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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 20, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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this and here's our live picture from abc 7 news reporter matt keller on 280 headed to the scene. we'll have an update shortly. >> this is getting ridiculous. for a third day in a row a dense fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. that is not the only weather issue we are dealing with this morning. good morning, 6:00 a.m. on friday, july 20th. >> happy it's friday. check in with meteorologist drew tuma. that fog won't go away. >> some people like the fog and loving the weather. we had the fog early on, half moon bay, visibility down to one mile, elsewhere doing okay. it is very humid out there and a muggy feeling. we'll have the humidity for much of the day today. bay bridge look you can see we are shrouded in cloud cover. t lowestby day planner,oe ouri
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90s in tghhelo c warmest spot. track the conditions hour byale goodnior on either side. eastbound or westbound and that is between 280 and skyline. this started with a semi that lost control, sounds likwet offo right now if you're travel on tm of day in that area about aong y tff aln80 2 >> yeah.
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gle map shows slower than usual traffic onews. the good news is that the chp is working on it. nolerthbound 280. alerot bed dhown,ne-way tow t truckssu bisut having problem getting them there. tf ontnjies tlo o locating the driver olook at this. oooth commute here we'll let you know how that goes.
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backght. th af show you this veo death tolg ow boated, a to in this, theheic 13 people dead, that doesfoy inclu rtunateldee people survived, 7 people were taken to local hospitals. we're criticaltold condition. ride the dthd te companyndolensn my deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those tersuchri abl great loss. thenypaomha t operates these boats faceds ha
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scruti ny dseattle, a duck bo aat a tou'sr b people and hurt 69 others. the ntsb held ride the ducks responsible for improper maintenance. ride the ducks ceased operations in san francisco in 2015 citing the city's changing business environment. san francisco had recently mandated tour bus operators employ a second nondriving guide. a youth badminton coach accused of molesting a 17-year-old girl. santa clara county deputies arrested a 37-year-old khankham malaythong at joseph grant park on mount hamilton last week. he's since posted bail and been released. he works at synergy badminton and detects are working to see if there are other victims. you can see the new documentary about the north bay wildfires on the big screen. >> "urban inferno" premiered at
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the roxie stadium last night. cell phone video from the first hours of fire took a theater full of people back to the morning of october 9th. >> it's very personal. it's very powerful. >> it's been nine months but it feels like it's been yesterday, so it's still very fresh for our community. >> the documentary begins with an open-ended run at nearby third street cinemas today and the profits will go to the resilience fund for ongoing fire relief. mandatory evacuations in effect as crews work to contain a fast-growing wildfire burning near yosemite. the ferguson fire just 7% contained and it's burned more than 21,000 acres. officials are urging residents in a mobile home park to evacuate as soon as possible. highway 140 west of mariposa remains closed and people need to use highway 140 east through yosemite to get out of the area. now the park is officially open, but you have to know that you're fcing some heavy smoke if you decide to go.
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uc students will pay less in tuition for the first time in 20 years president savings will be small. uc regents voted to eliminate a $60 surcharge yesterday. yearly tuition remains at $11,000. >> it's called the biggest rugby party in the world, the rugby world cup 7s starts at at&t park. >> and fans from around the world are here to watch as 40 teams from 28 different countries battle for the world cup. usa plays today. and abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is at the stadium where the gates will open in a now hours. hi, amanda. >> good morning. it is an all new ball game here at at&t park. see over my shoulder there is no one in the stands right now, but that will change in a few hours and is specially over the weekend as 100,000 are expected to funnel through at&t park for thes. noe gates don't open until
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9:15, won't be expecting crowds until that time. it won't resemble the field we're familiar with. it has the potential to shape and solidify the rugby market. 33 million americans have shown interest in the sport from 10:00 a.m. through sunday, 40 teams from 28 nations are going to battle it out. we're expecting 84 games in total. the u.s. is going for glory on our home soil. some believe this is the country's best opportunity yet to win a 7s world cup. now as it stands our men's side has never even come close having finished 13 in the previous four additions but win or lose, promoters are expecting this to be the biggest rugby party in the world. again, gates open here at 9:15 and the first match starts at 10:00. reporting live from at&t pa anda del castillo, abc 7 news. >>ric scoots start taking bay a again? ael fargo to handetter idea oi.
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out millions of dollars in refunds to customers. the new issue they are now paying for. >> and in accuweather, a live look outside, a lot going on in terms of cloud cover. fog down, high clouds. the high clouds increasing the the high clouds increasing the humidity this is a birthday that brings the whole family together with the best wifi experience. and this is a birthday where grandma can get
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>> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> i'm approaching 6:11 a.m. the three-day forecast, today the big story out the door, muggy this morning. it will be a warm afternoon going into the 80s and 90s in most spots. with some high clouds. the weekend looking nice. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. looking cooler to finish out the weekend on sunday. if you're traveling across much of the southwest today, you can see we're hot to the central valley, 104 fresno, l.a. 83, head to vegas good luck at 106, phoenix 109 and palm springs hot at 108 degrees. a traffic alert with alexis. good morning. >> we sure do. i want to take you back out to san mateo county, state route 92, two lanes in this area and we've got one of them blocked due to a crash that occurred right around 4:45 this morning.
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between 280 and skyline one-way traffic control in effect, a sig alert and still have a long backup on either side of the roadway. sounds like minor injuries and tow truck having trouble. i believe the pickup truck is wedged underneath the semi. this could be a long cleanup. live look at golden gate, it is foggy. a dense fog advisory in effect again today. thanks. you could be getting a refund from wells fargo soon. >> the company in the process of giving back millions of dollars to customers for products like legal services or insurances added to accounts even though some customers didn't understand or need them. the bank stopped selling these products last year. go from the bay area to l.a. for ten dollars? do i have your attention. the company offering huge savings on road trips. >> and a mountain climber feared dead is found alive on one of dead is found alive on one of the world's tallest peaks. your mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you.
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welcome back. a drone played a huge role in rescuing a missing mountain climber feared to be dead on one of the tallest peaks. you're looking at footage from a drone piloted by another climber on broad peak in the himalayas. 65-year-old scottish climber rick allen had fallen while scaling the 26,000 foot mountain. other climbers thought he was dead, but the drone captured video of him moving around. sherpas and climbers helped allen to base camp where he is
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recovering from some cuts and bruises. new details this morning about the firing of six uc berkeley police officers. >> their lawyers claim they were not fired for sleeping on the job. the officers were let go earlier this week. our media partner "the bay area news group" cited sources saying they were terminated for sleeping on the job and hanging out in a library on overnight shifts. the officers had been on unpaid leave since october. while lawyers representing the officers deny they were sleeping, they did not say whether they got the trouble for hanging out in the library. the officers plan to take their firing to arbitration. how would you like to get from san francisco to sacramento for just $5? how about oakland to los angeles for $10? now that's possible thanks to a new company called flix bus. the low-cost service is from europe but now expanding to area. the company serves several cities including fremont, oakland, millbrae, richmond, san francisco and san jose. there are also routes to nevadar
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bus. >> still looking for the catch. seems so cheap. >> i know. bird, another electric scooter company trying to make its service affordable. bird will waive the $1 rental fee -- i don't know what this means. in any case, they will charge qualified users 15 cents per minute. users must be enrolled in a program like medicaid or snap and provide proof. bird operates in oakland and san jose. all electric scooters are banned in san francisco right now. the city is sorting out regulations. san francisco hopes to file issue permits to operators next month. really foggy behind us on the bay bridge. >> again. >> again. it's been on repeat this week. yeah. it's going to be a nice afternoon. the fog is here this morning, thick in some spots, visibility along the x along the golden gate and the coast. live doppler 7 half moon bay down to a mile. elsewhere four to seven miles in the east bay. a lot of us this morning are
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waking up to those gray skies. good morning, san jose. the south bay where we have the deck of cloud cover overhead on this early morning hour. we will see sunshine this afternoon. this pattern we have been in many days right now. 50s to 60s. 57 in vallejo, 62 in san jose, brentwood a temperature of about 60 degrees. hour by hour plan out your friday. later by 9:00 in the morning that fog, the cloud cover, is receding back to the coast. we will see some high clouds streaming from time to time throughout the day. we'll call it filtered sunshine for your friday. later into the afternoon it will be a comfortable day along the coast but it will be warm as you head inland. we have the chance of a thundershower across parts of california. it does look like the best chance shaded in green along the sierra. if you are headed to tahoe not only today but over the weekend a chance of a thundershower. that threat does look to stay outside of the bay area. today it looks like we're dry, but we are muggy, humid this
6:19 am
morning. 69 in san francisco, about 75, the high in oakland, going to about 86 in san jose. warmest spots inland upper 80s to low 90s. napa, santa rosa topping out in the mid to low 80s later today. that's weather. let's get a check of traffic with alexis. good morning. >> good morning. we are still tracking the traffic alert in san mateo county and a live look at things. this backup not looking like so much fun from our crew who has arrived on the scene. this is state route 92 looking in the westbound direction and this is approaching the scene of a crash that happened around 4:45 this morning. a semi lost control, sounds like that semi took out a pickup truck on its way off the roadway and crunched underneath the trailer right now. minor injuries but they're having trouble getting this cleared. one-way traffic control in effect and i have seen several vehicles on this westbound side bail out and just do a u-turn and take the other way. unfortunately, not a lot of great detours. some long windy detours in this area. so you may be better just to wait it out and eventually they
6:20 am
will let you through. they're alternating sides. here is where that is. you can see state route 92 between 280 and skyline, both directions impacted. next update coming up just before 6:30. >> that looks horrible. thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> rebecca jarvis with a look at what's hahead on the show. good morning. >> good morning. it's great to be with you on this friday morning. and coming up on "gma," we are following that breaking news overnight. at least 13 people killed in a duck boat accident when it flipped over, caught in a severe storm with winds topping 60 miles per hour. we're hearing from two witnesses this morning. also ahead, that new headline from washington. president trump planning to invite russian president vladimir putin to the white house. russia's response this morning and the president's new threat if things don't work out. and we have something to celebrate, it is friday, and
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we're getting ready for the weekend with camila cabello performing live in central park. it is all coming up on "gma," guys. >> oh. >> i love it. >> it's going to be stuck in my head all day. >> ready for some backup singing. >> she's fantastic and lovely. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you. we talk a lot about the smart train and how it's positively impacting the north bay but not everyone is on board. >> looking for something fun ♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now
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good morning. time approaching 6:24. look at his shot from sutro tower. all of that fog the lone building that is escaping the fog. salesforce tower. we will see some sunshine later on this afternoon. it is humid feeling out there. it will feel that way all day today. less humid and cooler over the weekend before we warm up late next week. reggie? >> do you like my art? >> yes. >> it's upside down not that it matters. it's ugly either way. this piece of thrift store art is so bad, it's funny. and now a couple stand-up comedians who are artists themselves have created a show that is hilariously ugly. a partner with our friends to preview this and a few other events going on this weekend. >> this one we're calling teacher's pest. >> teacher's pest. >> googly eyes.
6:25 am
>> some french painters did. >> did they? >> i don't know. >> did they really? >> i took affidavrt history at college. as far as i know yes. >> the art critique comedy show is the brainchild of jeremy and jordan. they seek out the very best of the very worst and curate a few tim items every show to brutally critique and then auction them off. >> i think what we're trying to do is create this relationship between this arguably bad art and fun experience. maybe you have a memento to take home with you and remember the time you came to the show or just genuinely have bad tastes. >> the show happens every third friday of the month at art attack sf in the castro. they always sell out. $20 gets you a ticket, beer and pizza. bubbles inside bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanos, people inside bubbles, it's the amazing bubble show. two sunday afternoon performances at rhythmics cultural works in alameda.
6:26 am
"star wars" fans the san francisco symphony playing live to all three original movies starting with episode 4 this weekend and the next two movies on the next two weekends. so may the flute be with you. >> i've improved our set. look at this. >> i have to be honest about something after we posted the story yesterday, they sold out of the tickets for tonight. >> it's ongoing. >> it's ongoing. if you want to see people make fun of bad art, you can do it for next month they have a sign up on the website and link to all of these things at hoodline has all the information. >> when you walked into the newsroom i thought you had painted it. >> well, that's a good guess. this is better than what i can do. >> we all watch them get married at 3:00 in the morning, everyone watched, right, you too. >> yeah. >> now prince harry and meghan markle may be coming to the bay area. this is a royal update you don't want to miss. >> how would you like to ride a lime bike for free? the offer on the table for some
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plus, ask about flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> a sig alert in san mateo is causing a major issue on highway 92 and as you can see our crew, matt keller, specifically, is
6:30 am
conveniently stuck in traffic next to a beer truck. >> how convenient. >> there's refreshments inside. >> police say several south bay businesses were doubling as gambling parlors. police are cracking down and they say the investigation is far from over. >> plus, would you give your vacation days to someone else? the new way to give a gift is becoming a really hot trend. not for me. >> no way. >> no. >> wow. >> we're going to talk about it. >> you can have my ugly or the or anything you want near this day, but vacation days. >> no. >> he brought this into the newsroom and i liked it. >> it's yours. >> and i got roasted for it. >> it's yours. >> welcome to friday, july 20th. never more than seven minutes away from art critic drew tuma. >> i love art. talk about what's happening outside, a lot of gray in your skies and hazy clouds early on this morning. monochromatic. i have the best taste, know that. look at half moon bay right now,
6:31 am
we're down to about zero. as low as it gets. it is dense along the coastline. outside we go it's a beautiful shot above the fog. high clouds mixing from our east bay hills camera. we will have the high clouds throughout date. step outside it's muggy out there and humid and those high clouds that are adding to our atmosphere, some moisture. it's a cloudy coast midday and we'll call it a blend of sun and clouds. warm interest the coast, upper 70s to low 80s. warmest spots inland going into the 90s. download the accuweather app and track temperatures hour by hour. a traffic alert with alexis. more on that. >> we've been tracking this since about 4:45 this morning and not much has changed. state route 92 still a mess here in san mateo county. essentially between 280 and skyline boulevard. a sig alert in effect for a crash where it sounds like a semi lost control and took out a pickup truck with it. minor injuries but had a tough time getting toe trucw trucks t scene. as get out to reporter matt
6:32 am
keller. i couldn't help but notice you are parked next to a coors light truck. how did that happen? >> serendipity, i think. it's friday. that's great news for us out here but really bad news for people who are stuck in the traffic. i got a call from the newsroom and they said, matt, your camera is frozen, nothing is moving. that's because nothing is moving. check it out. the only people we've seen who have moved from this line here have been the people who have turned around and went westbound here on -- i'm sorry went eastbound here on 92. both directions we've seen no cars coming from the other direction as well going eastbound, westbound, everybody is stuck. the first call came in about 4:46 for the semi truck crash versus a vehicle. at one point they had the sig alert issued with both directions shut down. appears that's the case, although they did tell us they had one-way traffic control in place. the tow truck driver was trying to get an escort from the chp to get closer to the scene to,
6:33 am
obviously, remove the vehicles but the chp said no such luck. we're trying our best and that's just not going to happen at this time. obviously, concern about injuries, minor injuries, that's the good news. but it is quite a mess out here. but the good news is, it is friday. and so as i leave you, i just have to say that this truck is parked here. i think i have a few questions for this driver and i'm going to just go ask him some things. i'll see you guys a little later. >> ask him things like, do you have an extra cold brew? >> thank you, matt. developing news in missouri, so serious, and so sad, divers have discovered two more bodies after a deadly duck boat accident. >> yeah. we've seen the death toll go up to 13 people killed during our newscast. cell phone video shows two duck boats in rock table lake near branson and moments later one capsized in rough waters. authorities once again say 13 people were killed. the victims ranged in age from 1
6:34 am
years old to 70 years old. four others are still missing. seven people are in the hospital. the stone county sheriff says stormy weather is believed to be what caused the ride the ducks boat to capsize. this morning on "gma" a witness told robin roberts how quickly conditions changed. >> it was actually a really nice day out. it was really hot. the water seemed nice and sunny when we got to the boat. as we were getting loading on to the show boat that's when the weather picked up, the wind picked up bad and debris was flying everywhere and the waves were rough. so it was just suddenly and out of nowhere. >> and coming up at 7:00 on "gma," how those two witnesses sprang into action to save a woman's life. san jose police are making a sweep of businesses that looked legit but were actually accused of being fronts for illegal gambling. >> investigators say the gambling parlors triggered violent crimes in the city and we want to show you this map. look how many. shows seven businesses that were raided in san jose by police and
6:35 am
the department of justice. an eighth had a penal code inspection. police seized 75,000 in cash during raids in march and confiscated $300,000 last week. 64 illegal gambling devices were taken, five people were arrested. police say more arrests and charges could be coming in the future. >> police hope a new photo will lead them to a driver who hit and killed pedicab operator. this is the clearest look at a look at the car police think is a gold or champagned colored honda civic. severe of the hit-and-run crash shows the vehicle swerving through traffic on the embarcadero before it hit the pedicab on june 27th. pedicab operator kevin manning died from his injuries this month. two people are in custody for the shooting death of a man in el sobrante. as we first told you yesterday morning, contra costa sheriff's deputies found the victim lying in a driveway on san pablo dam
6:36 am
road near creekside court. the two people arrested are now said to be a 22-year-old man from richmond and a 57-year-old woman from el sobrante. they are held on $2 million. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. the future of a study on racial profiling by the oakland police department is up in the air. last night oakland's police chief, mayor and others discussed racial profiling. this was at a town hall meeting at lany college. earlier this week the public safety committee let a stanford led research contract expire. the researchers recommended 50 policy changes. they have implemented a majority over the past five years. the chief and mayor would like to see the contract extended for another year. >> we have to start with the data. it is what drives the analysis and questions that revealed we have to change our chase policies, we have to change our
6:37 am
handcuffing policies. russian president vladimir putin could be the first russian leader to visit the white house in nearly a decade. just overnight russia's ambassador to the u.s. said putin is, quote, open to president trump's invitation. and this comes just days after their first meeting in helsinki and as the white house issues another russian walk back. earlier this week, trump called putin's offer for shared u.s./russia investigation incredible but trump says now he disagrees. the white house meeting could happen some time this fall. it is now up to the kremlin to formally respond to president n. the trump administration has reunited 364 children, five and older, with their families after they were separated at the border but officials say hundreds more children are still separated. the administration faces a court imposed deadline of next thursday to finish the process. children younger than 5 years old were reunited with their
6:38 am
families earlier this month. and in accuweather, time approaching 6:38 a.m. a wicked cool shot from sutro tower. look at this. you have the fog, low lying across much of san francisco. look at the lone building right now, salesforce tower punching through the fog at this hour. temperature wise, good morning, waking up to 50s and 60s. it's muggy out there and that humidity will be with us for much of the day today. future weather showing you by 9:00 a veil of thin cloud cover overhead. we'll call it filtered sunshine for your among and by the afternoon we'll see similar setups. sunshine mixing with high clouds and temperatures pretty similar to where they were yesterday. we are tracking a chance of a thundershower over parts of califo in thrra. see if there is one that pops up, it could have some lightning and hail. if you're headed to over the weekend a thundershower in the forecast each and every day. today some smoke in our sky. back at home we will see no rain
6:39 am
in our forecast today. it is sunny, 69 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, 86 in san jose. filtered sunshine inland upper 80s low 90s and mid to low 80s in our warmest spots in the north bay. fog an issue. weather wise how is the traffic alert? >> i want to take you live to our shot here at the scene. our colleague matt keller, oh, boy, he is hard at work today. >> he did not! >> what luck. you know, he's sitting in traffic for us checking out the traffic alert in san mateo county on state route 92. traffic not moving. he's right next to a beer truck. >> what do you call it, serendipity. >> convenient. >> making friends with the beer truck driver. yeah. i think he's getting his friday started early. in all seriousness we have a crash just ahead of this and traffic has not moved for a long time. we've actually seen the same guy sitting here a long time. they may be releasing westbound traffic as we speak. they have been doing one-way traffic control for about the last hour and a half and we had
6:40 am
all lanes shut down. nobody moving for about an hour. ths is a long-term situation. this is, obviously, a two layne road and we did have a semi and truck, pickup truck, involved in the crash. want to wait and see if this is one of those vehicles involved that is getting towed from the scene. that would be an improvement. i know the tow truck drivers were having a lot of trouble getting there because they were stuck in traffic as well. let's see what this guy is hauling. it does look like that is not part of the crash. i'm not sure if -- no. that looks like that is not related. maybe just another truck haul something through the area. in the meantime show you where this is on our traffic map. that is a sig alert and that big backup between 280 and skyline where they're doing the traffic control that is coming in the eastbound direction, the heavier side for this stretch this time of day. matt is coming from 280 sitting there and not quite as long backup on the westbound side and as he told us before a lot of folks are doing a u-turn. not a lot of great alternates in
6:41 am
this area too. an update coming up in a few minutes. will nfl teams be fined when players kneel or not? the decision late last night that is bringing new questions this morning. >> and let's get a check of the big board at the new york stock exchange. can we get that up? all right. here we go. there it is. down 36 points right now and, of course, we're going to be watching this throughout the morning and have an update on the markets next. >> also coming to america, there's word that royals are planning a trip to the u.s. and more specifically, the bay area.
6:42 am
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> time now 6:44 a.m. looking at your morning planner. veil of high clouds overhead, foggy along the coastline. the blend of sun and clouds out there you will notice it's humid out there and muggy. we're going to hang on to the humidity for much of the day today. highs in our micro climate, half moon bay, near 70 in san francisco, into the east bay, 75 degrees, the numbers jump more inland. walnut creek 90s degrees, antioch equalling that in the low 90s later on today. we'll take a look at how the weekend is shaping up in the seven-day forecast in about six minutes. reggie and jessica. >>ss what at&t park usually looks like. this is what it looks like right
6:45 am
now. >> no more infield and those are goal posts. rugby goal posts to be specific. it is being called the biggest rugby party in the entire world and it all starts this morning. >> pretty exciting stuff. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live outside at&t park where the party is about to get started. >> yeah. monumental friday morning. we know that this is the very first time this historic tournament will be on u.s. soil but in our backyard no less. the stands are empty here at at&t park but that will change as 100,000 tickets were purchased for this three-day tournament. we want to get you inside so you can see exactly how this baseball field that we're used to transformed. workers installed 55,000 square feet of sod in preparation and poured 23 cubic yards of cement. this is far from the baseball field we're used to. over the next three days, 40 teams representing 28 nations will battle it out in the
6:46 am
historic tournament involving both mennd sraugon manager says the sport is growing in popularre 33 million american rugby fans. if you're one of them tickets are still available. of course this is an all new ball game here at at&t park. the gates open here at 9:15 and the first match starts at 10:00. reporting live at at&t park, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> thanks. the policy to fine nfl teams if players don't stand for the national anthem is on hold. >> the announcement last night followed reports that miami dolphins were considering suspending or firing players who refused to stand during the anthem. the league and the players' union want to curb distractions while they figure the whole thing out so for now they are pressing pause on the policy. nfl preseason play begins in two weeks. mosquitos have tested positive for west nile virus in
6:47 am
eastern contra costa. the infected insects found in traps in discovery bay and the agricultural area east of brentwood. use insect repellants, get rid of standing water where mosquitos breed and avoid the outdoors during dusk and dawn when the insects are most prevalent. if you buy your health insurance through covered california you will pay higher premiums next year. state officials say premiums will increase by an average of about 8.7%. here in the bay area the highest rate is 9.4% in san francisco and alameda counties. the lowest, 6.3% in santa clara county. more than a quarter million people are expected to drop their policies next year. now that congress has voted to drop the affordable care act's individual mandate means americans will no longer face fines for not having health insurance. drivers who preorder the tesla model 3 may be having second thoughts. new numbers show nearly one in four are canceling their orders.
6:48 am
according to an analyst there are now more people getting refunds than putting down deposits. and there could be a few reasons for this. first of all, the wait time for th the tax credit. a tesla spokesperson denies the cancellations are exceeding orders. senator harris wants to ease the burden of paying rent for low-income americans. harris is sponsoring a bill to give federal tax credits to families that spend more than 30% of their income on rent and utilities. about 3 million california families would benefit. one south bay charity believes the bill could prevent families from being forced to leave their homes when local rents sky rocket. >> a lot of them are kind of having to uplift their families from communities that they've contributed so much to and care about so much. >> by the way, a similar bill making it ways through the state legislature. >> oakland's barbecue becky incident has prompted a new addition to lake merritt. see it here. a hot ash only container.
6:49 am
it's been installed at the very spot where a white woman was recorded on cell phone video calling police on black men using a charcoal grill. at the time charcoal grills weren't allowed along the section of lake merritt. now that ash bin seems to indicate it's okay. north bay business owners want you to know they are still open during transit construction. >> san rafael officials closed the boulevard west for construction of the smart to lashgsspur this month. business owners think it's keeping customers away. there is a detour in place. the city is using the website, social media and electronic signs to make sure you know how to get to the businesses near ansco mund wco cinor tt bnd that transr starts on september 1st. riders who have to use more than one bus or light rail route will have two hours before they have to pay again and right now it's
6:50 am
only 90 minutes. muni says riders have requested the change for a while. now your morning money report, some san francisco state university students will be able to get around by bike for free. >> according to the san francisco examiner the bike sharing company lime just offered to provide free access to low-income students. lime and uber announced a partnership recently. >> facebook teem up with amc to let you buy movie tickets. facebook launched a feature to search for movies and buy tickets directly through amc on facebook. for now amc is wafbing on-line fees for users who make the purchases through facebook and facebook has deals with fandango and adam tickets. >> let's see how the stock market is doing. taking a look at the big board we are down about 35 points this morning. disappointing earnings reports are being blamed right now for the sluggish start to the day. are you ready for a royal invasion? there are reports this morning meghan markle anriar
6:51 am
could be ho e bay area. excitin >> according to u.s. weekly the couple is planning an official trip to the united states next year. locations are being finalized, but new york, washington, d.c., and the bay area are top choices. harry and meghan want to meet with ceos and female tech entrepreneurs to encourage their involvement in the industry. >> come on over here. >> yeah. >> forget new york. >> donating vacation time to new moms is becoming a trendy co-worker baby shower gift. it adds days to the expected mother's maternity leave. the decision to allow employees to donate their paid time off is left up to the individual employers. a 2018 employee benefit survey found 15% of employers allow employees to donate paid time off to co-workers. >> what? >> okay. >> alexis. >> you want me to chime in since -- >> i'm the only one -- >> recently had a p vacation time to another woman
6:52 am
for maternity leave, but i will say, this is probably happening in areas other than california because california is one of the few places where you get a decent amount of paid time off. bravo. this is a great place to have a kid. >> yeah. >> but a lot of my friends that live in other states get no paid time off or, you know, they have to use their two weeks of vacation and then you take the rest unpaid. >> yeah. >> wow. >> so important for new mom. >> it is. those are pretty good friends. at work. >> those are great friends. >> that's how you know. >> i'm not giving that up. no way. >> i would not donate my vacation days for anything. >> no way. >> sorry, drew. >> i agree. >> i threw her a baby shower. i'm off the hook. >> no. not -- no. i'm just saying, i want my days off. >> sorry. the daggers are coming today. let's go to accuweather and show you what's going on. the coastline, we have issues, zero is what we're at, visibility wise along half moon bay. that's as bad as it gets.
6:53 am
it is dense. east bay hills a good picture in terms of sky candy. low fog, high clouds. we'll have the high clouds throughout the day and that's adding to the humidity in the atmosphere. 86 the high in san jose, 84 for santa clara. along the peninsula, 82 mountainview, 78 san mateo, 61 pacific, san francisco later today near 70, 61 cooler, breezier in daly city. into the north bay about 82 for sonoma and napa. san rafael 82. lake port warmer than that at 94 degrees. it's warm in the east bay. we'll have the veil of high cloud cover through the afternoon. 75 oakland, about 81 in fremont, 84 or rin da and upper 80s to lower 90s. 89 for concord. headed to the coliseum tonight, the bay bridge series back under way. the giants going over to the coliseum this time. 71 degrees your first pitch temperature. by about 10:00 the gamn your sa. cooler on sunday but next week, all indications we warm back up.
6:54 am
that's weather. a check of the roads with alexis. >> good morning. and our update here is nothing has changed. matt keller and his photographer sitting in the same place here. state route 92 all due to a crash in san mateo between 280 and skyline. we've got traffic down to one lane although i still have not seep any westbound traffic coming toward us. matt is heading in the eastbound direction and there he goes, right next to his buddy in the beer truck, they haven't moved. i want to correct something, the truck we saw come by, that was the semi that was involved. i saw trees on it and maybe a logging truck of some type. that was a semi involved. a lot of trees that wereen out and calling for caltrans to come out with chainsaws to clear the roadway. we still have long delays in both directions. little bit of good news, no bay bridge metering lights, friday light in a lot of areas. >> thank you. all kinds of things wash ashore on the beach and a bay area man made a very extra special find in richmond.
6:55 am
>> you can see why it caught his eye. this is richard. he found a wedding ring with a sweet message inside that maybe could help identify the owner. it reads from now to eternenity 5/1/49. he was visiting a stretch of shoreline near keller beach park when the ring caught his eye. if you know anything that can reunite this ring to its owner head to no fingers
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
number one our traffic alert sig alert in san mateo state ron effect. we haven't seen anyone moving from our crew at the scene between 280 and skyline due to a crash that started around 4:45 this morning. >> number two a deadly duck boat accident in missouri. authorities have increased the death toll to 13. several people are still missing. the boat capsized last night in severe weather. >> number three, san jose police cracking down on illegal gambling operations. the department of justice is also involved and so far investigators have raided eight businesses and seized nearly $400,000 in cash.
6:59 am
>> number four, russian president vladimir putin is open to visiting the white house. president trump extended the invitation yesterday. this comes a few days after their meeting in helsinki. >> number five, in accuweather, a muggy, foggy start out there. afternoon highs with some high clouds, 70s and 80s bay shoreline. warmest spot in the 90s. >> $422 million up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing. the cash payout is $254 million and the drawing happens at 8:00 p.m. number seven, the rugby world cup 7s kicks off today at at&t park. 40 teams from 28 nations will be there during the three-day tournament. the first match begins at 10:00 a.m. usa plays today and reggie is a newfound rugby fan. >> ask me a question about rugby 7 snooze how long is each half. >> 7 minutes each. 7 players on each side. >> makes sense. good morning, america.
7:00 am
breaking news for our viewers in the west. deadly both accident. >> we have approximately 30 individuals in the water. >> at least 13 people killed when this duck boat full of tourists flips over in a severe thunderstorm. winds topping 60 miles an hour. the desperate search and rescue efforts. two witnesses who tried to help join us live. also breaking overnight, tornado emergency. >> honey, get inside. there just went a house. >> at least 27 reported twisters tear through the heartland, sending debris flying into the air, destroying homes. hitting a hospital. leaving a path of catastrophic damage. white house whiplash. president trump invites russian president vladimir putin to washington. the announcement surprin


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