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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 19, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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physical therapist and works in the back of the building near the oxygen tanks and said evacuating the patients was challenging. >> in this building there are outpatient surgeries so people recovering from surgery and people on ivs hooked up to ivs still, some people in beds. >> reporter: larson and helping said evacuating was a all too soon of the north bay fires and evacuating the kaiser medical center down the road? here we are again. it was rattling to have had been evacuated before and to go through this again. >> reporter: kaiser says medical building five will remain closed today for further inspections but medical building four will be open. kaiser says they're reaching out to all their affected patients. kate larson, abc 7 news. it is 4:30, just waking up to us, good morning. time to check in with weather and traffic. here's meteorologist drew tuma. >> hi, good morning, guys. having issues with fog again.
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similar to yesterday. live doppler 7 visibility, dense fog along the coast, half moon bay visibility 2 miles, lower in santa rosa down to 1 miles, three miles in petaluma. take it easy on the roads. 12-hour day planner had the clouds first thing. by the afternoon we will see a blend of high clouds and sun. it will be warm, low 80s around the bay going into the mid 90s inland. >> good morning, drew. so far so good. we don't have any major issues to talk about. just some road work at this early hour. the eastbound side of 580 various lanes scheduled to be closed until 11:00, heavier traffic on the counter commute direction. 29 miles for eastbound 580, 20 miles on the westbound side and it is stop and go out of tracy but not terrible yet this morning. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza a stack up in the cash lanes on the left-hand side. no metering lights yet. if you are paying cash head to the right side. not seeing any lineup there yet.
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next traffic update around 4:40. new this morning, an rtment near san pablo dam road and creekside court before 11:00 last night. not clear what happened but you can see officials detaining one person and putting them in the back of a car. roads were closed during the investigation and we also do have a call in to the contra costa sheriff's office during our newscast we'll bring you as much information as soon as we get it. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg trying to chair fi comments he made about holocaust deniers that have drawn sharp criticism. >> he thinks comments from holocaust deniers should not be deleted from the platform. matt keller live at facebook's headquarters with more on the ongoing controversy. matt? >> reggie, this is certainly getting a strong reaction as many people disagree this type of content should not be banned or should be banned from
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facebook altogether there. this all comes from an interview that took place and was published by recode yesterday. zuckerberg told the reporter cara swisher there's a set of people who deny that the holocaust happens and finds that deeply offensive but continued that he doesn't believe facebook should take it down because he thinks there are things that different people get wrong. zuckerberg said he doesn't think that they're intentionally getting it wrong and swisher told him in the case of holocaust deniers it may be intentionally wrong. the anti-defamation league released a statement saying facebook has a moral and ethical obligation to not allow people to disseminate denial on its platform. zuckerberg e-mailed swisher to clarify his comments and told her, i personally find holocaust denial deeply offensive and i absolutely did not intend to defend the intent of people who deny that. we put a link of the interview on our website, reporting live here in menlo park, matt keller, abc 7 news. berkley police need your help identifying the men who attacked a senior citizen.
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the surveillance video may be hard toright across the street police station. you're going to see a group of men knock the 72-year-old to the ground and then kick him. this happened about two weeks ago on martin luther king, jr. way near university avenue. police say there is no apparent motive. >> no money was taken. there were no demands made. >> the lighting isn't ideal. so we're hoping that somebody will maybe recognize a piece of clothing or perhaps the way the suspects walk. >> police say there may have been up to eight attackers described as african-american men in their late teens or early 20s. so take a look again at the top of your screen. the suspects took off in a newer model silver or white nineny van. berkley police warning about a suspected peeping tom. this surveillance video shows the suspect lurking outside prospect street at channing way.
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police say a woman inside spotted the man through a window exposing himself as she alerted her roommates the man left. if you have any information that might help berkley police give them a call. and palo alto police need your help in identifying this man who peeped through a bedroom window of a home last week. it happened just before midnight last wednesday on waiveearly street. video shows the man going through the backyard through a closed gate, looked through a window for several minutes before leaving. officers tried to track the man with a canine but were unable to locate lim. russian president vladimir putin is coming to president trump's defense saying that their recent summit in helsinki was a success. that statement comes as president trump continues to deal with the fallout from their summit. president saying that he would hold putin responsible if russia tries to interfere in our elections again. >> i would because he's in charge of the country, just like i consider myself to be
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responsible for things that happen in this country. >> that's from a cbs interview. it's a turn from his initial upbeat description of the russian leader. intelligence officials say russia is now targeting our november congressional races. the president says he doesn't believe that's happening. and the white house not ruling out allowing russia to question former u.s. ambassador to moscow michael mcfoul. mcfoul is now a political science professor at stanford's hoover institution. the kremlin says he's wanted for illegal activities. the proposal to turn him over to russia came up at monday's helsinki summit. the president called it an interesting idea. mcfaul tells reuters he is talking to lawyers. thunderstorms posing a new dang are for crews battling the wildfire near yosemite. the ferguson fire has burned 27 square miles of forest near the park's western edge. it is only 5% contained. smoke from the fire has led to an air quality warning for
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visitors. they're advised to avoid heavy exertion. the concern now is thunderstorms in the sierra could produce erratic winds, maybe lightning, and start new fires. of course the storms could also bring rain, so that would be helpful. i guess it's hard to tell where this is going to go, drew. >> looks like right now the best chance of those storms is outside of the bay area to our east along the sierra. we don't want dry lightning. that could spark more fires. live doppler 7 here locally this morning, it's all about that fog once again. visibility is an issue from 2 to 3 miles in our worst spots. along the coast or in the north bay driving you will likely encounter that very dense fog in spots. temperature wise, right now we're in the mid 50s to mid-60s. at this hour. 65 in danvillemoon bay. let's go hour by hour and time out the cloud cover. by 9:00 this morning, much of that cloud cover confined to parts of san francisco and to the coastline.
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throughout the afternoon what you'll notice, high clouds streaming in from time to time. the afternoon we will call it a blend of sun and clouds out there. highs today it will be hot again inland going into the 90s. 93 for concord, 95 antioch. into the south bay, sun, high clouds, 86 your high. 69 in san francisco, afternoon sunshine, 75 in oakland and napa and santa rosa, sun and afternoon clouds, highs in the mid to upper 80s. it will be hot again and cool on the coast. >> we'll take it. pretty typical weather here. >> how is traffic. >> pretty typical there. >> nice. >> there you go. looking okay. light in most areas as you would hope at 4:38 in the morning. so still looking good for walnut creek, south bay 680 slowly starting to fill in but not seeing too many folks hitting their brakes there and this is north of the 24 interchange right around tree boulevard. that is looking great. no major issues commuting through the east bay this morning and we'll take a look at
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a few drive times too. the one exception out of tracy, westbound 580, tracy to dublin. the first one in the yellow, 35 minutes. not terrible today. south bay dublin to mission boulevard, green, 101 wide open. mass transit next. it wasn't all about sports at the espy awards. there was a very powerful moment that brought the audience to its feet. the naacp honors former mayor willy brown. the dynamic guest
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> 4:42 a.m. tracking thundershowers for part of california later on today, the outlook for the best chance is to our east. likely east of fresno along the sierra spine. lightning, hail possible later today. for us, it's about the micro climate. 63 half moon bay, 75 in oakland and warm up inland 92 walnut creek, hotter than that, antioch going to a high of 95 later on today. reggie? >> thank you. this morning many talking about a powerful, emotional moment during last night's 26th annual espys that aired here on abc 7. the arthur ashe courage award given to the group of women who survived the sexual abused by
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usa gymnastics and michigan state team dr. larry nas ar. more than 140 known as sister survivors took the stage. they were honored for their strength and resolve. >> too often abusers and enablers perpetuate suffering making survivors feel their truth doesn't matter. to all the survivors out there, don't let anyone rewrite your story. your truth does matter, you matter, and you are not >> that just gave me chills. >> yeah. >> it is amazing to see all of them on that stage together. nassar was sentenced in january from 40 to 175 years in prison. former san francisco mayor willy brown has received the prestigious award. >> looking at that powerful moment. prestigious award awarded to willy brown from the naacp
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presented last night in san antonio by former president clinton. clinton jokes if brown asks you to do something you might as well do it anyway. he spoke about the impact it had on his life. >> in my time in a low place called mineola, texas, the hill country, about three hours and 15 minutes from here, understood that there was an organization that was fighting hard for me, fighting for a whole collection of people. >> brown received the medal given for the highest achievement by a living african-american. past honorees include oprah winfrey. tonight the premier of a new documentary about the north bay wildfires called "urban inferno the night santa rosa burned." fire victim dr. seager made the film. he used cell phone video and air
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checks from ksro radio to focus on the first eight hours of the fire. tonight's premier is happening at the roxie stadium 14 theater in downtown santa rosa and then tomorrow it moves to the nearby third street cinemas and an open-ended run there and all the profits go right back to help fire victims. the giants on the road this but at&t park will be packed with sports fan. >> rugby 7s coming to town. if you've never seen rugby before it's rowdy and a lot of fun. abc 7 news reporter wade freeman explains in some circles this thing is as big as the super bowl, even if it's a sport you've never heard of. it is good that the san francisco giants are on the road right now because inside at&t park the infield dirt is gone. home plate stolen and while the foul poles still remain only these goal poles matter. >> ruined the baseball field. >> temporarily overlaid a pitch,
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yes. >> reporter: she's not talking about fastball, that's pitch as in rugby. she's the general manager of a world cup you may never have known is coming to town this weekend. the rugby 7s, 40 teams of men and women from 28 countries including new zealand whose players say they like it here. >> we do love the american accents. >> we have accents? >> i thought it was the other way around. >> reporter: until friday they will be practicing here on treasure island, the american team stands a good chance this year. they're not out just to win this event but to sell the sport. >> for the american sporting public it checks all the boxes. it's powerful, physical, high moving, collisions, contact. >> reporter: and no whining, despite the brutality the players would never conduct themselves in their world cup the way we just saw in another world cup. >> to get hurt in rugby, there's no diving. this is not soccer.
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>> reporter: or baseball. but you may like rugby 7s anyway even with american accepts. in san francisco, wade freedman, abc 7 news. >> rugby is so fun. i'm excited it's here in town. >> this is a little less fun. nude bike rides are sort of common in the bay area. but that's not what is happening here. it's not an organized thing at least. >> a viewer snapped this photo on north bay highway 101 in san jose. you are not seeing this incorrectly. that is a naked man on a bike on a highway. the viewer who sent it to us asked correctly who is this man? and the highway patrol is trying to find that out. >> why would you do that? >> pretty warm yesterday. san jose. just get a little breeze going. >> chaffing. like a lot of questions. >> bicycles on the highway not a good idea. >> never. no, i can't imagine. >> naked on a bicycle usually not a good idea. >> even worse. >> put them together. >> just two wrongs.
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>> if you want to bike later today you could. it's going to be warm in a lot of spots. visibility this morning, see live doppler 7 once again the coast and north bay are hardest hit spots with the fog, typical issues on a july summer morning. let's take you oufds the exploratorium camera. we have the cloud deck right over the skyline. the buildings kind of obscured with that fog. some coastal drizzle as well. mid 50s to 60s. inland starting out mild. you know we're in the 60s at this early morning hour. it's going to be a rather warm day inland. your morning planner, go through the next couple hours. by 8:00 we'll keep the clouds in and around the coast and the bay. sunshine prevails inland by 9:00 and then we'll see decreasing clouds but into the later morning and early afternoon you're going to notice high clouds streaming in. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you monsoonal moisture sending high clouds into our vicinity. you can see them on the map right now stretching as far south as monterey.
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that will move in here over the afternoon. a blend of sunshine and cloud cover later today. looks like any shower activity will remain off the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast. morning fog a warm day, it turns humid here on friday. we're going to include a slight chance of an isolated shower and nothing widespread but the other story over the weekend we're dry, we're cooler with afternoon sunshine. all right. that's weather, a check of the roads. >> so far we just have one minor issue on the roads, our only incident right now and not causing any backups. northbound 680 in the pleasanton area, a semi with some type of mechanical issue blocking one lane. that's the lighter side of traffic and only 4:49 in the morning. no delays. chp on wait to help out. mass transit looking great, 29 trains in service, no issues, ace 1, we have gps issues but not impacting ace 1 today. that is on time. track that on the website. normal service no delays for golden gate transit as well.
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>> thanks. samsung working on a foldable smartphone that might be for sale in a few big hitecb record. >> amazon says customers bought more than 100 million products in 36 hours and the sale event helped other stores. analysis from adobe said large on-line retailers saw a 54% increase compared to an average tuesday. samsung will reportedly introduce a smartphone with a foldable screen. >> the screen is about 7 inches diagonally or about the size of a small tablet. but when folded, the phone would be about the size of a wallet. >> cool. >> yeah. the rocket company blue origin has completed its most critical test to date. its rocket flew 74 miles into space. >> after that its booster and capsule landed successfully. the company owned by amazon's
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jeff bezos could be ready for space tourism by the end of the year. >> those are your tec bes rallea . >> goio semester. depends on young professional women invited to an inspiring afternoon designed for personal and career growth. learn from the confidence coach shantell anderson and showcase your personal brand, invest in the power of you
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good morning. a live look, a cloudy start across the region, dense fog in spots. the next three days it's a gradual cooling process into the weekend with morning fog, afternoon sunshine. the weekend looking nice. warmest spots inland into the low 90s. happening today, uc regions could vote to give students a small break in tuition. they are meeting in san francisco and expected to vote on a new budget that would eliminate a $60 surcharge students have been paying for thesi's legal bills. that would be the first tuition reduction in 20 years. earlier this year the regents were considering a 2.5% tuition increase. the stage pledged more money for uc and the regents dropped that proposal. from the 7 on your side team, thousands of callzones under recall. pieces of plastic have been
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found in the foot. if you have a pepperoni callzone, return them for a full refund. we have information on the recall on our website, santa clara's intel can boast another record. it broke the guinness world record for the most drones flying simultaneously. 2018 drones formed a globe, dancing bodies and the intel logo on saturday. the company released video of the event. a special show was part of intel's 50-year celebration. the company plans to fly drones in formation at its santa clara headquarters as well. these just keep getting more impressive. >> they do. was gaga the first one to do it? >> she wasn't the first one, but i think the super bowl was the first kind of like major stage. >> everyone saw it. >> how cool is that. could be an alternative to fireworks. talk about what's happening across the state. there is the chance of an isolated shower popping up. the thunderstorm threat toward ours east and really over the
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sierra. if there is a shower that pops up in the green shaded area, lightning and hail would be the biggest threat. it's all about the dense fog early on. 7:00 in the morning on your 12-hour day planner, brighter skies, by 4:00 we'll see sunshine mixing with high clouds from time to time so veil cloud cover overhead. inland going into the 90s. download the accuweather app and track temperatures hour by hour. let's see how the roads are doing. >> one issue to talk about on the counter commute for the bay bridge. sounds like we have the off ramp to treasure island closed from the eastbound side of 80 due to a collision. we're going to get more information on that. that is no estimate on when that will reopen, but we are working to contact chp just to confirm some of that. and in the meantime really have a stack up building in the cash lanes for the westbound side of the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet, but boy if you don't have fastrack you are going to have to wait to get through that. next traffic update just after 5:00. >> one of the bay area's most
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beloved symbols joined in a tribute to nelson mandela. ♪ >> a student played the bells at uc berkley yesterday in honor of mandela. it would have been his 100th birthday. around the world they played south african songs in tribute to the leader and nobel laureate. >> i didn't know that was an instrument until 15 minutes ago. >> yeah. it sounds beautiful. coming up next at 5:00 a.m., updating emergency alert systems to keep up with the times. how lawmakers want to ensure you know what's going on when disaster strikes. >> a lyft driver accused of raping several women is due in court. that plan to split california into three states won't be ha
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good morning east bay. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> a foggy cool start to your morning. a live look at the embarcadero. it is expected to clear up soon. >> kind of a song we have on replay every day. foggy and then nice. >> yeah. >> and foggy. >> the mist in the morning. but it warms up nicely. check in with drew tuma. >> i like the song we're playing. it's a summer-like pattern. the exploratorium camera, the cloud cover over san francisco, chopping off the tops of the skyline. clouds early on. in the pattern you see the clouds breaking down, but one difference this afternoon compared to yesterday, you will see a few high clouds streaming in from time to time. but still away from the coast,


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