we'll hop to
5:57 am
the east bay, oakland 74. inland this time of the year the numbers jump, walnut creek it will be hot at 91, hotter than that in antioch going to 94 degrees. enjoy the warm weather inland, guys. >> thank you. have you been to the dmv lately? >> no. >> everyone dreads going and new at 6:00, the dmv taking some action to help make your next visit just a little bit easier. >> this man seen smoking what appears to be meth several times on bart now under arrest but wasn't for doing this. wasn't for doing this. >> the bet that ended with
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> now at 6:00, president trump and president putin at the historic helsinki summit. the two shaking hands and heading into a one-on-one meeting as the world looks on. a joint news conference expected within this hour. we will bring it to you live. fog to start, but sun for the afternoon. that's a beautiful shot this morning as you get up and start
6:00 am
your day. we don't think those gray skies will last all day long. yeah. you have something to look forward to today on monday, july 16th. >> it is a beautiful day out there. hope you're having a beautiful morning so far. let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma in for mike nicco. >> hi, good morning. we'll show you that picture live look from the exploratorium camera. the ferry under way. the cloud cover overhead starting to see breaks in the cloud cover over the bay right now. won't be a very cloudy day all that long. 7:00 a.m., clouds along the bay, 12-hour planner we will have clearing skies midday and will be warm this afternoon. you see the bay in the 80s, inland in the mid 90s. download


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