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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 21, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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get your tickets out. we have the winninging. >> live where you live. this is abc 7 news.
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>> i was yelling and screaming and, said, lord, let me die. >> tonight, survivors of the deadly duck boat tragedy talked about being thrown in the water in a violent storm. >> merge iscy crews have pulled the last bodies out of table rock lake. mourners gather to remember the lives of those lost. a total of 31 people on board. 17 died. they range from 1 year old to 70 years old. and 11 poeople from one family n board, nine died. >> and two adults remain hospitalized in critical count. here is more. >> a tour boat caught in a storm finding 60 miles per hour winds. >> i need a water rescue for the north of the show boats, will be a duck that has capsized.
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>> familieses on another boat watching the strategy unfold. >> oh, my gosh. >> the passengers appearing relaxed and you see the weather turn. >> his nose is under water. >> and other boaters trying to help the victims. >> i was yelling and screaming, and i said, lord, let me die. >> reporter: investigators looking at why the boat was on the water with a storm watch just 30 minute before the sap sized and sanked, injures two people, and killing 17 other. >> i died to dive for some more missing people as we're working on this. >> some passengers missing loved ones. >> my mother, that is why i'm here. i need to go in and see.
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>> and life jackets, they are not required to be worn. the president of the president that owns the duck boats says the operator has a good safety record and said the storm came out of nowhere. >> a mother of four has found murdered in her richmond apartment. she does discovered by her co-workers after she didn't show up to work. here is more on the woman who wanted to make a change in her community. >> she was really good person. >> he says i had wants to give a voice to her friend and former co-worker. >> she didn't deserve to die. >> he used to work with her at the social security administration office. co-workers say she left for work with a man and failed to return. they went to an apartment. >> they got there and the door was with already ajarred. you splay heard, and there was blood on the outside, blood --
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you know, blood everywhere. >> richmond police rin vest gating and releasing few detail. they be a welfare check and found the victim deceased with injuries. >> they said they needed to evacuate because there was a gas leak and i found out that apparently, he was actually killed in her house but someone left the gas open. >> she dribd herself as someone has ha overcome homelessness and domestic violence. >> and neighbors won't horse would kill a mother of four. >> if it's somebody who was walking around and saw her coming into the home and attacked her. >> if you are information, contact the richmond police. a serial bank robber who targeted five banks may be dead.
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he was wanted in in connection with three robberies in the east bay, and a robber matching his description, he had locked himself in a nail salon bath room and he was dead of a single gunshot wound. more people have been forced out of home because of the ferguson fire in yosemite. a popular hotel. highway 140 remains closed tonight. the park remains open. if you are headed to yosemite, you need a different route. and the fire jumped to the forest this is time lapsed video before it crossed. the fire has turned 24,000 acres
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and it's 7% contained. in san francisco, a famous mexican will close in six months. >> we have the ginger bread pigs. >> they famous and he used to find that the sour doug baking business out of the kitchen. but last week, he was told he needed to leave so the building can be sold. >> there is uncertainty. trying to figure of the plans on of what might happen. >> there are half a dozen businesses that base in the kitschen to cook and bake their food, and 30 employees who are wondering if they will have a job next month. >> we don't have a kitchen to work out. >> he has run various food
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businesses out of the kitchen. he is not sure if they will survive without the leases. >> the way they are going in the the city, and property and a cash grab and screw the people in the building. >> and his stepmother and stepsister control it through a trust. he says there is an a family disagreement and the trust is selling the building. >> i understand where everyone's coming from. it's hard to move on when you have been doing it so long. >> they have been told to vacate the space by next month. >> we're getting a closer and clearer look tonight at a hit and run driver suspected of kidding a pedicab operator in san francisco. check it out. you can see the man closely in this image minutes after the crash. other drivers show the honda driving away on june 27th. the victim died more than a week
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later. the highway patrol now knows who turned a overturned suv pound on a beach but they are figuring out how it went off the beach and why. the owner called the chp about his missing car. you can see it there at the bottom. officers don't know if it was stolen and a chronicle reports the owner wasn't hurt. so many else may have been driving. a warning tonight if you are planning to cool off in a lake this weekend. avoid contact with blue-green algae. the algae can grow in dangerous toxic blooms. testing last month showed some algae is already toxic. it can cause rashing, vomiting and fever. children and pets should avoid. a washington today and a bombshell in the russian shall investigation that one law maker is calling a gold mine.
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michael cohen recorded a conversation with president trump over payments with a mistriss who is a former play boy model. the conversation happened just two months before the 2016 election. the fbi seized that audiotape. >> it could be a gold mine. if they are talking about actions that could constitute a crime or some violation of election law or also if it's a sign there are other tapes. >> donald trump has denied the affair. investigators will have to prove the hush money was to make it an a federal election prime. type the name idiot on google and you will come up with don't trump. they have linked images of trump with the word.
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it received and protestored played green day in the demonstrations mmpl gobble saps it depends on thousands of fact kors. and hit men. what happened win he got real requests for murder. and who may have lost this wedding ring? and radioactive particles have been found in local wine. should you be with worried about that? >> i'm the weekend will feature a summer spread. a summer spread. i will be back with a l ♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪words, can't bring me down♪
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a mountain bike rider is in a local hospital tonight after tumbles down a 50 foot this happened at about 3 kplon 30 this afternoon. crews called a herselicopter to assist. this is the second incident involving a mountain bike in three weeks at the park. a website called rent a isn't meant to have anything to do with anyone. but some people think it does. here is the story from the north bay. >> the original intention of the domain was for information
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technology purposes. >> it's a website that started as one thing. go to hit as in hire us. >> and these are the e-mail solicitations. >> he sent up rent a hitman to be an i.t. solutions portal but over the years, some of the inquires have been frightening. >> there were a few that were asking to have others harmed. >> reporter: in one remail, a man from los angeles says kill two people i hate and take the car keys to deliver to me. guns, bombs, anything or way to remove them. if they seem series, the will start a dialogue and ask if they would like a field operative to contact them? >> and rest is history, and that is when i pass it on to my
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network of over 17,995 field operatives in the u.s. >> who are? >> law enforcement. >> he has claimed he has safed more than 100 lives in the u.s. and dan and indonesia and he says rent a has provided him with plenty in return. >>fy didn't get the e-mail, somebody else might have be the results could have been different. lives could have been lost. >> lara anthony, abc 7 a new study shows that radioactive particles from the fukushima nuclear das rer found in local wines here. french rearchers an isotope, in 18 bottles from
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napa. the wineries were not name. it came. >> translator: power plant devastate is the by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. many of you became sleuths after we shared a story of a wegd ring. richard found the ring among the rocks. from now to e tern ti. may 1st, 1969 and bears the name lilly. many of the viewers tried to match the wring its owner. i mate belong to earnest their granddaughter speaked to us via skype. >> it's a story you always hear about. >> one of the sons is skeptical the ring belonged to his father. he says his late father never wore a wedding ring. >> we're going to stay on it. and tonight's $433 million
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mega millions jackpot. >> the winning numbers are 1, 14, 30, 44, 62 and the mega number is 1. and the jackpot tuesday could grow to a half billion dollars. >> we try again. >> always. all right, time to look to the weather for the weekend. >> meteorologist san day patel has the fast. >> a beautiful weekend with a range of temperatures, something to please everyone. i want to show you the time lapse. not one everyone was pleased with the moisture, it did bring in the higher humidity and the clouds from the southeast. and the dew points in the upper 50s to low 60ed for a few spots from the peninsula to the east bay, and a little on the muggy side for you and hang in there, we are expecting drier air as we
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head into the weekend, and the fog is 1600 feet 2k50deepdeepdep it's confined to the coast and temperatures from the 50s to the 70s and i know we have been dealing with the he for the inland areas for a few days now. if you don't like the hot weather there is a place to go and the beach is a good place to go. and santa cruise is looks nice and mild tomorrow. 74 degrees, and 72 sunday. little change is expected for the coastline and comfortable for the weekend. and a live picture slopes you way, and bay, showing up in the following, yeah, we have the fog in san francisco. contrast that with san jose, and the shark tank area is visibility good in the bay, and a wide range of temperatures from coast to inland. in the morning, fog and high clouds around, keeping the humidity in the air tomorrow
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morning, and inland low to mid 60s and really mild toe start the day there, and bay side and coast side, in the 50s with fog around and misty in spots. just be careful, and 84 in hoe sta jose and, 62, pacifica, breezy and cluds in the city, 69 in downtown san francisco, mix of sun, and waspy clouds in the north bay, the 60s to the 90s, and 84 in santa rosa and really nice and comfortable, 74 in oakland, and inland, warm but not very hot. enjoy the warmth. and 91 in antioch. and the rugby world cup series continuing tomorrow at at&t park. and sunny in the afternoon, 69 briefs and the temperature will
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drop. and great weather for that, and the menlo fast, you can out the temperatures any time you want on the weather app. and coast to inland, this weekend, a little bit of a dip on monday to recover with mid 907s inlandly midweek and 60s along the coastline, nice weather. >> very nice. thanks. all right, stuck for days on a peninsula utility pole. >> sigh what i
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after three days atop a utility knoll san bruin noerks a cat is back on the ground after
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nine lives in tact. he climbed on top of the pole and wednesday with apg and e crew brought out a portable ladder. he was hungry and dehydrated but fine. the humane society is tryinging to track down his family. but okay. >> i'm sure someone will adopt the kitty. >> it's famous. time for sports. >> all right, speaking of famous, giants and a's, big crowd in oakland tonight. as they resume the bayayayayay series. and panda power on display. and the giants with
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. good evening, the jins and the a's, no belt on out paternity leave with his wife
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giving girl to a baby boy. the giants brought up ryder jones, and the big head race. who is that chasing him down? it's eric burns with his impersonation of the a's outfielder with a dive win and it the phone is flying. that is a mess. he's crazy, and and sandoval this is crushed high and deep and good-bye in in case. and 3-11 giants and extend it to a 5-1 game, and two on two out for chris davis and mccutchen, eight put outs in the game and tomorrow's game is sold out, and mt. davis is sold out. and the bulls may be adding to
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include a closer famiglia who has 17 saves this season. he spent his 2017 career with the mets and the all-star game, had 51 saves and they could use him as a set up man. and rugby championships, usa and wales. let me introduce to youyouyouyou baker. and he has the speed. he can fly. usa up 14-0 after the try. their version of a touchdown, it's called a try. and danny barrett with a walk-in, and the u.s. crushes wales and will face england tomorrow. we know that rob gronkowski is wild but he went swimming with sharks in the bahamas. this is for discovery channel.
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this is not just one shark. it's not just baby shark. one clipped gronk with his fin. imagine how scary it would be to be down there, we're eye live. the best part of the experience is living to talk about it. >> legend of gronk. >> i don't know. they found the most docile sharkses in all o
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that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> larry, sandy and all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. >> have a great weekend. >> weekend's here!
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> hold sblon it's a terrifying view as a child clings to a 20th floor balcony. >> that little boy, 5 years old. >> see just how long had he to hang in there. >> oh. >> get out of here. >> is how this kid holding on? a couple get the news they've been waiting for. >> would you like to adopt our baby? >> the moment they finally get their miracle. >> that's preciousness at its finest right there. a mountain biker puts his wheels tthe grindstone after. >> he had this idea. >> see if enough practice can help him pull it off. and, the 75 types of drivers. >> you're not going to see your snefl one of them, you're going
1:36 am
to see yourself in most of them. >> find out which ones hit close to home for us. >> that's nick. >> when you're in front of me. we have seen a lot of kids in precarious positions in china but i don't think we've seen one from this angle just like this one. see that? >> get out of here. >> somebody grab -- >> how's this kid holding on? >> this kid is not only holding on with his own strength, does he it for 20 minutes, nick. that little boy, 5 years old, he was asleep and at grandma's house. and grand mab went downstairs go dancing like she normally does, the door was locked. the door was locked, he went and tried the balcony and he end up here. this boy is on the 20th floor. >> but now he's holding on for deer life. >> according to him, he said he walked on to the balcony and fell on to the railing. >> that first shot was one of the most iconic things i've ever seen on this show. it was just terrifying. >> a worker alerted security so
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three of them kicked the door into that apartment where you can see he was hanging from and they were able to grab him and get him up right there. they pull him up like that. >> poor kid. he's going to be terrified of heights forest of his life now. now, in this next video we got another guy not as high up, but does need someone to help him. he's barefoot climbing down from this bag cony. he's only about two or three floors up, but at this point witnesses say this man, he was in some mental distress. his wife had left him and he was just having a breakdown so they had to call authorities because they were afraid he was going to hurt himself. there you see him talking to people and then he does this. after he climbs down, he starts climbing up. see that pipe right there? he decides he's spiderman, so he's going to climb up that pipe. but he doesn't get very far. luckily while he's climbing up there, police were able to sneak up behind him and they were able to get him and take him to
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safety. this story was so special that it was shared on love what matters. let me tell you the story of joe peyton and kristine. they got they tried to get pregnant and this is mariah, they're daughter. what fold that was a lot of pain, four surgeries later and kristine was told the chance of her having another baby were essentially zero. 2014 they decided now was the time to try ivf, 10,000 bucks a go. but a blood test showed that that was going to be impossible. first of all, it's april, 2017, and they get a call from a family member in fiji saying would you like to adopt our baby? they get a call on october 31st and they're going to be performing a c section the next day. with almost no day's warning, a bunch of them pack up and move 7,000 miles. dad has to move back to the usa
1:39 am
and work while kristine and their daughter mariah moves to feethgy which gets to us this moment where they're about to meet 10 week old kendall. here's the car pulling up now. >> michigan, litthi, little cys. >> that's preciousness at its finest right there. >> mom wanted to daughters say in feethgy for 12, 18 months. and because of that they actually have a go dpund mfund . they're looking for non cover all the traffic expense, legal paperwork, and they're up to about $20,000. but if you want to follow along with their instagram, cash for kendall. if you want to donate you can. we'll put a link to this go fund me up on our website. go to click on tv show or use our mobile app. so while it's a wonderful story, let's hope it gets the magical ending it needs. we know one thing for sure,
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practice. >> makes perfect. >> maxine sos that well. he's been riding bmx bikes for about 12 years. he had this idea that he wanted to clear that roadway on his bike. he built himself a little ramp. and he hopes that's going to give him enough momentum to clear the road and land on the other grassy patch on the other side. and he just keeps falling short short over and over and over again. they give it a shot on the second day. and they're able to hit the curb, but that is still not enough. so they start modifying the ramps just a little bit. >> they give it another shot. >> oh, so close. >> what's going to happen on day three? he starts way, way, way [ laughter ] >> as soon he's took off he knew had he it. >> he's got a buddy there that
1:41 am
might know what that feels like? so why not hook the buddy up to a vehicle, he grabs that line and starts pedaling super hard. >> oh. >> i use dodd this as a kid. >> you used to attach yourself to a suzuki? >> no, no. have you ever considered moving to new zealand. >> yeah, i lived there for three months have some here's a modest five bedroom home that may get really, really cheap. on the outside, it's not much. on the inside, though, whew. >> it's less. >> we have got quite the mess. this home was being rented by supposedly one individual, but it is clear that there were more people coming and going inside this house. it is trashed. the property manager is wondering if there was any cult activity here because a lot of what you're seeing there's feathers all over the floor.
1:42 am
the words kill her and die were painted on the walls. >> this looks like a bunch of stupid drunk teenagers just raging like idiots. >> the estimates so far. damages done here are around $130,000 to fix this place. you can see drywall ripped out from the ceilings, walls, the bathroom's trashed. boards just shoved through the wall. and the destruction touched every corner of this house. the property manager said that they were evicted about a month ago and prior to that the bills were being paid just fine. it was only up until the last few weeks that a couple of payments were missed. the eviction notice came. but then it took them about a month for them to be able to get back into the property because they had to go through the legal challenges of changing the locks and all that stuff. so the property manager believes that most of this damage was done after they were evicted. >> then you've got a record of who these people were. so surely you're going to be able to find these people and bring them to justice. >> it does seem that


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