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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 17, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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really fast and people screaming in the background finally they stop the car and very quickly you see people run off of a rope. they're goal is to run over to that canal, throw the rope in because there's a boy that fell into it and they're trying to rescue him. >> so they were racing the rushing water. >> yes. >> the amazing part is that the boy is able to grab on and while he couldn't pull himself out, it's okay because there were all of those people that saw this go down that jumped in to action. they pulled him out. >> that's some impressive team work, man. >> yeah. they don't look like trained professionals. they look like people that had the will to do it. >> the kid was watching on the edge of the canal when they saw him slip in. >> they got together and ran down some random person in a van and they raced down to find this kid and save his life. reports say the incident lasted
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about two minutes and the boy traveled about 1.2 miles. now over to this next one which is in a river in tennessee. they're out for an adventure when they come up right here -- the guy falls into the water, the rest stay on but now they're stuck and when the raft turns the opposite way they all ends up in the water. you see that there are other people there immediately start paddling over to these guys. they all come afloat to the surface of the water but, you know, these crews always work together to make sure that everybody is out of the water, makes it out safe. no reported injuries. we live in an urban environment. most of the growling we see on the way to work is from other drivers honking and yelling at people. for dana foreman she saw this bear behind a ten the zoo. she just says she's walking on
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the sidewalk on her way to work and first you think, it's a dog but no, it's a bear. >> you got some interesting dogs. >> yes. she's also really calm about it. >> there's a metal fence in the way. >> i don't care about no fence. keep going. i'm protected by this ten foot high metal fence but she says it's next to a tree. that bear could've climbed the tree, but it didn't. the bear scarfered off, so she admits she made a mistake. in this next video, though, right here that band encounters a band of bear, there are three little ones and that's a mama bear. no pla ts.
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>> now isn't that a game? >> this isn't a game and that -- he says he was up there baiting bears and he said -- >> baiting bears? >> you suck. please do not tempt the bears. >> if you are baiting bears and they charge at you, it's kind of like -- he was too focused on filming so she got closer but he was like i'm getting great footage but then she charged at him but i got to say that is some pretty gorgeous video right up until the point where she charged at him. don't do it no more, okay? there is a height requirement on the sling shot but there is no age limit. the folks in this video give it a shot. >> i'm never going to make 70! >> hold tight, ma'am. hold tight. >> all right. you guys ready? >> are you ever really ready for this ride?
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>> hold on to your camera! no way. no way! >> bon voyage! >> he's excited and pumped. she's like how did i let you talk me into this. >> you want a countdown or warning? which one? >> no countdown. they just shot! >> this is such a typical male/female reaction. he's over here having a great time because they just did something goofy and she's freaking out. >> it does take quite some time to get back down because it slowly lowers it so you have to enjoy the height for a while. >> and she's not enjoying it at all, so now he tries to console her as the tears start to flow. >> oh, bill! why did you do this to me? >> you're the one that said you
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wanted to do this. >> the truth comes out. >> get me down! let me down! >> then she goes from freaking out to laughing to wiping her eyes and just -- another day on the sling shot. >> don't do it! don't do it! there's nothing quite like the honesty and purity of a young child. for example, this little 5-year-old girl has been giving clues. >> you see the picture. >> that's not a picture. >> you know what it is? >> what? >> you're going to be a big sister. >> she's got the sonno gram. how is she going to make herself clear about how she feels? >> that's how she's excited or sad. we need to know. >> trust me, you're gonna know. >> you -- >> wow! we've seen cries or throw a fit.
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she was like, no, this doesn't exist. we're done here. >> she's quite ready. she's got about nine months to get used to the idea. there is also nothing quite like security of a new dad. he's going for that classic gender reveal. he's got his baseball bat and hit it and explode in powder. i can't tell if he's happy about it. >> whoa! >> no, he's not. he's excited. >> i think if you're worried about that, you can always do what these guys did like jackie and austin weaver. they went to the stadium and they got this guy to hit it for them. absolutely drilled it. that one's going over the wall for sure. congratulations to everybody. he's a serious parkour with
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major style. >> how does someone like him make it over? >> see the proof that practice really does make perfect. >> that was smooth. and it's a life changing surprise for a woman who lost everything. >> because i didn't want to ask nobody for help. >> see how humble designers turn her house into a dream home. >> welcome home. mom's love that meats have no byproducts. a slice above. changes? i've had a few. most impactful. my hair color. garnier nutrisse. nourishes while you color. plus avocado, olive and shea oils. changing my hair color changed everything. nutrisse. nourished hair. better color. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat
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closed captioning provided by -- 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. watch the video again and again. head over to and find tons of videos and share them with your friend. you've got to be aware of your size especially if you're driving a vehicle and you're crossing some train tracks. in poland, the arms are coming down so that car backs up. i got a little too close.
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you gots to go, dude, and move the back end of your truck out of the way. >> but it doesn't clear the tracks and then what you think is going to happen happens and it happens fast. >> oh! >> wow. >> it snapped the back of that trailer. >> we should just stop calling them railway crossing and called them failed viral video magnets. something bad was about to happen. >> oh, my god! >> whoa! >> this truck hit by that train was pushed about 32 feet. >> the driver and the train engineer were not hurt. >> i'm trying to figure out what's worse, the impact or the bus blocked the impact. >> could the truck driver could have avoided that? >> the truck tried to outrun the train but when it got to the tracks, it got stuck.
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according to the truck company, his brakes failed. >> yeah, um-hum. sure they did. the last video, though -- this is in mumbai and the last ten days they've got be the same amount of rain they normally get in a month. >> as long as it doesn't derail the train. it's just a fun little wet commute. >> but i see this and i remember in the uk, there's leaves on the line, the trains don't run. but in mumbai you can go swimming. >> we got places to be, honey. we've become so familiar with the amazing work that humbled designs does for people that need just a little bit of help. wh in this case they've head today southern california. it's the first time they actually do a project there. for this one they partnered up with flex day and they're helping laurie out. >> usually in the detroit area. >> it's great to see they're expanding. >> i had to stay in the car
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because i didn't want to ask somebody for help. >> laurie lost everything. she was homeless for a few years. they took her children away because she had no way to care for them. she was in a deep depression, but worked really hard to get herself back on her feet and she now has her apartment. the thing is, she really doesn't have the resources to furnish it. she just found out her kids are coming back to her in october of this year so humboldt design is like we got you. they take her out of the apartment. they are filling this apartment up with dishes, the drawers are being filled in, they even have a cool little welcome mat, beds, decorations. it's not even just the essentials, they're like hooking her up. >> we're not just hopefully giving you furniture today, but we want to really give you a platform for which you can be z-b great. >> they're making it a home. >> when she walks back into this place, it's going to feel like her space. now they tell her to cover her
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eyes, they want to surprise her. >> welcome home! >> whoa! >> she takes one look and she can't help but just break down. it is overwhelming to go from that very empty apartment to something that is full of love. >> it's like life. hopefully this is the beginning of a really bright future for the entire family. in the by-line of his instagram account, he lists that he's from australia. into film making, martial arts and the circus so how does someone like him make it over a fence? >> that was smooth. >> boom. youe jt showing off. >> bam. >> just a casual parkour. >> boom. >> can you imagine if we tried any of these?
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>> yes, i can. >> it would not be good. >> well, i mean, as perfect as he makes it look, i love that he gives us a behind the scenes because practice makes perfect. >> oh! >> yeah, that would look like it hurt. >> okay. my neck, my back, my head. >> he's going to have bruises galore all over him. >> get back up and do it again. >> yes. >> and record it all. divers explore the crystal clear waters of -- >> mexico. >> but watch the moment these folks end up swimming in a sea of sharks. >> it is absolutely to a 70s staple. >> we're making bell-bottoms.
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>> i'm in, maybe. >> the denim diy that will have you thankful this trend came back around. >> i got the boots to go with that too. nt teach them to smile, and they'll smile at the world. teach them to love themselves, and they'll love others. teach them they are special, and you'll be amazed by what they do.
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go beyond brushing with act®. tweet us @"right this minute" and follow the show all week long. what does that mean? >> women's island. >> i want to go there. >> well, it is not to your fantasy island. it is an island with that name, but it is full of men and women and it is beautiful, christian. >> alberto mendoza is living the life because he's got is go pro and she's shooting video under the sea and that area in mexico and it is gorgeous, but this is the big papa that he was excite today see. >> oh, my goodness! >>s not just one of them. he says they were like 15 plus of these whale sharks out there feeding. >> i see not as much as i say about the ocean, i think whale sharks are cool as hell of the i
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would love to get that experience. now this video was posted from this ship right there in the middle in that hole is an atlantic mid-shipman. and then over there to the left, got a snail and then you have three quill worms and they're all racing to the middle. who's going to get there? >> what happened? >> you snooze you lose. >> the atlantic midshipman had dinner, he visited on a barracuda. >> did he blow up? >> it's a sit and wait ambush predator. somebody's going to swim by and i'll just have a tasty meal. the '70s are back and if you want to get into the bell-bottom action, thisdero the diy designer is actually pretty clever and you don't even have to sew. >> okay, i'm in, maybe.
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>> just get some fabric glue and sissers. the jeans thato tn into bell-bottoms of the only real work you'll have to do is head over to a thrift store to find another pair of jeans that match the color of the denim of your existing jeans but also the thread because you need to match it a little bit. once you got all those things. >> you lost me. >> it's so easy. just follow these directions closely. once you've got your cut in there, add one of the layers from the pair of jeans you bought like she's doing here. >> add a flash of color, some glitter and see consequence. >> that's the beauty of this. once it's already pinned down, you add the glue and let it dry. you cut off the excessive material from the jeans and it should look something like that and once you put them on, it should look like that. >> i got the platform boots to go with that too. >> this is giving me a flash
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back. >> that's the beauty of it. you can do other types of materials, colors, flowers. >> come on, get happy. a guys bizarre idea. >> works way better than i thought it would. >> see the mesmerizing mystery that's got everybody a
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and it looks really delicious. what's going on here? >> where are we? >> what's happening? >> in a pool recording underwater. >> in a river. >> not quite. it's kind of weird. interesting idea that came to chris rollins at 3:00 in the morning when i was going through the internet. have you ever wanted to know what it looks like inside of a water balloon? >> he just took himself a go pro and water balloons, put the camera inside the water balloon and started throwing it across his yard and fra fr that we get this really trippy, strange bei
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motion videos. it's almost like a youtube lava lamp. >> yeah, that's pretty cool. >> it is oddly satisfying, especially when it rolls across the yard and you see the rose bushes and stuff. >> i started off doing this with my go pro session, which is very small and easy to do but it was cracked already from a drone accident a few months ago so it's now on icu. >> we've all been there. in this case he found -- getting it inside the balloon is quite funny. >> step a little bit of eel i sewater.s air the balloon gets clearer and changes up the whole dynamic of the footage. >> it's one of those ridiculous, goofy, simple ideas that you would never think of doing.
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>> never possible until we got these go pros, until they got small enough and water proof, now you can have this random 3:00 in the morning idea and you can create something unique and delightful, wasn't it? we'll do flash flooding is likely along the northeast coast. two passenger planes carrying a combined 250 people made emergency landings in kansas city. an alaska airlines flight from washington, d.c. to l.a. was forced to divert and a delta flight inbound from detroit landed with a reported fuel leak. the plane never taxied to engage emergency crews to prevent a fire from ig knight with foam. passengers had to wait with buss to ferry them to the energy nal there. there were no serious injuries in new jersey when five
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school buses filled with campers were involved in a crash. 21 kids and a camp driver was treated to local hospitals for minor injuries. on a lighter note, bryce harper gave fans a thrill in the run-up to baseball's all star game. >> yes, the future yankee star well, he's with my washington nationals the outfielder smacked 19 home runs in the final run of the home run derby winning the contest in the bonus round. his hair game was on point. >> always. >> he had like this whole stars and stripes thing going. everywhere. >> he's a patriot. >> yeah. so cal farmer of the cubs hit 18 as well out of the park. it was a good final between the two boys. >> harper h he was his who also pitched to bryce five years
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ago when he finished in second. harper is a free agent at the end of the season. what timing. he loves playing there. the all star game, by the way, tonight. . >> yes. it was awesome. >> go yanks. >> no nats. they all need it. coming up, tourists injured at an erupting tornadoes when a light bomb brings down the boat. a bay watch babe and her new boo. the world cup celebration ahead, that's the skin my, you are watching "world news now." show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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