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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 20, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." at 5:00 a.m. it's pretty quiet at at&t park but just wait a few hours, a live look through our south beach camera. >> thousands of rugby fans will hit the stadium for the world cup 7s. >> such a big deal because our country has never hosted any sort of rugby championship, so
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it's cool that it's happening in n francisco. >> oh, yeah. ton of people in town. >> good morning on this friday, july 20th. thanks for being there. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist drew tuma in this morning. hi, drew. >> good morning. it will be nice at at&t park later this afternoon. a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the 60s, but right now, we're dealing with that cloud cover in san francisco. live look from the exploratorium camera showing you the gray skies. your 12-hour day planner, we have a muggy morning this morning. it feels humid. monsoonal moisture streaming in in the form of high clouds and humidity. later today it will be a sunny day. around the bay going into the upper 70s, low 80s. inland upper 80s to lower 90s. download the accuweather app and track temperatures on your smartphone. see how the roads are doing. >> good morning, drew. we are trying to get a crash sorted out on state route 92. it does sound like we have a semi involved in a crash and it's somewhere between 280 and skyline. it does look like our sensors are starting to fill in here. a bit of a backup on the
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eastbound side however chp saying the westbound side is blocked. not completely clear. they are sending a crew to the seen there and dispatching an ambulance as well. an update in just a few. in the meantime everyone else is quiet. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a backup building in the cash lanes, but no delays using fastrack or carpool. it is being called the biggest rugby party in the world. the rugby world cup 7s starts today at at&t park. >> fans from around the world are here to watch as 40 teams from 28 countries battle for the world cup. usa plays today and abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is at the stadium where gates will open in a few hours. hi, amanda. >> good morning. a monumental weekend but the very first tournament to happen on u.s. soil in our backyard no less. again, at&t park looking very beautiful this morning, but we want to get you a look at how it's transformed for the tournament. workers installed 55,000 square
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feet of sod in preparation and poured 23 cubic yards of cement. this is far from the baseball field that we're used to. over the next three days, 40 teams representing 28 nations will battle it out in the historic tournament. this involves both men and women squads. the world rugby operations manager says the u.s. is a growing and great potential rugby market as they've estimated there are more than 33 million rugby fans across the country. on thursday, abc 7 news got a good look at the rugby world cup prep rally we should say that happened at the embarcadero plaza. promoters anticipate this will be the biggest rugby party in the world and they still have some tickets available. that's good news. they've sold nearly 100,000 tickets for the three-day, 84-game tournament. it's a new ball game here at at&t park. we know that the gates open at 9:15 this morning. again that first match is at 10:00. reporting live at at&t park this
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morning, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> thank you. developing news out of stone county, missouri, where t number of missing people following a duck boat accident has just been updated. it's six people who are missing. divers will resume their search this morning at daybreak. the boat capsized and sank at table rock lake. authorities say at least 11 people including some children have died. 14 people have survived. 7 were taken to local hospitals. the boat was operated by ride the duck. the company has faced increased scrutiny since an accident involving one of its boats in 2010 left two tourists dead in philadelphia. in 2015 in seattle a duck boat's axle broke sending night a tour bus and that accident killed five people, hurt 69 others. the ntsb held ride the ducks responsible for improper maintenance. and ride the ducks operated here in san francisco until september
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of 2015. the reason they left here, the company says, was the city's challenging business environment. san francisco had recently mandated tour bus operators employ a second, nondriving guide. the man san francisco police believe is a so-called ride share rapist is pleading not guilty. police say orlando vilchez lazo posed as a ride share driver, picked up women from bars and raped them. court documents contain allegations from four victims in attacks that spanned five years. this morning lazo is in jail without bail. >> mr. vilchez lazo has pled not guilty. he's maintained his innocence. the constitution entitles him to presumption of innocence and his day in court. >> at one point lyft and the company says he passed a background check because he fraudulently represented himself. a youth badminton coach
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accused of molesting a 17-year-old girl. santa clara deputies arrested 37-year-old khankham malaythong at joseph grant park on mount hamilton last week. he has posted bail and has been released. menlo park. detect terse are working to see if there are other victims. a push for the epa to watch over our water better in response to the lead tainted water crisis in michigan. a watchdog agency report is recommending the epa increase its oversight of all state drinking water programs. the report says a slow federal response was the big reason people in flynt were exposed to bad water for so long. the epa says it's already taking steps toward most of the recommendations in the new report. california and more than a dozen other states are going after the epa. it's a new lawsuit over the trump epa's decision to suspend an obama-era truck pollution rule. the rule limited production of
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heavy duty trucks made with older engines that do not meet current emission standards. the lawsuit claims without this rule, thousands of highly polluting trucks could end up on our roads. if you buy your health insurance through covered california you're going to pay higher premiums next year. state officials revealed the new rates yesterday. premiums will increase by an average of about 8.7%. that means the typical person who doesn't receive a government subsidy will pay about $550 a month. more than a quarter million people are expected to drop their policies next year after congress voted to drop the affordable care act's individual mandate. americans will no longer be fined for not having health insurance. uc students will pay less in tuition for the first time in 20 years, but the savings will be small. uc regents voted to eliminate a $60 surcharge yesterday. yearly undergraduate tuition remains at more than $11,000. you could be soon getting a
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refund from wells fargo. the company is in the process of giving back millions of dollars to customers. it's for products like legal services or insurances added to accounts even though some customers didn't under stand or need them. and time now approaching 5:08 a.m. your visibility at this hour, we're good across many cities with the only exception, half moon bay visibility right now down to about a mile. thick fog a long the coast. thick fog a long the coast. waking up to temperatures upper 50s to 60s at this hour. monsoonal moisture streaming from the south will bring in high clouds later today. by 9:00, this morning that fog confined to the coach. we see mainly sunny skies quickly this morning. into the afternoon, it will be a blend of some sun and high clouds. our warmest spots inland into the upper 80s to lower 90s. from the bay shoreline, 70s and 80s. comfortable day for most. but we are tracking the chance
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of a thundershower across parts of california. east of fresno along the sierra spine that's the best chance of seeing any moisture, any storms that do pop up, could contain some lightning and hail. we saw it happen yesterday. likely a repeat performance by mother nature today. if you are headed to lisa argen today and over the weekend each and every day it does include the chance of a thundershower. today you will have hazy skies and lisa argen smoke moving in from the ferguson fire. we will have a mixture of smoke and haze to start out your day today. saturday and sunday a chance of a thundershower, warmer, with temperatures in the mid 80s. that's weather. a check of traffic with alexis. >> good morning, drew. i do have an update on the crash be that we've been trying to get to the bottom of on state route 92 between 280 and skyline. both directions of the roadway are shut down and this is actually now a sig alert that was just issued a moment ago by chp. not sure when this is going to reopen but no one getting by eastbound or westbound. sounds like a semi truck and
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pick-up truck collided and the pick-up did roll over. they are saying minor injuries involved in this. i will keep a close eye this morning. in the meantime a dense fog advisory once again, our third day in a row for golden gate bridge. show down and drive for conditions. a new mandatory evacuation in effect this morning as crews work to contain a fast-growing wildfire burning near yosemite. the ferguson fire is just 7% contained. it's burned more than 21,000 acres. so officials are urging residents to evacuate. highway 140 west of mariposa is remaining closed. people need to use highway 140 east to exit the area. yosemite is still open, but the park is being impacted as you can imagine by all the smoke. and nine months after the north bay fires, devastated so many people, a santa rosa filmmaker released a documentary >> abc 7 news reporter kate larson was in santa rosa last night for the film's premier.
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>> i can't breathe. >> reporter: cell phone video from the hours of the north bay fires took a theater pufull of people back to the morning of october 9th when santa rosa was surrounded by flames. >> it's very personal and very powerful. >> it's been nine months but it feels like it's been yesterday, so it's still very fresh for our community. >> it was hitting me. we have deputies at work. their houses burned while they were working. >> reporter: sheriff rob giordano is featured in the documentary "urban inferno" along with many of the first responders whose he reism is surpassed only by their humility. >> day one hour one people like mr. seager making this movie and doing it to raise money for victims. >> reporter: when dr. steven seager evacuated his home he knew he had to make this. he brought on producers including michael o'shea which owns santa rosa news radio station ksro.
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>> i am pat kerrigan in the newsroom and the north bay is on fire. >> we put together what has turned out to be, i feel, a very sensitive, a very compassionate, extremely caring, motion picture. >> reporter: all the proceeds of the premier and future showings at third street cinemas will go to the sonoma county resilience fund. kate larson, abc 7 news. papa john's again in the hot seat. allegations from current and former employees surrounding his conduct at work. conduct at work. >> and new life for old piers.
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this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning. time now 5:15 a.m. we're looking at your micro climates, mid 60s along the coast, near 70, downtown san francisco mid 70s for oakland, 75 today and gets warm inland. 90s in walnut creek and a similar story in antioch going to a high of 90 degrees. a look at how your weekend is shaping up in the seven-day forecast in about four minutes. reggie? >> thank you. a judge picked by president trump will not serve on the ninth circuit court of appeals after his nomination got withdrawn. republican leaders in the senate canceled a vote for judge ryan bounds yesterday. the gop holds a slim 51-49 seat majority in the senate and the only african-american republican senator told other lawmakers he would not vote to confirm
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bounds. the judge wrote inflammatory opinion pieces about race when he was a stanford student in the 1990s. he rejected multiculturalism and questioned the need for student ethic groups. in the first look, more trouble for ousted pizza king john schnatter. reporter lindsey davis has details on the new allegations against him. >> in the "gma" first look, just days after publicly apologizing on local tv for his use of a racial slur this morning disgraced pizza man john schnatter is defending himself once again after a slew of new alegations. a new article on cites reports from dozens of mostly anonymous current former employees saying he would spy on his workers and displayed sexually inappropriate conduct. >> a form female employee who told us every time she walked down the hall schnatter insisted on hugging her. >> reporter: his attorney says abc news the story contains
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numerous inaccuracies and misrepresentations. it's easy to make false statements when one hides behind the cloak of anonymity. more on what allegations and what papa john's is saying at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i'm lindsey davis, abc news, new york. bay area transportation planners are getting a detailed look at the public parks they're building using piers from the old bay bridge. the ultimate recycling project got final approval yesterday. there will be two parks. one park will be off of our ba buena island. the pier is one of a few that remain. remain. most of them were imploded last year. >> drone view 7 also flew over two piers off the oakland shoreline. the future platforms for the second park. concept sketch for the park show it will be a place where people can fish, relax or just soak up the sun. designs for the oakland park
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feature a pedestrian walkway. the parks cost $52 million to build and should be open pretty soon, by next summer. north bay business owners want you to know they are still open during transit construction. >> san rafael officials closed francisco boulevard west for construction of the smart extension to larkspur this month. according to the marin some think it is keeping customers in place. the city is using its website, and social media to make sure you know how to get to the businesses near the closed road. bird is trying to become a little more affordable for low-income users waiving the $1 fee. users have to be enrolled in medicaid or snap and provide proof. to be clear they still have to pay the 15 cents per minute. bird currently operates in oakland and san jose. all electric scooters are banned in san francisco right now as the city sorts out regulations.
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the city plans to issue permits to operators next month. for generations, kids have grown up watching and learning from "sesame street" at home. big bird, elmo and cookie monster are headed to school. sesame workshop has a partnership to create classroom instructional materials and the lessons will be geared towards kids from preschool to the fifth grade, videos about literacy. they could be taught in schools as soon as next year. >> i wonder if kids know who "sesame street" is or who the characters are because it's not on pbs anymore and not free. >> you have to have hbo to see them. >> watching so many things on their ipods usually. but hey, this will be a resurgence many for "sesame street." >> i guess so. >> new eyes. who knows. weather wise seeing good quality conditions out there. a little fog and a little bit of the bay area, look on that finger of fog moving through the golden gate right now. most areas hey we're having clear skies. temperature wise in the 50s and 60s. good morning, mountainview, 58,
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65 danville, and santa rosa right now 56 degrees. your morning planner, next couple hours, unfortunate you'l outside it's muggy, high clouds from time to time helping to increase the humidity. we'll have that through the morning. by 10:00, 11:00 we're warming up under mainly sunny skies. inland by 11:00. it will be a warm day away from the coast. not as hot as yesterday but still, upper 80s to lower 90s in our warmest spots. 86 in san jose, 84 santa rosa, 69 in san francisco, oakland 75 degrees. we'll take you to oakland, bay bridge series under way once again. the giants now taking on the a's over at the coliseum. first pitch temperature around 71 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. by 10:00 as the game is wrapping up humid but mild with temperature of 67 degrees. enjoy if you're heading to the ball game. accuweather seven-day forecast it is muggy but we will have a warm afternoon. fog to sunshine to start out your weekend. slight cooling to finish out the
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weekend on sunday but all indications next week we will see warmer weather move in especially wednesday and thursday with 80s and 90s widespread once again. that's weather. a check of traffic with alexis. >> good morning. we have a lot of issues to get to this morning. the first one is a sig alert on state route 92. this is in san mateo county. so between 280 and skyline we've got two-vehicle crash involving a semi and pick-up truck. the truck flipped over. minor injuries. both directions eastbound and westbound shut down with no estimate on when that will reopen. traffic at a standstill on state route 92 there. seeing heavy traffic on 880 leaving hayward, down to nine miles an hour. we still have roadwork in that area so i'm working to confirm that. a new crash leaving tracy, westbound 205, one still blocking the center lane, the other two to the shoulder and roadwork slowing you down on eastbound 580 down to about 5 miles an hour and the backup
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right around 4 1/2 miles. thank you. six weeks after the warriors won their third nba title in four years, dub nation dreaming about what next season will hold. yesterday, the warriors introduced center demarcus cousins to the bay area. when he's healthy he will be the team's fifth all star in the starting lineup. cousins ruptured his achilles tendon in january and may not be ready to play until after the season starts. the four-time all star and olympic gold medalist says he already knows who his favorite teammate will be. >> just to put this out there, my favorite, by far, is i mean, our short time together in the summer is like for him to be as dull as he is, it's never a dull moment. >> oh. >> i love klay thompson. >> cousins looks forward to
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joking around which draymond green and steph curry because they're goofballs just like him. >> i've never seen dull used in such a friendly way before describing someone. >> funny. >> coming up next, seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> it could be your lucky day. mega millions jackpot is the mega millions jackpot is the si
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i snack on blue diamond almonds. wasabi & soy sauce?! mmm! don't deny your 'e! all the flavors you crave, in a superfood. blue diamond almonds. crave victoriously. 5:25. just joining us or heading out the door the seven things to know before you go. number one, a deadly duck boat accident in missouri in the last ten minutes, authorities have unfortunately increased the death toll up to 13. there are still several people missing. the boat capsized last night in severe weather. >> number two, san jose police are cracking down on illegal gambling operations. the department of justice is also involved. so far investigators have raided eight businesses and seized nearly $400,000 in cash. >> number three, president trump invitsz russian president vladimir putin to the white house. this comes just a few days after their meeting in helsinki. >> number four, new evacuation
5:26 am
orders issued for the fire burning near yosemite national park. the ferguson fire now just 7% contained. it's burned more than 21,000 acres. >> number five in accuweather, a live look outside, san francisco has cloud cover later today it will be a sunny afternoon, 70s and 80s around the bay shoreline. our warmest spots near 90s. >> in number six a sig alert in san mateo county this morning. two-vehicle crash, semi and pick-up truck fully shut down sate route 92 between 280 and skyline. no estimate on when that will reopen. >> and number seven, the rugby world cup 7s kicks off today at at&t park. 40 teams will represent 28 different countries during the three-day tournament. the first match begins at 10:00 a.m. >> the type of person who gets excited about the lottery, go ahead and put a pool together at work today. >> are you going to put our pool together. >> no. >> you're going to miss out. tonight's mega millions jackpot,
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4 $2 million. that's $254 million cash payout and the drawing is at 8:00 tonight. to get the winning numbers sent to your phone just download the abc 7 news app and push alerts. we will be cashing in. >> i think i have a better chance of finding that money on the street but good luck to you guys. >> you only need one winning ticket. >> true. >> coming back with 90s minutes of news including the new tax lyft and uber could be forced to pay in san francisco. >> relief from soaring rental >> relief from soaring rental pr
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good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> lot of you have been keeping track of the horrible duck boat accident in missouri. now we know at least 13 people have died. those are new numbers. and this morning divers are
5:30 am
still looking for survivors. and a dangerous situation in san jose. police say a gambling problem at several businesses is now attracting crime. >> a lucky find on a beach. the search on to find the owner of this wedding ring it. >> it has quite the history. >> good morning, friday, july 20th. thanks for being there. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. kick things off with meteorologist drew tuma. >> we will finish out the week with how we started. fog, live doppler 7 showing you the cloud cover. want to zoom in to the heart of the region and see that ribbon of fog over san francisco, stretching into the east bay, around oakland and vallejo at this hour. the picture a gray one to start you out from san francisco. the exploratorium camera. your 12-hour day planner is it humid out there this morning. notice as you step outside. high clouds from time to time if the afternoon. away from the coast. upper 80s to lower 90s. see how the roads are doing. >> good morning, drew. we're starting off with a sig
5:31 am
alert once again. we have all lanes of state route 92 shut down in san mateo county due to a crash involving a semi and pickup truck between 280 and skyline. sounds like a tow truck is trying to get there, but stuck in traffic too. i will definitely keep an update, keep you updated on that throughout the morning. still have some lanes blocked, southbound 880 around miles road that has you down to seven miles an hour as you leave 92 in hayward. we'll check on the central valley, heavy traffic there too. developing news in missouri, divers have found two more bodies after that deadly duck boat accident. >> authorities now are saying at least 13 people are dead after the tourist boat capsized and sank on rock table lake, right near branson. some of the victims are children. six others are still missing. and take a look here on your screens. this is video of the two duck boats on the water just moments before one of them capsized in rough waters. the stone county sheriff says
5:32 am
stormy weather is believed to have caused the ride the ducks boat to capsize. seven people were taken to the hospital and two of them are in critical condition. >> i was in the show boat and i didn't see them fall over, but i knew, we all knew that one of them rolled or whatever it may be. then all of a sudden we see all of the staff just running back and forth with life jackets and ads trying to do their best they can to figure out where this is. >> we know that search has started up again at daybreak. the ntsb says that they will have investigators there as well this morning. going to move on to local news, san jose police have been making a sweep of businesses that look legitimate but are actually accused of being fronts for illegal gambling. >> investigators say the gambling parlors have triggered violent crimes across the city and abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose. matt? >> hi, jessica. yeah, police say these gambling operations are a big problem for
5:33 am
people here in santa rosa and what you see on the outside isn't necessarily what's happening on the inside. >> one was a pc repair business, the other one was a hair and nail salon. once you get past the partition in the front of these businesses it was a full-blown casino. >> reporter: and here's a map of the location of the seven different businesses that were raided. an eighth had a penal code inspection. 46 gambling or gaming devices were seized, some were casino-style slot machines. prosecutors and police claim the illegal gaming created problems for the neighborhood and triggered violent crimes. >> when we are able to successfully take down one of these businesses, it does have a positive ripple effect on the community and it does reduce crimes in those areas and that's why we continually and proactively go after these groups that are running these types of illegal operations. >> reporter: police seized 75,000 in cash during raids in match and confiscated $300,000
5:34 am
last week. 64 illegal gambling devices were taken as well, five people were arrested. police say more arrests and charges could be coming in the future. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. san francisco police hope a new photo will lead them to the driver who hit and killed a pedicab operator. here is the photo. police think this is a gold or champagned colored honda civic. surveillance video shows the vehicle swerving through traffic and hit the pedi kab near sampson street on june 27th. pedicab operator kevin manning died from his injuries this month. two people are in custody for the shooting death of a man in el sobrante. as we first told you yesterday morning, contra costa sheriff deputies found the victim lying in a driveway on san pablo dam road near creekside court. the two people arrested are now said to be a 22-year-old man from richmond and 57-year-old woman.
5:35 am
from el sobrante. they are held on a $2 million bail. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. the future of a study on racial profiling by the oakland police department is up in the air. last night oakland's police chief, mayor and others discussed racial profiling at a town hall meeting at laneny college. earlier this week, oakland's public safety committee voted to let a stanford led research contract expire. those researchers recommended 50 policy changes and opd has implemented a majority over the last five years. now the chief and mayor would like to see that contract extended for another year. >> you have to start with the data. it is what drives the analysis and questions that revealed we have to change our chase policies, we have to change our handcuffing policies. >> the full council will take up the issue of renewing the stanford contract at next tuesday's meeting. russian president vladimir putin could be the first russian
5:36 am
leader to visit the white house in nearly a decade. just overnight russia's ambassador to the u.s. said puttp is, quote, open to president trump's invitation, days after their first meeting in helsinki. as the white house also issues another russian walk back, earlier this week president trump called putin's offer for shared u.s./russian investigations incredible, but the president says he disagrees. the white house meeting could happen some time this fall. it's up to the kremlin to formally respond to president trump's invitation. meanwhile, the trump administration says it's reunite the 364 children, 5 and older, with their families after they were separated at the border. officials say hundreds more are still separated. the administration faces a court imposed deadline of next thursday to finish the reunification process. children younger than 5 were reunited this month. and time now 5:36. in accuweather we're tracking cloudy coastline right now, visibility half moon bay down to
5:37 am
a mile, away from the coast doing okay, visibility not an issue inland. temperature wise, good morning in the mid 50s to mid 60s and you know this time of the year when in the mid 60s inland it's going to be a warm afternoon. 62 in san jose, 56 in santa rosa. it's also muggy out there this morning and a bit on the humid side. live doppler 7 with satellite, you can see that monsoonal moisture in the desert southwest sending some high clouds over our neck of the woods through the day today. the high clouds are increasing the humidity as well. step outside it's a muggy morning. by 9:00 as we go hour by hour that cloud cover pulling back to the coastline. a lot of sunshine away from the coast. by the afternoon we'll call it filtered sunshine from time to time, high clouds with the sunshine. temperatures in the mid 60s for san francisco, 70s and 80s around the bay shoreline and inland into the upper 80s to lower 90s later this afternoon. across california, parts of it we have a thunderstorm threat. to our east, east of fresno, basically on the spine of the sierra we could have a
5:38 am
thundershower pop up today. headed to lake tahoe, could see lightning and hail but looks like that threat will stay away if us locally in the bay area which is good news. we have a traffic alert this morning. >> yeah. >> i don't have the good news. want to take you back out to san mateo county where we've been tracking this since just after we started around an hour now. at this point we've got that crash involving a semi and pickup truck and it is a sig alert between 280 and skyline, eastbound and westbound directions are shut down. no one allowed through. we are attempting to get a crew to the seen here to see what we're dealing with and how long this will take. the tow truck is stuck in the backup, but we had minor injuries that is good news. see westbound, now backed up and eastbound backed up for a while. those folks are sitting there unfortunately. want to take you out to the central valley, westbound 205 a three-car crash has been pushed to the shoulder. we've got long delays on the eastbound side, at least a 30
5:39 am
minute backup due to road work between grant line road and north flynn until 9:00 this morning. you're down to five miles an hour in the backup. how about some good news, friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. that is getting a little later start than usual. next traffic update in ten minutes. >> thank you. a proposed tax increase for ride share companies like uber and lyft is one step closer to appearing on the november ballot in san francisco. the examiner reports the board of supervisor's budget and finance committee voted to advance the measure for a vote on july 31st. an estimate on how much revenue it would generate is expected some time next week. the city controller's original analysis estimated it would bring in $20 million annually but the proposal has been amended to increase rates and include out-of-town companies as well that do business in the city. scammers now targeting children who play a popular video game, the warning for parents. >> and sky high rents are
5:40 am
leaving more struggling financially. california senator kamala harris has a proposal to give you a big break. >> young professional women are invited to an inspiring afternoon designed for personal and career growth. learn from the confidence coach shantell anderson and showcase your personal brand and invest in the power of you with abc 7.
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your' never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> time approaching 5:42. your morning planner, muggy feeling notice that out the door. high sun and clouds. 11:00, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. download the accuweather app and check your temperatures hour by hour. highs 63 for half moon bay, 75 the high in oakland. it will be hot inland, 90s for walnut creek and antioch. once again approaching 90s degrees later on. >> a warning for parent of children who play on-line games. >> families discovered scammers used fort night to trick teenagers to reveal personal log information. the 13-year-old spent $300 to buy cool clothes called skins and accessories. another convinced the teen to
5:44 am
give him his user name and password with the promise he would give him more skins. >> he said don't log in but i'm giving proof that i'm not going to scam you. i never have to log in again. they switched my password and everything. >> bottom line here, he was tricked in to thinking that he was going to get extra perks on the game but his mom's credit card number was attached to the game. scammer also killed off the teen's character on the whole thing. >> what? >> yeah. >> oh, boy. it's so hard to be a kid and a parent today. all right. drivers who preorder the tesla model 3 may be having second thoughts. new numbers show nearly one in four now canceling their orders. according to a analyst, there are now more people getting re funds than putting down deposits and there could be a couple reasons for that. first of all, the wait time to get the car and second, a change in the tax credit. a tesla spokesperson denies the cancellations have exceeded new orders. >> senator kamala harris wants to ease the burden of paying
5:45 am
rent for low-income americans. harris is sponsoring a bill to give federal tax credits to families that spend more than 30% of their income on rent and utilities, about 3 million families would benefit. one south bay charity believes the bill could prevent families from being forced to leave their homes when local rents sky rocket. >> a lot of them are kind of having to uplift their families from communities they've contributed so much to and care about so much. >> a similar bill is making its way through the state legislature. >> all kinds of things wash ashore on the beach and a bay area man made an extra special find in richmond. >> richard found a wedding ring with a sweet message inside that maybe could lead him to the owner. it says from now to eternity, 5/1/49 lily. he says he was visiting the stretch of shoreline near keller beach park when the ring caught his eye. if you know anything about that
5:46 am
ring, and its owner or the family involved, head to we would love to help facilitate a reunion there. >> and call us so we can be there with our cameras. >> we want to see it. >> we have to get in on that part. >> totally. that's fantastic. >> accuweather it's going to be a nice end to the week. the weekend looking fantastic as well. right now, though, the coastline where you have your biggest issue this morning. half moon bay, visibility down to a mile. elsewhere we're doing a-okay. temperature wise, 50s and 60s at this hour. 60, good morning concord, 55 in half moon bay, 62 san jose. later on today in our micro climate, starting with the south bay, we'll see high clouds streaming from time to time. little muggy this morning. the afternoon it's warm, 86 for san jose, about 91 morgan hill. 83 the high in cupertino. along the peninsula, sunny 81 palo alto, 78 the high in san mateo, pacifica cooler and cloudier high of 61 degrees. san francisco today downtown you're 70. breezy and cooler, a little more
5:47 am
in the way of cloud cover, suns sunset 64 today. 82 san rafael, 80 the high in vallejo. the east bay later on mainly sunny skies, warm, 75 oakland, 80 union city, 80 fremont and inland not as warm as we were yesterday, but it's rather hot today. upper 80s to low 90s. 92 brentwood, 90s the high in walnut creek. if you are headed to the coliseum the giants are crossing the bridge going to the coliseum, 71 degrees for first pitch temperature. by 10:00 we're cooling off to 67. really nice conditions for a ball game. accuweather seven-day forecast enjoy, muggy today, fog to sunshine tomorrow, slight cooling to finish off the weekend but all indications next week will warm right back up, getting hot inland by wednesday and thursday. all right. we have a traffic alert with alexis. >> things are looking better in the last few minutes in san mateo county. state route 92 has been fully closed for close to an hour now due to a crash between 280 and
5:48 am
skyline. a pickup truck and a semi involved. the pickup did flip over but minor injuries involved. they did start doing one-way traffic control about ten minutes ago. they let one side through for a little while and then they stop that side and let the other side through, so there is a backup on either side of the roadway. and i know the tow truck is stuck in the backup too. at least those people who have been stuck behind that are moving once again. road work has been picked up for the most part here, south bay 880 the residual delays starting to thin out, 12 miles per hour, on 880 around state route 92 and foggier here than a few minutes ago across golden gate bridge. we do have a dense fog advisory in effect 37. >> thank you. speaking of the commute, a welcome change coming for san francisco muni riders. muni making the transfer time a little bit longer in that change starts on september 1st. riders who have to use more than one bus or light rail route will now have two hours before they
5:49 am
have to pay again. right now it's only 90 minutes. muni says riders have requested the change for a while. a south bay charity that gives away thousands of backpacks to needy students each year is asking for your help. >> sacred heart community service in san jose needs 2300 backpacks ahead of the coming school year. >> needing the first to third grade backpacks the multicolored so these next three weeks we will do a push for the items that we need. >> and this is a nice change. for the first time this year families in need can register on-line ahead of the backpack giveaway instead of having to wait in the long lines we've been accustomed to seeing. a link on our website and how you can donate supplies, go to new at 6:00, more details coming out about the uc berkeley police officers who were fired. >> but first if you're a working mom don't feel guilty about leaving your kids behind. you may be giving them a boost for when they get older. >> we'll leave you with a live
5:50 am
look at foggy san francisco. what a shock. abc 7 news the only place abc 7 news the only place unfortunately
5:51 am
5:52 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> we'll start you with live doppler 7 tracking the fog through san francisco, stretching into the east bay over oakland and el cerrito. gray skies early on. hour by hour by 9:00 we expect the fog well back along the coastline into the afternoon. we'll see a mixture of high clouds and sunshine. warmer spots in the 80s and 90s, a lot of 70s and 80s. jessica. >> thank you. it seems uber is losing business to itself. since february uber has given users the option to rent an
5:53 am
electric bike share bike with jump through the uber app. so far bike trips are up 15% and car trips through the uber app are down 10%. uber says it's a good thing because most bike trips are taken during the busiest commute times and uber announced plans to co-brand electric scooters and rent them through the uber app. a scam warning in napa. people who live in the area getting fraudulent calls claiming from the irs, federal government or law enforcement and threatening to arrest you if you don't call back. police reminding you federal government agencies will not make a call like that. the government is warning about a growing number of charities claiming to help veterans. what they're doing is funneling the money somewhere else. the federal trade commission has rolled out a new program to help donors spot the deceptive fund-raising practices. state attorney general javier baseta talked about one charity that has duped people. >> helped the vets use five
5:54 am
different aliases to confuse donors. they raised $20 million from 2014 to 2017. yet little of that money ever helped veterans. >> if you're not sure a charity is legitimate check the department of justice's website to see if the charity has been categorized as delinquent or suspended. working moms shouldn't feel too bad about leaving for the office this morning. a new study shows kite have a positive impact on your kids later in life. u.s. and uk researchers looked at data of more than 100,000 men and women. the research shows girls with working moms are more likely to have successful careers themselves. and boys with working moms spend more time as adults taking care of their family members. the study was published in the journal "work employment and society." don't feel too bad, alexis. you get to hang out with us. >> i know. >> you know, i didn't feel too bad when i was walking out the door at 2:30 and my baby was up crying and i said bye, guys, i
5:55 am
have to go. sorry, honey, deal with that. we have something to deal with here on the roads this morning, unfortunately. sig alert here in san mateo county. state route 92 between 280 and skyline we've got a major crash with at semi and pickup truck. they had all traffic stopped for about an hour. they are doing one-way traffic control now. so little bit of a traffic getting through there. doing one side at a time. we are light. a lot of other areas, check this out, bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights yet. it is friday light here. check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> looking nice on that bay bridge toll plaza camera. this view right now, it's gray, it's cloudy, shrouded in the fog. look from our exploratorium camera see the skyline chopped in half with the low cloud cover. your 12-hour day planner, we have the cloud cover, muggy feeling outside, humid to start out the day, high clouds in the afternoon, mainly sunny day, 80s on the board, low 90s in our warmest spots. download the ap and track the temperatures hour by hour. looking towards the weekend, fog to sunshine on your saturday a little bit cooler on sunday but
5:56 am
all in all the weekend is shaping up nicely. jessica. >> all right. thank you. if you need to get out of the heat this weekend, maybe the movies, facebook is teaming up with amc to let you buy movie tickets from their platform. facebook recently launched a few feature to search for movies and buy tickets through amc's facebook page. right now the theater chain is waving fees for the service and facebook has similar deals with the fandango and adam services. starbucks is making it easier for hearing impaired coffee lovers to order their favorite brew. it's opening the location in washington, d.c., where every worker has to be proficient in american sign language. that's because the starbucks location is near gallaudet university, the world's only liberal arts college for the deaf. starbucks is going to hire at least 20 deaf and hard of hearing workers. this is my favorite video of the day and you're about to see why. >> video shows the dog standing on a skateboard using one of his
5:57 am
feet to push him along the embarcadero like a human would do. a woman who tweeted the video says and claims the dog actually chased down a skateboarder because he loves skateboard so much, forced the person to get off their skateboard and then he did this. that's cute. he's got a lot of skills. >> i really want that dog. >> have you ever tried to skateboard. >> i can't skateboard. >> it's really difficult. >> the fact that that dog is living a better life than i am is amazing. >> super cute. >> coming up new at 6:00, how you can get from san francisco to san jose for a fraction of what it would cost you as a ride hailing service. >> the price of covered california premiums about to go up. we'll tell you the impact to every bay area county. >> the old bay bridge is gone but not forgotten. but not forgotten. where you will be able to s
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings."
6:00 am
>> a sig alert in san mateo causing a major issue on highway 92. alexis will have much more on this and here's our live picture from abc 7 news reporter matt keller on 280 headed to the scene. we'll have an update shortly. >> this is getting ridiculous. for a third day in a row a dense fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. that is not the only weather issue we are dealing with this morning. good morning, 6:00 a.m. on friday, july 20th. >> happy it's friday. check in with meteorologist drew tuma. that fog won't go away. >> some people like the fog and loving the weather. we had the fog early on, half moon bay, visibility down to one mile, elsewhere doing okay. it is very humid out there and a muggy feeling. we'll have the humidity for much of the day today. bay bridge look you can see we are shrouded in cloud cover. your 12-hour day planner, we had that muggy start to our morning. a lot of cloud


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