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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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while this situation develops and now fortunately, all of those roads are back open. at the latest here in santa rosa, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> all right, kate, thank you for that report. a big setback today for
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those who would like to see california split into three states. today the supreme court took the initiative off the november ballot. but the issue, it isn't over. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with those details. kristen? >> ama, the center of the fight, whether to let californians vote on a plan to split the state into three. northern california, which includes the bay area, southern california, which includes fresno, and california, which includes the los angeles area. the proposal qualified for the november ballot after its author and a backer, venture capitalist tim draper gathered over 400,000 valid signatures. but today the supreme court blocked prop 9 from oy peering on the november ballot. the ruling says significant questions have been raised regarding the proposition's validity, and the potential harm in permitting the measure to remain on the ballot outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election. the court ruled in response to opponents' lawsuit, arguing the proposal would have abolished the state constitution. the issue is not dead, though.
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now comes a legal battle fought on many fronts. californians could still have a chance to vote on the split as early as 2020. dan and ama? >> okay, kristen, thank you. today for the first time, pg&e showed off the new weather station. it's going up across northern california to monitor for increasing fire danger. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the caldecott tunnel tonight, where one of the new stations is streaming data. lesl leslie, even as we speak. >> and there is more to it than that, dan. actually, in the next couple of months or the fall, you could end up getting an e-mail or a text message from pg&e telling you are preemptively going to cut off your electricity because your neighborhood or area might be deemed a high fire danger. extreme hot weather and unprecedented wildfires prompted pg&e to launch a new three-prong approach to addressing what they call the new normal, an almost year-round fire season.
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first, they're putting up weather stations like this one above the caldecott tunnel on the oakland approach. >> these stations will be measuring wind speed, wind direction, temperature and relative humidity. and the data is streamed into our systems. >> so far 50 stations like this are installed. 150 more will be in place in northern and central california. by the end of 2018. step two, a brand-new pg&e wildfire safety operations center that just opened this spring in san francisco. there analysts will monitor data from the new weather stations as well as information about vegetation and dead trees. if fire danger is perceived on the extreme, number three comes into play. for the first time, pg&e can proactively shut down electricity to particular areas or neighborhoods. >> that's a last resort, but if conditions are right and we feel that it would be safer to turn off power, having some of this weather data will allow us to do that. we will give customers as much notice as we can, hopefully 48
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hours notice. >> but it could be as little as one hour's notice under this new pg&e wildfire protocol. that's why they want to make sure they can text or e-mail customers if they feel they must shut down power to an area. >> so we're really asking them to go to our websites and to update their contact information so that we can give them as much notice ahead of time as possible. >> you'll find a link up on our website,, on our home page, so that you can update your information with pg&e. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you. two firefighters have been injured battling the ferguson fire near yosemite. another firefighter has also died. the fire has burned more than 17,000 acres since friday, and it's only 5% contained. reporter natalie granda from our sister station in fresno joins us live from mariposa with the latest on the firefight.
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natalie? >> ama, the weather was a little more cooperative today, which allowed crews to directly attack the fire. however, you can see behind me, the smoky skies returning which is hindering their efforts this afternoon. now crews say that the goal is to keep firefighters safe and keep structures standing. >> hello, spca. >> another call means another pet coming to stay at the mariposa spca. despite her own home being under a fire advisory, jenette has been sleeping in her office and taking in animals while families evacuate the ferguson fire. >> just stay here and started getting calls at 1:00, throwing in the morning, taking in animals. >> reporter: lozano is one of the many under advisory. as the fire continued to spread. with clearer skies, air crews were able to tackle the ferguson
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fire, which is burning more than 17,000 acres near yosemite national park. >> the visibility has increased force earlier in the day. as soon as we're able to get aircraft up in the air, as you see behind you, we've been able to do so, utilizing them as much as we can. >> firefighters say the area hasn't burned in years and is full of fuel. the rough terrain is still creating a problem. they're back burning while reinforcing former breaks. >> anything that we can get, either dozers, hand crews in there that we can reinforce those so we can create a good firebreak. >> a mariposa firefighter died while creating one of those fire breaks. she is at the ready cross, praying for the firefighters and their home. >> our house is right there. and our friends and our neighbors, it's kind of scary. >> a baby! >> lozano says the spca needs money. they're having a yard sale to stay open for the pets, however,
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lozano says she is there for the evacuees who need help. >> i'm hoping it ends soon and that no one loses their houses, no one else is injured and we don't lose any more of our firefighters. >> highway 140 to yosemite remains closed. no estimated time on when it will reopen. live in mariposa county, i'm natalie granda, abc 7 news. >> natalie, thank you. coming up, a parent's worst nightmare. a family is launching legal action against the air force. >> it's because of what they say happened to their 5-year-old daughter while at a travis air force base day care, not once but twice. plus, a surfer suffers serious injuries while in the water in santa cruz. you'll hear from his wife who is hoping he can recover the use of his arms and legs. i'm spencer christian. we have a couple of warm, muggy days coming our way, but the weekend will bring changes. i'll have the accuweather forecast, coming up. it is the 26th annual espy awards tonight in los angeles. larry beil on the red carpet. lots of bay area stars
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a family says they plan to sue a day care on travis air force base, saying their 5-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted twice by fellow students. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the family's story. >> no child never should have to go through what our daughter went mnat ataten f a couple who says her 5-year-old daughter was sexual abused at on-base day care. >> they're not there when my baby's crying to me, asking me, daddy, am i a weirdo? asking me daddy, is this okay for a girl to kiss another girl? >> marcus robinson and tanisha porter say their daughter was found naked and screaming in a
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day care bathroom shortly after starting there three weeks ago. they say she had been assaulted by another female student, and it happened again a couple of weeks later. >> this is as bad a situation that one could have in terms of sending your child to school and that child being sexual abused by another child. >> the family has hired civil rights attorney john burress who filed a claim against the air force, the first step towards filing a lawsuit. the claim accuses the staff. the facility says it admits it's understafford the 100-place + students in their care. they are also failed to contact child services in a timely manner. but a base spokesperson disputes that. in a written notice, lindsey horn said immediate action was taken to inform affected families and engage appropriate agencies on and off base to both thoroughly investigate the incident and review procedures. however, the victim's mother says base officials seemed less
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interested in what happened and more interested in her taking down this facebook post complaining about it. >> i am one very pissed off mother. >> the claim asks for monetary damages, but at this point, burress won't specify what those damages are. at travis air force base, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a stretch of highway 1 that's been closed for 14 months along the big sur coastline is open once again. heavy rain caused a mudslide last year that buried the roadway under tons of debris and the mud creek area. caltrans says it was the biggest slide in its history. soil slid well out into the ocean, creating 15 acres of new coastline. even so, crews managed to finish the work two months ahead of schedule at a cost of about $54 million. caltrans says there is still more work to do, and drivers could encounter some traffic delays. well, santa cruz looks beautiful in this live picture
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behind me, as you can tell, just stunning. but as one surfer recently experienced, the waves can be extremely dangerous. he suffered a spinal injury that left him partially paralyzed, sadly. abc 7 news reporter david louie has a look at how friends and strangers are now responding. >> this famous surf spot can be tame, but it can also be unpredictable and dangerous. veteran surfer brian hart was out here saturday afternoon when he got knocked off his board by south swells and crashed into the cliff. >> what i heard was he was pitched into the white water and the white water pushed him into the cliff, unfortunately. it's really sad. >> and you have no control at that point? >> you have no control at that point. >> there were plenty of witnesses. >> we're getting numerous calls from the public. we do have the subject out of the water at this time. they do have cpr in progress. a 45-year-old male, not conscious, not breathing. >> hart's wife veronica was on shore when the accident happened. >> i didn't recognize him when they were bringing him in, because he literally looked
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gray, black almost. so i didn't recognize him. >> the hart's 15-year-old son, santiago, administered cpr and revived his father. hart is in serious condition at valley medical center. his arms and legs are paralyzed. >> i think that he's happy that he's alive and we're by his side at all times, and we're trying to be very positive. brian is an incredibly strong person. >> friends set up a gofundme page to help the family. contributions are closing in on $40,000. veronica hart says she is grateful for the kindness of the surfing community, their circle of friends, and strangers from all over. she is especially grateful for the words of support posted which give her courage to face what could be a long road ahead. hart sustained serious damage to his cervical spine, and until the swelling goes down, it's not known what kind of surgery lies ahead. he remains in serious condition. in santa cruz, david louie, abc 7 news. >> we wish him the very best, of course.
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>> absolutely. time to check on our weather as we hit midweek. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. expenser? >> another warm summer day is winding down. a beautiful evening right now. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies over most of the bay and inland, but i say most of the bay because the coastal fog is pushing out over parts of the bay right now. it's still pretty breezy out there. we have 22-mile-per-hour winds at san francisco. gusts to 22 at concord and all around the bay area basically 15 to 20 miles per hour surface winds. this is a view of the fog rolling in from our emeryville camera. it is currently 63 degrees at san francisco. oakland 64. 70 at mountain view. 79 at san jose. 83 gilroy. 59 at half moon bay. here is a view of the fog from above the fog, looking down from sutro tower. up north 73 degrees at napa and santa rosa. 81 at novato. fairfield 87. 91 at concord and 90 at livermore. a wider, higher view of the follow rolling in from the east bay hills. we'll have higher humidity the
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next couple of days and a slight chance of isolated thundershowers, and then our typical summer pattern will kick in for the weekend. the humidity will go down. here is one reason for the increase in humidity. you can see some monsoonal moisture from the southwestern u.s. flowing up into southern central california. some of that moisture is working its way into the bay area, and will give us sort of a muggy feeling to the air over the next day or so. forecast animation going into the overnight hours shows the fog will surge across the bay. but more significantly, perhaps, is that surge of moisture up along the sierra tomorrow which will fuel the possibility of thunderstorms there, and maybe a spill-over thunderstorm or two will move toward the bay area. so the greater concern or the greater chance for thunderstorms tomorrow is over in the sierra and in the foothills and down into the central parts of the valley as well. there is an outside chance we may see an isolated shower or thundershower here. overnight, fog pushes out over the bay. overnight lows will range from mid- to upper 50s for the most part. then tomorrow look for high temperatures ranging from mid-60s at the coast to mid and upper 70s, maybe a few low 80s
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around the bay. inland, it will be warm and it will feel muggy with high temperatures mainly in mid-90s and farther nor, lake port, 101. ukiah, 104. that's pretty warm. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have two warm and muggy days. certainly warm inland coming our way. then on saturday, the temperatures drop a little bit as well will the humidity. so over the weekend warm very, very pleasant weather. and it starts to heat up again early next week. >> thanks, spencer, so much. here is a sweet deal. free fries a
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[ closing bell ] stocks rose modestly today. the dow added almost 80 points, closing just under 25200. the nasdaq down a fraction, and google's parent company alphabet dipped slightly. google is facing a $5 billion fine. european union regulators say it's for breaking antitrust laws. the mega millions jackpot for friday's drawing is now the sixth largest in the game's history. it's up to $422 million. no ticket matches all six numbers last night, so here we are. to get friday's winning numbers sent directly to your phone, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alert so you will
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find out if you're rich instantly. mcdonald's is offering free french fries for the rest of the year. the offer is only good on friday. you have to download the mcdonald's app to get the coupon, and you still have to make a purchase of at least $1. that will earn you a free order of medium french fries, which on their own costs less than two. it is the moment the world has been waiting for, the chance to hear directly from the thai soccer team rescued from an underground cave. >> we thought okay, they will go. >> next, what they've learned and what they appreciate after 18 days underground. plus, can federal law protect mgm from being sued over last october's mass shooting?
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> backlash tonight against mgm resorts international. that's after the company filed a lawsuit against victims of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. 58 people were killed and more than 500 wounded at a las vegas country music festival nine
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months ago. mgm wants a court to rule that it can't be held liable. >> now some are calling for a boycott of mgm hotels. lyanne melendez talked to one of the bay area survivors of the shooting. >> everybody around us got shot. two people to the left and right of us died. >> kim schubert survived the route 91 harvest festival shooting. she is considering filing a lawsuit against mgm resorts international, which owns the mandalay bay hotel. the shooter used one of their rooms to fire from the 32nd floor. mgm now wants a federal court to rule that it can't be held liable for what happened last october 1 based on the safety act of 2002. after 9/11, congress passed a law stating that private security companies are protected even if they fail to prevent a terrorist attack. >> mgm was not a certified security provider, but i understand that their outsourced security vendor was. >> that security vendor was
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hired by live nation entertainment and mgm. here is part of mgm's statement. congress provided that the federal courts were the correct place for such litigation relating to incidents of mass violence like the one where security services approved by the department of homeland security were provided. mgm also claims this was an act of terrorism, therefore the company is also protected under the safety act. >> if they would have said we're going to defend ourselves in a federal court and we don't feel there is liability, i think that that would have been more acceptable than we're going to sue the victims. >> this is the first time a company uses the safety act claiming immunity. legal expertshe ro, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, berkeley police are looking for a suspected peeping tom. this surveillance video shows the suspect at a home on prospect street early saturday morning. police say a female resident spotted the man through the window, exposing himself.
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she alerted her roommates. the man then snuck away. if you have any information about the suspect, call the berkeley police department. last week san francisco police arrested a man they suspect is the so-called ride share rapist, a man who used to drive for a ride sharing company. so how did he pass the background checks? abc 7 reporter vic lee has some answers. >> san francisco police arrested 37-year-old orlando vilchez lazo last week. police say dna evidence links him to four rapes dating back five years. they say he posed as a ride sharing driver who picked up women outside bars and clubs, then raping them. ride sharing company lyft says lazo is a former driver and it's investigating how he passed its security checks. there is a driving record check. it looks at any moving violations and dui arrests. the background check looks for any criminal record, including sexual offenses. you have to have a valid drivers license and insurance on a car that's registered. lyft says its drivers must be eligible to work in the u.s.
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that means being a citizen, having a greencard, work visa, or a student visa. and a social security number, which means you have to be a legal u.s. resident and provide documents. but lyft says lazo fraudulently represented himself. there is another reason why he passed the background checks. district attorney spokesman alex sebastian. >> this defendant, as far as i can tell has no criminal history. >> one footnote. neither lyft nor uber requires drivers to get fingerprinted. the state public utilities commission sided with the ride sharing companies in its ruling last fall that it was unnecessary. vic lee, abc 7 news. president trump reversed course today about vladimir putin's involvement in russia's meddling in the 2016 u.s. election. president trump told cbs he would consider putin culpable because he is russia's leader. though president trump appeared to once again split from his intelligence leaders in his response to a question about whether he believes russia is still targeting the u.s.
6:34 pm
white house press secretary sarah sanders explained his answer. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? no, you don't believe that to be the case? >> the president was saying thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. the president and his administration are working very hard to make sure that russia is unable to meddle in our elections. >> american intelligence officials have said russia's efforts to undermine u.s. elections now target the november congressional races. for the first time, the world is hearing from 12 thai boys and their soccer coach who survived in a flooded cave for more than two weeks. today the group was released from the hospital and spoke about their experience. the coach said they went into the cave because some of the boys had never been inside before. after about an hour, heavy rain led to rising floodwaters, trapping them inside. >> someone shouted are we lost or not? the coach insisted that we're not lost, that there is only one direction in a cave.
6:35 pm
>> ten days later, they heard voices. british divers had found them. >> this experience teach not to live life carelessly. we truly appreciate all of your kindness. >> doctors say the boys are nearly fully recovered physically. the hospital says it will continue to monitor their psychological development for quite some time. and tesla ceo elon musk is apologizing for calling a british diver involved in the thailand cave rescue a pedophile. musk addressed the issue in a series of tweets saying he had spoken in anger on sunday. it started when the diver accused musk and spacex of a pr stunt when they sent a small submarine. he said the criticism upset him but he shouldn't have written what he did. the diver is considering legal action. san francisco's at&t park has been transformed. >> you won't find home plate. next, a look at what the rugby
6:36 pm
world cup seven brings to the bay area. today you'll carry cryptocurrency to the supermarket may not be too far off. i'm michael finney. a 7 on your side special report
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well, today is a tshit nati. it's every year on the third wednesday in july. the national hot dog and sausage council believes americans consume as many as 20 billion hot dogs per year. spencer christian not among them. that leaves more for the rest of us. amazon prime day wrapped up at midnight, was the biggest day in amazon's history, this despite some technical glitches we reported to you. sales topped cyber monday, black friday and last year's prime day. it was unbelievable. amazon says prime members bought more than 100 million products during the sale. amazon expanded prime day to 36 hours this year, six hours more than in 2017. the world cup comes to san francisco starting on friday. the world cup for fans of rugby sevens, anyway. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman explains in some circles, it's as big as the
6:40 pm
super bowl, even if it isn't a sport you know. >> it is good that the san francisco giants are on the road right now because inside at&t park the infield dirt is gone. home plate, stolen. and while the foul poles still remain, only these goal poles matter. >> ruined the baseball field. >> temporarily overlaid the pitch, yes. >> rosy spalding is not talking fastballs. that's pitch as in rugby. she is the general manager of a world cup you may never have known is coming to town this weekend. the rugby sevens. 40 teams of men and women from 28 countries, including new zealand, whose players say they like it here. >> we do love the accent. we love the american accents. >> we have accents? >> yeah. >> i thought it was the other way around. >> no. >> until friday, they'll be practicing on treasure island. the american team stands a good chance this year. they're not out just win this event, but to sell the sport.
6:41 pm
>> the american sport ticks all the boxes. it's powerful. it's physical. it's fast-moving. it's high speed. there is collisions. there is contact. >> and no whining. despite the brutality, these players would never conduct themselves in their world cup the way we just saw in another world cup. >> you get hurt in rugby, there is no dodging. this is not soccer. >> clearly not. or baseball. but you may like rugby sevens anyway, even with american accents. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> you have the accent? no, you do. >> i know, right? a rough sport. today is the
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crypto currency may be more than a hot trendy investment. it could become part of everyday life. >> it seems like it. 7 on your side's michael finney looks into a future that is already here. >> do you even know what it is? >> articles. >> you're correct. of reach, something that ency we leave for big investors. the folks we talk with said that is changing. jeff flowers teaches chemistry at the college of san mateo.
6:45 pm
he is also in the forefront of economic innovation. >> hi. can i get two canollis and maybe a tiramisu. >> he paid for his pasties at diand's in san mateo with a debit card loaded with bitcoin. jeff also did the same thing when he bought a cup of coffee. >> i was able to buy using a bit pay debit card. >> bit pay was founded in 2011. >> we launched a debit card that allows you to with a couple of taps on your phone convert bitcoin into a dollar balance that is spendable anywhere visa is accepted. >> steven parrish says bit pay users spend anywhere from half a million to $1 million a day. marissa uses the coin based mobile wallet. today she is in san francisco paying for her drinks with bitcoin. she hopes cryptocurrency will become the worldwide standard, eliminating the need to exchange money. >> i go to india, i have to,
6:46 pm
like, rupees and change back. i'm losing a lot of money. >> she believes paying with cryptocurrency is the wave of the future. >> i'm a big backer. it's going to be something that is going to be pretty mainstream. >> how soon it becomes mainstream is a matter of opinion. san francisco-based james canton thinks that time is now. >> i think in 2018 we're going to see a significant mainstreaming of cryptocurrency, particularly for purchasing more real things that people need. you'll be able to walk into grocery stores. you'll be able to buy them for vacations or travel. you'll be able to basically spend cryptocurrencies the way you spend dollars today. >> at least two online retailers have jumped on to the cryptocurrency bandwagon. purse io sells discounted amazon products and only accepts bitcoin for payment. expects to do $10 million in sales from people
6:47 pm
using crypto currencies. >> we're in the business of making it easier for customers to buy stuff on our site, whether that's credit cards or paypal or cryptocurrency. tht made sense to us. >> jonathan johnson says he received his bonus in bitcoin last year. jeff, who also serves as a consultant to several overseas banks has also been paid in bitcoin. we even found an atm at a neighborhood grocery store in san francisco where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. mike rothenburg has followed this closely. >> it's pretty clear that electronic currency is here to stay, so you're seeing a lot of hype. >> most of those we spoke with predicted cryptocurrency will be mainstream some time within the next five years. so get ready. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays 10 to 2. my telephone number is 415-954-8151. i know i'm going to use it.
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i'm just not quite sure what it is actually is. >> we've been talking. we're going to let you lead the charge here. we get paid friday. you can get paid in bitcoin. one last check on the forecast. >> spencer christian is here. how about a bitcoin for you, spencer? >> a bit humid tomorrow. got that one covered. here is a look at live doppler 7. right now mainly sunny skies inland. fog is beginning to push from the coast, excuse me. i've been losing my voice the last couple of days. locally out over the bay. and it will continue its inland push during the overnight hours. and speaking of overnight, overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. some locations will be milder with the lows only in the 60s. and on we go to tomorrow's day planner. starting in the early morning hours. so skies will be bright, but we'll have lots of lingering low clouds and fog. especially near the coast and bay. and then as we head to midday, we'll see mainly sunny skies, but with some high clouds moving in bringing that moisture, that humidity i was talking about. so it will feel a bit muggy
6:49 pm
going boo the afternoon hours as temperatures rise into the mid-90s inland. as the sun sets, it will be bright and muggy out there. you can follow all the changes with the accuweather app. here is a look at more specifically at the high temperatures around the bay area. 87, santa rosa. 95 in livermore and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows friday will be much like tomorrow with even a slight, slight chance of an isolated shower, or maybe even a thundershower. but it will get less humid and cooler over the weekend. that's what i'm looking forward. to. >> yeah, definitely. relish that. oh, yeah. thanks, spencer. sports director larry beil is down at the espys, which you can see right here on abc 7 tonight at 8:00. >> anthony flores is here with sports. >> that's right. i want to jump in on the fun. we're talking a little bit about the warriors coming up right here. the warriors will introduce demarcus cousins to the bay area tomorrow, but he is already speaking out. hear what boogie says
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this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by stanford health care. tonight the biggest stars in the world of sports are rubbing elbows with the "a" list celebrities in tinsel town at the annual espys. larry beil is on the red carpet with a former warriors player who fitsingst right in with the hollywood crowd. >> when i first talked to you, we were standing on top of a building this china and you had just joined the warriors. here we are now. you got an nba championship. you have a shirt on.
6:53 pm
we saw you in the parade running around without a shirt. what made you dress up today? >> hey had to come a little more formal, but i still got the chest out a little bit. but i'm not a suit guy. i couldn't do the suit after i won a champion. i just try to come with as professional as swaggy p. could come to a black tie event. >> and this is what you came up with. this looks like sweat pants. >> yeah, it is. it's like magnetic with the zippers. i still wore dress shoes. >> it's a look. it's a look. it's an interesting look. describe your season with the warriors. there was some ups and downs. but as i think back, i was thinking about this last night. you know what? i would not have expected him to be beating up james harden and locking him down in the western conference finals. that's part of your legacy with the warriors. >> for sure. that was just a big moment for me, just the whole play-offs and stepping up to the plate.
6:54 pm
to have iguodala playing in the western conference finals and me getting switched up on james and chris paul. i know when i look back, i played my hardest. >> what is in your immediate future? i know it's not going to be with the dubs. you were a laker. the lakers are adding pieces, some big pieces. javale is with them. lebron is with them. what's happening with you? >> just weighing out my options and seeing what's the best fit for me. it's a waiting game right now. see what happen. >> now you're a defensive stopper. you've got to tell all the gms that, right? >> yeah. hopefully they seen that. but i know they seen it. it was the biggest stage in the nba right there. >> talk about the espys a little bit, because as an l.a. guy, you've been here before. but what do you like about the night? >> there is a chance to see all the great athletes and everybody in one, you know, building and celebrating just sports here
6:55 pm
from all sports. and just enjoying the moment. >> appreciate your time. it's good to see you dressed up! take care, man. >> appreciate it. >> that's right. dressed up sort of. all right. the warriors are rolling out the welcome mat tomorrow. boogie cousins will be introduced to the bay area. the signing of boogie sent shockwaves throughout the nba. the move gives the dubs fife all-stars. today showtime released an exclusive clip of an upcoming documentary that chronicles his rehab from a torn achilles tendon and the wild ride through free agency that ended with the warriors. >> we reached out to the pelicans, there was no offer. i talked to draymond. i talked to k.d., i talked to steph. hell yeah, let's do it. this is my ace of spades. this is my nuclear bomb.
6:56 pm
>> hard to imagine no one wanted him. the kawhi leonard saga is over in san antonio healthcheck has been traded to toronto for demar derose zan and two other players. it's a big gamble for the raptors. his camp has made it clear that he wants no part of playing for raptors. so stay tuned. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by stanford health care. i can't remember a trade involving two big stars where neither one of them wanted to go to the other side. so hopefully they'll work it out and be able to play coming up. >> thank you so much, anthony. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv channel 7/13. coming up, smog and exercise. is it still worth going out for a bike ride when the air is polluted? that's at 9:00. on abc 7 news at 11:00, a 72-year-old man was beaten in berkeley. what neighbors are saying about this attack. now coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's the espy awards live from l.a. and then stay with us for abc 7
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news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests are magic johnson and actor keith stanfield from the oakland movie "sorry to bother you." that is this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for the entire abc 7 news team, have a great evening.
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♪ ♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a vegan cheesemaker from new orleans, louisiana... a communications manager from monument, colorado... and our returning champion, a student from seatac, washington... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. yeah, i know. i know what you're thinking. wait a minute, ryan won just $20,000 yesterday. you'll recall that i mentioned at the beginning
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of yesterday's program that he was a contestant on our show before and we brought him back because there was a problem with a clue that disadvantaged him. well, in those four games in which he appeared before, he won over $90,000. so he is now a five-time champion, a big player. kyle and caitlion, good luck to you against him. here we go. jeopardy! round with these categories now in play... what? redundancy. notice the quotation marks on "new." and finally... we'll give you the name of a star of the film and a performer of the song, you identify it for us. ryan, start. uh, history, $200.


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