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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 18, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing e comen e air. president trump explaining himself again. after what he said today, a question from our cecilia vega. asking, is russia still targeting the u.s.? the president saying no. even though his director of national intelligence said otherwise, just saying the warning lights are blinking red. tonight, the white house says that's not what the president meant this morning. also tonight, new reporting. the young russian woman here in the u.s. now charged, accused of being an agent of the kremlin. what she said in court late today. prosecutors say she was offering sex for influence. and these images tonight from investigators. at the trump inauguration, and at this dinner. and what they say it shows. the shark scare on the east coast.
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were two children attacked by sharks on two separate beaches? what authorities are now saying. these beaches closed. the wildfires raging in the west. the new fire already exploding in size, from oregon to california. the worries and the fears tonight at yosemite. the plane crash. the images from inside the cabin. investigators now studying these images. what caused the plane to go down? the pictures coming in at this hour. the massive condominium fire. and, the miracle rescue. those boys heading home and now describing what it was like. at one point, they were going to dig their way out. how hungry they were, and what they did to conserve energy. good evening. great to have you with us on a very busy wednesday night. with begin with the firestorm with president trump, is russia still targeting the u.s.
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he said, no. tonight, the white house saying it's not what he meant. it comes after appearing to side with putin over his own intelligence agencies while on the world stage. today's answer comes after the director of national intelligence says that russia is still at it, and the warning lights are blinking red. cecilia vega leading us off. >> reporter: just 24 hours after president trump declared his full faith in america's intelligence agencies, and even with his own director of national intelligence warning russia is right now targeting the u.s., president trump today offered this stunning contradiction. is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> thank you very much, no. >> reporter: no? you don't believe that to be the case? >> no. >> reporter: we asked not once, but twice. and twice, the president replied, "no." it directly contradicts the director of national
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intelligence who said that russia is behind "ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy." and that's not all. >> i'm here to say the warning lights are blinking red again. today, the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack. >> reporter: from republicans today, near universal condemnation. >> if he really believes russia is not interfering in our 2018 election, i'm dumbfounded by that statement. >> i don't know what drives this. it's baffling, i think, to all of us who have concerns about the integrity of our elections. >> the president is wrong and he should heed the warnings of the intelligence community. >> reporter: the president was already under fire for failing to publicly confront vladimir putin for meddling in the 2016 election, and siding with russia's leader over his own intelligence community. >> president putin denied having anything to do with the election interference in 2016. every u.s. intelligence agency has concluded that russia did. who do you believe? >> my people came to me, dan
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coats came to me, and some others, and said they think it's russia. i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: that exchange, leading to an unheard-of walkback from president trump. who claimed that, really, it was all just a one-word mess-up. >> in a key sentence in my remarks, i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been, i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or why it wouldn't be russia. so, just to repeat it, i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been, i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. >> reporter: less than 24 hours later, at the white house, yet another head-spinning cleanup effort. press secretary sarah sanders says the president wasn't actually saying no to our question about whether russia is still targeting the u.s.
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>> i had a chance to speak with the president after those comments. the president said thank you very much, and was saying no to answering questions. >> reporter: so we asked for a clarification of the clarification. i just want to clarify what you just said. dan coats said point-blank, the threat is still ongoing from russia. does this white house believe that currently this threat is still ongoing? >> we believe the threat still exists. which is why we're taking steps to prevent it. >> cecilia, sarah sanders saying the president wasn't actually answering your question when he said no? >> reporter: you saw the video, there's no doubt president trump heard both questions. he looked directly at me when answering. and when sanders said his no meant he didn't want to answer questions, that's what he did. he went on to answer another question from another reporter.
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so, the white house once again in cleanup mode over the president's answers to questions about russia. and for the first time, we're hearing what donald trump says he told putin. did he warn putin against meddling? what the president now says tonight. the president's interpreter, next to president trump. and some lawmakers on the hill want the interpreter to answer questions. saying it's the only way they'll know for sure what really happened in the room. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: they were behind closed doors, face to face for more than two hours. now, it's still unclear what was said. but tonight, president trump told cbs news he warned putin not to meddle in american elections. something he did not mention during the news conference in helsinki. >> i'm strong on the fact we can't from meddling. i let him know we can't have this. we're not going to have it.
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and that's the way it's going to be. >> reporter: the only people who would have heard that, putin, his interpreter, and trump's interpreter. now, some callinglinglinglinglig testify. >> we need to have the president share with us what happened during that meeting. if he won't do it, the interpreter should come. >> reporter: the republican chairman of the foreign relations committee, saying he would consider it. >> i'm not sure it's appropriate. we're checking if it is. certainly we'll pursue it. >> reporter: the white house says if congress wants this, talk to the state department. the state department says they're waiting on an official qut frocongre. it the how likel interpreter up before the hill?
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>> it's unclear, but seems unlikely. the state department says they're unsure of any precedent. >> tom, thank you. this evening, we do have new reporting on the russian woman in america charged and behind bars. accused of being a russian agent. her attorneys arguing she should be freed on bail. but she's believed to be a flight risk. accused of offering sex and a position with a special interest organization. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, a federal judge ordering alleged russian agent maria butina be held behind bars pending trial. federal prosecutors arguing the 29-year-old gun rights activist is an extreme flight risk, saying just days before her arrest she was packing boxes an and the government claims that
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butina was willing to go to extreme measures to infiltrate the american political system and the nra. prosecutors accusing butina of offering sex in exchange for a position in an unidentified interest organization. one of her alleged russian contacts joking in one message about her high profile in the u.s. "you have upstaged anna chapman. she poses with toy pistols, while you are being published with real ones." a reference to another red-headed russian who was arrested for spying in 2010. investigators say butina was involved in a personal relationship with an unidentified american who was "instrumental in aiding her covert influence operation." and now, growing questions about this moment at a 2015 conference when she asked then-candidate trump about russia. >> do you want to continue the politics of sanctions? >> i believe that i would get along very nicely with putin. okay? and i mean where we have the strength. i don't think you'd need the sanctions. >> reporter: during her time in
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the u.s., the fbi claims she was reaching out to politicians and those in power. here she is at the inauguration. and sources saying she met the president's son don jr. at an nra convention. all the while receiving funding from a russian oligarch and maintaining contact with russian intelligence. the charges against her, not part of the mueller investigation. officials say butina's case is reflective of how broad and deep ongoing russian infiltration efforts are, beyond the indictment of those 12 russian military intelligence officers now charged with hacking. when putin was shown the indictment -- >> i have the indictment that shows the 12 members of russian military intelligence, talking
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about specific units, they say -- you smile, let me finish. they say these units were specifically involved in hacking into democratic party computers, stealing information, and spreading it to the word to try to disrupt the american election. may i give this to you to look at, sir? >> i want to say now, again, and i really wish for our american listeners to listen to what i say. russia as a state has never interfered with the internal affairs of the united states, let alone its elections. >> what putin told fox news. and butina pleaded not guilty today. >> reporter: she said she's no flight risk. had her residence searched in
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april, and did not flee. but she could get to an embassy and get beyond law enforcement reach. david? >> thank you. and 48 large fires burning now. a new fire erupting near portland, oregon. and near yosemite, two firefighters injured. campgoers warned to be ready to leave. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: there's fire below and above us on this ridge. but look and see just how steep and treacherous thiser terrain . the ferguson fire, about 1,800 firefighters trying to contain it. but good news, some thunderst m thunderstorms are expected. but they could also bring dry
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lightning and high. o the miracle boys going home tonight. for the first time, we're hearing from the 12 boys rescued from the cave in thailand. james longman is back in thailand tonight. >> reporter: the team the whole world supported. telling the world about their terrifying ordeal. they say they tried digging out of the cave. after two days, they say hunger set in. so they stayed still to conserve energy. we're learning tonight, the boys do know how to swim. but the waters kept rising. adul in front describing the moment they were found. >> how many of you? >> reporter: he said, hearing the british divers was like a miracle. finally, after all this time, they can go home. how are you feeling?
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tee telling us it's great to go home. and this cleansing ceremony, welcoming their lost boy finally home. when asked what they wanted to be as adults, some said soccer players, but others said s.e.a.l.s, as a way of giving thanks for the thai navy s.e.a.l. who gave his life. and we're learning about the death of a secret serviceman, who suffered a stroke protecting the president. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the shark scare on the east coast. also the plane crash, and the new video emerging from inside the cabin. investigators studying the images. the major league all-star, now apologizing about tweets
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the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. next tonig t t possible shark attacks on two separate beaches in the northeast. those beaches now closed. authorities are warning beachgoers. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: some terrifying moments today off the coast of fire island new york where two children are now recovering from possible shark bites. >> i saw something next to me and kind of felt pain. and i looked and saw a fin. >> reporter: 12-year-old lola pollina's dad says his daughter was less than ten feet off the shore up to her waist in water when all of the sudden she started to panic. >> i couldn't tell what it was but it was kind of flapping. she came right out of the water with pretty deep lacerations on her leg. >> reporter: these pictures tell the harrowing story, teeth marks on her lower leg. only one hour later, this 13-year-old boy seen here, limping toward the ambulance,
3:48 pm
emerged from the water after another possible shark attack at a different beach on the island four miles away. >> one of our young campers was on a boogie board, a wave knocked him off and he actually got bit. >> reporter: a piece of tooth was removed from the boy's leg. it is now being analyzed. >> how are you the two children tonight? >> reporter: the good news, both children are said to be okay, and have not-life threatening injuries. officials warn, this is shark proceeding season. >> thank you. when we come back, the massive condominium fire. there have been injuries reported. and say good-bye to robin's egg blue and white on air force one. the new look, when we come back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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the fire in a massive condominium complex erupting into flames late today. all 300 units have been evacuated. a plane going down, 16 passengers and 2 crew members survived. a major leaguer facing questions over offensive tweets he sent as a teenager. milwaukee brewers pitcher josh hader ordered to undergo sensitivity training after racist and homophobic tweets resurfaced during his all-star game appearance last night. he says he was immature, and calls the comments inexcusable. and the order is in for pair of air force one replacements. the white house confirming a $3.9 billion contract with boeing to design and build two jets by 2024. trump also saying the aircraft's iconic robin's egg blue, approved by jfk, will be updated with a red, white, and blue color scheme. when we come back, "america strong."
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if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. finally tonight here, the former nfl star who left the football field for the battlefield. and what he then did when he got home. it's "america strong," and what's about to happen to him tonight. that's jake wood on the left, number 78. former university of wisconsin offensive lineman from bettendorf, iowa. he was playing for the badgers when former nfl player and army ranger, pat tillman, was killed in afghanistan. that very week, jake walked into his coach's office and told him he was going to join the marine corps. he would train to become a scout sniper.
3:57 pm
he would deploy to iraq, then afghanistan. and after four years of service, just three months after he returned home, he saw the haiti earthquake on the news. he wanted to help. and put out a call to his fellow servicemen. >> a handful of friends called me up and said, hey, i'm in. and four days later, we found ourselves in port au prince responding to the earthquake. >> reporter: jake and his team helping the injured. >> it's infected? >> yeah. >> reporter: the need, as we all remember from being there, was overwhelming. >> you need to pull your foot back as far as you can, okay? >> reporter: in that time of need, an idea was born. jake would co-found team rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response nonprofit. >> the military is about creating a shared mission. it gives you these tools for how to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks in uncertain situations. >> reporter: it also helps servicemen and women transition back to civilian life. >> oftentimes when veterans
3:58 pm
transition, they lose that sense of purpose. they lose that community. that band of brothers. >> reporter: no longer. >> i'm serving my country again. the same way i was in the military. >> it's all there again. you fit right in. >> reporter: team rubicon has responded to over 250 disasters. in puerto rico, rebuilding homes and lives. hurricane harvey. >> we're going to head back that way. >> reporter: the rescues by boat. hugs for those in need. tonight, jake will receive the pat tillman award for service at the espys. an honor he calls humbling. >> a sentiment we often hear is, you guys have already done so much for our country. why do you feel compelled to do more? what they don't understand is, it's part of the dna of the people who are in this organization. >> an honor well deserved. jake, we salute you. the espys at
3:59 pm
. breaking news is happening in santa rosa. just as rush hour isr evil of highway 101 are closed because of a hazardous materials incident. we're taking a live look at sky 7 now. our chopper is about to arrive on scene. >> the fire department tells us there's an active hazmat situation involving an oxygen tanker truck. this map shows you the stretch of road closed right now. >> the chp says all of 101 between by centennial way and river road is closed. old river road highway is also closed. >> the chp officer jonathan sloat is on the telephone. can you hear us, jonathan? >> yes, i can hear you. >> thanks for coming on. can you give us an update on what's happening on the highway and how long it might be closed? >> estimates of maybe 50
4:00 pm
minutes. it's totally up to what happens at the scene. we don't have a lot of information we know about what you know, sort of leaked from an oxygen tanker. we have right now north and southbound 101 closed between river road and mendocino avenue, and same on the old railroad side. traffic is extremely congested in the whole northern santa rosa area. expect delays or find an alternate route. >> especially this time of day. anything about any injuries or, you know, repercussions that way? >> no information on that yet. this is barely in the city limits, they're handling the incident, santa rosa police and fire. >> what is the danger from an oxygen tanker truck? what kind of leak are you expecting or trying to deal with? >> you might want to talk to the hazmat experts. oxygen is flammable. we don't


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